Chinese Driver Hits 12 Cars To Escape Police Checkpoint

A car smashes into 12 other vehicles to escape a police roadside inspection before speeding off, while netizens conjecture who was inside.

From Youku:

Driver Escaping Roadside Police Inspection Wildly Crashes Into 12 Cars

As exposed by internet user “JEEPNJ”, on 2012 April 3rd around 3pm in the afternoon, on Nanjing’s Gaochun Road, in order to escape inspection, a driver in a black Buick Excelle staged a mad charade, smashing into 12 cars before fleeing the scene. Currently, police are still investigating. This is the above-mentioned user’s dash-cam recording of the incident.

The incident and video closely mirrors an incident that occurred in Guangdong in January, where a driver similarly smashed into a multitude of stopped vehicles in a frantic effort to evade roadside police inspection due to having illegal plates. It is currently unknown why the driver in Nanjing was so desperate to avoid inspection.

Comments from Youku:


This dude is drunk.


Probably an escaped criminal.


Probably drugs inside…


Probably a beautiful woman inside.


His life is over…


Bumper car driver’s license??????


I just want to say to this brother I admire you, helping me understand the meaning of the chengyu: ‘the path exhausted, the end of the road.’


Everybody don’t panic, this is just filming a movie, and from and expert perspective, quite amateurish.


This driver should drive a tank.


If there was a Rolls-Royce or similar parked nearby, I bet he wouldn’t dare hit them!


Probably drank Sanlu.


This driver probably had the shit beat out of him by the crowd in the end!!!


If this was in America he would’ve been immediately shot dead.


Just use two cars to block him in and it’ll be over.

r532448270 (responding to above):

[Would you] use your car to block him? It would be smashed and you’d get nothing for it.


At 27 seconds a dog gets out of the car.

mk304590809 (responding to above):

That’s a rabbit.

不用看名字有多长 (responding to above):

Obviously it’s a tortoise.

圆和清寂 (responding to above):

Jeez, it’s obviously a wolf!

灵巧公社 (responding to above):

Fuck, do you all have dog eyes? That’s an inflatable doll.

丧尽1天良 (responding to above):

Fuck, that’s obviously an elephant!

扭У扭 (responding to above):

I’m sure that’s Obama.

asd658529260 (responding to above):

Actually it’s an alien organism, but I couldn’t get a clear enough view to determine the exact species.

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