Chinese Crowd Lifts SUV to Rescue Run Over Child in Wenzhou

Video of a Chinese crowd lifting up an SUV to rescue a child that had been run over in Wenzhou, China.

Video of a Chinese crowd lifting up an SUV to rescue a child that had been run over in Wenzhou, China. Highlighted in the red circle is the child and parent. The child refuses to walk, throwing a temper tantrum.

From Sina Weibo (1 & 2) & Youku:

Crowd works together to lift car to save child

December 9th morning 7:25am, at the corner of Lane 40 Hangbiao Road in the city of Wenzhou, a child was run over and trapped under a car. With the SUV caught in the dilemma of not being able to go forward or back, someone shouted “lift the car!” Immediately over 10 people who had gathered around “one, two, three” used their collective strength [and lifted up the car]. The frightened child was carried out and unhurt. These people who helped did not know each other but their action both moved and warmed those at the scene and this city. Wenzhou people used action to once again demonstrate the “place of warmth” is a title fully deserved.

The above video has been viewed over 460k times on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku since it was uploaded yesterday.

The gathering crowd together lift up the SUV to free the child trapped underneath.
The surrounding crowd helps lift the SUV up to free the child trapped underneath.

Comments from NetEase:

网易广东省广州市白云区网友 [dengqz0]:

The female driver immediately got out of the car and looked extremely worried. If every driver were like this, Chinese society wouldn’t have so many entangling/complicated problems.

网易江苏省徐州市网友 [尼姑庵方丈]:

Very good, this kind of mentality/spirit of mutual care and concern is what society needs. Good thing this car’s underpan is high and speed wasn’t fast. It’s almost the [Chinese] New Year, everyone stay safe.

网易广西网友 [binkpr]:

Watching the video, the driver reacted very quickly, and the problem was solved very urgently too. It looks like she said something, probably to have everyone help lift the car. Of course there were also a lot of kind-hearted people on the scene and everyone worked together to rescue that little child. It seems in the end nothing bad happened, otherwise the female driver wouldn’t have slowly driven away. No matter what, the little child was ultimately safe, and that’s what’s most important!


Little Yue Yue‘s soul is in heaven will also be relieved [to see this result]. She used her life to awaken the conscience of the Chinese people!


An old lady? Destroyed the conscience of the country’s people. A 2-year-old child? Awakened the conscience of the country’s people.

[Note: The “old lady” is the elderly woman who successfully sued a man named Peng Yu in 2006 after he helped her up from a fall. Her and the Nanjing judge who concluded that it was “common sense” that whoever helps is whoever was responsible for the mishap are often cited by Chinese people as a popular example of why one should avoid getting involved and helping others in apparent need.]

网易广东省网友 [沉默的大多數]:

One of the Heavenly Kingdom‘s standard characteristics: Child’s mother is an idiot, female driver is dumb cunt, idiotic mother has no heart, dumb cunt female driver has no eyes.


Looks like the child was throwing a temper tantrum and was refusing to walk. Sure has been taught a big lesson now!

寡妇村牛村长他爷爷 [网易江西省赣州市网友]:

The adult deserves to die, how could she not care about her child and keep walking on? You think you’re in your home?

河蟹乱爬 [网易辽宁省网友]:

This female driver is a little unlucky… In this incident, the child and parent’s are mostly responsible… Letting a child do whatever it wants is definitely wrong…

hammerg0 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

I found it perplexing why the small car behind [the SUV] didn’t do anything. Looking closely, it turns out it has a white license plate. That makes sense.

[Note: White license plates are given to drivers in the military, or often the relatives of those in the military.]

网易黑龙江省大兴安岭地区网友 [hdh2781]:

Seeing this, it has to be said that Zhejiang people are good people. If this were in Guangdong, nobody would’ve done anything.

What do you think?

Highlighted in the red circle is the little child in orange that was pulled out from under the Honda CRV SUV that had accidentally run her over as she sat in the middle of the street.
The little child in orange after being pulled from under the car.


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