Chinese Boy Strangled After Walking In On Mother and Lover

Romantic lovers silohette.

Romantic lovers silohette.

From NetEase:

12-Year-Old Boy Strangled to Death After Walking In On Mother and Lover

Modern Express — Hu Wei of Suqian city Sucheng district originally allowed his wife’s “cousin” to temporarily stay at their home out of kindness, never expecting that his 12-year-old son would be murdered as a result. In less than four hours, Suqian police successfully arrested the suspect. It turns out, the so-called “cousin” was actually the wife’s lover, and the murder was a result of their intimate acts being exposed.

July 22, Hu Wei agreed to allowing his wife Wang Qingfang’s “cousin” to come temporarily stay with them. On the morning of July 26, Hu Wei and his wife discovered their son Yang Yang dead in his bedroom and, at the same time, the “cousin” Yang Xiaoqiang had also disappeared. The police who arrived on the scene discovered that Yang Yang’s neck appeared to have bruises akin to strangulation, and at the same time learned from Wang Qingfang’s testimony: “Yang Xiaoqiang actually isn’t my cousin, and is my lover.” At 11:40am that day, police arrested Yang Xiaoqiang at the Sihong Bus Station, less than four hours after the crime was reported.

As it is understood, Wang Qingfang and Yang Xiaoqiang are both from Yuning province Luxi county, have known each other since they were small, and the two became lovers after a chance encounter on a train back to their hometown the year before last. On July 22, Yang Xiaoqiang, who works in Shanghai, came Suqian to see his lover under the guise of being her “cousin”. Taking advantage of Hu Wei leaving home early and coming home late, they had intimate relations. At 8pm on the evening of July 25, Yang Yang came out of his bedroom and happened to see Yang Xiaoqiang holding his mother. Afraid of their secret being exposed, at 12 midnight, Yang Xiaoqiang used the excuse of going to Yang Yang’s bedroom to watch TV to strangle the boy to death. Afterward, he returned to his own room to sleep for a bit, waiting until daybreak to take a public bus to Sihong, where he was arrested by police around noon that day.

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Comments from NetEase:

瑞典01 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Lives in your home, eats your food, fucks your wife, kills your son。 There’s a lot of grievance in this one.

刺刀34 [网易江西省网友]:

Kills someone and is still able to sleep for a bit? This guy’s mental/emotional character is definitely not normal. There must be other/past crimes.

會忽悠得天下 [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

“Bringer of disaster” is not enough to describe this woman.

jack2349 [网易江苏省扬州市网友]:

TM what intelligence is this? So he kills the kid because he’s afraid of the kid telling? So murder is less risky than having the secret exposed?

正义鹰派 [网易澳门网友]:

Recommend that the murderer be paraded in public before being executed!

xp932009 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

To brutal! You’ve already X’d the kid’s mother, and you still murder him! The kid’s mother sure is brave as well, even daring to bring him into the home! Now you regret it, eh? This kind of person should just be dragged out and used as target practice!

rfefayrose [网易四川省成都市网友]:

This woman sure isn’t fit to be a mother. Bad women will go to hell.

oaipiqnehc [网易广西钦州市网友]:

“Gambling leads to stealing, adultery leads to murder” is a solid truth.

天一的天天下第一的一 [网易陕西省延安市网友]:

Sigh, a member of the ordinary masses doesn’t even qualify for the accusation of adultery, and at most will get only get moral criticism plus quarreling between married couple.

lbqwerty [网易天津市网友]: (responding to above)

The ancients say that all evil comes from lust, and this case is a great example of what the ancients say.


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