Chinese Bombing Victim Memorial at American Baseball Game


From Sina Weibo:

@卓越兄: Look at America people’s attitudes towards/respect of life. [蜡烛] Boston, Saturday. Before a baseball game, the entire stadium mourned the unfortunate death of Chinese study abroad student Lu Lingzi. (Associated Press photo)

Many of the comments were simply candle emoticons and forwarding. Below is a sample of the remaining comments, some expressing suspicion of the original poster’s intentions.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


What are you trying to say?!


A country’s level of civilization/education is related to their attitude towards life.


China should learn!


Us Chinese people must rebuild our respect towards life, an attitude of valuing an cherishing.


Licking Western assholes must be satisfying!


This PS looks a little fake.


Life is not a number.


Only when in America are Chinese people treated like people.


They’re also planning to establish a school scholarship in this girl’s name. When the news came out, 500k USD was donated that very day.


Wasn’t it said that the family didn’t want to publicize the victim’s surname?


Cautiously questioning the authenticity of this information, I couldn’t find it on the AP official website, nor did I find it through an image search of similar images. It would be best if the original microblog poster provide the original source URL.


That Chinese-Canadian who was killed in a hotel last time, who had been dead for days and was still soaking in the water tank. When she died, she was just dead, there weren’t such grand solemnity like this.


Nothing else needs to be said, Americans, the hope of humanity!


Hope to see the relevant government departments, when compiling the numbers of dead this time, be able to be precise to the single’s digit, and be able to write out the names of every single deceased.


Many times, we spend everyday only focused on the faults of other countries, thinking about disputes over interests, and we’ve lost some of the most basic and important things. Learn from the United States, Japan, UK, France…the Maldives!


Hypocritical America, their so-called respect for life, did they respect the lives in Afghanistan and Iraq?


BTW, during the memorial, they also mentioned today’s earthquake in China. The entire scene was very moving.


This is a little deceptive, are you trying to say Chinese people treat life with contempt then? Yesterday the majority of entertainment shows were all cancelled [on Chinese television out of respect and for news coverage of the Sichuan Ya’an earthquake].


Chinese people also attach a lot of importance to life.


I deeply believe this is not Imperialist America putting on a show, but an external manifestation of values–Individual life, freedom, and rights over everything else. Only democratic systems can protect this expression of values.


I don’t know how to describe [my feelings about] the United States. The day I learned of the Boston Bombings, an American military bomb in Afghanistan blew up over 30 Afghan villagers. I can only use “shock” to describe. The United States did not mourn over the innocent Afghan civilians killed by the American military that day, and many Americans simply don’t even know about it. The tens of thousands of civilian casualties in the Afghanistan War:


Don’t bring up the United States in everything. [睡觉] After various disasters in the past, there were sports fans at Chinese football matches who spontaneously did things in remembrance. [鄙视] It’s just that few people reported them, and few people mentioned them. Those people who are only willing to look at American’s attitudes, just go become American running dogs already.


Chinese sports teams have all held memorials.


There were moments of silence and tributes before Chinese sporting events too. Athletes also pointed to the sky in remembrance after making goals. CBA [Chinese Basketball Association] players immediately expressed mourning on their microblogs… I think using this example to intentionally emphasize the two words “United States” unavoidably too far-fetched. Did the continuous NBA games have segments where a moment of silence was observed? Who can tell me…?


How come I don’t see you guys doing any commemorative activity, fawning over foreigners TM for even this.


Life knows no national boundaries. A respect of life embodies a country’s civility and a person’s character.


Long live the United States of America!


Several years ago, an Korean-American shot dead 32 schoolmates on campus, and the American people and the victim’s families held a memorial service for both the 32 victims and the murderer, releasing 33 balloons with their names written on them as a prayer for them in heaven. Looking at the comments here, I feel that the majority of our countrymen have compassion, that they are the mainstream, that our nationality has hope, that those without humanity are the minority, and that the evil will get what’s coming to them!


At the start of Saturday’s Chinese [Football] Super League match, there was also mourning for the victims of the earthquake this time, but how come you don’t post a microblog with a title called: “Look at Chinese people’s attitudes towards/respect of life”? [思考]


Stupid cock, is ensuring that people won’t be shot dead randomly on the streets by someone with a gun more important or observing a minute of silence for someone dead more important? Even if they lower the flag to half-mast!


I truly suspect that this is fake.


So, if people are shot dead every day, and if they mourn and light candles every day, then the United States’ most developed industry shouldn’t be the weapons industry but the candle business. If you fucking respect life so much, can you ban guns already? Can you stop throwing bombs at the Middle East? Such great respect towards life, I’m in complete adoration at the moment.


Hehe, louzhu, what are you trying to convey? Are you saying Americans are good?? Or what…? Americans are really nothing special… doing this only to show that their country is about human rights…about how much they cherish both the living and the dead… or to be more severe, it’s to use ideology to make the entire world’s people think their country is so great, and yearn for it! It’s in preparation for them invading the rest of the world in the future…


That’s an act of the American people and has nothing to do with the American government!


Even posting the Photoshopped, there are all kinds of people now who will do anything to get eyeballs on Weibo! Fuck!


It would be better to ban guns and stop doing evil than put on a show! The United States is often the government doing evil and the people paying the price!


Photoshopped? If Americans were this great, then there wouldn’t be racial discrimination, harming ethnic Chinese everywhere.


Even dying abroad gets one more respect than living in China. [泪]


Americans should be shocked, that every that of every 3 Americans is 1 Chinese person!


Not going to deny that the United States is more conscientious than China when it comes to human rights and such problems, but louzhu don’t be so quick to satirize/mock things [make something more than it is]. This thing is limited to this thing only, their remembering of victims is remembering of victims, very pure, so don’t blindly rack your brains. They’re not writing articles [making this incident more than what it is], so why are you?


Get lost, you despicable person! Trying to incite and instigate even at this time. Even if the victim were North Korean or Muslim, as long as they are an innocent victim, they will be be given the same respect. [Microblog account owner], do you think by so despicably posting this microblog post that Obama is going to give you a reward or citizenship? [鄙视]


If they paid tribute to each and every one of the civilians mistakenly killed in the Vietnam War, Iraq War, and Afghanistan War, then I’ll admire them…


Chinese people are also the same reverential towards life, so if you think the United States is better, then you can go to the United States, no one is stopping you, but please don’t post this kind of thing during a time of national tragedy when the people are suffering to rattle the people’s emotions!!!


Looked at it, so what? Are you trying to say Chinese people’s attitude towards life is one without respect?


They only have this attitude towards things that happen in the United States and happen to Americans. Other countries and people are less than a single tree in their eyes.


Now this is how people behave, no matter what nationality or skin color. China already has a very large portion of its people brainwashed into animals that can’t even be considered human.


What about the Chinese person who was dismembered in Canada? What about the Chinese girl that was raped and murdered by laowai?!? Them remembering this person is because this was done by their enemy and not done by their own people!


Don’t say look at the Americans, which one of our Chinese people doesn’t care about life? Not only the Boston but also Ya’an, it’s not just Americans who have human compassion!


American hypocrisy! What were they thinking when they attacked Iraq!


Love does not distinguish between nationality. Boston University also established a scholarship in Lu Lingzi’s name. [赞][心]


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