China’s Vehicle Emission Fraud “Greater Than Volkswagen’s”

China’s Vehicle Emission Fraud “Greater Than Volkswagen’s”An expert from a company which conducts vehicle emission tests has said that Chinese companies are tampering with diesel vehicle emissions data even more so than Volkswagen has. China Qiyan’s Vehicle Emissions Department vice minister Li Wei said that the raising of Chinese emission standards has increased costs, thus making the temptation to cheat irresistible. Rigid test conditions can easily be adapted to in order to create more favorable but unrepresentative emissions data. Also, many garages can be bribed to rig annual service checks. One netizen said vehicles churning out black smoke was a common sight.

Source: Netease

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  • Foreign Devil

    Well nobody is surprised. Wherever there is any environmental regulation in China there will be cheating, bribery and payoffs. “Harmony at all costs” is the modus operandi in China.

    • Jahar

      I’d be more surprised if anyone believed otherwise.