Chinese Elementary Students Napping On Top Of School Desks

Elementary Students Taking A Nap On Their Classroom Desks

Elementary Students Taking A Nap On Their Classroom Desks

From Sina:

Elementary School Having Children Nap on School Desks Year-Round Causes Heated Discussion

“I inadvertently came across photos of children sleeping on their school desks and benches for their noon nap, and it was titled ‘Sweet Dreams’.” This weibo post with pictures attached by netizen “爆炒油菜” recently received widespread attention from netizens.

“爆炒油菜” says these are photos posted on the website of Gaoxin No.1 Elementary School in Xi’an City. In the photos, the children in a classroom lie on their sides on school desks and chairs all facing the blackboard, most of them already asleep. In regards to the title of “Sweet Dreams” used by the school, netizen “爆炒油菜” asked, “Are you sure using various awkward positions to sleep on school desks and benches is really comfortable in it is comfortable and can result in good sleep?”

Elementary Students Taking A Nap On Their Classroom Desks

Netizens: Sleeping on school desks is a tradition

“爆炒油菜”’s question incited all kinds of concerns and worries from weibo netizens. Netizen “食梦兽之家” said, “Sleeping like this, even the strongest spines will be ruined”. Netizen “O压力山大” said, “Sleeping like this, what d we say when they get a cold?” Netizen “天降于斯V” in the meantime worried, “Isn’t there a danger of them turning over in their sleep and falling off?” Netizen “虫虫爱小草” showed even more concerns, saying “Our kid is going to elementary school soon and we’re sad too [thinking he’ll have to experience this].” Afterward, netizen “孙见坤” pointed out, “Gaoxin No. Elementary School has been having noon naps like this since over 10 years ago, I graduated from there in 2004.”

School: Noon naps have the approval of the parents

This reporter contacted the Teaching Affairs Office of the Gaoxin No. 1 Elementary School yesterday about this matter. Gao, a teacher, responded, “Children having a noon nap on the desks have the parents’ support.” Gao explained that since lunch time is at 12:10 pm, and classes begin at 2:00 pm, there is not be enough time for parents to pick up and take their children home to rest. “Whereas resting on the desks can ensure that the children are will feel more fresh in the afternoon.”

In response to what netizens said online, Gao said frankly that Gaxin No. 1 Elementary School has been having noon naps like this ever since the school opened, no matter what season of the year it is, and never has there been a situation where a child has fallen off a desk. “We have strict rules, while kids are taking a nap, there is always a teacher there watching them.”

Gao also said that whenever the new semester begins, the school will always remind parents to prepare a little pillow and blanket for their kids for noon naps. “If the parents are able to pick up and drop off their child, they can also apply to the school to take their kids back home to rest at noon.”

Elementary Students Taking A Nap On Their Classroom Desks

Parents: No time to pick up child at noon

Ms. Wu’s child is in third grade at Gaoxin No. 1 Elementary School. Ms. Wu says when her child started first grade, she too was rather worried about this kind of noon naps, but now that two years have passed, she hasn’t heard of any children falling off the desks. “In fact, the desks are placed rather close together, and there is also a teacher watching them, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

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“The desks are very hard, so sleeping like this isn’t really good, but there is no other way.” Ms. Wu’s home is about 10 minutes’ walking distance from the school, but Ms. Wu still chooses to have her child let her child stay in the school during the lunch break. “My child doesn’t want to sleep anymore after returning home, and has to be back at school 10 minutes earlier for class in the afternoon, so even though home is close, there’s still not much time.”

Tongtong is a little schoolgirl who has just started first grade, who is taller than most children her age. “Sleeping diagonally is the method her teacher taught her, otherwise the child won’t fit [on the desk]. The child thinks it’s fun, but it definitely must not be comfortable.” Tongtong’s mother says she has no choice, “I work in the northern suburb of the city and simply can’t take care of her during the lunch break, so I can only have her bring a pillow for her head during the noon nap time.”

Fourth grader Wu Pengyu can go home for his lunch breaks this semester, because Wu’s father’s current company is not far from the school, so he’s able to pick him up and drop him off at noon. Wu Pengyu says he doesn’t like napping on the desk, because it is “uncomfortable, and too hard”. Wu’s father says he too previously worried his child sleeping at school wasn’t safe, but ultimately whether parents have time is the most important.

Elementary Students Taking A Nap On Their Classroom Desks

Experts: Recommend beds be provided for noon naps

Differing from the questions of others, netizen “孙媛媛SYF” expressed a different point of view on napping on school desks, “School desks and benches are like a hard-board bed, and sleeping on hard-board beds are actually good for your spine. ”

So are school desks and benches the same as hard-board beds? This reporter then consulted Professor Ma Wei who works at Department of Orthopedics of No.1 Affiliated Hospital, Medical College of Xi’an Jiaotong University. Professor Ma said the school desks and benches are too narrow and can’t be called beds at all. “If the children sleep on their sides on the school desks too much over time, it’ll cause uneven muscle strength and lateral spinal deformities in the long run.”

Professor Ma suggested, for the children’s health, it’d be best if the school could provide beds for noon naps, to replace the tradition of having children napping on desks.

Comments from Sina Weibo :

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I used to take a nap this way back when I was in elementary school, didn’t expect the same situation now. Has society had any progress at all?


It isn’t such a big deal, I used to take a nap on the bench, on the floor, and even in the graveyard on the mountain near our school.


How is that strange? It was the same when we were small. How many schools can provide rooms for you to take a noon nap? People these days are are too pampered and spoiled.


We can set up a research & development department, [to figure out how] to use the space of a classroom, [to figure out how] to integrate desks and beds, [so] three desks can fit into a 1.8 square meter space, with a top, middle, and bottom bunk, so when it isn’t nap time it can be used as a desk. Find a foreign furniture designer, it can totally be done!!!


Too much concern and love becomes pampering and spoiling. Schools are for kids to learn how to overcome problems and difficulties, not for enjoyment.


Is the reporter asking the school to provide beds? Never seen the schools where there aren’t even desks?


We used to sleep this way in the past too, sometimes we’d even just put a sleeping mat on the ground to sleep on. But that was 30 years ago.


It was approved of by the parents? Are those parents mentally normal?


I feel sorry for these little kids.


I for one fucking don’t believe there is a teacher watching them!


Go report some normal [real] news!


At least it is better than those fucking miserable elementary students in Shanghai. Whose decision was it to not give time for noon naps?

What do you think? Is this a big deal? Or not a big deal?

  • Snicker

    I nap on the sofa.

    • CRAIC

      so What????Who gives a damn where you nap!!What’s the point of Showing off on poor kids!!

      • Snicker

        What’s the point of getting angry about kids who have somewhere to sleep? My teachers never let me sleep during the day…

        I don’t understand how this demonstrates “poor kids”. A school is not a hotel. Did little CRAIC’s schools have beds in them for little CRAIC’s naptime? Did they provide warm milk and little stockings with little toes built into them? And slippers and little white shower gowns? And did you give your teacher a dollar tip to watch you while you slept?

        Seriously, this is better than sleeping on the ground, and possibly worse than sleeping with their head down on their desk, I’m not sure what this article is talking about or what the big deal is.

        Anyway, teacher sleeps on the sofa, that’s for sure…and now class is over! See you tomorrow…

      • Siluan Wang

        Poor kids? LOL, you clearly have no idea about this school. BTW, I have friend who went to this school.

  • vince

    Hopefully these kids don’t turn too much while they sleep, falling off those desks is gonna hurt like a b***h. That being said is it really that expensive to provide kid sized mattresses or something, while it doesn’t look like it, sleeping in odd positions or hard surfaces will have adverse effects, can’t really see the point of a nap if it’s going to be uncomfortable.

    • jeffli

      keep them undernourished, slightly poisoned to stunt their growth, then they use the same desks till university.

      Oh they are undernourished and poisoned with milk?

      Are local govt. officials so mean?

    • UpRising

      What makes me laugh is that all children sleep facing the same direction.
      All even-number row on the right side, all the odd-number row on the left one.

      Idk maybe theachers can order children which direction to face while sleeping in class…

  • tai wai

    Why all the bold text?

    • vince

      It seems to only happen in this article, weird.

    • Brett Hunan

      The first poster may have tried HTML and not closed his bold. It happened to my post before when I didn’t close my italics. Every post beneath mine was in italics as well. I’m sure a mod will fix it soon.

  • Mop


    • tai wai
      • tai wai
        • Snicker

          Bold move.

  • tai wai

    Found it.

    <p&rt; <strong&rt;What do you think? <strong&rt; Is this a big deal? Or not a big deal? </p&rt;

    That second one should be </strong&rt;

    • tai wai

      Dang it! Lemme try that again.

      <p> <strong>What do you think? <strong> Is this a big deal? Or not a big deal? </p>

      That second one should be </strong>

      • Brett Hunan

        Yea, I just saw the last line of the article after I posted about the first commet. Looks like the problem originates from the article itself.

        • I kind of like the bold text. Seems easier to read.

  • Chris

    5000 years of history …..

  • Sleeping on desks is a great idea, I think. It keeps them off the floor and gives them a quick nap mid-way through the day. The only thing I’d suggest is that the kids bring blankets from home (and make taking care of their blanket part of their studies). A lot of these kids look very cold, and I know that when I sleep without a blanket, it’s like I haven’t slept at all!

    • moop

      there’s something very disturbing about you. i cant get my finger on it. i presense i’ve not felt since…

      • El Puma R.

        both his name and his comment are disturbing.

    • The Enlightened One

      His hover picture is kind of creepy too like a sort of highly aggressive stalker that won’t take “NO” for answer.

      Sorry man but your hover pic is kinda creepy. LoL

    • Shit….I used to sleep on my desk all the time…working super-late and not wanting to deal with the 45 minute ride home. Used my gym bag for a pillow. It wasn’t that bad. Slept under a metal bench in a holding tank at the LA County Jail. It was the only space available. I can sleep just about anywhere.

      • Cooljackal


  • hess

    Or, you know.. You don’t take a nap?
    We didn’t have any naps in school in Sweden

    • ChineseFighter

      because thats how chinese develope those super smart brains.

    • Jahar

      I think in Canada maybe they do in pre-school, or wherever we send 4 year olds these days. But after that, we usually don’t nap.

    • Teacher in China

      I don’t know how Xi’an is in comparison to smalltown, Dongbei. But up here, kids are expected to be at school by 6:45am, and they don’t leave until 5:00 or so. That’s a long day. Giving them a nap is a really good idea.

      We had naps on the floor in kindergarten when I was young and i don’t think it did me any harm. But I believe we also had little pillows for our heads. The school should at least provide that, or make sure that the kids have them from home.

  • crapilicious

    Weird. I lived in Gaoxin when I taught English in Xi’an, and I think I’ve been past there a few times. Actually, Gaoxin is the “nice” part of town..

  • Dr Dust Cell

    When i was in primary/secondary I used to tell the campus nurse I was feeling ill so I could take a nap in the clinic.

  • Terrik

    Nap time ended in Kindergarten for me.

    I guess there’s nothing…wrong with them sleeping.

    Seeing them sleep on their desks however….

  • Getrealson

    Feels staged to me. All sleeping positions exactly the same. At least they have desks I suppose. If they are sleeping it is more valuable than the education they are getting.

  • don

    We had our own little blankets or nap time at school when I was in kindergarten. I seem to remember we had some thin mat we all slept on.
    When I worked in a factory toolroom, a lot of the old guys slept for a half hour during lunch on their workbenches-they looked just like these little kids, trying to be comfortable, but curled up like a shrimp.

  • CND Icehole

    How can they possibly get decent sleep without a good solid jerk-off before hand?

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      There it is… one creep who always has to put in an inappropriate offer.

      • Snicker

        O Canada!

    • Racesunite

      Because they are not mentally ill.

    • Gianna

      They’re kids! Wtf?

    • Dr Dust Cell

      Heyyy wait.. there are no little girls in the photos!

      • LeRajahdeChine

        The little girls are sleeping on the chairs.

    • RageMan

      Why do you think they folded their hands like this and the girls are right under them?

  • Well I don’t live in China however, it would seem to me that if you just put mats on the floor it would at least be safer for the kids. Here in the U.S.we use mats for our kids. Although our kids only sleep in kindegarden. At what age do you’re kids stop taking a nap? Just wanted to know.

    • Cynic

      Chinese never stop taking naps. No bullshit.

      • The Enlightened One

        He’s right… lol

        • Jahar

          They usually get an extra hour at lunch to sleep.

          • Cooljackal

            Two if they are bus drivers.

    • Snicker

      Once I started working at a Chinese company, I started taking a nap! It’s sweet! Coffee breaks+Smoke Breaks+Nap = 6 hours of work in an 8 hour workday!

      • mr. wiener

        I nap in the afternoons too, great stuff, I learnt a new trick recently. You drink a cup of coffee right before you nap, and wake up 30 mins later feeling great. Completely counter intuative but it works :)

    • grovesman

      Most schools are too poor or too stingy to provide mats. And if mats were provided, they would be disgistingly dirty within a couple of weeks because of all the particulate matter in the air here.

      And as stated above, Chinese never stop taking naps. Many/most companies here provide a 90 minute lunch so that employees can get a nap in.

  • MrT

    If was the afternoon teacher I wouldn’t bother to wake them up, they would have far nicer day then.

  • Gianna

    Awww…they look so cute…but not very comfortable. But cute!

  • Carina

    Noon napping is always a habit for Chinese, especially for the mid-aged and in summer. We have “napping course” in hot days at school, which means you go to school after lunch and spend the following one to two hours napping in the classroom together with other students like what happened in the school mentioned above. It was about 15 years ago when we did it on the school desks. Primary schools are still doing it, but I think more asking the student to put their head on their arms on the desk. This is actually very unconfortable as well, especially after meal. What’s strange to me is the school put up the title of “sweet dreams” for the photos on its websites. Obviously, the school see itself nice and considerate to students and it is such an honor that such an activity is even included in school news on the websites. I am pretty sure that almost all students in those photos were asked to pretend to be asleep when the photos were being taken, otherwise, how could they be so good at controlling their bodies during sleep that everybody had the same body gesture. Parents must know everything because some of the kids had blankets and pillows with them, which must be prepared by their families.

    • El Puma R.

      Yeah let’s also let the children ride in the front seat of the car and let those cars ride over poorly constructed bridges and let’s make the food for the kids with recycled oil. And on the weekends let’s put them in school from 8am to 4pm so we can go shopping and when they finish we can take them to KFC so they can eat as much shit as they can. It doesn’t matter, we’ll say it’s good for them and we’ll convince them to agree with us. Since the day I came to china I see this everyday and I’m too sad to see people can be THAT stupid.

      I used to tell the parents about such things but now I ask God to forgive me for I rather let those kids die along with their parents, for my piece of mind sakes and for the sake of this world.

      • simon

        you sound like a piece of shit.

        • El Puma R.

          I was trying to sound like a piece of shit because I’m tired of being the good guy that chinese parents laugh at everyday when I tell them not to give the kids KFC and let them ride in the front seat of a car in the city with the worst traffic in whole China. You see, I’m a son of teachers and a qualified teacher myself; Of course I want those kids to have a good life but their parents seem to do everything wrong.

        • Nick in Beijing

          Simon’s sarcasm/irony detector is in the shop today apparently.

          • simon

            “I used to tell El Puma R., Nick in Beijing etc. about such things as the appropriateness of some “sarcastic” comments, but now I ask God to forgive me for I rather let their kids die along with them, for my piece of mind sakes and for the sake of this workd.”

            boom, sarcastic/ironic statement, totally acceptable.

      • Teacher in China

        Jeebus buddy, chill out. Do what you can by informing the parents like you have been doing. Just because they’re laughing at you doesn’t mean they’re not listening to you. You might end up making a difference, you might not, but at least you can feel satisfied about trying to change things in a positive way instead of turning into a cold, heartless, piece of shit that wishes people and children were dead.

    • red scarf

      “Noon napping is always a habit for Chinese.”

      its one of the reasons why Chinese people have an increasing population of people with poor eyesight.

  • k

    When I was in elementary, we would all go to tge gym, lay our mats out with a small blanket and nap….surely they can get the children some mats to sleep on…

    • Cooljackal

      That would be cool. I’m thinking though that the costs of mats, however small, is something they wouldn’t pay for.

  • Harland

    Ah, the good old “hard bed” argument. As soon as I saw this article, I knew someone would be jumping up to say it’s healthy to sleep directly on solid wood boards. The thing I notice most when I visit America is just how luxuriously soft the beds are. It’s like sleeping in the royal palace.

    Hint: it’s not “healthy” to sleep on boards. It’s just a justification due to China’s history of rampant poverty.

    • simon

      i heard most back problems result from sleeping on beds which are too soft…

      • k

        I dont think so…..I detest hard bed and have slept on very soft nice beds my entire life and have no back problems at all (a good matresses is the one thing where price is no factor for me…this past year I have spent $2,500 on matresses)…but if i sleep on a hard bed, its 3a days of ibprofen and hunching over…..hard surfaces push back against you and dont conform to your angles….its like your sleeping on your own weight with no back or leg or neck support. I think most people who have back problems are a result of an accident or injury, over weight (especially people who carry a lot of weight in their stomach area), poor posture, poor shoes, physically ardous job, or an unsupportive bed…

        • The Enlightened One

          I agree, you conform to the floor or desk… they don’t conform to you.

          And I haven’t heard of a straight spine before.

          A bed that is too soft offers no support. The best mattress compliments your posture.

          • Cooljackal

            Yup, nothing worse than coming home and sleeping on a bed (soft or hard) that makes you wake up with back pain!

      • Harland

        No. This is false. Who told you this? Stop saying it.

      • vince

        A bed shouldn’t be too hard as it wont’ offer support to your spine, and it shouldn’t be too soft for the same reason, you need sort of a Goldilocks mattress, that’s just right. Whoever said that it’s healthy to sleep on wooden boards is full of shit.

        • Brett Hunan

          Just giving a heads up Vince~ I’m gonna point my wife in the direction of this comment.

          • vince

            Sure Brett go ahead and since you’re going to become a dad soon I would suggest you read this article, it has some pretty interesting information that I think every parent should know, some of these precautions and I’ve also read that it is best for a child to sleep with the mother till the age of 3, good for development of the brain and prevents bad behavior.

          • cc

            No nooky for three years!!! Thats definately a woman at work there then. Not suprised the divorce rate is so high in the western world.

          • Brett Hunan

            vince- I could read articles on child-care all day. I appreciate the interest in making sure I’m prepared. Thanks, buddy!

            cc- Why limit sex to the bed, or to evening hours? Don’t be so narrowminded.

          • vince

            @cc nah man, having a baby sleep with you doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be getting some, you just have to adjust your schedule accordingly. The divorce rate being so high should be attributed to other factors such as a change in the mindset of young people, everyone focuses on their selves now and it’s all me,me,me.
            @Brett No worries mate glad this information could be useful to you.

          • cc

            Hi Vince, i was extracting the urine.

          • vince

            @cc hahaha alright, sigh my ‘sarcastic sense’ isn’t what it used to be, I’ll attribute that to old age :D

          • mr. wiener

            How long till the arrival of your kid Brett? Is your wife going to let this happen of it’s own accord or is she going to have it induced to get the most fortuitous day and hour for the birth?

          • Brett Hunan

            No induced birth. All of her friends did it becuase they were tired of being pregnant but I told her about why a chemically induced birth is bad for the baby and herself. Due date is october 12th but we’ve been walking a lot so who knows if she will come earlier or later.

            Sandara Kim (first name middle name) should be here in the next two weeks. After she arrives I will be kind of busy… might not have much time for cSMACK or kBANG. Regardless, I will post some pictures on Flickr for you and those who care (and the trolls).

    • Germandude

      Hey Einstein, take a look at your back bones. Now look how you lay on a soft mattress and how the mattress forms due to your weight. Take a close look on how your back forms while laying on a soft mattress.

      Ah, whatever, I give you an A+ for your way of trying to make a point, when there is none…

      • Poltergeist

        I agree with Germandude. Usually they say a mattress should be as hard/soft as laying on sand. It should slightly form due to the pressure of your body weight.
        Table hard is not too good, but far more damaging is a soft mattress. Lay on a soft mattress, no matter if on your back or on either side and go figure, where most of your body weight is aligned.

        Soft matresses are bad for your back. No doubt.

  • simon

    anybody else notice the boys are sleeping on the desks while the girls get relegated to sleeping on the chairs which are pinned together

    • El Puma R.

      Yeah that’s something to consider. But let’s not talk about how little they respect their girls/women here. And how little they respect themselves as well. Not the time.

    • RageMan

      yeah, newsflash, boys are more preffered than girls in china:
      “Dear, I’m pregnant!”
      “Oh joy, what do you think, is it a boy or an abortion?”

      • RageMan

        my bad, I forgot that’s against the law to ask the doctor of the sex of the baby.
        “Is it a boy or something for the dumpster?”

        • moop

          heh, i chortled at both

        • The Enlightened One

          LoL…. that’s so cruel… but I laughed cause it’s true.

        • Getrealson

          Dude, I paid the ultrasound guy in the hospital 100rmb and he gave it up in a few seconds. Like everything else here:

          Illegal = For sale

          • Fraser

            Great, maybe I can pay a hit man to throw acid in my greedy landlord’s face. Then say “that’s for stealing Fraser’s deposit mother fucker”. Teach those rich pricks a lesson.

      • Fraser

        That is so true. What’s interesting is my brother is about to have a second baby (both girls), and is really excited about it. In China one girl is unlucky, a second would probably result in the mother being murdered.

    • El Puma R.

      Lol let me tell my own version of this:

      “Dear I’m pregnant!”
      “Gee, how fortunate we are, so what do you think? is it a boy or something to brainwash and sell to the best bidder?”

    • the ace of books

      I didn’t actually notice that til just now. Shitty – the desks are at least one solid piece. You ever tried to sleep on two flats with a space between them? That’s not sleep, that’s a balancing act.

      • simon

        i had a long hard second glance at the pictures, the last picture seems to indicate it’s just 1 long chair and not pinned together as i originally thought. someone commented that the boys sleep on top since they are more michievious hence teachers are able to keep a better eye on seems to make sense.

        might have been jumping to conclusions too soon.

  • RageMan

    That’s okay, China is still a developing country and people here learn to improvise.

    • starting
      • k

        Oh you read the DM too? Its a perfectly depressing news site that will make yoh lose faith in humanity…..especially after reading all the child abuse/murders/rapes that go on. I just read a few days ago a man aphyxiated his 4 month old baby while he was orally raping her……yup loosing faith in the goodness of humans.

        • The Enlightened One

          What the hell…

          Man we really need some kind of machine that figures out if people are total retards or not before they do this kind of crap.

          Where are those twins from Minority Report!

          • Cooljackal

            Don’t think you even need something like that. A lot of mental diseases or behaviors can be predicted at the genetic level. So it would be kind of like Gattaca!

            But yeah, there are some really sick people. You just wonder what goes through their head (or doesn’t) when they do this stuff.

        • vince

          Goodness of humans? I’d sooner believe in Santa Claus. The world is a cesspool of evil and it just gets worse day by day, reading the Daily Mail, etc makes one lose faith in humanity, the crimes against infants and toddlers are the most disturbing and quite frankly I would advocate the death penalty and a whole lot of torture for these scum.

          • Snicker

            Propose: not reading the Daily Mail? Sounds like something you care to read if you’re just trying to reinforce your lack of faith in humanity. Bleh.

          • vince

            I’m not saying all the news articles are bad, but sometimes you come across an article that describes crimes so vile it makes you wonder whether we’re any different from animals.

      • Harland

        THANK you, once again, for turning the conversation away from China and back to America. As if enough of the world’s news is not already about America! It’s not all about you, fucking yanks. Can we ever have a conversation where you don’t bring up your favorite topic, yourselves?!!?!?

        • tai wai


          You’re jealous.

        • Getrealson

          Is starting a YANK?

        • themig

          comparisons to america always happens because ,USA holds CHina’s human rights to a HIGHER STANDARD than america’s even hilary clinton and george w bush said so “we will hold china to a higher standard if I’m elected” 11/2/2000

          • Anon E Moose

            Yeah, ….um, your English reading comprehension needs work.

            The quotation says to a “higher standard” meaning in the context of CHINESE standards, which as everyone knows are appalling low.

            The context is *not* in comparison to American standards, which are already high and which won’t be matched by Chinese standards in the foreseeable future (i.e. 50-100 years).

            This is assuming the PRC survives it’s economic hard landing and doesn’t devolve into chaos like it did in the early 20th century.

          • Brett Hunan

            I doubt that reading comprehension is the culprit.

        • Dat Ankle

          People still use yanks as an insult?

          • Anon E Moose

            Of course, spread by first the KGB in it’s Cold War campaign against the U.S., then by the Euro-Peon intelligentsia, in it’s reaction again U.S. Hegemony in the post-Cold War Era.

            But now the Chinese are doing their darnedest to capture this title from the U.S. w/ their rude, reprehensible and uncivilized behavior in places like SE Asia, and in Africa.

            You go PRC!

          • Brett Hunan

            Yes, although Koreans like to keep it the full “yankee”.

          • Getrealson

            Wasn’t meant as an insult. Most Aussies call Yanks, Yanks! to their face and they don’t mind. Australians use it like a mate would call you a bastard. They usually retort with “you bloody ossie!” Chinese seem to think it is an insult though.

          • Getrealson

            Also, Mr Moose, we were calling them yanks since WW1. As allies we fought and died together so there was always soldierly banter.

          • cc

            Hardly an insult, a slightly derogatory term that has been around since the late 1700’s. Septic is more insulting.

          • Brett Hunan

            It may be used as a friendly gesture by other westerners, but Chinese and Koreans almost exclusively use it in a derogatory way.

          • Rod

            I prefer Americunt. I’ve only seen Hong Jian use it, but I don’t know if he got it from somewhere.

          • cc

            Americunt does have a certain appeal to it.

          • Howard

            Not really, unless you take the old diatribe of “You imperialist war-mongering Yankees.”

            Otherwise, it’s offensive only to those who HATE the Yankees (baseball team.)

            Otherwise, it has more of a WWII feel to it, especially when it comes from Europeans.

            In fact, there are some young Americans who have no clue what you’re talking about if you were to call them “Yankee” (to them, that’s someone from up North during the Civil War and Southerners would resent that title out of regional pride.)

          • mr. wiener

            “Civil war”, you mean the war of northern aggression! [Damned Yankee].

          • tai wai

            “Civil war”, you mean the war of northern aggression! [Damned Yankee].

            “The War of Southern Treason,” more like.

        • Cooljackal

          I don’t understand. When people start discussing the articles it almost always ends up with people countering the comments (there are quite a lot of negatives) by comparing it to America and the west.

          So, what’s wrong with bringing up a western negative first, before someone says “This is China, but in america you guys…”

          • UpRising

            Haha yeah, I’ve noticed every article that hilights something negative/not completely positive about China ends up in an argument about how much America sucks.

          • grovesman

            lol…everyone (non-western citizens) hates America but everyone wants to be an American (using everyone as an exaggeration to make a point).

          • grovesman

            And although America is going through a difficult period at moment, it’s still one of the best places to be, in my opinion.

  • Cleo

    good calm babies

  • It is so black here….

    Allah! I hope am comment 50
    you know 50 cents?!

    song of the article

    ice cube
    -Today was a good day


    • Cooljackal

      Good cruising music for a warm sunny day in LA.

  • The Enlightened One

    *Innocent little girl walks up to a teacher in a Chinese classroom*

    “Teacher Teacher!”
    “Yes xiao xiao?”
    “Why do the girls have to sleep on the chairs?”
    “Because boys are more important in China”
    “Because that’s how we roll bitch!”
    “Well fuck you, when I grow older I am going to hitch a foreigner and bail on this bullshit!”

  • Dat Ankle

    Ah I see, so the Chinese being able to sleep on any surface starts young.

  • Wayne

    Why not, about the same softness as most Chinese mattresses (box springs!) 对身体好!

  • Anon E Moose

    Of course this is perfectly safe!

    Sleeping on top of desks in quake-proof school building (inspected and approved by the Govt) in a harmonious society (regulated and controlled by the Govt). And don’t forget the free milk (regulated and inspected by the Govt) just before nap-time.

    What could possibly go wrong ?

    Next thing you anti-Chinese, scurrilousness foreign detractors will be making up fantastic stories of ax-wielding, psycho-killers bursting thru the doors and killing school children!

    You are all a bunch of hateful liars, shame on you, Shame!!!

    A Chinese Patriot

    • Chef Rocco

      “scurrilousness foreign detractors”?

      Next time when you make fun of “Chinese Patriot”, at least differentiate noun and adjective.

  • Fraser

    When I first arrived in China to work at Xi’An Jiaotong University as a Maths professor. In other words a top 10 university, doing a proper job (not an English teacher in some shit school). The house I was given to live in has, 1 bedroom, 1 balcony, a study, a living room, a dining room, a large kitchen and of course a shower room.

    They gave me a brand new mattress (it still had the plastic on it). Bearing in mind that I’d been living in Taiwan and the UK for the last 18 months, laying on that mattress was like sleeping on concrete. I would waken up in the middle of the night in agony. What’s even more surprising, you can even buy pillows, that are literally like sacks of cement.

    In other words, companies in China make these mattresses because THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO BUY. Let me re-iterate, people in China WANT TO BUY a mattress that feels like a breeze block. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    I really noticed it though when I went back to the UK, after living in Shanghai for a year. When I lay on that mattress, oh, my, god, it was unbelievable the difference. It felt like I was in a 5 star hotel. I mean for fucks sake, people actually spend money on these mattresses. They go out, with their hard earned cash, to buy a new mattress, and test how fucking hard it is. Hell I recently spent 100 RMB on a fold away bed that’s just a canvas sheet (for guests), and it feels more comfortable than my mattress.

    Sorry if I’m ranting a bit too long, I hate reading massive posts too. But my god, I just cannot wrap my head around this. The executives of a mattress company actually try to make them as hard as possible BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT SELLS. It’s just crazy.

    • moop

      most chinese consumers dont buy for quality. only brand image and price are important, in fact, chinese consumers normally only focus on the quality of a good when buying for themselves, pretty selfish huh? they’d much rather have something that looks like a good mattress than something that is actually a good mattress, just like they will buy wine as a gift and buy it for its pretty box rather than whether it tastes good, afterall, they arent the ones who have to drink it. that bed might be hard because the person who bought it doesnt have to sleep in it and it was cheap. its sucks, but thats the way it goes.

      • Fraser

        As much as I’d like to believe that (I know you can get nice, soft, comfortable mattresses here). I have been to several people’s homes (who bought mattresses), and I have checked other mattresses in the shops (like Walmart), and the majority seem to be rock hard. I have also had people tell me “it’s good for your back”, and “the pain is good”, (just like stiff muscles after a good work out).

        It’s fairly fucked up that people still believe this shit, among other classics like:
        “Having sex during your period is bad for your health”,
        “You don’t get pregnant if you have sex 1 week before, and after, your period”,
        “Hitting your stomach after sex is a good method of birth control”.

        People would rather go by old wives tales than believe in things like, scientific studies that show sleeping on a hard mattress is bad for your back. If you go online, do some research, find the info and show it to them, they say “western scientists, Chinese people are different”.

        I have also had people tell me that “Chinese medicine doesn’t work on foreigners, and western medicine doesn’t work on Chinese people”. It’s like people really don’t want to use their brains and verify this shit. If they did even a tiny amount of research they’d realise it’s all bollocks.

        • Fraser: Not sure if this is relevant but this is an actual QQ conversation I had yesterday with a Chinese girl I just met.

          Me: I’m going to Shanghai tomorrow. Want to ride along?
          Girl: I’m on my period now.
          Me: Uh…….uh…. not really sure what to say here.

          I took it as a “no”. What do yo think?

          • Fraser

            That means that she can’t do anything. I mean literally, anything. She probably gets really bad period pains, and doesn’t realise taking pain killers will stop it. But to answer your question, yes that is her way of saying “no thank you”. I have also had similar excuses.

          • Cooljackal

            We had an interview candidate use that as a negotiation thing after a job interview. That she needed a day or two off or with very little office work once a month. We told her that it wasn’t going to happen and that if she saw how women in other countries can suck it up and work through that, plus pregnancy plus a bunch of other stuff then she would/should be embarrassed (highly doubt that would happen though).

          • Well…I kind of figured she was saying “no thank you”. I just wonder if she thought that we would surely end up in the sack if she went with me. I just met her the day before and she could have made another excuse. But “I’m on my period” is about as good as any, I guess.

        • Rod

          Our school is getting a new teacher who requires a gluten free diet. You can imagine how hard it was explaining to someone with this kind of mentality that this is a condition, that is real, and can’t be counter acted by drinking ‘cooling soup’ or by consuming other types of food to ‘balance’ the body.

          I even spent a while on baidu looking for translations or proof from other Chinese people who perhaps have run into the problem before. I came across a kind of WebMD type site with a doctor answering questions in a forum style type thing.

          One person said that they feel sick after consuming wheat products like flour, bread, and such.

          The ‘doctor’ or ‘physician’ answered with one sentence.

          “We have never heard of this condition”.

          • Fraser

            Oh yeah, I’ve had bullshit like this before. I remember one time my ex-wife wanted me to drive her to Glasgow, so I obliged. After arriving in Glasgow she wanted me to find the Chinese supermarket in Glasgow. Neither of us had a clue where it was, we found a Chinese person and asked them, only to be told “take x bus to x stop”. Not very helpful, we have to drive.

            So in her wisdom she made me drive around Glasgow aimlessly, for about an hour, looking for this place. Bearing in mind that Glasgow is a pretty big city, and neither of us even knew the name of the shop let alone in which general part of the city it was. But, no matter how much I insisted that we weren’t going to find it she would not relent.

            Eventually out of frustration, I just pulled the car over and refused to drive anymore. So she got out the car and found some other Chinese people, and asked them. They explained that it’s really difficult to find, and too complicated to explain how to get there. So you’ll believe a total stranger (but one who is also Chinese), but not me, your husband.

          • It is not about husband vs. Chinese. It is husband who does not know where the supermarket is vs. Chinese residents in Glasgow who may know where the supermarket is.

            Why is it wrong for her to ask for help and directions from people who may know more than herself and her husband? You can be upset that so much time was wasted but I do not think her action of asking local Chinese residents who may know something she already knows you her husband does not know is wrong. That sounds unfair.

        • Snicker

          I’d say that medicine is an interesting thing. In a lot of cases, I guess the placebo effect is way more important than we’d like to believe. Some days, I take, say, allergy medicine, and it works fine. Other days, i take it and still end up sneezing and nose dripping. Why didn’t the same medicine have the same effect on me day after day? Why don’t I get as drunk on two different days with the same amount of alcohol? Everybody has their own stories about these…

          I’m a scientist. Did the biology, did the chemistry, did the theory of science, practice it in my work. Yet — in a lot of cases, medicine continues to mystify. I don’t want to believe that western medicine doesn’t work differently on different people. But in the face of evidence, I have to believe it. I’m really forced into cognitive dissidence on this.

          So, the girl who doesn’t go traveling, doesn’t have sex, doesn’t go swimming, needs to keep warm, doesn’t want to eat western chemicals to make her pain go away…anyway, math genius, who are you to say she’s wrong? Can you write me a proof?

          • Thank you for this good comment. So many things are about our thinking or mindset. Although this is true, our thinking can also be changed too. So people can both learn that they were “foolish”…or learn to be “foolish”. This is interesting.

    • the ace of books

      So … buy a new mattress? Or at least foam padding. Amazong, Taobao, Ebay, just get something more comfortable delivered if you’re going to be there long-term. If it’s a big deal to you, figure out how to fix it.

      I mean, if you’re not there anymore, bully for you, but why not figure out a way to make it more comfortable for yourself?

      • Fraser

        I did, point is that Chinese people seem to prefer sleeping on something that gives you back pain, and it’s probably causing them long term damage, to something that lets you sleep at night.

        • Snicker

          Are there more chinese people complaining about back pain than western people?

          • Getrealson

            They are too busy picking each others fleas!

          • CND Icehole

            Yes, there are. I see old hunch-backs all the time here. Back pain is rampid in all Asian countries. I have no idea if it’s due to the hard beds or not.

  • cc

    Brett baby, twas said with tongue in cheek. Do you think i waited three years before going for number two?

    • Brett Hunan

      You mean there’s at least 3 of you running around!? Uh oh

      • cc

        There’s four, all boys, two wit this missus and two with another

  • Bo Xilai For Emperor

    So this is what’s making headlines in China? Hmm…makes me wanna nap

  • Dutchman

    i dont know why they have to sleep at all??
    we went to school, 08.30 till 12 then had a lunch break for 1 hour ,go back to school till 16.00 and thats it !!! BUT….. when I was young like everywhere in Europe we went to bed in a normal time 19.00 – 19.30 here you see the kids running around and making noise till 10 o’clock !!! chinese are very very good in sleeping as soon as they have a chance , ever saw a chinese in a car driving longer then 15 minutes being awake??

    • Jahar

      I envy them that. I saw the same when I was in Korea too. Maybe not as much. But I’ve seen people sleeping standing in the subway. I wish I could sleep so easily.

      • Snicker

        Don’t worry, they are just avoiding eye contact.

    • Jeffli

      Same is AUS and New Zealand.
      <10 y/o kids go to sleep before 8:00pm no arguments! no matter who's little emperor or emperess they are.

      In Chinese culture kids are runnig around like idiots at (or ven after) 10:00pm at night. How can a childs brain develop? It's unhealthy under any moon.
      I've learnt a lot about how not to bring up kids in Asia.

      • Getrealson

        Damn right! Jeff.

        My boy is 2 months old and once my wife’s relatives came over and I caught them smoking while holding him or standing near him. They must have talked because I flipped out. I have always been very meek and polite to them but this is one thing I won’t put up with. I told them in Australia it is illegal to smoke in a car carrying children and they told me Australia is silly. GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

        Second hand smoke is bad for anyone but for a 2 month old, FUCK!!!!!

        • bert

          Second hand smoke is a bad thing and I hate it but I hate the nanny state more! We can’t legislate common sense. Just tell them not to do it don’t mention the law. Use your rights as a parent not silly laws. Children belong to parents not the state but the way we are going they are going to belong to the state.

          • Getrealson

            It was just a way to tell them how serious we take that issue and not as cause to stop doing it. My red face, wide eyes and raised voice made them stop. I think you read me wrong. I hate nanny states too, slowly stripping away civil liberties and I also find it underhand that these states fine you for any infraction and pocket the money instead of really addressing the cause of said infraction.

  • Napping at school (shakes head), what a lazy country!

    • DAK

      Napping is good for you -according to western studies-and is an ancient Chinese secret wink wink. But you like to turn any positive into a negative if it is the Chinese doing it. What are you doing in China if all you do is bitch, bitch, bitch, and hating on the people?

      • Napping is a positive??? Positively lazy. How about puting the kids in bed before 11pm? That would be positive.

        Sleeping at school and later sleeping on the job. That’s why China is such a world leader in innovation and productivity, right?

        What am I doing here? Software work that requires moderate creativity, something Chinese are incapable of. So I guess I’m helping them, no? I also write, read, ride bikes, design bikes, and travel to Korea and Japan. Rent is low which is nice, so I can bank more cash. I’m living better than 90% of the locals which satisfies me as well.

        • It is ok for kindergarten, I guess. But it is lazy for adults to nap in the middle of the afternoon. It’s been proven that most productivity happens the first few hours. Taking a nap brings all momentum to a halt. And then it takes too long to get up and running again. When I worked construction, I worked fucking HARD and we just had a 1/2 hour lunch. Somehow I managed to survive.

          • DAK

            A nap should take only 15 – 30 mins. Many athletes and executives take naps. I don’t know why you correlate napping with laziness. Your superior WESTERN scientists/doctors have concluded that napping is good and healthy for you -unless you don’t agree with your superior western scientific theories and discoveries.

        • DAK

          Many Chinese people are better software engineers and programmers than you. Why would you make a statement like that? Why do you feel the need to trash China and the Chinese people every chance you get? Prove to me you are some sort of a-hole white guy who feels your superiority over the inferior Chinese fuels your existence and self-worth. You are the worst kind of foreigner. Helping them? More like exploiting them because of white privilege. If they only know you feel this way…..I respect you more if you just hate China and the Chinese and you just stay the hell out of the country than pretending to be a sheep in wolves clothing.

          • A short nap in the afternoon is energizing if you can swing it. I usually napped about 20 minutes after work and I was good to go for the rest of the evening. Closing up shop or your job site for a 2 hour “siesta” is unproductive and illogical and a whole office of people with their face buried on their desk just plain looks bad.
            An American Chinese I know was sent by the CEO of his company to clean house of all the dead weight but was unable to fire any of the rich little emperor lazy fucks that were going through the company coffers like money grew on trees. He had to make them quit on their own accord and he was able to make them quit using a variety of ingenious ways. First thing he did was remove the couches from every office. No more sleeping on the job. Another was having a security guard follow a guy ,who was a particularly thieving shit, around for several days until he couldn’t take it any more and quit. When he was done he had encouraged about 15 guys to quit while saving his boss’s face and his company literally millions of dollars. For a few of them just depriving them of their nap was enough to make them leave.

          • DAK said: “Many Chinese people are better software engineers and programmers than you. Why would you make a statement like that? ”

            That’s why China has 1.2 billion people and about 22 software companies and my country, Canada, has 30 odd million people and 142 software companies. Make sense =oP

          • DAK

            The Canadian economy is garbage. Yeah, RIM is doing really well ha ha… Nobody gives a shit about what the Canadians produce. They can’t manufacture crap! Why don’t you go back to Canada to work if the companies there are so great?

        • Lili

          Seems like Dak is right.

          “a number of recent studies suggest that any deep sleep — whether in an eight-hour block or a 30-minute nap — primes our brains to function at a higher level, letting us come up with better ideas, find solutions to puzzles more quickly, identify patterns faster and recall information more accurately”

          “The world’s population sleeps in various and surprising ways. Millions of Chinese workers continue to put their heads on their desks for a nap of an hour or so after lunch”

        • ane92

          Sleep/lack of sleep has one of the largest impacts on the human brain and how it develops and functions. The 2nd leading factor probably being diet and exercise.

          Regardless of what you think… and medicine make it undisputible how important sleep is and that children who typically are putting out a lot of energy(because they are kids) benefit greatly by taking a 1-2 hour nap in the middle of the day. The positive effects this has on the brain and it’s ability to reach it’s full potential can’t be disputed.

          Who cares about science and facts though right…….btw it’s not only China that sleeps at school. I’m from America and I clearly remember nap time in kindergarten, infact I hated it because I just wanted to keep playing :)

  • bert

    Not a problem, just bring a blanket next time.

  • Slob

    I noticed the boys are on the desks while the girls are on the benches.

    Is this to do with the whole boys > girls bullshit? If the boys roll in their sleep they’ll roll right onto the girls that would cushion their fall. Seems kinda dumb that they wouldn’t just stick all the tables together in a massive square to make a giant bed.

  • Teacher in China

    Breaking news! Expert suggests using bed for naps.
    In other news, experts also suggest using a toothbrush to brush your teeth, chopsticks for eating food, and toilet paper for wiping your ass.

    • Haha, that subtitle is funny but I think Professor Ma’s comments were very normal. Of course it would be better to have beds and it would be best if the school could provide it but as we know, not all schools can realistically provide beds. I think the more silly comment and maybe it is intentional is the comment about hiring a designer to create an integrated bed and desk!

    • Teacher in China

      Man, if someone invented a functional, stylish integrated bed/desk, I think they would make a fortune. I wonder if workplace productivity would decrease or increase…?

  • linette

    Don’t they have a room where they can just sleep on the floor with a roll up blanket like those you bring to camping outdoor? It’s definitely not comfortable sleeping on the small table.

  • Dutchman

    Reply to DAK :
    Why chinese like to put themselves always in the underdog position? we try to coop with everything in China including all the annoying things…don’t need to sum it up as everyone knows,i have my own company here work and live here for almost 10 years , married a chinese woman,doing okay but Happy here ?
    you assume that we like it here? if i have a chance to go i will but i cant just because of my business here and DONT comment like everyone fuck off from China ….i am feeding people here with my work,keep factories busy, employ people , bringing money to China the comment we gave is just from our point of view, why everyone has to sleep ?? as i wrote before take a healthy nigh rest let the kids go to bed in a ” for us” normal bed time like 20.00 latest, stop pampering them , see many of these ” nagging” i pretend i am crying kids…with their grandma or grandpa as mom and dad have to make money, …raise your kids yourself don’t take it for granted your parents have to do this..sleep early,wake up fresh then you have more then enough energy to stay awake for the day they are kids and young people shouldn’t sleep in the middle of the day according our western view and if they don’t sleep during the day they WANT to sleep at 20.00
    sorry for expressing my European view !!!!

    • Spain is not European?

      Many Western reports say it is actually good and healthy to take naps in the middle of the day?

      • CND Icehole

        I want to nap with you Fauna :)

      • cc

        Spain? Where does it mention Spain or have I become dyslexic?

        • Brett Hunan

          No no no. The original comment implied that Europeans think that children shouldn’t sleep during the daytime so Fauna gave Spain as an example of a European country that takes their siestas every day.

          • cc

            Oh! Ok, my fault for not reading the whole string. Wish I could get some afternoon sleep time after lunch.

      • Lili

        Indeed. Again the same link about sleep on NY time but fits so well I just have to repost it.

        And I really don’t see why if Europeans do it one way it necessarily is the best way.

        “The idea that we should sleep in eight-hour chunks is relatively recent. The world’s population sleeps in various and surprising ways. Millions of Chinese workers continue to put their heads on their desks for a nap of an hour or so after lunch, for example, and daytime napping is common from India to Spain.”

  • Cameron

    i’d say that in the ranking of Top 1000 Most Fucked Up Shit going on in Chinese schools right now, this probably ranks about 995. For example, I’d be slightly more concerned about the widespread abuse and bullying by Chinese teachers, the widespread bribery and corruption going on to get into good schools, teachers blackmailing kids into paying for extra tuition classes, brainwashing curriculum, etc.

  • Dutchman

    READ !!! DUTCHMAN means i come from Holland, or still dont get The Netherlands !!!
    not easy to explain my opinion here ….its north of Europe,capitol is Amsterdam and we are neighbors with Belgium and Germany …pfffff what do Chinese learn anyway when they DONT sleep????????

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  • East Coast USA John

    I could never take a nap at school growing up in the United States. Hell, I can’t even take a nap at work in the United States…what’s wrong with us?

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  • senor boogie woogie

    To foreigners (like me), do not try to understand Chinese. To us, it is bad to see kids sleeping on the school desks, but the kids are all asleep and do not seem to mind. The only thing I feel bad for are the kids without a pillow. No kid should use their arm as a pillow. I would also be concerned for a child to fall off the desks more than anything.

    I worked in a kindy where the kids after lunch slept in little plastic racks about 3 inches high with a blanklet and a pillow. I think this would work well here and said racks could fit under the desks. The racks were easy to put away and could be stacked up and fitted into a closet.

    Japanese and Koreans are well known to use the floor to sit, relax and sleep. I was in Korea for a time in 2001 and 2002 and did a lot of floor sitting, including teaching a class of kids on the floor on a low table.

    When I was first married, my mother in law, a peasant Chinese woman in her 70’s came to visit our home. After lunch, I peered into the bedroom to see mama sleeping on the floor like some homeless peasant when there is a freaking made bed right there. I yelled for my wife and objected to mama sleeping on the floor when there is a bed there. She told me that Chinese like to sleep on hard surfaces and no matter. I let it go in that if mama wanted the bed, she can have the bed. But it made me think that she did not want the bed because she did not want to mess it up.

  • ane92

    I can see how some people would argue it’s not a big deal because the kids still fall asleep.

    From a medical/health point of view though proper sleep is one of the most important things to human health especially in regards to the brain and learning. Especially at a younger age where your body/brain is still developing.

    While it may seem like the kids fall asleep fine and they simply get use to it. I would have to assume that sleeping on a small wooden desk probably isn’t going to provide the same level of deep sleep/proper sleep patterns that a more cozy bed would provide.

    This very well could have significant impacts on a childs brain reaching its full potential and learning as much as it can/should.

    So I understand the arguement that it’s not that big of a deal…..but my arguement would be is it really not worth spending a small amount of money for some simple beds when the it could drastically increase the ability for a childs brain to learn because they now had more proper sleep? The future of any country relies on it’s youth and education, I say spring for the extra 20rmb for a cheap bed……worst case sceniro is you lose out on a one time payment of 20rmb.

    • ane92

      Also to add on this a bit. I saw some comments that schools are meant for children to learn and not to pamper/spoil them (I don’t think a bed is spoiling someone but whatever).

      Many people don’t realize it yet but things like a proper diet and proper sleep are some of the most important things the human body needs to reach it’s full potential, especially the brain. This is even more train in developing brains (kids/young adults).

      I’m no doctor but I would assume that sleeping on a desk compared to a regular bed does affect sleeping patterns and could dramatically affect the way your brain works and learns new things.

      If a school is meant for learning then schools need to take into consideration things like proper sleep and diet because it has a HUGE impact on the ability to learn.

      There have been many studies/cases where people say they get enough sleep and they don’t notice any problems from lack of sleep or feel like they have sleep problems. But almost always when these people are put into an isolated room where light is blocked out 100% and the bed is nice and it is 100% silent these peoples bodies wills hut down and sleep for 12-14hours straight. This is a clear indication that even though they thought otherwise there truth of the matter is their body wasn’t getting the best sleep possible (which is why in a better enviornment their body shut down for so long).

      Only recently are these things starting to come to the attention of the mainstream when it comes to overall health and learning and in regards to the way the human brain functions.

  • Maxine

    yeah. i uesed to be there……..take a nap on school desk. But it happened about 15 years ago……

  • China: Where the innocents of childhood is defiled by the ambition of the state.

  • Whoever wrote that it would cause muscle and bone damage is nuts! I lived in Guangzhou five years. I taught in public schools at all age levels. These kids aren’t in any physical danger from either falling off or bone/muscle problems. First of all, they don’t do it for that long. Secondly, it stops soon after they enter middle school. I saw this all the time–I even went into an empty class room and would lay on the desks after lunch to catch a few z’s.
    In China, the number one past time during a survey of young people was sleeping! Yes, sleeping was their past time. These kids study like no other student in the world. They have longer school hours than most, and even have class on Saturdays in many cases.
    The Chinese can takes naps like nobody else I have seen! If you walk by a mobile phone shop, or a dress shop, or a jewelry shop, any kind of shop around noon time, you will see people asleep on the work counters–I am not kidding!