Chinese Aunties Plaza Dance In Middle of Highway Traffic Jam

A group of middle aged women are dancing on the freeway.

A group of middle aged women are dancing on the freeway.

From QQ:

Sichuan: Aunties Meet Traffic Jam on Freeway, Get off Bus and Do Plaza Dancing

People’s Daily: Aunties Do Plaza Dancing on Highway, This is Dancing with Life — Netizen @27岁的双鱼座微笑兲使洁: This morning [June 6], on the Duwen Freeway [from Chengdu] heading towards Wenchuan, because of traffic congestion caused by a traffic accident up ahead, everybody got out of their vehicles to take a break [from sitting and waiting]. In order to kill time, a bunch of aunties [older middle-aged women] began dancing in front of [our] vehicle. Unbelievably, they’ve brought “plaza dancing” onto the highways now… But be careful, you should choose a safer place!

Comments from QQ:


With my age, I can also be called an auntie, but I really dislike this kind of behavior, using loud stereos in residential neighborhood, ignoring other people’s feelings. [I] despise [them/this]!


These ladies should invest their spare energy into contributing to society, such going to construction sites and sleeping with the men for free. How noble that would be.


These aunties are showing off their “second spring”. They dance, not because they want to keep fit, but because they want to attract the attention of old uncles [older middle-aged men]. Only by seeing a rise in these uncles’ blood pressure, a twitching in their hands and feet, can the aunties’ vanity be satisfied, allowing them to feel cocky in their hearts, to see that they as old ladies still have what it takes!


I beg on my knees for the country to make a law limiting the plaza dancing time in public places. All day, they play their subwoofers as if were Star Wars [too loud]. If it goes on like this, chengguan should be dispatched to stop them!


The plaza dancing of aunties truly is everywhere. I can’t take it anymore. Even at the scene of a highway traffic accident, they still amuse themselves [with this]. They are so looking for death.


Throw a bomb, damn it, neighborhood residents are on the verge of going crazy because of the noise you make. Now even the freeway can’t stop you. So annoying.


What were the casualties of the traffic accident? How were those family members feeling? Yet you were still showing off? Comrade Obama, will you take care of this? If not, human beings can no longer stop aunties and their plaza dancing anymore.


Run these old hags over.


They were like possessed by the devil.


I’ll put aside whether or not this was safe, because death would be something they brought on themselves. However, the thing is, they don’t even know whether or not the people involved in the traffic accident ahead are dead or injured~ Such a sad thing [the traffic accident] and yet you people were dancing! Can you people have some morality [sensitivity to the situation]?

Comments from NetEase:

不是不爱你而是你太松了 [网易重庆市手机网友]:

Do you [the aunties] think you are very beautiful? That you are a view to see?? To be frank, you are just lumps of shit!!

网易四川省成都市网友 ip:110.184.*.*:

The noise-disturbance generation!

china7272 [网易广东省汕尾市网友]: [responding to above]

The bitch generation.

willto [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Damn, looks just like a cult.

czq563017063 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

A major evil power in China!

猥琐老白 [网易福建省手机网友]:

Please dance on the railway tracks.

小禅师 [懂球大师]:

Give me 300 aunties, and I will reclaim Diaoyu the Islands [aka Senkaku Islands].
Give me 3,000 aunties, and I will reclaim outer Mongolia.

网易广东省汕头市手机网友 ip:183.46.*.*:

To this demographic that doesn’t consider others [are inconsiderate], can I ask [their children] to quickly take their mothers home? Can you all stop being so embarrassing…

同思易 [网易江苏省扬州市手机网友]:

The universe can no longer stop the dance steps of aunties.

谁TM是王八 [网易福建省厦门市手机网友]:

Bitches just love looking for death.

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Surfeit

    Why people no like to Boogie?!

    • Mighty曹

      Apparently just the old ones do. Old female one.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    Due to the unharmonious dance melody, all aunties were subsequently arrested according to the law

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Should’ve organized an auntie dance at Tiananmen Square!

      • in 1989

        • Mighty曹

          The PLA did quite a dance too.

          • Insomnicide

            But the tank-man preferred to tango.

          • Mighty曹

            Now he’s doing the Waltz in prison.

      • mr.wiener

        A million auntie march…
        The CCP would tremble. …could they arrest them for being unharmonious?

  • Insomnicide

    Next performance will be at Zhongnanhai?

  • Mighty曹

    Truly annoying.
    My fave is “Please dance on the railway tracks.” LOOOOL

  • christina

    Did not realize how overwhelmingly negative the attitude toward auntie plaza dancing is!
    I always thought it was amusing and cute but I can totally see how it would be an annoyance when people are out there from dawn to way past dusk.

    • ClausRasmussen

      Dancing ladies is one of the best things in China in my opinion.

      I can’t help laughing at the young kids complaining about old people being loud, it used to be the other way around.

      • xiaode

        Wait until you move to a place with these cunt´s dancing to loud shitty music at about 5-5:30 every fucking morning at the weekends!
        It won´t be so funny anymore….

        • Zappa Frank

          where I live there is a street market every single day from 5-5.30..and generally speaking in china no one care about what time is it to make or not noise. While in Nantong people were used to play with fireworks from 1.00 am to 7.00 am, anytime, inside the compound, with no regards for other people… than aunties do not do any worse than what other people do…

          • xiaode

            exactly what I am saying…
            I would check out where some of them are living and than come by every night when they want to sleep to play loud music and make noise…. until they learn it….

        • Gordon Gogodancer

          hehe agreed. I do like this social dancing thing though, i think it’s something about China that’s quite cool. However live near an area where it’s going on and your opinion might change radically.
          I find it quite ironic that Chinese people complain about noise when they are all fuckin’ noisy as hell in my opinion.

    • noodles76

      Near my house, there is a ‘sports park’. You can play basketball, ping pong, soccer, there is exercise equipment, and stuff for kids to play on. It’s an enjoyable place to take my daughter. Until….the aunties come. The only place to walk is down a track, all the courts and equipment are on one side of the track and houses are on the other. The aunties, not content with the free space they are given, encroach on the track. You can’t walk through them without a lot of difficulty, especially with a young daughter in tow. Legs kicking, arms flailing….it’s like running a gauntlet of inconsiderate old people.

      Just another example of selfish behavior deemed culturally acceptable….despite the negative feelings and inconvenience to others their behavior creates.

      • mr.wiener

        Sounds like a great start to a story:
        …”The sports track used to be a great place to go…until the aunties came…”

        • noodles76

          They RUINED it!!
          It was a good neighborhood until they came here with their loud music and flashy dance moves!

          Yeah…maybe I do sound like a grumpy old douche but it’s really frustrating.

          • Insomnicide

            And it’s really hard to complain about it to anyone except your friends. People will respond with talk about how you should give them respect and let them do what they want because they’re seniors, or that they’re old and lonely so it’s the only way for them to have fun, keep fit and socialize.

          • Zappa Frank

            that is all true by the way. maybe for one time we could be more tolerant can’t we?

          • WangDN

            Maybe the Aunties and other noise makers could be more tolerant of other people’s desire to have some peace and quiet!

          • Zappa Frank

            come on… seems to be back in my home town, with just old geezers that complain all day.

          • Insomnicide

            Well, I’d let it go if they could choose an appropriate time and location for their dance gatherings.
            Something like not five in the morning or nine at night and somewhere not near clustered residential areas and public space that are used by other people.

          • Zappa Frank

            come on, 5 am almost never and 9pm is not that bad if they stop within 11pm…as said, since there are noise in inappropriate time everywhere in china at least this is meaningful. On the opposite think about how many old people are alone in western countries and do not have anything to do.. dancing aunties should be a pride of china.

          • Teacher in China

            Dude it is honestly 4 in the morning here. The sun starts coming up at like 3:30-4 or so, and that’s when they start. And when it’s winter, they still go out at like 5 am and do it in the dark. It’s super annoying and shows a complete disregard for everyone else’s comfort. They could do it just as well with the volume at 50% of it is, but they choose not to because they just. don’t. give. a. shit.

          • Kai

            It really sucks that they’re playing it too loud. Has anyone tried asking them to turn it down for nearby residents?

            Also, do you think they start so early precisely because the sun rises so early? Isn’t it like farmers starting the day early to maximize sunlight hours? Maybe that’s a factor.

            Maybe we need a poll about when everyone’s dancing aunties start their dancing.

          • Teacher in China

            I’m not sure. I’ve just resorted to earplugs which solves the problem for me, anyway. And yeah, being a farmer town a lot of the older population likes to get up early, but I don’t think it’s always with the sun, as in the winter they are doing it before the sun comes up.

          • Kai

            I have the stereotype that old people everywhere tend to go to sleep early and wake up early. You say they do start later in the winter though it’s still dark then. I’m wondering if it’s a combination of them being accustomed to getting up early and while they’d like to wait for the sun, it is the seasonal sun that is now behind their normal sleep/wake schedule. Hence, they’re out a bit later, but still before the sun is up.

            Anyway, I know you live in a more rural area. I know for a fact that there are a lot more annoying things that are better policed or socialized out where I am in the city. When Chinese people are throwing bags of shit at plaza dancing aunties, there’s no denying that a lot of plaza dancing aunties are–even inadvertently–irking a lot of nearby residents with their activities.

          • Zappa Frank

            I don’t know in your compound, where I lived before they started around 19-20.00 to 22.00 max. On the opposite fireworks where random even during night… Where I live now I have a market that get open every day at 5.00 or before.. My point is that in china most people have nor regards for noise and disturbing others, than I think to point aunties for this is absurd, since they are simply in line with the rest of china.

          • Teacher in China

            Yeah, that’s a fair point, especially with the fireworks. But it seems like the dancing aunties are something that more commonly gets a rise out of people (Chinese and foreign), probably because it’s more consistent. Fireworks (where I am, anyway) will happen on the weekend if there’s a wedding, festival times, opening of a new business, or maybe high school graduation, but even with all that – it’s not every day. The aunties are every day though.

          • Zappa Frank

            where I lived fireworks where random, or maybe they have a birthday every two days and shot fireworks at 6 am was the best way to show happiness.. I don’t know. Maybe i’ve been lucky ,I’ve never had problems with aunties and therefore I still look at them with sympathy..

          • noodles76

            Yeah, and when I hear that kind of reasoning I automatically know two things clearly. 1) The person does not often come into contact with these gangs of old knuckleheads 2) They’re fucking stupid.

          • whuddyasack

            This is true, was talking with a young Chinese gentleman recently who would comment on “seniors” getting away with everything, and the younger generation relenting. People under the age of 30 generally felt obliged to listen to the elderly and respect their wishes, like letting them cut in line or apologizing profusely even if it was the elderly who were in the wrong. They tend to be very understanding as they reason that the older people have suffered enough, something my western born friends would object to.

          • Zappa Frank

            You can even write something without polemics? Are you able?

          • whuddyasack

            Yes I can. And I shouldn’t have added western born friends due to the risk of it being misinterpreted, but in this case I’m talking about Asian-American, Asian-Canadian, Asian-Brit, etc. It makes for an interesting contrast although there are many Western Asians who have very “Asian” values.

        • woolv

          Chinese aunties VS Al Qaeda

      • Zappa Frank

        power to the aunties!

      • Kai

        Don’t misunderstand me, I understand your annoyance (and point) here, but technically, it’s the whole lot of them vs. you and maybe your daughter. As far as number of people–and number of people served by public spaces–are concerned, you might be the one being selfish! Each of them are just dancing in perhaps 3 square meters of space. You and your daughter, two people, you guys want the entire track! How selfish of you! :D

        Know what I mean?

        More seriously, though, I don’t think this is “culturally” acceptable. This isn’t about culture; this is simple competition for available resources. Both you and they want space, space that is made freely available to the public, and they take up more space simply because they have more people.

        • noodles76

          No, it’s not just me. Read the comments by Chinese above. they also are disturbed often by these aunties. All the other people at the park I visit are also disturbed. I don’t want an entire track to myself, I just want to be able to get from point A to point B in the park without having to run a gauntlet. There is clear space for them. 2 sections of the park have…nothing. No courts, no equipment, no nothing. In those 2 places is where they start but they inevitably bleed out into the track where everyone else has to walk to get anywhere. Sometimes they only take up a little extra space, other times they act as a human barricade in the middle of the park with all other people trying to squeeze between them and a fence which is the only free space remaining.

          They make a choice to block people….and not give a fuck about it because of their numbers and general disregard for other human beings.

          Anyway…it must be culturally acceptable because hardly anyone does anything about it and if you talk to most people about it…(as another poster said) they’ll just say we should feel bad for them cause they’re old and lonely or some other dismissive and idiotic bullshit.

          EDIT: Until this thread…I had no idea how much it pissed me off, haha.

          • Kai

            Hah, dude, I know it isn’t just you. I’ve defended the Chinese people complaining about this in past posts. My point here was just about you invoking “selfish” and how that could be turned around on you in the situation you’ve described. I was hoping the “don’t misunderstand me” and :D would’ve defused this.

            I don’t think they make a choice to block people because of general disregard for other human beings. I think that’s reading them a bit too uncharitably, ascribing maliciousness when it is much better explained by more mundane reasons.

            I’d wager that they feel the entire park is for the public to use and while they’d prefer not to inconvenience others, they figure since they were there first, they get priority. It’s not like they’re shooing away basketball players already at the courts, right?

            As you said, they start in the spaces most suitable for their activity, so it’s not like they’re intentionally taking up (for example) the basketball courts or the track when there is much more suitable spaces for them, simply because they want to get in the way of others out of spite. As you said, they sometimes bleed over into other spaces, and that’s because of the number of participants, kinda like how lines outside Apple stores take up sidewalk space when a new product goes on sale.

            You may reason that certain areas of the park are reserved for certain activities. It’s not that they don’t inherently understand that, it’s that they feel that rule can be bent for the situation, which frankly isn’t a “cultural” thing at all. They think their larger group has priority over a smaller group, especially if it gets their first. It’s all very utilitarian, not really cultural. It makes perfect sense for a society of competition for scarce resources.

            So again, I’m just saying you’re reading them too uncharitably, projecting onto them greater malice and inconsideration than I think is actually warranted, because their behavior stems from rationalizations common to every part of the world. It really isn’t that alien, and I think making it alien is counterproductive.

            Next, I think a lot of people who are annoyed by this don’t do anything about it because they don’t see the hassle worth their time. Remember that post where the residents of a neighborhood pooled their money together to buy a speaker set to blast admonishments at the dancing aunties across the street? They’re an example of the growing demographic who don’t like the dancing aunties, but more importantly, they’re an example of people who did something because someone bothered to organize like-minded people. Now that’s democracy in action! ;)

            Most people don’t think they can prevail as one or a few against a larger group. Same dynamic here. So, you gotta build up your group and mobilize the resources available to you to get your way.

            Finally, I don’t think dancing aunties being “old and lonely” is “dismissive and idiotic bullshit”. In many cases, I’d say that’s quite true. It’s like large elderly walking groups that powerwalk through the mall forcing other shoppers to give way (not sure if you have them in the UK like we have them in the States). Of course, it isn’t true for all, but I don’t think it should be dismissed as “dismissive and idiotic bullshit”.

          • noodles76

            I wasn’t angry at you, I understood. Just took it as an opportunity to vent more.

            I consider the comment about old and lonely to be dismissive because…well…there are quite a few other activities one can partake in without being such a pain in the dick. Old and/or lonely does not give anyone the right to be a selfish asshole. Yes, we have older powerwalkers in the malls in the U.S….and they are most often found doing their thing before the stores open but the mall is open (no customers, only employees going to work).

      • ClausRasmussen

        Let your daughter dance with them ! She’ll think it is fun and the ladies will look after her while you can sit in the shadow, have a beer, and maybe socialize and play chess with the uncles

        • noodles76

          She just wants to get to the slide. She’s 2…..and I don’t see any compelling reason to trust them with the safety of my child. I see your point though.

          • ClausRasmussen

            Ok. But introduce her to it when she gets older. I read about another Western couple that did exactly that and it worked very well.

    • Zappa Frank

      I love dancing aunties

    • its ok….the Chinese will dance, urinate and throw trash where they want. You cant control a group of insects that are trained to do as they wish

    • David

      I have always liked it too and thought it was cute but all my Chinese friends seem to hate it. But I was never disturbed by it. Now the fireworks every morning at like 5 am bugs the crap out of me.

    • Teacher in China

      They start across the street from me at daybreak, which is now something like 4 am. I’ve just resorted to earplugs, which solves the problem without having to get all confrontational.

    • IsurvivedChina

      they rock it anywhere they can!

    • bprichard

      I thought I was the only one cranky enough to hate that shit.

  • Vernon Alarcon

    ATTENTION YUNGSTAS……y’all learn dat

    You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
    Love like you’ll never be hurt,
    Sing like there’s nobody listening,
    And live like it’s heaven on earth.

    • WangDN

      Funny thing is, go into a “dance club” here and it is full of young Chinese people sitting around small tables playing dice games…

  • narsfweasels

    I actually don’t mind the aunties and their dancing in my complex – they always stop at 8pm and it drowns out the sound of screaming children in the playground.

  • Boris

    They usually do it in the parks or large pavement parts of town. Usually stop before 7.

    The weirdest is seeing two different groups on opposite sides of the road, kinda having a dance off. One group ended up being bigger than the other. The smaller group moved 30 meters down the road.

    I don’t really have a problem with it as the areas they do it in the town I live in, they aren’t getting in the way and only do it between 6-8pm. And the Music, though loud, isn’t that loud.

    I can understand the complaints by those complaining about the loud music, getting in people’s way and being inconsiderate of others. I am yet to meet such dancing aunties where I live.

  • Alphy

    “If it goes on like this, chengguan should be dispatched to stop them!”

    Yeah ok, the only people who Chengguan like to stay away from are Ayi, especially when they are in force. I’ve seen Ayi dancing basically at every major public square, I was even denied access to public bathroom once, because they’ve used up both.

    I don’t know if it’s because they were trained too well during the culture revolution or what, but many of them lack basic public courtesy when they appear in groups. They skip lines, push people away, and generally do whatever they want, and seriously they are the one group of people that I wouldn’t try to stop as you get way more than an earful.

    • Rick in China

      I almost got in a fight with one a few weeks ago. They came to my house in a group of 4 to harass my maid about selling her house, they were dispatched by the property development trying to essentially take her apartment and force her to sign some paper where she thinks she will get f’d if she signs…. they actually followed her several days to find out where she worked, and managed to argue their way into my compound.

      They came several days when I was already at work. Then one day, I was at home. My wife and baby there, they knock heavily.. I open, this one old fuck with crumbs on her lip starts spitting for me to get my maid – who wasn’t there at the time. I was like, who the fuck are you, and as she tried to push her way to me keeping my door open, I raised my voice, said stop harassing my wife and baby – deal with my maid’s shit on her own time or at her own property, eventually they went to leave. I decided to go with them – said I’d follow them back to their homes and bother them, giving them the eye, adrenaline building. When we exited the compound I saw a bao an, yelled and said something like “never let this crumb lip old lady and her group of gangsters into this compound again or i’ll call the cops, they’re harassing my wife” – and the lady was yelling SO much at me, saying she’s not afraid and will come back when she wants, threw her bag down and said she’ll hit me and she’s not afraid of me — she was going off mumbling and talking shit the *whole* trip out of my house to the main walkway, but now she felt in public she could try to start something physical, maybe get some cash if I laid a hand on her, falling down falsely and ‘oh i need hospital’ bullshit, anyways eventually my wife came out and shooed the bitches away, they never came back.

      But – the BALLS on the aunties are huge. They felt no shame whatsoever doing their little harassment job and even trying to push into MY home with my wife and new baby inside, fucking cunts.

      • Zappa Frank

        wow really aggressive aunties.. where are you living by the way?

        • Rick in China


          • Zappa Frank

            terrible Sichuan aunties. My wife’s mother is one of them…hope she will not..

          • Alphy

            I really liked Chengdu, hope to visit it again sometime.

      • WangDN

        That’s crazy! But sadly not that surprising.

        I always find it funny when Chinese people chat shit about the “post-90’s generation” saying that they haven’t suffered like Chinese in the past and don’t work hard. It’s completely the other way round! The older Chinese are the degusting impolite money grabbers, who, instead of working hard, want to scam
        anyone at the first chance they get. The post-90’s kids have suffered by living through China’s educational prisons (schools) and work their asses off to provide from themselves, their family and their “hardworking” parents.

        What’s more, they are on the whole more polite, more cosmopolitan, more curious, more creative and more trust worthy than the older generation.

        • Rick in China

          “they are on the whole more polite, more cosmopolitan, more curious, more creative and more trust worthy”

          Completely agree.

        • David

          Fair enough, I think what most people complain about with the ‘post 90s’ is the second generation rich, at least from what I have seen.

        • Alphy

          I don’t like generalization, but as far as it goes, this is pretty accurate. Most pre-70 generation don’t have very good education level. Many that do, have left the country already. They were literally persecuted because they were educated or are consider intellectual, 知识分子.

      • Alphy

        Holy crap man, that’s pretty bad. I would not take it well neither if they barge in my house like that. Many of these Ayi, like to gang up on the poor and those with little influence. In your case those four Ayi most likely sold their property first and are promise more money if they manage to get the rest of their area/building to sell within certain time frame. Those that get left over usually don’t get much unless they hold out, and thus resort to the fight you see now. It’s a common scene in construction relocation.

        I was at a gas station the other day, and because they fill your gas for you in China, the attendee was making me turn my car around. As soon as I inch forward the stupid XXX behind me tried to take my spot. I politely told him I am just turning the car around, and he still refused to backup. Then naturally people gather around and start telling me to just let the asshole fill his gas first. I said no, and he said he will get physical with me if I don’t move. I simply took out my phone started recording, and told him to do it please. Then I proceed to call the cop. The guy started physically shaking and drove away. In my experience, those that talk big, usually don’t have the balls to back it up here.

  • Rick in China

    It’s amusing for sure..but if you live nearby or they do it in an area where people congestion is a problem, it’s *infuriating*. I like this comment best:

    “I beg on my knees for the country to make a law limiting the plaza dancing time in public places. All day, they play their subwoofers as if were Star Wars[too loud]. If it goes on like this, chengguan should be dispatched to stop them!”

    If the Chengguan and Aunties had it out, who would win? There are a LOT of aunties, and at that age, those type of women in China are fearless BEASTS in my experience, they’d probably fuck the chengguan up and not care at _all_.

    • WangDN

      Yeah, Chengguan are generally young-ish, skinny lads, who smoke far to much and have a huge power complex, one on one most of them would get their asses kicked by a highschool kid that drinks plenty of milk, the only thing they have is numbers and a badge. The aunties are season beasts, some of whom lived through, the cultural revolution! Plus, they’d be super fit and strong from all that dancing :P

      • Rick in China

        They don’t look super fit _or_ strong, but I’m tellin you, the 差脾气 and pure spite built up in them over the years unleashes into a FIRESTORM. They’d explode like m’fers then play dead with 1 eye peeping open til police arrive, and try to extort cash out of the city on chengguan behalf – and moment the check clears, walk away without looking back, mumbling how the world is a piece of shit for them to add to.

        • ClausRasmussen

          Vivid description haha

          Thinking about it: We have had several stories of Chengguan getting into conflict because they wanted to clear the road for street vendors, but none I can remember of Chengguan clearing a plaza for dancing aunties

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      Yeah, tough little ladies. I saw two ayi’s fight outside a bar a while ago. I was amazed how strong they are.

    • ClausRasmussen

      Aunties versus Chengguan… that would be interesting. I think I’ll put my money on the aunties too

  • WangDN

    This is just one of the MANY reasons why China is hands down the nosiest
    place on earth!! Constant car horns honking, dancing old woman playing loud
    music EVERYWHERE, people screaming at each other on the phone, guys walking
    around residential communities in the early morning and shouting at the top of
    their lugs to ask if anyone wants to come down and sell them recycling, music
    from school “exercises”, fireworks at any and every time of the day
    and night, etc. etc. etc.

    The problem is 2 things:
    1. Chinese people generally have absolutely no respect for anyone else other than their immediate family, so they don’t care about how many people they are disturbing.

    2. Everyone here is too polite (scared) to tell other people to shut the fuck up! I come from the UK, a country famous for being polite, but I guarantee you that if somebody was making lots of noise outside a residential area early in the morning or late at night, people would be outside telling them to shut up or face consequences!

    • noodles76

      I bet not many in the U.K. would go all Jihad on your ass if you told them to shut the fuck up in the early morning or late at night. Here…careful. Old biddies have cellphones too. They’ll get on the hook just like the young dbags and start calling all their friends and family to come down and jump you because they did something fucking stupid/inconsiderate and (GASP!) got called on it.

      China. The country where logic is a 4 letter word.

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah I never noticed it so much when I was living in Beijing (I was in a suburb, quite peaceful, actually), but now that I’m in small town Dongbei, I can’t believe the constant racket, It really grates on my nerves a lot of the time. Every single store thinks that they have to have some shitty damn music blasting at 5 x the normal volume with some douche talking (or worse, pseudo-rapping) over top of it to get people in there. But since EVERYONE’S doing it, most people just wander past them all in a non-committal daze! Add all the honking, dancing aunties, firecrackers / fireworks, people yelling over their cell phones, and it feels like some sort of psychological experiment on the effect of a noisy environment that has taken on a life of its own and grown into a city-sized mass of eardrum crunching madness.

      • WangDN

        When I was younger, I lived for awhile in Barcelona, Spain. One weekend I decided to take trip down to Valencia. I remember my local friends telling me that Valencia is famous for being the loudest city in Spain, parties all night and day. “They even have fireworks in the day time”, they told me.

        Compared to even the smallest Chinese village, Valencia seems peaceful! What’s worse, is the noise in Valencia comes mostly from parties, celebrations and football games (something all people are able to enjoy if they choose), whereas the much louder and more continuous noise in China comes mostly from inconsiderate assholes, bad driving, shop advertisements and dancing old woman!

  • David

    “Comrade Obama, will you take care of this?”

    Did he become President of China while i wasn’t looking? lol Weird comment.

  • David

    and I apprecate hearing what a Chinese person has to say about what we write.

  • David

    Boogie means to dance. It is a disco term from the 1970s.

  • ClausRasmussen

    Boogie was originally a kind of swing (jazz) music that people enjoyed dancing to a hundred years ago. Today it has become synonymous with dancing to pop music.

  • Foreign Devil

    wow I cannot believe how rude all the comments are… I have often found myself watching the plaza dancing and feeling a sense of community with my new home and neighborhood. I have been welcomed into the country, city, and by my neighbors and have never felt the contempt that I feel reading the comments above. Shame on you Chinese Devils

  • Kai

    You’d get them if you understood that the people who think dancing during normal hours are different from those who think fireworks at 6am is cool.

    To be fair, while there are some Chinese people who think plaza dancing itself should be outlawed entirely, I think most of the people who have complaints about it have no complaints about them dancing during normal hours. What they’re complaining about is what they consider to be excessive noise or some other impact the activity is having upon them that they consider unreasonable.

    A lot of Chinese people also wake up pretty early so fireworks at 6am, especially during holidays that call for them, isn’t really weird either. It just doesn’t jive with some people’s livestyles. There are plenty of Chinese people who dislike the noise from fireworks at night or in the early mornings as well. Just look online after the holidays. Attitudes about fireworks (both noise and litter) are changing in China. It’s pretty interesting.

    • noodles76

      It does not matter what time a lot of people wake up. Fireworks at 6am is a dick move no matter what. If I leave my house at 6am…..there are VERY few people out and about and almost no businesses are open. To think that would be a good time to set off anything that makes a loud noise is incomprehensible. It’s not about jiving with a lifestyle some people have, it’s about common decency. Or lack thereof.

      Unless there is some special holiday that says….light of fireworks as early as possible in the morning…then folks should probably hold off a little bit.

      • Kai

        Of course it does. If standing in line is the norm in the UK, Chinese visitors better adapt to it.

        “Common decency?” I think you’re exhibiting a bit of ethnocentrism here. Chinese people are generally not lighting fireworks at 6am because they’re dicks intent on doing their dick move of the day.

        Outside of holidays, the only time I usually hear fireworks in the morning is because someone is getting married and either the groom is picking up the bride (earlier) or the groom has brought the bride back to their new place (later).

        Have you ever investigated why Chinese people have this tradition of lighting fireworks for this?

        A lot of Chinese people also think there is no excuse for putting one’s aging parents in a nursing home, so is it fair for them to invoke “common decency” (from their perspective) when being critical of Americans who do this, regardless of whatever very practical and even responsible reasons such a choice is made?

        There are going to be traditions and norms in China (and other countries) that are initially disagreeable or even “incomprehesible” to you. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with them, but I think you’re going a bit beyond and just being unreasonably contemptuous.

        • noodles76

          I did not mention fireworks bothering me. As you pointed out, it’s not often enough (where I live anyway) to be anything but an occasional annoyance. You said that a lot of Chinese people wake up early so fireworks at 6am is OK, you tried to justify it. That is what I was responding to. You initially tried to make it a lifestyle issue, which it isn’t.

          A lot of Chinese people also wake up pretty early so fireworks at 6am, especially during holidays that call for them, isn’t really weird either. It just doesn’t jive with some people’s livestyles


          Unless there is some special holiday that says….light of fireworks as early as possible in the morning…then folks should probably hold off a little bit.

          Now…read that again. Slowly. Now go ahead and tell me how I’m being ethnocentric or unreasonably contemptuous.

          • Kai

            I did not mention fireworks bothering me.

            Fireworks at 6am is a dick move no matter what.

            an occasional annoyance.

            I’d say characterizing something as a “dick move” and “annoyance” is you mentioning that something as something that does “bother” you. I never said you were the one who first mentioned it. maxtar25 did, who is the person I was initially responding to and whom you’re now speaking on behalf of. I think my comments about fireworks make perfect sense in this context?

            You said that a lot of Chinese people wake up early so fireworks at 6am is OK, you tried to justify it.

            Not quite. I said:

            A lot of Chinese people also wake up pretty early so fireworks at 6am, especially during holidays that call for them, isn’t really weird either.

            Emphases mine. To say it isn’t “weird” is to say it fits in with their lifestyle, with their pattern of behavior, with their wake/sleep schedule. It’s like the early riser roommate making a din with his morning shower that disturbs the slumber of the night owl roommate (or vice versa).

            A lot of Chinese people wake up pretty early, often to maximize daylight, so them getting started on their day such as lighting fireworks for holiday celebrations or wedding celebrations, “isn’t really weird”. What I said next is an acknowledgement of how it obviously affects other people with their own wake/sleep schedules.

            The complaint and conflict here is born out of a conflict of interests based on different lifestyles. There is nothing inherently wrong with waking up early. Farmers and other early risers have been doing it since time immemorial. There’s nothing inherently wrong with waking up later either or having a sleep schedule based around going to work at 9am so you’re still in bed at 7 or 8am when early risers are already up and about.

            The problem is when people with different lifestyles live in proximity to each other and their activities disturb each other. The early riser may be waking the late-riser with his fireworks. The late-sleeper may be waking the early-sleeper with his late-night parties or loud online gaming sessions, whatever. The crux of the problem is that the individuals involved are not in sync with each other, aka their lifestyles don’t jive.

            There are no holidays that say “light fireworks as erly as possible in the morning”. There are traditions where people light fireworks to usher in a new lunar year or welcome the god of wealth. Some Chinese people celebrate by lighting fireworks at the stroke of midnight. These people piss off early sleepers. Other Chinese people celebrate by lighting fireworks when they wake up in the morning of. These people piss off late risers.

            Both people often live near each other.

            Lifestyles not jiving.

            You were being ethnocentric and unreasonably contemptuous with the remarks I’ve emphasized below:

            It does not matter what time a lot of people wake up. Fireworks at 6am is a dick move no matter what. If I leave my house at 6am…..there are VERY few people out and about and almost no businesses are open. To think that would be a good time to set off anything that makes a loud noise is incomprehensible. It’s not about jiving with a lifestyle some people have, it’s about common decency. Or lack thereof.

          • noodles76

            So, is it the taste of my nuts you enjoy so much or the smell?

            Can you not comprehend something being a dick move but yet…at the same time…not happening enough to really bother me? is it a difficult concept?

  • Science Patrol

    <3 plaza dancing aunties!

  • Peter Pottinger

    What the f- is a pizza dance??

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Raping a 95 year old grandma is as erotic as eating ice-cream made with vomit.
    W T F indeed.

  • Zen my Ass

    I don’t mind them dancing, wherever and whenever they want… it’s only that overly laud crap traditional techno music…

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  • Gerhana

    i hope this practice spread outside China

  • bang2tang

    auntie version of flashmob.