Chinese Billionaire Pays 5 Million to Find a ‘Pure Wife’

Some applicants.

A woman is looking at a form of the match-making.

From iFeng:

Billionaire Offers 5 Million RMB Seeking “Pure Wife”

A “Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses in Ten Cities Show” debuted in Guangzhou on 20th. According to the organizer, 320 beauties emerged from 2,800 applicants, and engaged in fierce competition in the Garden Hotel. One self-proclaimed billionaire even offered a whopping astronomical price in his search for a lovely wife, even making the bold suggestion that the matchmaker would get 50,000 yuan in cash after he and the lady have their first date.

Filling of the application form.

At this low profile match-making event, this reporter noticed a mysterious billionaire. He came to Guangzhou this April and asked this singles club to find a suitable girlfriend for him, paying 5 million yuan to have the club find for him in 10 cities nationwide his other half. His terms are as follows: age: 20-26 years old; height: 162-170cm; weight: within 50kg; education: above junior college education; have a simple family condition, good-looking, good figure, body pure (no sexual experience). And yet his background information shows that he is: divorced, not yet 50 years old, billionaire, well-known Chinese entrepreneur, enjoys golf, body’s healthy and strong.

Some applicants.

With regards to the “body pure” requirement, most applicants say they can understand and accept it. Only one expressed that, “If an examinations is needed, that would be a little insulting.”  But there was also another applicant who frankly said, it’s not difficult to conduct maidenhead/hymen reconstruction at medical institutions, so this sort of requirement isn’t very meaningful. Photo is of the female applicants.

Some applicants are talking to each other.

For the sake of this billionaire, the organizer has set up a special “Talent Scout Award”, which claims: if you know a girl who meets the standards, please recommend her to “Chinese Entrepreneurs Single Club”, if the recommended girl and the mister have their first date, you will get 50,000 yuan in cash or gifts of the same value, and if the girl successfully begins a relationship with the mister, you will get a commercial residential apartment worth 3 million yuan from the mister. Photo is of the female applicants.

An applicant at the show.

A female applicant.

An interviewee and an interviewer.

The scene of the interview.

Female applicants during a interview.

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The scene of the interview.

An applicant and the posters.

An applicant.

Comments from IFeng:

凤凰网内蒙古乌兰察布市网友 孤疯自赏:

Using money to find a “pure wife”?


A twisted society.

凤凰网吉林省网友 逗尼玩:

Has some dirty money, gets cocky. Typical nouveau riche Chinese behavior.

凤凰网河南省濮阳市网友 花花兔:

“Pure”, what kind of joke is that? Better go look in the kindergartens. Even if there are any, you can imagine the quality. Some people want to play, and some people want to be played, just a game.

凤凰网江苏省无锡市网友 红旗下的弹:

If they come for the money, could they still be pure?

凤凰网广东省佛山市网友 daihao007:

It can only be said that the rare is valuable! Virgins are becoming more and more valuable! And of course there are less and less of them!

凤凰网四川省成都市网友 大人Q:

Are you not tired of it???

凤凰网新疆乌鲁木齐市网友 新疆察哈尔:

This perhaps is the highest pursuit of China’s rich people!

凤凰网山东省淄博市网友 szs5881257:

As long as a woman is after the money–nothing is pure any more.

凤凰网河北省廊坊市网友 yashe_2006_2006:

Can they use this money to do something more meaningful for society? Strongly despise these rich men.

凤凰网浙江省绍兴市网友 abcwhn:

Ha ha! Looking for a pure wife? Go look in the kindergartens! Also, why do the women in the photos all look like old aunties!

凤凰网北京市网友 妮文:

I’m gonna puke.

凤凰网广西南宁市网友 yangcf0:

Few of those who applied have pure hearts.

凤凰网广东省河源市网友 临骠:

This itself is a dirty transaction, and yet they talk of purity. This man himself is a dirty man, to think that he can buy another person’s soul because he has some dirty money. Go to hell!

凤凰网福建省福州市网友 zjxsd:

Fucking Chinese people shouldn’t have money~~~

凤凰网江西省赣州市网友 两望:

Stop pulling our chains, think about it, such high profile matchmaking? For a rich person to do this kind of thing would be too damaging to his reputation/status, and just shows that this man’s social skills are too poor, when he doesn’t have the opportunity to meet both pretty and pure ladies. If you have money, you should learn to keep a low profile, as only those who don’t have money would be so bombastic. It’s a publicity stunt!

凤凰网江苏省常州市网友 洗心土:

Hang the organizer/schemer up and whip his ass! How many mature women have you conned out of their application fees?

凤凰网辽宁省沈阳市网友 东北才狼:

Is your 5 million pure?

凤凰网四川省成都市网友 伊稚邪:

So ugly!

凤凰网江苏省网友 钞票导爷:

There sure are a lot of products (women) too, all coming to offer themselves to the rich people to pick from, and purchase…

凤凰网广东省惠州市网友 蒲松灵:

A billionaire who needs to search for a wife… and some people still believe it… Those who applied are all pig heads [idiots]… Just think, even if it was an old man with so much money, what kind of woman couldn’t he get if he wanted to… And searching nationwide… being so high profile about it. It’s obvious a publicity stunt and a fraud.

What do you think?

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Don’t have 5 million for a 10-city road show? Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Nyancat

    5 million for a pure wife? what has the world come to ?

    • Medical Advisor

      What does a pure wife mean ?

      • Ryo

        The best liar.

        • s.pockets

          LOL, you are most likely right, but how would she fake being a virgin? Pigeon blood?

          • Dat Ankle

            Theres a surgery for that, after the surgery all you gotta do is act like youre in pain.

        • Medical Advisor

          Yes. Isn’t it like this these days that a wife always suspects her husband, husband always tries to defend himself, even he forgets that his wife might be doing something wrong as well.

      • the ace of books

        It means she’s 100% wife and not like 28% cheese or something.

        • dim mak

          why did i laugh at this

        • guy somewhere in china


        • Nillig

          best comment.

        • Draco

          +1 best comment

      • [email protected]

        Pretty sure it means: unfiltered, smooth taste, leaves the breath minty fresh, non-carcinogenic, texture of vapor, non-corporeal, vaguely anthropomorphic, gaseous, can create sounds only discernible to crickets, easy to wipe down, does not leave a stain, fresh all season round, lemony, tinted windows, neon, soft-textured, only requiring a single coat to create a solid base color, satin sheen, croissant with butter and strawberry jam.

      • Nyancat

        Ahem it most probably means he is looking for a virgin

      • whiskersthecat

        No additives or preservatives. 100% wife. If she is just 99% wife or less, it’s not acceptable. Must be purely organic.

      • Stacy

        A pure mind perhaps? Like someone who likes him for who he is and not because of his massive fortune. OR, someone who’ll stay home and not go out to bang another guy and pass some awful disease on to him.

        I dated a guy once, self-made, wealthy and successful. Unfortunately, men like these often have massive ego’s, and as a type A myself, suffice to say that things didn’t work out between the two of us. However, these women may be more submissive perhaps? And can keep her mouth shut whenever he brags of his profound achievements.

  • kevin

    5 mill for my sofa.

  • Dr SUN

    On the sofa with a 20 y/o 50 kg virgin, Nyancat and your posting ??

  • Ruaraidh

    Waving stacks of money around is the worst idea ever if what you want is a ‘pure wife.’ This guy has seriously got rocks for brains or is seriously out of touch with reality.

  • Ruaraidh

    Waving stacks of money around is the worst idea ever if what you want is a ‘pure wife.’ This guy has either got rocks for brains or is severely disconnected from reality.

  • [email protected]

    Wow. Not one girl would be considered a beauty in my book.

    Chinese Billionaire Pays 5 Million to Find a ‘Pure Wife’ – In other breaking news: Noone fucking cares about Billionaire paying 5 Million to find a ‘Pure Wife’ because this kind of story is vomit-inducing and stupid and the rest of society have better things to do than give a shit about materialistic people and their ability to turn life and love into a ghastly and vacuous commercial.

    • Dr SUN

      I agree, none are “beauties” not even just so-so looking.

      If he wants a virgin Chinese woman as his wife, damn, he needs to look at hard for very …very …..very young girls.

      By 25 most are in the double figures now of sex partners. With probably a couple of abortions behind them.

      Hey but they will act shy and tell you their a virgin and you’ll never know, so his action is stupid.

      • Brett Hunan

        And you *know* all of this- how?

        • Dr SUN

          Lived in China coming on 15 years my friend , keen observer of people and society and how it’s changed and continues to evolve.

          What about you, how many years living in China ?

          • Brett Hunan

            “If he wants a virgin Chinese woman as his wife, damn, he needs to look at hard for very …very …..very young girls.

            By 25 most are in the double figures now of sex partners. With probably a couple of abortions behind them.”

            I’m sorry, I didn’t know that living somewhere for 15 years meant that one automatically becomes an expert on how many sex partners “most” 25 year olds have had… not to mention knowing that “most” have “a couple abortions behind them”.

            If you had just said “it might be tough to find a girl that meets his standards”, I would’ve cut some slack.

            How many years I lived in China neither adds to, nor detracts from the legitimacy of my challenging you on your expertise.

          • Brett Hunan

            Uh oh, the space before the question mark ! :-))))))))

            I’ve been duped again !

          • Dr SUN

            Disagree, possibly means I have a bit more knowledge and understanding than you about China and its culture, history and people.

            love your posts on Korea though, seems like that’s your area of knowledge and I always read with great interest and humility your posts on that.

          • simon

            either that or your circle of friendship in China revolves around prostitutes.

          • An anonymous boy…

            Dr SUN: that is anecdotal evidence:

            Just because you “observed” somethings in your life doesn’t mean you can generalize it to “By 25 most are in the double figures now of sex partners.”

            Furthermore, I’m sure your sample is relatively low compared to the number of women in China and marred by the fact you cannot really ever know truth of what people have done unless you were there watching them.

        • Tadd

          I have seen it… *glances at palantír, the seeing stone*

        • pete

          At a guess – all the girls he’s hooked up with were like that. There may be a bit of an “observer bias” though.

      • [email protected]

        Your description sounds like the opposite of the girls I met in China. I mean, you can’t base your views on bar-girls. Bar girls are cool an’ all, but they hardly are wife material as this story centers on.

        • Dr SUN

          “Bar girls” is a Thai or Pinay thing, really has no relevance to Chinese culture or how Chinese woman think or behave about relationships or marriage, different cultures, different histories.

          I’m not basing my views on the KTV girls you know in China, although you may be surprised just how many of those are University/ college students or grads, not uneducated rural peasants.
          You guys are wearing “Rose coloured sunglasses” Chinese women are very aware of their position in this society throughout history, it has not changed. They are very aware of their family obligations.
          Don’t for one minute think that they are weak, stupid, subservient women they are way more “life smart” than that. They learn that very young.

          • [email protected]

            I must say, you seem to be living in a “I know everything about everything” kinda biosphere environ where your views are all that matters to you so everyone else is wrong even when they have differences of opinions and perhaps conflicting life-experience based knowledge. That said, I once again need to interject with the fact that nothing you say rings true to me, and that based on my own experiences, your views aren’t correct, or at least, aren’t quite as clear cut as you want everyone to think.
            My addressing “Bar Girls” in China, at least the ones I see in Shanghai, but probably they are like that everywhere – was talking about the very same loose women you talk about, not about girls who work in bars, (not the same thing, yes, but the distinction was obvious, and somehow you missed that), so to make it clearer, the girls I meant are the girls who go to the bars, you know, “bar girls”, girls who go to bars, (see the distinction now?) because even though many girls don’t like that sort of thing, and are more old-school, many girls still do love the nightlife in China (clubs do exist in China fyi, not only Bangkok or Changi or Hanoi), and so because as I said, these girls love going to bars, love men buying them drinks, love rich men taking them home for frivolous sexual encounters, love the occasional random foreign men taking them home for equally frivolous sexual encounters, and thus their repertoire of sexual encounters amounts to the double digit fare that you mention which the non “bar girl” would never, ever have accumulated in her life. So, there you go. Back to the biosphere with you.

          • lonetrey

            Wow, you DO realize there are “bar girls” everywhere in the world, right?

          • navighost

            Yeah, I wish that were true, but it’s not. My girlfriend was offered to the governor of her state as a present, by her aunt, after her father was kicked out of the CP for diddling money, and that’s how she lost her virginity.(Her aunt being her mother’s sister, for clarity) But hey! All’s well that ends well, her father got his job back! Hurrah! And all it cost was that my girlfriend was raped! ‘Awesome!’. Also, I met a load of chinese girls who will only take it in the ass, because they want to preserve their virginity for their husbands! Really China? Stop pretending to want to be America when really you want to be Pakistan. Make up your mind, or fuck off. ‘We’ don’t actually care how many handbags you all have, ‘we’ simply want the best for you, ‘cos you are people and we love you!

          • Alan

            “Bar girls” is a Thai or Pinay thing, really has no relevance to Chinese culture or how Chinese woman think or behave about relationships or marriage, different cultures, different histories.

            A visit to Shekou bar street where the girls come from all over China, might make you think differently.

          • Shanghairen

            I’ve been in Shanghai over 5 years. I’ve talked to many girls about their experience, and I’ve asked other people what percentage of girls are virgins at what age. I’m guessing that about 20-25% of 25-year-old women living in Shanghai (not necessarily from Shanghai) are virgins. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but that’s my impression.

      • Linette

        Dr Sun

        In Europe and America, they have “High School mothers” The girls lost their virginity as young as 13 and have babies around 15 in high school…and many more to come. They are not even married yet.

        So I guess is next to impossible to look for a virgin wife in any country.

        • Brett Hunan


          Regardless of whether the America and Europe statement is true or not, does your posting ridiculous counterattacks against other countries make up for any of Chinas issues?

          • DRaY

            DR SUN is kinda right. Chinese girls do get around a lot, with a lot of sexual partners, they just dont advertise it. Most of the young girls in University and the ones who go away from home for work are usually getting fucked!! A lot of average chinese girls act innocent but will spread there legs for some really uninspired sex if you say the right thing, or they think you will marry them. The Chinese girls that hang out in bars looking for free drinks and sex with Laowai are a different breed, just whores looking to upgrade their life.

          • linette


            You wonder why tv host Yang Rui made such outrageous statement getting all the foreign trash out of China to protect the women and the society. Look how many of you male whores going to China to pray on those mindless and ignorant bar women. Too many rejects going around spreading STDs and HIVs and who knows what to the sluts in the bars that will have sex with you just for a drink.
            Some even dare to try their luck on the young 17 and 18 yrs old students in Universities like a pedophile. These naive school girls are not street smart and will fall for men who sweet talk them.

            The foreign gentlemen can stay, but the male whores need to leave China.

          • linette

            Brett Hunan,

            You misunderstood me. I am not trying to counterattack Dr.Sun statement. I was adding on to his statement saying it’s very hard to find a virgin wife anywhere around the world.

            What happen? You are not familiar with your own people and your western country? You don’t know that teenage pregnancy is not very rare at all in your western world? There are so many teenage single mothers at age 14 and 15. They don’t even know who the father is. Talking about virginity…virgin way. You need to travel more and open your eyes and stop being so naive. How can I take you seriously when you don’t know what’s going on around the world.

          • Brett Hunan


            You didnt even answer what I asked, but instead went off into LaLa Land.

  • Brett Hunan

    Are those men the interviewers?

    Although coming off like a dummy, this billionaire might have some brains after all-always trust a guy with a great mustache.

  • Ryo

    Those chicks are quite thick….

  • moop
    • Nyancat

      wow that couple just took a bad situation and fubar’ed it

    • Chinggis was here

      Find. But i’m readying for the wumao and fenqing fightback:

      ‘but in Forieign land last week (insert crime). China is a developing country with 50,000 years of history, you Laowai are always saying bad things about China. What about imperialism and slavery? China is a peacefull country but you laowai invade Iraq and touch Chinese women. These are Chinese girls for Chinese men not you sons of shrews. if you don’t love the Holy Motherland and the glorious Han master race, you foreign-trash get out of China.

  • Little Wolf

    I recommend weiner. Can I get my 50,000 Talent Scout Reward?

    • mr. wiener

      I’m only a virgin in one area, and that is not for sale!

  • eattot

    hahaha,what a joke!
    thoese women there looked so old still virgin????
    but thoese men also very ugly!
    hahahaha! good match!
    not everyone looked so cute as me,hahaha!

    • Dr SUN

      @ eattot
      they are most probably not virgins, not the most beautiful, but you probably are not either as well, but they are still you sisters, so don’t talk or look them down.

      only you know how many men you slept with or how much your family paid to get relationships for you to take this superior moral position and attitude.

      • eattot

        Dr SUN :
        they are not my sisters.
        and they look like well-educated women too.i respect girls in kfc, in eateries,in any place as long as they do not pretend pure.

    • whiskersthecat

      eattot is a virgin only if you don’t count anal.

    • El Puma R.


      This post clearly states how little respect your society has for women, and how little self respect your women have, including yourself.

      I strongly recommend you stop posting comments here. Each and every one of them makes you look worse than the last one.

      You remind me of many many girls I’ve met in Changchun (where I live) who since they got in bed with a foreigner for the first time, have chosen not to have chinese friends anymore, and you see them counting their new foreign friends at the end of every weekend just to pretend they’re cool.

      得瑟傻呀?装牛B婊子! Have you got your 艾滋病 test yet?

      • eattot

        El Puma R.
        i think you should do the test first,sob!
        i do not know your chinese or english teacher hiding in chagnchun.
        i do not like any women keep virginity for money like this,none your business!i do not respect fake women,let alone stupid diggers go there get fooled by those ugly men.
        i am not pretending niubi,i am what i am.i am in shanghai,most friends are classmates.and i like to stay at home.i merely hang out.

        • El Puma R.

          No, no… I am not chinese. Where I am from people have way more self-respect. And the ability to recognize their own mistakes. And we keep our culture alive, despite the foreign influences. And yes, you really pretend to be NB.

          I didn’t insult your mother, nor your family. Seems I pushed some buttons there, ’cause otherwise you wouldn’t curse me that way. Gosh, I might have been right.

          Y si no le gusta, vayase a freir churros querida! O a trabajar en una fabrica ilegal de calzado.

          • eattot

            i am wondering how many girls you dis-pured then now you begin to protect those who may sleep with you for your white maybe have some money…
            i began sex very late,i never feel good for i know some laowais or whatever,i feel good for who i am.i never pretend i am rich,i never even mention where my fiance is from…
            i just said they looked so old still doing this kinda stupid thing get fooled by those men…what?no whores in your country, no diggers, no crimers?you respect all people in your country?
            fuck off!

          • linette

            El puma R.

            Y si no le gusta, vayase a comer el pene de cabra.
            Aprender a respetar la gente antes abres la boca,o usted va a recibir insultos. Pendejo.

        • Dr SUN

          hanging out waiting for that billionaire , with no sex sex drive or expectations beyond your Marhjong game with the other shallow Shanghai women ?

      • Alan

        Well said puma r.

        • eattot

          u fuck off too!

          • Alan

            Now your talking dirty baby, like a backstreet pool sharking bar girl in Shenzhen. That I LIKE!!!!

            I don my wizard hat and robe and upgrade you to 120% hottie level…..

      • Brett Hunan

        Unwarranted douschebaggery

        • Wang that!

          I second your comment, but could not help but add my somewhat unrelated (to the article) 2 cents to Linette’s comment bellow.

          • Wang that!

            horrible grammar…
            I second your comment, but could not help adding my (somewhat unrelated, to the article) 2 cents to Linette’s comment bellow.

            ahhh… much better ^__^

      • Linette

        El Puma R.

        China girls are really like this? Where do you find China girls like that? I would like to know. Are they from nightclub? Bar? My girlfriends and I non of us are like that. They are doctors, therapist, accountants, journalist…even the ones that don’t have college educations work hard making a living buying things with their hard earned money. I know many China girls who are women in their own right and do not let men define their lives giving meaning to their existence. And no, none of us worthship foreigners. They are just human and not God.

        It’s really your fault if you constantly mingled with these types of girls. Like attracts like. People tend to hang out with people around their level.

        Every country has good girls and bad girls. Stop the BS.

        • Wang that!

          You comment is actually very funny Linette, only because you are speaking out against generalization of the Chinese women…

          When your post on KoreaBang you do exactly what El Puma R. did…

          I recommend you heed your own advice and “Stop the BS”

          • linette

            Wang that!

            When your post on KoreaBang you do exactly what El Puma R. did…..

            I figured I need to use the same language to get my message across. Speaking to Korean racist nationalists I will have to use racist language in order for them to understand me.
            You see, you understood me so when I was posting in KoreaBang.

          • Wang that!

            Linette… I once tried to meet you at your level but found it utterly disgusting and since decided not to.

            Note my comments of late… they are no where near your double standards or El Puma’s bashing.

            I bid you good day.

          • Wang that!


            Also using racism to respond to racism makes you a racist…

            I can understand why you do so, but 2 wrongs do not make a right and you do not have to lower yourself that standard…

          • Brett Hunan

            Wang that!

            linette may be a 14 year old Chinese kid who recently moved abroad. She feels that it is her duty to protect China by making unsubstantiated accusations against every other country. The funniest thing is that linette *never* posts facts. Instead she only posts what the voices in her head tell her to.

          • Wang that!


            You maybe onto something here. Thanks for the voicing in!

          • Donaldo Bugatti

            Every country has sluts or to a lesser extent girls with a liberated sense of sexuality as well as virgins who are not going to give it up until there is a ring. I’ve lived in china coming on 7 years an own a fairly successful immigration and study abroad consultancy. coming here when i was in my mid 20s I saw allot of slit in the bars and or working in and around universities, some girls will give it up for a taste of the white meat but some girls don’t give a fuck. Point is everyone is different it’s hard to throw all girls into one category.

          • linette

            Wang that!

            But how do you expect people to response to racist comments from these racists and nationalists? Should I be talking Aristotle and Plato, having a constructive meaningful conservation with them? No thank you, I will save that for my friends. Racist comments are just words and words of inflammatory discriminatory garbage coming out from these bigots. You will find yourself wasting your time to convince them or reason with them. Please…

            When they talk nonsense and piss me off, I will give them a taste of their own medicine just to vent my anger. No big deal.

            Like the Koreans do it on their public media and discussion forums, occassionally spreading anti Chinese sentiment. Us Chinese do it on our public media and discussion forums.

          • linette

            What happen Wang that! and Brett Hunan? You two little boys are having a private conversation? Do you need some privacy?
            Go get a room.

          • linette

            Schizophrenia disorder is more commonly found in male.
            Auditory hallucinations are more often reported in Caucasians.

            wow Brett Hunan out of no where mentioning about hearing voices. Where he get that from? Is he hearing voices? psycho..

          • Brett Hunan


            how about you respond directly to my questions in this thread and the broken ATM story?

          • Brett Hunan

            until you buck up and stop resorting to name calling to defend yourself and China, everyone will laugh at everything you write because it is all very childish

  • Jeff

    I will see you my Yangzhou Princess for 1 million! She is a pure whore…

    • danforce

      Yangzhou is all whores man… historically and in present day. The emperors used to go their to recruit their concubines/whores when Nanjing was the capital. I lived in Yangzhou a year ago as well, pretty shitty city, and pretty ugly girls as well even though historically they are supposed to be many beauties there. They have very bad skin, I like to call it the Yangzhou pizza face syndrome

  • MrT

    look like 5 quai women to me.

  • Qwerty

    Isn’t this exactly what happens in that Yu Hua novel “Brothers”.

    • Joe

      Invest in fake hymen futures now!

  • moop

    looks like it was a robbery afterall and not a hate crime.

  • Chinggis was here

    “Chinese Entrepreneurs Single Club”

    That little pearl has ‘Elite Hunting Club’ written all over it.

    I’m particularly impressed by China’s Ron Jeremy doing the selection.

    • grovesman

      lol…I was thinking the same thing (re: Ron Jeremy)! The Chinese hedgehog!

  • Dat Ankle

    Those chicks do not like 20-25 years old.

  • Brett Hunan

    Cant buy true love? Personals @ chinaSMACK.

  • hope I am comment #50!!
    like 50c

    Song of the Article

    Like A Virgin

    6:45pm China time
    enjoy your dinner


  • Jeffli

    Dudes got 70s porn hair and moustache!
    anyone spot him?

    Oh and Virgins…..China……

    Have you heard why Christmas wasn’t started in China?
    They couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin! LOL!

    ok …..ok cool down my asiatic friends…… same can be said for everywhere except Israel
    nyagh nagaty nyagh 5000 years culture history blah blah blah -My opinion one rusty goblet in the mud doesn’t give you a culture and history.!
    Chinese too sensitive cool down!

  • typingfromwork

    Rich people all over the world do this sort of shit. No shortage of gold diggers to supply them with.

    But yeah, spending 5 mill to find anything but a gold digger is just naive.

  • joke

    This is an absolute joke.

  • mr. wiener

    Why wasn’t Christ born in Australia?
    We couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin :)

  • 404namenotfound

    Where are those ‘money cant buy everything’ fags??

    • mr. wiener

      If the photos of the girls are the “everything” I’ll stick with being poor and having personality.

      • Little Wolf

        hey weiner …at least you got a personality

        “This is….the type who starts off with half a crown
        and ends up with fifty thousand pounds, and whose chief pride is to be an
        even greater boor after he has made his money than before. On analysis his
        sole virtue turns out to be a talent for making money. We were bidden to
        admire him because though he might be narrow-minded, sordid, ignorant,
        grasping, and uncouth, he had ‘grit’, he ‘got on’; in other words, he knew
        how to make money.” (George Orwell, The Road To Wigan Pier)

  • josh

    Last pic is of a girl who seems to have forgotten her ass at home. Came expecting some super hot looking girls, left disappointed.

    • 404namenotfound

      Same here man all of them look over 30 to me :|

    • Dat Ankle

      Disappointment is how it usually ends when the topic of hot girls on a chinasmack post pops up :(

    • rightran

      it could be a very risky move for those good quality girls to come applying, since they would probably earn the bad reputation (money-worshipping or materialistic) and lose her popularity in her frd circle.

  • Dr Hung Low

    I dont see how any of the women in the photos could pass off as “pure”. If anything, they all look like washed up hags

  • Dr Hung Low

    Come on does anyone take this seriously???

    He will never pay 5mil. His goal is to draw up a pool of women who are obviously desperate for a rich guy and would do anything for the chance to end up with one.

    The rich guy, knowing this, has got their contact info and call any of these women up at his own leisure. When with them, he may promise them the world. You know the women will put out when with him because they think it will make him love them. Once he grows bored of one, he’ll move on to the other one.

    Of course, he may spend more money than needed to do all this, but he will spend nowhere near 5mil, and hes rich so a few thousand rmb here and there are nothing to him

    • That sounds a bit far-fetched to me. Personally, I think its just a stunt to promote some organization who is sponsoring this media circus. They seem to do this all the time in China. Otherwise, how could you justify someone as silly as this man being a billionaire in the first place?

  • Cleo

    Is this really the mentality of someone smart enough to hold on to a fortune? What if the Japanese gangrape the love of your life, is she no longer worth $5 million?

    A price ABOVE rubies!

  • Cleo

    so why doesn’t he just marry the nice girl cooking potstickers on the street all day – she’s hard working and obviously not a hooker!

    True LOVE, people! Money can’t buy it and it is the BEST thing in the world. It changes EVERYTHING and you can’t love your offspring as well without it.

    If he has the money, he must have some spare time so he really needs to travel because who knows WHERE his true love is? Look at Uhura and Spock – they never would have met if not for interplanetary war with the Cling-ons and Romulans – both stand-ins for the Nazi Japanese. Anyone see Star Trek staring Zachary Quinto/Eng? The Vulcan clothes and lattices and learning bowls resemble Chinese culture and learning steles; I know the Vulcans are Jewish so it’s very generous of the filmmakers to shout out to the Chinese.

    Uhura or Winona Ryder could be your true love and you are being interviewing inexperienced hookers! OMG.

    • mr. wiener

      The Romulans were the Chinese hence the pudding bowl haircuts, the original Star Trek was very cold war. The Vulcans were the Japanese because they were “Friendly” [at this stage in history].
      Nichelle Nickols the original Uhura was smokin’ hot back in the day. [Gene Rodinberry was tapping that too, the lucky swine].

  • Cleo

    OMG, all reality entertainment like this is SCRIPTED but this one in particular makes me LAUGH. OMG! Do it again, I know it’s wrong but frankly, the kind of girl who would marry Naruhito for the money when she really likes baseball players and her coworker deserves no sympathy. It is just too funny how all these “ladies” with Hidden Bimbo, Crouching I don’t know WhAT have temporary HOPE that Mr. Rourke will let them live on Fantasy Island.

    Do it again!



  • Cleo

    Look at the Malaysian goose egg who married Steven Seagal’s Japanese son! No matter how nice she looks, she is Mrs. Japanese Creepo and not Mrs. Andy Lau Duk Wah. You are who you are. And if you take money to marry, you are really terrible and he is really terrible AND an idiot.
    tsk, tsk

    seriously, take a look at Steven Seagal’s former “assistant” who is now his daughter in law.

  • A billionaire and he’s still so insecure about the size of his Chinese sausage and skills.

    Sounds like any woman who becomes the “pure” wife is agreeing to a life in hell.

  • DaBlackCat

    Long time reader but never a commentor. Wouldn’t milk tea girl be the most pure girl in chinasmack?

  • Slob

    Are rich people all this fucking retarded?

    Buy a 10 yuan library card, find a pure wife in the library. Is that so hard?

    • simon

      hahaha, best advise ever.

  • waihang

    “body pure” lol

    Just making my choice…

    [ ]
    Virgin girl shower and changed underwear once a week, and doesn’t know have to please me sexually

    Prostitute shower and change underwear everyday, and do know how to please me sexually

  • wacky

    seems more like a tv show than a real wife searching

  • Michael A

    This is incredibly stupid.

    A woman who has a pure heart could still have slept with one or twenty men as long as she felt they were all serious relationships. And if you measure “pure” in body only then you are stupid, because you would consider someone “pure” even if they had the worst possible thoughts.

    And a woman who has a truly pure heart would never sign up for a show like this.

    The only people this man will meet are those who are best at pretending to be pure.

    No, his problem is that he is isolated from real women, so he forms a dream image. His ideal woman would be someone who has grown up in a remote cabin caring for her grandparents, whilst being highly attractive but too pure to notice, and then suddenly she goes to get a good university education, and now she is suddenly very attracted to the idea of being paid to spend her life with this guy. Very few of these exist. To find the type of woman he really wants he should pretend to be someone who cleans the floors at a library.

  • linette

    If those girls all look like that then he is looking at the wrong place. If he wants a pretty girl he should go to those China Universities. They have some of the prettiest(yes, they are 100% natural without plastic surgery, is that pure enough?) and most educated girls.

    If he doesn’t want pretty girl but just “pure” then I guess those applicants will do.

  • Nyancat

    Trying to buy a ‘pure’ girl with money, oh the irony.

    • Little Wolf

      All right people, get your bottles of maple syrup ready……..

      From my view, there are few things more charming and “pure” than a Chinese girl that is truly in love.

  • caramel

    OMG!!! this is jus soooo funnnnyyyyyy…hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • An anonymous boy…

    Any woman who applies for that is obviously just seeking economic security as little other information is given about him.

    The women definitely don’t have “pure” intentions. So would it really matter if they have a “pure” body?

  • K

    I think that is possibly the flattest ass I’ve ever seen on a girl. Like pancake butt.

  • White Thrash

    there’s just some things you can’t buy…
    Are your 5 millions pure ?
    what about you ?

  • dim mak

    Pretty and still a 20-26 year old virgin = girl with mental issues

    Prove me wrong.

    • rightran

      or strict parents?

      • dim mak

        >Letting parents tell you what to do after 20
        Still mental issues

    • Shanghairen

      It’s called being picky and not jumping into bed with the first Wang Businessman that comes along. I would say that Chinese people in general are not curious about life and the world in general, and girls waiting a long time is just another facet of that. It’s the same thing with drinking–how could you not want to at least try it? But lots of Chinese girls don’t even want to try a small amount even once. Adding new things in your life would interfere with the schedule: go to work, come home, go online, sleep 11 hours.

    • Nibiru

      I know of a cute, nubile girl who’s 30 and still a virgin,maybe she wants to keep her hymen for a decent price.

    • Nibiru

      Though I believe she will depreciate as she ages, no matter how attractive she is. 30 years old virgin, and is still waiting.

  • navighost

    Hmm, rich person has more money than sense, SHOCK! Favourite comment: ‘Is your money pure’?, I seriously doubt it, it being impossible to become rich in China without fucking somebody over. Chinese girls, go for it, take this idiot for all he is worth! He deserves it! Goodness knows how many miners he buried for his money, and still thinks he can buy a virgin wife? Seriously? A rich guy wants to buy a peasant virgin? Welcome to the past, China. Just more examples why China will never amount to anything at all if they do not get their act together, and fast. (And I mean real education for everybody, now. No more lying to children, you fucking shameless bastards!). Time is running out China, ‘our’ patience is wearing thin, and the emperor’s new clothes have long ago been revealed for what they are. En bref, this guy is a fucking tool, and people with more sense than me would ignore him.

  • Notorious

    Both are sleazy. The man’s penis must be really tiny if he must pay 5 million to find a virgin.

  • Notorious

    I had to go back to the picture to see if the women looked like “old aunties” as one poster said. I guess the ideal woman to these men must come from heaven.

  • Notorious

    question, does china have mail order brides set up for well to do american men? I remember a while ago when they had the ones for russian.

    • dim mak

      Don’t think so, least I hope not
      We’re pretty protective of our women I’d say

      • moop

        unless they are being beaten in the middle of the street of course

      • Notorious

        yeah i imagine something like that would definitely be underground if it existed. i imagine a lot of foreigners would sign on very quickly, much to the bemusement of chinese men. i was not aware till chinasmack that these relationships were so reviled in china.

      • Alan

        We’re pretty protective of our women I’d say

        Not “your” women. You talk like a radical islamist who says that women are lesser than men…..

  • cc

    5 MiL? You can buy a lot of totty for that amount, he should just play the field rather than getting tied down with one woman, they all become boring and demanding after a few years of marriage and a couple of kids.

    • elToro

      By the looks of the pictures, Id say the ladies may well be Virgins.

      I mean, would you hit that?

      And for 5 mil? for that amount couldnt he just get a dick extension and grow a stem cell vagina on the back of a mouse and transplant it into a japanese sex robot. noob.

      • cc

        He would be better off with one of the dolls they sell nowadays that all look real, have all the bits and don’t talk back, one from every culture and nationality, probably set him back 50K.

  • Rick in China

    You’d imagine the girls applying would realize he’s not going to dish out for a frumpy looking random – although I guess if she needs to be a virgin they’re probably some of the only honest contenders.