Chinese Drug Addicts Living Under Shenzhen Overpass

A Chinese woman injects herself in the thigh with drugs under a Shenzhen overpass.

A Chinese woman injects herself in the thigh with drugs under a Shenzhen overpass.

From Mop:

Ruined lives: Male and female drug users living in a group under overpass

The woman ate an apple sitting on the ground, and then took a needle, got on her knees, pulled down her pants, and then injected the needle into the inside of her thigh.

Chinese drug addicts gathered under an overpass in Shenzhen.

Underneath the Chunfeng overpass on on Chunfeng Road in Luohu district of Shenzhen. A sanitation worker who claims to work nearby says that this place became a place for drug addicts about seven or eight years ago. The number of people fluctuated, but they would all use drugs here, without hiding even in broad daylight. This sanitation worker says he used to be responsible for maintaining the park and could clean out dozens of needles in a day. Photo is of drug users gathered underneath the overpass.

Chinese drug users gathered under an overpass in Shenzhen, China.

The male and female drug users underneath the overpass come and go all day long. Several women used to prostitute themselves under the overpass, specifically targeting old men, providing sexual services in the greenery, taking the money after they are finished to go and buy drugs, bringing the drugs back to smoke/inhale or inject. Photo is of drug users gathered underneath the overpass.

A Chinese drug addict lighting a cigarette while a drug needle sticks out of his inner thigh.

A drug addict injecting himself.

A Chinese woman lies on the ground high on drugs.

A drug addict on the verge of death. Needles and tissue paper stained with blood can be seen nearby.

Shenzhen police clearing out the drug users from their home under the overpass.

The presence of these people under the overpass have brought a lot of hidden dangers to the security of the surrounding area. Several residents of the nearby Luohu Xincun residential community say that because of these male and female drug users living under the overpass, incidents of robbery there have often occurred there. Photo is of Shenzhen police arriving to deal with this drug user gathering spot.

Shenzhen police clearing out the drug users from their home underneath the overpass.

Shenzhen security personnel coming to deal with this drug user gathering spot. A construction worker says he can see these drug addicts injecting themselves almost every day, never once concerned that there are curious onlookers.

A Chinese woman and drug addict hunched over leaning on a walking stick as Shenzhen police drive them out from their home under the overpass.

Shenzhen police coming to deal with this drug user gathering spot. According to a nearby on-duty peace officer, these drug addicts have been under the overpass for a long time, have been impossible to get rid of, nor does he know where their drugs come from. Though the public security authorities often make sweeps of the area under the overpass and clear out these people, they soon return.

A Chinese woman and drug addict walking with a stoop after Shenzhen police drove her and other drug users out from under an overpass that was a popular gathering place for drug addicts.

This long-term female drug addict can only walk with a stoop. These photographs were taken 2006 April, and photographer Chen Yihuai released the high-resolution photos on 2011 August 2nd.

Comments from Mop:

颗粒颗粒 粑粑变:

The government is also just gawking, [after all] if one dies, it’s one less to worry about. With there being many Chinese people, if you don’t cherish yourself, you might as well die!


Injecting drugs in broad daylight and no one does anything… Niu.


Are the people responsible for cracking down on drug use all eating shit?! Using drugs so openly and there’s no one investigating the source of [the drugs]?!


Drug users are so scary.


This is the harmonious Heavenly Kingdom!!!


I feel so sad for them. [But] those who are pitiful must also have something about them that is detestable.


The government isn’t going to bother itself with these unimportant things.


After 1949, prostitutes, corrupt officials, drug abuse, and drug trafficking were eradicated… After 1979, all of it returned.


Wherever there is good/proper there is evil/wrong, this can’t be eliminated. After all, everyone is different. If they die, no one will feel sorry for them. It is because they aren’t a credit to themselves [don’t respect themselves, don’t help themselves], so don’t blame the government for not helping.


I feel really sad for that woman in the very last picture walking stooped/hunched over.


Seeing this, I’m really bothered… How wonderful life is, why waste/ruin oneself… why? ……╮(╯▽╰)╭……


I don’t feel sorry/sad for them.

Those who do it to themselves don’t deserve to live!!


With China having this many people, and since they like to do drugs, just let them do it… and if they die, so what?!

What do you think? Have you ever used drugs? Have you ever been addicted to drugs? What kind of drugs have you used? How did it affect your life?

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