Chinese Bisexual Schoolboy’s Story & Experiences: Part 1

Two Boys Kissing

Note: The translation of this Chinese netizen’s story is slightly abridged.

From Mop:

I am a bisexual, my love life from high school to university!

I was a new student at an ordinary high school in Beijing. Due to my strict upbringing during middle school, I had never dated before, and I was rather pure when I started high school. At that time, I really didn’t know anything about dating, but things that should happen will happen, people that we should encounter, will be encountered…

One day during lunch, I had just finished soaking some ramen in hot water, and when I turned around a tall shadow rushed towards me, a tragedy [sic] happened. Scalding hot broth spilled all over me, but luckily, I was not burned. I was in a panic and decided to change my clothes first before finding who was responsible, but he took off his uniform and said: “Sorry, I didn’t burn you, did I? You should take my uniform”.  At this moment, it occurred to me to raise my head and see who this troublemaker was, so tall…. roughly 190 cm [i.e. 6 ft 2 in].  I gave him a hard time, but I knew he didn’t do it on purpose, “when possible, forgive them” [Chinese proverb]. However, I still took his uniform, he took mine, and he asked me which class section I was in, what my name was. I replied that I was a freshmen in Class Four, my name is Xiao Hang. Wearing his large uniform was quite funny because the sleeves were as long as the ones on Beijing opera costumes!

When I entered class the next morning, I saw him waiting for me at the doorway, his hand holding my now clean uniform. I walked over, and he said “I’m really sorry about yesterday, at the time I didn’t see you and knocked you over. Here’s your uniform, I took it home and cleaned it.” I took my uniform and said, “It’s alright, your uniform is at my house, and I’ll bring it tomorrow. Which grade are you in?” He chuckled and said “Keep the uniform, consider it a souvenir, haha. I’m a sophomore in Class One. You can call me Tao Tao.”

And curiously like this, I became acquainted with him. To be honest, at the time I didn’t know anything about male-female relationships much less relationships between two men, so I didn’t think about it too much. After the incident, I didn’t try to talk to him until one day I bumped into him after school and said hello. He wheeled his bike over and asked: “Are you taking the bus home?” I replied, “Yeah, at the stop just ahead.”  “How about I give you a ride over there on my bike?” Being lazy, I happily agreed. After arriving at the bus stop, he asked “Where’s your house?” I answered “Neighborhood A”.  “Not very far, I might as well give you a ride over!” At the time, I felt bad for giving him so much trouble, so I politely refused and took the bus home.

After another period of time, the days got colder, and it was basically dark when school let out for the day. One day after school, I was with my classmate and very good friend Shang Shang. She shivered as we left school, so I lent her my coat since she’s a girl and would be riding her bike home while I took the bus. But it was really cold today, and while standing at the bus stop, he yelled to me before coming up and said “It’s so cold today, especially without a coat”. I smiled and said “It’s not a big deal, the bus will be here shortly.”  He replied “Why take the bus? You ought to take a cab!” Conveniently, a cab drove by and without giving me a chance to say anything, he pushed me in and said “Driver, Neighborhood A”.

Sitting in the cab, I thought “This guy is weird, why does he want to take me home so badly?” While I was thinking, he chimed, “My house is near yours, it’s at XX location.” So I said “Then you should get off first since your house is closer, I can get home by myself.” He remarked “I wanted you to take the cab, of course I have to drop you off, otherwise it wouldn’t be proper.” What kind of thinking is this? Not long after, I got home. While helping me get out of the cab he said, “Can I have your number, it’d be easier to keep in contact.” I didn’t think too much about it and gave it to him. He got back into the car and went home.

After having dinner, I started my homework, and the phone rang with a stranger’s text message, “Whatcha doing? Did you eat yet?” I didn’t realize it was him, so I answered: “You are…?” He responded “Relax! I just dropped you off and you already forgot who I am!” I suddenly realized it, and replied “Sorry, my mind is slow, didn’t think about it enough, hey hey!” He responded “put my number in your contacts! I still have some stuff to finish up here, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!” I still didn’t think too much about it and went back to my homework before watching some TV and going to bed.

The next morning, I turned on my phone and discovered three text messages, and all were from him. The first: “Whatcha doing? Sleep yet?” The second: “Why aren’t you replying?” The last one:  “You must’ve turned off your phone, must be sleeping, have a good rest, see you in the morning!” I wondered what he meant by “in the morning”. While waiting at the bus stop, I saw him wave toward me and he came over. “Get on the bike, I’ll send you to school.” I was stunned, and said “Ah, I shouldn’t do that. I’ll just take the bus.” He said “Take the bus? I’m already here! Lets go, get on!” I admit that I’m a person who can’t refuse others… I couldn’t help it, so I got on. He pedaled very quickly, and I held onto the bike seat. We arrived soon after, and he told me to hurry on ahead and get some breakfast. After this experience, he basically brought me home and took me to school every day and would often come to my class to find me. We’d spend lunch time on playground chatting, and I began to know him. His family runs a restaurant, is pretty well off, and he runs long-distance track. After a while, there was no longer any awkwardness between us, until that one day….

It was a Friday, and like any other day, I waited for him after school while he got his bike. As he pushed the bike towards me, he said “Hang, today’s my birthday, tell your parents you won’t be eating at home tonight. Is that ok?” I called my parents to let them know where I was going and then went with him to a restaurant.  He told me he already had a room reserved and some of his friends were already there. (At the time I was really nervous, I don’t know why, maybe it was because I didn’t know any of his friends.) There weren’t a lot of people, around six, and when we arrived they made a big fuss about how Brother Tao brought with him so-and-so…. at the time I didn’t pay much attention to it. During a birthday, it’s hard not to drink, Tao Tao can drink a lot and loves to drink (his drinking was the main problem that constantly disturbed our relationship, I’ll bring it up again later) and being his birthday, he had a lot…. It was already past 9 pm, and he drank himself to the point of passing out, so I asked one of his friends, Xiao R, what to do. He said lets take him home, and I agreed.

I helped Xiao R take him outside (people who have had too much are really really heavy), and Xiao R managed to get a cab before we hoisted him inside. His house wasn’t far away, and when we arrived I told Xiao R he should drop him off since I had to hurry home. Xiao R grumbled, “I can’t move him by myself!” (Indeed, Xiao R was a scrawny kind of guy, not even 170 cm [5 ft 7 in]). No choice, so I helped Xiao R drop him off. When we reached his house, Xiao R knocked on the door a few times, but no one answered. Xiao R said to get the keys from his pocket. I reached in to his jacket and started to search for the keys….not there, so I started to search in his pant pockets… I reached in and he suddenly grabbed my hand and started to move it to that area. I was very startled and quickly pulled my hand out …. and that’s when he pointed to his bag. I opened his bag, found the keys, opened the door, and we laid him down on his bed. Xiao R went to go get a moist towel to wipe him off and instructed me to take off his shoes and clothes. It was already late, but I grudgingly complied…. I guess good people gotta finish what they start. I took off his shoes first, and when I started to take off his shirt….. he suddenly pulled me into his chest and embraced me….. Ok, I admit that once again I was very startled. He hugged me tightly, I felt his breathing become more urgent, he turned his face towards mine… I saw this familiar yet unfamiliar face and, to my own surprise, closed my eyes and moved my lips toward his…

To be continued…

Comments from Mop:


Update more quickly.


Strongly urge lou zhu for updates… updates….


Don’t be too explicit, also: your taste is really strong, ha.


Dirty animal! Let this old monk fuck you.


Strong taste or whatever, I like it, LZ continue




Nothing too exciting.


This is really sweet! Bless you two!


LZ, if there are no updates, I will beat you up.


Lou zhu is really unique


Pray that the sweethearts of the world will find a way to be together


Lou zhu , increase your efficiency! The masses of Mop are waiting!


To say nothing else
My fantasy is to find a bisexual wife.
As for the reason… all men should understand.

Bi-curious? chinaSMACK personals.

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