chinaSMACK + Amanda: Read Trending Stories and Learn Chinese


chinaSMACK is proud to announce the release of Amanda, a beautiful new app for your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch that combines what’s trending on the Chinese internet with casual language learning, perfect for busy individuals who don’t have the time for formal language courses and only a few minutes to spare each day to stay clued into China’s rapidly changing society and fascinating pop culture.

Instead of traditional textbook material that may be boring and irrelevant, gradually learn a language through the real stories and actual phenomena that Chinese netizens themselves are reading and discussing. Amanda is powered by chinaSMACK and updated daily with bite-sized summaries of the headlines and topics spreading on the Chinese internet.

Every summary features a single Chinese vocabulary term, with its pinyin pronunciation and English definition, for users to easily learn. Tap any English term at any time to get its corresponding Chinese term and, when you’re ready, you can even switch over to the full Chinese version of the summary, tapping on each Chinese character to see its English equivalent when necessary.

Practicing your Chinese reading skills is one thing, but what about your Chinese listening skills? Turn up the volume or plug in your headphones and then tap Amanda to read not just the featured vocabulary word of each summary but also the entire Chinese version of the summary to you.

Learn what you will and at the pace that’s right for you, whether you’re on your way to work, taking a short break, or browsing on your phone just before you go to sleep at the end of a day.

Amanda is available free on the Apple App Store »





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