Chinese Delivery Men Catch Toddler Who Fell Off Building

A group of Chinese delivery men collectively catch a little toddler girl after she fell from her 4th floor home.

A group of Chinese delivery men collectively catch a little toddler girl after she fell from her 4th floor home.

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On Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: On-scene video: Little Girl Falls from 4th Floor, 5 Delivery Guys Catch Her! [威武] Yesterday morning at around 11am, when 2.5-year-old female toddler Qiqi fell from the 4th floor apartment rented by her parents on Taoyuan Street next to Shuiyang village in Ninghai county of Zhejiang province, what was fortunate was that there were 5 “delivery guys” below who simultaneously reached out to catch her, with her coming out of it safe and sound. Each and every one of the 5 “delivery guys” who helped suffered injuries to their arms. Such awesome delivery guys! [赞] Positive energy, forward/reshare this [话筒]

A group of Chinese delivery men collectively catch a little toddler girl after she fell from her 4th floor home.

The above video has, at time of translation, already been viewed over 1 million times after being uploaded just a few hours ago on Sina. Another copy of the video uploaded earlier on popular video sharing website Youku currently has over 700k views.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Is this a publicity stunt? [挖鼻屎]


The two in the back didn’t extend their arms to help so how did they get hurt? I pay my respects to the 6 true men in the front.


The most beautiful delivery guys, well-done!


There is always this problem of guardians/caretakers being negligent. There’s a mother in my neighborhood who always goes out around noon when her child is sleeping. Just yesterday I was reminding her to be careful of her child waking up in the middle [of her being out] because without someone there, something bad could happen. Why leave a child who can already move around but isn’t aware of the dangers alone at home? The safety awareness of parents is really important. [哼]


Well-done, young people! The guardian needs to pay attention to being a guardian!


Which express delivery company? I’ll use them in the future! [偷笑][鼓掌]


Thank you to these handsome men who rendered timely help! [赞]


Good things will come to good people.


Clothes look like their Shun Feng, well-done.


Why is this kind of thing always happening? The parents are too irresponsible. [怒]


Parcel delivery is at present one of the few honorable occupations left in China that rely on one’s own labor to make a living.


Fuckers, what were the father and mother doing?!


Full of positive energy, though those who have children should really be careful.


One of them injured his arm, another injured his neck, but hopefully they’ll be fine.


It’s rare to see that there are still good people in China. The good people are all those ordinary common people at the bottom levels of society that rich people look down upon. Many times, the vanity that society gives muddles you, making you forget that in the face of death, everyone is equal.


If it were five government leaders, then it wouldn’t have been like this.


What’s up with the child’s family members?! This kind of incident where a child falls from a building has happened over and over again. The guardians better reflect upon themselves.

Other reports say there were 6 delivery men and the little girl feel from the 5th floor instead of 4th floor. Most of the tens of thousands of comments praise the delivery men and give them thumbs up.

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