Chinese Cat Gets Cone of Shame After Helping Free Dog

Cat Duanwu and dog Niu Niu, the pets of a popular Chinese Sina Weibo user.

Cat Duanwu and dog Niu Niu, the pets of a popular Chinese Sina Weibo user.

The following post is currently (at time of translation) the #2 most popular of the past 24 hours on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo. User 回忆专用小马甲 regularly posts about his pet dog Niu Niu and cat Duanwu and has over 2 million followers, many who are also pet lovers…

From Sina Weibo:

@回忆专用小马甲: Recently, my stupid dog keeps licking her dirty feet, and won’t listen [when I discourage/admonish her]. Afraid that she’ll get infected by some germs, I had no choice but to put on the cone of shame. After putting the cone over her head, Niu Niu became anxious yet couldn’t get it off, so she went to find Duanwu. At first, Duanwu would have to spend several minutes before being able to to scratch it off, but after getting the hang of it, she could easily get it off with her two paws… No choice… I had to put Duanwu in a cone as well… Now the two of them are honest… Friends for life walking the same path…

Comments from Sina Weibo:


You should wear one too, a family of three, lucky three, harmonious and beautiful.


Two amplifiers~ Everyone out there listen carefully, this balcony is mine~~~ Hahaha.


Actually, Ma Jia [the user, original poster’s screen name] has one on his head too.


Looking at the comments, I’ve noticed there are some obnoxious people. Every day, they derive fun/amusement from Ma Jia’s microblog posts. When he doesn’t post anything, they complain. When he does, then they say they’re so fake/contrived. When he posts about Niu Niu, they complain about Duanwu not being included. When he posts about Duanwu, they complain about Niu Niu not being included. When he posts about both, they then complain about the situation being fake/contrived. You enjoy the amusement other people produce for you and suddenly think they have a duty to please you? Complaining about this and complaining about that, whether or not you’re joking is very easy to distinguish. “you can you up, no can don\’bb.”


Doggies licking their feet is a sign of them being allergic to their dog food.


Little Ma Jia [the original poster], my Samoyed is four months old and developed a fever the other day after taking a bath. In the past, he had gotten a bath at the pet store. Now his fever is really bad and we went to the hospital but the doctor says it can’t be cured. What do I do? I don’t want it to die. [悲伤] Little Ma Jia, do you know what can be done? I’m waiting online for a reply! Anyone who has encountered this kind of situation, please help me! Please ding this up! It’s urgent!!!


Looking hopefully out the window, we are all honorable Elizabeths.


I remember someone saying that their dog kept licking its paws after they used that steamed corn bread in their dog food. Something about the amount of starch in it. Change the recipe and it’ll be fine.


You should put one on too, then the three of you can sit together by the window… that scene would be too beautiful to look at.

Written by Fauna

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