Chinese Angry USA Donated More To Haiti Than Sichuan

From Tianya:

Haiti Earthquake, America donated 100 million USD. Sichuan Earthquake, America donated 500,000 USD

While watching the news this morning, America donated 100 million USD for the Haiti Earthquake, but when I just looked it up, do you know how much America donated during the Sichuan Earthquake? 500,000 USD!!!

Who is able to tell me why?!

Donating more or donating less I do not have a problem with, it is their money, but what I cannot see past is the detestable mouths of American slaves [Chinese people who praise America]!

Those people who flatter/flaunt American democracy, those people who at the time made posts explaining that America’s government doesn’t wantonly spend tax-payers’ money, how about explaining this!!!

Attached: Comparisons of donations from various countries around the world during China’s Wenchuan Earthquake and America’s Hurricane [Katrina].

Although this topic does not actually have much to do with us, but after seeing this I felt very upset and reposted it to let everyone see and compare themselves that while the Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake was worse than America’s Hurricane [Katrina], whether in economic loss or loss of life, the size of the actions of international help is indeed another matter entirely (we don’t need to talk about America’s performance again!!!). (The data cuts-off at May 21, so if anything is incorrect or incomplete, everyone to criticize, add, or correct)

Please take a look at some representative cases:

1. Shameless bullshit countries:

一,Kuwait: China Earthquake – to this day no action —- America Hurricane 100 million USD (cash) + 400 million USD of oil for a total of 500 million!

二,Qatar: China Earthquake – to this day no action —- America Hurricane 100 million USD (cash);

三,[South] Korea: China Earthquake 1 million USD (funds and supplies) —- America Hurricane 30 million USD, as expected, completely like a slave! (bang zi people’s internet discussions I presume everyone has seen before, two words — shameless!!);

四,Australia: China Earthquake — to this day no action —- America Hurricane 7.6 million USD, with the latest news saying it is 1 million AUD, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s relationship with China is very good, but action was a little too slow and the sum too small, but their rescue workers are still good.

五,Bahrain: China Earthquake — to this day no action —- America Hurricane 5 million USD, a Middle Eastern oil-producing country, also another American running dog.

2. Sincerely helping countries

一,Saudi Arabia: China Earthquake 50 million USD + 10 million in supplies —- American Hurricane no action (255 million was donated by American oil companies in Saudi Arabia, not its government);

二, Russia: China Earthquake: Four shipments of supplies, two shipments already arrived, rescue workers that everyone saw, the new president begins his visit of China today, after all we our strategic allies —- American Hurricane no action;

三,Norway: China Earthquake 20 million NOK (about 3.9 million USD) —- America Hurricane 1.54 million in supplies;

四,Spain: China Earthquake 1 million EUR (about 1.5 million USD) Telefonica 10 million RMB —- America Hurricane no action;

五,Japan: China Earthquake 5 million USD, people right now are still collecting donations, on television even small stores still have collection boxes on their counters, they were the first to send rescue workers, who did their very best, and of course not to exclude other political factors —- America Hurricane 1 million USD (cash), generators;

六,England: 2 million GPB (one million GPB in aid and one million GPB in supplies) —- America Hurricane food aid no funds (This American ally, this time [for the earthquake] later eventually donated an amount that is a bit human/proper/appropriate);

七,Pakistan: Donated 300 tents, 500 blankets, 1000 plastic tarps, 3 tons of drinking water and 4 tons of medical supplies, etc. worth about 1 million USD —- America Hurricane, everyone in the world can guess;

八,North Korea: 100,000 USD, looking at how they have people starving to death every day, that was given by tightening their own belts, so even though there are conflicts, they are still our brothers!

Additional: With the relief supplies worth over 1.5 million EUR shipped to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport that Italy’s government provided. According to reports, Italy’s relief supplies were split into three shipments, the first shipment were mostly tents. The second shipment is estimated to arrive in Chengdu on the 18th. Italy’s assistance was very low-key, and has a relatively good relationship with China, and only when compared with the small people [shameful people] in Germany (760,000 USD) and France (380,000 USD) do we realize that their help was actually not so little! For those similarly low-key areas that are not technically countries, I express my apologies, I already did my best in searching [gathering information].

Also: Vietnam 200,000 USD, not known if it has arrived, etc.

Mozambique 40,000 RMB (Note: Mozambique is the world’s poorest country, with a per capita daily income of 0.20 USD.)

Saudi Arabia 50 million USD cash and 10 million USD in supplies

Russia 4 million USD in supplies

America 500,000 USD cash (Note: During America’s 2005 Hurricane [Katrina], China donated 510,000 USD)

Japan 500 million JPY free funds and relief supplies.

Korea 1 million USD

England 1 million GPB

France 250,000 EUR earthquake relief

Germany 500,000 EUR

Poland: 100,000 USD

Norway: 20 million kroner (about 4 million USD)

Denmark 750,000 Danish krone (about 150,000 USD), over 1 million Danish krone (about 200,000 SD) of relief supplies

Spain 1 million EUR plus 7 tons of medical assistance

Belgium 650,000 EUR

Greece 200,000 EUR

Estonia 500,000 Estonian crowns (about 49,000 USD)

Vietnam 200,000 USD cash

UNHCR 50,000 USD cash

North Korea 100,000 USD

Canada, government will donate as much as the people donate

When this post was reposted on XCar, this was added at the bottom of the post:

Pitifully suffering from wu mao disease

Comments from XCar:


As long as there are people who are willing to believe, you can lie however you want. Just the NBA itself gave China over 500,000. Moreover, if China does not lack money, is it necessary for America to donate money? America still owes a bunch of debt to China.

Coming full circle, whose wallet did all the donated money go to?


During the China Earthquake, America’s ZF initially only donated 100,000 USD.


We lack everything except money.


Haiti is geographically very close to America, and the feelings between the two peoples are even closer! This reason is very simple!

Whether a country is democratic or not democratic is not determined by looking at its foreign affairs, the most important is how the ZF treats the people that elects them to office!!!

America’s government publicly announces rescuing American citizens is their first priority!!!

While China’s government does not say anything publicly, in reality it still first saves those Chinese peacekeepers, hehe! Not the least bit magnanimous!


Whose wallet did all the money go into? In Haiti, the donated money has the United Nations peacekeeping force (there are also a lot of American military) to manage; In harmonious country [China], the accounting of the fart people’s donated money to this day is unclear, and the so-called Red Cross society in the end transferred all of the money to the ZF‘s coffers, for the ZF to go built it’s own large buildings, with not much actually reaching the disaster victims’ hands.


Corrupt officials who have fled the country is already 400 billion, the Communist Party’s car expenses and food expenses are 600 billion, so it is obvious that we do not lack money, so why should other people donate to you?


The LZ believes only donating to China’s Wenchuan and not donating to America’s Hurricane [Katrina] is correct, right? In American people’s eyes, then these countries would be bullshit countries too. You can express that you are unsatisfied/unhappy, but you should pay attention to being fair, impartial. Understand America’s Hurricane Katrina and how much China donated. Sino-American relations is not harmonious, this is already well-known. That both parties do not want to help each other has nothing to do with being shameless.


The whole world is laughing at China for being stupid.

[This is a lyric in a recent parody (on YouTube) of the “中国话” [“Chinese Language”] song by S.H.E. (on Youku or YouTube)]


For Wenchuan’s donations, even China’s citizens do not know where the money went; For Haiti donations, there are international organizations to supervise their implementation, even America’s donations are allocated by American troops who are there. If you were America, how would you donate?

China’s GDP is nearly the world’s number two, skyscrapers are everywhere in Beijing and Shanghai, the ZF has countless luxury cars, and its military strength has been called by military fans as the world’s number two; Haiti is so poor it is beyond poor. If you were America, how would you donate?


Those people who did not donate was because they know that even if they donate, it would be donating to those who do not need it!

With the image that Chinese people have in the world, what reason do they have to donate? Before criticizing others, first take a piss, and take a look at yourself first.

Comments from KDS:


I see Japan amongst the sincerely helping countries~~
Apparently sincere or not sincere depends on the sum~
Apparently there is still sincerity between countries~


Does harmonious country [China] need donations?
Other people have an economic crisis, while we continue having double-digit growth.


This is what fenqing do when they have nothing better to do and aren’t working like they should.


The Sichuan Earthquake is what fart business of Shanghai people’s? It would be better if all the YP were shaken to death. You guys didn’t see what certain Sichuan YP were saying when Round Round Gate happened? Saying how the Shanghainese were the most stingy during the earthquake, that we donated the least…I really don’t know what to say.


This guy has a problem, China has much more money than Haiti, often donating several millions or several tens of millions of USD to our African brothers. Others donating a bit more to poor countries is very normal/expected.


Actually, if I had another chance,
I too would choose not to donate.
With this many government officials in harmonious country [China], had they all taken [embezzled] a little less, there would have been enough.


Other people know that the Celestial Kingdom has plenty of money.
So why do you still want them to donate to you???
Haiti is truly really poor.
What a joke, LZ is a pig of a troublemaker.


Envying donating a bit more to a poor country! Probably ate too much fen [“shit”, but also often a pun of “fenqing“].


TG [the government] has taken plenty of the people’s money. I’ve decided that I will never donate a mao of money again because they’ve already taken enough. This fart citizen’s money still needs to be saved to pay next time’s taxes.


Isn’t our international image that of a rich people, who only want face and not money? Other people know you Chinese people do not lack money, that a symbolic amount is enough.

Money allocated wisely. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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