Chinese Dad Encourages Little Boy & Girl to Fight Each Other

A little Chinese girl fighting viciously with a little boy, her cousin, as her father films.

From ifeng:

7-year-old boy painfully beaten by girl, spotlight cast on child-rearing and upbringing

Children fighting, parent yells at them to hit each other while filming

3 days ago, netizen “最爱看视频” [“Love Watching Videos The Most”] posted this video onto the Youku website, titling it “The Greatest Children’s Fight in History”. In the video, two children, one boy one girl, are fighting on the side of the road, with the front gate of the “Renqiu City Huatai Medical Equipment Ltd.” company in the background (located in Cangzhou of Hebei province). The two children pulled each others hair, scratched at each others faces, pulled at the corners of each others mouths, punching and kicking, with no signs of backing down. And the man suspected of holding the camera shouted off-camera: “Don’t claw/scratch, kick! Kick! Attack!”

Soon, the boy, having lost, prepared to flee. The girl gave chase, and with a slap hit him to the ground. The man shouted: “[You’ll fail until you learn/wise up], get up, hit her, attack, attack!” The boy, frightened, stayed on the ground refusing to get up. The girl then went forward and stomped on him three times in succession, punching the boys back. The boy alternated between crying and coughing. During this time, the man praised the girl for being “so strong”, while hollering at the boy: “Hit her! Hit your [your older cousin]! Didn’t you say you were very strong, how can you let her hit you? Attack! Attack!”

Several seconds later, encouraged by the man, the two children again began fighting again, the girl getting more and more vicious, the boy completely no match for her, crying and screaming “Mommy!”, with what appears to be some blood on his mouth.

At this time, someone walked by to intervene, and the man said he was the girl’s father, the boy’s uncle, and laughing said: “Both are hurt, it’s okay, this is exactly how Daddy was trained when he was small… not fighting is not an option, must fight every time, one must be made honest through fighting.” At the very end of the video, the man orders the two children home, even saying: “We’ll fight again/continue next time.”

Netizens take notice, how to respond to children fighting

This video received wide-ranging attention from netizens. By yesterday [July 10th] afternoon 2 o’clock, this video had been viewed over 1.22 million times on Youku. On Sina Weibo, there were over 1000 related microblog messages, with over 3000 comments.

This original video can no longer be found on Youku and the video uploader’s user profile does not provide any information. However, there are still many copies of this video on Youku, Tudou, and other websites such as popular Chinese web portal NetEase.

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The two Chinese children, cousins, pulling at each other's hair, clawing at each other's faces.

The little girl grabbing and clawing at the litle boy's face.The little girl, shoving the little boy's head.

The little boy, knocked flat onto the ground.The little Chinese girl stomping on her cousin's back.

The little Chinese boy, cousin of the little girl, nephew of the man filming.The little Chinese girl, daughter of the man filming.

Comments from NetEase:


Ding, practical education!! However, when teaching children how to protect themselves when they are outside, you also need to teach them not to cause trouble.


I completely understand this parent’s actions. The reason is because when my two nephews were small, they would fight every time they saw each other. The older one was a bit more well-behaved, so the adults would always have the older one yield to the younger one, but the result was utter chaos, and the adults couldn’t be bothered anymore. So, the adults decided they’d just pretend to not see, all the way until one of them was thoroughly beaten by the other, and then the world was peaceful for a very long time.


This man’s method is definitely wrong. However, this little boy is too pathetic. If it were my son, I’d be so angry I’d have to slap him a few times. Like a freaking girl. I was never this pathetic when I was small.


If a son is uneducated, his father is to blame. This method of education however is of the utmost harm towards to the two children.


My heart aches seeing this! Little girl, don’t laugh with your father, because the seed of hate is being planted in the little boy’s heart, and not long in the future, the ones who will be beaten will be you and your father, just you wait and see!


This father sooner or later will raise his daughter into a whore.


When a child still doesn’t fully understand things, you first teach them violence. You as a father just wait to experience your daughter’s violence.


This father must be human flesh searched out, to bear legal liability. Those in support, ding this up.


Do you know what it means for someone to arrogantly bully others knowing they have the protection of someone powerful? After watching this video you’ll know. The person filming is that girl’s father, and if the person filming were that boy’s father, the result may have been different…


The adult filming and talking is extremely perverse!!!! And you even upload it onto the internet to make a fool of yourself, fucking all 18 generations of your ancestors are perverse!!!! May you die a horrible death!!!!


These days, boys have no guts, becoming more and more like girls! What boy hasn’t gotten into fights when he was small? Let boys be boys again!


I feel like hacking all three of these people to death.
The little boy not behaving like a boy.
The bully girl who doesn’t stop.
The father who deserves death by a thousand cuts!


Instructing one’s own daughter to go hit his nephew, what would your older or younger sister being the child’s mother think? What a perverse man, this father-daughter pair should be human flesh searched out and fed to the dogs! With this girl being like that, she’s not going to grow up to be a good and honest person, so might as well just end her as soon as possible, lest she harms society in the future!


This father’s child-rearing has personality,
in line with the scientific concept of development.
If there is one thing our generation lacks it is guts,
fuck, even I think I’m a coward,
having no technique at all when fighting, nor confidence.


Northeasterners! Evaluation complete.


The father is completely perverse, disgusting!


This man is no better than a beast. I recommend that all the country’s netizens ferret him out with a human flesh search or he should come forth if he has the guts.

Although many people will easily disagree with this method, do you believe little children (especially boys?) should be taught how to fight and defend themselves against bullies?

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The little Chiense girl chasing her cousin.

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  • me


    All I can say is watch out for this girl in 10 to 12 years…

    • Jay

      1 – Don’t talk about Fight Club.
      2 – Don’t video Fight Club!
      3 – Don’t post Fight Club video for everyone to see!!!

      Are you an idiot?

      You’re out of Fight Club.


  • 2-cents

    Gonna grow up and be a woman beater like so many out there

    • B-real

      the opposite, hes a budding homo

  • Master Huang

    oh that’s nothing, when the little boy grows up, he will beat his wife and children for the humiliation he needs to make up particularly during these moments. good times

    • Hey, 5000 years of glorious culture doesn’t just pass itself.

  • 老外

    What an uneducated piece of shit! There are MUCH better ways to teach children self-defense than to have their fucking lungs stomped on repeatedly. Children aren’t inherently like this… someone has to teach them.

    I’d love to meet up with this fag and see how he likes having his shit pushed in.

    • B-real

      thats a bunch a crock of shit. children do what ever comes to mind and hitting can be as natural as walking in some kids. This guy is raising his girl into being strong in a dog eat dog world where more powerful men will NATURALLY attempt to kick the shit out of her. Hopefully the dude is training his kids to harness and use such offensive skills for defensive purposes. It would suck if they became street fighters just looking for blood.

      On another note the little boy is a punk and the sister is a bitch. Early signs of homo sexuality are present in both but too early to say for sure. I just hope they are productive people in their society.

      • Irvin

        I beg to differ, she’s just stomping on a wimp. All the father is doing is instilling false pride into the daughter. She would get her ass handed to her when she pick on the wrong dude.

        • B-real

          Yeah but the dude will have to bring his A game if she continues on this road. More than likely if she doesnt turn out to be gay she will pick a punk bitch of a man to project her dominance in the relationship.

          Most wife beaters are big pussies at heart. A women like this could contend with the average abusive man.

          • Somethin Somethin

            Come on man this guy is teaching his kids to fight for no other reason than to fight. I would never say violence is wrong in certain cases, but in this one its a little girl being encouraged by an adult to kick the shit of her cousin to prove her worth. People who go around like this in life always end up miserable or dead. Fighting in itself isn’t wrong, but fighting just to fight is the mark of an imbecile.

    • nobel peace prize

      Why lie to your own kids. Kids are cruel, the world is cruel, just think it as a street fight class with farmer as their coach. This is nothing compare to 4 London school girls attact a muslim girl and her muslim mother near Lewisham, the little girl was beat up and crying her mother was kicked and punched on the ground was holding one of her shoe to cover herself. Those London school girls can really throw some punches.

    • 老外

      As I said before: “There are MUCH better ways to teach children self-defense than to have their fucking lungs stomped on repeatedly.”

      And, “Children aren’t inherently like this… someone has to teach them.” You know why those children are cruel? Because of their parents or peers. It’s a learned behavior, period.

      The little kid isn’t a homosexual, he just doesn’t want to fight. I’m sorry you can’t realize that. Then again, blacks can’t ever raise their children correctly. It’s no wonder why there’s a disproportionate amount of black men in jail: shitty parents and a lack of education.

      Would you tell your daughter to beat the fucking shit out of your own nephew, and stomp his lungs out on the road until he’s crying and coughing? And then film it? Sorry, but only an uneducated 黑鬼子 would think that was a good idea. Like I said before, there are much better ways to teach a child self-defense.

      This is extremely retarded child abuse. And I’m not one of those politically-correct assholes who thinks that spanking children is wrong. I do believe they need to be spanked to be taught a lesson. However, encouraging them to pit fight against one another in a merciless manner? Extreme abuse. Like I said before… 黑鬼子们。

      • Irvin

        Not condoning or condemning the behaviors in the video, I think we all learned to adapt to survive, it just happened that pit fight was what these 2 children had to adapt to.

        Growing up in south america myself, I had to deal with alot of indians and blacks. All they ever talk about was “can you beat him?” “he’ll beat you up” “fight after school!!”. I can tell you, in the world of children it is just as cruel as the adult world if not more.

        While I hold no pleasure in physical violence, I had to partake in it to survive. Coming from a southern chinese family, my parents never teach me these survival skills. To be honest they were still living with a southern chinese mind set while clearly in a habitat much different from their own.

        As a results I get beat up, I get beat up ALOT. But we learn from our mistakes, our down fall and our pain. I’ve started to drink more milk, eat more, lift weights and learn how to throw a punch (relax the arm, throw it in the general direction of your target then contract as it reach its mark).

        It was painful and violent sure, but I’ve live through it. And so will these children. What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.

      • cb4242

        So now you are an expert on Black culture? You can generalize an entire population like that that. While you are partially correct with the disproportionate numbers, you need to know the fundamental reasons as to why that is, how it evolved and what’s driving it, but to say they are like that because of shitty parents and lack of education reflects that in “this” regard, you are uneducated.

      • Rosemon

        Hey dickhead…this doesnt even have anything to do with Black…or people….ALL children can be subject to unhealthy childhoods and upbringing…but your crack pot ass wants to make it a Black thing….I’ll say the same thing about Whites like you..You’re obviously a product of shitty parents….Shitty redneck hick parents….disapropriatenate white men in jail for molesting children…pedophilia….necrophillia….drug abusing…the list goes on….and lack of education. Blacks are light years ahead of your twisted distortion of reality.

      • MeiGuoGhost

        I totally agree 老外, heiguiren parents just keep making the situation worse. They don’t care about education, only that their son or daughter needs to be a pro athlete or rapper. More likely than not they come criminals.

        It’s sad really, they live longer in prisons than they do ‘on their own’, aka on welfare.

        • GodsHammer

          Are you really that stupid? The public behavior that I’ve seen from white and asian children when with their parents is far worse than what I’ve seen from black kids with their parents. Think about it… when last did you see a black kid throw a temper tantrum and strike his parents?
          Meiguo ghost knows nothing or is just being an obtuse asshat.

        • JustABlackWoman

          MeiGuoGhost You obviously know nothing except what youve seen from tv. Get a life, you arent black and know nothing about how black people are raised. And I can tell you firsthand the parents dont raise kids to be rappers and athletes thats just a two way round of retardation on your part to think so. The people that do that are kids that have dreams of fame and fortune but the parents are the ones that try to get them to advance more realistic careers.


          While I do agree with your initial statement, I dont see where you brought black people into this as it has nothing to do with the situation at hand. If anything its black people kids that are the ones that dont act out in public because they know theyll get the mess spanked out of them if they act up in public.

          Both of you guys need to shove it especially since you know nothing aside from what you see in the media.

          • Tom

            I agree,these guys are funny. I doubt they have every known any black person.

  • donscarletti

    I went to Renqiu about 9 months ago to install a server in some telecommunications building (the shiny green one with the Huabei Oil Company logo with the satellite dishes around it, though that could apply to at least two buildings there).
    People seemed a bit pugilistic, even the technicians at the data center were aggressive.

    Anyway, it’s a small town, finding the father will take netizens all of a day. You can confirm it is Renqiu because the number plates start with: 冀J, which is something anyone who’s been there would remember.

    • mankouzanghua

      that just means it’s hebei, no?

      • donscarletti

        The character represents the province (Hebei), the first letter to the left of the space represents the prefecture. 冀A is Shijiazhuang, 冀C is Qinhuangdao, I’m guessing 冀B is Tangshan or Baoding. Anyway, 冀J belongs to whatever prefecture Renqiu is part of.

        • mankouzanghua

          oh, thanks. I read the J as a bracket for some reason

        • Shanghairen

          Chinasmack translated 河北 as Hubei. Whoops.

  • Jones

    This is the best episode of Deadliest Warrior yet. Spike has outdone themselves.

    I knew the moment he started fleeing in circles that the moment she caught up with him, the slightest touch would send him sprawling across the ground, where he’d pretty much give up and start bleating. The executioner stomps, although I question their effectiveness with this female fighter, were a nice touch.

    I love the facial expression at the end from the victor. So much emotion. So much fervor. Warrior spirit is true in this one.

  • Confucius says

    Hua Mulan reincarnation right there.

    • Irvin

      Nope! it’s my mother in law.

  • Jess

    They girl is very strong, the boy is weak and needs to toughen up!

    Maybe the boy is getting bullied at school and the dad is teaching the boy to fight and stand up against these bullies.

    • mlgb

      Looks more like the boy is getting bullied at home.

    • Anonanon

      >They girl is very strong, the boy is weak and needs to toughen up!

      Fighting’s not for everyone. People are born diplomats.
      Can’t say the same for homos though. Hah.

      • ander

        Please tell us what you can say for homos. All of them.

  • jingyu

    that’s why we call some Chinese girl dinosaurs. You just can’t defeat them.

    • Yah.. it seems their only weakness is when they’re in the womb.

  • Kong

    When you want to excuse ethically reprehensible behavior, there’s nothing quite like boiling down “human nature” to all of a few black and white “realities”, and calling it training. Bull. Shit.

    Does China REALLY need another abusive woman who thinks she can do whatever she wants, and another introverted guy who spends his whole life glowering with rage at an inability to express himself? Right.

    There is nothing “defensive” about this video. It is about encouraging the development of ZERO degrees empathy in a little girl, who will hate other people for their ability to empathize, and see physical violence as an acceptable outlet. It is about encouraging resentment and the perpetual feeling of inadequacy and self-loathing in a little boy.

    There is no instruction of control or reason. It is the pure cultivation of physically expressing hate and violence. This “father” is pure Sith.

    • Irvin

      Welcome to the dark side.

    • Boris

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Posts justifying the behaviour are almost as disgusting as the incident itself.

  • Irvin

    The first rule of fight club is: you do NOT talk about fight club
    The second rule of fight club is: you do NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!!!

  • Jones
  • Jess

    Is the boy bigger than the girl?

  • Bu yao

    Shameful, no education or class. This man should be jailed and the children placed with someone else

  • Joe

    It’s true. Chinese women are more aggressive than the men. That’s why they had bound feet in the past… to keep them in their place.

  • Chef Rocco

    Interesting training. It reminds me of similar way of parenting when I was in Russia, I saw a Russian mother let her boy drank very hot water just boiled in a kettle when he kept asking, saying he would never had learnt a lesson if he haven’t drunk it. I believe the boy did learn his lesson hard given he was burnt so badly that he screamed.

    Not I completely agree with these tough parents, but I understand where their ideas of parenting come from: if you cover your kid’s ass too much, they may be hurt much more badly once his/her ass is exposed to jungle-like real world.

  • Peye

    I can just see her at 20 being such a sweet and innocent looking babe trying to charm Mr. Right.

  • This dad is an idiot… reminds me of an incident back in my childhood neighborhood – where a dad was trying to teach his kid to hit other kids with a plastic whiffleball bat. The dad thought it was funny – until his kid picked up a wooden baseball bat and took a hard swing… {pause} … suffice there was way too much fallout from that day, for way too many people.

    As for this father… he will consider himself lucky if his son does not outright abandon him when he reaches an old age. As for the niece – as some have already said, she is going to attack the wrong boy or girl, and hopefully come out of it with a few missing teeth.

  • KK

    this is called child abuse. the man should be taken away and locked up in jail. if this is how he raises his children, just imagine how the children will grow up to be. that man is really a cunt!

  • nn

    fei chang wu yu. Even I beat boys when i was young, my parents never encourage me to do so. A child doesn’t have ability to judge what is right, all depends on their feeling. Anyway, they should have their own way to figure out, parents shouldn’t step in.

    • bomber

      You’ve contradicted yourself, here. If children don’t know right from wrong, then clearly they could use some guidance from a parent or another adult. They should NOT find their own way to figure it out, especially if that way relies on violence – that is the point the being a parent – teaching your children right from wrong!

  • Song of the Article

    Battle without Honor or Humanity
    – Tomoyasu Hotei


    • [email protected]

      Or how about –

      “Counting bodies like sheep”

      by ‘A Perfect Circle’

      • Jones

        “Pet” was better.

        I’m thinking Marilyn Manson’s “Fight Song”.

  • nereis

    This is disgusting. Full stop. Teaching your children how to defend themselves is not the same as encouraging a culture of violence.

  • Li RuiKe

    People who exploit fighting cocks or dogs are criminals. People who do this with children are despicable criminals.
    Treating children this way has nothing to do with education or training. It’s pure exploitation of the basest instincts. To do it to animals for entertainment is cruel. To do it to children is utterly depraved.
    Children need to be raised so as to treat every other person with respect and kindness. Children need to be trained to be patient and to use self-control. Children need to be nurtured in a way that encourages them to be compassionate and generous. These are the basic rules of civilization.
    There are already many negative influences in the world. For example, some people spend so many hours playing highly realistic human-on-human violence computer games that they can get confused about how to treat people in real life. Children and youth need proper role models (good parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers and civil servants) to help others to see the right way to behave in a peace-loving, pleasant society. And they need to see that cruel and selfish people are justly punished.
    This is my hope for China and every other country.

    • [email protected]

      My brother, you are awesome. I completely and utterly agree!

    • bomber

      Dude, I agreed with you up until the video games part. There is no empirical evidence that concretely ties violent video game usage to crime.

      This is the old argument that Rock and Roll drives children into the devil’s arms.

      That being said, I completely agree with your point before then. This man is training his daughter and nephew to rely on their basest and most animal instincts to solve their problems. Totally governed by emotions… Like a dog, or wild pig… sick.

  • [email protected]

    wtf did I just watch?

    Using words like appalling and disgusting seems trite here.

    This dad is trying to make his kids tough, but he is laughing his arse off while doing it!

    How about wait until your kids are picked on at school then help them to be tougher.
    Training them to become thugs is far from useful in this world.

    The boy is obviously smaller and weaker and has lost, but Dad seems fine to see his own son wailed on, stomped on, punched, kicked, slapped and scratched like it is some rite of passage that must be undertaken?!

    Camera in hand, Dad films, jests, goads and demeans.

    The little girl looks disgusted, yet also fed-up and frustrated, probably she takes her anger out on this weaker child because it is easy for her, as apposed to those times when this man’s brother/sister beats her for making a mistake.

    This kind of horrendous child-rearing makes me cringe and hurt.


    the story continued as it were..
    A police man showed up and stood next to the man, smoking and jesting, the Dad still seemingly indifferent to, and uncaring of his own boy’s pain instead had a nice old time with the policeman and the second round of fighting began.
    This time resulting in the boys wrist being broken and a trip to a rural hospital being made.
    Many years later the boy would graduate to beating his wife regularly and finally killing his entire family and then himself.
    Dad sat toothless at home smoking with his friends and drinking REEB beer when the news came. Witnesses say the Dad was indifferent and lit another ‘double happiness’.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      My best guess is the Dad is clearly sadistic as hell. He is also passing this legacy on to both of the children. Sad.

    • ander

      Surely this is a form of child abuse. Does anyone know what the father could be charged with, either here in China or in other countries?

  • Rod

    Yes. I remember one time my mom finally gave up after years of my brother and I fighting. She said, “Go ahead, fight. I don’t care”.

    Boy, that was the day. In one swift move I knocked my younger brother on the ground, (knocking the wind out of him). And that was the end.

    I shall never forget that day of triumph.

  • GodsHammer

    The idea that the father/uncle has here is correct…but the manner it is done in is wrong. I realize that the children are 2 small to really hurt one another but the mental part of bare fisted fighting is the damaging part. small boxing gloves or even some woolen mittens would make that into a training session. ;)

  • Capt. WED

    This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all week. Wish I was younger than 5th grade so I can either get my ass beat the shit out of or beat the shit out someone, all with low chance of killing the other person.

  • There is something wrong with the chinese race. They have no religion or values (except money) and they think they make up for this by their outdated inhumane “culture.” They are the scum of the earth, all taught the same thing by their socialist government. I have lived in china for the past 15 years exploited these morons working for 5 dollars a day. I have traveled the world and these are the most ignorant group of people I have came across. There are so many jingoisms in china it’s unbeliveable. If you are chinese, you may be a nice person, but remember, you have no common sense; critical thinking is not a chinese trait. The only good thing about these idiots is if you can give them rice they will work 14 hour days however they will look for any and every way to cheat you. Instead of buying a lawn mower in china, the city will hire 100 chinamen to cut the grass with scissors because all of those lives aren’t worth the gas it takes to put inside the lawnmower. Summary- do not be proud to be chinese. Unless you believe that ignorance is bliss.

    • Tom

      What an insulting bastard you are. 15 years in china and all you’ve learned is how to be haughty. You use their labor (supposedly) yet trash their culture as if you are some great teacher of life….pleases. You are not worthy to teach any one. You have not learned Jack my man, if you had you would not be so quick to insult them. Even if their is truth to what your saying why blast the out like that?… You are an Ass.

  • Leo

    Well, with so many accounts of public girl beatings as seen here on Chinasmack, perhaps he’s simply trying to teach his little girl how to defend herself in the future? At the hands of her husband she’ll most likely get her comeuppance so let her indulge herself while she can!

  • ReAl-SoUlJa

    i wanna fight the dad and *uck him up in front of his own kids. then imma tell his kids …” don’t be like your dad or you will end looking like this”

    • James

      oh my gosh!Ouch!

  • Cool Matt

    Meanwhile Japanese kids are doing this…

    • KopyKatKiller

      Better kids there, however I thought the crying baby girl, I mean boy, getting his ass handed to him was less annoying to watch ;)

  • guobao2

    “Both are hurt, it’s okay, this is exactly how Daddy was trained when he was small… not fighting is not an option, must fight every time, one must be made honest through fighting.”

    I guess he would have been perfectly OK with me kicking his teeth out then.

  • Frog

    I used to live next to a lady who fought all the time – sometimes physically sometimes verbally. Every interaction was a fight – you could not discuss anything, you could not negotiate with her. you couldn’t even have a difference of opinion – everything resulted in a fight. She thought she was strong, standing up for herself, taking no shit from anyone – that’s how she saw herself. But she was one of life’s losers – menial job, bad relationships. simply unable to see that not everything needed to be fought over. It’s a sad future for the daughter in the video.

  • Kelly

    i will do the same thing because children need to grow up by themselves!

  • Simon


  • I have no idea what to think about this.

    I mean, some people say the dad is teaching her to be a strong woman (in the future). Others say this is a terrible way to educate. I have no idea who is right!

    Which worries me, because if I ever have kids (god forbid) I will have no idea how to raise them. Probably time to recruit a Tiger Mom…

  • KopyKatKiller

    Wow. even from a young age Chinese men fight like semi-retarded sheep! 5 years old and screaming like a 5 month old… terrible. When I was that age any kid crying and screaming like that or beaten up by a girl would be an outcast.

    One question though, why would an adult not only encourage this but record it and upload it as well.

  • Just me

    Disgusting let children be children don’t promote hate and violence its nasty.

    Leave the kids alone of course there crying this isn’t Natural there crying because there not adults and making them fight like this does nothing but make them hate each other.

    The person doing this should be publicly shamed and thrown in prison children are our future is this how you want the future to be aggressive adults who learn that fighting is the right way to sort things out stupid just stupid.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    The father of that girl sent both of those a kids a love letter — he fucked them for life. They will never forget this, especially since it’s on the net and I’m sure that they’ll eventually run into it. This is nothing more than child abuse, plain and simple. Anyhow, I’m a pretty good fighter and in my nine years here, I’ve been in seven or eight fights, including a cop that I seriously re-arranged. It’s been some time since my last one, and I would have *loved* to put this cocksucker on the ground — one extremely hard, open-handed punch right to the face. Goodbye teeth, a split open nose and invisible eyes for a couple of weeks… Hell, the damage to kids was already done, so what the heck… It may have even given the kids a better perspective on how to deal with assholes, I guess.

  • Inst

    Why were they fighting anyways?

    There’s a difference between truculent and being afraid of violence, and the latter is a major vice.

    The boy needs to be beaten up a few times so he’s not afraid of getting beaten up, but I worry more about the girl.

  • Cleo

    I have to say that is the first time I have ever seen a Chinese with the same eyes as a Japanese woodblock illustration (ukiyo-e) as in this one:

    Obviously, I have seen Chinese people with squinty eyes like Sandy Lam but this is the first time I have seen those woodblock eyes on a nonJapanese. I am referring to the last photo before the Netease comments.

  • Fighting is illegal. The father needs to go to jail for teaching children to engage in behavior which can get their child a felony conviction for assault when they are older. Parents should teach their children to respect the law.

    Fighting is for defense only when you have no option but to fight.

  • 胡猛勇


  • Seriously?

    And the bad parenting award goes to…

    • sebastian

      If you wanna know the future of China! this is it, uncivilised and uneducated parents is the cause of this! in China i have often seen young kids argueing and scolding their parents in public places and worst of all, the parents find them very funny and laugh along. In a nation like China, people are only concerned about how to make money and more money! and many would go all the way out to cheat and harm people! Chinese people need to have more compassion and love and perhaps turn themselves towards spirituality to find the answer to being humane!

  • Lily

    Why the hell does it matter if the boy was not acting “man” enough. He was just a child, plus the girl had her father backing her up.

    He didn’t want to fight anymore, so he stopped. how the hell is that wrong?

  • Tom Brown

    Am I the only one who actually laughing and think that this is cute?

  • kodi

    There is only one result for that girl if she continues to think she can hit guys. She will undoubtedly become the victim of domestic violence if she isn’t already getting beaten daily by her parents. Teach kids to protect themselves and not be wimps, but not pitting them against each other like wild animals. That man should be slapped around a bit to see how he likes it.

  • Shari

    What the fuck is wrong with people today. Why would u encourage any kids to learn violence is ok. Well its not and thats whats wrong with the world toady. People that hurt or allow people to do these things r very sick and need help. Get the help u need or dont have kiids.

  • bruce lee roy

    young chun li vs young ryu!!

  • Ray

    Pussy boy needs to toughen up.

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