Chinese Author Mo Yan Wins Nobel Literature Prize

Mo Yan 02

Q: Are there any Chinese people who have won the Nobel prize?
A: There are, but they all have foreign citizenship.
(Ding Zhaozhong/Samuel C.C. Ting, Li Yuanzhe/Yuan T. Lee, Zhu Diwen/Steven Chu, Cui Qi/Daniel C. Tsui, Sai Zhenzhu/Pearl S. Buck , Qian Yongjian/Roger Yonchien Tsien)

Q: Are there any Chinese nationals who have won the Nobel prize?
A: There are, but they’re all citizens of the Republic of China.
(Li Zhengdao/Tsung-Dao Lee, Yang Zhenning/Chen Ning Yang)

Q: Are there any citizens of the New China [PRC] who have won the Nobel prize?
A: There is, but he doesn’t consider himself a Chinese citizen.
(Gao Xingjian)

Q: Are there any citizens of the New China that consider themselves Chinese who have won the Nobel prize?
A: There is, but we don’t consider him a Chinese citizen.
(Dalai Lama)

Q: Are there any citizens of the New China that consider themselves Chinese citizens and the country also considers them to be Chinese citizens who won the Nobel Prize?
A: There is, but he’s in prison.
(Liu Xiaobo)

Circulating on RenRen:

Beijing time 2012 October 11th 7pm, the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature has been announced at Stockholm, Sweden, and Chinese author Mo Yan has won for his distinguished contributions in the field of literature, becoming China’s first author to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

This is a historic moment!


Finally there is a Chinese national, who considers himself to be Chinese, that the Chinese ZF considers a Chinese citizen, who isn’t a Chinese person in prison that has received the Nobel prize…

Several days ago, Chinese novelist and short story writer Guan Moye, between known by his pen name Mo Yan, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. This was not unremarked by Chinese media and internet netizens. Some of the following jokes are related to his pen name Mo Yan, which literally means “no talking”, and the fact that he is the first Nobel Prize-winning Chinese citizen that’s celebrated by China’s mainstream media…

Don’t know who Mo Yan is? Never read his books? Don’t worry! You’ll see him on next year’s high school and college entrance exams!!!

Strongly recommend that the background music for Mo Yan’s award ceremony be Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Shut Up’. It’s practically made for him! ——Shut up Just shut up Shut up. Shut up Just shut up Shut up. Shut up Shut up Shut it up Just shut up~~

[Note: In the speech after receiving an honorary doctoral degree at The Open City of Hong Kong in 2005, Mo Yan explained the reason why he created the pen name “Mo Yan” (literally “no talking”) for himself: He was an outspoken child and often caused trouble for his parents during the Cultural Revolution. His family often warned him not to be too talkative. However, decades later, Mo Yan still hasn’t been able to “stay quiet” in his writing career. His honesty often embarrassed fellow writers at literature conferences and even offended some readers of his books.]   

So far, the Chinese people who have received the Nobel Prize include: Not allowed to say, not allowed to say, and doesn’t say.

[Note: Referring to the Dalai Lama, Liu Xiaobo, and Mo Yan] 

The Nobel Literature Prize is finally not a sensitive word anymore~~

Fuck, the Nobel Literature Prize has paid tribute to the 18th Congress [referring to the upcoming The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China which will see major leadership changes for the country]…

A senior female upperclassman’s online profile status: “Mo Yan got the Nobel prize, just how am I supposed to continue writing my ‘How Far is China from the Nobel Prize’ thesis paper now?”

crying girl in front of a laptop

Sitting here waiting for Mo Yan to be determined to actually be Korean…

A 32-year-old Mo Yan (second from left) with three internationally-acclaimed artists: (from left to right) actress Gong Li, actor Jiang Wen and director Zhang Yimou when they worked together to adapt Mo Yan’s novel Red Sorghum into the eponymous movie that later won the Golden Bear Award at the 38th Berlin International Film Festival in 1988.

READ  'Masters' & 'My Little Buddies'

What do you think? Does he deserve the Nobel? Are any of you familiar with Mo Yan’s work?

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  • vincent lin


  • Ruaraidh

    Nobel Prize, comes with £745,000 and a cosy living space in a Chinese prison. I expect they’re getting it ready for him now, just in case he decides not to make this the end of his writing career.

    • PhilipMan

      why prison?

      • Ruaraidh

        If a Chinese Nobel Prize winner says anything that could be construed as critical to the Chinese Communist Party, it’ll be very embarrassing for them. So unless Mo Yan stays mute and doesn’t do anything like, for example, suggest that certain politically imprisoned Chinese intellectuals should be released, the Chinese government will probably imprison him. The objective of which would be to make him amenable to exile and therefore, relative obscurity.

        • Matt

          Uh…maybe you missed it, but the fact that Mo Yan doesn’t criticize the government is the whole *point*. When this was announced, spokesmen for the CCP gleamed with pride and said it was an honor on behalf of the entire Chinese nation. I doubt he’d become a political dissident after spending an entire career basking in the cozy embrace of the CCP.

          • Ruaraidh

            I thought he’d called for dissident intellectuals to be released. I must be mistaken, sorry.

        • The Acidic Hasidic

          Have you actually read any of his books? He is quite critical of the party.

        • moop

          the dude’s a party member and vp of the china writer’s association, which masquerades as a non-governmental entity even though it is dominated by the ccp and the organization it springs from is part of the prc constitution and only open to those who are party members or United Front members friendly to and allied with the party. As VP of the writer’s association he has his hand in organizing writers “to study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, and Deng Xiaoping Theory, and to study the guiding policies of the party”, he also does his part to cultivate the literary sector… dont really care how well he writes (and he does, he’s very gifted) but his role in propaganda and in the prc’s repressive apparatus should have been enough to disqualify him from even being considered. i hope maybe he’s an inside man of sorts and an actual genuine human being, but more than likely he’s more of a talented coward who feels empowered by his recent award to say whats in his heart. if that’s the case i hope he’s a changed man. imagine how many possible awards they could have already won in the ccp didnt stifle creativity and expression

          • Dr Sun

            Interesting Moop, I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing that.

    • Chang Liu

      Christ you don’t know shit.

  • the ace of books

    Ha! So I finally get the joke that’s been circulating on my renren: “My name is Shut Up!”

  • Jon

    Is the Q&A joke actually from the Chinese internet, or is it rewritten based on what is in the Renren link? If it’s from the internet, could be have a link, please? Very clever.

  • White Guy in USA

    Another Chinese person already got the Nobel but, he cant get it because he is in a Black Prison being Tortured.

    • donscarletti

      Yes, and he was referred to a number of times if you actually gave the time to read the article above before commenting.

      But yeah, I’d rate you as “politically aware”, if you were a successful actor you could deliver one hell of a pretentious Oscar acceptance speech.

  • shutup

    Communist Party is doomed.

  • Hongjian

    I dont understand Chinese nationalists sometimes. The greatest goal of China should be not the acknowledgement by western institutions such as the Nobel Committee, but to destroy them and all western universalism together, and errect institutions and systems that fits China and only China herself. This is what it actually meant to be a Chinese nationalists.

    Lots of fenqing claim that this is a victory of China, being finally acknowledged by such an internationally respected (ie. western) institution.
    But for me, this is bullshit and I’m absolutely not happy with ANY Chinese receiving and accepting such a prize given out by an institution that similiarily awards China’s mortal enemies like seperatists, splittists, traitors and hostile leaders (Obama) who shifts 60% of their navy to contain China.
    How can these fenqing applaud and accept that China bent down and stretches her hand to receive the candy given out by the same entity that was responsible for the colonial rape of China and is still planning to do so by supporting both seperatists and traitors who still call for a foreign-led invasion of China (Liu Xiaobo) to satisfy their selfish desires to see their political delusions for China realized?

    Accepting the Nobel Prize is like to accept western universalism, western politcal agenda and western hostility. Accepting such a prize is like to accept a warm handshake by someone who told you that he wants to turn your country into the second Lybia, Syria and Yugoslavia the moment before.

    China should act more like the Soviet Union in that respect, disregarding the western system completely if it questions China’s territorial and political integrity.
    Just like in diplomacy: If someone cant stand the fact that Taiwan belongs to China, he can forget doing business with China.
    So, applied to that; if someone supports seperatists in any way, money, prizes or even just moral support, he should be boycotted by the entirety of the Chinese state and nation.

    • Echo Seven

      is this a troll? in any case I’m curious about your usage of “universalism”. what is this and why is it a bad thing?

    • Paul B

      You present a coherent argument and although you sanction the destruction of the Western Universalism that, as you say, dominates global politics and in essence what I believe to be right (for the lesser of many evils sake), well done. However, whilst I just hope the shallow shortsightedness of capitalism can be overcome I find it hard to understand how intelligent yet outright nationalistic, bordering extremist, people like you can exist in a gloablised world? To say ‘I disagree with you in one respect therefore we shouldn’t consider any further interaction no matter the topic’ is ludicrous and archaic (referring to your comment around recognition of Taiwan’s sovereignty). It’s all about finding some common ground or be foolish enough to repeat mistakes of the past.

    • Wow you are an idiot. Nationalism is the cancer of the world. You are by definition a cancer cell. How people can proudly proclaim to be nationalists is beyond me. Its the equivalent of turning your brain off and let others do the thinking for you. Lack to think for yourself = Nationalism. The collective over the Individual is the losing concept of history. Really surprised that people can be so utterly dumb to still cling to it.

    • By the way 50% of China’s recent success (last 30 years) is owed to the labor of the people. 50% is owed to foreign capital and investment. Sucks to be you asshole.

  • CaoMengDe

    Sigh, Just as expected. Bunch of people who have never read Mo Yan’s book are here to mouth off about the author. I actually have read his book 《丰乳肥臀》which is nothing short of total condemnation of the Communist party all the way from Chinese Civil War to and including the Reform period. It was quite refreshing to see that this book is no longer banned from being published inside China.

    • A S

      You’re completely right. Chinasmack is filled with lots of pissed off expats who mouth off by pouncing on anything negative they can come across. Congrats to Mo Yan. However, in general, I do have to say that I look at the Nobel Prizes with a grain of salt, particularly in literature, because they have overooked many great writers and because they tend to have an overwhelming emphasis on European writers and male writers.

  • ScottLoar

    “Is Mo Yan a Stooge for the Chinese Government?” a well-informed essay by Brendan O’Kane.

    “Spoiler alert: in keeping with the general rule
    about headlines posed as yes-or-no questions, the short answer is ‘no.’
    The more interesting question is: why are people insinuating that he is?” See:

  • Kim Joke You

    This is so ironic. China says Tibet is part of China but Dalai Lama is not.

  • Chunghwa

    On a slightly less related note, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to… the European Union. It essentially has no value at all, now that it’s been arbitrarily awarded to a collective of 300 million people for no convincing reason at all.

    The Nobel Peace Prize essentially lost most of
    its meaning after it was awarded to warmongers such as Henry Kissinger,
    Yasser Arafat and Barack Obama.

  • K

    When I used the example of the Dalai Lama as a good person to a student from Tsinghua University, her face immediately hardened and she said very harshly “NO. He is not a good person.” She is highly intelligent but, like the government wants, highly brainwashed.

    • annie

      This is pathetic for that girl in this time that is much easier to get self-educated. Perhaps she has been too busy to be excellent in her school work. But there are really more Chinese young students supporting the disintegration theory now.

    • Charles

      It is equally interesting to consider why you think the Dalai Lama is a good person.

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