chinaSMACK is Proud to Finally Present: japanCRUSH

Introducing japanCRUSH.

Introducing japanCRUSH.

You didn’t think we’d forget Japan, did you?

China has a complicated and relationship with Japan, not unlike Korea, and for similar reasons. You can see it in the number of chinaSMACK translations involving Japan, the Japanese, and the Diaoyu Islands dispute. History definitely has created certain wounds that will not easily heal, or be forgotten any time soon.

At the same time, most Chinese have a begrudging respect and admiration for the island country, no matter how shrill they might be in denouncing it in the heat of certain moments. All you need to look at is how many Japanese brands and products they consistently and consciously purchase. To be certain, there’s die-hard hate in China just as there is contempt in Japan, but there’s more circumstantial lip-service. Even more, most people in both countries are the same as most people everywhere: practical.

Still, there’s an incredible amount one can learn from observing what becomes popular amongst a nation’s netizens and what they say amongst themselves in their own language. Like chinaSMACK, japanCRUSH is dedicated to just that, using translation to make trending Japanese internet content and discussion accessible to audiences who can’t read Japanese kanji, hiragana, or katakana. For some, the stories, pictures, and videos themselves will be plenty entertaining on their own, but for others, it’s the reactions, opinions, and sentiments of Japanese internet users that prove fascinating, enlightening, or just plain amusing.

Contrary to what some have suggested, there is no “political” reason for why chinaSMACK hasn’t developed a Japanese sister site until now. The simple reason is that finding a good lead editor and editorial team is not easy. We’re therefore very blessed to have the beautiful Beth be at the helm of our latest site. She and a rag-tag band of Japanese and non-Japanese men and women have worked long and hard to bring you the following introductory posts currently on japanCRUSH:

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japanCRUSH will be updated daily, so don’t forget to subscribe to the japanCRUSH RSS feed, get email updates, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Take a moment to go over and give them your support! We’re excited to have finally completed what we internally call the “East Asian Trifecta” or “EAT” for short of China, Korea, and now Japan. We love our Indonesian and Russian sister sites too, but there’s no denying the seemingly uniquely intense dynamic between these East Asian economies and their societies.

chinaSMACK fans, go over now and give them some love!

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  • Finally.

  • Long awaited! And please add a Facebook feed.

  • Kush

    Neat, another website to add to my daily watchlist of internet news!

  • Nick in Beijing

    Not the most brilliant choice of words for a site about Japan in the current political and social environment.

    Then again maybe it was intentional.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Oh and…


    • The ‘CRUSH’ in ‘japanCRUSH’ actually has two meanings: 1) it fits in with the onomatopoeic orgy of BANG, BOOM, SMACK and SLAM that all the other sites use and 2) it can sound harsh yet fond at the same time, in the sense of having a ‘crush’ on someone or something.

      Any other interpretations of the word are more likely to reflect the prejudices of the reader, not chinaSMACK.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Perhaps. Maybe I’ve just heard to much “kill all japs!” around the city lately.

      • donnachadh

        Are you implying some readers have ‘ulterior motives’?

        • Nick in Beijing

          The ulteriorest of ulterior motives!

    • Rick in China

      I agree that it’s a poor choice in wording, especially from a Chinese based site..

      • anon

        Do you consider SMACK to be a poor choice in wording? For a Chinese-based site by a Chinese woman? They all have the same theme, you’re reading too much into the words like James said.

        • Rick in China

          Smack as in smack talk is different than crush as in conquering.

          • Definitely reading too much into it…

  • elizabeth

    Good job!

  • Alex

    I have to say, I check all the sites daily – rus/indo/korea/china and i’m happy to see a Japan one starting up… but most of the sister sites lack comments or a user base. Whats interesting is reading the article, seeing the native comments, and then looking at the comments/discussion left by the userbase who are seemingly expats, overseas students or have an interest in the particular country. With the sister sites theres very little of that going on… You ought to be targetting these people and attracting them to the site, not just setting it up and hoping the userbase grows….

    • Kai

      Give it time. cS built up its community over 4 years. There are quire a few comments on jC already so go and contribute. Comments beget comments, like evil.

      • Alex

        Yeah, thats totally true, but what i’m saying is the value of CS isn’t just in the quality of articles and the effort made by whoever researches the chinese posts. It’s also in the userbase who have experiences with China which they can contribute to it, often a range of foreign perspectives -it adds an extra dimension to the site.

        Encouraging ChinaSmackers to go post in the Japan/Korea/etc section isn’t neccesarily good for the site when they might have little real knowledge about it… What i’m hoping is that you place more focus on targetting the _right_ people to complete the site and give it the extra dimension which makes ChinaSmack so successful. I think it’s a pretty fair comment to say.

  • Getrealson

    Now things will get interesting! I was always interested in what the nips thought about the chinese comments/happenings, now we’ll find out.

  • vincent

    Thing’s are going to get interesting now :)

  • Jay K.

    Sooo happy JapanCrush came out, and after my hiatus with chinasmack I finally decided to register with disqus so I could post again.! YAAAA!!!! gimme stars son!

  • ThinkBlue

    Soon the franchise will expand into the west with canadaCRUNCH, franceCRACK, ameriBLAM, britainWALLOP, germanySTOMP, spainRIP, italyCRASH and irelandBASH

    • If it’s the objectionable opinions of English-speaking netizens you’re after, this has already been done by the dailyMAIL.

      • Kate

        The DM is horribly depressing and will make you lose faith in humanity pretty quickly with all the daily stories of babies and children being raped/killed/abused/kidnapped, serial killers and families being killed off, taxes being raised and the general decline and chaos of the world…..yeah I stay away from there, there isn’t strong enough anti depressants to over come that site.

      • Ruaraidh

        The Daily Fail is pretty terrible, but don’t by all means forget any of it’s kin. The Mirror, The Sun, The Guardian… all terrible, the only decent newspaper left is the FT.

      • Kai

        Ohhh, zing, nice one, James. Are you sad you don’t have a “Mod” next to your name here? Want one? We can get you one, if you help moderate cS and not stick to your own little pseudo-utopian fiefdom. ;)

        • I’ll stick to my utopian fiefdom, thanks, as lovely and reasonable as the cS commenters are.

          • Kai

            Did you downvote me? THIS IS WAR.

    • I think that Thailand and Malaysia would be among the next logical extensions.

  • Kate

    That’s cool, I don’t know much about Japan aside from island disputes, kawaii, sushi, and monster tentacle porn, soooo it’ll be fun to read the current news and opinions ^_^

    • matterh

      u already described all 99% of Japan, the only thing you didnt mention was juri and yaoi-homosexual japanese cartoons

    • Cynic

      Cartoon porn. There is a difference.

  • Let the flame war begin

  • linette lee

    The japs can go die now. ;}

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Oh man, I ‘m glad this finally became a thing. I actually thought Japan___ would come out before Korea___, but as long as it got made in the end, I can’t complain!

  • Jollyberries

    You guys dont know how long I have been waiting for this JapanCRUSH! I actually expected it to come before Korea, Indonesia and China, but I do like all of them~~

    • Kai

      Haha, kinda hard for japanCRUSH to come out before chinaSMACK!

      • Jollyberries

        my bad i meant to say Russia!!

  • Bunny Hiccups

    This should be interesting. Very interesting.

  • Where’s the MongoliaBLAST?

  • MrT

    Will this be censored as well?

  • themig

    The World Economic Forum has proclaimed Japan one of the most sexist nations in the world, placing only 101st out of the 135 nations surveyed, with the worst showing of any in the G8.
    According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2012, an international comparison of sexual discrimination published by the World Economic Forum, Japan now ranks 101st out of the 135 countries surveyed, having fallen a further 3 places from 98th since last year.
    Japan also boasts the unwelcome distinction of having the least overall “gender equality” of any G8 nation.
    For some reason the top performers were all Nordic nations, with Iceland in first, followed by Finland, Norway and Sweden. Germany came 13th, the UK 18th, Canada 21st, and the US 22nd. China came 69th, and South Korea 108th.
    Amongst Japanese there is now more than a little scepticism about endless

    • Kai

      I think Beth said a jC post about this very thing is scheduled to be published in a few hours. Be sure to check jC then!

  • the ace of books

    Awwwright, excellent! Thumbs-up cSmack!

  • the ace of books

    Also, I eagerly await Cleo’s comments on jCRUSH. They are going to be fantastic. Got my lols all ready and waiting.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    A big ありがとう ございました ^^,V
    to Fauna and the whole team! Been waiting for this one.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    I think im going to have to request a t-shirt, boxers, after shave (even though i dont shave) and mouse pad.

  • Adrianojapan

    Already the best site of the franchise. 頑張って! Greetings from Toyama ^^v

  • Nilerafter24

    Ha, finally. Now things can start to get really interesting.

  • CDNHongkonger


  • TheOrz

    OMG Finally thank you!

  • Titillating tentacle rape, here we come! (one can only hope, right?)

  • Taiwan deserves its own site too and should not be a mere category on chinaSMACK. Perhaps it could be called taiwanTRASH? Other suggestions welcome.

    • I am afraid that in this case something bad might happen to chinaSMACK

  • ThinkBlue

    You know. These sister sites are great but I think giving them all different adjectives are bad. I can’t remember them all and I keep typing japansmash or indocrunch or something. I think they should all be countrySMACK to keep it all one brand.

  • jcl

    What about indiaSPLASH ?

  • jcl

    Or indiaCRACK

  • dim mak

    >dat feel when no one cares what happens in indonesia

  • Seppo

    Hello. Where can I find the easily insulted Seppos? I would like to be friend with them.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      They’re in your mom’s bedroom

      • seppo

        mom? WTF is that? Can you please speak your native language: English?

  • Seppo

    Young fool. I bet you are far south in the US. I control all theses foroms you talk on faggot..

  • It is the second coming of the ‘Wai Wai’? If so, let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!

  • Volt

    Cool! I’m looking forward to IndiaBoom, BrazilCrunch and AmericaPow.

    • jcl

      Boom already taken

  • ric

    thank you chinksmack. i stumbled upon this site a year ago when i was craving news from the far east with netizen comments now i have gone through all of your content and look forward to reading the newst articles

  • HariKiri

    BANZAI muthafuckers!!!!!!!