Chinese Border Residents Use Rice to Buy North Korean Wives

North Korean wives of Chinese men in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.

From Mop (1 & 2), Sina, Tiexue:

China border residents use rice to exchange for North Korean wives

The women in the photos are all North Korean women who illegally crossed the border into China because of hunger and starvation. The children in the photos are all the unregistered sons and daughters born to these North Korean refugee women and Chinese men. The men in the phones are all Chinese, Chinese in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture who have married North Korean women. Photos are from the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.

North Korean wives of Chinese men and their children in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

North Korean wives and Chinese husbands in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

The children of North Korean wives and Chinese husbands in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

North Korean wives and Chinese husbands in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

North Korean wives and Chinese husbands in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

North Korean wives and Chinese husbands in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

North Korean wives and Chinese husbands in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

North Korean wives and Chinese husbands in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

North Korean wives and Chinese husbands in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China.

Comments from Mop:


I’m a peasant and my family has a lot, a lot of rice, so that means I can exchange them for a lot, a lot of wives~~~~


Who can help me contact one~~ Thank you. I’m sincere. Russian, Vietnamese, North Korean, South Korean, all are okay.


They may not have official identification documents, or may even be listed as wanted by their own family, but no matter what, they are the mothers of Chinese babies. China’s men should be men, should treat them well, respect them as their own sisters and wives, never to leave them or abandon them.


Bring in the foreign ladies, let those women who demand houses and cars all go to hell.


Just a little bit ugly.


This cost for finding a wife is worth considering.


North Korean girls, come to brother’s arms… Brother [referring to self] resolutely refuses girls who demand houses and cars…


Louzhu, what you’re talking about is from the last century. Around 1995, there was this kind of thing. The last image you posted [referring to the 6th photo], it’s a river-side photo from our city of Tumen [in Yanbian], but how long ago was that taken? These days, there are newly built tourist boats, constructed in 2008, hehe, so tell me what year your photos were taken. Your photos are all old photos, and its an old story too. Also, the North Korean women were not exchanged for rice, but purchased with money, 3000-5000 varying [RMB], with local ethnic Koreans specializing in the illegally trafficking them in, and disappearing without a trace after around a year with the locals. The local border guards and police don’t let you randomly take in North Koreans either, so only in impoverished mountain areas can they [the North Korean women] live a life with the local bachelors. The government turns a blind eye and leaves it at that. Many of the North Korean women have families in North Korea too, and they want to provide their families with things, money, and there are also a lot of relatives there expecting that the women can bring their families some benefit. They’re all people after all.

In recent years, this kind of thing has lessened. The government is strict in arresting them, and the other side’s border guards are even more strict with the arrests, treason is very serious. These years, the relations with North Korea are more formal and normalized. There’s various trade happening, with Chinese cultivating seafood, transporting it throughout the Northeast to sell. North Koreans are relatively familiar with prices for things in China now, and sometimes are able to buy things cheaper than us. China has many North Koreans who are operating ethnic food businesses, and are doing well, it’s just that not everything here is completely opened up, but mainly it is North Korea that hasn’t opened up, and even if it did, trying to make money off of them will be hard. They’re poor, so they’re very calculating when spending money. This is basically how it is. Hehe.


I want a Russian one, because the more you mix blood with North Koreans, the uglier it gets, so Russians are better.


Fuck, its rare that imported goods are this cheap!


A bunch of stupid cunts, all of the ones in the photos have houses to live in, you all think some rice is enough to trick someone back to suffer with you? You all better continue being losers in your cities.


Male comrades, hurry and mobilize, Vietnamese girls are only 30k, North Korean girls can be exchanged for rice… there’s no fucking need for a house and car, and the next generation will even be mixed blood!!!


North Korea’s economy I imagine is like China in the 1970s. Using rice to exchange for a wife is a bit exaggerated, but the poverty is real.


This is definitely something from the last century. These days, Yanbian is very well developed. In Tumen and Hunchun [cities in Yanbian], you basically can’t find these scenes from the photographs anymore. What more, North Koreans coming over can’t solve the hukou problem, and essentially have no protection at all. The moment they are reported to the border guards, they are repatriated all the same. Standing on the bridge between the China-North Korean border, North Korean military will not hesitate to use a metal hook to drag you back. This is what my teacher told us when I was attending college in Yanbian.

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  • Mop

    All but one couple have no sofa to fit on.

    • lonetrey

      I can’t believe you actually got the sofa comment with an accurately relevant reference to the single presence of a sofa in the photos… =_=

  • xiaoxiao

    How much rice do they exchange for one? o_o

    • 404namenotfound

      8 grains

  • jiayi

    Saw a documentary on this the other night. Despite the nudge nudge wink wink attitude to the North Korean bride phenomenon it was actually quite depressing. You saw 9 hopeful Korean girls including a young mother being caught crossing the border, repatriated by the Chinese authorities and subsequently executed back in N Korea. If you are lucky enough you might end up being some Dongbei alcoholic’s punchbag. I thought all that talk of cannibalism during the famines was exaggeration but according to these women it was true. It’s like a bad Charles Heston sci-fi film come to life.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if these ‘rice for wife’ exchanges were totally legit.

    Come to big American man. He do you no harm.

    • lonetrey

      Dam. That’s so depressing. Part of me hopes you’re wrong about this, but idk… when it comes to North Korea, hope has nothing to do with it.

      • jiayi

        The shittest thing was that these kids were so happy because they were literally like 3 miles from the Mongolian border and almost free and then bam…these chengguan motherf*ckers caught them out and well…that’s that. It’s pretty disgusting and the scary thing is it’s just the tip of the iceberg. But the Chinese government are just as cruel and heartless. They’re happy to send back desperate refugees because the Korean government heavily subsidizes China every time their police catch & send back Korean escapees, knowing fine well it means certain death for these people. It was disgusting seeing these Korean guards beating this young heavily pregnant girl with a metal bar and kicking her in the stomach for trying to get married off to a Chinese. They’re just brutes. But as usual, nobody (especially China) gives a shit and so on and on it goes.

        • The ccp also wants to make sure to keep all the poverty, starvation and lack of any living standards contained to North Korea…

          If they suddenly slacked off about border crossings, then they’d have a wave of illegal immigrants flood the Dongbei area.

          Irony is that they might get some food out of the deal, but life would go on in those little villages… Different boss, same asshole.

        • notorious

          Do these government people ever feel shame or guilt about their heartlessness? How do they justify their actions and believes? Do they preach that it is for the good of the country, the people, or is it some other reason. I really want to understand why people (governments) do these things. I don’t want to simply call them evil but I can’t think of any rational excuse.

          • anon

            Ask Bush and Cheney? Governments make questionable decisions and policies placing the interests of a nation over those of the individual every single day. That’s just the way life is. Most of us here are incredibly fortunate.

          • jiayi

            I hate to break it to you but when it comes to governments, business is business. They don’t need to justify anything to anyone because they are the greatest power. The west is getting away with mass murder every day. I don’t think emotion is a word that even comes into play.

    • themig

      big american men toooo busy insulting jeremy lin 24 hours on twitter

      • jiayi

        LOL +1 to you.

    • Dat Ankle

      Do you remember what the documentary was called?

      • jiayi

        Yes it was called ‘Han: The Price of Freedom’ it was on UK TV but you can find a edited version on youtube.

  • MrT

    I’m off up the supermarket for 25kg bag of rice, should get me something hot for that!

  • Irvin

    Now on the lighter side of things chinese women now only demands a house and a prada bag, cars are no longer a requirement.

  • staylost

    Repatriated and shot.

    I have no problem with China keeping N. Korea as their little puppet, I just wish that they would do a better job at making puppet regimes than the US does in nanmei (although Japan & Taiwan have turned out pretty well).

    • themig

      right now i hope China keeps that Assad puupet in charge in syria. else tell him to nerve gas the arabs

      • mr. weiner

        I think you can wave him goodbye, Hammas came out today in support of the Syrian oppositian. The writing is on the wall for Assad



    • mr. weiner

      I think that would be paid in vodka and potatos.

    • donscarletti

      Who need Russian?

      Ukrainian wife is much better.

      40kg salo, final offer.

  • jeffli

    Being a fulltime gimp would be promising
    poor north koreans.
    shot repatriates
    the KIM family rulers and friends should be shot!
    shame china shame you puppetmaster these people to death! to cannibalism!

    • White Thrash

      The only way out would be to take down North Korean regime and saves what can be saved… but it would bring other problems, for North Korean as well as other nations involved.
      As long as North Korea is a starvation country, people will want to escape…
      China wants to regulate immigration, but doesn’t fix the root of the problem.
      North Korean are in a way being hostage of their own government policies.
      North Korea is about to bankrupt…

  • m

    I’d be holding out for a Pyongyang traffic girl. Just thinking about the white socks, and what she could do with the traffic baton could make a peasant go crazy!

  • Eidolon

    Simply put, China cannot intervene in North Korea:

    1) It’d go against their non-intervention policy.

    2) It’d turn the NK government against China, and towards SK and America. NK would then go from a buffer between China and US-allied SK to yet another US-allied state partaking in the strategic encirclement of China.

    3) NK is built around the principle of Juche. Its people, though desperate, have been brainwashed to hate everything foreign. Intervention would be costly, especially with NK missiles and potential nukes within shooting range of major Chinese cities.

    The stalemate will continue in NK until the NK leadership decides enough is enough. Hoping that China is going to do something about NK is failing to understand how China’s hands are tied. NK may depend on China, but said dependence is like that of an unstable drug addict towards his noveu rich supplier. The supplier can tell him to GTFO, but the risk is that he’ll rat the supplier out to the police, or go crazy and stab the supplier in the nuts. The supplier can’t risk it, and so the supply of weed and cocaine continues.


  • 殷商

    Do good to her. Dude. Love without borders of history.


  • China Nothing

    Except us white guys in China can get rich and pretty Chinese women for FREE!!! Chinese women are so easy…especially the ones from Shanghai literally like taking a bus.

    • dilladonuts

      The only people who brag about getting pussy in a 3rd world country are those that couldn’t get none back home. You just outed yourself. On your bike you go.

    • Patrick

      I promise you, many, many, people have been on that bus before you. Go out to the smaller cities – more of a challenge (and they’re actually loyal) and totally worth it. Do it quickly before you find the subway version – way too crowded, heavily used.

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  • canu help me to get nice girls

  • Mark ,

    In Papua New Guinea, you exchange ‘pigs’ for a wife. The better the girl, the more pigs you would have to exchange. Most women on average are worth five or ten pigs. I new a P N G, girl worth 250 pigs. She was from a good family. Some women in P N G, I wouldn’t give half a bacon sandwiche for.

  • Guest

    As long as the women are happier I’m okay with it. If you can’t free all the house elves you could at least wish for better living conditions.

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