Chinese Actress Gao Yuanyuan’s Bruised Thighs

Gao Yuanyuan's bruised thighs.

Chinese actors Huang Haibo, Gao Yuanyuan, and Zhang Kaili at a celebration party for the Chinese TV series 《咱们结婚吧》 Let's Get Married.

This article appeared was at the top of Chinese web portal NetEase’s most viewed articles list, with over 30 million pageviews over three days…

From NetEase and ChinaDaily:

Gao Yuanyuan Celebrates Her New Television Series, Thighs Covered in Bruises

Netease Entertainment December 12th report -– On the 11th of December, the television serial Let’s Get Married held celebration party. Leading actors Gao Yuanyuan, Huang Haibo, Zhang Kaili and others appeared on stage. On that day, Gao Yuanyuan wore a black coat and after taking her seat with several of those involved in the creation of the show, she elegantly removed her coat to reveal her figure dressed in a fashionable matching black and white outfit. She frequently used the microphone to prevent exposing her “important part”, but still was unable to conceal her bruise covered thighs.

Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan on stage at a celebration party for the Chinese TV series 《咱们结婚吧》 Let's Get Married, where reporters noticed bruises on her thighs.Bruises spotted on Gao Yuanyuan's thighs.

Gao Yuanyuan's bruised thighs.

This story also appeared on a number of other websites including China Daily’s site under the guise of being related to domestic violence…

From China Daily:

Gao Yuanyuan With Bruised Thighs Celebrates New TV Show, Heart-Broken Netizens Wonder If She’s Suffering From Domestic Violence

Summary — In the past few days, Gao Yuanyuan appeared at the celebration party for Let’s Get Married wearing a very short miniskirt. At the celebration, Gao Yuanyuan’s legs shockingly appeared to be covered in bruises. Many netizens suspect that she had been subjected to domestic violence. The bruises on the legs of Gao Yuanyuan as she appeared at the celebration party left netizens worried about whether or not this was domestic violence.

Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan on stage at a celebration party for the Chinese TV series 《咱们结婚吧》 Let's Get Married, where reporters noticed bruises on her thighs.Chinese actors Huang Haibo and Gao Yuanyuan on stage at a celebration party for the Chinese TV series 《咱们结婚吧》 Let's Get Married.

However many comments seemed to be more interested in speculating about the sex life of the actress than any lofty issue such as domestic violence…

Comments from NetEase:

giftbom [网易北京市网友]:

Youting, when you’re doing “it” you also like to squeeze?

[Note: Youting refers to Zhao Youting, aka Mark Zhao, a Taiwanese actor and Gao Yuanyuan’s boyfriend.]

网易福建省福州市网友 ip:59.61.*.*: (responding to above)

Can you be sure it was Zhao Youting??? Look at those squeeze marks, I reckon it must have been “the wheelbarrow” position. Yuanyuan was laying flat on her back, legs apart and raised up, with the guy sitting and holding Yuanyuan’s thighs up, both hands gripping exactly where the marks are on her thighs. This way, the guy’s butt thrusts back and forth, in and out, and as for why there are such obvious grab-marks, it clearly goes to show that this guy had held out for pretty long. Plus, throughout it all, he would have been facing her, looking down, being excited beside himself by Yuanyuan’s mature, beautiful, white, sexy body, thrusting desperately, clutching and squeezing [her legs]. That’s why it can be seen that there is more than just one mark.

xlb01212 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

If we say Gao Yuanyuan is a flower vase, then Liu Yan [another actress in the show] is a milk bottle… [big breasted]

夫人不要这样老爷会知道的 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Sigh, actually I know goddesses [female idols] will eventually one day also become dark [corrupted, soiled, no longer innocent/pure]…

youmingzhihuo [网易山东省济南市网友]:

Last night’s battle [sex] was really intense.

老村长他爹 [网易广东省深圳市罗湖区网友]:

Youting likes S&M.

Chinese actors Huang Haibo and Gao Yuanyuan at a celebration party for the Chinese TV series 《咱们结婚吧》 Let's Get Married.Chinese actors Huang Haibo and Gao Yuanyuan at a celebration party for the Chinese TV series 《咱们结婚吧》 Let's Get Married.

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网易安徽省网友 [心未冉] 的原贴:

1. Why are flat-chested girls usually foodies/gluttons?
Legendary reply: Because those “poor in the chest are extremely starving”! [This is a pun on 穷凶极恶 “vicious” (the first character 穷 usually means “poor” but here means “extreme”, mirroring 极)]

2. Other people’s children all know how to buy toilet paper, while my kids are still on the toilet paper.
Legendary reply: Other men’s wives will blow up and get angry, yours just needs blowing up.

3. Already in my forties, and there are still so many things I don’t understand but who should I ask about them?
Legendary reply: For foreign matters, ask Google; for domestic matters, ask Baidu; for matters about sex ask Tianya [a popular Chinese discussion forum that used to be extremely popular but has since been overshadowed by trends toward social networks and microblogs]!

4. Why do women have periods?
Legendary reply: The ovum you see, missed meeting the sperm, and in her sadness, she vomited blood as she walked away [vomiting blood here is just another way of saying one is extremely upset].

5. When I see a guy who is just my type on the bus, how do I make a move?
Legendary reply: Feign epilepsy, froth at the mouth, fall into his arms, grab his crotch while pretending that your hands are spasming, and if it’s big enough, continue, but if you’re not satisfied just call out — Ah! I’m fine now!

6. What is the closest you’ve been to death?
Legendary reply: Twenty years ago, I was almost overtaken by that one sperm behind me!

7. Someone published a status update: What does everybody think my new profile pic, looks niubi, right?
Legendary reply: Yep, you look like a niubi.

[Note: The original Chinese of the first line can interpret 头像 “profile photo” as two separate words 头 “head” and 像 “looks like”. The first line would then read as “Everyone look, does my head look like a niubi? The legendary reply is “yes”. Niubi is slang to mean “awesome” or “cool” but literally means “cow pussy”, so the first line would be: “Everyone look, does my head look like a cow’s cunt?”]

8. My girlfriend is ignoring me and turned off her phone, what should I do?
Legendary reply: Lou zhu, go to the barber/hairdresser, to make it easier to wear a hat.

9. Why is it that when Chinese leaders visit Japan, the Japanese are so cold, not even hanging up welcome banners/signs at the airport?
Legendary reply: How are they supposed to do it? “We warmly welcome our old friend to come fuck?” [日 can refer to both Japan or as a slang term for “fuck”, so “welcome to Japan” can mean “welcome to come fuck”.]

10. A female gamer posted on a discussion forum asking: “On Singles Day, I want to confess my love to a guy I like. What present should I give?”
Legendary reply: First Blood.

11. The goddamn hair salon ruined my hair! Everybody give me some ideas for getting revenge. The more destructive the better, but with the least amount of commotion, because it’ll just be me going alone.
Legendary reply: In the dark of the night, when the moon is obscured, quietly, gently, in the doorway of the hair salon… hang yourself.

12. What is more disgusting than eating a lump of shit?
Legendary reply: Eating two lumps.
What’s more disgusting than that?
Legendary reply: Getting it stuck in your teeth.

13. Why is it that after CCAV News is over, they always show them shuffling their papers?
Legendary reply: In order to tell you, “all this bragging/boasting is scripted!”

14. Why does the zodiac just have a female virgin (Virgo) and no male virgin?
Legendary reply: What do you mean there isn’t? It just goes by the name of Sagittarius! [In Chinese, Sagittarius is 射手座, literally the “shoot, hand, zodiac sign”.]

15. Your wife is the road, and friends are oxen. In life, there is only one road, and on this road there will be many oxen. When you have money [are wealthy], make sure you don’t take the wrong road, and when you don’t have money, don’t sell your oxen [betray your friends]!
Legendary reply: What do you do if an ox goes on the road?

网易上海市手机网友 [達蓋薾的旗帜]: (responding to above)

Cramping from laughter!

网易北京市网友 [短名字没有了]: (responding to above)

[Commenting only to] Bookmark this

网易陕西省西安市网友(113.200.*.*): (responding to above)


网易湖北省武汉市网友(113.57.*.*): (responding to above)

I only replied to bookmark this!

网易美国网友 [江南糖白虎]:

That night, you can blame brother [me] for being too rough,
for not caring if Yaoyao wanted it or not.
for only wanting to release,
and only regretting it after.

[The original Chinese here (and below) are rhyming poems, illustrating the “creativity” that can be found amongst Chinese netizens.]

网易天津市河西区网友 [江南文争鸣]: (responding to above)

That night, you can blame me for being too rough,
for pushing aside your bra and immediately biting,
for then using the wheelbarrow position,
and only noticing it was already daybreak after finishing.

网易海南省海口市网友 [江南祝汁删]: (responding to above)

That night, you can blame me for being too rough,
for ripping your dress and then the condom packaging.
for doing you until you had no more energy,
and then letting Youting have a turn.

网易美国网友 [华府秋香]: (responding to above)

Above is a bunch of perverts,
their sexual fantasizing ability can be said to be strong.
They obviously all have toothpicks pricks,
yet pretend they’re Li Yuanba.
Get lost!

网易上海市网友 ip:180.166.*.*: (responding to above)

Is the goddess above Yuanyuan?
Why fool yourself?
You weren’t like this last night on the bedsheets,
black stockings, high heels, moaning and trembling.

Chinese actors Huang Haibo, Gao Yuanyuan, and Zhang Kaili at a celebration party for the Chinese TV series 《咱们结婚吧》 Let's Get Married.

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    Sofa. ESL internet tough guys appearing to trashtalk Chinese men in 3…2…1…

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    what can I say, she liked it rough and wild, as do I. Great night, will never forget it.

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      So that’s what she did after leaving my place…

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      don’t judge the book by it cover is what I always say. innocent and sweet during the day, while beast during the night (my favorite type).

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        I prefer touch outdoors but tame indoors

  • Joe

    Gao Yuanyuan really didn’t do well compared to her peers like Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei, I remember her having a leading role in Beijing Bicycle with Zhou Xun as supporting, then you look at Zhou Xun’s career now then hers lol fail

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      Doesn’t matter, had sex.

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    Who names their daughter: High Round Round?

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      Legendary reply: Her parents.

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    strange, it looks more like the bruises obtained by a rape victim, but of course nothing like that would ever happen in the heavenly kingdom by a brother..

    • You’ve inspected many rape victims first hand?

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    Don’t they sell kneepads in the mainland….? lmao

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    Is this just celebrity news on Chinese TMZ, or did this come from a, heh hem, serious news agency?

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    She has bruises and wears a skirt like that….I think she wanted to show them off.

    • markus peg

      Maybe as you said, she wanted to show it as a cry for help without needing to say anything?… who knows…

  • unplanned_life

    If it had been domestic violence–or something kinky–I don’t think she would have worn a skirt exposing her thighs like that.

    Never heard of her before, but she looks quite fine.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      I don’t know…it could be something else, but why wear a skirt like that?

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  • i hope shes alright

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    Think it’s one of those lose weigh massages she has done. You come out of those pretty bruised.

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    Who the Fnck cares? Honestly? she is getting beaten daily, or not. both is her business and she feels its not bad enough to go to the police with it then oh well .. so hey move on nothing more to see here.. just some stupid girl on tv….

  • Mr. S.

    Anyone have a link on uncensored 萱萱艳照 (Xuan Xuan) photos? Google sucks and only has the censored ones that are now dominating the Chinese web portals.

  • xuedi

    Why is the first thing everyone things about is sex in the first way? these kind of bruises could be from everything, like mountain-biking, contact sport, TCM massage … O_o … I think the most likely thing that happend is, that she got ask by a PR agency to bruises her legs herself and wear a short shirt to create some media fuzz …

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Why is the first thing everyone things about is sex in the first way?
      Legendary reply: English 101

  • markus peg

    Maybe to show people what has happened without having to tell them?…
    A cry for attention/help maybe? Or just a forgotten oversight..? who knows.

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    Thing is I am packing my bags now, by tomorrow evening I will be with my family. I am leaving China for good, I will miss all of you good people…
    ***In three years I have learned a new language… Mandarin…
    ***I have met amazing people(Amazing local Chinese people and other people from all over the world, I didn’t expect that! I am so grateful to you all.)
    ***I have experienced very wonderful moments here in China, I have nothing to say but I will miss China and it’s people… Good luck to all of you.
    I’d like to welcome y’all to Firenze! Ciao!

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      Wish I was leaving China…and I haven’t had much luck with the language… :(

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        Try using your tongue:-)

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          I speak it, but pronunciation is hard and sometimes I confuse my chinese with my korean or japanese….

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      de’ allora ti manca poco la cina, fai due passi e vai a prato..

  • Gao yuanyuan likes it rough and Chinese are surprised ’cause they don’t treat famous women like that. She looks happy doesn’t she? she got her TV show. and If she is bruised then it all means she had a great time getting her new TV show. Probably in a TV producer gangbang or something like that… or even better, maybe they found her a laowai. Carry on…

  • Nick in Beijing

    What… the…?

  • moeimoei

    why would anyone show it off like that???!!! wouldn’t the usual instinct be cover it up?!

  • tsinoy

    Or it could just be pre-menstrual signs? Very common to women.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    If it was just her thighs I would think it’s from sex…..but her knees are bruised too. Either she’s been doing extreme sports lately, or she “fell down the stairs.”

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Obviously you have never heard of doggie.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        On a hardwood floor? lol

  • biancabii

    Could have a bit of anemia and got those bruises with very little to no physical trauma.

  • Suk_Mi

    I joined the forum to admit that she was learning Tongue Fu and I was the master. She got tossed around a little.

  • murlocs gurgle

    She was absolutely perfect in City of Life and Death and the only reason I bother to click on a post about “gao Yuanyuan” – if not for that role where evoked the beauty and cleanness of an authentic respectable Chinese woman, she would just be another actress whose true beauty I would not be able to discern from photographs. I recommend that everyone see her in City of Life and Death. Because when I saw her, I understood the type of Chinese female she represented and I was gratified to see her portrayed on screen.

    Such a controversial appearance inviting such puerile speculation can only lead newcomers to investigate her filmography and find City of Life and Death.