Chinese Dad Encourages Little Boy & Girl to Fight Each Other

A little Chinese girl fights with her male cousin in Hubei, China captured on video by her father.

A little Chinese girl fighting viciously with a little boy, her cousin, as her father films.

From ifeng:

7-year-old boy painfully beaten by girl, spotlight cast on child-rearing and upbringing

Children fighting, parent yells at them to hit each other while filming

3 days ago, netizen “最爱看视频” [“Love Watching Videos The Most”] posted this video onto the Youku website, titling it “The Greatest Children’s Fight in History”. In the video, two children, one boy one girl, are fighting on the side of the road, with the front gate of the “Renqiu City Huatai Medical Equipment Ltd.” company in the background (located in Cangzhou of Hebei province). The two children pulled each others hair, scratched at each others faces, pulled at the corners of each others mouths, punching and kicking, with no signs of backing down. And the man suspected of holding the camera shouted off-camera: “Don’t claw/scratch, kick! Kick! Attack!”

Soon, the boy, having lost, prepared to flee. The girl gave chase, and with a slap hit him to the ground. The man shouted: “[You’ll fail until you learn/wise up], get up, hit her, attack, attack!” The boy, frightened, stayed on the ground refusing to get up. The girl then went forward and stomped on him three times in succession, punching the boys back. The boy alternated between crying and coughing. During this time, the man praised the girl for being “so strong”, while hollering at the boy: “Hit her! Hit your [your older cousin]! Didn’t you say you were very strong, how can you let her hit you? Attack! Attack!”

Several seconds later, encouraged by the man, the two children again began fighting again, the girl getting more and more vicious, the boy completely no match for her, crying and screaming “Mommy!”, with what appears to be some blood on his mouth.

At this time, someone walked by to intervene, and the man said he was the girl’s father, the boy’s uncle, and laughing said: “Both are hurt, it’s okay, this is exactly how Daddy was trained when he was small… not fighting is not an option, must fight every time, one must be made honest through fighting.” At the very end of the video, the man orders the two children home, even saying: “We’ll fight again/continue next time.”

Netizens take notice, how to respond to children fighting

This video received wide-ranging attention from netizens. By yesterday [July 10th] afternoon 2 o’clock, this video had been viewed over 1.22 million times on Youku. On Sina Weibo, there were over 1000 related microblog messages, with over 3000 comments.

This original video can no longer be found on Youku and the video uploader’s user profile does not provide any information. However, there are still many copies of this video on Youku, Tudou, and other websites such as popular Chinese web portal NetEase.

The two Chinese children, cousins, pulling at each other's hair, clawing at each other's faces.

The little girl grabbing and clawing at the litle boy's face.The little girl, shoving the little boy's head.

The little boy, knocked flat onto the ground.The little Chinese girl stomping on her cousin's back.

The little Chinese boy, cousin of the little girl, nephew of the man filming.The little Chinese girl, daughter of the man filming.

Comments from NetEase:


Ding, practical education!! However, when teaching children how to protect themselves when they are outside, you also need to teach them not to cause trouble.


I completely understand this parent’s actions. The reason is because when my two nephews were small, they would fight every time they saw each other. The older one was a bit more well-behaved, so the adults would always have the older one yield to the younger one, but the result was utter chaos, and the adults couldn’t be bothered anymore. So, the adults decided they’d just pretend to not see, all the way until one of them was thoroughly beaten by the other, and then the world was peaceful for a very long time.


This man’s method is definitely wrong. However, this little boy is too pathetic. If it were my son, I’d be so angry I’d have to slap him a few times. Like a freaking girl. I was never this pathetic when I was small.


If a son is uneducated, his father is to blame. This method of education however is of the utmost harm towards to the two children.


My heart aches seeing this! Little girl, don’t laugh with your father, because the seed of hate is being planted in the little boy’s heart, and not long in the future, the ones who will be beaten will be you and your father, just you wait and see!


This father sooner or later will raise his daughter into a whore.


When a child still doesn’t fully understand things, you first teach them violence. You as a father just wait to experience your daughter’s violence.


This father must be human flesh searched out, to bear legal liability. Those in support, ding this up.


Do you know what it means for someone to arrogantly bully others knowing they have the protection of someone powerful? After watching this video you’ll know. The person filming is that girl’s father, and if the person filming were that boy’s father, the result may have been different…


The adult filming and talking is extremely perverse!!!! And you even upload it onto the internet to make a fool of yourself, fucking all 18 generations of your ancestors are perverse!!!! May you die a horrible death!!!!


These days, boys have no guts, becoming more and more like girls! What boy hasn’t gotten into fights when he was small? Let boys be boys again!


I feel like hacking all three of these people to death.
The little boy not behaving like a boy.
The bully girl who doesn’t stop.
The father who deserves death by a thousand cuts!


Instructing one’s own daughter to go hit his nephew, what would your older or younger sister being the child’s mother think? What a perverse man, this father-daughter pair should be human flesh searched out and fed to the dogs! With this girl being like that, she’s not going to grow up to be a good and honest person, so might as well just end her as soon as possible, lest she harms society in the future!


This father’s child-rearing has personality,
in line with the scientific concept of development.
If there is one thing our generation lacks it is guts,
fuck, even I think I’m a coward,
having no technique at all when fighting, nor confidence.


Northeasterners! Evaluation complete.


The father is completely perverse, disgusting!


This man is no better than a beast. I recommend that all the country’s netizens ferret him out with a human flesh search or he should come forth if he has the guts.

Although many people will easily disagree with this method, do you believe little children (especially boys?) should be taught how to fight and defend themselves against bullies?

The little Chiense girl chasing her cousin.


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