“Chinese Dead Sea” Crowded with Visitors Escaping Summer Heat

A crowd of Chinese visitors at China Dead Sea.

A crowd of Chinese visitors at China Dead Sea.

From NetEase:

High temperatures persist in Sichuan, over tens thousands visitors overcrowd “China’s Dead Sea”

August 14th, a large amount of visitors enjoying the refreshing water during the summer heat in the indoor floating pool of China’s Dead Sea located in Daying County. Since the beginning of summer, China’s Dead Sea has welcomed nearly a million visitors to escape the summer heat. [click to enlarge]

Hundreds and thousands of visitors to China's Dead Sea.

Crowds of Chinese visit China's Dead Sea.

Chinese escaping the summer heat in the "Chinese Dead Sea".

A Chinese lifeguard watches over crowds of visitors enjoying the Chinese Dead Sea.

Like the famous Dead Sea in the Middle East, the “Chinese Dead Sea” or “China’s Dead Sea” is a salt lake that has many times more salinity than the ocean.

Comments from NetEase:

尼姑村牛村长 [网易广西防城港市网友]:

This is a good thing so many men wish for but don’t get. The more crowded the better. I bet a lot of women were molested for free, and some tarts were even very happily so!

火柴o女孩 [网易江西省九江市网友]:

Fuck, be careful of becoming pregnant from being crowded, you won’t know who the child’s father is!

圣o仙芙 [网易云南省昆明市网友]:

Feels like our entire lives is like this: A crowded, numb, mutually amusing, self-deceiving illusion, purely a masochistic activity! “Dead Sea”, this name is truly appropriate!!

网易北京市网友 [beichuan09]: (responding to 尼姑村牛村长)

First and second commenters [above], I really want to whip/slap you guys.

天朝威武万岁 [网易陕西省西安市网友]: (responding to above)

Yeah, I think so too.


With this many people, will some people be made pregnant from the crowding?

九龙扫黄组邓队长 [网易香港网友]:

A woman holding a baby went to see the doctor. The male doctor took a look at the baby and then felt the woman’s breasts. The male doctor said: “Not enough milk, the baby is malnourished!” The woman angrily responded: “You don’t TMD first ask before feeling? I’m the child’s aunt!!”


Isn’t it a dead sea??? Is wearing a condom still necessary???

月君怡然 [网易江苏省网友]:

This many people don’t have to work? This is way too leisurely…

kkkkkkiiiiillll [网易日本网友]:

How convenient for those dirty molesters.

Avoid the crowds. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Raggamuffin

    It’s an indoor salt lake?

    • Bouz

      yeah i don’t get it either.

    • I think the sheer amount of urine must give it the salt.

      • Adjutant

        That’s what I was thinking. The water does have a yellowish tint.

      • mx

        yep yep. totally natural salt lake.. didn’t add anything

    • Stu

      The salt bit of it is actually a really small pool to the side. The part in the photos is just a giant swimming pool.

    • Mansu Musa

      It’s a natural salt lake, but they built a wall around it to prevent freeloaders to get in. So it is now an indoor salt lake.

      • Just John

        Reporter: So, how do you deal with natural resources?
        Government: We strive to make sure they are protected by enclosing them in a wall and charging you to enjoy them.

        Reporter: Why would you want to stop the public from freely enjoying natural resources?
        Government: You have not yet seen the great wall? It was not to stop invading armies, but to stop the other countries men from freely enjoying our women. We built a toll booth in it and collected the fees depending on how many women they wanted to collect.

        Reporter: Given the pollution problems seen in China, I find it hard to believe that this is to protect natural resources. It seems more like a way to exploit people.
        Government: Well, since this is not an evil democratic system, then all natural resources are owned by the government. Since it is ours, we believe that if others want to enjoy it, they must do just like consumer enterprises, pay us to use the service. For the pollution problem, we also have a way to deal with that. Later this year you will see our new “air bubble” campaign put in place.

        Reporter: So, you are saying that now people must pay you to be able to breath clean air?
        Government: Who said anything about clean?

  • Jonston

    That’s interesting and all but I’m waiting on Hoyas v. Rockets.

    • mr. wiener

      amen to that brother, I can’t wait to see the chinese netizens take on that one!

    • CHNinUSA

      Wish to read about post on Hoyas v. Rockets! Actually, there was a great news/post on 163.com, but the news are deleted, sigh

      • When I check yesterday, there was not a lot of internet discussion. Youku had one video and there were some comments on Sina Weibo (foreign news already report those) but I think discussion of the incident has been controlled so there is nothing really interesting to report. The general feeling among Chinese netizens in these kind of situation is that it is embarrassing for China and Chinese people when these sports fight happen between Chinese team and foreign guest team.


        • nobel peace prize

          Chinese netizens felt embarrassed because this kind of thing has never happened anywhere else on the earth and Chinese netizens won’t feel embarrassed if the two teams start ‘harmony’ each other instead of fighting.

          • anon

            No, that’s pretty much bullshit when even Western news reports feel compelled to acknowledge that brawls are a common occurrence in sports.

            Chinese netizens feel embarrassed because everyone ought to feel embarrassed when their own beat up on guests in their country.

        • TAKE5

          I first saw this story in yahoo and finally on the news last night, but i don’t think it’s going to get much attention in usa. Both teams are young men playing an aggressive sport, but the pro china team should have keep their cool. The uniformed guards had no clue, the crowd was throwing water bottles at the college team with no interference from the guards. China guards must have little practice with crowd control at a sporting event.

        • TAKE5

          ANON, maybe the next game will have a different out come.
          I lifted this from msnbc web site.

          “While the Hoyas were originally scheduled to play the Rockets again on Sunday in Shanghai, that match was canceled prior to Thursday’s fight. Instead, Georgetown will face the Liaoning Dinosaurs.”

      • pervertt

        Go the censors. If that game was meant to be a friendly match, I hate to think how the Bayi Rockets would play in a game with more competitive spirit.

    • ralphrepo

      I’m hearing there’s been a general news blackout, but some blogs had been talking about it.

    • mp

      The black thug monkeys got what they deserved. Go China!

      • cb4242

        I see, so even though it was the Chinese that initially started the ruckus, you want to call the Blacks thugs, I think you got it backwards, but the Blacks were certainly NOT the thugs, but nice try.

        • mp

          You are right. Damned those yellow thug canaries. They got what they deserved. Go Africa.

          • cb4242

            Of course, I am right. The Chinese started it, they acted like indolent children. Anyone that can gang up on someone 5 to 1 deserves a serious beat down. If they do one on one, I don’t have a problem with that, but these guys tried to be as professional as they could and if someone tried to jump me, beat you what, they would have a fight coming for sure….cowards. Has nothing to do with race and EVERYTHING to do with character and class, which these guys definitely don’t have.

          • cb4242

            Of course, I am right and you are forgiven, everyone makes mistakes. The Chinese started it, they acted like indolent children. Anyone that can gang up on someone 5 to 1 deserves a serious beat down. If they do one on one, I don’t have a problem with that, but these guys tried to be as professional as they could and if someone tried to jump me, beat you what, they would have a fight coming for sure….cowards. Has nothing to do with race and EVERYTHING to do with character and class, which these guys definitely don’t have.

        • Chad

          Uh the Georgetown player threw the first punch so how did “China” start it?

          • cb4242

            That’s not true. Actually, I work in television in the states and there is about a minute or so when you see one of the chinese guys aggressively elbowing and pushing one of the Georgetown guys, this is what was the beginning of the mayhem. So of course, the guy had every right to defend himself, who cares about color, but the Chinese were wrong in this from the start and even after, throwing bottles and other crap, unbelievable, absolutely no class or sportsmanship whatsoever!

          • cb4242

            From the video and from two correspondent bloggers from our network that were there, this is what happened: It sounds like some aggressive play, combined with some one-sided officiating, at least according to this account from a Georgetown fan message board:
            Two minutes into the fourth, they were pressing full court, trapped one of our guards and then must have pushed or punched him on the ground after he made the outlet pass, because then there was a shoving match and then a bit of a fight, and then the whole thing set off. He tried to get away as quickly as possible as the Chinese players sort of converged on him, and then benches cleared, and then people on the Chinese bench started picking up chairs. Everyone on the other side of the court started fighting as well. Brawl spread all over the court, and then off the court. After it kicked off it immediately became possible for the crowd to get involved, and then they did. As we tried to get the team off the court, bottles (plastic ones, thankfully) came out of the crowd at the team and everyone left. Security was there (if you want to call them that), but it was more equivalent to mall cop-quality security rather than actual security. The Georgetown staff wanted the security to get on the floor, but honestly these guys didn’t have a clue what to do. They escorted the whole alumni contingent out fairly quickly after that. Game over, 64-64 (following another intentional foul).

      • darkandlovelykissedbythe
  • Kelly


    • Stu

      This ain’t Chongqing, friend. This be Sichuan turf, so you best be moseyin’ on, y’hear?

      • Stu

        Actually, speaking of Sichuan… as some of these photos confirm, when Chinese people (not just Sichuan ones!) tell you that Sichuan girls are the best looking in the country… they’re really not wrong.

        • Choonage

          I notice Sichuan girls have bigger boobage. Other than that their faces are not better than the Chinese average, amirite?

          • Stu

            Youarewrong. They generally have perfect skin, and that makes quite a difference.

          • Just John


            You are qualified to make this call based on…what?

            Please cite your sources, or else admit that your opinion is based on your personal experience, since apperently “heiswrong”.

  • hanyucha

    Assuming that at least ten percent of the men in the pool are going to piss in the water, then you can easily assume that at least ninety percent of the water is urine. That’s not to mention snot, bloody bandaids, loogies, etc.

    p.s. Number one didn’t call sofa, so it’s mine!

    • Dave in Macau

      No. No it’s not.


    Looking at those pictures, it’s so disgusting.


    so many pervert minds here, doing comments and pretending being People with high standards. But all they want is fuck, because in real life they are to afraid to do what they really think.


    great Photo, should hang in a gallery

  • Ted

    Chinese don’t seem to mind their disgusting public toilets, so I see why swimming in piss might not bother them either.

  • I’ve been to the real Dead Sea and you definitely don’t want to do any splashing in their as the salt really burns if gets in your eyes or on your lips. And you definitely don’t need any flotation device because the high density of the water. But this looks like some sort of swimming pool?

  • hoots

    I want to know how many dead bodies they pull out of there everyday. Prolly why kids tickets are buy one get one free. See which little buddy survives!

  • Richard

    I wonder where are the washrooms…

    • hoots

      this is the washroom.

  • Song of the Article

    Swimming Pool

    • Tengu

      Nicely done sir!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris N.

    that second picture in the article looks shopped. i can tell from some of the pixels

    • Nikolodian

      and you’ve seen a lot of shops in your day too right

  • N'[co Low

    Stupid Arse hole,,,, who said women swimming in the same pool gets pregnant,,,, MORON!!! u don’t know how to type ‘google’ or Baidu when u post your comment,,,,

    • Just John

      I think this comment was directed at the fact that there could be some guy touching women in unacceptable ways, but because of the mass press of bodies, even if she could identify the nature of the violation, and not just assume that it was accident, then identifying the perpetrator would be difficult to impossible.

      I think it also insinuates the concept that women running around in sexy swimsuits might arouse the men, and possibly hints that some of the men may take out their unit and masturbate to some sexy, young woman’s figure, cumming in the water, which might therefore impregnate some woman because the water is also going into her neither regions.

      Of course, it is highly doubtful that a woman can get pregnant this way, unless the guy actually came on her neither region or actually violated her completely and came in her, since certain environments are required for sperm to survive, but since I am not a doctor, I cannot be absolutely certain of this fact.

      It brings to mind all the Japanese AV movies where the woman is on the train and gets groped.

      • Tengu

        No pregnancy, almost impossible.

        Sexual assault is common on Japanese commuter trains have white-gloved handlers who push everyone in so they can close the doors.

        Groping is pretty common, masturbation onto female passengers and even incidences of rape.

        The French have a word for it…’frotteur” someone who gropes and rubs up against people on the trains.

        If this whole “close proximity life saver festival” happened in the US, some of the kids would be missing and let your imagination go wild with what else would happen.

        • bjkid

          i don’t know. judging from the pics it looks like it could be more crowded than on an average japanese train. also people on trains probably wear more and are less excited. during all the excitement it could just fall in… over and over again

  • KopyKatKiller

    Do they know how retarded they look with those blow up life rings? Afraid of water: This s not the only similarity to the “Planet of the Apes” I’ve come across here…

  • BaoBei

    Can someone explain these pregnancy from being overcrowded comments?? I don’t get…

    Also, what’s the point of having the lifeguard there? If someone was drowning somewhere under all those people, no way you you would be able to see them or even get to them.

    @Fauna: Where’s Hoyas vs. Rockets?

    • camlost

      You see, if you are wearing a swimsuit and you bump into a girl wearing a swimsuit there’s a chance she might get pregnant. That’s what happened to my girlfriend while I was away at school.

      • Tengu

        Exact same thing happened to a friend of mine. He went away, told me to “keep an eye on here.”. I did. She and I went to dinner a few times. I tried my best to be ever vigilant, but I let him down. Must have happened in the ladies room somewhere…or during three way we had with his sister. I tried to watch them both.

        The water is “emerald green”, what happens when we mix yellow liquid and blue liquid boys and girls?

        I think the “flotation devices” seem to be more for territorial display than anything else.

      • It is a joke to mean that with so many people crowded and squeezed together that you may be sexually violated without your knowledge and without knowing who is the man.

        • Wade

          which is, of course, the best way to sexually violate someone

  • diverdude

    Overpopulation. Homo Sapien’s doom.

  • MadeInChina

    Looks like a bowl of fruit loops i had the other day.

  • Epitope

    I’d rather spend my vacations in an air-conditioned cubicle, than “swimming” in that overcrowded pool.

  • k

    Ewww.that many bodies sharing the same water…..ewwww.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Looks like a fcking bowl of fruitloops. This is a pure example of the fact that Chinese people need to stop fcking and having kids for at least 2 years.

  • Gary

    Is that last picture General Tso reviewing his troops?

  • Misia

    In short:

    1) Those pictures look spectacular. Spec-ta-cu-lar. Really, like a human bowl of Fruity Loops. Totally deserving to be hung in a gallery.

    2) As I write I keep telling myself they must be shopped just to cope with the envy of not being there. “Eeww” my ass.

    3) On top of that, I only could spot two or three ugly-to-average looking girls. All the others look great. I’m overwhelmed.

    • Just John

      Sadly, I am not one for public water sports.

      Think about how many people just pee right there without properly getting out, going to the restroom, then showering before getting back in the pool.

      I think it is that fact that people Eeww over.

  • Brett Hunan

    As if this doesn’t happen in every other lake, ocean, pool, bus, restaurant, and trainstation across the Heavenly Kingdom.

  • Foreign Devil

    Probably many people developed skin rashes and infections. ear infections and influenza after swimming in that soup of human bacteria. There is a waterpark in Beijing that I went to that gets pretty crowded as well. . but there is eye candy to be seen.

  • Jess

    Looks like only 1 lifeguard?

    • Brett Hunan

      Actually it is just a cardboard cutout of a lifeguard. Kinda like Pam Anderson in the convenience store. No need to worry, they have tubes!

  • Dr. Dust Cell

    >A woman holding a baby went to see the doctor. The male doctor took a look at the baby and then felt the woman’s breasts. The male doctor said: “Not enough milk, the baby is malnourished!” The woman angrily responded: “You don’t TMD first ask before feeling? I’m the child’s aunt!!”

    I just spilled tea back into the teapot..

  • Koreansentry

    lmao, this is China. It’s pool full of chinese

  • Peye

    Hard to picture what would happen if someone be ahouting: SHARKs

  • Bokamba

    Actually, the Hoyas-Bayi fight made the front page of The Washington Post, with a big picture above the fold!

  • Ray

    Life guard: “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!”

  • Rick in China

    I went out there at the start of summer – there was nowhere near that many people, it was a weekend also..and hot.

    Much more chill. Actually, it’s not a bad place to hang out, but when it’s that busy as shown below…holy shit, absolutely NOT interested. People here freely pee in pools without shame. If I see even just a couple toddlers swimming about in a pool I’ll pass. I wonder if the outdoors area was crowded though – the dead sea has a pretty big outdoor area as well as this wave pool. Most probably afraid of the sun, and rather cram into a pee-fest though.

    • Wade

      …implying that people dont freely pee in pools elsewhere without shame

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Maybe in a few days we’ll hear about some mysterious skin disease in Sichuan… That’s a lot of piss in there. Damn!

  • justmega

    Looks like the inside of a roach motel.
    Look at all those cockroaches.

  • Anon

    Do they have a low density version?

  • Brett of Oz

    Renmin Tang! Wouldn’t be to everybody’s taste.

  • Dan Danger

    How can anyone possibly conceive of this as fun? You would simply have to be retarded to get into this water and flop around and laugh like it is a good time. Everyone in this pool is a goof ball.

  • AshLikeSnow

    I have a feeling that this pool is breaking maximum capacity – fire safety laws.

    I mean.. if there’s a fire.. than i imagine it’ll take more than a few hours to evacuate anyone….

    Though I can’t see the roofing, and considering that they are all in one giant pool: fire safety might be a non-issue

  • Hahaha. Maybe they should build another water park.

  • anon101

    green water in an indoor swimming pool??
    Im guessing there is so much pi$$ in there that it would be better to wash in the sewers. just looking at the green water doesn’t fill me with confidence.