Chinese Baby Thrown Into River During Fight Between Parents

The body of an infant floating in a river after it had been dropped into a river from a bridge by parents fighting.

The body of an infant floating in a river after it had been dropped into a river from a bridge by parents fighting.

From NetEase:

Arguing Henan Couple Throws Infant Into River Where It Drowned

On October 2nd at 7:00am, on Ruyang County Xinda bridge, a young couple were arguing and in a moment of anger threw their less than one year old baby into the river. Then in regret they called the police for help. The Ruyang County Fire Squad rushed to the scene upon hearing and through nearly eight minutes of emergency rescue efforts, the baby was successfully rescued [out of river], but through 120 [Chinese emergency medical help number] emergency workers’ diagnosis, the child already showed no signs of life.

A Chinese firefighter recovering a little baby that had either been thrown into a river or accidentally dropped by quarreling parents.

From NetEase:

Husband and Wife Whose Quarrel Caused Baby’s Drowning Arrested; Police Investigating Whether Baby Was Intentionally Thrown

Beijing Times (microblog) report — Yesterday [October 2nd] morning at 7:00, on the Xinda Bridge in Ruyang County of Henan Province, when a quarreling couple came to pushing and pulling, their son fell into the river and died. At present, this couple has been criminally detained by the police, and the case is under further investigation.

The incident was reported by the baby’s mother. The police officer dispatched described the Xinda Bridge where the incident occurred as over one kilometer away from Ruyang County, and the incident occurring around 7am. When the police arrived on the scene, only the woman who made the call was at the scene. “She looked frightened, and couldn’t speak clearly, only able to say that the child was under the bridge.” As for the father’s whereabouts, the dispatched police indicated “She said he went home to go driving”.

As it is understood, the surface of the bridge where the incident happened is about 4 meters’ above river surface, and the river under the bridge has deep and shallow areas with stones and rocks visible in the shallow places. The firefighters who arrived just a few minutes after getting the call immediately launched a rescue and within minutes found the baby and carried him out of the water. But on-site first-aid personnel confirmed that the baby was no longer alive.

Rescue workers trying to save a Chinese baby that was either thrown off or accidentally dropped from a bridge in Henan.

According to insiders, the police’s preliminary investigation revealed that the couple are from Yima city of Henan province and work in Ruyang county. Because the coupled fought the night before over a household dispute, yesterday morning the wife Shi XX took the child planning to return to her parent’s home. The husband Fu XX chased after her and the two people had another fight at the scene of the incident. During the pushing and pulling, the baby fell over into the river and Fu XX left the scene. After Shi XX called the police, local police quickly organized the rescue, and at the same time deployed police to set up a roadblock at a nearby intersection to stop Fu XX. Currently, the couple have both been detained by the police, with there being inconsistencies between the two testimonies, so the police are currently conducting further investigation.

According to Ruyang county propaganda department staff, regarding how the incident unfolded, the testimonies of the two are inconsistent, with “the man said the baby accidentally fell into the river when they were fighting, while the woman said the man deliberately threw the baby into the river. The Public Security Bureau is currently investigating, and currently the two have already been detained for investigation. The staff revealed that the place where the incident occurred has little traffic, and so far no other witnesses have been found, but the police are still investigating.

Yesterday afternoon a little past 6pm, Ruyang officials reported this incident. According to the report, the man Fu XX is 34 years old and the woman Shi XX is 24 years old.

Information on the internet claims the infant boy was less than a year old but police have not commented on this.

Comments from NetEase ( 1&2):

网易江西省九江市手机网友 ip:115.168.*.*:

Every day, freak incidents happen in mighty Henan!

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:122.194.*.*:

Worse than pigs and dogs! Go [die] together with your child!


Outrageous! Even if the baby was not your own, there is no reason to go this far! This world is too out of control!

屠龙术 [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]: (responding to above)

Do not exclude this possibility, maybe the man suspected the baby was not his.

加q1328769505 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

Must be punished severely. How difficult it is for a baby to come into this world!

网易奥地利手机网友 ip:194.166.*.*:

The hurting of children happens in every country in the world. But in other countries, it happens only once every few years or decades. Only in this country does it occur almost every day. Why are even children not spared? I can only say that this nation/people have become so perverse/deviant that no words can describe it anymore.

网易安徽省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

If it was me, I would’ve jumped into the river to save [the baby]. Their child was right there and could be seen yet they still didn’t go save it, and the water was even shallow.

网易重庆市手机网友 ip:123.147.*.*:

They obviously rashly threw the child into the river out of anger. It’s intentional homicide. Should be sentenced to death.

网易海南省海口市手机网友 ip:113.59.*.*:

Looking at the picture, the river isn’t deep. So the mother could’ve quickly gone to rescue [the baby], and if the mother immediately went to save him, there would be hope for survival.

时尚的小二 [网易天津市手机网友]:

How difficult it is nowadays for children to grow up healthily, safely, and without incident! As a father, I really can’t bear to look at the picture of the baby floating on the river!


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