Chinese Bombing Victim Memorial at American Baseball Game


From Sina Weibo:

@卓越兄: Look at America people’s attitudes towards/respect of life. [蜡烛] Boston, Saturday. Before a baseball game, the entire stadium mourned the unfortunate death of Chinese study abroad student Lu Lingzi. (Associated Press photo)

Many of the comments were simply candle emoticons and forwarding. Below is a sample of the remaining comments, some expressing suspicion of the original poster’s intentions.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


What are you trying to say?!


A country’s level of civilization/education is related to their attitude towards life.


China should learn!


Us Chinese people must rebuild our respect towards life, an attitude of valuing an cherishing.


Licking Western assholes must be satisfying!


This PS looks a little fake.


Life is not a number.


Only when in America are Chinese people treated like people.


They’re also planning to establish a school scholarship in this girl’s name. When the news came out, 500k USD was donated that very day.


Wasn’t it said that the family didn’t want to publicize the victim’s surname?


Cautiously questioning the authenticity of this information, I couldn’t find it on the AP official website, nor did I find it through an image search of similar images. It would be best if the original microblog poster provide the original source URL.


That Chinese-Canadian who was killed in a hotel last time, who had been dead for days and was still soaking in the water tank. When she died, she was just dead, there weren’t such grand solemnity like this.


Nothing else needs to be said, Americans, the hope of humanity!


Hope to see the relevant government departments, when compiling the numbers of dead this time, be able to be precise to the single’s digit, and be able to write out the names of every single deceased.


Many times, we spend everyday only focused on the faults of other countries, thinking about disputes over interests, and we’ve lost some of the most basic and important things. Learn from the United States, Japan, UK, France…the Maldives!


Hypocritical America, their so-called respect for life, did they respect the lives in Afghanistan and Iraq?


BTW, during the memorial, they also mentioned today’s earthquake in China. The entire scene was very moving.


This is a little deceptive, are you trying to say Chinese people treat life with contempt then? Yesterday the majority of entertainment shows were all cancelled [on Chinese television out of respect and for news coverage of the Sichuan Ya’an earthquake].


Chinese people also attach a lot of importance to life.


I deeply believe this is not Imperialist America putting on a show, but an external manifestation of values–Individual life, freedom, and rights over everything else. Only democratic systems can protect this expression of values.


I don’t know how to describe [my feelings about] the United States. The day I learned of the Boston Bombings, an American military bomb in Afghanistan blew up over 30 Afghan villagers. I can only use “shock” to describe. The United States did not mourn over the innocent Afghan civilians killed by the American military that day, and many Americans simply don’t even know about it. The tens of thousands of civilian casualties in the Afghanistan War:


Don’t bring up the United States in everything. [睡觉] After various disasters in the past, there were sports fans at Chinese football matches who spontaneously did things in remembrance. [鄙视] It’s just that few people reported them, and few people mentioned them. Those people who are only willing to look at American’s attitudes, just go become American running dogs already.


Chinese sports teams have all held memorials.


There were moments of silence and tributes before Chinese sporting events too. Athletes also pointed to the sky in remembrance after making goals. CBA [Chinese Basketball Association] players immediately expressed mourning on their microblogs… I think using this example to intentionally emphasize the two words “United States” unavoidably too far-fetched. Did the continuous NBA games have segments where a moment of silence was observed? Who can tell me…?


How come I don’t see you guys doing any commemorative activity, fawning over foreigners TM for even this.


Life knows no national boundaries. A respect of life embodies a country’s civility and a person’s character.


Long live the United States of America!


Several years ago, an Korean-American shot dead 32 schoolmates on campus, and the American people and the victim’s families held a memorial service for both the 32 victims and the murderer, releasing 33 balloons with their names written on them as a prayer for them in heaven. Looking at the comments here, I feel that the majority of our countrymen have compassion, that they are the mainstream, that our nationality has hope, that those without humanity are the minority, and that the evil will get what’s coming to them!


At the start of Saturday’s Chinese [Football] Super League match, there was also mourning for the victims of the earthquake this time, but how come you don’t post a microblog with a title called: “Look at Chinese people’s attitudes towards/respect of life”? [思考]


Stupid cock, is ensuring that people won’t be shot dead randomly on the streets by someone with a gun more important or observing a minute of silence for someone dead more important? Even if they lower the flag to half-mast!


I truly suspect that this is fake.


So, if people are shot dead every day, and if they mourn and light candles every day, then the United States’ most developed industry shouldn’t be the weapons industry but the candle business. If you fucking respect life so much, can you ban guns already? Can you stop throwing bombs at the Middle East? Such great respect towards life, I’m in complete adoration at the moment.


Hehe, louzhu, what are you trying to convey? Are you saying Americans are good?? Or what…? Americans are really nothing special… doing this only to show that their country is about human rights…about how much they cherish both the living and the dead… or to be more severe, it’s to use ideology to make the entire world’s people think their country is so great, and yearn for it! It’s in preparation for them invading the rest of the world in the future…


That’s an act of the American people and has nothing to do with the American government!


Even posting the Photoshopped, there are all kinds of people now who will do anything to get eyeballs on Weibo! Fuck!


It would be better to ban guns and stop doing evil than put on a show! The United States is often the government doing evil and the people paying the price!


Photoshopped? If Americans were this great, then there wouldn’t be racial discrimination, harming ethnic Chinese everywhere.


Even dying abroad gets one more respect than living in China. [泪]


Americans should be shocked, that every that of every 3 Americans is 1 Chinese person!


Not going to deny that the United States is more conscientious than China when it comes to human rights and such problems, but louzhu don’t be so quick to satirize/mock things [make something more than it is]. This thing is limited to this thing only, their remembering of victims is remembering of victims, very pure, so don’t blindly rack your brains. They’re not writing articles [making this incident more than what it is], so why are you?


Get lost, you despicable person! Trying to incite and instigate even at this time. Even if the victim were North Korean or Muslim, as long as they are an innocent victim, they will be be given the same respect. [Microblog account owner], do you think by so despicably posting this microblog post that Obama is going to give you a reward or citizenship? [鄙视]


If they paid tribute to each and every one of the civilians mistakenly killed in the Vietnam War, Iraq War, and Afghanistan War, then I’ll admire them…


Chinese people are also the same reverential towards life, so if you think the United States is better, then you can go to the United States, no one is stopping you, but please don’t post this kind of thing during a time of national tragedy when the people are suffering to rattle the people’s emotions!!!


Looked at it, so what? Are you trying to say Chinese people’s attitude towards life is one without respect?


They only have this attitude towards things that happen in the United States and happen to Americans. Other countries and people are less than a single tree in their eyes.


Now this is how people behave, no matter what nationality or skin color. China already has a very large portion of its people brainwashed into animals that can’t even be considered human.


What about the Chinese person who was dismembered in Canada? What about the Chinese girl that was raped and murdered by laowai?!? Them remembering this person is because this was done by their enemy and not done by their own people!


Don’t say look at the Americans, which one of our Chinese people doesn’t care about life? Not only the Boston but also Ya’an, it’s not just Americans who have human compassion!


American hypocrisy! What were they thinking when they attacked Iraq!


Love does not distinguish between nationality. Boston University also established a scholarship in Lu Lingzi’s name. [赞][心]

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  • Here is the original source of the image on the Associated Press @apimages Sina Weibo account:

  • MrT

    What a sickening way to cop it, and now the fcking debate in America who really did it.
    I hope Chinese learn to stop going to this sht hole of a country that’s going supernova.
    RIP innocent girl.

    • Joe

      LOL you tarded, son.

      • MrT

        thanks Dad!

  • she is pretty

  • BiggJ

    I think it does not matter what american and western countries do. Most chinese will still hate no matter what.

    • Jeffrey Wu

      The same could be said for China and Westerners.

      • BiggJ

        Sure, but not on the same scale as china….nationalism breeds a lot of hatred. I think you will find more people who china who hate westerners, where as westerners in general don’t really care about china enough to hate it.

        • Jeffrey Wu

          Whatever happens in China always happens on a larger scale than any other country, it’s inevitable, they have the largest population.

          • BiggJ

            Then by that logic you should have the most open caring people in the world too. Population has nothing to do with it. Chinese are taught that nothing compares to china and every other country is evil and out to get them.

          • Jeffrey Wu

            By numbers, China probably does have the most number of open and caring people in the world. By percentage, probably not, not even near the top rankings.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah that is what I meant to say.

          • Jeffrey Wu

            I was spoon-fed Chinese education for quite a few years; from my experience, the education doesn’t say any country is evil except Japan, and even with Japan, it’s done very mildly. They only refer to specific treaties where China was forced at gunpoint to sign treaties that were unjust like the Treaty of Nanking. Basically the education doesn’t tell you to hate anyone, it just tells you to grow up to be a patriotic Chinese and don’t act like the cowards in the Qing Dynasty did. The bogeymen in Chinese education most of the time are not foreigners, but traitors, or 汉奸. Examples include Wang Jingwei and Cixi. Of course, glorification is done much more, one of the most famous being the shepherd boy who supposedly misled a Japanese patrol into a trap set by the Eight Route Army but was then tragically killed. Even controversial figures like Jiang Jieshi are not vilified anymore, probably to promote cross strait goodwill. All in all, the education in China is far from non-biased, but not nearly as extremist as many like the netouyo would like to think. Needless to say, my experience was only a few years of primary education, I can’t say anything about secondary or tertiary education but since primary education is the foundation of further education, I doubt there is much change in attitude towards foreigners in secondary or tertiary education.

          • BiggJ

            I think a a lot of it too is america is guilty by association when it come to japan. And I guess capitalism plays a part too. I don’t know much about the whole education system in china. I just know from talking to regular people. A friend of mine works in a some chinese school and he said they where having a presentation for the parents. This presentation each child would represent one country and they would get up in front of everyone and talk for a minute or something about that country. Well, the parents were going nuts because they included Japan and Korea, And none of the parents wanted their kid to play them parts, so they had to take them out. lol. So what does that tell the kids? Well Japan and Korea must be really bad with my mom wont let me even go in the play if I were them. It’s not healthy.
            And just regular people I talk to in china not one single person I have ever talked to has said they like japan…not even not mind them. They hate them. Straight up. With america I get about 75% don’t like them. Yet all have apple phones or something american. lol.

            How can you expect people from one country to respect other peoples when most don’t even respect each other. It’s a bad combination.

          • Jeffrey Wu

            The South Korea-China-Japan triangle is both interesting and sad to look at. All three hate the other two and in many cases, for different reasons. Japan hates China and Korea because those two countries hate Japan for not apologising for war crimes; whether or not you view it as a just response to China/Korea or as a symbol of Japan’s unremorseful attitude is up to you. South Korea hates China because China once dominated them in ancient times and it hurts Korea’s ego to admit their once-upon-a-time inferiority, that and the fact that China helped North Korea. China hates South Korea because South Korea hates China and tried to claim Chinese traditions as having originated in Korea. This cycle will probably continue for a very long time, I just hope there won’t be an excessively devastating war.

          • interesting post

          • Ale Jandro

            it looks like a high school dispute, right?

          • LuoyangLaowai

            at a Highschool I worked at. The school had an assembly where the Leader gave a speech to the students. Us foreigners were not there, but after some of the students told us the leader said “LEARN ENGLISH FROM THE WHITE DEVILS AND NOTHING MORE”. Im sure this is not a Isolated incident. I think schools all over china tell this to their students. maybe even worse. So. I have no doubt that the education system says countries like America are evil.

          • MrT

            I say the same.

          • donscarletti

            Man, I totally condemn that narrow minded principal. They should be hearing life lessons like:

            “Study isn’t everything, you know, I studied communications at my local college, hung out in the campus bar, played guitar and sports and XBox mostly. After I finished, I wanted to be a TV presenter or something, but you know, it wasn’t really my thing, so I worked a bit of retail and stuff. Then I found out there was this English teaching thing in China and it sounded like interesting, on the other side of the world and stuff, you know, worth a try. Teaching’s great, it pays just as well as Starbucks or Walmart did and way more fun. China’s great too, the girls are awesome, the restaurants are cheap, you know, and nobody gives you any pressure about stuff. So I think it’s cool, like, there’s no pressure to study like too hard or anything, you just do your own thing and it will be cool.”

            I sure would want my kids to grow up to emulate an expat English teacher.

          • Chang Liu

            A lot of older generation are morally conservative and see contemporary West as a threat to their moral order. You can go with a perfectly reasonable explanation or chose conspiracy, your call.

          • TJDubs

            Sounds like the Crazy English guy, who encouraged Chinese people to learn English so they could bring down Imperialist America and crush Little Japan. (Also famously beat the bejesus out of his American wife)

          • LuoyangLaowai

            THATS RIGHT!! His camps do. I was teaching at one of his Summer camps last summer in Guiyang, My Chinese Sucks, but one of the other foreign teachers there could speak a decent amount. He was telling me during one of the morning lessons with the big groups of students that the speaker kept talking about how They shouldnt be speaking English and Westerners should be speaking Chinese. and several other words of bullshit, I cant remember what all he translated. ANYWAY. Then later that week Li Yang came to the camp. AND HE IS A DOUCHE BAG!!!!!! All the students were in an Assembly in the Auditorium. and us 6 Foreign teachers were sitting on the stage while Li Yang was giving a speach. Li Yang NEVER Acknowledged that we were even there for the entire 2 hours he was talking to the students.

          • BiggJ

            lol, yeah, One thing I never understood was why you would advertise a chinese person to teach you english…It just seems like shitty marketing to me. It’s having me a white guy advertising”Learn chinese in 24 hours!!!” You know it’s going to be bullshit. hahha

          • 老外在香港

            It’s sad that Li Yang managed to nab himself a white woman.

            Honestly, I don’t trust asian men with white women, they seem to have a great deal of antipathy towards white men.

            Doesn’t bode well for the children of any such relationships.

          • When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But really I just disagree with one ignoramus’ opinion imposed upon many. Also I think the same implies for foreigners in China, which is that one should speak the native tongue if one decides to emigrate there. Just as speak English when in UK.

          • Chang Liu

            Well done, I can verify that this is true. I had 1-5 grade in Beijing and thats agrees with my own experience.

          • ex-expat

            yeah then why does my girlfriend’s three year old daughter already hate Japanese people? the school teaches them the Japanese people are bad.

          • Chang Liu

            Errrm, more population = more pressure on everything from resources to access to education. Not sure that is conducive to creating caring people dude, in fact the opposite makes more sense.

        • Nilerafter24

          You’d be surprised. Due to the huge waves of political correctness that is forced upon westerners, most rarely give up honest opinions regarding people of other cultures. What you may be considering as a lack of concern for China affairs could actually be unwillingness to voice true opinions.
          But hey, just go and read any Yahoo! article that mentions anything bad in China and see what people say. If that’s not hate then I don’t know what is.
          Also, your generalization lacks facts. There is no way to determine what MOST Chinese people think of the west. A few political zealots on some random forums and some random people you meet during your time in China is not enough for you to come to that conclusion.

          • You must be talking about that mancho dude who claims worldy knowledge from knowing “vast”amount of people. Oh and count his wife in it too.
            Tl,dr : jk on self righteous as$^

        • Yup, In the US, the south, most prominent negative comments comes in flavors of “Made in China”jokes.

    • The Enlightened One

      I wouldn’t say most. Most actually don’t even care and are just trying to make a living. I would say there is a large enough percentage to make an impact due to the population but it certainly isn’t most. If anything, most are still somewhat curious and ignorant… but not really hateful.

    • nitewings

      that’s just internet ignorance in general. like what you are doing right now.


      Really, most Chinese people hate the West? So you’re saying over 50% of Chinese hate the West and it’s people? I find that very hard to believe. To me the biggest source of this “hatred” you speak of is the inbalance of power between China and the West. If China ever catches up, which I don’t think it will in the next 100 years, then the level of hatred will definitely go down. It’s pretty much human nature to dislike anyone who is perceived as stronger than yourself who isn’t on your side.

      • BiggJ

        “Most” was a bad choice of words on my part. What I really mean is “too many”.

      • Power transition theory posits that should China near the level of American power, there will in fact not be a softening of relations, but increased chance of conflict — unless China can be brought into the existing international order in a way that benefits it. Sadly, it looks more and more like China is not happy with the existing international order.


          Agree but the problem is that the “existing international order” is western dominated. I don’t blame China for not wanting to assimilate into their culture since it wouldn’t be equal. I guess there will be more hatred/dislike if CHina is unable to assimilate into the international order like say Japan. Guess I have to take back my comment about hatred going down if China becomes more powerful, it might very well go up like you said. If China becomes more powerful it might be another Cold War, but that’s a distant possibility as the world is much to interconnected today for either side to engage in a Cold War style showdown.

      • moody

        I strongly disagree
        And If you actually interact with people here on business related matters, you’ll quickly find out that the day they own you is the day they start to step all over you.
        I am really surprised that you actually missed it coz it never fail to go this way.


          YOu live in China moody? I live in the U.S. and I totally believe you that Chinese will step all over you when they know they own you. But really business is about money and we all know how money=status for Chinese. I’d think they’d do this to other Chinese as well right?

          “I am really surprised that you actually missed it coz it never fail to go this way.”
          What’s that supposed to mean? That I don’t feel like China hates the West as much as biggj said they do? If you feel they do, I can’t argue with your feelings, it’s just that I never got that vibe from them. But then again we’re two totally different people so our perceptions will be different.

          • moody

            when did I ever say China hates the West ?


            No you misunderstood me, I never attributed that to you, I was asking you if you feel that China hates the West. But really what does this statement mean:
            “I am really surprised that you actually missed it coz it never fail to go this way.”

      • BiggJ

        Well not so much hatred..more like…It’s so hard to explain…It’s like jealousy, envy and insecurity all put in a bottle of ignorance. Not all..not even most…but enough that it’s noticeable to me pretty much on a daily basis. I have dealing with alot of chinese canadian their attitudes are completely different then the mainlanders I meet. Like you can’t say a damn thing to them without it going back to america for some reason. Like if I mention pollution or something thats not kissing chinas ass. Then the response is” And you think america is better?” They kill people blah blah blah….It’s by me saying something that puts china in a somewhat bad light, Im not praising the western world of america to chinese people. I’m not comparing any countries when I say things like that.

        And if china does get on par with america…then all hell will break loose…not calm down.

        • POS

          Nailed it man. It is hard to pin down but its there and you really feel it coming from any other Asian country.


          Although I am Japanese-American myself and therefore don’t know firsthand what it’s like to be a Westerner in China, you summed up what I thought it was like. Do you also agree with me that westerners in general live better than locals in China, assuming everything else is the same (income, age, education, etc.)?

          When I wrote my previous post I didn’t take into the fact that China is totally different from the West in so many ways so it wouldn’t be like France or the U.K. becoming as powerful as the U.S. So yes, I agree that things will get more testy between Chinese and Americans, not less.

      • Anon992

        I think it’s obvious that China does not ‘hate’ the West and this myth is only perpetuated by myopic foreigners who need their indignation to justify their hypocritical prejudice towards China.

        I grant them however, that it is a very complicated relationship. As someone posted, the older Chinese generation are coming from a different place and there is a big difference between the older and younger people. It may not seem so sometimes, but China is a diverse nation like any other.

        The average Chinese attitude towards foreign people, and thus themselves, can sometimes seem schizophrenic. A complicated mix of admiration, jealousy, condescension, reverence, irreverence, suspicion and trust. And to complicate issues further, they have a host/guest outlook towards foreign people staying in China.

        Since China is a nation that has accepted the paradoxical ‘Communist with Chinese characteristics’ mantra towards their ridiculous un-conceded abandonment of communism they will also be able to accept the glaring contradictions in their attitudes towards foreign people. Ideological self-reflection is not encouraged here. But what are they going to do anyway?.. throw their hands up and say ‘well we’re a 5000 year old civilisation that account for 1/6th of the world’s population and half of us are still pissing into a pot.. and out of the million things we use in our modern lives China only invented about 4 of them, and there is now an ideological vacuum, rampant corruption, rampant lying and deceipt in the pursuit of money.. shiiitt.” For the most part that’s not going to happen. China is a face country (and basically every country is). They need to ratchet up pride in themselves. So they are now currently learning from the outside world at the same time as feeling proud as best they can. And of course there are plenty of things to be proud of here. And furthermore, the above are all generalisations. There’s a mix of feeling, as reflected above.

        Speaking more practically in defence of how relatively nice China has been to foreigners, for those of you who can speak Chinese, how many pejorative words are there in the Chinese lexicon for white people (and no, Laowai doesn’t count)? And how many are there for the Chinese (or Asian) in the English lexicon? How many of you have been treated extra nicely whilst here? How many of you have had a thumb waved enthusiastically at you when you say you are from a Western country? How many times have you randomly been applauded or put on stage for no other reason than your foreignness?

        The answer is that there is a mix of feeling here, but overwhelmingly it is positive. Money is king in China and well, the West is (ignoring the current situation) rich.

        Like this post it’s hard to find some clear narrative to Chinese attitudes towards foreign people (let’s not mention Japan). However, of all the myriad of contradicting opposing impressions one can take from China, anti-westernism should not be one of them.

        • Anon992

          Want to edit the last sentence. There’s actually loads of racism in China. It should read ‘anti-westernism should not be one of them’.

          • Anon992

            One of the problems of commenting on anything in China is diversity.

            Some of the commenters here will be living in Changsha, some in Kunming, Shanghai etc etc. Some will be living in the countryside, some in the cities. Some will hang out with young students, others with business people… some in bars, others in institutions, some wealthy people, some poorer.

            The point is, all these groups will have different attitudes and ideas, and most commenters will shout ‘THAT’S WHAT CHINA IS!’.

            Chinese people will even do this themselves! Unfortunately it’s not that simple. My views have changed on ‘China’ based on where I am living and working.

          • POS

            Uh, hello, do you read Chinese newspapers? In Chinese or English language? “Western” might as well be a slur. It is certainly never (ok rarely) mentioned in a positive way. To say China is not anti-Western is naive; the “West” is one of the biggest boogeymen that Chinese are taught to hate. In fact a large amount of what it means to be Chinese means being anti something or other, its a state sponsored culture of negativisms.

          • Anon992

            I see your point, and I agree the newspapers are anti-western in their tone.

            However, the media output here is controlled by the CCP. In my post I was talking about the Chinese people’s opinions on western people. Not necessarily the government’s political line.

            Also, I see the papers’ anti-western tone as more of an insecure defence against Western ideology/politics rather than an attack, if that makes sense? They are written to console the Chinese reader, to assuage any ‘West envy’. Historically Chinese media would either keep foreign politics secret or flagrantly lie about it. In this era, they cannot afford to lie or cover up (too much), but they can damn well spin.


          You pretty much took my feelings and articulated them well, especially about the part of it being complicated and that westerners are generally treated positively in China, at least better than locals treat each other, according to what I’ve heard and seen.
          Disclaimer here is that I am Japanese-American myself so I don’t have first hand experience of what it’s like to be a westerner in China but based on your post it’s pretty close to what I think it is.

        • You wooed me with your words anon.

        • Probotector

          “I think it’s obvious that China does not ‘hate’ the West”

          There is a division between hatred and xenophobia, but you have to admit that the latter is rife in China, and to many, hatred and xenophobia is the same difference. Generally, westerners find the constant staring, intrusiveness, the endless chorus of ‘hellos’ and the assumption that we 听不懂 offensive.

          “how many pejorative words are there in the Chinese lexicon for white people (and no, Laowai doesn’t count)? And how many are there for the Chinese (or Asian) in the English lexicon?”

          Firstly, why doesn’t laowai count? If it is used pejoratively (not always of course) then it’s offensive. Secondly, 洋鬼子, 白鬼/黑鬼,鬼老, to answer your second question.

          “How many of you have been treated extra nicely whilst here?”

          I don’t know. Does being charged foreigner prices count? How about being photographed against your will, or people touching your stuff and invading your personal space?

          “How many of you have had a thumb waved enthusiastically at you when you say you are from a Western country?”

          I can’t remember if that’s ever happened to me. Normally once they find out where I’m from they ask me an asinine question. I can’t speak for other people.

          “How many times have you randomly been applauded or put on stage for no other reason than your foreignness?”

          I think they do that in order to mock you.

          “Like this post it’s hard to find some clear narrative to Chinese attitudes towards foreign people (let’s not mention Japan). However, of all the myriad of contradicting opposing impressions one can take from China, anti-westernism should not be one of them.”

          Why don’t you mention Japan? Is it because your argument will collapse if you do? I think there’s no denying that they hate Japan, but do they hate anyone else? I think black people are generally unwelcome here, wouldn’t you say?

          Overall it’s not all Chinese who are xenophobic and racist, but it is the vast majority. However, I’d like to believe that this comes from ignorance rather than pure hatred.

          • Anon992

            Hi Probotector, thanks for response.

            – Firstly I’m not sure how you are differentiating between hate and xenophobia. My dictionary def. for xenophobia is ‘dislike of outsiders’. For me dislike and hate are pretty much the same.

            – “Westerners find the constant staring, intrusiveness, the endless chorus of ‘hellos’ and the assumption that we 听不懂 offensive.”

            For me this shows only ignorance, fascination and lack of manners rather than ‘hatred’ or ‘dislike’.

            – “why doesn’t laowai count?”

            Laowai count fine.. just maths no good, haha. J/k.

            Because words like ‘chink’ and ‘sliteyes’ are only used by foreigners being deliberately derisive to the Chinese and cannot be used in any other way. It’s generally agreed amongst the Chinese that there is no particular negative connotation to Laowai (although of course like any word for a group of people it can still sound racist when coming from the wrong person or said in a certain tone).

            I have never in my whole time in China heard the other terms you list either behind my back or to my face.

            – “I think they do that in order to mock you.”

            This sentence makes you sound a little paranoid.

            – Why don’t you mention Japan?

            Because the topic was anti-westernism and to take up this complicated issue would dilute my point. Generally speaking, yes, mainland Chinese ARE racist against the Japanese. Yep against black and non-white people too, and also racism/condescension towards countries poorer than China (money is king here).

            – “Overall it’s not all Chinese who are xenophobic and racist, but it is the vast majority. However, I’d like to believe that this comes from ignorance rather than pure hatred.”

            Yes, your last sentence. I would say it is just ignorance, curiosity and lack of manners that you are misinterpreting as hatred.

    • Fenky

      Very ironic coming from a china-hating douchebag like you.

  • Roi

    So much insecurity about their own country. All you have to do is say, “X country is good” to a roomful of Chinese people and one or two will say, “Are you saying China is bad?!”

    Of course, most people just post condolences and move on.

    • jeffli

      Yes! China is bad!

      Actually now one of the richest countries in the world yet there are so many social,bureaucratic, political and environmental problems.

      and just as the Chinese public start to focus on the ineptitudes of the CCP we see new Senkaku island sabre rattling!

      • snickerdoodle

        Rich only because of foreign factories and investments. You can’t get rich from an economy of counterfeit goods.

        • takasar1

          TVEs > foreign investment

      • Actually, China is still very poor. They have a lot of money nationally, because of their huge population. But when you divide that money up per person, they are so far behind developed countries it is not even a competition.

        Actually Chinese people are about as well off as people from the Maldives, Tunisia and Thailand. They still have millions living below the poverty line.

        • peanut butter

          Maybe what jeffli meant is that China is one of the fastest developing markets in the world. Having a workforce that whores itself out for pennies helps. Its too bad the real money is only in the hands of the elite.

          • Damo

            China rich? Really? Are we talking about the upper-crust or the average person?

    • Amen. I also like the guy who suspects it was ‘fake’… You know you’ve been in China too long when a memorial draws such suspicions.. “Shenanigans!”

      • And then there was the person who even searched for it but couldn’t find anything. I guess that’s because they’re using Baidu search! haha

  • linette lee

    What a waste. Boston University is one of top notch university in USA. A good school. She is smart, pretty, and so young. A young life wasted for nothing. Why? Her parents must be heart broken.

    • Nilerafter24

      Forgive me in advance if my comment sounds vicious but try to understand what I’m going to say.
      Every time something like this happens, hundreds of comments like yours flood news sites. For one thing, it’s pretty obvious her parents are heart-broken. I mean you’d have to be pretty cold to not be broken over the horrific death of your daughter.
      And to my main point, her life was not wasted. She was a pawn struck down in a game that has been going on for ages. In the eyes of the terrorists, her death is an achievement. It has served their purpose.
      Now I’m no war or crime analyst but I figure hundreds must die each day from bombs and murders etc. Does that mean she deserved to die? No. Does she deserve an out-pouring of grief and minutes of silence? Maybe but I don’t think so either. People die everyday. Her death and others who died that day just managed to fit the frame of on-going political and media agendas.
      Maybe another war on terror may be started because of her death. Maybe others in far off countries will be killed in the thousands because of her death. Maybe her death will be the final straw and the whole world will realize the errors of its murderous ways and we may all live in peace afterward.
      Wasted? Far from. Significant in every way. R.I.P.


        I couldn’t agree more. Some people think that any discussion other than mourning the victims and condenming the perpetrators in the days following the attacks is sacrilege. We need to have an honest dicussion about why these kinds of things keep happening.

        • Raoul Duke

          These kinds of things keep happening BECAUSE OF THE EXISTANCE OF MUSLIMS. Muslims are a form of vermin, something like a rat.

      • POS

        Haha, I saw your post and thought jeez this moralizing yahoo should go hangout with Kamikazi, low and behold! Birds of feather…


          And I just thought you’d be responding to the same post as well with some inane bullshit, I must have ESP.

      • Xigua

        Something can be a significant waste. I’m sure Franz Ferdinand had more quality time to spend with his wife and future kids before getting shot in 1914. This girl was likely the sum of many years of parenting, a father’s money, friendships, study, you name it.. and she had many more years to come.. a family, a job, friends.. waste, pure, waste…

      • Kuramano

        One child policy makes more sad!

        • Jahar

          Make some sense. why, because if you have another kid, it’s okay for one to die?

          • Blars

            For the kids parents it probably is coz they might be too old to have another kid. So yes, if you have only one kid it’s probably worse. The apple in their eye is gone and there is no other child to comfort them.

      • slob

        The only people I seriously feel anything for when I read deaths in news is children. I cold not give the lowest amount of f*cks possible when some spoilt rich kid gets sent to the USA and is involved in a terrorist act. I don’t know her personally, so why should I care? Maybe people can say “Oh we should care about what happened and how it may affect us and our families” yeah that’s true, put an end to terrorism to make your family safer, that makes sense. But giving pretentious condolences and making out like you actually knew that person and gave a shit about her? Are you kidding me? As mentioned before, people die every day in ways 10x worse than this girl and I don’t see their faces on baseball screens while people give them a moment of silence. Why pretend to care? So people accept you as a sympathetic person? It’s all bullshit. The only people who should care about her personally are those who actually knew her. Everyone else is just a pretentious knobhead.

    • James

      I agree with almost everything you said except BU being top notch, it’s maybe a little above avg.

    • Raoul Duke

      Why? Because muslims have no respect for human life. Not even their own.

  • The Enlightened One

    The west and China need to really stop seeing each other as the enemy. They should learn from each other and remove parts of their own traditions that cause a stronger negative effect than positive.

    Many young Chinese learners are opening up to the world. They aren’t buying the bullshit and starting to embrace the culture of the west. Their parents or teachers may be telling them to just learn English from foreigners but in fact they are very curious about the differences and therefore will be more informed and less ignorant than the generation before them.

    I just hope they don’t lose parts of their culture that are very special.

    Like night markets! I love those!

    • MrT

      and night visits! I love those!

      • The Enlightened One

        Those usually come after. One thing at a time!

  • Fort

    This is not about your stupid rivalry but about one who’s lost a life, think before you act or you are the only one who looks stupid


  • MonkeyMouth

    cant think of an article with more thought -provoking comments from the local netizens than this one… lots of philosophy there. but perhaps this gesture must only be looked on at face value, and not broad brushed with propaganda. america has some bombs go off, then the hometown sports team held a moment of silence. thats it… no iraq, no ‘china should learn’…


      Huh? So are you saying politics should be left out of the discussion? With respect to the victims, mindless sorrow and tears doesn’t accomplish anything in the long run, especially since it very well might have been U.S. foreign policy that led to this bombing in the first place.

      • POS

        Yea because the bombers have no agency and no moral responsibility, just mindless robots forced onto the path of terrorism by the damned US which of course precipitates and is the source of all evil in the world. Pathetic apologist.


          Pathetic person.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        Those angry young men were using politics and the fact that they were Muslim as an excuse to be the troubled, rebellious, morons that they are. They never considered that the US might actually be on their side (Dagestan) or the lives of a child and a Chinese student. Anyone can drag politics into this but it wasn’t about politics. It was about two, young, violent, fucked up, misfits.

        • James

          I’m guessing ‘their side’ is radical islam not so much chechen independence. The mother (a wanted thief who fled the US) was said to have been getting more & more islamic by a woman who was a customer of her( putting on a hijab to go out to the street for a few seconds).

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            Right. Dagestan being an Islamic seperatist state. I worry things like this would happen in Xinjiang if there wasn’t so much suppression by the Chinese forces.

  • nqk123

    China nationalism is pretty crazy. Any mention of dislike relating to China can lead a respond like this: you hate Chinese people. For example: Huawei phone suck (and it does, broke twice in a month newly bought), a respond like this might be heard: you’re racist, you hate Chinese people.


    This really has happen to a friend of mine. Most of the Chinese are not like this, there are a few exception. Most likely what the Chinese refer to as “farmer” in many cases. Ultra nationalism, scary

    • mars bar

      Sure, when it comes to empty words of nationalism they can spew throw down like champs. When it comes time to actually do something however, and they turn tail with words like, well someone else can do this because I don’t have the ability/drive/means to affect any real change in my country.

      • anon101

        if you ask them they they are throwing rubbish on the floor, they tell you its helping people get a job. Their priorities are a little messed up, I have seen a couple of dead people here in china, 1 old women was frozen to death on the sidewalk, one person had been hit by a car. people were lining the streets and cars just driving around the guy with a pool of blood around him. (shijiazhuang)
        IMO the lowest members of society often are the kindest.


      Nationalism is a response to a real or perceived threat. While I realized nationalism can be beneficial if used in certain ways, I’ve always thought a lot of them are just insecure hotheads who have nothing else to be proud of in their life except for the country they were born in.

  • dumbledore

    Damn,, people sure like to read stuff into things. I believe reading internet comments generally, and netizens’ comments in particular makes you a dumber person.

  • take5

    That Chinese-Canadian who was killed in a hotel last time, who had been dead for days and was still soaking in the water tank. When she died, she was just dead, there weren’t such grand solemnity like this.

    • BiggJ

      It was not an attack on a city that killed her. She was just murdered I think. It’s a bit different. This effects many people…that only effect her and her family. It’s like if you die in a plane crash or you die in the plane that hit the world trade center…,one will get more attention then the other.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        Actually, the murder in LA effected me as much if not more because, as far as i know, she was alone and died mysteriously. I always feel bad when any girl dies but you make a good point.

        • BiggJ

          yeah, it’s a shame and it’s just as bad. It’s not like they are going to have a moment of silence for a dead chinese girl at an L.A lakers game who died in some shitty hotel. They are both tragedies…just a different type of tragedy.

    • ahah, they wanted to commemorate the American victim, she was just an extra they obviously cant leave out without being frown upon. Am I going to use this emoticon? oh, i think I will >=)

    • MeCampbell30

      Everyone knows that Americans hate Canadians.

    • James

      What part of China was she from?

  • linette lee

    lu lingzi she was the only child. Damn these bombers. Must be killing her parents.

    She was single. Studied at boston university. Played piano. A lovely girl. Damn these bombers.


      Yes, I feel bad for the parents and other relatives. So sad to lose a child, especially an only child. BTW is that you in your avatar?

  • take5

    “That Chinese-Canadian who was killed in a hotel last time, who had been dead for days and was still soaking in the water tank. When she died, she was just dead, there weren’t such grand solemnity like this.”

    Not everyone gets their own memorial tribute in america. The girl in the hotel most likely lost her life over her own doing, her own poor choices of selecting a low rate hotel to meet a lover

    • linette lee

      selecting a low rate hotel to meet a lover………..

      Huh???? That seems more like an unsolved mystery a case of murder. Some one drugged her or tried to rape her or something.

    • Uh, yeah, but you only know about it because IT WAS IN THE NEWS EVERYWHERE. So what’s your point? No one cared? BS

  • jeffli

    My condolences to all the families who lost someone at this Boston bombing.

  • Hitbbbw3

    This looks photoshopped


    I have no problem with America holding a memorial for the bombing victims, but let’s not get carried away here. Focusing on this particular memorial and using it to highlight how much more civilized and compassionate Americans are is bullshit. While I have no doubt the feelings at the memorial are genuine, the actions of America abroad speak for themselves. This is a perfect example of “4 people dead are a tragedy, 400,000 people dead are a statistic”.

    Of course I don’t condone the bombings in any way, but the American people have got to start questioning themselves and their government about WHY this kind of thing keeps on happeneing. I mean how often are say, Japan, Norway, Switzerland targeted for terrorism? Nobody just wakes up one morning and decides to throw their life away in order to kill people. I’m curious to know the motives of the attackers and how they managed stage a successful bombing despite security measures.

    • POS

      I love when apologists use a phrase like “I don’t condone the bombings in any way, BUT…” Do you ever get tired of being a sanctimonious moralizing pompous twit who only manages to serves as an apologist for violent terrorists as though they have no agency, no ability to decide for themselves? Yes the US FORCED them onto the path of violent jihad, they were just angels if not for US foreign policy. People like you could rationalize anything as long as it conforms to your world view that America is wrong and therefore brought this upon itself, no one else has any moral responsibility because they are simply reacting to the US. By your logic all those Han Chinese civilians hacked to death in Urumqi had it coming and the Uighurs were forced to hack hapless men, women, and children to death because of the Chinese government’s policies in Xinjiang. Except I have the feeling that if someone came on here making that argument you would be all up in arms. Petty hypocrite.

      Your logic is utter gutter oil. Reflect on that.

      • moody

        ^ This


        God damn, there’s a lot of dumbasses here but you take the cake. I also love it when apologists like yourself defend everything the U.S. does no matter how many people die, always rationalizing that they’re killing people to make the world a better place. Tell me, you ever get tired of being an insecure little bitch always crying and hurling personal insults like a 10 year old because you have nothing constructive to say? Yes, the US is totally innocent, they are not responsible for overthrowing democratically elected leaders around the world (Guatemala, Iran) for their own benefit, they don’t illegally invade a country (Iraq) with no consequences from the international community. I guess you got this all figured out don’t you.

        I already told you, if my posts make you cry so much cover your eyes and look away. Otherwise you’re just an inarticulate loser without a cause. A hypocrite calling me a hypocrite, well I guess that makes me totally rational. Think about that.

        • But what did the invasions of any of those countries, or overthrowing any leaders have to do with these two brothers, who are unaffiliated with any group? Is there not a real connection, or is it just any explosion or attack in the US is retribution for anything even if it’s unrelated? Even then, I question why the victims were the ones to bear the brunt of the punishment.

          • Jeffrey Wu

            These two brothers were Muslim, enough said. What the US is doing in the Muslim world is world famous, whether it is for the better or worse is up to you. But there’s no denying that Muslims themselves are less than satisfied.

          • Wait, so even if something is unrelated…it’s still considered retribution? Even if both parties (the terrorist brothers and the victims) have nothing to do with actual attacks or those attacked…it’s still on topic? No, this doesn’t make sense. You can’t get revenge for a perceived threat, and attacking someone completely unrelated to those threatening you also does not equal revenge. They can claim it’s revenge, but it really isn’t.

          • Basically I’m saying that everyone who says “the US got what they deserved” or “the US had it coming” is an asshole, because they’re essentially tagging responsibility onto the three victims, one of which wasn’t old enough to vote, the other wasn’t even an American. It would also suggest that unrelated civilians who die in US bombings would also be considered revenge and also share the responsibility of anything their nation or people from their nation have done. It’s painting with way too broad a brush.

          • POS

            Some don’t have issues treading on the blood of innocents trying to score points for their ideological positions. I guess that’s where apologists and terrorists intersect morally.

          • POS

            When have they ever been satisfied? They still want to retake Al-Andalus (Iberian Peninsula) for godsake. Almost took Mali and still gunning for Nigeria. Europe is going to have a rough 21st century. All the Americans complaining about our South American friends coming north don’t realize how much better we have it.

          • POS

            And once they don’t have the American’s keeping them busy in Afghanistan I’m betting they’ll remember that they are dissatisfied with those atheist Chinese occupying Muslim lands. Have fun with that one.


            It doesn’t matter what you or I think, what matters is that the brothers saw a connection (no matter how convoluted it may seem) between the U.S. foreign wars against “their people” and a need for retribution. No matter what Piece Of Shit poster above me says, I don’t condone or justify the bombing. All I’m saying is that there are real reasons behind it. I mean can you really ignore the 500,000 + dead in the Iraq War after the U.S. invasion? To you the bombing and U.S. wars may be unrelated but to them, it is related. All depends on your perspective.

            The victims were innocent, just as if I were there myself. The reason terrorist chose to attack civilians is that they know they can never win a conventional war with the U.S. so they resort to a different strategy. They probably also know they can never defeat the U.S. but they feel the need to punish the U.S. any way they can and the easiest way is attacking civilians.

          • Thor

            But how on Earth do you know the brother’s real motives for the bombing ? They didn’t say anything (yet, for the survivor) !!!


            The surviving brother is under sedation in a hospital unable to speak, but he has answered questions about the motives in writing.

          • Yes, I am aware the brothers saw a connection. However, there was no connection. But, when you say “Americans have got to start asking WHY these things are happening”…if people are making connections that do not exist (like: they’re attacking Islam! We have to bomb a marathon to save Islam!)…then who can answer why this is happening? If it has nothing to do with actual real-life things, then what does it matter?

            If you ask me why these things are happening, I say it’s because fundamental religion has poisoned people’s minds and made them choose to blow up innocent people rather than a legitimate, relevant target. There’s absolutely no excuse or justification for it at all. I am not ignoring the deaths in Iraq. The Boston Marathon and the victims have absolutely nothing to do with that, therefore it is not related. I don’t care who’s perspective it is. Stop trying to justify it.


            If you don’t see a connection that’s your perspective, others see a connection, what else can I say. I already gave a reason for why the bombers chose civilian targets. I’ll agree to disagree with you, because we have two totally different perspectives we’ll never come close to any common ground.

          • There’s nothing to disagree about. Unless you can prove that the victims were undercover agents who somehow attacked the religion of Islam, Iraq or Afghanistan, or Chechnya, then there’s zero connection.


            I usually like cats, but you’re kinda scowling at me right now.

          • hiss hissss spit spit hissss ::scratch::

        • POS

          So you do think the butcher of Han Chinese civilians in Urumqi was a legitimate response to Chinese government policies? I wasn’t clear given your rather incomprehensible rambling rant. Just trying to figure out if you are a run of the mill apologist or a hypocritical apologist only supporting those attacking Americans.

          Seriously, people like you can pontificate till the cows go home without ever making a valid point. I don’t need some apologist to lecture me on US history, I am more than aware of it and where the US has wronged I have no issue saying “Hey that’s fucked”. But you take it a step further and start apologizing for these nihilistic cockroaches, trying to excuse their behavior. And that my man is truly disgusting and pathetic. No one is “wet” for you, you are just a pompous blow hard, I’m just calling it as I sees it, no need to get your lil’panties in a twist.

          BTW, glad you had “no problem with America holding a memorial” because honestly we were all waiting with bated breath for your approval, no really we were.


            So do you think that the 2003 Iraq War was justified? I’d bet you do. The minute you start making sense is the minute I start answering your questions but until you do we can both argue until we’re blue in the face without any results. Kind of hard to argue with someone who is never willing to see the faults in his/her/it’s thinking no matter what evidence is presented. When you stop saying that I’m excusing the Boston bombers behavior is the moment I treat you like a civilized human being. As of now you’re just a fucking douche trying to prove something (I don’t know what) online. Well keep at it if it makes you feel better.

            Well if my posts make you so insecure as to resort to insulting me personally because you have nothing else to argue that shows what a shriveling coward you really are. We all know my post make you wet your pants so much you’re just itching to get back online and write an angry response. BTW you need to go back to English 101 since you keep seem to be attributing statements to me that I never made.

          • POS

            Actually I consider myself an American nationalist, one with an enlightened and progressive view of America’s role in global affairs, and I fucking despise Bush for Iraq. The blood (guys I know maimed and killed, and the thousands of others) and treasure expended to free a people only interested in butchering each other (and make no mistake Iraqis were their own greatest butchers by far) wasn’t worth it by any stretch. Even at the time when I was much younger and much less worldly I thought it was a shit idea although at the time I wasn’t in an environment conducive to dissent.

            Morally though? Overthrowing a butcher and tyrant, trying to give people a chance to govern themselves, thats nice in a very naive fucking way, even more so in Afghanistan. We sure as hell didnt do it for oil and if we did we got a shit bargain because the Chinese got better oil contracts than us and we ended up fracking our way to energy independence regardless. I have no problem with the US overthrowing dictators under some circumstances, but I much prefer Obama’s approach in Libya, throwing in weight when the time and dynamics of the local situation was right. Obama achieved (ok helped Libyan rebels achieve) what Bush tried to do at $10 Billion as opposed to Bush’s $2-3 trillion, with no American combat casualties. Honestly Bush should be tried for treason and executive negligence.

            I’m not interested in your approval or disapproval, just calling your bullshit rationale and apologetics out. Get as butthurt as you like, its not my concern. At least it opened up an interesting debate thread.

            So go on ahead keep sipping your Starbucks frappachino posting how nationalism is so passe, how you’re such an enlightened humanist, enjoying the fruits of prosperity and the freedoms of a country you can criticize but have never served. Me, I’m invested in this country and I want it to continue to lead into the 21st century because I’ve seen the leadership models of other countries and I’m damn well sure we are better off in a world where a strong America continues to exert its values and vision. Fuck those terrorist douche bags and their apologists, they and their ideology belong in the waste basket of history.


            I’m not going to try to comprehend your whole rant since I
            have neither the time nor the inclination to reply to a retard wtih an agenda. You’re a nationalist? WOW I wouldn’t have guessed. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, most nationalists (from all countries) are insecure, mental retards without the ability to think for themselves and have a single minded goal: to defend their country’s actions and objectives at all costs in order to be “proud” of something. You just reinforced my theory. You kind of remind me of those Chinese nationalists when I tell them that I prefer pizza to hotpot:
            “So you think Chinese food tastes bad, what kind of asian are you?”
            “You think everything in America is better than China, don’t you”
            Just a knee jerk reaction to something totally benign. In your case you take my words and twist them to fit your agenda. Not giving special treatment to the 3 Boston victims and giving reasons (not justification) for the attack suddenly morphs into me being a wannabe terrorist. Impossible to argue with someone who rationalizes like that.

            What? You don’t approve of Bush’s unilateral invasion of Iraq and subsequent evasion of any kind of attempt have him held accountable? C’mom, you disappoint me.

            I don’t expect anyone to look for my approval, least of all yourself. So I’m the one that’s butthurt huh? This coming from a douche who’s first reply to me was an angry tirade of profanity and barely coherent written diarrhea. Now who’s the one butthurt?

            Keep being invested in your country, the only thing I’m invested in are my loved ones and a call to do what’s right, no matter the circumstances. I owe this country NOTHING just as this country owes me nothing. Keep doing what you’re doing, I don’t give a shit as I know you haven’t got anything else to be proud of except the country you were involuntarily born in. Me, I’d rather be proud of things I actually had to work for to accomplish. Don’t break your neck when you fall off your high horse it’s a long fall down. Well actually break your neck, what do I care.

    • “Of course I don’t condone the bombings in any way, but…”

      Reminds me of the “I’m not a racist, but…” phrase.

      I am pretty sure that these two guys did, actually, wake up and decide to throw their lives away. They weren’t a part of any terrorist group and their ancestral lands were not attacked by America. In fact, the Chechen separatist groups said they have no beef with America, that it’s Russia they’re after. Protecting an attack on Islam? Couldn’t be that big of an attack on Islam that he had to resort to blowing up a marathon. No, this attack didn’t happen for any real reason. This attacked because these two brothers followed a trend set by radical Islam. You can be trained to hate someone even if they’ve never done anything to you personally or even to your own nationality. Look at military training in a time of war, for example.

      • ex-expat

        And if America was out of the picture, they would fight with somebody else. India, Egypt, Lebanon, China and many many others have all experienced violence inspired by radical Islam. For example:

        America is attacked the most because it is the most powerful and is deemed as the biggest threat. Even if we were to “make nice” with them, they wouldn’t go away. They would just find another target to focus on.

        • The US kind of has a symbolic value, by now. It’s like, if you successfully land a single punch, it’s a huge victory. And yes, there have been a few organizations that said they would not stop until the West converts to Islam. I doubt they’re serious about that, but the radically religious (on either side) have quite the habit of perceiving threats and attacks on their religion when there may, in fact, be none. After all, merely drawing Muhammad can make these guys want to kill you.

    • MeCampbell30

      Japan, Norway, and Switzerland over the last 50 years have never intervened on the national stage to stop war crimes or rogue states – such as Gaddafi, Somali warlords, Afgani Taliban, genocide in Serbia, armed invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, drug kingpin Noriega, and the defense of South Korea and Taiwan.

      Those countries can rest easy because of the contributions Americans have made in the pursuit of international justice. [Yes it can sometimes be misguided.]


        Japan, Norway and Switzerland also haven’t overthrown democratically elected leaders in Iran, Guatemala, Zaire, etc. over the last 50+ years. They also haven’t started wars without justified cause. They also don’t have a military budget that’s 40% of the world’s total with 5% of the population. IMO America has made the world a more dangerous place, not a safer one with their foreign policies. I know they’ve done a lot of good too, but they need to learn to interfere less, not more, with the internal affairs of other countries.

        • Jeffrey Wu

          It’s a remnant of their Cold War status as the protector of the West. You just hate the US foreign policies now because there’s no counter to it, I wonder how many saw the US has their only salvation when the USSR was still around. Admittedly, China is nothing like the USSR, they spend less percentage of their GDP on the military than both the US and the USSR and they have no interest of spreading ideology. Perhaps the US hasn’t gotten used to sharing power.


            Put it this way, I’d rather have a world where there are multiple power bases than one where one country dominates and anyone who doesn’t go along is vilified as disrupting the global order. An example would be Europe, Asia, Africa, the U.S., S. America all sharing power more equally. As long as the U.S., or any other country, is the sole dominant power, there will always be people who feel oppressed by them.

          • 老外在香港

            I’m not American, but I think it’s fair for White Americans to doubt the loyalty of Asian-Americans to their adopted homeland when it comes to the things people like you say.

            You want Americans to accept you as “just as American” as say, Jefferson, but you also have no loyalty. Or if you do, you spin it away as “Oh, well I have loyalty, but not to anything tangible”.

            White people are very fair to people like you, we all know what would happen to a a naturalized White “Japanese” who went around condemning Japan.


            Wrong again muchacho, I really don’t care if my fellow Americans accept me as one of their own or not. As long as it doesn’t affect my well-being I don’t care what people think of me. My loyalty is to my loved ones and to doing what I think is right. I’m not nationalistic in any way. I criticize Japan almost as much as I criticize America.

            Your idea of “fairness” isn’t the same as my idea of fairness. Answer this question: generally speaking if a local Chinese, a white foreigner, and an Asian-American foreigner live in China who will be treated better and live easier? Assume everything else is the same (income, education, age, etc.)

        • I agree with you. One cartoon I’ve seen in a history text shows Uncle Sam putting his cane into other countries. “World police.” It may be the intention of making the US look like a good cop to 9th graders, but I didn’t think so.

        • DavidisDawei


          Too complicated to use such broad strokes.

          What do you think would happen if the United States withdrew its forces from Korea and Japan?


            Of course it’s more complicated than the general public knows. But all the other commentators are also grossly generalizing their viewpoint.

            I never said anything against the U.S. forces in Korea or Japan although I think each country, especially those able enough, should be responsible for their own defense. Hopefully S. Korea and Japan eventually have the political will to take charge of their own defense.

      • POS

        Spain elected Zapatero and forewent the Iraq War; they had hundreds killed and wounded in the Madrid bombings. Sweden also didn’t participate in Iraq; 2010 Stockholm bombing. Norway has also had to arrest Islamists intent on violence. Trying to apologize for these guys like the original poster based on the actions of the US is spurious at best, particularly since the US actually supports some degree of Chechen autonomy within the Russian Federation.

        You don’t see Christians running around doing terrorism ops in Dubai because Egypt mistreats the Coptics, or the ethnic Chinese running to commit suicide bombings in Jakarta in the aftermath of anti-Chinese pogroms there. The issue is extreme Political Islam, not America. Militants in Southern Thailand are beheading Buddhist teachers because of America? No. Militants in Indonesia are cutting the heads off of little Catholic school girls on their way to school because of America? Again no. The original poster commits a clear logic failure in assigning agency for the act of terrorism to America instead of the terrorists themselves.

    • moody

      Why does your posts always try to say the same bullshit
      And Who would ever target Switzerland ?
      My god i can hear mr Garrisson ringing the “retard alert” bell


        “And Who would ever target Switzerland ?”
        Exactly, why doesn’t Switzerland get targeted? They must be doing something different. So I guess we should all just say that NOTHING the U.S. does overseas warrants any kind of retaliation at all and cry sorry tears for the 4 victims, go start another war and make billions for the defense contractors, then everything will be alright.

        • POS

          Islamist’s bombed Madrid and justified it on the basis of the Spaniards retaking their lands from Islamic Moor imperialist invaders and some kind of support for America despite the fact Zapatero told the US to go fuck itself on Iraq. Of course for someone like you, more comfortable in your ideological bubble rather that critical thinking, I’d be suprised if you have much understanding of history and global events besides the “evil America” narrative which obviously has you “wet”. Run along child, you are in over your head.

          “Loss of Spain hurts still, centuries after Moors’ last sigh” March 14, 2004

          Iberia looms large in Islamist ambitions and regrets, writes Isambard Wilkinson in Madrid.Thursday’s bombings have raised an uncomfortable question for Spaniards. Is Osama bin Laden dreaming of exacting revenge for the loss of Al-Andalus, the ancient Moorish kingdom in Iberia?

          A group said to be close to bin Laden’s al-Qaeda, the Brigade of Abu Hafs al-Masri, sent a message to a London-based Arabic newspaper saying: “This is part of settling old accounts with Spain, the crusader and America’s ally in its war against Islam.””


            Why is Spain even in this discussion? Spain has NOTHING to do with the Boston bombing. The surviving bomber himself said that U.S. foreign wars were the reason for the bombings. Nothing to do with Spain. Might as well bring up the Philippines Muslim “insurrection” while you’re at it. How about the Libyan rebels? Don’t attempt to act “smart” by bringing up something that has nothing to do with the bombings. Guess it just makes you feel good when you try to attribute statements to me that I never said to suit your own arguments. You’re insisting that I think America is evil shows that you’re reading comprehension is at a 3rd grade level at best.

            Keep trying to act tough online, you’re not fooling anyone, oh and you’re dumb as a rock as well. When you decide to act civilized and bring up relevant information maybe I’ll listen, but right now you’re just bullshitting your way through an argument you’re desperate not to lose.

          • 老外在香港

            I don’t buy the modern notion of Muslims as a victim group. It’s laughably idiosyncratic. The reality is Muslims have been some of the cruelest, most oppressive people in existence. Arab Slave Trade = Largest in Human History, with the highest rates of death in transit (bet they never taught you that). They killed millions in the Indian subcontinent, Near East, Balkans, Asia Minor. They even took 2 million European slaves from Southern Europe during the Arab Caliphates. Muslims claiming they are victims is sickening. Chechnya must pay with blood. 50,000 Chechen scum aren’t worth a single hair on one Russian’s head.

            I’ll be honest. I have no sympathy for dead Muslims. Every drone strike that kills 30 of their children just reminds me of what they did to my people in the Balkans for hundreds of years. I hate people like you who positively enable their victim status, “ohhh, poor muslims, wicked Europeans for fighting the crusades and trying to take back Jerusalem from them!!!”, “Wicked Europeans for driving them out of Spain” etc.

            Blow it out your ass nerd.


            I don’t have any love for Muslims either and I’d never want to live in a strictly Islamic country. Nice try but you’re wrong about the Arab slave trade having the largest number die in transit. The total number of slaves over 1500 years were roughly equal to the 300 years of Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Also many of the “Arabs” were black themselves. Bet they never taught you that in school did they.

            So you just said you have no sympathy for dead innocent children, well thanks for letting everyone know what an evil person you are. To be honest I have no sympathy for dead or maimed American soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan. Everytime I hear one of them has died, commited suicide due to PTSD or lost limbs due to these unjust wars I feel it’s justified due to their past actions. Actually better they lose limbs so they have the rest of their lives to think about their crimes.

            Open your mouth so I can shit in it dork.

          • POS

            When have they ever taught about the Arab slave trade in school? The whole curriculum is so Euro-centric, good and bad, that most people have no idea about the extent of Islamic imperialism or even the fact that the greatest imperialist state in history was not even Western but Eastern (Mongols). We are taught from day one false dichotomies of oppressor/oppressed, White/People of Color. Help I know Black Studies majors who had little idea about the Arab slave trade (of course Ethnic Studies itself is the greatest sham in academia, you sound like you may have taken a course or two in that field). So we end up with people such as yourself with BS Euro-centric world views where the oppressed are simple repaying the oppressors, the terrorist lacking agency and forced onto the path of violence by forces beyond his control… well that’s fucking rubbish, and anyone carrying water for those cockroaches are themselves rubbish.


            “The whole curriculum is so Euro-centric”. Well no shit Einstein. That’s exactly why they didn’t teach about the Arab slave trade in school. I’ve known about the Arab slave trade for a long time. Or go into much detail about anything not American or European. That’s also why they pretty much gloss over anything that would implicate America as an oppressor in any of the wars they fought. Hell, even the horrors of slavery were barely touched upon. Are you just trying to confirm everything I posted? Greatest imperial state in history the Mongols? Define greatest? Their empire covered about the same landmass as the British Empire but far less people and had far less influence on modern society. But if you call them the “greatest imperialist state in history” so be it. I’m not going to argue with a brick wall. Speaking of cockroaches you remind me of one that i squashed after it ran on the tennis court I was playing on a few days ago.

          • Ami

            Lmao you have the same mentality as many terrorists. You can’t punish innocent people for what others actions. Grow up.

          • POS

            Because you are saying this is chickens coming home to roost; I’m saying why are these assholes attacking everyone and their mom who doesn’t buy into their 7th century belief system. Spain told the US to fuck itself on Iraq, much to the chagrin of the US, and they still got fucking massacred. So your idea that if you just play nice with them and they’ll play nice with you is fucking rubbish, quit carrying water for these assholes. Hell if there’s anyone who should be blowing up American’s and crashing planes into buildings it should be the Vietnamese, we fucked them harder than any Arabs any day of the goddamned week. Why aren’t Filippinos donning suicide jackets and detonating in Tokyo? God knows Japan raped them hard… why? Because they don’t live in a culture of hate and ruefulness against what they see as usurpers of the civilizational glory that should be that of the children of Allah. Sure these assholes might have thought the US was dominating their women oppressing, pedophilia inclined brothers in Afghanistan, but hey fuck them and those Taliban pieces of shit. Their motivations are much deeper than simple foreign policies of the US, they are rooted in a deeper hate of khafirs that have become the civilizational beacon at the forefront of humanity, prosperous and enlightened where they themselves are impoverished, stealing what should rightfully be the place of Islam, gods chosen people.

        • moody

          They certainly have done things differently ….

          Concerning the involvment of American troops in overseas conflicts.

          You got to admit, SOMETIMES, somebody got to do the job, and the UN sure does not want it .


            Of course I admit SOMETIMES it’s much better to have the U.S. fight than to do nothing. I just don’t feel that way as often as you do.

    • BiggJ

      Canada just foiled a plot by terrorist to bomb a train. Also I was reading today that 15 police in china were killed buy suspected terroist who according to chinese police were planning attacks in china.

      I know america has their nose in a lot of shit around the world.I know their actions play a big part in why they get attacked…..but religion plays just as big a part. And it’s not very hard to brainwash some young people into doing shit like this. Look at suicide bombers…look at your name lol. kamikazi’s pretty much do the same shit suicide bombers do. Just a different reason. So you find people who are easily manipulated and get them to do fucked up shit for you. All countries do it.Maybe not on the extreme level of suicide bomber…a bit of a milder version of it.

      Another thing. America has tons of different people from all around the world….you’re bound to get a few nuts in that batch. I do agree with you though about why this happens to america more then anyone else. When you do the kind of shit america does… they know things like this will happen. If anything I bet they welcome it….the goverment likes when things like this happens….give them more domestic support for what they are doing….a few people dead? They don’t give a shit. They put on a good show like they do. The bigger the show, the more support they have. It’s a win win for the government either way.


        I heard about the Canadian plot, which was exposed in part because of other Muslims reporting on the potential terrorists. Agree about the religion part no doubt. These people are brainwashed. The surviving bomber himself even said they were “self-radicalized”.

        Yes these things will continue to happen to America as long as they continue with their foreign policy. Of course in the big picture the government uses these events to drum up support for military spending and future wars, overseas bases, etc. This is one reason why I prefer a multi-polar world with different bases of power rather than the U.S. being so dominant. It does look like the world is moving toward that direction with everyone being dependent on each other economically and the world just getting figuratively smaller over time. While I don’t think China will ever come close to being as influential and powerful as the U.S., Asia in general does seem to be rising and I hope S. America and Africa to also become a greater part of the international community in the future.

        BTW my username was originally meant as a joke. I thought it was funny at the time. After all, aren’t kamikazi supposed to be a little bit crazy.

    • Even a few commentators said that the US pokes at countries in the middle east for their own agenda (OIL) or any country that doesn’t side with them such as North Korea and Afghanistan.

  • It looks photoshopped, but I don’t know how great the quality is of the big screen at the Boston stadium. Do they even have a screen that large?

    “Chinese sports teams have all held memorials.”

    I think what the post is trying to suggest is that they were also mourning the Chinese student who was killed (even if this image is fake, its still true), rather than focusing only on the Americans who were killed. I think it was lost on a lot of the netizens who had their comments translated here.

    • Yes, I see now that it’s real. Really, it doesn’t surprise me. It would seem odd for them to not do something like this.

    • DavidisDawei

      That is real…
      That is the center field big screen at Fenway Park
      (Home of the Boston Red Sox and the oldest baseball stadium still in use today)

      One of the Red Sox players also used a bat to hit that was engraved with all 4 victims names (including Lu Lingzhi)

  • POS

    Definitely real, although the pic does make it look photoshopped. Watched it live on TV. And yes the did make mention of the quake victims in China.

    • that’s probably because her pic was originally PSd.

    • DavidisDawei

      Watched it Live? Where do you live?

      • POS

        USofA. I don’t watch sports but I was fixing my brother’s internet at his place, happened to be on. The announcer’s voice was really grating, given the circumstances (imagine the “Lets get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuumble!” announcer guy narrating a memorial). But it seemed pretty heartfelt overall and even made a mention of the Sichuan earthquake victims. Good if the Chinese can see we don’t go around reveling in their tragedies, might win some hearts and minds.

        • Sean Cauffiel

          I had a Chinese girlfriend once who said her high school class cheered when the heard the news on the evening of 9/11.

          And…. those new jumbo screens really do produce images that looked superimposed in photographs. I’ve seen other photos of them that looks similarly PSed.

          • cb4242

            funny, if Americans would do the same if the shoe was on the opposite foot to the Chinese, they would cry bloody murder and would say we were all racists.

          • Sean Cauffiel

            But in our many opportunities to do so, we haven’t…. we memorialize them and send them money. and say “fucking commies” a few times, but, in the end, come through.

  • Wu

    I will be honest, the first time I saw the photo there wasn’t a story with it so I thought it was photoshop. It just felt to random to mourn only one person. GLad to see I was wrong.

    • MeCampbell30

      They showed all three. It’s a screen, not a billboard.

  • Octavian

    Chinese people are beyond ignorant.

    They deserve the shit hole they live in.

    I pray for more earthquakes and death to rain down upon China.

    • Germandude

      I just turned religious: “God, please let it rain brain, so that Octavian might catch one”.

    • kj

      That’s just as bad as them insulting our sincerity for the deceased. I think we’re better than that.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      Tell that to the next Chinese guy you see and wait for your demise, you ignorant racist.

  • Kenny Chen

    chinese morality is broken so it is not surprising that they hold americans in esteem

  • abcd

    When they are willing to risk their life everyday for a few seconds faster crossing the street. That’s how you know how they value their own life.

    • bert

      They don’t even have the commonsense to look both ways before crossing a street or stepping off a sidewalk onto the road. Just watch them. 9 times out of 10 they don’t think about it. Watch them take a corner, they won’t bother to look. Watch them when they are flying down the road on their electric bikes, the last thing they want to to is bother moving their hands and applying the breaks. Breaking to them is trying to not slow down and go around but they don’t look over their shoulders. No regard.

  • Al in China

    No! The reason all the TV news in china was about the earthquake is because the government of china has to save face……you all have to save face…….the CCTV and all the stations were told to only talk about the quake…….that last quake was much much worse…….in the news we hear….The Chinese government this the Chinese government that…….wow they are so great……so fast… many people care and are helping….. WTF it’s like North Korea propaganda! China doesn’t need a war…..her own people will defeat her……when it starts the rich will die……the poor will revolt……You will all hurt each other…..the world waits. We wait to see a screwed up society implode on itself. If Chinese parents cared so much about their kids why the hell send them to the states? Dangle the carrot and the dumb will follow.

  • mattman_183

    Its strange to see the contrast of how Chinese and US citizens handle these things. What they are willing perceive collectively as right and wrong concerning life and death.

    It’s almost the same but opposite mentality. In China, citizens seem to, at best, give their government a pass when it comes to either the failure to protect lives, or at worse detain, abuse, and/or kill their own citizens. (Shoddy buildings are still being built in earthquake zones, food and products remain toxic, people are or will get sick and die from pollution, babies being deformed, illegal house arrests etc.) All in the name of stability.

    Whether this acceptance is a choice or forced is another story.

    Meanwhile, the (current) lack of active Chinese military involvement abroad means that Chinese can claim to respect the lives of people in other countries. In reality, they simply aren’t prepared enough yet to be active militarily abroad to show that they really are non aggressive.

    For the US, the opposite is true. American citizens have given the government more leeway to be active militarily abroad where countless enemies, as well as, unfortunately, innocent people are killed through these actions. Usually this is due to supporting a just cause such as the spread of freedom, or the removal of a dictator in the name of helping others around the world, even though many of those they are trying to help get killed in the process.

    Sort of an ends justify the means mentality. Maybe the same can be said for China’s internal value issues?

    The opposition to such actions, unlike China, is quite vocal and the debate continues without the risk to one’s wellbeing for speaking out. Unfortunately, so do the deaths of innocent people abroad which remains sad, but every

    However, domestically, Americans are far more active when it comes to ensuring the respect of life and quality of life. So when a tragedy does happen in the US, be it natural or man-made, sentiment is strong enough to make changes to try to keep it from happening again to those within its boarders in the future along with a demand to never forget, often through memorials as the ones shown in this topic. Ironically, some tragedies, such as inner city violence, like the deaths in a protracted war abroad, are considered sad, but less attention is paid to such violence.

    I realize that there are exceptions in all of this. Of course there are plenty of examples of people being taken care of and respected within China just as there is alot of good being done by America abroad as well. There are problems such as violence in the US and China’s current lack of military activity abroad should be chalked up to current lack of capability, not a decision to hold back possible actions.

    If you choose to look within each respective country, you will find that respect for life is most evident in the US. However, globally, the jury is still out on China and the role it will play once it is prepared, if it ever is, to take a more active role abroad. However, the US has made it clear to the world what it stands for globally, much to the admiration and dismay of the world.

    -Professor Longwind

    • mattman_183

      Holy crap that is much longer than it looked.

  • kj

    Seeing the comments above just makes me extremely upset as a Chinese-American. The comments are spiteful and even hateful in some cases. I grew up being optimistic of China’s rise, believing that the U.S. and China can work together. I thought of myself as part of a unique generation that can help bridge the gap and resolve misunderstanding between two very difficult cultures. But over the years I’ve come to realize that the CCP has warped the minds and attitudes of the Chinese people and what I hold dear of my “Chinese heritage” no longer apply to the majority of modern China. My attempts to understand China were viewed with suspicion because I came from America, even though I look, speak, and act like any other native Chinese person.

    Some people say that the negative comments are only representative of a small portion of China’s population but I think it is quite the opposite. Then again, I went through a traumatic experience where a group of Chinese guys attacked me and my friends for no apparent reason (in fact, they tried to provoke my friend into saying China sucks and when he instead said he loved China, they became aggressive). It’s sad that these utlra-nationalistic people do not realize that many Americans do not view them as an enemy or as a threat but rather with pity that it lacks civil society of a modern country.

    • DavidisDawei

      I agree; it is a learning experience.

      One of the fallback responses I get from Chinese friends is
      “I’m a very traditional Chinese”
      “You are not Chinese, you would not understand”.

      • POS

        Hey your friends are right. Chinese can be very mystical creatures… in their own eyes :P!

      • Sean Cauffiel

        They’re not fall back responses, they’re the go-to responses.

        “I’m a very traditional Chinese” = “I have been saying this my whole life and I have no clue what it means, but people usually smile approvingly when I say it.”

        “You are not Chinese, you would not understand” = “I never learned to think critically or analytically about my own culture or anything else, so I am at a loss to explain the matter at hand to you even if I could understand it myself.”

      • Sean Cauffiel

        Same as “China has 5000 years of glorious history” when you mention how much you enjoyed some tanghulu, but “China is still a developing country” when…. well, when pretty much anything else happens.

    • Panda Banana

      kj, let me tell you something. In life there is no stronger bondage then economic self interest. Its a guaranty for peace too! Especially in china its a guaranty for a lasting friendship and business relation. Fact is,that the people who are disappointed, like you, probably don’t play a part in that.

      I never understood the dilussional idea of building “cultural bridges” and “resolve misunderstandings” and so on….my understanding is to leave people like they are, its not my job to discuss cultural differences. The closest tie you will ever be able to get with a chinese, is a relation where both make money.

      You prefer like so many others to talk with a bunch of fools to built bridges? Then you will always end up on the shorter end. Guess what? now a days no one gives a fuck. You can even be good friends with the baddest hardcore nationalist, simply, by putting him in a position where he can benefit from you.

      The world doesn’t run on people building bridges, it runs on INDIVIDUALS pursuing their self interests! When you are really into changes, then the best weapon is pursuing your self interest and let others pursuing theirs….the rest? Fuck the rest! Those are the ones whining, bitching and complaining and like in your case provoking your friend…..i always said it, nationalism is a decease!!!

      • POS

        Koala, you are a hard core realist mate! Idealism for the weak eh?

        • Panda Banana

          my opinion is that realism is and always will be the purest form of living your life. Its like japanese Bushido, to taste life with every breath. Its not about right or wrong, good or evil, its about accepting reality as objective reality, the way it is and not the way i would like it to be.

          I am now over 20 years on the road worldwide, and i wouldn’t dare to tell others how they should live their life. I prefer the characters who have the balls to criticize their “own” country and people, this way they show me that there are still sane and live in the same world like me.

          I really don’t know why are people are eager to built “cultural” bridges, while they ignore the objective reality that the strongest bond they will EVER have with someone else, is, when they built a beneficial relation where the other person is better off with you then without you.

          I HIGHLY doubt, that emotional, social or political self interest is somehow nobler then economic self interest.

          I think our “leaders” know that very well, so kj’s comment:

          ” I grew up being optimistic of China’s rise, believing that the U.S. and China can work together.”

          is wrong. China works with so many countries so well together, based on economic self interest where all parties involve benefit from it. Its tough sometimes to make business in china, but once you get rid of this delusional belief to change a whole culture to the “better”, and concentrate on the objective things which ARE within your abilities and power, then you CAN make changes, even significant positive changes in yours and other peoples lives….


        Pretty much my viewpoint for the most part. I also hate nationalism for the most part as I feel it’s a bunch of losers with nothing else to be pround of other than being born in a certain country or of a certain race. I also feel human nature in general isn’t good or evil. It’s about promoting self interest. Sure there are some purely altruistic people and some inherently evil people but for the most part people look out for themselves.

        • bert

          Selfish therefore evil. Just some are less evil than others.

      • It’s good that you try to shake his head out of the clouds. I suspect that the idea of cultural bridges being built is to oppose the old racism issue. To me, this doesn’t lessen the stigma against race/culture but promote more differences by emphasizing on it. Take the many Asian “insert interest group” society or any other specific race or gender groups. You don’t often see a white male interest group bc ooooooohhhhnoooooo that is socially unacceptable while the illusion of other cultural groups is a “good thing”..anyway going tangent here. I agree with ya.


          For christ sake how many bananas are there on this forum, LOL.

        • There are many, they just aren’t out in the open. Just about every expat forum for foreigners in Asia focuses on the pleasure that White men have in Asia and disregard the experiences of other groups.

      • DavidisDawei

        Excellent points Panda Banana…
        People will tolerate quite a bit when they know money is involved…
        but as you said it runs on relationships between individuals.

        So unless you are the GodFather (who serve his revenge if you cross him), a certain degree of trust/credibility needs to be earned before you get to that point.

        I would think KJ has an advantage over most foreigners – understanding the language, culture and its people.

    • POS

      Unfortunately , I share your pessimism. That’s why I pointed out the dissonance between the volume and vitriol after the Boston Bombings that I was seeing on the Chinese intranet compared to benign and mostly supportive response I saw on the American side after the Sichuan quake. Some posters where quick to say “Well every country has haters” or some such, completely oblivious to the nuance of the situation. There is an ugly brew fermenting in China within the past few years, particularly since the Olympics I think. There is a counter movement of more enlightened interconnected worldly people too, make no mistake. But I feel it is really volatile and if given an outlet in the form of external aggression (manufactured by the CCP or through some accident, say in the South China Sea) it could turn ugly fast.

    • Cultural promotion/ bridging is a propagator of cultural diversity, which works against the initial intent of everyone for equality and acceptance. But that is just my opinion.

    • exactly which comments made you upset?… most of them are critical of us foreign policy, which in fact is a root cause of the recent tragedy…

    • bert

      You’re American.

  • iamjustin iamjustin

    i am a Chinese in the mainland and I totally LOVE the United States of America,ignore those hatred barks from those communist-ruled pathetic beings,they are born to hate each other.
    USA,the light tower of democracy and freedom,is the hope of humanity.We need your leadership forever.Long live,my Great USA!

    • BiggJ

      You are a traitor to the mother land!! The heavenly kingdom banishes you!! lol

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      And i am not Chinese but i love Chinese people and China with all of it’s drawbacks. There are so many good Chinese people that it infuriates me when others speak badly of them or even kill them. May change and true democracy soon come to China along with rights for all as well as a safe, clean and healthy environment. I know it seems impossible but i won’t give up easily.

      • Sean Cauffiel

        Not going to happen. China is at least generations away from civil liberty and concern for others’ well being. We will not see it in our lifetimes.

        • 5,000 years of uncivilization

          So the question is then: Should anyone care or try to do anything to help save China?

          • Panda Banana

            save china from what? last time i checked everything was fine and improving. And its improving steady for over 20 years, so what you want to save? So far china goes upwards over decades, when it starts to go down, then you have a reason to think about it….

          • 5,000 years of uncivilization

            Not only do i live in China but i’m constantly hearing or reading about social problems as well as environmental problems. Many Chinese say that China is doomed and things are not better and will get worse. There is so much work to be done but few people do anything unless there is money to be made. I’ve often noticed that you tend to disagree with what many people say on this site so i may just be wasting my time. Critisizing others on a personal level is very unproductive and if you look around, you can see there is so much work to be done if you care at all.

          • bert

            Is improving simple materialism or a greater sense of morality? Is the USA better now than 30 years ago? Is China? What is good? What is moral?

          • Sean Cauffiel

            Because China’s success over the past 30 years is a bubble based on slave labor that is running out and theft that international law is slowly catching up with.

          • DavidisDawei


            You are right…

            China definitely has a slave class and I think the West is now trying to create their own.

            I believe the Gaokao is used to maintain China’s slave class; if you get low test scores and have no money, people take whatever job they can get.

            Wages are rising, but still dismal compared to “Western” standards.

          • Sean Cauffiel

            Ask anyone in history who’s ever tried and I think they’ll tell you to let it burn.

    • You are a sheep of an idiot.

    • bert

      Good grief, if you believe that then you need to come live in the US for a while, or you’re a silly troll. Look how many people voted u up. Simpletons

  • foreheadslap

    Geez, talk about narcissism on the part of some. They’re only pretending to mourn so they can make us feel bad. Um…I really don’t think those people even thought once about antagonising the profoundly sexually frustrated, hyper nationalist fenqing (or even realised he and his hangups existed) when they rose to commemorate the Boston dead.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    “…doing this only to show that their country is about human
    rights…about how much they cherish both the living and the dead… or to
    be more severe, it’s to use ideology to make the entire world’s people
    think their country is so great, and yearn for it!”

    I don’t think they needed to do this. Every year, they met the 1 million immigration limit, it’s not like they need any advertising when plenty of people outside the country do it for them.

  • dj

    Earlier last week Boston University established a scholarship in memorial of the graduate student. Trustees have launched fund of more than $716,000 within a week from contributors of more than 600 donors from 14 countries. Lu’s parents hope the scholarship will help the hardworking international students like their daughter.

  • Fairytale

    Some chinese people should learn..its already the 21st century!! R.I.P LINGZI LU :)

    • In China it’s 4 or 5 thousand years ago depending on the brainwashing used… lol!

  • For the idiot Chinese netziens who think it was faked, how about using something, anything, other than that oh so shitty Baidu for your web searches.

  • comingbright

    I am just interested in the LED display, seems good quality. Is it made in China? haha, maybe it is made LED screen Products.

  • Someguyontheinternet

    I’ll just leave this here and walk away…

  • Raoul Duke

    Both China and the U.S. will be better off when our citizens realize that one of the biggest obstacles to our peace and prosperity is Muslims in the middle east. Our countries should form a political and military alliance to keep those vermin undetr control.

  • Jon Anderson


    I sit here in my comfortable, soft
    easy chair this evening. Reading a miracle as though it is a blog
    written by teens to be read by the grandchildren of Chairman Mao.

    Unfortunately, I think many of you are missing the point.

    The blog is being written. And read. And commented upon. Currently, by a 67
    year old white American. Born as a child into poverty in the rural
    United States… who is currently sitting in Florida, one of the United

    Brought to him by yet another miracle, the Internet.

    not a damned one of us is using this marvelous tool to its true
    potential, which is to unite the people of the world against the tiny
    minority that tighten the shackles around our ankles in the guise of
    Freedom, so that he may squeeze yet another yuan from our collective


  • Michael

    I am American. I have lived in China for over 8 years because I love Chinese people. In America, everyone’s child reminds us of our own. Doesn’t matter where they are from. Our heart’s break for the families of lost children. This is not to show anything but the value of someones life. If you have never been to America, wait till you learn for yourself how we feel. China and America are so much alike now, My wife is Chinese and she has a large family. I am treated the same as other son-in-laws. My Chinese friends are the closest I have ever had. If they lost a child, I would feel it too. In America we are all people from all over the world. Your face, skin, culture blends with our own. I plan to live my life out in China, not because I don’t love America, but because I love China too.

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