Chinese-American Sues Shanghai Airport Bus Company, Wins 730k

Warning slippery sign.

Chinese warning sign, Caution Slip.

From NetEase:

Chinese-American Awarded 730k RMB After Injury from Fall at Shanghai Airport City Terminal July 10th report. Chinese-American Li Ru (pseudonym) was waiting for the shuttle bus at the Shanghai City Airport Terminal to catch her flight. As she walked over a metal plate on the ground on her way to the Airport Terminal Building, she slipped on a puddle of oil on its surface, and suffered a shattered left femur. She sued in court demanding a large sum of economic compensation from Shanghai Airport Bus Co. Ltd.

Shanghai’s Jing An Court disclosed on the 10th that it had ruled that Shanghai Airport Bus shall compensate Li Ru about 733,400 yuan for various economic losses, and separately compensate Li Ru 6386.27 yuan for notarization, authentication, and accreditation fees.

2008 August 5th morning, Li Ru arrived at the Jing An Temple Airport Terminal operated by the Shanghai Airport Bus company, and because of slipping on a slippery metal plate covered with oil, she had to be hospitalized three times. 2011 July, it was determined that the loss of movement in Li Ru’s left knee was due to this accident and that the medical after-effects were comparable to serious disability.

2011 October, past her 60s, elderly Li Ru brought her lawsuit at the court and demanded an “astronomical sum” in economic compensation, with lost wages alone amounting 85,000 USD. The Shanghai Airport Bus company argued that Li Ru herself was also at fault, that the area she was in when the accident occurred was not a waiting area, that it was a vehicle lane, and believed that she shouldn’t have entered that area, requesting that their liability be reduced.

The court ruled that the accident occurred on the Shanghai Airport Bus company’s property and it had not sealed off the area. Under its obligations to safeguard the safety of its passengers, its failure to promptly clean off the oil on the metal plate and its failure to place warning signs or a person to watch the area, it therefore is legally responsible for bearing the entire cost of compensation.

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Comments from NetEase:

天地茫茫 [网易北京市网友]:

Fuck, the moment one’s nationality changes, the treatment one receives also changes…

鸟托邦 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Westerners are first-class citizens, government officials are second-class citizens, minorities are third-class citizens, while Han Chinese are fourth-class citizens. Even then, the Han Chinese are ranked based on their hukou.

mizainuo [网易澳大利亚网友]:

Ever since I got my Australian citizenship, I’ve discovered that when I return to China, any time I need to produce my passport to do something, the workers all treat me with great enthusiasm. What a friendly people! However, it makes me deeply sad that when I once had to produce my Chinese identification card to get a birth certificate, I was given a look of contempt!

失落的尘埃1 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

Sure enough, the foreign is always more valuable, what would have happened if she were a Chinese national?

cuining29 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

If it were a member of the rabble [lowly Chinese commoner], she would’ve had to collect more evidence and ultimately drop the case simply because no one saw it.

zhaoqing19780 [网易重庆市网友]:

As written on the United States passport: No matter where you are, the United States government is always behind you!

lbg224522 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Although I can’t afford an airplane ticket, if I had known that I could be compensated 730,000 yuan for being seriously injured after slipping on oil at the Shanghai Airport, I would’ve sold everything I had to go buy an airplane ticket at the Shanghai Airport, then injured myself in a slip and fall, and demand compensation…

天地茫茫 [网易北京市网友]:

Those who ding me will soon immigrate to America!

zzdwdx [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

This amount is enough to cover the deaths of a number of our countrymen.

国米铁粉 [网易广东省茂名市网友]:

A green card sure is valuable.

中立党派 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

If it were a Chinese [national] person, then she would’ve gotten nothing for the fall. The court would rule: The court believes the person injured from the fall was a healthy adult who should have had the ability to judge what was a dangerous path, so even though the path was slippery with oil, you completely could have avoided the dangerous path, and therefore the Chinese person injured in the fall must bear primary liability while the airport bears secondary liability and shall provide the injured person with an apology!

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

    sofa biatchnes

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      I slipped on my wifeys wet patch and broke my fall on the sofa. Woot and goodnight.

    • sm

      At my first sight, I though I saw a “sofa bitch”.

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        I did I did taw a puddy cat

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          Sylvester the cats son with paper bag on his head – “Oh for shame! My father beted by a tweety bird!”

          Oh cmon sthon take that paper bag off your head and lets catch a mouse (mouthe?)

  • Little Wolf

    Good for her. That’s the way to stick it to these fuckers. Hit them in the wallet like this continuously and they might start to pay attention.

  • moop

    if i was chinese i would be happy about this. it might set a precedent in courts, leading to more rulings, leading to higher safety standards

    • Kong

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that. It will only set a precedent if companies get hit multiple times and in many different places. If a company believes with reasonable suspicion that this was an out-of-the-ordinary case, they won’t change a thing. Maybe they’ll put a sign up in that one spot. In English. :P

      • Little Wolf

        Well, I didn’t say I was optimistic that things WILL change. Just that costing them money is the only motivation they fix things. Works everywhere. Guys that were late on my construction projects would get sent home and lose the day’s wages. Worked surprisingly well.

        On another note, I’m sure it’s a given that there are plenty of Chinese milking the US courts for plenty of petty shit. I’m not even gonna google it.

  • Brett Hunan

    I think the netizens are being a bit too fast to judge that it was her nationality that decided the ruling. The court clearly stated the reasons for the victim’s compensation. Can we be 100% sure that the same ruling wouldn’t have applied to a Chinese national?

    • moop

      yeah, i think even if it was because of nationality this is still a win for the netizens. a precedent has been set that should help indirectly raise safety standards in china.

      • Brett Hunan

        Lets hope so anyways. China has previously used individual cases as examples for acceptable/unacceptable behavior. This should become an example for what safety standards should be.

    • red scarf

      Would the average Chinese citizen have the money to hire a lawyer and have the ability to dodge mysterious visitors in the night calling at your home.

      Oh it has to be noted this has taken 3 years to settle, well bring to court, and another year to get it into a paper.

      • Brett Hunan

        The netizebs didnt argue money, they argued nationality.

        • red scarf

          Yes, I was agreeing with you, not many Chinese people have the money or are willing to take legal action due to the negative side of suing firms.

          Li Ru on the other hand most likely has the money to pay for a Chinese lawyer and most likely lives outside the reach of the negative side of things to be able to push it as far as she did.

          It seems that media wanted a knee-jerk response for it.

          • Brett Hunan

            Ah, I didnt realize you were agreeing. My mistake.

            I agree about the media. It is often the case (in any country) that the media try to evoke some sort of emotional response from its viewers… even if it that response doesn’t add up to the reality of the situation.

    • mr. wiener

      I’m sure her being a Chinese American didn’t hurt her chances. On the other hand being Chinese-foreign nationality won’t stop the Chinese govt from swooping in and carting you off to jail either if they so choose, like they did with that fella Stern Hu the Rio Tinto executive.

  • Dan

    “As written on the United States passport: No matter where you are, the United States government is always behind you!” –

    Well, in a way, yes, they are always behind you (shoving it up your ass).

  • WenzhouZito

    Didn’t She See The Big Red Caution Flag When She Entered China???

    • Brett Hunan

      Heard that one about 5 years ago….

    • 404 name not found

      ahaha hahahaha ROFLMAO!!!

  • Cleo

    She may have long term problems with that injury and she is probably thinking that the damages award is not enough. She would have gotten more in the USA and perhaps this wouldn’t have happened at all if she had stayed in the USA. China is a developing country. I wonder if any Chinese is going to commit a slip and fall in the hopes of getting an award. I am sure the Mainland immigrants are open to the idea in America adding a new wrinkle to professional litigants. There is a Korean ambulance chaser in NYC who is famous at the courthouse for bringing frivolous personal injury lawsuits.

    • mr. wiener

      ….at least their not a Japanese ambulance chaser hmm?

    • Ray

      I’m not really one to defend China for no reason but are you saying that people don’t slip and fall in USA?

  • MrT

    I should be a millionaire the amount of times Ive fell over here an fecked me self up on the dodgy tile floors, but i have no clue how i would go about suing any one in China…

  • Lots of stupid comments from the locals translated up top I see. The lady was over 60 years old for Pete’s sake. (shakes head) I can’t belive that the same country that proliferates compensation claims to absurd degrees, also has people saying that foreigners are getting “special treatment…

    • Stu

      The point is that it is a huge amount of money. The claim that it would cover the deaths of several Chinese is probably accurate- for example, the family of the woman whose fetus was forcibly aborted recently got a grand total of 70,000 yuan. And they’re probably right that a normal (not high-status) Chinese person couldn’t claim compensation in the first place, unless the injury occurred in a famous incident.

      • Could be, but I don’t think it’s much money and the shuttle company deserved to pay.

  • linette

    She broke her bone during the fall. That will increase her chance of getting compensated. In USA a slip and fall lawsuit you need to show broken bones to increase your chance of winning. In China maybe just a passport will increase your chance of winning who knows.

  • Con ate dog

    Ugh, a shattered femur! She’ll never be quite the same.

  • Dynasty

    The comment “Those who ding me will soon immigrate to America!” should be “Those who ding me will soon emigrate to America!”

  • Mr Chan

    700k RMB is nothing by American standards of tort claims. It won’t even cover her legal fees. The money here is just to compensate for her loss wages and medical fees. She would have gotten millions in the US in punitive damages and compensatory damages for her “stress” and “pain” suffered from the ordeal.

  • DRaY

    Everyplace is CHina is a walking death trap … Sounds like this old lady is full of shit …. American? 60? 85k USD in lost wages?… don’t add up … think about it … Granny just played the court system!!!

    • Brett Hunan

      Hah, I was just about to reply to that guy. Luckily I first refreshed the page… mods already took care of business.

      Glad you did… aside from posting under multiple identities, all he does is tell people to kill themselves etc.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      way to understand the truth and nothing but the truth.

  • anyone see about this American guy murdered in Beijing yesterday?

  • Little Wolf

    Ok folks. This thread seems to be a little slow so I hope Fauna won’t mind if I post it here. She can always move it if she wants.
    Author’s note: Some readers may notice the opening mental hospital scene was inspired (ok, completely ripped off) from Queensryche’s brilliant “Operation: Mindcrime” Apologies to the band. Also, I had included several hyperlinks to music for the scenes, like a soundtrack. But, the format limitations for comments is limited or beyond my capabities :-(

    Episode 3

    Scene: #7 Hospital, Hangzhou, China ………. Time: Present Day

    Brett is strapped down on a hospital bed in the detainment wing of Hangzhou #7 Hospital. Sweating and in a haze from several injections of psychotropic drugs he hears a voice on the intercom “Paging Dr. Wang…..Dr. Zhu Wang, report to E.R.” In the background he can hear the news of CCTV 9 “And in Hangzhou today, a foreign man was arrested on suspicion of several murders…………..” Suddenly he hears footsteps heading toward his room that he can already recognize as the sadistic Nurse Gao. He pretends to be catatonic. “It’s 8 o’clock, why are you still up?” He stares straight ahead blankly. “Hello?………….Hellooooo? Perhaps you need another shot” She injects Brett with a Brompton’s Cocktail “ There…..that should do it. Sweet dreams…… bastard.” Unshaven and disheveled, he now has the appearance of a deranged madman. Gone are the boyish good looks that propelled him to Class President and captain of the cheerleading squad for the Forest Park High School Baboons in Centerville, New Jersey and winner of the 2001 Carroms Tournament at the Centerville Rec Center summer program. He now wore the face of a man that has witnessed true evil. To see him in such a state it is hard to imagine he was once known as “The Knocker King” for his unique style of knocking in carroms with the butt-end of his stick. As Brett succumbs to the effect of the drugs, a moment of clarity comes to him.

    “I remember now……I remember how it started…..….I can’t remember yesterday…………I just remember doing….what he told me……. told me………told me…………. told me…………..

    SHOT: A satellite photo shows the Earth spinning on its axis, slows to a hover over the Eastern Seaboard of North America and zooms in to reveal an average American town on an average Friday night in October.
    Music: Anarchy X, by Queensryche

    Scene: A football game at Forest Park HS…… Time: 2002

    (Brett is looking dapper in his red and white cheerleading sweater and cheering into his megaphone)
    LET”S GO BA-BOONS! clap—clap! clap-clap-clap!
    LET”S GO BA-BOONS! clap—clap! clap-clap-clap!
    Announcer: And the Baboons seem to be in complete control for their first State Championship, leading 24-21 with just 9 seconds to go with the ball on the Bishop High Bearcats 15 yard line.
    Brett huddles the cheerleading squad together as the Baboons have called for a time-out.
    Brett: Ok, listen up. This is our last football game of the season and for us seniors…our last game ever. I think we should do the Pyramid of Death.
    All the other cheerleaders gasp in horror.
    Loretta Finebottom: (co-captain and Brett’s girlfriend since they were freshmen) But Brett! We’ve never done the Pyramid of Death successfully! It’s too dangerous!
    Brett: C’mon Lor…we’ve come so close. I know we can do it. It will be the pinnacle of our cheerleading careers.
    Loretta Finebottom: Do you promise you will catch me?
    Brett: I promise. I will catch you. I WILL!
    Loretta Finebottom: Oh Brett….. I love you. Let’s do it!
    Announcer: And the Baboons take the field for what could be the last play of the game. Number 16 Mark Wiener, an exchange student from Australia at quarterback is lined up in shotgun formation…..
    Meanwhile, the cheerleaders….having just finished their dance routine to Jock Jams “Are You Ready For This” are preparing to execute the Pyramid of Death. The bottom row of 4 is already in place and it is Brett’s job to clasp his hands together while the others jump into his hands and he launches them into position by the bottom of their feet. The next row of 3 are successfully standing on the shoulders of the bottom row.
    Wiener: Blue 42! Blue 42! Hut! Hut! HUT!
    . Brett successfully flings the next 2 girls onto the shoulders of the second row.
    Announcer: And wiener takes the snap…..
    The Pyramid of Death is almost complete. Loretta Finebottom is now sprinting towards Brett at full speed and jumps……suddenly in the corner of his peripherals he catches a glimpse of a mysterious Asian man pointing a blowgun directly at him.
    Announcer: ….he drops back deep into the pocket. Oh! He’s got his favourite receiver, number 69, Terroir wide open in the end zone! Weiner tosses a perfect spiral at Terroir.
    Brett feels a dart stick him right in his ass just as he launches Loretta Finebottom, the stinging sudden pain causing him to hurl her several feet over the Pyramid of Death and she flies several yards onto the football field.
    Announcer: Oh no! A cheerleader bumped Terroir just as he was catching the ball! It’s still up for grabs…….OH NO! NUMBER 37, MOOP, OF THE BEARCATS COMES UP WITH THE INTERCEPTION AND IS RUNNING TO THE OTHER GOAL LINE! HE! COULD! GO! ALL! THE!! WAY!!!!………..TOUCHDOWN!! BEARCATS WIN! What an unexpected turn of events!
    The Baboon fans shriek with horror.
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    Brett: (between kicks and punches) It…..(POW!)….wasn’t….(SLAP!)….my……(BLAMMO!)….fault!
    Baboon Fan # 1263: YOU SUCK, BRETT!
    Brett: (his body now the texture and odor of stinky tofu) Oh the humanity.
    Several hours later, Brett was brought back to consciousness by a stray dog lifting it’s hind leg and pissing on him. As he crawled towards his home, he knew his life will never be the same again and he resolved to go to Asia and find out who burned him. And make him pay.
    Brett: ( looks at us and speaks) Oh yes…..he’s going to pay.

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    Eattot: (crying) Tamade. Sorry, my friends… I wish I could stay. Fucking wiener and his damned sausages. Qisi wo le! (stomps off petulantly to fetch her suitcase)
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    Fauna: Hell yeah. It’s epic.
    Linette: Epic? It’s legendary! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    (organ music plays in background while announcer speaks in the voice of “Anchorman, Ron Burgundy”)
    Announcer: Will Brett find wiener’s secret Saveloy Sausage recipe in time to save face for China? Who is the dastardly motherfucker that shot him in the ass and burned him? Tune in next week for BRETT HUNAN: CYBER-SLEUTH

    • The Enlightened One

      I’m kind of a big deal.

      • Little Wolf

        TEO: I’ll get you in there sooner or later. That slumber party is far from over.

        • The Enlightened One

          Haha, great. These stories are amusing.

        • linette

          hEHE..little Wolf, my lines are just WHOOOOOO-HOOOOO all the time? Sounds like I am high.
          Will there be any threesome? hahaha…..

          • Little Wolf

            linette: It was a party! You’re supposed to be high!

            You sound fun ;-)

          • jeffli

            never would have guessed you were into extreme spurtz!…..errrr sports.
            heheh ……….must be my astigmatism!

    • Just so you know, this one’s for you…

      *fap fap fap*

      Imagine Hongjian as an Asian girl in Nazi chic…

      *fap fap fap fap fap fap*

      • Little Wolf

        Why, thank you Elijah! That is the nicest compliment I ever had. I’m touched.

        • I was touched to…

          I fear this may end up in the next chapter…

          Then it’ll be a meta-fap.

          I could do that.

    • jeffli

      lurve the rant… kinda “spooney love” isn’t it?

  • Bunny99

    Re the stabbing in Beijing – China Daily said:

    “Believed to suffer from a mental disorder, An was found to have attacked and robbed people using a knife in Shanghai in January and then sent back to his hometown, said the statement.”

    An Libo’s home town must be a real bad place! An alternative to prison!

    • The Enlightened One

      An outstanding job of keeping the “peace” and “harmony”.

      Ship the problem away and hope it doesn’t cause any more trouble…


  • Amazed

    Yeah, and what about the man from New Zealand who was F***** over recently by having to pay 20,000 RMB?! He was in a shallow swimming pool and lifted and threw a little Chinese girl into the water. She was ALREADY in the water near him!
    Many kids in different countries LOVE THIS and squeal with delight! The family of the girl jumped on the opportunity to complain about the man and contact the police! * It was ALL ABOUT “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(” * Foreign people in this country are just TARGETS for extortion just like this case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(