Company Has Employees Crawl in Public as Training Exercise

The employees are crawling.

From QQ:

Company in Chongqing Orders Employees to Crawl on Their Knees, Claims It Is to Challenge Their Resilience to Pressure

According to multiple weibo posts by Chongqing netizens, at noon on 2013 May 2, the employees of a certain company circled around Liberation Monument by crawling on their knees, attracting many onlookers. Soon after, the Chongqing Yuzhong District Public Security Sub-bureau claimed on their official microblog account ”Through investigation, this was an exercise a cosmetics company gave their employees to train them to deal with pressure, and the police have already persuaded them to leave, and have also criticized and educated the organizers of the company.” Pictures are of photos taken by netizens at the scene.

 The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

From iFeng:

Company in Chongqing Has Many of Its Female Employees Circle Around Liberation Monument Crawling on Their Knees


In front of hundreds of bystanders, a group of people wearing uniforms knelt in the bustling business area, simultaneously crawling in circles and cheering each other on. May 2 at noon, this shocking scene at the Chongqing Liberation Monument was broadcasted live on many netizens’ microblog accounts, causing a big controversy. On the 2nd, the police of Yuzhong District responded that this incident was a “challenge exercise” conducted by a certain cosmetics company nearby with their employees. The police have already persuaded them to leave and have also criticized and educated the organizers of the company.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯上海市网友 湖影偶心:

This boss is finished! His good intention has ruined the name of his company! Such low behavior, how did he come up with something like this?! What would the customers feel if they saw this!

腾讯网友 王明富:

One look and you can tell this company’s culture is the same as that of a multilevel marketing scheme, a bunch of nao can~~!

腾讯网友 ∞:

This is not challenging their resilience to pressure, this is making people completely give up their bottom line as a human being. In the end, arriving at the edge where one becomes so low that one becomes invincible!

腾讯网友 ⒉Ь 。:

I’d just quit. To sell one’s dignity only for that little money?! To crawl like a dog in public?

腾讯网友 Winnie:

This is reality. Some people have to put up with all kinds of unfairness and humiliations for survival.

腾讯网友 梦隐:

This boss is clearly fucking with his employees. You think yourself so high and mighty just because you’re a boss? If you’re so great, how come you didn’t take the lead and crawl!

腾讯江西省网友 旅途+独男:

The boss is crazy!

腾讯临汾市网友 永恒: (responding to above)

This is the so-called one must be crazy before one can be successful!

腾讯德阳市网友 誰是誰的誰:

If it was me, I’d just quit. This is simply humiliating human dignity.

腾讯网友 春天的雪:

Want to be famous! Can’t just ignore the employees’ dignity, right? Did the boss get on his knees?

Comments from iFeng:

凤凰网陕西省宝鸡市网友 btnyeed:

The boss is truly a worthless piece of shit. This is simply not treating one’s employees as human beings. It’s clear that his employees only have two legs, yet they’re used as if they have four legs, just what is the meaning of this?

凤凰网河北省邯郸市网友 雪千山:

“Challenge their resilience to pressure course”? In other words, it’s just putting down your dignity, and crawling around like a dog!

凤凰网山东省泰安市网友 sdlm:

It’s only been a few days since the May 1st International Labor Day, where is the laborers’ dignity???

凤凰网中国网友 wushunzao:

To put on such an employee-humiliating scene right at the Liberation Monument is so evil! Have they been liberated?

凤凰网四川省巴中市网友 马鱼儿55:

Every time when I see news like this, I feel as if we’ve returned to the extremely evil Old Society [feudal China era]. The Chinese government should heavily punish the boss of this company!

凤凰网四川省宜宾市网友 小人也:

This reminds me of multi-level marketing schemes. Nowadays, many hotels, hair salons, and other similar businesses here where I am are doing this kind of thing. Every morning before work, [the employees] stand in front of the storefront to receive education [lectures, pep talks], then shout out slogans. It’s said that this came from Japan. Chinese people only know how to learn these superficial things. Pathetic.

凤凰网黑龙江省佳木斯市网友 老爪子:

There was a time when it was quite good, but now it’s a mess again. Just what kind of society is this?

凤凰网浙江省网友 三wu:

China needs slaves right now, it has nothing to do with human dignity.

凤凰网陕西省网友 老鼠与鹰:

This is one of the steps towards making employees into slaves–—in the eyes of the boss, employees are simply slaves.

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  • Demonfox


    • billy


    • Germandude

  • mr.wiener

    Note to self, “wear second best pair of stockings on training day”.

    All that kneeling though, are the try to send a message on how to felate….I mean make a sale?

    • I don’t see what the problem is, so long as you don’t call me felate for dinner.

    • donscarletti

      They’re selling cosmetics. Ultimately the money is still leaving the man’s pocket in exchange for felatio, but not from the saleswoman.

  • Tom Six’s next sequel to be cross-cultural venture:

    “Human Centipede 3: The Human-Flesh Orient Express”

  • Pickle

    Well, I guess it’s not all bad. That one guy can stare at that chick’s backside while crawling. The guy behind the other man….not so good. Especially if any of them fart.

    • Yeah, because poor air quality would really be shocking… you know.. What a bad day that would be

  • Rick in China

    Next on “When Publicity Stunts Go Wrong”.

    It’d be more interesting if their “boss” who made them do this stunt also took part, crawling around.. certainly he has significant pressure to deal with too, no?

  • Butsu

    Hey, it’s just like entering University! Wonder if they’ll be forced to drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol as well.

  • Alphy

    They do ridicules stuff for cosmetic and hair salon employee here. I see them doing jumping jacks, and making girls do push up on top of each other on the street by where I am.

  • Probotector

    Reminds me of the human centipede.

    • slob

      The Human Sinopede

  • CheddyZeddy

    All of this just for money. I would quit immediately. Why make them crawl around like dogs? so inhumane and in-dignifying. NKT!

    • radbab

      depends how much money… then again in some western reality shows people do things for money which are far worse. But somehow I don’t think the employees get a bonus for this stunt here.

  • The Enlightened One

    This stuff is just normal in China. It is to build up obedience, loyalty but mainly just to put on a good public act. I think it is stupid.

    All the cosmetic places and hair salons do this shit. They stand there like military soldiers and do push-ups on the streets. Then blare the music and start doing a Michael Jackson group routine.

    • radbab

      haha I’d sure be loyal to the idiots who make me do that. “What me thinking of resigning? Never! Boss, don’t you remember how much fun we had crawling around in that square…?”

      • The Enlightened One

        “Or remember boss when you made me do 2000 push-ups and then we all did “Thiller” while everyone threw eggs us?

        Good time, good times.”

    • cheong

      “This stuff is just normal in China”

      I have been in & out of China to vist friend & relative & have never heard or seen such a despicable act.

      In fact I just came back from China last week for business.

      Please tell me where & when in future of such despicable act & I will fly there and I will not be just an innocent bystander, rest assure & may god be my witness.

      “All the cosmetic places and hair salons do this shit. They stand there like military soldiers and do push-ups on the streets.”

      What you described above is acceptable even with the word “shit”

      Please understand our Chinese customs & tradition including the Korean & Japanese, crawling on four is a despicable act forced on others.

      Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt

      May our Goddess of mercy (Kwan Yin) and Lord Buddha “punish” those that were responsible this despicable act.

      • BiggJ

        He’s right… mind you, maybe not the crawling on all fours…that’s a new one to me…but this part….”They stand there like military soldiers and do push-ups on the streets.
        Then blare the music and start doing a Michael Jackson group routine.” Yeah that true….i’ve seen that at least 10 times in china.

        • cheong

          Yes, the workers can be forced to do any thing that can be considered as ridiculous, terrible or horrible or even lick some one hand & feet or whichever part of the body or whatever.

          But not forced to crawl on four.

          Please understand our Chinese customs & traditions including the Korean & Japanese in what is mean, if forced to crawl on four especially under & through between someone else’ legs.

          This is even far more despicable act !!!!

          Have a nice day

      • The Enlightened One

        No, not the crawling thing. BiggJ already clarified that for me.

        I have seen the dance routine and the push-ups at least fifty times though while living in China. One place, near where I live, did it every Friday.

        The workers looked a little embarrassed but mind you they were mainly sons/daughters of rural folk that just REALLY needed a job to send money back home to their parents.

        I kind of feel bad for them because they know their job sucks but they can’t find anything better.

        • cheong

          Yes, I know that, thanks for telling me.

          BiggJ is one those regular posters here whom I would say is one of those uses IQ in their postings and you too.

          You see, many dont understand what is forced crawling on four means to us Chinese.

          It is not the same as simply as something you do with your little brothers or sisters, riding piggy back.

          Please try to understand that.

          Have a nice day.

          • The Enlightened One

            Hello Cheong,

            I appreciate your compliment, thank you. I do understand what it means to walk on all fours to the Chinese culture. I believe many Chinese would rather die than be publicly humiliated like this and it is rather sad.

            It is the lowest form of humiliation and a symbol of servitude to most east-Asian cultures.

            I have kow-towed to Chinese ancestors (on my wife’s side) during Spring Festival because I knew how much it would mean to her family. The did not request this of me, I did it willingly because I knew it would bring me one step closer to being seen as actual family.

            Westerners can truly understand but it does take time and being pushed into uncomfortable situations.

          • cheong

            Kow Tow is not lowering yourself or degrading yourself especially to someone you know & respect.
            It is a form of greeting.
            Its something like, hello, ni hao and or a show of respect.

            You see since ancient times, we Chinese, do NOT have handshake & we cannot make bodily contact especially among males & females.

            In other cultures, you probably kiss each other on their cheeks.

            So we have bowing with one palm clenched and another holding it to do our greeting.

            have a nice day.

            ps: did your wife (presumably Chinese) tell you what it means, two fingers tapping on the table when someone pouring tea into you cup??

          • BiggJ

            ps: did your wife (presumably Chinese) tell you what it means, two
            fingers tapping on the table when someone pouring tea into you cup??

            yeah it means “hit me” in blackjack lol

          • cheong



            very funny, BiggJ

            Ok I like your senses of humor

            have a nice day

            ps: I love Blackjack, in my younger days.

            I give all vices except my Guinness Stout.

          • cheong

            I give up all vices except my Guinness Stout.

          • The Enlightened One

            Yes, I have learned it when traveling to the southern parts of China. This tradition isn’t very strong in the northern parts.

            It’s just a sign of respect and acknowledgement to the person that is pouring the tea for you. It’s an act of good faith.

            @BiggJ – Actually I used to play a lot of Black Jack and that’s exactly what it reminded me of. It was like I was saying “Hit me with some more of that tea, buddy!” when I first learned it.

          • cheong

            You are partially right.

            Tapping with two fingers started in ancient times.
            It signify bowing to the emperor when the emperor give a toast (cup of wine) to his minister who was seated faraway from the throne.
            Whatever the minister said (but he will still say) will not be heard by the emperor, so he tap on the table when wine was pour by the chambermaid at the same time he bow and or kneel down toward the emperor to thanks the emperor.

            Today we all Chinese use it as a gesture to say thank you and or please.
            As a matter of fact it all started in the north that was where the all emperors were based.

            have a nice day.

          • mary

            Or, you could just say please and thank you like the rest of creation on at least 5 different continents.

            The emperor is dead. So are the ministers. The practice is obsolete.

          • BiggJ

            “The emperor is dead. So are the ministers. The practice is obsolete.”

            So are chops sticks…but asian people use them. :)

          • mary

            They also still shit in the streets and had to be told not to spit like cobras at the 2013 Olympics as it might be offensive to the rest of the planet.

            The point I was trying to make is that it won’t win you any friends anywhere else in the world, and if the Chinese are so desperate to win friends, certain realities might have to be met. Tapping your fingers just makes you look like a douche and you actually may wind up getting hot tea poured in your lap for being rude (it used to drive my Korean best friend in college insane.)

          • BiggJ

            I 100% agree with you.

          • maja

            chopsticks are not so bad… I think they can be perfectly useful today. maybe that’s it, it’s difficult to decide what is useful and deserves to be kept, and what is just… despicable.
            it’s a matter of purpose, if you want to eat asian food chopsticks are good, if you want to show that you are a big boss and all that talk about “equals” was bullshit you have your workers crawl around the liberation monument.

          • mary

            That is a load of horseshit. There are plenty of photographs from the Qing Dynasty’s last days as to what a kowtow looked like before a local mandarin and also before the emperor (lots of them were carried back to Europe.) Basically it was a crouch on all fours with the head down-not to far removed from what the picture shows. Frankly, that boss deserves to one day have one of those workers rise up from their position, look them dead in the eye, and give them a good hard uppercut to the jaw followed by a well enunciated, “Fuck you, you arrogant bastard. If you want to toughen us up, let us work, if not, then get down on YOUR knees and hands because without us you would have nothing!”

    • BiggJ

      HAha, yeah you explained it perfectly man. That is exactly what it looks like.

    • trouse

      its just right…and they dance like zombie.

    • phuckyoopinion

      it’s not normal in China. expat
      Every country has its own stupid shit it doesn’t mean it is normal.

  • Ami

    I’ve heard of some companies making their employees dance publicly but this is gross and probably counterproductive. Why would I go shop somewhere when I know for 100% they treat their employees like dirt.

  • hun

    Why don’t they just do simulated training that would actually help them with their supposed work that they would be doing? O_O?

    • radbab

      “in case of an earthquake, this is how you leave the building…”

  • BiggJ


    • “Good news, everyone! We’ve been hired by the royal ant family to collect all their relatives from the entire galaxy for the royal wedding! According to their laws, however, standing in the presence of royalty is punishable by death… so start crawling!”

  • BiggJ

    I think when chinese companies do this kind of things it’s a test…..just to see how much bullshit you will put up with and how much they can take advantage of you. It has nothing to do with team building or any dog shit like that. Something like this would piss a normal free thinking worker right off.

    • ScottLoar

      You may be right about seeing how much bullshit you will put with, and I’ve seen it in US companies, e.g. a new US sales manager comes and in the first meeting with the domestic sales staff announces he’s cutting commissions by more than 20%. And every man at that table accepted so.

      “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

      • donscarletti

        If the sales manager is a retard/arsehole, you should think more about your retainer than comissions, he’ll probably fuck up your deals anyway.

        • ScottLoar

          Didn’t affect me, I didn’t report to the likes of him, the incident was long ago and the guy didn’t last. The point of the story is, “most men lead lives of quiet desperation”.

    • The Enlightened One

      Yes and no…

      They normally do it as a desperate act to get publicity. Otherwise, they would just do it in a place where nobody would SEE them abusing their co-workers right? Or am I right?

      • BiggJ

        Yeah you are right….but if I seen a company doing that to their workers…i would not buy nothing from them…if that is how they treat their workers…how will they treat their customers?

      • slob

        It’s for a cosmetics company so chances are this simple exercise attracted a lot of male onlookers to purchase cosmetics for their partners when they see how sexy these girls are on all fours and hope their partner will do the same.

        Whatever it’s for, it’s violation of simple labor rights which these cocksuckers in China think they can abuse for their own enjoyment. Dealing with pressure? Fucking joking? How is crawling around like a dog going to teach you anything but humiliation?

        • The Enlightened One

          Yes, that’s probably a part of the equation.

          The hardest part about living in China for a foreigner (in my opinion) is the maddening process to divide your interactions accordingly between acceptance and understanding.

          Do I understand why many Chinese try to cut in line?

          Yes, due to traditional belief that if you are not pushing to get ahead, then you get left behind. Many Chinese died due to starvation and “coming in last” is a memory far from forgotten.

          Do I accept it?

          Of course not, it’s rude… uncivilized and an inefficient system. But I come from a country that has had the luxury of never going through losing millions due to starvation.

          If you find you can neither understand it, nor accept it… then you should probably leave before you go insane.

          • cheong

            Ah, my dear friend,
            you asked the question:
            “Do I understand why many Chinese try to cut in line? ”

            and you answered it yourself and you are CORRECT, period.!!

            I do agree with you, Q jumping is totally unacceptable in a normal society.
            But I have to say, China is not a normal society because of its sheer size of population but then again it is not abnormal.

            Any country with a huge population, would do the same or even worse, believe you me.

            Have a nice day

          • moody

            I really wonder how far up your ass you went to get those facts.
            How can Q Jumping have anything to do with the size of a country’s population ?

            There is for example way more Q jumping in Shanghai than in Beijing.
            And from what i hear, there is a lot of Q Jumping going on in Korea, way more than in Japan.

            And try to go Q jumping in Australia , and see how fast you get your ass handed to you.

          • cheong

            Thank you for your vulgarity and if it pleases you, then please by all means use it.

            I should have added whereby the majority of the population is poor henceforth we have what we called survival of the fittest.

            Have a nice day, please

          • anon101

            so you will never see a rich chinese person q jump? or try and force you off the side walk while you are walking and he his driving on it as he cant be bothered to wait for the light to turn green, or doesnt believe he should have to sit in line with the other cars?
            get a life, its chinese mentality that makes it a good place to come, stay for a bit and then a fantastic place to leave once you realize what its really like here. All those blogs about how crappy life in china really is. I didnt believe them, I do now. chinese people are only out for them selves and f** everyone else. (hence selling toxic food to everyone from babys to the old, not caring about deaths only caring about putting some more red mao’s in their pocket).

          • Jahar

            if we are basing it on population(which is ridiculous), then Earth has a much larger population than china. shouldnt we all be doing this? if you want to talk about density, many countries have a denser population, yet there very little queue jumping.

          • cheong

            Earth is not a country.
            Using the statement:

            “then Earth has a much larger population than china. shouldnt we all be doing this?”

            As Mr Spock would have told you that it is illogical as Earth is not a country


            Denser population doesnt mean the people are of lack of mannerism.

            In Hong Kong & Singapore, population’ density are very high but they do not Q jump as in the China.

            Yes, I forgot to factor in “poverty”

            There are more poor people in China than the rich.

            They are usually concentrated in the rural area.

            When people are poor, generally, survival of the fittest usually applies.

            In order to survive, one has to be ahead of everyone, comes what may, henceforth, one of it is Q jumping.

            Have a nice day

          • Jahar

            it’s illogical to say that the number of people in a country relates to manners. it’s actually quite rediculous. if this were so, then #2 worst would be india, right? then the US. then indonesia? if you add in poverty, well, bump the us, but chinese people are generally better off than people in the other 2 countries. and we arent really talking rural areas. i would assume most of us spend most of our time getting q-jumped in cities.

          • anon101

            the population has nothing to do with it;. in the UK there are 253people per sqkm.

            in china there are 142people per sqkm.

            so china is less populated than the uk per sq km (remember it is a big old country).

            so saying that is not normal because it has so many people is giving everyone from the UK a free ticket to do what every they want as they have a right???? Piss off.

            HK has 6,663 people per sq km. yet its a damn sight better than china.

            It also means that people should never go to monaco as there are 16,404 people per sq km so people would be complete assholes there.

          • Boris

            Actually, as the Chinese move further away from starvation, this whole queue-jumping phenomenon seems to be getting worse. ‘Scarcity mentality’ seems to be increasing with less actual scarcity. At least where I am.

          • cheong

            In China, present day, there are no starvation, period!!

            BUT, yes, BUT there are still many poor people in the rural area whereby their nett income could be as little as USD100 per month or even less.

            So they normally do not care much about mannerism or Q jumping or talking loudly or whatever.
            I am not implying all poor people of China are such.

            I am afraid it is so and they are not bad people just that they believe in survival of the fittest.

            Have a nice day

          • radbab

            I noticed the same thing with eastern european tourists shortly after the fall of the eastern bloc. They would just push and shove, making sure they get or see whatever they could because communism taught them to take advantage of the good things while they’re available and before they run out.

        • Washington Bullets

          How great would it be to see an American company do that through somewhere like New York or DC? Imagine all the defense contractors outside Washington bent over and huddling, jumping through all the hoops so they don’t get furloughed.

    • James

      sort of like what America’s been doing to its citizens

      • BiggJ

        How so?

        • Just stepping in here to agree with James. Maybe it is the ignorance of the people. How many wars can the govnt start before people realizing it as bullying for cheaper oil prices rather than terrorism? Or rather the US is being attacked because of all the crap they’ve caused. On a separate note, how much cheap stuff are Americans willing to buy and turn a blind eye to quality?

          • BiggJ

            What? lol. I’m talking about just companies….not the government. I’m talking about how the company treats it workers.
            And about america….some people know what the war is all about…but they are not really fucking over thier own citizens too hard…it’s other counties people. Think of it like this….your dad is always getting in fight after the bar beating people up….he come home and tells don’t like it..but you don’t care either….now one time he comes home and beats the shit out of you and mom….now it’s a different story….so point is americans wont care too much as long as the government is not fucking over them. Even me, im canadian and could care less what america does to afghanistan or iran or whoever….as long as they aint fucking with us….i don’t support it….but i don’t care either.

          • James

            got news for ya canuckistanis are in isaf too

          • BiggJ

            And??I can still do what I want on a day to day…until that fact changes..then i might care. Canada can kill all people they like in whatever country they like…I will care when it affects me personally.

          • James

            .I will care when it affects me personally.

            ummm yeah

          • BiggJ

            Sure, I don’t have the time to care about all the bullshit that goes on in the world. As long as I have a good job and house and food on the table and can do pretty much whatever I want within reason and the law….that’s what matters to me most…and now once another country or people come and try to take that away from me….then it’s personal.Until then im just sitting on the fence….does not matter one way or the other what my country does. It’s not like I can magically stop it anyway if I don’t like it. It’s like magic mushrooms…..good or bad trip you just have to go with it and try to have a good time.

          • James

            Well, if you scroll to earlier in the conversation you’ll see I pointed out there is an effect.

          • jon776

            What a good little tool you are. Everything affects you little one, everything.

          • I am just saying how much shit will people take in general; be it from the gov, employers, other people etc..

          • James

            if you want to make a point about a petro $ maybe,

            I agree completely about quality I wonder if there’ll ever be an international standards agency set up to monitor ISO, especially in .cn

        • James

          post 911 feelgood insanity, TSA nonsense, DHS etc ad nauseum.

          9000 police officers armored & armed to the hilt w APC’s invading homes, shutting down a major city, train links, air traffic, etc. to catch an unarmed wounded 19 year old guy who flunked introductory chem

          Step through this hoop, it’s for your freedom
          oh and for the children

          • BiggJ

            wait a second….how did this get on to what the fuck american does??? I swear there could be a story on chinasmack like “chinese man saves 10 people from burning building and still makes it work on time…netizen reaction” and about 10 comments in the conversation will turn to america and how they kill and steal oil from people…everytime. lol

            Well and about your comment…you think if a foreinger in china bombs the pearl tower in shanghai that china would not do the same thing? Remember that guy who killed a bunch of people in china maybe a year ago? Any country would do something similar to that.Here is the story…

            China is intensifying a massive manhunt to find a man suspected of as many as seven murders.

            Chinese media report
            that more than 10,000 police have been dispatched to hunt for
            42-year-old Zeng Kaigui, a former member of the Chinese armed police who
            is suspected of killing a man during a robbery near the southern city
            of Nanjing on Friday. Media reports say Zeng is being sought in
            connection with six other robbery/murders in western and central parts
            of China. The city of Nanjing has been plastered with wanted posters
            containing Zeng’s face and details, and authorities have announced they
            are offering an award of almost $400,000.

            Despite its massive population, publicized cases of serial killings are still somewhat rare in China.

            Now sure this guy was armed…but that guy in boston could have been armed too. I think his brother was?? I’m not sure though.

          • cheong

            The guy or brothers in Boston deserved no mercy, period !!!!

            And I agree with the town people to refused to let him be buried there.
            He should buried as Osama, period.!!!

            have a nice day.

          • James

            put the fucker in a pig’s skin like a hotdog & toss him in the ocean for all I care, he’s not a citizen

            the other little fucker is & I hope he gets a fair trial & then hang him

          • cheong

            “put the fucker in a pig’s skin like a hotdog & toss him in the ocean for all I care, he’s not a citizen

            the other little fucker is & I hope he gets a fair trial & then hang him”
            Well, James, my boy,
            you said it, not me. LOL.

            But I prefer they get the FULL force of laws and punished until Kingdom Comes.

            Have a nice day

          • What you say about those Chinese killed by Uighurs or Ughurs killed by Chinese and PLA.

            Do they deserve sympathy.

          • cheong

            yes, they do.

            have a nice day

          • James

            TF you talkin about? where’d I start going off w America starting wars to steal oil? That’s nonsense look at the oil contracts Iraq made

            so your other point is because china does something it’s ok for America to do it? how many doors did the PAP kick in?

          • BiggJ

            Actually that comment was meant for maybeabanana. My mistake. The second paragraph was for you though. The point is if someone come and kicks your door down and you have the means to protect and do something about it…you will do everything in your power to do so.

      • cheong

        Yes, how so??

        I, too would like to know, please.
        Enlighten me.

        Forced to crawl on four has a totally different meaning in our Chinese customs & traditions including the Korean & the Japanese.

        When forced to do that, one lose all dignity & be a non human rather one has becomes a dog or even worse and stripped completely of one dignity & value > sub human or even worse.

        There are no words to describe this despicable act.

        One would or should rather die than to perform such despicable act unless it is a matter of life & dead, Is it ?????????????????

  • Bugs Bunny

    still better than some cheap low dog.
    oh maybe i should buy a dog call it eddy!
    fucking low dog!

    • James

      not bad, if you decide you don’t like it sell it as a sheep

  • radbab

    what the… only in China ™ :(

  • radbab

    kinda ironic that they crawl around a “liberation” monument wearing red suits. Is there a hidden message in this?

  • It’s always some spectacle

  • Beijinger

    This is very typical of China. People are treated like trash as a general rule.

    • And in return they treat the customer like trash. It’s the circle of life.

      • Klove

        They can try, but I roast them, make them lose face!

  • James

    looks like some sort of bizarre jap av

  • diverdude7

    Not quite sure how to express this, but it sure makes me thankful that I am not in such a position to need to keep a job so badly. I sure feel sorry for those women. You think life is hard enough here without being treated like that.
    To the person who came up with this abomination and to those who implemented it and/or had anything to do with making these people do this; all I can say is two things…
    1. would you like for your mother to be treated this way?
    2. shame on you.

    • cheong

      Yes, I totally agree with you.

      You see, majority of the younger generation in mainland China has lost many of our forefather’ customs, traditions & cultures.
      In fact, we oversea Chinese are the one that kept all these and one of it is the every 1st & 15th days of the Chinese Lunar calender’ practices.

      Sad to say they mainly value money > iPhone, iPad, iPod, BMW, Merc or whatever the latest & expensive.

      Have a nice day

  • Coccoodrillo

    If I’d been there and seen that – I’d have grabbed the workers and stood them up and dared anyone to cross me and go over and make them crawl – I would have been strong and brazen – a wall between them and their oppressors – a righteous good fight! People who treat people like that are cowards!

    • cheong

      Yes, I totally agree with you.

      I would even go further:

      I would have paid them money to get up coz I can afford it.

      This despicable act really really break my heart !!!!!!

      • Ced

        I wish we’d both been there Cheong! Like the AVENGERS or IRON MAN series – I hate the way companies in China treat their workers like prisoners of war!

        • cheong

          Yes, me, too.

          Not only in China but many other sweat shops all over the world.

          yes, I wish we all could be like the Avenger or Ironman and do a whole lot of goodness for the world.

          Have a nice day

          ps: I going to China again in June or July to meet up with some friends in Guilin, care to join me??? LOL

  • MrT

    Chinese go mental ape shit when they come in contact with the floor with
    any part of the body (or cloths), in fact siting down on a bench or wall is a
    Soooo…. how the fuck ..

    • The Chinese are obsessed with hygiene now? … Do go on…

      • no, they know how disgusting their floors are because everyone spits, shits and pisses al over the palce. hence the insistence on taking shoes off when you get to a home.

      • MrT

        yea really obsessed, way over the top, but all on pointless sht.

        Cleaning a floor/surface with just water is still better then cleaning with detergent/bleach. to them.
        Putting your hand in you own mouth, they flip out even thou they feel no problem sneezing in your face.
        is a big list really.

      • radbab

        It’s about belief. You believe the floor is dirty and voila, it is! This whole chinese hygiene thing has absolutely nothing to do with facts and science. rather with beliefss and superstitions and old grandma’s “knowledge”.

        • ssss

          LOL. so you say if you believe the street is clean then its clean? its *belief* not *beliefss*

      • Cauffiel

        weibowatcher and MrT are right…. they’ll go a week without washing their hands, but fuck if a student will place his backpack on the floor. no sir, that backpack deserves a seat. And if you sit on a public bench, better put down some paper or a book to sit on.

    • sss

      you can lick the street. Ignorant ass.

      • MrT

        you can kiss my ass.

  • cheong

    As an old Chinese Taoist/Buddhist, I find this very appalling.

    This reminds me of the days when the Japanese did that to the Chinese during the Japanese Occupation.

    But now, we have Chinese applying the same method to induce obedient on our own Chinese.
    I am really really appalled and sadden by this act of degradation.

    No money in the world is worth more than your own dignity.

    Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt,

    May our Goddess of mercy (Kwan Yin) and Lord Buddha “punish” those that were responsible this despicable act.

    • James

      it’s a job, you can quit, no Imperial Jap soldiers holding a muzzle to their temples

      • cheong

        Yes, I agree with that they can quit, but can they???

        One can be held by not only the muzzle of a gun.

        In China I have to accept the fact that many workers are held by many other forms of “ransom” rendering the workers helpless & at the mercy of the employers. > Quitting is not an option.

        I know, I know.
        I know of many other forms of “ransom” from my friends & relatives in China.

        But not crawling on four !

        I am really tired of explaining what is this despicable act, really!!

        have a nice day

        • James

          NO one, whether in .cn, uruguay or zimbabwe would want to be treated like this (except some strange sex freaks mebbe)

          • cheong

            Yes, I agree with your statement:

            “NO one, whether in .cn, uruguay or zimbabwe would want to be treated like this (except some strange sex freaks mebbe)”

            Hopefully by the grace of god, that you will understand what is forced to crawl on four means in our Chinese customs & traditions. (including the Korean & Japanese)

            Namo Orr Mi tau Futt.

          • James

            yep chineezers is speshul kinda peeple. I just wouldn’t unerstan cuz I ain’t chineez I gess

          • cheong

            Are you talking to me in Greek??? LOL.

            Have a nice day

          • James

            Nope, it was just a contemptuous reply to the typical condescending chinese “you wouldn’t understand because you aren’t chinese” argument you were making

          • cheong

            Wow, all sudden your English came back, what a wonderful thing, LOL.
            your statement:
            “you wouldn’t understand because you aren’t chinese”

            Yes, and that’s the truth and nothing but the whole truth and so helps me god.

            Even though I an an old Chinese Taoist/Buddhist and not of the mainland Chinese, there are alot for me to learn about them & China especially I am illiterate in Chinese but literate only in English but then again I do speak Chinese and other dialects.

            But definitely I know what my Chinese Han race is about in term of customs, tradition, culture and etc, etc and especially the mainland Chinese’ mannerism (of the lower income group especially those that are not exposed to the outside world) which I am embarrassed to say.

            Admittedly, you and many here do know many things about China and her people in China but unfortunately not all things and you have to accept that as a matter of fact and henceforth hopefully, remarks posted here should of be facts & figures and

            last but not least with some intelligences.

            That’s all I ask of, is that too much to ask???

            Have a nice day, please.

          • James

            can’t read zhong wen? a non chinese of chinese descent I guess you mean, some sort of xBC ( x is a vartiable, fill in with whatever nationality you actually are , “chinaman”) , a wannabe. I can read english & it doesn’t make me a limey.if you’re folk are benshengren from tw, you’re probably part indigenous
            btw your “han race” isn’t a race any more than polish is a race, look it up in genetic research papers

          • cheong

            Yes, I cannot read Zhong Wen, like I said I am an oversea Chinese with my ancestor home still in Fujian Province in a small town near Xiamen.
            Do you have a problem that??

            Thank you for calling me a chinaman but unfortunately I am not of Chinese national. Even though it is a slur, I accept it with open heart because I cannot deny my ancestry or a Chinese.

            btw your “han race” isn’t a race any more than polish is a race, look it up in genetic research papers


            It doesnt matter to me or us what the genetic papers said about my Han race, we are what we are and nothing can change that, just because of some genetic papers say otherwise?? LOL.

            And I dont know anything about the polish & I am not a polish, so I cannot & must not pass judgement or remarks on the polish and it would very ill-mannered of me to do so.

            Have a nice day.

            ps: I am not a Taiwanese even though they were from the same province as my ancestor except the natives in Alishan

          • James

            Well you can disgree with professors & doctors (including chinese), spending years on research in the subject, to your hearts content & believe you’re a popsicle for all I care, hey I used to play cowboy when I was a kid. It just reinforces a negative stereotype,
            As far as Taiwan ren there are of course the 20th C (waishenren) ROC imports, plus a signifigant population of kejia from Guandong and finally lowland & some highland tribes absorbed into the chinese immigrants’ cultures but I’m just an American, wait an “oversea Brit”, what do I know?

          • cheong

            Yes, what do you know??

            Have a nice day

  • RobRoy’sProgeny

    What does this say about China’s unemployment rate?

    • MrT


      • RobRoy’sProgeny

        The fact that anyone would not quit as soon as they were asked to do this says a lot. I think it was actually a punishment. People feel they can’t say no to their boss because they will face hardship during the transition to a new job.

        • MrT

          Just like army basic training!

          • James

            no live rounds from mg’s going over their heads

  • Mighty

    I know some people are desperate for employment but how about keeping a little self respect and dignity??? But again, I guess that won’t put food on the table.

  • Pickle

    I just saw this on kotaku now too. I was just gonna browse the comments but I looked at the photos again and realized that many of the women appeared to be quite attractive. I bet they regret not becoming a concubines to a rich guy now. That or it’s all just to get attention.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    I wish they had this sort of exercises at English schools, to have them foreigners crawl.

    • LuoyangLaowai

      That would never happen, We foreigners can think for ourselves. We are not Dogs for the Leaders to control unlike you Chinese Dogs apparently. So good luck with your wish. Keep wishing. I hope your bosses have you on the ground crawling thru Shit someday. They can call IM A WORTHLESS DOG EXERCISE. Because that what most of you Chinese are to your bosses and leaders.

      • Dude, where in the hell are you from?

        • YourSupremeCommander

          A reject from his own country?

          • The only people I ever hear say “We _____” (Chinese, foreigners, Americans, British, etc) are the Chinese. English isn’t his first language, that’s for sure.

          • LuoyangLaowai

            Im American. And yes. I will admit it. I dont know if my Grammar is correct.I think the use of WE is correct. I have been an English teacher for the last three years here in China. But thIs year I am not teaching English Im Studying Chinese. I was an Offshore Diver Before I came to China one and Frankly, as any other foreign English teacher here will probably agree, Schools in China dont give a fuck if a native English speakers English is correct or not. They just want a foreign face in the school to jack up the tuition prices for the parents. If this country really cared about students getting quality Foreign teachers they would have stricter regulations, but China doesnt. Schools here will hire the first worthless foreigner they can find with a fake diploma just to make more money. So as far as Im concerned, China gets what it deserves. FUCk! I cant wait to get out of here and get back to working offshore! But you know what. I might not be of High quality Character, But Im still better than any of you Mainland Chinese on so many levels.

          • Klove

            I was an Offshore Diver Before I came to China……interesting, does that afford a lot of travel opportunities, just curious on?

          • LuoyangLaowai

            Sometimes. It kind of sucks being an American Commercial Diver, Unless you work for a really big company like Cal-dive, we will mostly just stick to the Gulf of Mexico. Im not to sure about European and Australian divers and such. The regulations are different between America’s ADC and Europes IMCA I think. Working as an Inland Diver can get a lot of travel too, traveling from rivers to lakes inspecting pipelines and traveling to Water towers and things like that.

          • Klove

            Inspecting pipelines and water towers and stuff, sounds interesting….what’s the pay like and how do you get qualified?

          • LuoyangLaowai

            Pay is REALLY GOOD. But you have to work your ass of for it. Its been 4 years since I was diving so I dont know what the rates are. But When I left, I made $22/hr for up to 8 hrs. after 8 hours I get time and a half. I also get paid for how deep I go. the deeper you go the higher you get paid for you dive. But its still not much. Working offshore. Its nothing to work a 18, 20, even 24+ hour shift.Its common to work over well over 100 hours in a week. That’s where all the money comes from. Ive made just under $10,000 in a month before. In America there are about 7 Dive Schools you can go to, Camden, New Jersey, Jacksonville Florida, Houston Texas, California, Seattle Washington, Morgan City Louisiana. Maybe there are a few other small ones I dont know about. But if you dont want to work so many hours. You can get a job as an inland Diver. Diving in Rivers, Lakes, Alligator infested swamps, Nuclear Power Plants, Water towers, Water treatment plants, Basically anything you can think of.

          • Klove

            Loved exploring storm drains and culverts and stuff when younger, the inland diving sounds interesting, hmmmm, rivers. Did you or do you ever have to do turd diving at a sewage works like seen on jackass or that guy who dives in the mexico city sewers? Thanks for your detailed reply:)

          • LuoyangLaowai

            No, I never Dove into any sewage plants. But its certainly part of the job. Replacing a valve non destructive testing. If you want to read more about it. this link can say it better than I can about Sewage diving.


            Inland diving is a really great job. you are out on the road traveling, but your not away from home as much as you would be if you were working offshore.

          • Klove

            I’ll try and find the link about the mexican guy who keeps the citys sewers flowing, removing blockages, it was pretty hardcore looking work. But he seemed to prefer it over his boring desk job he held for 30 years. In the UK, not sure how to get qualified? What would be a good starting course, I’m not even padi qualified, just to get my feet wet so to speak?:)

          • LuoyangLaowai

            Commercial diving is defined as a diver that gets paid to work underwater, Recreational Scuba Diving is just for fun. There are not many situations that you would use a Scuba rig for commercial work. There are a few situations where scuba is used such as: setting up a small home base office and getting jobs inspecting and cleaning boats at a dock, or getting contracts at Golf courses to dive into the lakes at the golf course and picking up the golf balls which actually is a very profitable small business. And then there are a few SPECIALTY jobs using scuba gear working for places like Disney Theme parks, Sea world, Aquariums, Even NASA space center in Houston Texas employes Commercial Divers to assist Astronauts
            in their training. Typically, Commercial Diving different. When you go to a Commercial Diving School you are trained in Surface supplied Air diving. Your Dive hat is connected to and Umbilical (HOSE) which is connected to an Air Compressor on Land or boat or Rig or whatever you are diving from. In England, Im sure there are Several Commercial Diving schools in the UK. and Europe. One I know of just from reading is THE UNDERWATER CENTER in Scotland. I only know of that one because They have a sister school in Tasmania I was looking into going to get a different kind of certification. So maybe you can start with doing a search for the UK UNDERWATER CENTER SCHOOL. Im not sure of its full name. I just know part of it is called THE UNDERWATER CENTER. Good luck.

          • Klove

            Thanks, perhaps my previous reply was rather vague. Yes I am referring as to where to get qualified to dive in inland rivers and lakes and so on. I don’t suppose there is anywhere in Asia to get qualified? Cheers

          • LuoyangLaowai


            I havnt found one yet in China, But there is at least one in Thailand and at least one in Singapore

          • Klove

            Looks like Thailand is becoming more appealing. Just one more question, are these accreditations internationally recognized?

          • LuoyangLaowai

            I dont know all the details. But I think in Europe and almost everywhere except for America they all use IMCA. or HSE. Im not sure what they mean. but I think It can be used all over the world. Unfortunately, Being American. We have the ADC (ASSOCIATION of DIVING CONTRACTORS). Nobody outside of America will recognize the qualification. And what boils my blood is Even thou we cant go overseas to work. Divers from Anywhere else can come to America for work. So look for schools with IMCA. Sorry, I dont know what it means. But its pretty much the rest of the worlds Commercial Diving Qualifications.

          • Klove

            Thanks again, and yes, your point about the unfairness of your qualification not being recognized is a valid one.

          • LuoyangLaowai

            You will still be using Surface Supplied Air diving for Inland work. So don’t go to a PADI or NAUI or any other Scuba Diving shop that offers Scuba lessons. You wont get anywhere with that. You will want to look for a Commercial Diving School to go to.

          • Klove

            Thanks for all the tips, I was considering the padi in HK but I won’t now!

          • No, no, it’s not so much the grammar, it’s just the way things are…phrased? There’s something off about it. The kind of “off” you get when someone isn’t speaking English as a first language.

          • James

            an english teacher that writes “redicculous”? you should be teaching in a public skool

          • LuoyangLaowai

            hah, Yeah. My spelling sucks too sometimes. But I don’t care anymore.

          • James

            so go back to diving,.


            why would you want to teach english if you aren’t qualified? bad experience? fuckup & hope no remembers a few years later?
            I can see if you wanted to get your feet wet in a later career but being a teacher in china is not exactly the way to anything

          • LuoyangLaowai

            I came here for a few reasons. I wanted to Learn Chinese, I thought it would be cool to work in China and travel, at the time I knew nothing about China. and I did not want to be in America while Obama is president. After I leave china I wont be in America more than a few months before I move on to another country.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            “But Im still better than any of you Mainland Chinese on so many levels.” then why the fuck do you put yourself among people of a level lower than yours, teacher?

            Exactly, a reject.

          • LuoyangLaowai

            Thats a really good guestion. I ask myself that every day. to be honest. I think the mistake I have made is not going back home in the last 4 years. I think Im just bitter now. I think im very VERY patient. but 4 years straight here in China has worn my patience down to nothing. I just have to stick it out a few more months here. Then im gone.

  • jeffli

    You know if the japanese had never invaded China and kept that silly island from china this would never had happened!

    The Japanese have a lot to answer for in in China…… apparently.

  • guy

    Just think, you live in that toilet of a country, its non-stop bad news when viewed from abroad and people obviously think losers end up there these days.

  • One for all

    This is a training exercise, if people think they are too important for the job, they can apply elsewhere.

    I’m on the boss’ side with this one. Too many shitheads around today with a sense of entitlement, even in ASIA!

    AND……as the boss, I would be more than happy to join the staff in the exercise to set a shining example. If, however the boss does not join his trainees in this exercise, he may well be an asshole!

    • Well, if you are the boss of a crawling company, I can see how this type of training would be necessary. Beyond that, any boss who asked staff to do this for training would be a twat.

  • LuoyangLaowai

    I would say the Employees Daily Dancing exercise in the Street to that Redicculous music they play is Challenging and Pressure enough for Them.

  • Sad

  • Fat Back

    Human Centipede

    • MrT

      pulling a train…

  • linette lee

    What century are we living in? This is absolute authority the company and the management have over the workers. And all the employees went along with it. Wow. China wants to become a developed nation but look what we have here. A company treat their employees like dogs humiliate them in the public without rights.

  • Klove

    never question authority?!

    • ScottLoar

      Yeah, so funny, because these are Japanese macaques, not baboons.

      • mr.wiener

        You certain? Those long snouts look a lot like baboons.
        Just sayin’

        • Klove

          They could well be macaques, either way I’m not trifling, personally I reckon they are baboons in a zoo in a cold climate. Thanks for the support mr w!

        • ScottLoar

          Look to pictures of Japanese macaques. Look to pictures of baboons. The faces are different, the furs are different, these are Japanese macaques from Hokkaido.

          • mr.wiener

            Took your advice, They are in fact baboons from a safari park in England being given hot potatos on account of the cold weather.


            I’m the kind of person [pedant!] who likes pub quiz far too much. Macaques [Japanese and otherwise] have shorter snouts and much ruddier complexions. Sorry dude :)


            As to the validity of his point/fun fact? I had no problem with it, but you and me Scotty ain’t nothing but mammals, so I’ll leave it to the discretion of the individual.

          • Klove

            Indeed, a fellow pub quiz fan, you would be amazed how many say DVD is Digital Video Disc and not Digital Versatile Disc….well done on your research!

          • ScottLoar

            You are right, those are baboons. Could’ve sworn they were Japanese macaques despite the snow, which tells me to double and triple check next time.

            No, I’m not offended when called “Scotty”, and I too like trivia.

          • mr.wiener

            Just don’t call me “Wienie” and you can be on my pub quiz team.

      • Klove

        My point still stands, herd mentality, I could put up a sheeple picture, but the irony would still be lost on you sadly. If you choose to follow the herd, that is your call. I prefer to dance to the beat of my drum, nothing personal body!

        • mr.wiener

          Baboons or macaques your point is valid and taken

          • Klove

            Indeed, and I thank you for your vote of confidence. I knew I was right without yankee boys approval though. Cheers and beers to your health sir!

        • ScottLoar

          You have in no way expressed irony and your strident declaration of individuality is for show.

          • Klove

            Well my dear boy, I got you replying did I not? No, no, if you want to show some indignation get onto president obama about why your country supports a country that violates 65 resolutions to bomb a neighbouring country? I must come on here and get you whipped into shape, hahaha

  • Jahar

    My favorite part is the crowd of people just standing around watching. Man, people here love to stand around and look at stuff.

  • Zzz

    I would lift the skirt from behind :)

  • Wiseone

    Two words

    Human centipede

  • The boss must be sex pervert to see women employee ass.

  • Kowtowing is Chinese culture. In Ancient times they kowtow to emperor. Since 1949 onwards they kowtow to Mao and Maoism.

    Now Chinese kowtow to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • trouse

    This is just right….They still need to be treated like barbarian and it’s just right.
    Give them a good thing show them good way and they will just abuse you.

  • Roderick

    I think this is all a misunderstanding. They are just going for the Guiness Book of World Records: Longest Human Centipede

  • Washington Bullets

    As if the “trust fall” wasn’t enough

  • Jin Ch’in

    Bowing and on their knees to all these “luxury” western stores..These Chinese have no shame. I bet this company is somehow linked to a western company.

    • mr.wiener

      You are correct, it is all an evil plot by the west to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people……. Or maybe you just find dumb-arses everywhere.

    • Ron King

      I wasn’t sure if you were Chinese until I read this comment. Now I know it. Yes, KFC is the reason for poor food quality in China. Apple is the reason for poor customer service in China. The CIA is the reason for all corruption in China.

      You, my friend, are an idiot. But I’m sure it’s a westerner’s fault.

  • JJ

    Hang the owner of the company. As simple as that.

  • sal

    Really sad that we have boss like that who abuse their power to make other small

  • Cauffiel

    How can this still happen in a country whose universities have an HR major?

  • Like a Boss!

  • Vave

    This is fascism in the most pure form, regardless what they call it.

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