Chinese Bisexual Schoolboy’s Story & Experiences: Part 2

Two Chinese boys embracing each other in the streets.

Two Chinese boys embracing each other in the streets.

Continued from Part 1.

Note: The translation of this Chinese netizen’s story is slightly abridged.

From Mop:

I am a bisexual, my love life from high school to university! [Part 2]

Now when I look back, my mind really was confused because I also had some drinks. But I was fully aware of it…. Just like this, my first kiss was gone…. (the most aggravating thing is when I mention this story, he [Tao Tao] surprisingly doesn’t remember!) I helped him take off his coat, Xiao R came in, and I told Xiao R that it’s already late, I have to hurry back home. Xiao R said go ahead [….], and I took a cab home…..

While sitting in the cab, I felt really fidgety and thought this can’t happen again in the future, it’s too outrageous! I even felt kind of dirty! After I got home, I took a shower, and climbed into bed….my emotions were a mess…worried something might happen to him while he was at home by himself….Would he kick off his blanket while sleeping? Such a cold day, he’s bound to catch a cold if he did that. That night I tossed and turned nonstop until 2 am when I finally started to feel some sleepiness. I was just about to turn off my cell phone…. suddenly it rang, a new text message, it was from him! To be honest, I was very happy and hurriedly read the text message. He said: “Hang, be with me, I will take care of you!” My emotions were chaotic…. I didn’t know how to respond, so I replied “Ah? Wait a moment.” He texted: “Agree faster, if you don’t agree, I’ll beat you up!” I chuckled and replied “OK, then.”

That weekend was very special, I don’t know which words can describe it perfectly. Saturday morning he called me to tell me he was awake. I said “Oh, and….” He said he was very sober about the text message he sent last night! He continued to say that since I agreed, could he call me precious [i.e. darling, baby]? Sigh, I really don’t know how to describe my feelings at the time. Excited? Happy? Confused? I don’t know… after all, this was my first serious relationship….. I said to him, “If you want to call me that, then go ahead. I’ll agree to whatever you want to call me, heh heh.” He responded, “Ok, darling (that was really quick), I will go help my parents out at the restaurant, be good at home for a while…. One more thing, yesterday night when you and Xiao R took me home I knew it was you who took off my shoes and coat, haha!”

I felt my face getting hot so I said, “Uh, you should hurry to the restaurant, I’m going to study…..” It was the beginning of January, and final exams were near. I sat at the foot of my bed and opened my notebook… absolutely could not focus on studying… my mind was filled with what happened last night. I recall thinking that absolutely no one else can know about this, if someone were to know, how could I remain in school?! I was stuck in this confused state for two days, and finally, on Sunday night he sent me a text message, “See you tomorrow morning, goodnight darling.” I didn’t reply…. turned off my phone and went to bed. The next morning my mom asked me, “Hang, something good happened to you these past two days? [You’re] giggling all day.” […] I basically jogged the whole way to the bus stop, and sure enough, I saw a familiar silhouette. After he saw me, he had such a big smile. We didn’t say much, I sat on the back of his bike, but this time I didn’t cling onto the bike seat…. rather, I hugged his waist….

[…] Just like it used to be, after getting to school he went to park the bike, and I went to class. He sent me a text, “Pay attention to the lecture! My big darling!~” Heh heh, to be honest, I felt really happy. When the morning classes were over, my school’s sports committee convened at noon, and since he is the committee member for his class he couldn’t play [sic] with me. So, I decided to go chat with Shang Shang just as her phone died, and she wanted to borrow mine to send a text. I didn’t delete any of the texts that he sent me, and just like that, Shang Shang saw everything! Eyes wide open, she stared at me…. “This can’t be real, right?!” I said it was real. Consequently, I told her everything that happened these last few days…. fortunately, she was able to accept all this… During afternoon classes, Tao Tao came to find me, and I told him the incident with Shang Shang. He said, “Don’t worry about it, I will become your pride and joy, believe me!”

Vacation time….heaven for students has arrived~, but this vacation would have an extraordinary meaning for me. Tao Tao is the kind of guy who would always give me small surprises, and he would remember clearly every sentence I said…. For example, near the school there are two breakfast shops that sell stuffed egg crêpes and soy drink, but the place on the right has the better soy drink while the one on the left has the better crêpe~ I remember one time casually saying this to him… and he remembered it. Every day after dropping me off at school, he would ride his bike and get me soy milk from the shop on the right and crêpes from the one on the left~ heh heh.

During vacation we went to play at a lot of places. For Spring Festival we went to a fair at a temple which had tossing a bean-bag and hitting soda can games… He tried the bean-bag game once, and surprisingly, got them all… the vendor had no choice but to give him the watch hanging on the wall. Just like a kid, he brought his watch over and said, “Darling, I got the big prize, the big prize!” I also played at his house a lot, his parents are really nice~ but when these two were alone it was hard for them to not argue. We were also like this, to be honest, I have a very bad temper…. Right now, my temper is even worse than it was back then… perhaps it’s all because he spoiled me… I remember once he agreed to go with me to buy a cell phone number [i.e. SIM card]. He said, any newsstand or convenience store would sell this, just go buy it yourself…. I said, “I wanted to go to the [market for SIM cards] and get a number that ends with your birthday…” He responded, “There’s no need, that’s very expensive…. also, I agreed to meet up with some buddies to play pool.” I got very angry and quickly said, “Forget it, I will go by myself, no need for you to accompany me” and then turned off the phone after hanging up….

The following day I left my phone off and went to the market by myself, [only to find] that it was 220 RMB [i.e. about $32], and there was no guarantee I could get that number, so I bought a random number… ending with 98402… means nothing special~. Still feeling bitter, I didn’t tell him that I changed numbers and texted all my friends my new number. Another day passed…. and I still didn’t contact him… when I woke up in the morning I discovered a text from an unknown number… “Darling…. I was wrong. Forgive me… I bought a sweetheart number to match yours!” I looked at the number again, the first few numbers were the same, and the ending numbers were 02489…..

I gave him a call back… on the phone he said: “Babe~ don’t be angry… don’t hurt yourself by being angry!” Heh heh, I actually wasn’t angry anymore… but I pretended to be unhappy… I said: “How did find my new number?“ and he teased back, “I’m so handsome~ so charming~ I can easily ask your friends to find out your new number! Haha~” I couldn’t help it and burst into laughter (I still haven’t met another person as shameless as him) “Ok~ I’ll forgive you this one time~! How do you plan on apologizing~” He replied: “Babe, wait at home for me!” and he hung up.

Shortly after, the phone rang and he wanted me to come downstairs…. In my neighborhood’s courtyard there’s a small pavilion, and he wanted me to go there. Upon arriving, I saw 6 bottles of red tea and 6 bottles of green tea on the ground forming a heart shape… I remember saying to him once that I loved to drink hot red tea during the winter, while he likes to drink green tea….After seeing all this, I almost cried, it was really touching….. All the bottles of red tea were hot, and he proceeded to pout like spoiled brat by saying “Did you know that hot red tea costs 4 RMB!”

Happy times are always brief, school started again….I honestly believe high school studies put lots of pressure, and we got a new homeroom teacher who teaches math for the second semester. Everyone knows my math is very poor… sigh~ Naturally, this teacher didn’t like me very much… When Tao Tao came to my class to find me, the teacher warned me to not let older students do this anymore, it’s a bad influence! I was bewildered and didn’t know what this bad influence really was! But, I had no choice, Tao Tao stopped coming to find me, instead he sent text messages, and we’d go to the grass field at the playground to chat… Two men sticking to each other day after day, it’s hard not to arouse suspicion… This time, an extremely vile girl would appear……

Allow me to say that Tao Tao is very handsome (if there are a lot of replies to this post, I’ll post his picture)….. 190 cm tall, which makes him the tallest in our school. Not surprisingly, there are girls who like him, and those who like him will follow him closely….those who follow him closely will consequently focus on me….. Objectively speaking, this girl is rather pretty, and her name has Bo in it, so lets call her Xiao B, haha [this sounds like xiao3 bi1, which means little cunt]. Xiao B is one grade level above me, in other words, the same grade as Tao Tao, but she was in Class 3 while Tao Tao was in Class 1. Supposedly, she started liking Tao Tao as a freshmen (I heard all this later from Tao Tao). That day, I left school with Tao Tao to go home, and his phone rang~ He casually handed me his phone and said: “Requesting the boss’ inspection!” I laughed as I took his phone and saw a stranger’s number…. Tao Tao proceeded to say, “Requesting the boss to approve acceptance of this call from an unknown number!” I laughed to the point of crying and replied, “Hurry up and see who it is! Don’t hold up official business.” The call was from the girl, and she probably said something about liking Tao Tao and wanting to be his friend [i.e. girlfriend], would he agree and also asking Tao Tao who I was. Tao Tao didn’t say too much other than he would not agree since he already had a friend but didn’t say it was me. I could understand his reply, after all, today’s society has not opened up to that extent, and we were still not accepted by many. However, something that would make one’s blood boil with anger happened that night….

That night my phone rang… a stranger’s number… everyone can guess who it was…. No mistake, it was Xiao B. She said, “I know your name! I know what’s going on between you and Tao Tao! Let me tell you! He’s not meant for you! Get away from him! I will give you a one week deadline! If you’re still stuck on him like dog-skin ointment [sic, i.e. like a bandage], I will tell your homeroom teacher and his homeroom teacher! You can decide what to do!” […] Without letting me get a sentence in, she hung up, and I immediately called Tao Tao, only to find that the line was busy… presumably, Xiao B was also calling him, and shortly after he called me back saying, “Don’t mind Xiao B, just like a crazy dog!” I echoed, “Yea, you should also not let people like this get you angry!” He responded, “Sigh, looks like your hubby is still hot stuff!” At the time, I thought that if he were in front of me, I’d slap him for sure!~ haha. Even though we agreed not to pay her any attention, we were still afraid she would tell our homeroom teachers. During that week, we basically didn’t see each other during school, only going to and after school were we together~ However, this matter did not end here, and one day, I got another message from Xiao B….

To be continued…

Comments from Mop:


Hey! Live broadcast!
Haha, even though I can’t accept homosexuality… but I still want see what the homosexual mentality is like…
Once my high school girlfriend went to college, she became a homosexual… looking at our situation always seems to revolve around me not giving her a man’s “care” so she came to think that finding a man or a woman is the same.
TMD, I was only 18 at the time, how was I supposed to know how to “care” for a woman…


I’m not going to read anymore, LZ is totally a girl. At first, this story was pretty novel/interesting, but in the end, however you look at it, it still sounds like it was really one man, one woman


lalalalalala, update faster, I know it’s slow posting with your cell phone, but I really want hear this story


Unable to accept this! Or accept this without choice…?


Lately, I also wanted to do some research lala, so I’m interested in your essay. Update quickly, will read more tomorrow.


What are you doing, why am staying up until now for your post, yet you still didn’t update! Speed!

匿名人士3817 :

I remember a handsome guy at my high school who always liked to hold me and say I was his little wife… at the time I didn’t understand at all…. only felt very happy…. to not hide it, is not acceptable..


I’ve fainted, lou zhu I want to ask if your story is very long? Can you write faster? Also, I saw there are quite a few people who don’t support you, I want to say that I support you, I have no prejudice against homosexuality. Lou zhu, jia you write [write more]! Faster, faster, and even faster than that!!!!!


Lou zhu, your writing makes me want to start talking about my own experience… I support you… It’s fortunate that I’m very happy.

程小僧的那些事 :

This really is like a light novel…. that man is too brave, how come I haven’t seen a man who’s that brave…. Beijing is a big city after all (-_-)

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