Chinese Aunties Plaza Dance in Moscow’s Red Square, Reactions

Chinese "aunties" (older middle-aged women) "plaza dancing" at Moscow's Red Quare.

Chinese "aunties" (older middle-aged women) "plaza dancing" at Moscow's Red Quare.

At time of translation, this was the most discussed article of the day on major Chinese web portal NetEase…

From NetEase:

Chinese Aunties Shown Plaza Dancing at Moscow’s Red Square, Bringing Police to the Scene

June 14th, a netizen published photos of Chinese aunties bringing plaza dancing to Moscow’s Red Square. Following Chinese aunties “attacking and occupying” Paris’s Le Louvre with plaza dancing, Moscow’s Red Square has finally “been occupied”, with the Chinese aunties’ plaza dancing bringing Moscow police urgently to the scene.





Comments from NetEase:

如果会讲理就不可能做5毛 [网易湖南省长沙市雨花区网友]:

They sure are brave, daring to go to a country that has invaded millions of square kilometers of our territory, to their godfathers, to plaza dance. This kind of fearlessness is exactly what is lacking in the South China Sea [refers to the discontent of some netizens with the government’s handling of controversial issues in the South China Sea].

谁老在抢注名字 [西班牙球迷]:

Embarrassing oneself [or all Chinese people] around/throughout the whole world.

Michaelsoct [懂球帝]:

This is China’s image: all our products are low-end, and our tourists can’t behave when abroad, demonstrating no cultivation or upbringing [are ignorant, uncivilized, uncouth].

网易河南省郑州市网友 ip:123.6.*.*:

Our countrymen have already become the entire world’s laughing stock.

dianaross [网易天津市津南区网友]:

Truly TM low! Best to just lack them all up in “standing cages” [an ancient public punishment method similar to a pillory].

网易重庆市网友 ip:113.206.*.*:

A bunch of demons.

女神朵朵 [巴西球迷]:

I hope the Virgin Mary won’t appear in this post.
I sincerely loathe these old women who have nothing better to do.
They never consider other people, being selfish.
Don’t tell me I’m going to be old one day too. Have all of the elderly people in the world who don’t dance gone extinct?
Don’t tell me there’s nothing wrong with letting old people have some fun/be happy. Building one’s happiness on other people’s pain and suffering, that’s the logic of robbers.
I strongly recommend that the country be strict in its enforcement of the law and resolutely fine the people who still create noise at night, and if you can’t, then arrest them, to return to us a quiet and peaceful night.

毛澤東是上班族的大救星 [网易上海市网友]:

As long as you dance without disturbing others, you can dance however you want. The problem right now is that the noise produced by plaza dancing violates the country’s laws and is disturbing the quiet of surrounding residents. That’s selfish, an action that hurts other people’s health for one’s own recreation.

网易四川省乐山市网友 ip:182.139.*.*:

Demons, reveal your true forms!

zz07113 [德国球迷]:

Embarrassing Chinese people throughout the whole world, a bunch of old sluts, would not dancing kill you?

Comments from NetEase:

网易陕西省安康市手机网友 ip:221.11.*.*:

Making fools of themselves, a bunch of country bumpkins.

wwwweixuan [网易北京市手机网友]:

Shameless to the extreme, and yet they think this is something to be proud of.

b1aa9cfc8a1799016c3297d3 [网易内蒙古手机网友]:

The dregs of the Cultural Revolution.

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:122.96.*.*:

Sigh, so embarrassing.

网易广西贵港市手机网友 ip:121.31.*.*:

Losing face around the globe.

网易海南省海口市手机网友 ip:223.198.*.*:

Looking at this rhythm [frequency], it seems like China’s aunties won’t give up until they’ve lost our “national face” [embarrassed the nation] throughout the entire world!

驴儿大的行货 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

This is worse than chengguan.

网易广东省惠州市手机网友 ip:14.112.*.*:

Embarrassing yourselves in front of the warrior people [Russians], do you want to die?

呀哑吖呸 [巴西球迷]:

If you can’t explain this to the Russian, they just might gun you do with an AK…

网易浙江省温州市手机网友 ip:115.221.*.*:

Aunties! No limit to how low they will go~


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