chinaSMACK Jolin Tsai London Concert Contest Winners!

Christina, chinaSMACK Jolin Tsai Myself World Tour London Concert contest winner.

Jolin Tsai in a crown.

Congratulations to Christina and Mandy for winning our four tickets to see Chinese pop superstar Jolin Tsai at London’s Wembley Arena this coming October 21st! Both lucky girls will receive a free pair of tickets each for being the best (and in one case, most flexible) entries we received!


Christina, chinaSMACK Jolin Tsai Myself World Tour London Concert contest winner.

I was on the cable car from Royal Victoria Dock, the new high-tech Chinatown in London) to O2 as you can see from the back of the picture.


Mandy, chinaSMACK Jolin Tsai Myself World Tour London Concert contest winner.


To be honest, I wanted to take this picture at Manchester United or City grounds at first (since I live only a few minutes away from them), but instead, I ended up taking it in my lovely humble home :-) Here, you can see me with some of my rhythmic gymnastics equipment out and I’m doing whats known as a ‘fish catch’ in gymnastics. I decided to show my gymnastics in this picture because: a) I love gymnastics, and b) Jolin uses the rhythmic gymnastics ribbon a lot <3 :D. Around my neck and on the floor are a couple of my medals! Also, if you are just curious as to what sort of clothing I am wearing in the picture; it's a rhythmic gymnastics leotard :) (I'm just telling you that because once someone mistook it for a swimsuit. -.- I was not impressed). 这个照片是妈妈在我家里帮我照的。我穿的衣服是我最喜欢的一件体操服。我手里拿着一个彩带,然后地上时我的球,棒子,和一些奖牌。我本来想在曼联足球厂照相因为我家里那里很近,但是最后没有时间只好在家里照:-)。在这个照片里我用彩带因为:A)我爱体操 B)裁衣林经常用彩带表演! :)

Thanks for your support, Christina and Mandy, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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  • Cynic

    Useless f’in sofa. Congrats Mandy and Christina.

  • Matt

    I could have sworn the original rules stated the picture had to be taken in public, and preferably doing something crazy…

    *quietly backs out*

    • BigJ

      I just think you had to be Chinese and in London.

      • Mandy

        I don’t live in London ^^

        • ScottLoar

          From the style of 3-prong electrical plug showing, Mandy, I’d say you live in Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore.

          • Mandy

            I live in Manchester in England… even says so in my description that I live minutes away from the Manchester United grounds…..

          • ScottLoar

            Mandy, 我投石問路吧!

          • Mandyyyyy


        • BigJ

          Well you live in England. That kind of what I was getting at. It’s cool. Congrats on winning the tickets. Why give the tickets to someone in China who would not go to the concert. :)

          • Mandyyyy

            Haha, thankyou :-)

  • Rick in China

    I’d estimate a total of 2 entries – one because they were wearing a “hot pink” shirt, and another because they had some semblance of pink in the photo

    • anon

      At first I thought Mandy’s leggings were pink, but maybe that’s just the color of her flesh?

      Not sure how you estimate a total of 2 entries though.

      I think its nice that chinaSMACK does these little contests for their readers. And these images prove that its readers aren’t all men.

  • themig
  • Jun

    Congratz to the winners!

  • hello kitty

    Pretty ladies, never thought I’d say this, I wish i lived in london

  • Fire

    Mandy is cute, yes.

  • Kukuku

    Personally, I’d pick a date with Mandy over the tickets.

  • Kate

    Congrats to the winners :) Mad flexible the last girl is!

    Ok I didnt actually know who Jolin Tsai is or what she is famous for, so I googled her. Is this really the woman who is in the promotional images on csmack??? They look a world different? Same or different?

    • Matt

      That’s definitely not Jolin Tsai. Go look up her new music videos “Dr. Jolin” and “The Great Artist” on YouTube to get a more accurate idea of how she looks like. :)

      • Missy

        Actually that is her, but she wasn’t looking too good during that time :-)

        • Matt

          You’re right; my bad. But it definitely isn’t representative of how she normally looks. Even the most beautiful of people can manifest themselves in hideous pictures given the right angle and the right day. :)

          • Matt

            Not to go rambling on and on, but I should add that that was more directed for Kate, since she’s not familiar with Jolin Tsai, and you obviously are.

          • Kate

            All I did was type her and that came up in images…..

    • anon

      That is a really scary looking photo of her if that is her.

    • BigJ

      Looks like she was up all night smoking PCP. :)

    • linette lee

      That photo look very strange. Anyway, this is her live on stage. Her face don’t look like this photo.

      Yes….the asian music industry call this dancing. Very sorry.

      I prefer this.

      • Kate

        That was a really cool opening, that.stage was awesome….her singing and.performance….not so much….lacking fierceness.

  • xoxo xi

    I googled jolin tsai after reading this she does have a nice eyes and smile.

  • L