Chinese Company Takes 6,500 Employees to France for Four Day Tour

Chinese Company Takes 6,500 Employees to France for Four Day Tour

A Chinese company took around 6,500 employees on a four day tour of France. The tour group was so large that it received attention from the Foreign Affairs Department of France, and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met with the company’s CEO, Li Jinyuan. The group reserved 140 hotels over the course of their trip, totalling in at over 30,000 beds. They purchased 7,600 train tickets, and the French Railroad Corporation added 2 high speed trains and 12 attendants especially for the Chinese travelers. One highly up-voted netizen comment said “The French Foreign Minister didn’t meet Chinese tourists, he was meeting a wallet!”

Source: Netease

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  • KamikaziPilot

    Seems like a nice gesture but I don’t think I’d really enjoy myself on a trip like that. Not when I have to travel with 6,500 other people dressed just like me.

    • Edward Kay

      If you have a better position you’ll be wearing the white cap, say 300 alike?

  • Foreign Devil

    You will be in France but only see, smell and hear 6,499 Chinese co-workers crowded around you. The company by the way is one of those cult like “Amway” type pyramid scheme “multi-level” marketing schemes that I’m sure we’ve all had friends and family at one point try to sell us garbage from or get us to join.

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