Chinese-Black Couple On Shanghai Metro

From KDS:

This morning on the Line 1 Metro startling revealed a man with extremely heavy/strong taste, with pictures there is proof




Comments from KDS:


Is it not okay for others to like eating chocolate abalone?


My god~


The guy cannot possibly satisfy her, must use an electric vibrator.


After seeing Lou Jing, I can no longer determine whether or not this girl is African.


A TF with a sense of justice, getting revenge for Lou Jing’s “dad”.


The photograph captures the point, NIGGA’s have great butts, this friend has good fortune


Amongst blacks, [she] is considered not bad
Moreover, [if he] can satisfy a black, obviously has an exceptionally long…


Black people’s butts, both tight and perky


[I] commend [him/this], winning honor/glory for the nation!


Actually, finding this kind of person to have sex with is very satisfying/great


I admit I am a little unable to accept this.


Lou Jing’s FANS.


Nobody noticed!!

That is [Tracy] McGrady’s wig~~~


This girl must be McGrady’s older sister…
YP, the guy must be an YP


Her appearance and body are not bad.

Two black legs holding you…

oh my, this is what heaven is!


Turn off the lights and they [women] are all the same.

As long as there is no smell.


Black girls can only be looked at from afar and not touched up close, PG [pi guo, 屁股, butt] covered with thick anal hair, terrible feeling, neither is it comfortable once you are doing it. Not much different with white girls also, though of course a bit better than black girls. To sum up, Asian MM are still better, with smooth butts, feels good.


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Love’s power/strength, love has no borders.


This girl likes it from behind, look at the knees:


Andy McNab:

LZ, your’s is not pure!

[not as pure as the one in the picture below]



This post shows,

that with us holding the Olympics and soon holding the World Expo,

our country’s overall strength has increased a lot.

I believe in the near future,

there will be sons and daughters of various skin color

on the subways of our country’s many cities

being embraced and kissed by our country’s men.


Don’t say [his] taste heavy/strong, it is that this girl has a healthy body. Once the lights are off, what guy who not want to try?


[His taste is] not the least bit heavy/strong, [he is] wining honor/glory for Chinese men.

Who said it isn’t possible if you’re short?


Soon there will be a yellow-skinned LJ [Lou Jing] born in America… it is time for an American black father to wear a [green] hat…


**, this girl is probably not mixed, yet she is relatively whiter/lighter than some who are mixed.

This shows that Lou Jing’s mix is absolutely a failure.


I feel black people’s skin is far more fine/exquisite than white races. I used to often see black girls when I went to work, very attractive!

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