Chinese Aunties Plaza Dance In Middle of Highway Traffic Jam

A group of middle aged women are dancing on the freeway.

A group of middle aged women are dancing on the freeway.

From QQ:

Sichuan: Aunties Meet Traffic Jam on Freeway, Get off Bus and Do Plaza Dancing

People’s Daily: Aunties Do Plaza Dancing on Highway, This is Dancing with Life — Netizen @27岁的双鱼座微笑兲使洁: This morning [June 6], on the Duwen Freeway [from Chengdu] heading towards Wenchuan, because of traffic congestion caused by a traffic accident up ahead, everybody got out of their vehicles to take a break [from sitting and waiting]. In order to kill time, a bunch of aunties [older middle-aged women] began dancing in front of [our] vehicle. Unbelievably, they’ve brought “plaza dancing” onto the highways now… But be careful, you should choose a safer place!

Comments from QQ:


With my age, I can also be called an auntie, but I really dislike this kind of behavior, using loud stereos in residential neighborhood, ignoring other people’s feelings. [I] despise [them/this]!


These ladies should invest their spare energy into contributing to society, such going to construction sites and sleeping with the men for free. How noble that would be.


These aunties are showing off their “second spring”. They dance, not because they want to keep fit, but because they want to attract the attention of old uncles [older middle-aged men]. Only by seeing a rise in these uncles’ blood pressure, a twitching in their hands and feet, can the aunties’ vanity be satisfied, allowing them to feel cocky in their hearts, to see that they as old ladies still have what it takes!


I beg on my knees for the country to make a law limiting the plaza dancing time in public places. All day, they play their subwoofers as if were Star Wars [too loud]. If it goes on like this, chengguan should be dispatched to stop them!


The plaza dancing of aunties truly is everywhere. I can’t take it anymore. Even at the scene of a highway traffic accident, they still amuse themselves [with this]. They are so looking for death.


Throw a bomb, damn it, neighborhood residents are on the verge of going crazy because of the noise you make. Now even the freeway can’t stop you. So annoying.


What were the casualties of the traffic accident? How were those family members feeling? Yet you were still showing off? Comrade Obama, will you take care of this? If not, human beings can no longer stop aunties and their plaza dancing anymore.


Run these old hags over.


They were like possessed by the devil.


I’ll put aside whether or not this was safe, because death would be something they brought on themselves. However, the thing is, they don’t even know whether or not the people involved in the traffic accident ahead are dead or injured~ Such a sad thing [the traffic accident] and yet you people were dancing! Can you people have some morality [sensitivity to the situation]?

Comments from NetEase:

不是不爱你而是你太松了 [网易重庆市手机网友]:

Do you [the aunties] think you are very beautiful? That you are a view to see?? To be frank, you are just lumps of shit!!

网易四川省成都市网友 ip:110.184.*.*:

The noise-disturbance generation!

china7272 [网易广东省汕尾市网友]: [responding to above]

The bitch generation.

willto [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Damn, looks just like a cult.

czq563017063 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

A major evil power in China!

猥琐老白 [网易福建省手机网友]:

Please dance on the railway tracks.

小禅师 [懂球大师]:

Give me 300 aunties, and I will reclaim Diaoyu the Islands [aka Senkaku Islands].
Give me 3,000 aunties, and I will reclaim outer Mongolia.

网易广东省汕头市手机网友 ip:183.46.*.*:

To this demographic that doesn’t consider others [are inconsiderate], can I ask [their children] to quickly take their mothers home? Can you all stop being so embarrassing…

同思易 [网易江苏省扬州市手机网友]:

The universe can no longer stop the dance steps of aunties.

谁TM是王八 [网易福建省厦门市手机网友]:

Bitches just love looking for death.


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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