Company Has Employees Crawl in Public as Training Exercise

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

From QQ:

Company in Chongqing Orders Employees to Crawl on Their Knees, Claims It Is to Challenge Their Resilience to Pressure

According to multiple weibo posts by Chongqing netizens, at noon on 2013 May 2, the employees of a certain company circled around Liberation Monument by crawling on their knees, attracting many onlookers. Soon after, the Chongqing Yuzhong District Public Security Sub-bureau claimed on their official microblog account ”Through investigation, this was an exercise a cosmetics company gave their employees to train them to deal with pressure, and the police have already persuaded them to leave, and have also criticized and educated the organizers of the company.” Pictures are of photos taken by netizens at the scene.

 The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

The employees are crawling.

From iFeng:

Company in Chongqing Has Many of Its Female Employees Circle Around Liberation Monument Crawling on Their Knees


In front of hundreds of bystanders, a group of people wearing uniforms knelt in the bustling business area, simultaneously crawling in circles and cheering each other on. May 2 at noon, this shocking scene at the Chongqing Liberation Monument was broadcasted live on many netizens’ microblog accounts, causing a big controversy. On the 2nd, the police of Yuzhong District responded that this incident was a “challenge exercise” conducted by a certain cosmetics company nearby with their employees. The police have already persuaded them to leave and have also criticized and educated the organizers of the company.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯上海市网友 湖影偶心:

This boss is finished! His good intention has ruined the name of his company! Such low behavior, how did he come up with something like this?! What would the customers feel if they saw this!

腾讯网友 王明富:

One look and you can tell this company’s culture is the same as that of a multilevel marketing scheme, a bunch of nao can~~!

腾讯网友 ∞:

This is not challenging their resilience to pressure, this is making people completely give up their bottom line as a human being. In the end, arriving at the edge where one becomes so low that one becomes invincible!

腾讯网友 ⒉Ь 。:

I’d just quit. To sell one’s dignity only for that little money?! To crawl like a dog in public?

腾讯网友 Winnie:

This is reality. Some people have to put up with all kinds of unfairness and humiliations for survival.

腾讯网友 梦隐:

This boss is clearly fucking with his employees. You think yourself so high and mighty just because you’re a boss? If you’re so great, how come you didn’t take the lead and crawl!

腾讯江西省网友 旅途+独男:

The boss is crazy!

腾讯临汾市网友 永恒: (responding to above)

This is the so-called one must be crazy before one can be successful!

腾讯德阳市网友 誰是誰的誰:

If it was me, I’d just quit. This is simply humiliating human dignity.

腾讯网友 春天的雪:

Want to be famous! Can’t just ignore the employees’ dignity, right? Did the boss get on his knees?

Comments from iFeng:

凤凰网陕西省宝鸡市网友 btnyeed:

The boss is truly a worthless piece of shit. This is simply not treating one’s employees as human beings. It’s clear that his employees only have two legs, yet they’re used as if they have four legs, just what is the meaning of this?

凤凰网河北省邯郸市网友 雪千山:

“Challenge their resilience to pressure course”? In other words, it’s just putting down your dignity, and crawling around like a dog!

凤凰网山东省泰安市网友 sdlm:

It’s only been a few days since the May 1st International Labor Day, where is the laborers’ dignity???

凤凰网中国网友 wushunzao:

To put on such an employee-humiliating scene right at the Liberation Monument is so evil! Have they been liberated?

凤凰网四川省巴中市网友 马鱼儿55:

Every time when I see news like this, I feel as if we’ve returned to the extremely evil Old Society [feudal China era]. The Chinese government should heavily punish the boss of this company!

凤凰网四川省宜宾市网友 小人也:

This reminds me of multi-level marketing schemes. Nowadays, many hotels, hair salons, and other similar businesses here where I am are doing this kind of thing. Every morning before work, [the employees] stand in front of the storefront to receive education [lectures, pep talks], then shout out slogans. It’s said that this came from Japan. Chinese people only know how to learn these superficial things. Pathetic.

凤凰网黑龙江省佳木斯市网友 老爪子:

There was a time when it was quite good, but now it’s a mess again. Just what kind of society is this?

凤凰网浙江省网友 三wu:

China needs slaves right now, it has nothing to do with human dignity.

凤凰网陕西省网友 老鼠与鹰:

This is one of the steps towards making employees into slaves–—in the eyes of the boss, employees are simply slaves.


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