Boy’s Skull Caved in By Abusive Stepmother, Parents Run Off

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

From Tianya:

Half of 4-year-old boy’s head caved-in by stepmother, father takes money and runs

The birth parents of little “Zhongbao” (literally “Chinese Treasure”) gave birth to him out of wedlock, and separated when little “Zhongbao” was just two years old. Afterwards, little Zhongbao’s birth father met a woman online and would later move in together. This woman would become little Zhongbao’s stepmother, and she herself had come from a divorce. When bringing up his stepmother, little Zhongbao would become very agitated and from time to time would say, “It was that fat lady who beat me; she used a wok spatula to hit me.” The “fat lady” in question would be little Zhongbao’s stepmother. Originally, little Zhongbao stayed with his grandfather and grandmother in Beijing ever since he was a baby, but upon consideration that little Zhongbao spent too little time with his father, little Zhongbao was sent back home to Henan on February 10th of this year. However, just 40-some days later, their grandson would suffer grievous injuries, and nearly lose his life.

After the incident, the birth father and the stepmother stated they don’t want treatment, but the grandfather and grandmother insisted upon carrying-out treatment and had their grandson transferred to Zhengzhou University Number One Auxiliary Hospital to undergo a second operation. But who would have guessed that when the boy regained consciousness that the father and the stepmother would take the family’s remaining savings of 2000RMB and run, their whereabouts remaining unknown to this day. According to reports, while little Zhongbao was unconscious the stepmother had explained that he had slipped and fallen down. However, once little Zhongbao awakened, he identified his stepmother as the one who had hit him. The police claimed that a 4-year-old child’s testimony cannot be used as legal basis and a case could not be opened. But as a result of the indefatigable efforts of the grandparents of little Zhongbao, Zhengzhou police two days ago finally called to say that a formal investigation into the case of little Zhongbao’s injury has been opened.

The boy’s cranial capacity has been lessened a great deal; now even walking is very difficult for him, and his sense of balance is impaired as well.

Comments from Tianya:


Such a cute little boy, and [the stepmother] is still able to raise a hand against him[?] So vicious.


Case cannot be opened? Fuck.


Human scum, just seeing this makes my heart ache…
If this woman isn’t heavily punished, then this is an intolerable injustice!


Brutal; a stepmother is not as good as a birth mother.


As ruthless as men are, there are women who are even more ruthless!


This should be posted on Weibo, so it’ll spread even faster~


Yes, this I’ve seen before on Shangdong Television, and that birth mother is also a JP, having given birth to him, yet not being able to take responsibility, even saying how it will be hard for her to get married in the future and whatever [if she has a son]!! I want to know this child’s contact method. I wonder how I can find them?


Who says that the testimony of a four year-old boy can’t launch a criminal investigation? This police officer is such a liar!

Transcript and translation of dialogue and subtitles from above video:

[Title Card]
On April 4th, 2011, the stepmother of four year-old Henan boy little Zhongbao is suspected of having caused an indentation in his head from hitting him with a wok spatula.

It was the fat lady who hit me; [she] used a spatula to hit me; the fat lady is my stepmother
The fat lady is bad; she hits me and acts shamelessly.

Does the fat lady normally hit you?

She does, she hits me all the time

Where does she hit little Zhongbao?

[touches his head]

[Title card]

The birth parents of little “Zhongbao” gave birth to him out of wedlock, and separated when little “Zhongbao” was just two years old. Afterwards, his birth father met online the divorced woman who would become little Zhongbao’s stepmother. This woman is the “fat lady” little Zhongbao says hit him.

Three months after “little Bao” [a contraction of “little Zhongbao”] was born, his father and his mother went out [moved away] for work.

I have raised little Zhongbao by feeding him milk powder ever since he was three months old.
Little Bao’s birth parents separated two years ago.
While little Bao was in the Zhengzhou hospital,
his birth mother came to visit him a few times.
His birth mother has just started working, and doesn’t have any money.
She says she still needs to find a boyfriend, that she can’t take care of [little Zhongbao].
My grandson is so pitiful.
My perfectly fine grandson, who was perfectly healthy and vibrant, has become like this.
His entire life has been ruined, what is he going to do in the future?

[Title card]
Little Zhongbao lived with his grandfather and grandmother in Beijing, but upon consideration that little Zhongbao spent too little time with his father, little Zhongbao was sent back home to Henan on February 10th of this year. However, just 40-some days later, their grandson would suffer grievous injuries, and nearly lose his life.

[The grandmother and little Zhongbao are sitting together]

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Little Bao has never received a father’s love, nor has he received a mother’s love

I regret, regret having sent him to them [little Zhongbao’s parents]

Don’t cry.
[wipes away the tears of his grandmother]

[Title card]
After the incident, little Zhongbao’s father and stepmother chose to forgo treatment for him, and it was only after the insistence of the grandfather and grandmother was finally saved. However, they never imagined that little Zhongbao’s father and stepmother would actually take the two thousand yuan required for little Bao’s medical expenses and run away, and remain unable to contacted to this day.

I’ve only known her (little Bao’s stepmother) for a short amount of time, and all I know is that her temper is very irritable.

She considers the child to be a burden, encumbering them [her and her husband].

[I] once gave them a call, [and said] if you can’t take care of him then send him back.
But they didn’t send him back either.
After taking care of him for just over a month, something happens.

[Title card]
While little Zhongbao was unconscious, his stepmother claimed little Zhongbao injured himself from slipping and falling down on his own. However, once little Zhongbao awakened, he identified his stepmother as the one who had hit him. Afterward, his birth father and stepmother fled and remain missing up to now.

[Title card]
At the time, police said a 4-year-old child’s testimony cannot be used as legal basis, so a case cannot be opened. After his grandfather and grandmother repeatedly petitioned the police, Zhengzhou police finally called to inform them that a formal investigation has been opened, over 4 months since the incident occurred.

My son abandoned little Bao, as well as his parents.

His heart is too black [evil/corrupted].
The country let me raise [my son], but I failed in raising my son [correctly].

[Title card]
Upon examination, the child has suffered a 12x10cm defect upon his skull. The brain cells on the right side [of his skull] are almost entirely damaged/insufficient, causing impairment to movement on the left side of the child’s body. If not repaired with surgery promptly, this will endanger the boy’s life.

[Little Zhongbao is lying on the bed]

EVERYBODY: [speaking in turns]
Get up.

[Little Zhongbao kicks with his right leg as he struggles to get up, but his left leg remains perfectly still]

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[Later, little Zhongbao is eating cake; in turn, he offers some to the audience/camera operator]

[Title card]
Throughout all this what has moved me [the producer of the video] the most has been Little Bao’s grandfather and grandmother. They have repeatedly declined our our offer to raise funds for them, saying everybody has it tough, and they can not bear being a burden to everybody because of their own matters.

[Title card]
Only after my insistence that I finally get the bank account number of Little Bao’s grandfather. They kept saying how embarrassing it is to trouble everyone.

Account holder: Yu Qifu (little Zhongbao’s grandfather)
Name of Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC); City of Zhengzhou
Account number: 6222 0217 0203 2473 902
Telephone contact: 1347 2582 456

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Comments from Youku:


Children are innocent, if you bring them into this world then you are responsible for them, otherwise you should simply not bring them into this world! The birth father and mother are irresponsible, and the stepmother is too evil, you will definitely all receive retribution!


This type of father should just be hit by a car and killed! And the stepmother… I don’t know what to say, but ultimately I just hope the child can fully recover. The child is innocent.


That father and that stepmother should should just hurry and die! May the two of them be thrown into a vat of sulfuric acid!


As a mom, I’m really sad… To think, if something like this were to happen to my own child, I’d go crazy. How could there be such a cruel woman, and how can there be such a cruel birth mother.


Whatever people do, the heavens are watching! Stepmother, you will incur the condemnation of heaven!!!!!!!


Can’t accept this, that there could be this kind of person [in the world].


Truly inhuman! Such a cruel stepmother, and such a cute little child whose life has been ruined by his own father. Are these police good-for-nothing? Would a child lie about such a serious thing? List the stepmother as wanted throughout the entire country!


This is so disturbing; it’s been a long time since I’ve cried like this…

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

Comments from MOP:


Ai.. yet another China-esque tragedy.


Fuck!!! Being a stepmother isn’t wrong!!! But doing something like this is really wrong!!!


Fuck, is this real or fake?


Fuck, humanity is becoming like animals..
Human de-evolution has begun~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Ai, why stepmothers in China all like this?


Let everyone all see this post, see this inhuman inhuman stepmother. Do you have any humanity? Are you not going to have kids of your own in the future? Go die! Human flesh [search]! Resolutely human flesh [search her]!


How can there be this kind of mother?


Starting from the textbooks of primary school there is no teaching of the doctrines of Confucius and Mencius.
That’s why there is no harmony [in our society]
So how could China become great/strong?

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.


Stepmother suspected of caving in half of 4-year-old boy’s head, father takes money and runs

The stepmother of 4-year-old Henan boy little Zhongbao is suspected of having caved one side of the boy’s head with a spatula. After two surgical operations in Zhengzhou, little Zhongbao has been taken by his grandfather and grandmother to the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center for treatment. On Wednesday, little Zhongbao will undergo his third operation.

After little Zhongbao’s misfortune was posted to the internet by compassionate netizens, many kind-hearted people have donated money and materials as well as paid visits to the hospital.

According to reports, while little Zhongbao was unconscious the stepmother had explained that he had slipped and fallen down. However, once little Zhongbao awakened, he identified his stepmother as the one who had hit him. The police claimed that a 4-year-old child’s testimony cannot be used as legal basis and a case could not be opened. However, Mr Yu, the grandfather of little Zhongbao, relates that yesterday afternoon Zhengzhou local police had called to inform him that a formal investigation into the case of little Zhongbao’s injury has been opened.

“The fat lady hit me with a spatula”

On an intensive care bed outside the neurosurgery ward of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center [lies little Zhongbao]. Though the severe depression in little Zhongbao’s skull is serious, his mental faculties are still okay. As Ms. Fang, little Zhongbao’s grandmother, tells us, little Zhongbao’s injury occured on April 8th. At that time she and the boy’s grandfather, Mr. Yu Qifu, were still in Beijing. That night at around 10:30PM they received a call from little Zhongbao’s father who said that the boy received an injury to his head and has already been sent to the hospital. Working in Beijing, they [the grandparents] rushed back to their hometown of Henan overnight. At the hospital, they saw that their grandson had received a large indentation to the right side of his head.

Ms. Fang says that little Zhongbao birth father had him out of wedlock, and so to this day little Zhongbao still has not received a hukou. When little Zhongbao was two years-old, his parents split up. Afterwards, little Zhongbao’s birth father met a woman online and would later move in together. This woman would become little Zhongbao’s stepmother, and she herself had come from a divorce.

When bringing up his stepmother, little Zhongbao would become very agitated and from time to time would say, “It was that fat lady who beat me, she used a wok spatula to hit me.” As Ms. Fang told this reporter that “fat lady” refers to little Zhongbao’s stepmother.

Son and daughter-in-law suddenly ran off

Ms. Fang and Mr. Yu rushed back to their hometown of Henan immediately. Mr. Yu says Little Zhongbao was originally living with them in Beijing. However, upon considering that little Zhongbao was getting older and older and had spent too little time with his father, Mr. Yu sent little Zhongbao back to his hometown of Henan on February 10th of this year. But in less than two months, his grandson would suffer grievous injuries and nearly lose his life.

“We asked our son and our daughter-in-law and she kept saying our grandson had fell in the bathroom and hurt himself on his own.”

After the incident, Mr. Yu said he and an old friend quickly took little Zhongbao to Zhengzhou No. 2 People’s Hospital; but the first operation failed. What Mr. Yu found unbelievable was that his son and daughter-in-law actually said: “Let it go, the child can not be saved.” Mr. Yu and his wife insisted on treating the child and had their grandson transferred to to Zhengzhou University No. 1 Auxiliary Hospital to undergo a second operation. Fortunately, this second operation proved to be more successful. At this time, however, something happened that Mr. Yu wouldn’t have imagined even in his wildest dreams: during the process of transferring the boy to a different hospital, the son and the daughter-in-law took the entire family’s remaining 20000 yuan of savings and disappeared.

For the treatment required and with the help of netizens and kind-hearted volunteers, Mr. Yu and his wife brought little Zhongbao to the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center.

As it is understood, although little Zhongbao’s injuries are severe, his mental faculties fundamentally have not been impaired; however, the left side of his body is showing symptoms of hemiplegia [paralysis on one side of the body]. Little Zhongbao will receive another operation on Wednesday.

Little Zhongbao, a 4-year-old Chinese boy whose skull has been partially bashed in or dented by his stepmother.

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  • Justin

    This is really fucked. I can’t say anything more about it.

    • Irvin

      Never underestimate the human capacity to do fucked up shit.

    • Anon

      Faked rather? Talk about running circles around others and being out of the loop. Where in the Universe are ‘we’ ? Hopefully not strapped into a holo-chair/sleep capsule on Memory Alpha, the whiplash from a corrective quake, weather system or solar flare would be Earth shattering . . .

  • justmega

    F’ing cockroaches.

  • Jay

    Lack of morals.

    Lack of shame.

    Lack of humanity.

  • Jeff

    This is unbelievable!
    castrate the father and the step mother!
    If a child comes into hospital with half his brain smashed in the guardians (parents or step-parents) should be immediately under investigation!
    What are the Chinese hospitals and police thinking?
    Is this normal for Chinese peasants to beat their children like this?
    Were the parents on crack or meth or something?

    How can a little boy have half his head smashed in and the parents on the run with the family savings?
    castrate the parents!
    and where was the birth mother? castrate her too!

  • eattot

    oh my god!
    how come she beat a cute boy so hard like this?also the father,oh my god, really a classic couple.if anybody dare to hit my kid like this,i am sure this person will regret all his life.and this man took money then ran away with this bitch???
    some people really do not deserve kids.

    • eattot

      again, poor people really should think well before go to bed making kid.

      • Yes. If only the poors would stop breeding, then we wouldn’t have any more poor people.

        “Won’t someone think of the children! We need to stop having them!”

      • BlackSugarDaddy

        what is your point of saying that ? what does this have anything to do with being poor? Rich people can be monsters as well. Well, I’m making a wild guess that you are native Chinese in her middle 20s as revealed by the crappy English grammar and the muffled avatar you seemingly try to identify with some kind of individualism, which is typical fad among the young kids like you. If what i assume makes sense, your grandfather couldn’t be rich in 1950s in the communist China. So when you father popped out, he might be a poor scrawny hungry baby crying for food. Poor people like your grandfather really should think well before going to bed and making kids !!!

        • eattot

          my grandfather generation was quite rich also my mother’s side, they had hills, own guns and bunch of horses, they were running salt business, plant poppy…and all my father’s brothers looked very handsome,big deep eyes and high nose…
          my mother’s side had several long time servants, my mother’s grandmother was a famous beauty…
          the revolution made them poor.

          • Hailey

            that’s a dumb thing to say. Beauty dosen’t matter neither does being poor or rich. even rich people do stuff like this. That’s ironic for you to say “again, poor people really should think well before go to bed making kid”. What’s that to say about rich people? that they are always treating their kids with loyalty? No because it’s not just the poor people. a rich person could do this take the money and run. After seeing something like this all you have to say is poor people need to think before they have a kid?. Clearly you didn’t read through this whole article.

      • Ray

        Lol does eattot attract automatic hate or something? I think her post is a responsible one. People really should THINK before having a kid (yes she said “think”, not that all poor people should never have any kids EVER), and that doesn’t just go for the poor, but in the case that they are poor, there is more that needs to be taken into consideration.

        • Just John

          Ray, you must have missed the trash kids. Go read eattot’s comments there, then you might understand better why she is getting shit here for her comments in relation to poor people having kids.

          • Tengu

            Va J.J. (Long time) I still say I’d want eattot on my side in an post-apocalyptic world, she’s battle proven, never gives up and really knows how to soften a room up by pouring a few rounds in.

            Unpredictable – Absolutely.
            Xenophobic – Probably, but who knows what’s lost in translation.
            Angry – Sure.
            Sympathetic – Nooooooo.

            She give a shit – No way!

            She could be a diamond in the rough, am I betting on that, no…..but there’s a chance, however remote.

            Remember we’re the same person.

          • Tengu

            “my grandfather generation was quite rich also my mother’s side, they had hills, own guns…plant poppy!”

            She could be the “Lost Princess of the Golden Triangle.”

      • 平凡人

        Not all poor people treats their kids badly; generalizing.

  • Grab a hanky:

    * a Guangdong father boiled boiling water over his daughter for refusing to work as a pickpocket, causing her 3rd degree burns to 85% of her body.

    Says the Red Cross hospital: “Such a case often happens to those who fall into a thermal basin. According to my estimation, the girl’s father has splashed hot water onto her body for periods of over 30 seconds each time. An accidental burn would not be so serious,” Li added.”

    * Speaking of forcing children to work, police detained eight mothers who had forced about 20 kids to work as beggars.

    The majority of them were their own kids. The kids were on vacation from school; no word if any of their earnings included “I went on vacation and all I got for it was this lousy shirt” T-shirt.

    * In Shanghai, a kid was strung up on a clothes wire and beaten for having stolen money to go play video games. He was beaten one minute for every ten kuai he stole; as he stole 300kuai, he was beaten for 30 minutes.

    The dad did the whipping, while the mother stood by and offered encouragement. She said, “Whip him to death!”

    The beating was eventually stopped by police, who gave the parents a very stern warning. It might even have been repeated for emphasis.

    * A security guard in Minhang district of Shanghai is accused of sexual abuse as 11 victims have come forward. Police expect the number to rise as many victims won’t press charges in order to not reveal their shame, thus maintaining a “code of silence” that befits the need of a “guard of security”, presenting a Moebius strip of illogic.

    That’s all I can think of right now. I’d add links by SMACKbot doesn’t like too many links.

    • More:

      * a mother broadcast the strangling of her baby live on a QQ chat. She murdered her own son as a way of revenging upon the father for some reason.

      * a S. Korean documentary reveals that longevity pills sold there contain over 90% human DNA including human hair and fingernails; upon research, it shows that it is made from discarded human fetuses

      Earlier on chinaSMACK:

      * mother suffocates her own baby by smothering it with her breast
      * baby dies after it was administered a BCG vaccine that was supposed to protect it
      * river found to have discarded babies in Shandong

      Again, all i can think of right now.

      • Justin

        *Mother wraps tape around child’s mouth until she suffocates, then dumps her body in the woods so the mom can go back to her life as a party girl. Tried in court. Had a good lawyer and the prosecution was incompetent. Acquitted of murder charges.

        …oh wait that was in the U.S.

        • Doesn’t really count; I mean, it’s Florida, it’s the U.S. equivalent of China’s Guangdong province and the twin embarrassments of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

          America, when are you finally going to grow up and do the right thing? By that of course I mean to saw off your Wang/Sunshine state.

          • Rick in China

            Totally right. Whenever I hear an insane story in the US, I’d eagerly lay a bet it happened in Florida.

          • Tengu

            Funny you mention this.

            My business associate and I will read out some heinous story we find to each other and play “Guess a State”, 80% of the time it’s Florida.

            Buckminster fuller said :
            “If you grabbed the United States by Maine and shook really hard all the loose parts would fly into California.”

            Florida is the oozing syphilitic dick hanging off US. Great state to rig and steal a presidential election in!

          • Rick in China

            You and your friend by chance work for TYT?

            The Young Turks held a “Guess The State” contest routinely, where they’d read 3 ridiculous news stories and the hosts would guess the state. Like you said, most of the most insane ones would be Florida ;)

          • Tengu

            No idea why it’s Florida, some strange shit in the water, too much sun, maybe it’s the meth being cooked inland that gets to them, too many warm comfortable days to tape a girl up in your backyard and toss her in your trunk, 365 days available for burying a body ?

            I’m in New England, you have to be a hardy son of a bitch to do some things in the winter. Put a guy in your trunk in the afternoon in December you can’t get him out three hours later, no leaves, swamps are frozen, can’t dig.

            Even duct tape reacts differently in extreme cold….problems, problems.

            We have to be more resourceful and dedicated up here.

          • hoots

            You guys don’t know how happy I am that Alabama wasn’t mentioned at all! Roll Tide!!!

          • Bruce Tutty

            Never mind, if the US just keeps on using as much energy as it does and Florida will be under water in 20-30 years anyway

      • Still more:

        * again in Minhang in Shanghai, a daycare worker goes “postal” and slashes many children with a box cutter, ages around 3-4. One is injured seriously. She is reported to be “mentally disturbed”, but then she actually works at the place, so go ahead and feel comforted by that piece of news.

        This just happened today.

    • Anon

      Beating is stupid. Just make sure that kids can be employed on hourly basis for various errands via errand boards or even local factories to earn money they want to spend. The parents could be beaten equally hard for not punishing in any meaningful manner that teaches anything.

  • Song of the Article

    Sweet Child of Mine


    • mr. weiner

      I’d suggest “head like a hole” by Nine inch nails, but that would be in extremely poor taste

      • Just John

        Sadly, I agree with everything you just said all beef weiner.

  • hanyucha

    The old lady in the fourth photo must be crying for joy – second hand houses 30k and up in Beijing – wow!

    Come on! There is a time and a place for advertising, and that isn’t it. Try and be more tasteful with placing the ads next time.

  • badnews

    somebody kill this scum who did this…

  • darkandlovelykissedbythe

    This just made me cry. Wondering if China has any type of child protective services, any advocacy agencies that work on behalf of children? Found another link that was somewhat disturbing, wondering if anyone knows what really happened in the situation I am providing the link for?

    • China has just national social support network: it’s called the internet. While it isn’t very apparent with this story, netizen response has been huge in other stories like the girl who has cancer and posts her hospital bills online, and netizens offer to pay her bills.

      I hadn’t seen the video in the link you provided, but it’s like any other scene in China, something horrendous has/is happening, and other people just stand around and watch. I honestly think they’re not actually enjoying whatever they see, but just are glad it’s not them. So, being a spectator is much better than being the principle.

      I’d say that kid was suspected of being a thief (thus the hand-iwork), and, guessing, this is way far out west. I find this video way harder to accept than the video in this story as there is incontrovertible truth that someone could have helped that kid, but didn’t.

      The Kitty Genovese incident has been largely disproven, but they did get it right, just not the right place.

      Rorschach will be a Chinese.

      • darkandlovelykissedbythe

        Thanks terrior.

    • Tengu

      He’s just a kid, what is he 5 or 6 and adult males are kicking him?

      I don’t give a shit what this kid did, that’s a sick fucking group of people and a pretty damaged group psyche when you can stand around and watch two separate guys kick a kid and stand there. Some even smiled?


      • I think it’s wrong behavior and have said so, but it’s unfair to improperly generalize another culture according to Western culture. China is very guilty of “diffusion of responsibility”, but things are the way they are for a reason. Sure, you can say that they should change for reason of law, morality, logic, but this isn’t an alien race; this is a whole other culture.

        I’m saying this in response to the crazy way all the Chinese videos seem to be set up on the livelinks site. It may be a cool website, but the China videos are all “Look at these savages! They don’t have human rights there! This is a lawless land with no rules! Extreeeemmme!”

        I watched a news broadcast about the nature reserves where tourist throw chickens for tigers to eat alive, and another video in which two men lay on the ground, prone, while this other man stood over them and beat them while onlookers watch (quite a poor beating, I should add; this guy never watched professional wrestling apparently). The introductions to the videos were very flimsy and only go to perpetuate stereotypes and myths.

        I don’t want to keep derailing my own story, so to bring it back on topic I want to say: yup, bad things happen, and we should know about bad things to inform us that they still exist, and that the world still needs work. This is a barbaric act of child abuse, but it doens’t mean Chinese are all savages.

        Sure, as I’ve listed it myself, there’s a lot of abuse going around, but as we can see by the comments and by the help that this kid is getting, this type of behavior is not common or acceptable in China. By getting the word out, this is to let people know so we can better understand the issue rather than have sweeping generalizations about something we only think we comprehend.

        • Brett Hunan

          I should have read your comment before posting my own. I agree completely.

          Sorry to all Chinese for being racist

          • Bread Human, you are a sensitive human being.

            Me, I don’t profess to understand everything, but I have that problem that whatever I come to understand and am aware of just makes me upset and angry.

            Sometimes I wish my brain was on MY side.

        • Just John

          Guess when you have close to 1/6 the earths population, you will see more of undesirable behavoir then you want to, but you will also see more desirble at the same time.

        • Anon

          They should’ve left the herds of wild ruminants and wild tigers alone in the wild. Domesticated chickens can’t be interesting or meaningful for tigers, amounts to a mawful of feathers IMHO. To keep those tigers in top form, fully adult wild animals should be used instead, the quality of prey just breeds apathy. To be creative, criminals on death row for equally violent crimes could even be fed to tigers, if not trained Executioners up to the challenge. There’s a lot of abuse going around, and part of it is inequitable punishment (few years in prison for murders, death penalty for victimless drugs smugglers) or a dumbed down lifestyle (tigers eating chickens, nuke grads becoming jobless while news anchors earn millions).

      • Brett Hunan

        Unfortunately, I have seen this sort of situation a handful of times. Not with children, but girlfriends or wives being beaten in public. Friends and onlookers just gape at the situation and banter.

        I know this is racist, but I am gonna go out on a limb— Sometimes I compare Chinese to children. Individually, they have an amazing ability to sympathize for and empathize with, but in groups can lose all aforementioned abilities and become total heartless passerby’s

        Not quite Kitty Genovese where onlookers were shown not to be apathetic, but truly distressed.

      • Tengu

        Didn’t generalize on the entire “culture” and that’s a stretch and I take umbrage with you inserting the phrase “…it doens’t mean Chinese are all savages.”

        When have I ever said anything derogatory about Chinese culture or any damn culture, I’ve been bitching about everyone making generalizations from day one.

        I still think that singular group of people at that one moment in time is damaged, there’s no denying it, anyone who can stand still, smile, watch a kid be assaulted and maimed (30 years in the US) and film it without doing anything, some were even vying for a closer look. That’s a sick group mentality, no matter where it is.

        When a group of so many people stand around, watch and not one steps forward to defend a kick being assaulted, it’s a fucked up singular situation.

        Now if I had said, “Chinese guys seem to be able to beat up women, old men with recycling bottles and kids.” that would be another story.

        I understand aberrant behavior when I see it, I know it’s not the norm!

        • Oh you… I was going to reply to darkandlovely or you, so I picked you since I hadn’t talked to you in a while.

          Maybe it’s isn’t clear enough, but my responses are to the video you watched on livefeed, and the introductions they have. dude: I didn’t want to start a new thread, and you had just watched it, soo… anyways, I’ll be more clear next time.

          And to respond to you back, DIRECTLY this time, normal is whatever is common. In china, people spitting, squatting, kids lemoning and fudging — this is normal. Also normal: selling raw vegetables by laying them on the street.

          Hygenic? No. Normal and commonplace? Yes. Should this practice be changed? Sure. Will it? No.

          • darkandlovelykissedbythe

            terrior, I found the replies on the website upsetting, but I could not find the video anywhere else. I took a look at some of the comments, and it does get pretty down and dirty in terms of degoratory comments made about the Chinese. Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to look at it, and provide an explaination.

          • @darkand

            You’re very nice, I appreciate that. It’s very rare here for such conduct, and I’ll have you know that I haven’t really done much to earn your thanks – I just took the time to give you my honest opinion, anonymous human to another.

            And about getting down, especially with things regarding China: it can all get you down. Seriously. These things won’t stop, and China won’t change.

            But. People do change. Chinese are very resourceful, and people do live happy lives; as I pointed out below, if we look hard at this story, there is hope to be found here.

            So don’t JUST look at the sadness here – keep your ideals in check. What do you believe in? What are your morals and beliefs? Do you believe in hope and change? Then look at the fact that reading this story has made more people aware of this problem, which will lead to more and more people objecting to this type of behavior.

            That kid yet still smiles — so should you.

          • Tengu

            Okay, gimme a big hug!

          • My arms are full, but instead I have a piece of ginger root for you. It literally has your name emblazoned on it; as such, don’t you wish your name was smoother now, and contained more vowels?

            Think of it: “Tenn-Goooooooooooooooo…”

            Again, I wasn’t clear with you in my comment that I was accusing livefeed and not you: please excuse dat.

  • fuck this cruel world!

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Starting to feel the same way.

    • Irvin

      To be honest I think the fat step mother agrees with you, that’s why she’s trying to make our specie extinct by killing off the next generation starting with that kid.

    • Li RuiKe

      I don’t get your meaning: Do you intend to commit suicide? Or do you intend to treat the world like a worthless whore?
      Neither of those will make the world a better place. Both of those actions will add to the pain and suffering of the world.
      Sometimes we read stories that restore our faith in humanity, such as like when a lady catches a baby falling from a high rise, or the girl who holds an umbrella for a disabled beggar in a downpour. These are acts of courage, selflessness and love.
      The world is already cruel. I want to fight cruelty with love.

      • Just John

        Sometimes the best way to make a place happy is just to kill all the unhappy people. To much?

        • Li RuiKe

          Then we can put the killer’s image on the money and put statues of him in front of every university to forever celebrate the happiness that he brought.

          • Anon

            But the killer would have no chance to enjoy that effect being already dead? It’s the government, educational system and war mongering behaviour, profit industry that need to be changed, this killer is but an iceberg tip of the symptom, not the root of the problem.

            @Just John said – “The best way to make a place happy is to kill all the people causing the unhappy people.” Address the root not the symptom or you are unjust. The damn educational system and probably media communication methods (twitter or other limited chattering class mentality inculpators) is producing, people who can’t think beyond the immediate issue.

            Or is @Just John just posing as a person who can’t think beyond the immediate issue in hopes of getting others top follow his lead? No more brown innuendo but something just as bad for the minds of the readers. Wheres your Teng(k)u and Johns personae?

            This whole thing was staged and photoshopped for the benefit of you-know-who. Like the official who stabbed self. Chinasmack, you are but a Chinasmacker? Really hope not – and good job so far if so, but just not good enough.

  • MonkeyMouth

    who says that all chinese products are made crappy. thats a hell of a spatula.

    • Patrick

      VERRY poor taste, but you win the award for glass half full.

  • Irvin

    If you think this is bad you should see the shit that happens in muslim countries.

    • Tengu

      Sharia Law…they would have taken his hand off…

      • Anon

        What would the population look like in a cybernetics rich era in Islamic countries or among the Yakuza? Then think to times where people start lobotomizing others for mere thought. Human Rights abuses among the so-called religious (vicious) must be punished in equal measure.

        • Tengu

          Sharia Law , to me, is the barbaric medieval system, I was simply adding to Irvin;s comment.

          “Human Rights abuses among the so-called religious (vicious) must be punished in equal measure.” – Agreed.

  • S.

    after watching the video, there was a sudden pain in my chest and i started crying. how can anyone go that far to an innocent child…

  • Tengu

    Just an observation, but judging from this kids hair is of “mixed race”…any thoughts?

    • Rick in China

      I understand why you might think that – the hints being that it appears lighter than straight-black, and slightly curly around the ‘caved in’ area. I’d wager it’s not a very valid judgement simply based on the fact that the colouring in the videos makes it easy for his natural skin colour to lighten the appearance of his hair with the buzz cut, and the only slight curl is over the unfortunate dented area…the rest looks perfectly straight and pointy.

      If he was mixed race, the poor lil guy might stand a chance. Here’s hoping the money donated goes towards a physical implant to re-shape his damaged skull, and he can recover from the brain/nerve injuries to the point he can function like a normal little boy in some time. I guess the most hopeful consideration is that he’s young, and young brains have proven to be most resilient to adapting and growing to functional states when surviving physical trauma.

      • MonkeyMouth

        poverty. poor nutrition makes the hair lighter.

      • Tengu

        Sorry, meant the kid in the street getting his hand stomped in the URL “darkandlovely…” posted.

        Sorry for the unclear post.

        • Now I understand your comment.

          The kid in the “hand stomping” video is totally muslim; if the people around him are speaking Putonghua, then they are speaking with thick-like-Heinz-ketchup accents, otherwise its a local dialect. I think I said it before: so far out west that Beijing is truly a “railroad”.

          However, the “dispassionate/insatiably-curious/’i’m-so-glad-i’m-not-you’ attitude is totally Chinese.

  • [email protected]

    Absolutely gorgeous little boy. My heart goes out to him and to his future of picking up rubbish, doing menial laborious tasks and the added bonus of being judged and looked down upon by near-abouts most other Chinese.

    This child abuser is reprehensible, just.. speechless the injuries that this child sustained. Flog her with a cat-o-nine-tails.


  • Rick in China

    The sketchiest part of this story, from my perspective, is the fact that it ends with a request for donations to a *bank account*.

    • Patrick

      I would agree in most cases, but if I was a grandparent and wanted to get my grandchild healed – I would do it in a heartbeat.

  • I have been always vocal about my suspicions with stories on the Chinese internet: something amiss there, it all seems too perfect, we believe it because we want to believe, and so on. So doing this story was difficult for me because a) besides the translating, I had to do screenshots and the formatting of a crying woman and an abused kid – meaning I went through this story more agonizingly than most, and b) I have to figure out what the deal is here: is this a true story?

    To get this out of the way: Chinese are extremely resourceful, and if there’s money to be made, the bad people will be there first to grift it. So: who’s to say that the head injury came from an abused parent who then abandoned the son? Maybe it’s a birth defect, maybe it’s from another accident and then they changed the story to make it more sympathetic.

    Maybe it’s a animatronic robot, maybe it’s all CGI. Maybe it’s cruel to not take a crying woman at her word, but as anyone with the road salt of China travels wearing on them knows, anyone in China can cry at the drop of a hat to plead their case. Also, y’all will know that even with true verifiable stories, the facts are trumped up and fudged to make it more “truthy” – after all, the reaction that you’d get with the plain truth doesn’t compare with the “expanded truth”.

    So, no: I don’t take anything at face value. As Dick in Va-China pointed out ( I can’t help myself), the appeal for funds at the end is fishy; for me it was the “oh, only after repeated attempts did the grandfather finally relent and give us the bank info” line that made me suspicious, as well as the rather rehearsed way Zhongbao hid his head when confronted with the “fat lady” spectre.

    But for me, the whole story is both about and also verified by the grandmother. If we are to take this entire story to be true, then look at the result: grandma is the one who says “the buck stops with me” and does a very un-Chinese thing: she accepts responsibility. While this is normally a cue for everyone to cast blame (which is why noone normally accepts responsibility), she has guts to come out and be brave.

    Just think of the enormous amount of shame she must feel, the despair she has knowing that she has failed her grandson and her son and that she’ll die alone with no lineage after her to remember and cherish her. At no time does she blame her son (except for “he’s got a black heart”) but instead she points out her own shortcomings as a mother. Courage.

    And so that for me is what makes this story real. It’s isnt’ the tears, or that kid’s oddly shaped head, or the manipluative music and editing – it’s grandma being grandma, as being Chinese allows her to be.

    So based upon the available information I would say that this is real. I wouldn’t advise people to send money to the bank account no. provided, you honestly don’t know where your money can go.

    But, no matter what did or didn’t happen to that kid previously, his future does not look bright. Besides him being paralyzed on the left side, I worry that he won’t be able to grow up by having a skull like that. And for that, I know I’m sad.

    • CND Icehole

      “Dick in Va-China” so good. Rick: Please change your username to this. Comedy Gold.

  • shanghainese austrailan

    the evilness of some people is unbelievable. im guessing it’s the high iq and the range of evil one can think up. pure evil. shamed to be chinese.

  • JSakamoto

    This is really messed up. However angry you are you can’t take it out on your kid. Unfortunately this happens everywhere. Hopefully they catch the 2 monsters and they serve long prison terms. I’d want them to be executed but not sure if you can be executed since the child didn’t die.

  • John Wayne

    So sad and tragic. Zhongbao is indeed a treasure. Please treasure him and care for him with a good heart. If this is true about the lady doing this to him, then please execute her.

  • Foreign Devil

    On a lighter note. . I would love to see Chinese reactions to the latest Celebrity Rehab show with China’s own beautiful “Bai Ling” on it.

    • eattot

      she is an ugly monster, nobody thinks she has any connection with beauty.i think she can get some fame in the west, because westners want to see ugly face of asian, take a look at those asian models they like, they want to feel that all asian look bad.
      good thing is now we have fan bingbing, every time her red carpet looks really amazing, no any asian actress ever dressed so powerful and bea before.

      • Foreign Devil

        I think popular Asian models in the west usually have very traditional and pure “Asian” appearance. . which is more exotic to foreigners.(dark skin, round face, very slanted eyes, high cheekbones etc. . .) . and so it is more exciting and interesting. But in Asian countries they like their models and celebrities to look more European and less “Asian” . . longer nose and face. . pale skin. tall etc. . . Maybe because that looks more exotic and exciting to asians.

        She also revealed some things about sexual abuse in the army when she was a girl in China. . (happened in Tibet). But she didn’t necessary understand it as something wrong at the time.

        • eattot

          the beauty standard is the same everywhere. they like to choose ugly faces because white want to feel better this way.
          why they do not choose ugly models for themselves?
          you can take a look, every post about her almost got the highest comments.most of time, she can defeat all actress on the same red carpet.

          • Foreign Devil

            Ok your right. . yes we only put “ugly” asians on our magazines and runways and movies so we can feel better about ourselves. haha! You’ve got quite an imagination m’ dear!

            Yes Fan Beibei is georgeous, but not exotic. Actually there are plenty of western supermodels who look very odd, striking, exotic. . but not what I would describe as “beautiful” in a conventional way.

          • GodsHammer

            There are tons of ugly models out there…bad example. Modeling is more about being striking and unique than being perfect.

          • Fan Bing Bing???? You think she’s a good example of chinese models???

            Bags under her eyes, lanky hair, obvious surgery to elongate the face, skin whitening product, etc. etc.

            At least Bai Ling is honest about her roots and who she is, that’s a lot hotter than this cookie-cutter mold….

            Also, Bai Ling’s eyes are wicked awesome. Yours on the other hand have a dull sheen of hatred and ignorance….

            Keep hating sheng nv, you’ll have a glorious future.

          • eattot

            sure, your couple is the prettiest one in the world, and thank godness, you are married and he is white no matter how he looks, it’s white, white…..god!so that can become one reason for you to show off!
            but one thing i have to admit, the last one i refused looks much better than you two, if he was a girl , he could look better than you, hmm, about the man in this showing off blog, god, can some haker just mop those photos from this internet.
            so that our eyes can feel better, thanks!
            your the crazy dog likes to attack girls on this site, normally i am very nice to women, but to bitch, no way!
            check what you wrote on your blog…you think your lucky, you married a white fatty, so that you have the right to laugh at any other women,take a look around,your just a ordinary couple, looks average,dress average,nothing about big talent to show off!
            better shut up!

          • eattot

            by the way, you really look village.

          • Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Look at the sour grapes.

            How does it feel being alone and having your eggs dry up on you 剩女?

            Do you like being stuck in a rat race where you`re always going to lose? Always trying to catch up to your superiors and can only imitate?

            Do you often go to English websites and spew your chinglish everywhere or just chinaSmack?

            Is it the only way you can feel closer to actually getting your own white-boy?

            Such wonderful hatred and jealousy, does it keep your heart full?

            Speaking of average looking, I’d rather be average looking than have to hide behind a mask all the time. Are you really as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside?

            Poor, unwanted, fugly ball of hate, jealousy and despair, it’s always going to be just you.

          • Just John

            You know eattot, when I first came to this site, you seemed like an intelligent, outspoken woman. You had your opinions, spoke your mind, but seemed to have a tolerant nature.

            I found that nice.

            The last two weeks though, I have noted that you have became more intolerant, more opinionated, and more like a hater then a thinker.

            You have been becoming the very bitch you just stated here.

            Now, before I condemn you as a total idiot who before was just being nice, not an honest bigoted idiot, I would like to find out why you have changed from the outspoken but well thought out person I originally knew to a 13 year old, prepubecent boy flaming everyone on the internet becuse he thinks its cool to act ignorant and act like a total fuckwad because no one knows who he is.

            So, has something happen to you recently that hurt you? No worries, we won’t tell anyone.

          • eattot

            oh My god!
            you think too well about yourself, take a look at yourself in a mirror.before my graduation, i already got two proposals, but marriage was too early for me and i never regreted.
            i at least refused three white men’s proposal…you idiot, take a look those photos, couple of hicks, all i can say is good match.

          • Just John

            I think to well of myself? You don’t even know who I am, and I did not address my issues, I addressed yours.
            For all you know, I could be the very Steven Jobs from the next story (Although if this is the case, man, I really hate myself and my principles), so not sure how you think you know jack shit about me.

            Not sure how two marriage proposals has to do with anything. Trying to say you have a pussy between your legs? Congratufuckinglations. Guess you stood up to them, didn’t you whippersnapper? Showed them who is the boss. Maybe now that your in your 30’s and no one wants you anymore, that makes you bitter? Well, given that I also know jack shit about you other then you have been painting yourself as a fool lately, guess I should not make assumptions, right????

            Not exactly sure though what you are trying to get at with the hicks comment. Given that you seem to be going from thoughtful ideas to “OMG, I hate poor people, this person looks like a hick, that person is such a fugly bitch, etc”, it seems like your keen mind has now taken on the aspect of the judgmental school yard child who cannot yet rationalize that people are inherently different. If you need that in simple terms, you have went from a thoughtful woman to a short bus kid.

            So again, I ask you, what happen to the eattot that actually thinks with her brain, not her ass? What happen to the eattot who made reasoned comments while speaking her mind, without falling into the racists, bigoted, uneducated garbage that you have lately been spewing forth on the page?

            Simple fact is, the last couple weeks I have lost any and all respect for you, and I am hoping it will pass. Trying to give you the benefit of the doubt before I write you off as some useless, idiotic troll trying to spew her hate filled speech and basically making herself look like a huge ass on the world wide web.

            Unlike others, I like to try to assume the best of people, so if this is all you have, then I will assume you a lost cause and join in with the masses that are calling you on your pure, grade A, prime cut, patent pending bullshit.

          • eattot

            Just John:
            i did not respond to u at all, what’s wrong with you?
            i do not care who you are, as a married man, you should care for your own wife more, other women,hmm, none of your business.
            you wanna give me a lesson at what? right morality, right value?
            no interest!

          • @ Just John: I think you hit something close to the point. I have a guess that she just had her thirtieth birthday party and realized that she’s probably going to stay single forever.

            Of course, being a hateful little fool doesn’t help her prospects.

            She actually uncovers more about herself when trying to use her chinglish to attack others.

            1) She thinks so highly of herself because she’s got a low-level office job and feels that it distances herself from her country-side past.

            2) She thinks of herself as attractive because men want to sleep with her (the stated 5 proposals…. not considered….) and so is blind to her own hate-filled and angry face.

            3) She continues to point the finger a people in the hopes that they won’t look at her. Ex: Hick is obviously self-defence from her own past.

            4) Despite her supposed disgust, she thinks that white partners are some how worth pointing out as a sign of her worthiness…..

            5) She also confirmed that she is in fact a sheng nv. And anyone who knows anything about china, knows that’s like a death sentence for a woman.

            Ironically, her only hope of finding a husband is to go with a non-chinese guy hahahahahahahaha.

            Rich chinese guys want young women, not sheng nv.

            As for poor chinese guys, it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to go back to her hometown now that she feels superior.

            The poetic justice is delicious like watching a tragic irony unfold in front of you.

            Too bad she did it to herself.

          • Just John


            So I guess that is how you roll.
            Guys and girls cannot be friends, cannot respect each other. Is this your viewpoint?
            Shit, I have more female friends then male friends. I grew up around women (7 of them in my family, and male role models that were rarely around, so pretty much I was around women, not men).
            Just because I respect or loose respect with a woman, online or in real life, does not mean anything about if I am married.

            Do you honestly think because I want to be able to respect you, so I am trying to get to the base of why you jumped onto the short bus, that I want to get into your pants? That is way to funny. I have no interest to get into some masked ladies pants who goes showing her intolerance all over the internet.
            In fact, I have no interest in getting into anyone’s pants other then my own or my wife’s.

            But you are so self absorbed on how much men want you that you fail to realize that I am trying to understand what made you turn from a sensible person to a short bus kid because I am trying to make a last ditch effort to not fall into the same labeling of you as all the rest of the chinasmackers.

            That is fine, you want to bash ugly people, poor people, and basically everyone else that doesn’t fit your ideological society. So, I hereby put my patent pending label on you:
            eattot, you are now, officially, an idiot. See you on the short bus.

          • mankouzanghua

            justjohn: eattot turns into a hater only when some misogynistic fuck feels the need to respond to her comments with bullshit about her “eggs drying up” and being a lonely “sheng nv.” open your eyes.

          • Just John

            mankouzanghua, given you have apparently missed the other times when she comes out and says the most ignorant things, then honestly, since you fail to read her comments before defending her to know what exactly it is you are defending, then I feel absolutely no remorse putting you too on the short bus.

            I reserved you a seat right next to eattot. Please remember to always keep your helmet on when on the bus, always respect vic2u, our bus driver, and if you try to eat my pudding, I will sit on you and wipe my boogers off with your hair.

            So, enjoy your seat, I am done with you.

          • mankouzanghua

            i’ve read most of eattot’s comments. i was reading them before either you, elijah, or the other comment police / witch-hunt task force started duty.

            eattot is an easy target to some people because her comments are not edited to be PC, but what she says is almost never what it is made out to be by some of the bullies who initially reply. after that, once you are the target of hateful bullshit, in my opinion you have no obligation to take it smiling (apparently to be “tolerant” in your definition).

          • Just John

            Favorite eattot quotes of all time:

            only stupid people speak this way…

            fuck yourself and dreaming!and your just that type of ugly part i would never ever take a look. fat and dumb face!

            again, poor people really should think well before go to bed making kid.

            because westners want to see ugly face of asian, take a look at those asian models they like, they want to feel that all asian look bad.

            by the way, you really look village.

            you idiot, take a look those photos, couple of hicks, all i can say is good match.

            right morality, right value?
            no interest!

            i do hate poor people those born many kids

            kids have dignity too, once they see others kids dress well, play good toys…they will hate parents too.

            i am not, i only admire sexy and beautiful women, that’s it!

            do not worry, i am not interested in broke ass as you, let alone foreign broke ass. there is a good way for you by the way, if your still young and strong, then maybe you can sell your skin, if unluckily your black or dark or ugly, hmm, then maybe the only choice is getting stuck in china…
            good luck!

            you foreign idiots really should should use some your smug brain before you make this type of judgemental bullshit.
            if your not chinese, not women, sure, you can always stick your ass high just put a finger give some fake and noble speach.

            if your chinese, then i only can say your very narrow and only like to show off in a stupid way!

            we call people as you dog slave, same as house slave.

            when my parents were in shanghai, most people gave them seat once they saw them, so, should not be so judgemental sometimes. (Good example of her trying to tell others not to be judgmental, and then she does not even try following her own advice, instead we see repeated attempts to attack others because she does not agree with them, and instead of her explaining why she disagrees, she just starts trying to flame)

            So, you will note, the last one is one where she still is not actively attacking people who show why they do not agree with her, but instead shows that she feels we should not judge people. After that one, you will note she goes downhill, and starts attacking, generalizing, etc, more and more.

            Before the last example I pointed out, I respected her. Now, I do not. I have asked what has changes, but instead of actually saying why the views seem so different now then before, she gets defensive and starts attacking.

            Me, I was trying to get to the bottom of why she seems to have taken a turn from thoughtful, outspoken woman to hate speech dripping, overgeneralizing, flaming troll.

            Who knows, maybe she does not understand that some of us who joke about her mask are just making jokes, and she is misunderstanding what we are doing as an attack. Maybe she thinks our disagreement is not directed as a different opinion, but instead thinks they are attacking her views. Maybe she misunderstands something, and has turned bitter. Maybe, as mankouzanghua stated, her eggs dried up and fell out.

            Since eattot won’t actually explain why she has been reacting like this after the recycle guy got kicked off the bus, we won’t understand, so we just have to take her words at face value. The dramatic personality shift makes me wonder if she is ok, but eh, I can only take what is given, and so I will only be able to treat eattot as a venom filled troll since that is what she has become lately.

        • Anon

          All cloned?

          dark skin, round face . . . (thats Greater India not North East Asia)

          very slanted eyes . . . (thats North east Asia not India)

          high cheekbones etc.. . . . (and a smokesceen too)

          But in Asian countries they like their models and celebrities to look more European and less “Asian” . . .

          Fauna. I highly suspect this @Foreign Devil is one of those South East Asian fake commentators (since Tengu and Just John may have reverted to ‘normal’ mode to lie low for a while . . . ) or at least people sporting a similar nick, pulling a fast one on BOTH India and China.

          @eattot is either originally fake, or has been cloned too, the comment quality is horrendous (with those ‘talking to’ her posing as her?!?) though I think we have one happy family of foreign based Wumao who are but 1 person attending to sabotage of your site.

          What do you think, you have the logs and tools to check? Meanwhile if everyone is real or whatever, just ignore the comments.

          • Tengu

            Actually I’ve been away, but nice to be remembered.

      • mr. weiner

        Thus speaks the lady hidding behind the mask…

        • eattot

          speak your mom!

        • 平凡人

          Why bother to get into an debate eattot? She is too emotional and totally irrational; either she is just having fun or she is an imbecile.

        • Anon

          Masks are nice to have and can be decorated to show one’s personality in lieu of any ‘mug’, or be as plain as one is not permitted to have that. So what is she’s using it as a veil like ‘chaste’ Muslim women who want to hide their facial orifices? A subtle refinement contradicts the Muslim world’s harshness . . .

  • GodsHammer

    No pictures of the parents? Flesh search these motherfuckers! If this is indeed the way that the parents have behaved, i’d end them and help the world just a little bit.

  • mr. weiner

    I honestly am not sure if your telling me to commit incest with my female parent, or chiding me for a lack of finial devotion, which is it?

  • Sunshine

    My world becomes a little dimmer every time I read Chinasmack.
    I need to stop coming back D:

    • Lady,

      bad things happen in the world and we need to know about them, but you shouldn’t let that change you.

      I’m saying that because you seem to be a good and moral person, not because of personal experience. When I found this story, I knew I wanted to tell everyone, but not because I want to hurt everyone (another story, another time) but because we can see the good: the grandmother being brave and accepting of repsonsibility, and that this is all things considered still a beautiful little boy.

      See lady? we still have that.

  • Vivian

    this is so heart-felting. God, please bless this child that he won’t feel like he’s out of place from the other kids when he grows older. With a heart like his, (offering cake to the camera man) you can see in his eyes that he is a true blessing to this world.

  • sean


  • dim mak

    How do you cave in someone’s skull with a spatula? That’s one hell of a big spatula.

  • Kieu My

    Just cannot help this feeling. I wonder what his future is with a huge injure like this!

  • shade

    If you all believe this story you’re morons. There is no possible way for this to happen with out the child getting killed, the human skull is not like a milk jug that can just be dented. It will fracture like a clay bowl destroying the brain killing the child. This is actually most likely from a medical procedure or birth defect.


    • Racist Against Asians

      Dont be dummm dummy dum. YOU troll too much 2 years later reply.

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  • superman

    catch that bitch ,, and take that same spatula ram through that fat step mother bitch’s asshole ..

  • mormollio

    Such a sweet kid, what could he possible do to warrant this? The stepmother probably just beat him for being there.

  • Tinna

    I would adopt that little man and he would never be struck again. He deserves to be loved. In China where a boy is prefered, how dare they treat him so casually and pitch him away.

  • Wenqing

    As sad as it is, this is very typical of Chinese stepmothers. When I was growing up in China, I hear news about kids being murdered, either drowned or thrown out the window by their stepmom all the time. When my parents divorced and I was faced with a stepmom, I tried not to stereotype her and we lived like a family, only to hear her talk shit about me behind my back. Eventually, her lies convinced her son to try to kill me with a kitchen knife. And true to the stereotype, my father did nothing about it, acting as if everything was normal. That was the last time I will ever be in China. I cannot stand that kind of environment anymore.

  • TheHomophobicMisogynist

    It wouldn’t have even been a news story had this happened to one of China’s ‘disposable’ female children.

  • armidildo

    I hope those step parents die in hell

  • Racist

    Lol god damn stupid ass asians. No offfense…but whats wrong with them. OH man. So many twisted stories about their culture and what is morally right and wrong. Naw…Just naw. No wonder so many aliens come here…in resort to that shit hole of a moral state.

  • MichaelaW

    I guess it may be from where I was born and raised in America that I am not used to suck things. When something like this happens it’s a huge shock. I think every nation, every country, should open their eyes. Time to come back to reality people.

  • k


    • SonofSpermcube

      1.35 billion people. There are fucked up people doing fucked up shit in every country, especially the miserable ones. The more people you’ve got under one flag, the more fucked up shit is gonna happen under that flag.