Chinese Drug Addicts Living Under Shenzhen Overpass

A Chinese woman injects herself in the thigh with drugs under a Shenzhen overpass.

From Mop:

Ruined lives: Male and female drug users living in a group under overpass

The woman ate an apple sitting on the ground, and then took a needle, got on her knees, pulled down her pants, and then injected the needle into the inside of her thigh.

Chinese drug addicts gathered under an overpass in Shenzhen.

Underneath the Chunfeng overpass on on Chunfeng Road in Luohu district of Shenzhen. A sanitation worker who claims to work nearby says that this place became a place for drug addicts about seven or eight years ago. The number of people fluctuated, but they would all use drugs here, without hiding even in broad daylight. This sanitation worker says he used to be responsible for maintaining the park and could clean out dozens of needles in a day. Photo is of drug users gathered underneath the overpass.

Chinese drug users gathered under an overpass in Shenzhen, China.

The male and female drug users underneath the overpass come and go all day long. Several women used to prostitute themselves under the overpass, specifically targeting old men, providing sexual services in the greenery, taking the money after they are finished to go and buy drugs, bringing the drugs back to smoke/inhale or inject. Photo is of drug users gathered underneath the overpass.

A Chinese drug addict lighting a cigarette while a drug needle sticks out of his inner thigh.

A drug addict injecting himself.

A Chinese woman lies on the ground high on drugs.

A drug addict on the verge of death. Needles and tissue paper stained with blood can be seen nearby.

Shenzhen police clearing out the drug users from their home under the overpass.

The presence of these people under the overpass have brought a lot of hidden dangers to the security of the surrounding area. Several residents of the nearby Luohu Xincun residential community say that because of these male and female drug users living under the overpass, incidents of robbery there have often occurred there. Photo is of Shenzhen police arriving to deal with this drug user gathering spot.

Shenzhen police clearing out the drug users from their home underneath the overpass.

Shenzhen security personnel coming to deal with this drug user gathering spot. A construction worker says he can see these drug addicts injecting themselves almost every day, never once concerned that there are curious onlookers.

A Chinese woman and drug addict hunched over leaning on a walking stick as Shenzhen police drive them out from their home under the overpass.

Shenzhen police coming to deal with this drug user gathering spot. According to a nearby on-duty peace officer, these drug addicts have been under the overpass for a long time, have been impossible to get rid of, nor does he know where their drugs come from. Though the public security authorities often make sweeps of the area under the overpass and clear out these people, they soon return.

A Chinese woman and drug addict walking with a stoop after Shenzhen police drove her and other drug users out from under an overpass that was a popular gathering place for drug addicts.

This long-term female drug addict can only walk with a stoop. These photographs were taken 2006 April, and photographer Chen Yihuai released the high-resolution photos on 2011 August 2nd.

Comments from Mop:

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颗粒颗粒 粑粑变:

The government is also just gawking, [after all] if one dies, it’s one less to worry about. With there being many Chinese people, if you don’t cherish yourself, you might as well die!


Injecting drugs in broad daylight and no one does anything… Niu.


Are the people responsible for cracking down on drug use all eating shit?! Using drugs so openly and there’s no one investigating the source of [the drugs]?!


Drug users are so scary.


This is the harmonious Heavenly Kingdom!!!


I feel so sad for them. [But] those who are pitiful must also have something about them that is detestable.


The government isn’t going to bother itself with these unimportant things.


After 1949, prostitutes, corrupt officials, drug abuse, and drug trafficking were eradicated… After 1979, all of it returned.


Wherever there is good/proper there is evil/wrong, this can’t be eliminated. After all, everyone is different. If they die, no one will feel sorry for them. It is because they aren’t a credit to themselves [don’t respect themselves, don’t help themselves], so don’t blame the government for not helping.


I feel really sad for that woman in the very last picture walking stooped/hunched over.


Seeing this, I’m really bothered… How wonderful life is, why waste/ruin oneself… why? ……╮(╯▽╰)╭……


I don’t feel sorry/sad for them.

Those who do it to themselves don’t deserve to live!!


With China having this many people, and since they like to do drugs, just let them do it… and if they die, so what?!

What do you think? Have you ever used drugs? Have you ever been addicted to drugs? What kind of drugs have you used? How did it affect your life?

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  • Justin

    Even China has its junkies. Sofa

    • Justin

      But, honestly, I think China’s junkies have nothing on our American-born junkies. We need some kind of junkie cultural exchange to school these kids on how a proper junkie does it.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        ‘junkie cultural exchange’ LOL I like that one. Could you imagine those that were placed in host families hehe. Seriously though. Shouldnt they all be executed or is that only for dealers or those caught in possession???

      • Tengu

        Love it!

        So we pick the creme de la creme from crackheads from Baltimore and LA, some meth heads from “The Heartland” and some junkies from New York and have an Exchange Program.

        The Zeta and Gulf Mexican Cartels will own the Chinese debt in less than a year.

        • Jones

          If you want to see some quality meth heads, you will not find any better than right here in the Ozarks. Hillbilly meth heads. These are the ones we need to be sending abroad.

          • Tengu

            We leave those boys growing the high-end weed in Tennessee alone though…agreed.

      • ander

        Our junkies are better than your junkies?

        • Tengu

          Sad world we live in…US they would have killed other by now.
          As you notice in the harmonious society even the junkies get along.

          The one in pink seems to be doing housework of some sort with her cudgel.

        • ##BlothaLonely##

          I demand a junkie UFC and see who beats the needle out of the other…

          • Bob

            A few years back there was a wonderful thing called “Bumfights” available on the internet.

  • Mik G

    The plant man knows where the good skag grows

  • Tengu

    Great, the only Chinese broad with a decent pair of panties and she’s a junkie living under a bridge.

    • Your Mother

      Nice, she’s a drug fiend and you’re looking at her panties. Depravity.

      P.S. My girl is the one wearing a thong.

      • Tengu

        No fair, I called it first…

        • Jones

          I call dibs on the crippled bird.

          • Tengu

            The dude in the brown panties with the needle on his thigh? You’re a sick man!

          • anon

            LOL, you guys are terrible.

    • Alan

      @ Tengu: Amen brother!

      I noticed there wasn’t the ever present beige granny panties! LOL!

      • Leo

        Oh look, she’s passed out.

        Time to make your move, playa.

        • Alan

          Different chick dude…

  • Corn Pizza

    “The Drug Users “…….HAHAHAHAHAHAH, such a robotic and book smart nation..

    Try learning about Chinas history other than the last 6o years and you’ll find a HELL OF A LOT OF DRUG USING GOING ON THROUGH OUT THE DYNASTY’S !!!!!!!!!! from weed to herion it’s all going down

    YES ——> The “drug users” are fucking puppies compared to my city of junkies….

    • Leo

      I love the fact they have pink floral bedsheets and Snoopy pillows.

      Really brings a cute Asian touch to the scummy junkie underworld.

  • Tengu

    On a serious note it’s a crime that the drug supply has ravaged so many countries and cost so many lives.

    The government of Mexico has given up on several states.

    Cartels maintain they can drive it from Colombia all the way to NE Mexico with military, police and border protection.

    they’re now using bad submarines now, but about 6 years ago they found the Colombians trying to buy a nuclear sun from Some Lithuanians.

    Read about Juarez and the deaths, it’s horrible.

    These people are weak, but they are the result of greed from the highest levels down.

  • Jones

    Far out, man. Faaaar out.


    So disgusting..Opium is the drug that perfectly fits Chinese culture..Laying on bed, sleeping most of the time, drinking tea, having a xiaojie give you a foot massage…isn’t this China?

    • Tengu

      Raw Opium is very expensive now, since most is made into heroin.

      Actually it not China…it’s most drugs.

      With the exception of Meth and Coke, Then you have the luxury of running around with rotted teeth, decaying flesh and a dick that’s useless.

      I would venture to say the per capita, the US has more habitual drug and addicts than China by percentage.

      • Alan

        Moderation is the key, surely?

    • Just John

      Your comments make me sick all the are just a new wu mao party…keep your teacher attitude in your goddam Chinatown where you live

  • And some of them are beautiful young girls.
    Horrifying to see what they are doing to themselves :-(

    • Rick in China

      That’s how a lot of women are forced into prostitution, Crystal. It’s common in every country.

      Get ’em hooked on the dragon and make daddy some money.

      • Li RuiKe

        “Requiem for a Dream” by Darren Aronofsky. Powerful movie.

        America’s going from bad to worse, now that pot is being legalized everywhere. All you need is a card from your doctor and the cops can’t touch you. And there are plenty of doctors who will issue such a card to anyone for less than the cost of your first ounce of weed. Then there’s the widespread abuse of prescription drugs, eagerly pushed by the greedy pharmaceutical companies.

        Of course, the laws have soften because the politicians are either in on the money or users themselves.

        • Alamchop

          If one dares to legalize to that crap, might as well tax the heck out of the buyers…… (wait, then all the rich people would mess with themselves aka pot head doctor, pot head lawyer, pot head mcdonalds CEO, = O_o

        • Dakota

          You really don’t understand drug prohibition do you… By making drugs illegal you push the product into the black market which creates gangs and funds terrorist organizations. The ones who profit are the some dealers, drug cartels, law enforcement who must catch users/dealers, and privately owned prison systems who lock up non-violent drug offenders. At the same time, the public who may choose not to use drugs is subjected to violence because of this black market (think mexico or gang violence and drug wars), illegal drugs are now more accessible children, and the quality of the drugs themselves is now hard to tell and may be even more dangerous.

          Politicians in on the money? Maybe, but that is with drugs illegal as now they can expand drug enforcement / police agencies, or they may personally get financial gain through corruption or through the private prison system. But most likely they support prohibition because they want votes and most Americans are christian or don’t understand the effects or moral principles involved with prohibition. Now, our tax dollars are being wasted to keep these offenders in prison, and to police the country while taking up our polices resources to protect us from violent crimes.

          If someone wants to shoot up or smoke. Fine, that doesn’t affect me and in fact they can die for all I care. What affects me is the government babying its people and consuming tax dollars while making the cities less safe.

          • Dave in Macau

            Hallelujah brother, thank God there are some rational thinkers out there.

        • Just John

          Actually, I would rather see pot legal then alcohol.

          Honestly, how many violent pot heads have you seen?

          Worst case scenario? To many people with munchies causing a world food shortage…Plus a rapid increase in the sales of game consoles and White Castle purchases.

    • Marsvin

      Would it be better if they weren’t beautiful?

      • Irvin

        Wouldn’t it?

        What I find troubling isn’t their beauty but their weight, they look too fat to be junkies. Damn! I need to eat more.

  • 2-cents

    I think the drug problem in china is much bigger then most people know/want to know

  • Just across the bridge in Hong Kong, junkies would shoot up in broad daylight–or what little daylight penetrated the concrete canopy of the old Kowloon Walled City before it was demolished and replaced with a park. That area was controlled by organized crime, but at least Hong Kong has social workers (and I’m, willing to bet, needle exchange programs).

    I don’t advocate hard drug use, but I will point out that junkies are a lot healthier in places where harm reduction and tolerance are the law of the land.

  • eattot

    so scary!
    if i had to live like this, i would just suicide.
    one month ago i watched the film named 最爱(love for life).
    it’s about a poor romote village, people sold blood for money then got aids.all they can do was waiting for death.

    • Rick in China

      Aren’t we *all* just *waiting for death*?

      I think that’s kind of the one aspect of life all cultures, beliefs, and societies share in common.


      actually it is a government lie that the spread of HIV in Henan province was due blood selling. It was rather the consequence of government experiments that went wrong

      • 2-cents

        Have any facts/links to back that up? Actually quite interested.

      • Jim

        Haha, yep, the government lied to claim responsibility for the spread of AIDs in China – good one. To my knowledge, the Chinese government has never even admitted that incentivised blood donations were the cause.

        There have been numerous undercover reports of this, and the government (at least the local police, who knows how far up the chain of command the order came from) has actively tried to thwart reporters attempts to cover the story… not really trying to publicise the issue anyhow.

        But please, give details of these government experiments – everyone loves a good conspiracy.

        P.S. Interestingly, the reason that AIDs was spread in these instances was not sharing needles for donations. Rather, locals didn’t want to ‘lose’ their blood, so after taking the blood and removing the plasma, the blood was re-injected back into the donor. It appears in storing all the blood in the same vat before removing the plasma, cross-contamination got the best of them.

    • Tengu

      ” 最爱” – with Zhang Ziyi, sounds like an interesting movie. The director worked with Zhang Yimou a lot as a cinematographer.

    • Nyancat

      Oh yeah i saw that movie too, seems there wasn’t much of a happy ending to that one though, the person responsible for everyone getting AIDS becomes rich in the end and wants to turn the whole village into a ‘high class’ cemetery…depressing movie.

    • Foreign Devil

      They got AIDS? Must have been sharing their needles with a foreign devil. After all Chinese only get AIDS from foreigners.

  • Spanky

    I recal that the UK had a serious balance of trade problem about 150 years ago. They solved it by selling opium to China. Today we have a balance of trade problem and at least some junkies in China. Does not the solution to the current balance of trade problem seem obvious?

    • Tengu

      The US can send Coke to China to offset our Debt.

      CIA already knows how to deal coke.

      You’re a genius!

    • Paging zombified remains of Commisioner Lin, paging zombified remains of Commisioner Lin: you are requested in the present time to dole out further ass-kicking.

      Here, this may help you out: have a aircraft carrier.

      [now there’s a movie I’d watch, I don’t care how jingoistic it becomes, but zombies/aircraft carrier/Opium War revisionism a la “Inglourious Basterds” = a Chinese super-amalgation of Tarrantino/Rodriguez/Nolan/cocaine = win]

  • Scytheria

    Let’s consider their options…

    Plan A: Struggle to maintain a salary sufficient to live above basic subsistence, working as a slave for a corrupt boss/company/government. Continuing to do this for the rest of your natural life with little hope of progression beyond this situation.

    Plan B: Live under a bridge, dying well before your time, but in the company of other free people. As a bonus, you get to spend a lot of time high as a kite.

    No-brainer to me.

    • Rick in China

      That’s an overly bleak perspective on people’s options in life, and the future, “even” in China. You’re also assuming none of these people have any sort of education or skill, and are *only* junkies capable of monkey work.

      Option B is amusing. You think they are “free”? They are slaves, absolutely – if you’ve ever known anyone who has dealt with a severe addiction, especially hard drugs, one of the most common ways to describe the experience is being *trapped* in your own body, and being a *slave* to the [addiction]. Your own mind forces you to do whatever you need to do to get more. That’s not “free”, that’s helpless self-torture, and very sad.

      • anon

        Great comment, Rick in China.

  • Joe

    Let them die. I think governments should intentionally supply tainted drugs to dealers to hasten this process.

    • Why bother? Drug dealers adulterate the drugs themselves to increase profit margins.

      If governments just legalized everything, it would be very difficult for drug dealers to compete with the pure stuff, which is really rather easy to produce when you’re not afraid of being arrested. Illegality is the only thing keeping drugs dangerous and expensive.

      • AD23

        It’s actually the exact opposite. The fact that drugs are illegal means they can’t be controlled. Ever heard of moonshine?

        And while drug dealers will sometimes dilute ‘hard’ drugs, very rarely will they adulterate them to make them more dangerous. That would make their number of clients quickly dwindle (though maybe on some occasions a desperate junkie might sell some bunk shit just to get some quick cash).

        The police in the picture are only doing the minimum required to look like they are doing something about the problem. Actually dealing with the problem is a lot harder than just clearing out the bridge once every few weeks.

        • john digmeme

          Re-read what Danzo wrote, then try again. Hint: You both agree to the same things.

  • Anon

    I’ve always wondered what kind of mentality gives rise to the popularization of such a phrase. Is because there’s so many depressing things in Chinese society that it’s easier to just tell yourself this?

    • anon

      There are similar phrases stemming from similar mentalities around the world. All it is saying is that quite often those who are in unenviable positions are somehow personally responsible for it, and this mentality tends to be most popular among the well-off when they look at the less well-off. It’s like rationalizing that someone is poor because they must be lazy.

      • Just John

        Now I know why I am poor.
        Here, all along, I thought it was because my wife liked spending all my money.

  • Agreed. Legalise drugs.

  • szzzzz

    Ive seen these drug addicts many times in that area,its in shenzhen, louhu district.
    They are cleaning them out because of the Universiade games that is happening this week .all this so they dont ”lose face”

    very pathetic

    • That’s right: the Universiade starts Aug 12th; don’t know when this story was “reported” on Mop, but the torch relay for the Universiade took place recently with many celebrities taking part (because a torch relay NEEDS celebrities!) — and there’s no way there can be junkies seen en route.

      Don’t know what’s going to happen to these junkies, but they’ll never get any help. The publicity and the police presence just emphasizes it: “it’s a tragedy that we are powerless to change!”

      It’s like as if Chinese society is made up of Doru-man’s, all wondering how to turn a doorknow.

    • anon

      Why is it pathetic? Who doesn’t clean their house when guests come over? How many British haven’t wondered if the recent riots are something of an embarrassment for their city prior to the Olympics next year? This is what people do. Every city that has hosted the Olympics or some other major event makes great pains to put on a good clean face to their guests. I guess we can say we’re all pathetic for engaging in the same behavior?

      • Just John

        And here, I thought brooms were better for the job. Or a wife.
        Silly me.

  • Jay K.

    let them shoot up and die, more air to go for others.

    • Li RuiKe

      Wouldn’t it be so funny if it was your wife, or girlfriend, or sister, or brother, or son, or daughter shooting up, selling their bodies for the next trip, catching STDs and dying a slow miserable death? That’s more free air.

      Any idiot who thinks people need more air have never looked out the window of an airplane and noticed the thousands and thousands of square miles of unoccupied world.

      • UteRaptor

        I think it might not just be funny. People have a choice. If they choose this path, let them. They will have to deal with those consequences no matter how close they are to you. All you can do is offer advice.

        • Just John

          Never leave your bong laying around where you mother may find it.

          Always remember to put the french fries in the over before you start getting high.

          Never tell the cop that the robbers took your weed and bong.

          Always remember that you had an eye doctors appointment when the cops wonder why your pupils are dilated.

          Never, ever, ever see if you can fly.

          Always remember, your chair cannot talk, no matter what you think it is currently doing.

          Good advice?

  • Song of the Article

    Way down in the hole
    -Tom Waits


    • Tengu

      Song of the Article

      Velvet Underground

      • MonkeyMouth

        3rd song on the article’s playlist:

        the needle and the damage done

        crosby stills nash and young

        • Jones

          Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug

          • Just John

            Why not NIN – Hurt

            “The needle tears a hole
            The old familiar sting
            Try to kill it all away
            But I remember, everything”

            Many people feel it is about heroin addiction.

          • Jones

            That one, too. I didn’t want to double up on NIN myself haha

          • Just John

            To be honest, in my day it was “Hits from the bong”, “Legalize it” and “I wanna get high” from Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday album, along with “Regulator” by Warren G. thrown in time to time.

            Of course, I think they are hitting something a little harder then Mary Jane.

      • mr. weiner

        How about “Under the boardwalk”?

    • Watsamatta wit chu guys? No Lou Reed?

      All the events in Lou Reed’s life and career have all come together in this moment in time to stand for one thing, and one thing only: to have any one of his numerous songs to be the “Song of the Article”. Are we to turn our backs on him now? You know, when he’s successful and kicked the mule.

      • Tengu

        Good God man….Lou Reed was in “The Velvet Underground”
        Wrote “Heroin.”

      • Tengu

        For my early unacknowledged and not so subtle reference to Lou Reed (before he was “Lou Reed”), I demand….well I’m not sure, I’ll get back to you!

  • Brett Hunan

    Anyone wanna hypothesize on what the difference between someone shooting up everyday and another person drinking a fifth of baijiu everyday?

    All drugs are the same, and alcohol is included there.

    Now before I get roasted, I drink just as much as the next guy. But alcohol is legal even though it caused 1,514,186 deaths so far this year worldwide (

    Same in America. Marijuana was deemed illegal because of immigrants in the early 1900’s. The locals didn’t want them there so they made their drug habit illegal.

    Now of course shooting heroine, coke, and whatever else is undoubtedly more dangerous than alcohol in most cases. But why is it people a more worried about these “underpass underlings” than the office worker who drinks every night and possibly abuses his/her family… Is it because the office worker is a functional drug user contributing to society?

    I am not condemning these people, nor am I saying this behavior is beneficial. I just want to know what you think?

  • Irvin

    I’m not familiar with drug use, why are they shooting up on the thighs and not their arm? does it give them orgasm in addition to being high? Orgasmic high? highly orgasmic?

    • Tengu

      No they wind up shooting up in different places because eventually your veins collapse, you build up scar tissue or some just have a preference as odd as that may sound…


      They shoot up to avoid anyone knowing, between the toes, in the thighs, places people can’t see.

  • Kyle

    I hope these people get the help that they need, though I doubt that they will. With so man worthless Africans now in China, I’m sure drugs are plentiful. And this is the result.

    • Alan

      Think it was there long before the africans got involved…golden triangle?

    • Brett Hunan

      Heroin comes from many places: China, Mexico, the mountains around the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan and such areas are poppy rich. (

      Most cocaine is grown and processed in South America, particularly in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and smuggled into the United States and Europe, the United States being the worlds largest consumer of cocaine. (

      So, even if there are “worthless” Africans in abundance, there is little chance that they are the ones bringing all of the drugs in.

      Read the stories on this site… A young beauty was executed for it years ago. The British guy last year. All types of people are caught trying to get this crap into the country.

    • Africans aren’t smuggling the drugs -into- this country; they’re being produced here. Only the stupidest of expats would buy drugs from Africans, thinking that just because they’re black they are the go-to guys for drugs.

      You’re a racist dipshit. Kill yourself.

  • yue

    I have never wanted to comment on this site, but I have noticed such ignorance coming from people and there comments. How can you say these people don’t care for themselves? At a point these people did care, but lost the will to live to some point of circumstances. You all say the government does not care, and that maybe true, and also you all say that it’s just one less person to take care of, true.

    What you all forget to mention, if it’s you in their situation you would want any help, but it’s not so you don’t care for human life. It’s just as selfish to not care for people like them. At least 1 of 4, I’m just analyzing, could probably be brought back to society in some decent way of living. But because you all lack the ability to be humans that won’t happen. If China is lifting themselves up as they are then they shouldn’t ignore this, but because your all so money hungry now this will keep going.

    This is the time for the government to actually do some, good, for it’s people by helping them. You all say they gave up on themselves just as if you all, tried, to help them. You make it seem like there a bunch of low life’s with no purpose. But they do have a purpose no matter how bad it may look their purpose is to give us a lesson to strive and be something for ourselves and also at the same time to be more human and help people like that.

    Or are we so perfect and rational as to know what is right and wrong? Is seeing them with disgust and making our own assumptions the right thing? or is it to try to help them and bring them to society? You all forget that these people are still human not some animal. but you are all the animals right? brainless biggest with no feelings inside. No matter how fucked up a society maybe there is always a possibility of hope in the air, if only we would see these people with other eyes.

    You all talk trash about others, but look at where all this hatred has taken you? Even if we try and fail to bring them to life so what? at least we take the effort to help. But money is what makes you all go round. Your all pathetic.

    My thinking maybe from the west with east feelings, but i can clearly see what you all are so blind. So much beauty that comes from China, in your culture, yet you completely steep all over your predecessors work by not caring about life. I may not live in China, but it doesn’t take to be at the situation to see what needs to be done, all it takes is a sincere heart.

    • Jones

      Cool story, bro

    • Tengu

      Well you do bring up a good point.

      i think it boils down to what theory you subscribe to and how you allow your own humanity or lack thereof to see these people.

      ”Nature versus Nurture”.

      Many who subscribe to either can justify seeing these people as weak, disgusting and undeserving of either pity or help.

      Nature, they have shitty genes, they’re defective; thin out the herd.

      Nurture, so what you were abused, get over it, they did it to themselves.

      Personally, I think it is a genetic issue and people are born with addictions which can’t be controlled unless they’re assisted in some way, rehab, Alcoholics Anonymous or some suitable program.
      They have to try to get out, get treatment. For some it’s impossible, it’s not weakness it’s a soul fatally wounded and lost, they’ll quit when they die.

      Unfortunately in society today people are more disconnected from each other than ever before. Why? There are so many reasons, but we have lost our way as a society and many have no sense of humanity and a total lack of empathy. Cultures clash and we are further away from realizing we’re a single, fragile organism living on a small, molten rock flying through space.

      Another rock tilts out of orbit and we’re all screwed in the blink of an eye, we’ll be like the dinosaurs.

      People will not accept responsibility for drug addicts, the mentally ill, the homeless, for them. “Fuck ’em let them deal with it. They chose it.” When in fact it’s failing of societies as a whole.

      It’s easier to distance yourself from them that way and never realize someday you could be in their shoes.

      Unfortunately for most it is not a lifestyle choice, many have a genetic predisposition for it, many are dulling the pain of their lives, many have no way out. Most alcoholics have alcoholics in their family, most sex workers have been abused by family members or have been sexually assaulted at some point, many drug addicts were raised by people abusing drugs and sad to say, some were “born” drug addicts from the moment they uttered their first cries.

      Some of these drugs, you take one innocent hit ….and you’re gone….you have no idea.

      It’s all well and good for people to sit and say…”Not me!”, but when it comes to Crank or Crack, you have to have the fortitude to NEVER do it because if you do. One hit, one small taste…you can lose everything in the blink of an eye and never care as you watch it all disappear. Unfortunately it’s the reality.

      I’ve seen it, I’ve watched people lose everything, friends die and family members in prison for life.

      When anyone experiences that, then you finally know enough not to judge.

    • Just John

      You know, I can tell you don’t have much experience with China.

      If you did, you would realize that failings are not to be helped, they are to be hidden.

      Mentally ill is not a problem, it is an embarrassment.

      No children have ADD, because no one wants to admit it.

      Specialists are flown in to help victims of natural disasters, because the Chinese do not understand mental health as a key issue.

      So, while you can say what you want about how people reacted, the simple fact is, there is no fix because there is no admittance. If you don’t like this, my suggestion is to not read anything having to do with China.

      • Tengu

        I understand exactly what you say; obviously I didn’t take into consideration of the Chinese mindset of embarrassment, hiding known failings and the stigma associated with even the most minor mental heath issues, even mild depression is seen as a weakness and not to be discussed.

        I dated a woman from Wuhan (PhD), for two years, she had been divorced for three years when I met her. When she went back home to Shenyang for New Years her family (PhDs) made her pretend her husband “couldn’t make it” and she had to give everyone the impression (actually tell them) she was still married. 5 years she went through this. They were so obsessed with “face” and their imagined “reputation” they’d rather have their daughter lie daily to their neighbors than face reality.

        And another ex told me, there isn’t even a phrase to talk to your doctor about when you and your husband and having sex.

        She had to refer to it as “When we’re in the same room alone together.”.

        I’m not a babe in the woods by any means, when it comes to travel…anywhere, I’ve spent a lot of time in China, Thailand, Central America, South America, Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Juarez, Nicaragua, El Slavador, Panama…hot spots and I’m usually alone. So while I do in fact have experience with China, I will admit I do not live there, so I tend to angle it from a Western view point as you can tell and to be honest I pushed the whole Wuhan/”Face/”Westerner with giant tattoo on back never come”‘hie faults and bad marriage thing to the back of my mind.

        Thanks for reminding me, you can put the old man in the east but you can’t take the west out of the old man.


        I probably have more knowledge and experience with drugs, the cartels, the trafficking, junkies and the fallout from it than all of you. Just comes from experience.

        Rather than put one in the side of my head, I’m still a glass half full guy…and it’s not fucking easy.

        In reality isn’t the massive disconnect and reaching for drugs by many members of all societies a truly international problem.

        True, we all handle it differently, sweep it under the rug, put them in halfway houses, give them a needle exchange problem or shoot them in the brain pan, but it’s ALL our problem in the long run.

        The world is an ever shrinking place. case in point…US debt crisis.

        Everything has global implications.

        If you were from Southern US you’d understand the havoc and mayhem associated with the drug trade coming your way.

        If you were in Northern Mexico you wouldn’t let your kids out at night or you’d be going to the police station every day wondering why your daughter disappeared without a trace.

        Or you’d buy a nice townhouse and find out the one next door was used as a “Whack House” empty except for piles of clothes and 100lb bags of lime and a few shovels. Strip them, shoot them, dig a pit in the courtyard, cover them with lime. Fill it up.

        Buy a new one when it’s full, they’re all over Juarez and Northern Mexico in the cities. Great scene to come upon. There are even some in southern New Mexico that haven’t come to public light.

        Medellin is an example, after Escobar got shot barefoot on the roof, crime dropped over the next few years by more than 70%. Medellin is now an amazing party city now…Zona Rosa”.

        One guy, one business, put an entire city in fear and chaos.

        And the Chinese have been involved in the importation of heroin to the US for a very long time.

        Do you think the On Leong Tong has any qualms about moving it into Shenzhen, or Shanghai from Burma, Thailand or Laos?

        Less overhead, bigger supply.

        Most of the heroin is produced in Helmand Province of Afghanistan, Karzai’s brother runs Helmand Province. This is going to be a huge issue for Asia in a bit. Easier than trying to courier it over here and we’ll drone the pricks.

        Chinese or Afghanis, bringing it in through Pakistan, Burma or Laos…take your pick.

        Wait until the Russians decide to move in. No one better than FSU criminals.

        1.5 Billion potential customers as opposed to a couple of hundred million. Where would you bet your future? CHINA!

        Money coming in, people with more wealth than they can handle, disenchanted youth, even better that you hide it.

        In a year Guo Meimei will be alternating lines of coke and heroin off anyone’s dick who has the cash.

        Hide all you want, be embarrassed all you like, feel shame over mental illness, but this is a dragon that will rear it’s head on you with a vengeance and once it starts ( it has) it will only get worse.

        • Just John

          Actually, my comment was directed at yue’s comments, not yours.

          I also have experience in the drug industry, especially since I was one of the ones using some of the drugs during my high school and college days. I understand what drugs are better then most people who have never truly lived in the world it creates.

          Guess what, you will not “fix” them. You will not rehabilitate them. You will not stop the problem. Know why? Because, only they can fix their issues themselves, and luckily, I did not sink to their levels, because most people I have seen at their levels will normally not be fixed, no matter how hard you try, because it is their own minds working against them. They will probably die from it.

          This is further compounded by the fact that there is no help for the root cause of drug usage and addiction. Many drug users have other mental issues going on, whether it is something as basic as depression, to something as serious as schizophrenia. Most of these people will die because they will not fix themselves and the root cause will not be addressed because of the way they try to solve it.

          I grew up in Idaho, which had a serious crank/methamphetamine issue, and then spent half my life in Arizona, which sees may of the Mexican drug issues because of Nogales. I understand what goes on in the scene.

          • Tengu

            “You will not stop the problem. Know why? Because, only they can fix their issues themselves, …will normally not be fixed, no matter how hard you try, because it is their own minds working against them. They will probably die from it.

            This is further compounded by the fact that there is no help for the root cause of drug usage and addiction. Many drug users have other mental issues going on, whether it is something as basic as depression, to something as serious as schizophrenia. Most of these people will die because they will not fix themselves and the root cause will not be addressed because of the way they try to solve it.”

            Well said, I agree 100%…

          • Tengu

            They’re running it into Douglas from tunnels in Aqua Prieta…

      • Tengu

        Actually I never mentioned “how people reacted” it was solely my opinion of how people in general view drug issues backed with some basic evidence regarding the origins and treatment of those issues.

        It was not country specific by any means and in point of fact while you contend “You know, I can tell you don’t have much experience with China.”

        I never mentioned China.

        And I never mentioned how “people reacted”, it’s neither my place to judge how people react, nor is it my place to determine anyone’s right to speak their opinion or to share their experiences in life.

  • mankouzanghua

    My Shit’s Fucked Up – Warren Zevon

    • Tengu


      Curtis Mayfield

      • Tengu

        Wait for it…..

        • Tengu

          “Under the Bridge”

          Red Hot Chili Peppers

          • Jones

            Andrew WK – Party Hard

            Just listen to it while you look at the pictures. It fits perfectly.

          • Just John

            Why does your comment make images of trolls pop to mind, waiting for unsuspecting people to cross over, then popping up and demanding money for the use of their bridge?

            Eh, got to love those trollways.

          • Jones

            That’s an odd reaction. It makes me think of Andrew WK and wild parties. That guy…what a party animal.

          • Jones

            I write under the pseudonym J.R. Trollkien

          • Just John

            I think it is the Under the Bridge.
            The idea of trolls and bridges just goes hand in hand for me, I think I heard Three Billy Goats Gruff too much when I was younger. (

            When I first saw this article yesterday, I thought of the bridge trolls. When I read his comment today, it just reminded me of it again.

      • darkandlovelykissedbythe

        Tengu, you beat me to it. Exactly what I was gonna post.

        • Tengu

          Great minds think alike regardless of distance…

  • “Chinese Diabetic Billy Goat-Haters Forced Out”

    Pink knickers to match the pink piping on her trackie-pants… that girl has got style. AND a cool drug habit to boot! Zan!

  • vic2u

    “Injecting drugs in broad daylight and no one does anything…”

    The govt can at least give them free needles and give them welfare money to buy better drugs, I know a place.

    How about a shelter where they can all exchange drugs?

    • Tengu

      Excellent point, it would resolve some issues!

  • Kelly


  • mao420

    Dont tell me none of you Chinaman know that the comon drugs such as Crystal Meth and Ketamine is contorlled by the local police in China.
    Every night, Nigerians are selling all kind of drugs opposite Garden Hotel in front of policemen. I have seen with my own eyes….They openly ask any foreigner on the street. Someone should go and make a blog about this.
    I asked one Nigerian how he manages to sell his drugs without police interference, he said they get their cut. So its always the police who are the culprit. WHY DONT THEY GET EXECUTED.

    • Alan

      Every night, Nigerians are selling all kind of drugs opposite Garden Hotel in front of policemen. I have seen with my own eyes….They openly ask any foreigner on the street.

      This is an interesting point.


  • Anon

    They need help. Also understand that the rich kids who take drugs are having no problems at all with the law and access to health services. Legalize the drug to the value of a canned drink and users will learn that their health is more important than drugs. The appeal lies chiefly in the rarity and illegality sub culture thing. Legalise and make common, and you will find it is not very popular at all. These addicts are poor and unprotected thus it is a wealth issue more than anything else.

  • john digmeme

    Finally an article about China smack! That’s what I originally thought this website was about…

  • Shanghairen

    Do the older junkies have Hello Kitty syringes?

  • Bob

    Quick. Someone send over the recipe for Meth to the Chinese junkies. Then things will get interesting.

  • Bob

    Also, I wonder if Charles Schultz’s grandkids saw any royalties from that Snoopy pillow that Thong Girl has been sleeping with.

    • Tengu

      I would like to know what the hell she’s doing right in front of Snoopy’s nose.

      Is she playing with herself, spiking into her labial folds or inserting a tampon.

      All of them are just wrong in the presence of the Snoopster.

  • My favorite Chinese comment:
    “After 1949, prostitutes, corrupt officials, drug abuse, and drug trafficking were eradicated… After 1979, all of it returned.”

    Yup, for sure. That’s the problem.

    • Nikolodian

      I saw that and lol’d too! Indeed the ‘problem’ is that Mao died and the PRC was never the same after, unable to keep back the tide of degenerates and law breakers. yeesh

  • Dan Danger

    It’s bad enough these junkies live in filth and squalor, but the guy in the 2nd picture from the top blowing his nose with his fingers makes it all unacceptable. I would definitely have to find me another overpass to shot up under with those conditions.

  • david

    sorry to deflate your egos my dear chinese friends.

    After 1949, prostitutes, corrupt officials, drug abuse, and drug trafficking were eradicated… After 1979, all of it returned.

    nobody, and i mean nobody, has the ability to remove drug addiction from any culture. this is a human problem.
    it was not removed from china at that time. you just didn’t hear bout it.

    get real folks.
    you should be trying to help these people. not making fun of them or being afraid of them.

    try to look at drug addiction as a disease. those people are sick. they have a problem. they need help, not ridicule.
    you wouldn’t be like that if your sister was hooked on drugs.

    and its not just a chinese problem. its a world problem.


    there are many drunks in china.

    alcohol is also a drug but nobody accepts it as one because its legal. however it

    1. changes your thinking
    2. changes your perception
    3. alters your moods
    4. destroys your body
    5. leaves you in a mess

    if you think drink bai jiu or beer is not the same. you are lost.
    think of how many people die each year from someone driving a car after drinking.

    “getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking is a perfect example of insanity”

    anyone wishes to debate, email me.

  • Rod

    China’s got some serious problems, but when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and violence, America takes the cake ten-fold.

    I think it has to do with family values. As American’s lose the traditional family, become more independent (and perhaps more lonely), there’s no one to check up on you. Checking up on you could be that annoying grandma who’s always in your business or the caring brother/sister.

    One thing China does do well is maintain their family values. At least for now.

    And I think that’s why the drug problem is so much less than in The US.

    I smoked dope for the first time when I was 16.

    16 year old kids here still hold their parents hand in the street, come home straight after school, and visit their grandparents on the weekends. They haven’t got time or opportunities for dope.

    • Al

      One thing China does do well is maintain their family values. At least for now.

      Well, if you can call letting your daughter earn her living as a prostitute “family values”, then yes.

      And yes this does happen, esp. with girls from North China, who send their “earnings” home.

      • Cyrus Howell

        Well, that is the point. The British, Indians, (Afghans and Pakistanis) nearly destroyed Chinese family life with their opium trade. It can only be compared to the destruction of African American family life by crack cocaine. That is why there is a death penalty in China for the importation of drugs.
        From 1860 to 1940 the Chinese were made so weak they could not resist the Japanese military.
        It won’t happen again.

  • Cyrus Howell

    I did not know China had a drug problem until 1995.
    I saw 40 Chinese addicts laying dead in their underpants In GuangZhou. Mostly men. A few women.
    Part of the reason Beijing wanted Hong Kong back was to interdict drug shipments. They were training female narcotics officers in coastal cities.
    The government can slow drug addiction, but they can never stop it entirely. There is always someone who will sell drugs. The more addicts there are, the more people are robbed at night in parks, alleys and in front of Chinese hotels.

  • S

    1.5 billion people, you can only show me 5 smack heads? This is a tiny problem in a huge country. Come to Australia I can show you 100 smack heads in one afternoon.

  • donnie lienau

    legalize and all these problems would disappear

  • Edward oh

    wow! it seems like the Chinese have a very different mindset than Americans do about drug use and rehabilitation. Article is very cool, but that in itself is such a huge revelation.

  • Matt Butcher

    What drug is it? All drugs are different, and the entire article and all the top comments never once mentioned the specific drug.

  • Trouse


  • Shlomo Goldsteinberg

    I hope that the Chinese society degenerates further and destroys itself as they become more and more tolerant of drug use and fail to execute the degenerates. Soon, all of China shall fall, and our NWO shall be complete. heheheheh silly goyim

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