Chinese Actress Yang Mi Protests Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Chinese actress Yang Mi protests Guangxi Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
Cancel 6/21 Dog Meat Festival: Please don't eat us, we are mankind's friends.
“Cancel 6/21 Dog Meat Festival: Please don’t eat us, we are mankind’s friends.”

The below microblog post by Chinese celebrity Yang Mi is currently the third most popular post of the past week on leading Chinese social network Sina Weibo, and was previously one of the top posts of the day…

From Sina Weibo:

@杨幂: The loyalty of dogs to man exceeds my imagination. I treat dogs as friends, I don’t eat dog meat, and I oppose the use of dog meat as food. Doggies are kind-hearted, don’t eat them!! As a result, I oppose 2014 06.21 [June 21st] Guangxi province Yulin city’s Summer Solstice Lychee Dog Meat Festival! I call for an end to any dog meat festival! A single person’s strength is little so we need everyone’s approval and support! Regardless of whether or not you love dogs, I don’t ask that you click upvote, I only ask that you forward/reshare this.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


I am from Yulin, but I’ve never eaten dog meat before. Every time I see these [calls to oppose Yulin’s Dog Meat Festival], I still want to say something on behalf of Yulin people. Actually, do you guys also know that cows are also very intelligent animals? Have you ever seen cows shed tears [cry]? Us rural people often see cows cry and are also heartbroken by it! But you often eat steaks, right? So isn’t it essentially the same thing? Also, pigs. Pigs also are adorable/cute, but everyone in the country eats them! There’s even less need to mention sheep!


I saw a comment that says it very well: Why are there always stupid cunts who say if you’re serious, then don’t eat chicken, duck, or fish? When an earthquake happens, is it a search and rescue chicken or a search and rescue dog that comes to save people? Have you fucking ever met a seeing-eye pig? With autistic kids, do you fucking give them a service fish to accompany them? When you’re sad and crying, does your family’s chicken run over to lick away your tears to comfort you? Do you understand intelligence? Such ridiculous cunts.


[拜拜] Do you know that all this publicity you celebrities create [about this festival] resulted in sales last year being double than the year before, and that [the festival] will be held this year as it has been before? If you continue to give this publicity, I bet this year’s sales will be twice that of last year. [拜拜] Why not just let the small festival of a small place be held silently [without fanfare] in that small place? All the publicity you guys create instead leads to many dogs being killed that one day of the year. Last year, don’t you know the dogs that were rescued by volunteers ended up being sold to those dog traffickers anyway afterwards? [拜拜]


All animals are lives, there is no differentiation of high and low. I hope you will also spit out the pig meat you eat.


Mimi, let me teach you how to stop this event. 1. Buy a plane ticket to Gunagxi Yulin. 2. Cover your nose after arriving at the Dog Meat Festival. 3. Take off shoes. get√ [Yang Mi is rumored to have smelly feet]


Ol’ Mimi, stop wearing fur, stop wearing real leather shoes, stop carrying bags made of alligator, ostrich, sheep, or cow skin, and everyone will think are you even more kind-hearted. As opposed to using your own biases and preferences to hold hostage [emotionally blackmail] the morality and ethics of the rest of us.


I think dogs can be separated into different classifications, such as seeing eye dogs, pet dogs, or police dogs. These kind of dogs who serve mankind indeed cannot be eaten, and actually there aren’t that many people who do eat them. What people eat are mostly dogs raised for their meat. What more, the cows we eat, the majority of them were all beasts of burden, who helped us till the land their entire lives, whose knees have buckled onto the ground before they die, who shed tears, all of which I personally feel is much more cruel than killing dogs. It’s just that dogs know how to be cute, while cows only know how to silently plow the land.


The pig has fainted from crying in the restroom.


She is just advocating against eating dogs, and no matter from what aspect you think about it, it is a good deed, so why are you people bringing up pigs for? Is she advocating the eating of pigs? According to the logic of flamers [emotional, irrational critics], no matter what she says, it is wrong, and only they are right, and she can only be right if she is vegetarian. Then what about research discovering that plants also have emotions? Then what are cows supposed to eat? All living things have souls, then you might as well not even drink water! On the matter of eating dogs, she says don’t eat them, and you oppose her, so that means you eat them?


I think chickens, ducks, fish, pigs, cows, geese, sheep are all my friends, so can you not eat them? Don’t use your own personal desires to hold hostage the morality and ethics of everyone else. I didn’t go through all these years of evolution to stand at the top of the food chain to eat grass! I’m furious! Do you understand the actual situation? Have you been to Guangxi? Have you been to Yulin? Do you know that the dogs we eat were bred/raised for their meat? I’m resolutely unfollowing you! Yulin girls [referring to self] are proud like this! You’re welcome!


Written by Fauna

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