China’s Youth Celebrate “Holidays” Based on Numeral Homonyms

China’s Youth Celebrate “Holidays” Based on Numeral Homonyms

Chinese youth like to make puns out of numbers based on homonyms. For example, May 20th, or 520 has a pronunciation similar to the Chinese words for “I love you”. Because of this, May 20th has become known among many as “Confess Your Love Day”. Many people use the numbers 5201314 to share their love with somebody, because it is a homonym for “I love you forever”. Other examples of makeshift holidays based on numeral homonyms include 5/17 “I want to eat” and 8/18 “Gossip Day”. For many, the number 1 represents being single, so 11/11 is known as “Single’s Day”.

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  • very annoying how many “holidays” there are
    people even look at your beautiful face with disdain when you tell them you don’t participate

  • Jahar

    Those are not homonyms. Whoever translated this made a mistake. You mean homophones. But they aren’t even really homophones.

    • David

      The computer translated it. How dare you say the emperor has no clothes on.

      • donscarletti

        Type “同音词” into Google and you get “homophone”, type it into Baidu and you get “homonym”.

        Baidu and Kingsoft rely on nobody actually using what comes out of the Chinese to English translator. It’s wrong, it’s always been wrong and nobody cares. There is not technical reason that it has to be wrong, Google is right 90% of the time, but domestic players simply don’t give a shit.

  • donscarletti

    Chinese, where “Wu Er Ling” sounds like “Wo Ai Ni”, but mispronounce a single consonant in a sentence and you may as well be speaking Hungarian.

    • Eurotrash

      LOL! So true. FTW.

    • helsic

      yes! YES.