Chinese Boss and Secretary Ride Horses to Work

A wealthy Shanxi boss rides a horse to work with his female secretary.

A wealthy Chinese business owner commutes to work with his secretary on horseback.

From QQ:

Shanxi boss and female secretary riding horses to work becomes famous on the internet

Recently, a set of photos and video called “Boss and female secretary ride to work on horses” has become famous on the internet. The man in yellow in the photos is the boss of a private company in Xianyang, and the woman next to him is his secretary. Old He [the boss] has many nearly cars that cost nearly 1 million [RMB] each at home, but being unable to put up with the traffic of going to and from work every day, Old He decided he would switch to riding a horse to commute to and from work, and apart from special situations has over the past two years done so regardless of the weather.

A wealthy Shanxi boss rides a horse to work with his female secretary.

Old He says that the neighborhood he lives in is about 7-8km away from work and it normally takes 20 minutes to drive, whereas riding a horse can also get him to work in 20+ minutes but is more environmentally friendly and low-carbon.

In Shanxi, China, a passerby riding a motor scooter is surprised by a man riding a horse on the public road.

Old He says what he enjoys the most are the surprised looks of passersby when he is horseback riding.

Old He is a wealthy business owner in Shanxi, China who rides a horse to work everyday to avoid traffic.

The name of the horse he is currently riding is “Wu Zhui”, which he purchased for over 80,000 yuan, and pays Keeping a horse costs 50-60 thousand yuan each year, and he places the horse in a stable after arriving at the factory plant. Over the past two plus years, he has often rode his horse to work, and has gotten used to the feeling of riding a horse to go out, becoming uncomfortable all over if he does not ride a horse at least once a day.

A wealthy Chinese businessman and his secretary riding horses to work.

As for the question of whether or not horses can go on public roads, Old He says that he has already inquired about relevant regulations and discovered that so far there are no relevant rules and regulations restricting horses going on public roads, and as a result him riding his horse to commute to work is not illegal.

A rich Chinese boss riding horseback to work with his secretary.

Regarding this question, this reporter made an inquiry at the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Enforcement Beilin Division Deputy Chief Fei Tao, and Fei Tao said that in the “Road and Traffic Safety Regulations of the People’s Republic of China”, Article 73 has regulations pertaining to animal-powered vehicles but does not have any regulations pertaining specifically to horseback riding.

A news report:

In the above video, the boss Old He says he rather enjoys the looks he gets, which are a mix of envy, surprise, and disbelief. He also says a horse is cheaper than a car, that a very good horse can be purchased for about 20,000 RMB, with 4000-5000 RMB per year being enough for upkeep costs. Old He lists five additional advantages: No traffic, no traffic lights, no need to get gas, no annual inspection, and no traffic tickets.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯湛江市网友 狮子:

Good…I support this… This is a real baoma [Chinese name for BMW but literally means “precious horse”]… The Machine Age will soon end… [it is] too polluting of the environment…

腾讯乌鲁木齐市网友 假若明天来临:

Riding every day, this is simply about showing off. If it is traffic, then ride a bicycle! No exhaust or feces, and what more, I’m willing to bed that in the city, it’s much faster than a horse.

腾讯绍兴市网友 冷雨:

The female secretary and the boss on the road, always together.

腾讯泸州市网友 纠结:

Always saying this or that has become famous, if its that easy to become famous then tomorrow I’m going to go to work on stilts! Fuck!

腾讯上海市网友 寻找→¥¥¥:

And the horse shit, who sweeps that up? Is it still environmentally friendly?

腾讯网友 LED=巴鲁斯=何:

[I] support riding horses, it’s environmentally friendly. Wasting your own time driving is one thing, but the key is that you’re also wasting other people’s time, and it pollutes the air!!

腾讯网友 镜猪猪【:

Yet another publicity stunt! So stupid!

腾讯网友 乱林独舞蝶:

Who is that girl? There must be someone who recognizes her, is she really his secretary? Why doesn’t the boss buy a horse for his wife, but buys one for her?

上海市 超超:

I don’t have any cars in my house, but I do have some pigs, so can I ride my pigs to work?

腾讯网友 墨↗″子笨:

Fuck! Now just riding a horse can make you famous, and environmentally friendly? Why not just walk, wouldn’t that be even more environmentally friendly!? First this boss, then that boss, all people with money and nothing better to do than to find things to whittle away their time. I really don’t know what people are thinking these days if even this can make someone famous! I bet us insignificant city residents can ride Superman and not become famous!

腾讯网友 紫色爱情蝶:

[He] spent over 80 thousand yuan to buy it and must spend 50-60 thousand yuan each year to keep it. Us poor people can’t afford to ride horses.

腾讯网友 Μ□δουσ:

Riding a horse to work, boss, how about donating your luxury cars to Project Hope since you don’t use them anyway.

腾讯网友 紫色爱情蝶:

Look at those rich people, cars are no longer worth showing off! Private planes are no longer worth showing off! What’s fashionable now is horseback riding, and bringing your secretary along with you!

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