Chinese Athlete Defected to the US in the 80s Returns to China

Hu Na was one of the first Chinese athletes to defect to the US after the normalization of Sino-American relations. A professional tennis player on the National Team, Hu Na defected to the US in 1982 when she sought for political asylum. The subsequent “Hu Na Incident” caused a major diplomatic row between US and China. Netizens react to her recent return to China to hold an art exhibition, many condemned her for being a traitor.

From Sina Weibo:

@时代报: “Hu Na: you bring shame to the country, you must deeply repent”. For traitors, there are no reasons to forgive her. The motherland does not forbid her from coming back, this shows the tolerance and the progress of the nation; But our countrymen have rejected her, this is how the people judged her. Not rejecting her will not punish traitors, this is the impartiality of history. In the 5000 years of Chinese culture, there is no forgiveness for traitors.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


I only want to say this person really has thick skin!


Sign, I can’t image how her parents lived through this years ago.


No matter the reason, betraying one’s own people is unforgivable!


In that special era in history, to chase one’s dreams is understandable. But why use the country as your footstool? No matter how successful you are, your dreams are built on the foundation of the nation’s dignity…


Didn’t she come back to make money? She left when the country was poor.


This woman looks like a hanjian.


Hu Na’s experiences year ago, isn’t it same as the North Korean refugees today? Under a isolated dictatorship, she desired freedom and democracy, it was her own choice. What harm did she bring to the country, she only woke up our countrymen. Chinese culture is tolerant and multicultural. Violent suppression are the tactics of ancient Western religion, and the Soviet fascists!


From Sina Weibo:

@胡杨麟: Today I went to see Hu Na’s art exhibition, it was pitiful, it was located in the back of the Citic Building and the second floor of a small building. The exhibit only had 20 square meters of space and it was a exhibition for 3 people, with only one guard. It was very quiet with few visitors, Hu Na’s oil paintings are so disgusting like a dog licking shit. @网球胡娜 when you betrayed your country and caused significant losses for your coach and team, yet once you returned you didn’t even apologize, are you without shame! Spit on you!

Comments on Sina Weibo:


This bitch betrayed her country, she was the first athlete to defect since the founding of China! How many people did she harm: her coach, team leader, teammates…it was only 3 years since the economic reforms, this bitch married and ran off with a Taiwanese man! Yet she still have the face to come back. She hung a few pieces of sanitary pads and believes that she is Dali, Picasso or Van Gogh. I curse her again: fuck 8 generations of your family! Fuck your private parts.


Why didn’t we deny her visa?


Hu Na is a bitch!


A traitor will always be a traitor.


I don’t understand this person, she betrayed the country yet she can still come back, she must have really thick skin!


She was able to escape with such ease back then was all due to America working in the background. But she was just a young athlete, I doubt she had any useful intelligence, perhaps she wanted a better life in America so she left. But now why did she come back? And held an art exhibition, and is that really art? I’m thinking, what is the real reason she came back?


Who let her in? How long does the crime of defection stay in effect? Coming back to hold an art exhibition is clearly provocation.

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • mr.wiener

    Poisonous though many of the comments are, they are correct about one thing: What does she hope to achieve by coming back to China now?

    • Joe

      making money obviously

      • mr.wiener

        Hmm… I’m not sure there would be a huge demand for ex tennis pro defector art…a niche market perhaps.

        • Joe

          a book deal, a tell-all? her story is gold, just look at how much the north korean refugees are banking lol

          • Balkan

            I don’t think a book critical about authorities here would be allowed. After all, it doesn’t seem like many people are interested. She made what she thought was the best choice for her, but at the same time what she did seem to have hurt many people.

    • terroir

      Where others will boast about their wealth, she can boast about her 30+ years of China-free living.

      It’s somewhere in the subtext of her defector art.

    • Dolph Grunt

      It WAS her home. You don’t ever long to return to your roots?

    • Foreign Devil

      She probably has survivors guilt.

    • Probotector

      Promotion of her art. It helps if you read the whole article ;)

  • Karze

    She will mortgage freedom for $$$ in China.

  • Toasty

    She is guilty of nothing more than looking out for herself, something that modern day Chinese people are extremely good at. All those calling her a traitor, i’m sure they would have done exactly the same thing if they had the opportunity.

    • Surfeit

      They’re well jel init.

    • grand

      she wants a better life, fair enough. she can do so through legal channels. but the fact is she sought political asylum. that is defaction. now she understands china is better than the US. i don’t blame her. i’ve just came back from chincago and i couldn’t believe how shabby that place is. is this really one of the biggest and well-known cities in the US? seriously a third-tier chinese city has much better infrastructure than it, and i’m not exaggerating.

      after i landed in chincago i immediately discovered how old and run-down the airport is. the roads in chincago are full of holes and large cracks. all the buildings are old and decript. public transport? almost non-existant. buses are very few. subway? old and slow, AND expensive. it cost me 7 US dollars for a very short distance. in beijing it’s 2 yuan you can travel to anywhere you want. i finally understood why no matter how poor you are in the US, you would need to own a car. cause there is almost no pulic transport! an american told me chincago is a dangerous place and told me not to go out after dark as it’s not safe and there are lots of criminals. i’m asking myself,really? is this really chincago? one of the best and largest cities in the US?

      i’m so relieved that i only stayed there for a short period on business. i wonder if the rest of the US are as run-down and decrepit like chicago. anyone from the US can tell me?

      • Toasty

        Yes the US has its issues, but to say China is now “better” than the US is a massive stretch. Just go outside the the very center of any city and you will routinely see stuff much much worse than what you described for the US.

        On top of this you can’t just judge a country on how modern its infrastructure is. There are many, many more things you need to consider before just announcing China is better than the US.

        By the way i’m not American

        • grand

          sorry i should be more specific. the US is the world’s most technologically advanced country, much more advanced than china. china is a developing country. i mean living in china is more convienent and confortable. at least that’s how i feel after my 3 months trip to chincago USA. now i understand why most americans are deep in debt. cost of living is very high and the majority of USers are with low wages.

          • Jahar

            Analyze the situation a little bit. China focuses it’s spending on a few cities at a time, whereas the US spreads spending much more evenly. The subways in the US are much much older than in China, so that’s to be expected. No one is gonna replace a subway every 5 years. Also, proportionately, four times as many Americans drive cars, so that’s many, many fewer people using public transport.

            In a few years, cities with newly built infrastructure will need to spend more and more on maintenance, and the government will need to start spending less and less on new ones. As they build more, they are going to have to spend more and more on maintenance of those as well.

            It’s the way things go in cities. China will face the same thing in the future.

            Also, funny to see that after 3 months in Chicago, you understand the situation of the entire country so perfectly. The cost of living is high, and a lot of people have low wages, yes, but far from the majority. I don’t have the statistics for the US, but the average annual income in Canada is something like $43000 a year. The US can’t be much different. Compare that to China. Most people here are still living in poverty. Most places here are still run down.

            You are comparing apples to oranges. Try comparing living in Manhattan as a Manhattanite, and compare that to life in your average chinese city with a population under a million.

          • actionjksn

            I’ve been to Chicago several times and stayed for about a week at a time. If you are in the nicer parts of the city and suburbs then it is very nice. But overall Chicago is a disaster. Chicago has been run by progressive liberals who are well known for their corruption. Most of our large cities are run by these people, and that’s why most of them have high crime rates and deficit spending with high taxes and over regulation.

            When you go to areas that are run by conservatives or even moderates, things tend to be much better. I live in the 15th largest city in the USA, it’s in the state of Ohio and it is not run by far left nut jobs, although our mayor kind of is one, our governor is not. We don’t have the same problems as cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. We have very little public transportation, but even the poor people here have cars. And places to park. My 17 year old son bought his own car, with money he made himself working part time and going to school.

            My Chinese neighbor across the street has about a 185+ square meter home, built in around 2000, it’s a very nice home! and a nice vehicle. He’s retired and his home is probably payed off. He was a Chinese food cook. If you work hard in America save and live within your means, you can live very well here. My home will be payed off in 8 years. By the way, we could never afford these homes if we lived in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            3 months? is that supposed to be enough time to understand the entire country? I spent 3 years in China and I certainly don’t claim to know everything about it. Either way, you need to look a little deeper than just what you saw on the street one day in Chicago to actually compare.

          • da_shan223

            After 4 months in China I was excited by how little I understood the culture. It meant there was so much to be discovered. It made the word “culture” more pure and beyond the external.

      • Probotector

        “Chincago”? (perhaps you mean “chinkcago”?) Are you making a joke or something? I mean, you typed it five times.

        • Nihilist

          Or stupid pun or He just doesn’t know better. If it’s the second, quite funny to be 3 months in a place without learning it’s name, uh?

      • OdinNG

        As a Chinese I am always curious why someone would speaking something like this. You may just say “she wants a better life, fair enough. she can do so through legal channels. but the fact is she sought political asylum. “. Then that’s for discussion. But then you said “China is better than America”? It is doing no good logically and doesn’t make much sense for the time being.

    • mike921

      ‘…She is guilty of nothing more than looking out for herself, something that modern day Chinese people are extremely good at….’ Actually, it’s the ONLY thing modern day Chinese people are extremely good at (unless of course you count rudeness, thievery, selfishness, and completely unjustified national pride).

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    Reading those comments makes me lose faith in China

    • Jahar

      You have faith in China? You’re one step up on me there.

    • terroir

      Damn you, chinaSMACK: one more believer, lost, all because of you.

      When will these comments to which English speakers will never get a chance to respond ever cease their terrible tyranny?

      • Gordon Gogodancer


      • Dolph Grunt

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the occasional comment from the Chinese net is actually from a foreigner who’s mastered the language.

        • Probotector

          Typically, any ‘foreginer’ who masters the language is overwhelmingly pro-China.

          • Jahar

            They don’t suffer from “fuck this stupid language and these fucking idiots” disease, which commonly occurs after a year or two of study.

  • biggj

    Yeah I see the Chinese point in hating her. She is a defector…a trader really. If you defect to another…anything let it be sports team, religion and so on….the original side is not going to like you too much. She might of had her reasons or whatever for leaving … but don’t think you can just waltz back into town without any provocation from the general public…..especially the Chinese public.

    In her defense she is not moving back to china, just holding some art exhibition.

    • terroir

      With everyone in China all trying to get rich or die trying, who isn’t a trader?

    • Gregorius Lignator

      Do you mean “traitor”, not “trader”?

    • ClausRasmussen

      >> And also im very surprised they let her in china at all…..

      She is not a traitor that harmed her country, but a defector that simply jumped ship

      • Surfeit

        I actually don’t think she’s a defector either. She sought political asylum because she feared being persecuted for not joining the Communist party. It’s not really defection if you weren’t a member to begin with. I mean, within the salient political context described.

        • ClausRasmussen

          In the eyes of the Chinese she could somehow be seen as having defected from the country

          • Surfeit

            Aye, true.

        • Probotector

          In the Cold War, the concept of anyone moving from East to West (or vice-versa) was considered ‘defection’ even if you weren’t valuable politically.

    • Surfeit

      “She might of had her reasons or whatever for leaving”.

      Such as threats for refusing to join the Communist Party…

  • Dolph Grunt

    Most of the people commenting weren’t even born in 1982.

    In 1982 there were multitudes of Chinese (including the parents of many of the commenters, I’m guessing) that would have jumped at an opportunity for a better life.

  • Jahar

    I’m a firm believer that she didn’t betray her country, her country betrayed her. Many of my students like to use family analogies when talking about the country, so I’ll Use one. This is like a kid running away because the parents beat her too much. The kid is not at fault. The parents are.

    Also, just about anyone in the country at the time would have swapped places with her in a heartbeat. Just like all those people who hate government officials. They hate them because they didn’t pass the exam to become one..

    • Dolph Grunt

      That’s funny. You just reminded me of a British friend of mine who once said to me, “The Chinese don’t want to stop corruption, they want to be a part of it.”

      • Ken Morgan

        They stole that for Star Trek. People don’t want to end the exploitation they want to move into the position of the exploiters.

    • Balkan

      How did China betray her? Why did she come back if that was true?

      • don mario

        by being a fucked up cesspool of a country.

        to have an art exhibition.

        • Jahar

          Brief, and to the point.

        • double standard

          Yes because it makes perfect sense to exhibit her art in a place she supposely hate and left. My guess is that she finally realised that nobody in the US gives a shit about her tennis much less her art, and shes come back to the only place that would give her time of the day. It amazes me why china keeps paying attention to these dregs just because they are forigne.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            wow! jealous much?

    • Probotector

      More jealousy than righteousness.

  • terroir

    Refusing to buy domestic, thinking it is poisoned, always buying import: not a traitor.
    Preferring to send your children to receive a foreign post-secondary education: not a traitor.
    Making money hand over fist through the most corrupt way possible as a way to escape China (this be officials here): not a traitor.

    Coming back to your home country decades after defecting: branded a traitor.

    The difference is that one of these folks has the guts to accept her consequences in front of everyone, while those “everyone” people sees it as “being caught doing what traitors do”.

    Folks: when you do traitorous things, don’t let people know, otherwise they’re single you out for it.

    • slob

      Back home in Oz when you move to another country then come back years later, people respect you for it and consider it amazing. Here, it’s considered traitorous. If they locked everyone here into the country, disallowed traveling to other countries, boycotted all foreign products including cars,food, electronics etc., and ONLY allowed national purchases, would the people here like that?

      Of fucking course NOT.

      • terroir

        i was trying to establish context here: in China, as with everything, something is not inherently good nor bad, and are usually both. It all depends upon which way the Chinese logic is swinging that day.

        • Qiu Shi Sheng

          Boycotting or what ever you call it…. the official term is import
          tax Australia does a f*ck load of that c*ck s*cking and you cant blame
          the government for that ;) the Britz drugged the sh*t out of China with
          opium first.
          About being traitorous since you are from Australia
          where MILFS are over populated look at it this way….lets say your dad
          cheated on your mum and then your parents divorced. You live with your
          mum… just barely getting by but your dad is living the dream fking
          hookers and smoking weed blowing tons of cash.
          You decide to move in with your dad…. you see the point? Its about morals and dignity….

          • terroir

            The most confusing thing about your comment is that you thought to include a ” ;)” in it.

            It’s like dogs trying to wear pyjamas. Taken from deceased old-age home rejects. That were raging racists. That have the ” ;)” on them.

          • Qiu Shi Sheng

            I have no clue why I put in “;)” just like how your cute story about necrofiliac pooches that like to mate with angry old KKKs who wink randomly at niggers.

          • terroir

            A few more jokes at your expense and you ought to get it.

            Just so you know, all of my stories are “cute”.

          • Probotector

            Funny irony in that China imported grain from Australia in the ’50s after the famines caused by the “great leap forward” in order to save their people.

          • Alex Dương

            Are you sure? I think a greater irony is that China exported grain during the Great Leap Forward that could have been used to avoid starvation.

          • Probotector

            Yes I’m sure.

          • Alex Dương

            Check again. Mao refused grain imports during the Great Leap Forward and actually exported grain to maintain the illusion that his scheme was working.

          • Qiu Shi Sheng

            Blame that on Mao…. the hillbilly

          • Kernalpanx

            The British invented opium? It was here and fucking up people for 5000 years of Chinese history. It is like saying Trinidad has been getting people addicted in America since the 80s. Crack was invented in Trinidad.

    • Probotector

      So you’re saying ‘hide in the shadows and be a coward’? Some people would see her return as gall, others might see boldness.

      • terroir


  • Xman2014

    “Hu Na’s experiences year ago, isn’t it same as the North Korean refugees today? ”

    No it isn’t. If she was a North Korean defector, three generations of her family would have all been sent to the concentration camp where they would have died horrible deaths. And no way she would have been able to return home. Some Chinese have a very strange view of North Korea.

    • Dolph Grunt

      I don’t know. Remember Chen Guangchen? I think that was his name. Look up his brother.

  • If I May

    Calling her a “traitor” is somewhat analogous to calling a victim of spousal abuse a “cheater” for leaving the abuser. Retarded.

    • David

      Well, there are plenty who would call a wife who left a cheating, drunken, physically and mentally abusive husband (I am not naming any countries in particular but plenty of them) a traitor. It does not mean we have to agree, it says more about them then her.

      • Probotector

        That was his point.

  • monster

    she looks good.
    if i were her, id never be back. or after got back then live quietly.

  • Blue

    Another great example of the inability of many to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes.
    I agree that many would have done the same thing if they had the chance, but shout traitor if it’s someone else.
    Likewise, there’s very little sympathy for the protesters in Hong Kong. Most mainlanders would opt to have the freedoms that the Hong Kong students are fighting for, yet condemn them as spoilt for fighting for them themselves.
    One country, two systems? One nature – double standards, more like.
    However, I do find it very positive, the number of understanding and supportive messages (except for the artwork, which is frankly terrible).

  • MidniteOwl

    There’s are hundreds of thousands of such Chinese traitors everywhere in the world, particularly the U.S and Canada. But they don’t need to seek political asylum; they use their new found wealth to buy their way in, to immigrate, from corrupt officials to those with legitimate businesses. It’s the ones who are either extremely nationalist or ones who want to leave that can’t, are screaming the loudest. China is a great place for building wealth, nothing more. People once with wealth want other things in life… Like a place to breath… figuratively and literally.

    • Surfeit

      ‘a place to breath… figuratively and literally’

      That’s the best epitome to a comment I’ve ever read here on ChinaSmack. Bravo!

    • JayJay

      Also count the people buying foreign milk powder, using iphones, and driving foreign cars.

  • Bluex

    Lol, accused by people either salty because they can’t escape like her in those times , younger generation who lived pampered or the brilliant effects of constant propaganda and brainwashing.

  • I guess my Chinese Grandma is a traitor too since she fled to Canada with only a dollar in her hands when the CCP tried to imprison anyone that was “rich” at that time. Hue hue.

    Quick question, what happened in the 1980s in China at that time? What made people “defect” to western countries in the 80s? I want to listen to everyone’s point of view.

    • Joe

      nothing happened in 82, China just opened up. If you open the door people are going to leave.

    • Dolph Grunt

      It was still only 6 years after the end of the cultural revolution. The government was (compared to today) still in mild chaos. The average income was still incredibly low. The government had a much tighter control of information than they do today, believe it or not.

      I just remember my trip to China in 96. The majority of the people were still fairly poor, cars were certainly not a mass quantity and every time I watched the news on TV it was basically the “Happy People of China” show.

      And one thing that was definitely a part of 1982. The future was still incredibly uncertain. Deng had promised a new China, but they’d heard these promises before.

      That’s the impression I’ve gotten from people I’ve talked to.

    • Probotector

      Tienanmen Sq Massacre was coming in 7 years.

  • Dolph Grunt

    Thought I’d add a second post after thinking about things.

    According to People’s Daily, “More than 9 million Chinese had emigrated as of 2013, making China the fourth-largest migrant-exporting country in the world.”

    “China is second only to Mexico in the number of migrants it provides to the US”

    “Chinese accounted for 15.4 percent of the total skilled migrants to Australia from 2008 to 2012”

    From China Daily we have, “The number of foreign-born Chinese Americans in the US doubled between 2000 and 2010, according to a UN report”

    And IBTimes, “According to China’s International Emigration Report (2012),
    jointly published by the Center for China & Globalization and the
    Beijing Institute of Technology School of Law, China is now experiencing
    a third wave of emigration, one that will take its newly accrued wealth

    I guess, according to the Chinese comments, traitorous is becoming a popular attribute in the new Chinese culture.

    • Foreign Devil

      THat number is probably much higher in reality.

    • hang

      Hatred is contagious and addicting, especially to the ignorant. I pity the people who are angry at her.

      • Probotector

        So you take pity on the ignorant?

  • Free Man

    I did that, too. Wasn’t called defecting, though. It was/ called emigrating. Some of the people at home used to call me traitor, but only those with low IQ.

    Didn’t read anything about her helping anyone to harm China, so what she did looks perfectly fine with me. But it rather looks like trying to get attention to her art … it’s art, isn’t it?

  • Amused

    The inmates get riled when one of their own escapes the asylum it seems.

  • Surfeit

    Defector! Traitor! … Tennis player!

    • You forgot “Artist!”
      (Interesting how so many people eventually become an artist. I wouldn’t agree with the commenter above that her art was like “a dog licking shit”, but she is no Monet)

  • In What city was her art exhibition held?
    Does anyone remember “Telefon”? (Charles Bronson movie)
    It is about “sleeper agents” that emigrate to the USA for the possibility they might be needed to be activated at some point in the future.
    No matter where I go in the world, I come across Chinese.

  • Foreign Devil

    By their logic. . most government officials and rich business types in CHina have traitors for children who study in foreign countries and acquire foreign citizenships.

    • Probotector

      That’s true, but they’ll just say they don’t care. It’s only treason when someone else who they don’t know or don’t like does it.

  • JayJay

    At least she isn’t a hypocrite. She hated China and its policies. That’s why she left, for a better life. I very much doubt these ‘nationalists’ that are condemning her will choose Chinese milk powder over foreign ones, breath the polluted air without masks, and start a business without being harassed by officials. You see my point?

    • 42

      There is nothing wrong with chinese milk powder, just so happen to be a isolated incident which made the chinese population lose confidence in local milk powder products. Actually many western milk powder producing companies are located in China with products that are totally legit, but still chinese don’t dare to buy it. It’s a trust issue. The products are fine. I think this is a opportunity for the goverment or companies to set up inspections agencies who can provide quality assurance, once there is a solid policy for that then the market will flourish again.

      • JayJay

        I think you have point. It is a trust issue. But ultimately, it is the distrusts in government and laws that has caused this. The problem with Chinese politics and forms of government is accountability. The government itself can’t be trusted, let alone their agencies or policies.

  • Balkan

    1.3 million Chinese have asked political asylum in Canada?

    • Claude

      Just applying the logic that people who have left the motherland must be traitors. A generation that can’t comprehend the hardships Hu Na and her generation were experiencing. If they were there during that period and they had a chance to leave they would, hence the immigration to Canada during that period. Many of my Mainland Chinese friends and acquaintances would leave today if given the opportunity. A few 30 somethings that I know still call America “gold mountain”. A few have left.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    i think that is what he is saying

  • Claude

    With apologies, your Grandmother. Predictive text.

  • Poodle Tooth

    Every one of those people in her position at that time would have done the same.

  • Bbc

    Why are Chinese people so obsessed with nationalism ? As a Chinese who grew up during Britain I can see China is not a nice place to live in. No freedom of speech and corruption throughout the government. There’s also an disgusting attitude common in China. Those with money think they can do whatever they want with no morality. In such a country what nationalism is there? What’s there to be proud of? I would escape as well.

    • Probotector

      Growing up in Britain is hardly better, just replace nationalism with liberalism. Personally, I came to China to escape Britain.

      • h8r

        And when you fully realize what you´ve gotten yourself into, you can go home. You can leave whenever you want. You have options.

  • waihang

    A lot of these sour Chinese 愤青 commentators were not even born or old enough in the early 80’s to understand the situation in China back then, today China is a very different world these spoiled kids behind an anonymous internet nickname don’t seem to be aware of.

    • 42

      These commentators have every right, their ancenstors, their parents and grandparents stayed behind and worked hard to build up their country from almost nothing, these descendants who are enjoying the wealth have every right to comment about Chinese who fled and left their country to their fate, and basically betrayed their country, they have contributed nothing to China!

      • waihang

        The past generations, poor, empowered and no means of fleeing consequently stayed “voluntarily”, that’s what you are trying to say, they like to get oppressed, right? Dictators are great, and anyone who doesn’t like dictatorship and oppression is committing “subversive activities against the govt.” by escaping, right?
        How much do you 愤青 govt. trolls get paid for writing such rubbish?

      • waihang

        wrong word: empowered -> impoverished

  • 白色纯棉小裤裤

    literally no one has been persecuted for refusing to join the CCP. So what she said was probably fake.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      She was becoming famous so they wanted to make her into their stooge, who would want that?

  • Probotector

    Yeah, yeah, it’s treason. Go fuck yourselves. First thing, with such a morally vacuous society, what do you really expect her to do? Second, I’m sure any one of these ‘netizens’ would have done the same thing if they’d had the chance, and it’s likely they’re just bitter because they’ve encountered someone who did have such an opportunity, and they didn’t. Third, she may have defected to America during the Cold War, but it’s certainly not ‘treason’ unless she sold out the Chinese government for state secrets or something, so the throwing around of the word ‘traitor’ is just as pathetic and arbitrary as one would expect from a people with such latent, blind nationalism. You could tell from miles away this would be the reaction; so predictably eager to save face.

    • Alex Dương

      Third, ‘defection’ is such an archaic Cold War term.

      This took place during the Cold War, though. So it is appropriate.

      • Probotector

        Yeah I edited it.

    • 42

      Much like Americans who defected to North Korea have not committed treason and are not traitors according to your logics? Yes it did happen, watch the documentary “Crossing the Line” James Joseph Dresnok defected to North Korea and is still living there till this day. Double standards anyone?

      • Probotector

        No the’re not, unless they brought state secrets with them.

        • 42

          Don’t make me laugh, ask any American what they think of these defectors, and they will tell you they are traitors, regardless if they sold states secrets or not. Even Dennis Rodman who went to have a friendly basketball exchange program in North-Korea is considered a sell out. If Americans think this way, there is no reason why Chinese do not have the right to think the same. Again, a case of high dosage of double standards.

  • Probotector

    “By your logic, should government officials who flee with stolen money to foreign countries be called traitors?”

    You don’t think so?

  • Probotector

    “Do you seriously think Obama would send his daughter to be educated in China?”


  • actionjksn

    Since Obama is communist himself, I don’t think he would mind seeing his daughters educated in China.

    • Alex Dương

      My criticism of Obama and many Democrats more generally is that they oppose school choice for others but in essence use it themselves. Obama’s daughters are at Sidwell Friends; they are not in the public K-12 education system.

      • actionjksn

        Yeah I know, I was just making a crack on Obama’s communistic leanings. I actually used to be a democrat but seriously these people are some of the biggest hypocrite’s I have ever seen.

        They say they want more immigration of uneducated unskilled people with a higher than average crime rate, but they will never let their children go to school with a bunch of them. And they love to talk about being tolerant but really they are only tolerant if they agree with you.

  • 42

    The real heroes of China are not the ones who called for democracy, and left China. The real heroes are the low waged workers who left behind and who build up the country from scratch, from nothing with their blood, sweat and tears, and made China into the second largest economy of present day!

    • waihang

      How dramatic, slaves are also the “real” heroes, right? Long live the slaves of humanity who committed so much to the many oppressed societies around the world, for the greater good and virtually for free, what an astounding noble feat!

  • 42

    Same thing kind of happen to Dennis Rodman, he went to North-Korea and had a chat with Kim Jung Un and basically spitted out by the American people for doing that.

  • Toasty

    “Funny how people like you are saying good on her, she just want a better life”.

    I didn’t say anything of the sort. I was simply pointing out that the vast majority of the Chinese who say she is a traitor are jealous hypocrites who would have done exactly the same thing if they could.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    i seriously doubt that an American deciding to move to another country would get even the remotest attention. In China its like they try to own you, and if you decide to move you are a traiter

  • Myk

    If they are work for the State (or “the people”) and use that position to steal money, they’ve already been traitors before they left the country.

  • Frank Lee

    Who wouldn’t leave that horrible country if they could? All this blustery pride about China is a joke. It’s a crass little 3rd world country where people still eat with sticks like animals.

    • Alex Dương

      Chopsticks is your example of relative Chinese underdevelopment? Really?

  • Xio Gen

    So I don’t understand. Did she move back to China or does she still live in Taiwan and she just came back to have an art show?

  • JohnnyMangoes

    Haha, these hoes ain’t loyal.

    What did you expect? Women are the champions of the Grass being Greener on the other side