Chinese Embassy in US Vandalized with ‘Demolish’ Graffiti

The Character "Demolition” Appearing on Gate Post of Chinese Embassy in US

From QQ: (no longer accessible)

[Chinese Character] “Demolish” Appears on Gate Pillars of Chinese Embassy in the US; Suspected Graffiti from Protesters

[Note: The character “拆” (chai, to demolish or dismantle) is commonly seen in China written on buildings to be torn down for new construction or redevelopment, and has sometimes been seen as a symbol of the Chinese government’s “bullying” policy that allows forced evictions and demolitions.]

On the early morning of 2013 July 10, three graffiti Chinese characters “拆” [“demolish”] appeared on the courtyard gate posts and the entrance of the office building for China’s embassy in the United States. American media claimed that this may be protesters expressing dissatisfaction and protest with the forced demolition in certain parts of China.

According to TaKung comprehensive reports, two Chinese characters “拆” were sprayed in blue and black paint appeared on the gate pillars on both sides of Chinese Embassy in the US. Because the embassy posts are gray, it was very conspicuous.

The Character "Demolition” Appearing on Gate Post of Chinese Embassy in US

From the pictures, we can’t see guards in the front gate of the embassy, but there are cameras mounted on the pillars. Thus after retrieving the surveillance footage, it should be not difficult to see the graffiti artist’s face. As of press time, the embassy has not yet offered a response to this incident.

Some American media have claimed that this might be people using graffiti to express their dissatisfaction to protest the forced demolition in certain parts of China.

China’s central government had issued many documents, emphasizing that violent demolition and compulsory relocation are not allowed, but under the impetus of economic development, illegal problems such as forced demolition still exists with some local governments.

According to reports, the Chinese embassy in the US held the ceremony for opening a new embassy in 2008 July, which was designed by famous Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei’s Pei Partnership Architects, and his two sons: Bei Jianzhong and Bei Lizhong. Groundbreaking formally started 2005 April 22. In order to ensure the safety and security of the embassy, construction workers and building materials were transported directly from China to Washington D.C..

What is interesting is that the new US embassy in China held its opening ceremony when US President George W. Bush was in Beijing to attend the Olympic Games. Media claimed at that time that the capitals of the two large countries of China and the United States holding new embassy opening ceremonies respectively could be called a grand occasion in the diplomatic history between China and the United States.

Chinese Embassy in US

a cleaner wiping off the graffiti

Comments on QQ:

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腾讯安顺市网友 快乐的男人:

American is not professional. The character of “拆” is not standard! It is supposed to be in red paint, writing a very big “拆” domineeringly first then painting a circle around the calligraphy in red paint.

authentic sign should be written in red with a circle

腾讯郴州市网友 马兰79.1 :

“拆”, such artistry, such a feeling of home. In China, it is difficult to find a place without this word. This is a symbol. That it has crossed the ocean to the United States today is not surprising at all. Like porcelain crossing the ocean, it has henceforth become equivalent to China. [But] can one word “拆” represent [China]? It’s too simple. Is it really evolved?

腾讯网友 爱有温度:

Though the writing style is very similar, it’s not professional enough. First of all, it should be in red color. Second it should be circled. Some places even draw on a cross/X. Looking at the handwriting, it looks like it was written by a Chinese person. Ordinarily, foreigners who haven’t had two years of [Chinese character writing] practice, their Chinese characters wouldn’t be at this level.

腾讯南宁市网友 凡夫俗子:

The Chinese government truly is NB, even demolishing its way to the United States.

腾讯台州市网友 魅力智慧者:

Demolish, demolish, demolish, now internationally.

腾讯哈密地区网友 在远方:

That the Chinese government dares to publish negative reports on the Internet shows they have confidence and determination to solve the problems. Don’t just see something and spit [criticize, talk shit about]. If you are a true patriotic Chinese person, then put forward your point and solution. Hurling abuse without thinking should not be something patriotic Chinese people do. If you are not patriotic, please go away.

腾讯温州市网友  丛容:

Ha, now this is something that can be demolished…

腾讯网友 GEO:

Hehe. This word was written well and properly. With this, our Chinese characters have gone international, finally going beyond our own country.

腾讯昆明市网友 东坡竹居:

No lying: Maybe Americans do not have much interest in this, just like back then when Beijinger in New York was being filmed in the United States, when an entire street of Americans rushed by without stopping to see what is happening –- Our countrymen’s mentalities. Let’s be more like a large country [major power], a little more tolerate, a little more calm [secure]! Let’s not have a presence/bearing that is inferior to even the ancient Tang dynasty…

腾讯北京市网友 哦:

Why do I feel so gratified… a sense of delight in my heart like that of secretly being happy when seeing others embarrassing themselves, like when the national football/soccer team lost to Thailand. I’m not angry. I’m very happy.

腾讯网友 系统繁忙:

An embassy is the symbol of national sovereignty, and to defile the embassy is to insult the dignity of the country! Regardless of what goal the people who did the graffiti had, doing this is going too far. What’s the difference between this and writing bastard on someone else’s face?! I severely condemn this kind of behavior!
Back then when Yugoslavia’s embassy was bombed, millions of Chinese people were outraged. Now there are people who treat our embassy as if it were an illegally constructed building and there are people applauding??? Do you people have any national self-respect at all? Do you still think of yourselves Chinese?!

腾讯网友 闹人:

Probably [because it was] an illegally constructed structure? Otherwise tofu-dreg construction [shoddy construction]? It looks like a village office, without any stateliness. I ask Obama for an explanation.

腾讯网友 GEO:

I bet Americans will also begin using the Chinese character “拆” in the future when it comes to demolition. I just don’t know if they’ll draw a circle.

腾讯网友长沙市 大海:

To be blunt, nowadays in China, whether it is the cities, suburbs, or the rural countryside, who isn’t hoping for demolition every day? They all want something for nothing, to get rich overnight [from the government compensation given when land and property is expropriated from the original inhabitants for demolition and redevelopment]. Just how many young people in rural areas have actually done any farming, and just how many still live in their hometowns [villages]? The minute they have some money, they just want to buy a house in the county seat [nearest major urban town]. If they have a little bit more money, they want to buy a house in the city or the provincial capital. The real nail houses are basically big families or families with some background [connections]. Only a minority were screwed over by local governments and developers. These days, other than government officials and speculators, most of the people who are buying homes are rural migrant workers, who still have land in their hometown villages, and write the names of their children on the property in the cities. They’re all very clever.

腾讯网友福州市 浪中游子: (responding to above)

You cannot think that simple. Have you put yourself in their shoes before? When rural farmers and peasants are stripped of their land at cheap prices, when the home they’ve lived in for how many years is then ruthlessly demolished, when they then have to move into flimsy highrises, can you imagine how happy you would be? The millionaires created by demolitions, only people who live in urban villages [urban ghettos that are demolished to be redeveloped/gentrified] and the like are so lucky. Do you know how many farmers in this world aren’t willing to leave their old homes where they’ve lived for many years? It’s an emotional attachment to the old home. It’s just like giving you 10 million in exchange for the life of your son, wife, or parents. Would you be willing?

腾讯网友 阳光无限: (responding to above)

You all have pig brains! In our country, every time there is a demolition, just look at how many people are made millionaires and multimillionaires? All this money, just who is ultimately paying the bill for it all if it isn’t the ordinary common people and the people without any land or property of their own, as well as the general taxpayers and mortgage slaves. You people are aiding tyrants in their oppression, virtually pushing up housing prices. “A rising tide lifts all boats”, do you understand this saying? Do you understand this truth? You people are being sold as pigs by crafty people and you’re even helping them count the money. What a bunch of stupid pigs. You need to know that some households who have had their homes demolished are just as evil as some developers.

腾讯网友 hjian: (responding to above)

Cannot treat them all as the same, this too is a kind of [special] characteristic.

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  • Chink Genocidum

    “who isn’t hoping for demolition every day?”

    Hoping demolition with chinese characteristic on my sofa.

  • Jay K.

    You can never 拆 my sofa!!!

  • markus peg

    The graffiti worked, the aim of it was to invoke a big response about the demolition issue.

    “who isn’t hoping for demolition every day?” a Chinese user said. some people were made millionaires but most people lose a lot of money and their life long home/land with little compensation in return…

    • Marcellus Wallace

      That’s clearly not communism or socialism.

      • I don’t give a shit what Chinese think. They are slaves (substitutes for black). China was enslaved by Brits in Opium Wars and then were enslaved by the Western-Nazi ideology (Communism). China never declared independence. They are puppets of the Anglo Saxons..

        • Thinking to myself, why the natural resources are getting depleted? What is the best way to solve overpopulation? How to end the suffering of the Chinese once and for all. God will end all suffering by killing the chineseones?

    • dumbledore

      I don’t get why so many of the dumbass netizens seem to think it’s a foreigner who wrote this. There are tens of thousands of Chinese students and graduates living in Washington or within easy driving distance. The smart money says that this is a guy whose family home back in China is being demolished and his parents are getting peanuts.

      On a related note: My wife’s father’s house got taken last year and he only barely got enough money to build a new one in a different place. The guy and his brother have spent the past year working their asses off building as much as they could themselves so they didn’t end up at a loss. The house is almost finished now but they still need some 5 wan to do it up,, and the government money is long gone. Few are going to be “multimillionaires” as several wumao idiots seem to suggest.

      • Mighty曹

        They have this mentality that says, ‘Chinese food cooked in America is not Chinese’. Hence, Chinese written in the US is not Chinese. So fucking retarded.

    • Anusbis

      “The prejudices are rooted deeper than the principles.”

  • Tony Heaney

    did the cctv (not the tv channel) not cathc them?

    • markus peg

      It says they can use the CCTV footage to see their face, however the information hasn’t been released to the public. The embassy has yet to make an official press statement about this.

    • bprichard

      Maybe they were smart enough to wear balaclavas!

  • MrT

    Half of China needs demolishing and starting again.
    The other half is sweet!

    • POS

      Which half is which?

      • MrT

        the one on the right

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Since this is a “China” embassy, the person probably wanted to write under 拆 the word「拿」, but ran out of spray paint. Get it? 😜

    • fabulous

      No, I don’t get it.
      Could you please explain it for me?

      • Mighty曹

        The two characters sound: Chai and Nah. ChaiNah.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      拿拆 …. take demolish?

      Unless you were making a joke based on pronunciation, then it could translate into “Go get vegetables”…. @_@

      • Mihel

        Go get vegetables?
        Is that a chinese insult? XD

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Nah, I just mistranslated it when I reversed the order of the words he presented. >_>

          • YourSupremeCommander

            reading comprehension 101

          • lonetrey / Dan

            internet serious business 101

      • POS

        “chai” “na” common Dan, 101 here man :P

        • lonetrey / Dan

          LOL ah, sorry I misread his post! I thought he said “chai” under “na” , which would give you “na-chai”; Hence why I wrote it in the wrong order in my original reply to him.

    • Mighty曹

      Clever! “China”!

  • The Enlightened One

    Well, at least if the person is caught he won’t be executed like he/she would have been if they had done that to a government building in China.

    Probably wouldn’t even be news, they would just grab the guy in his sleep and black bag him.

  • Repatriated

    No need to demolish the embassy. If it was built to Chinese quality standards, it will fall apart soon enough.

    • moody

      If you pay attention , you ll notice that Gov buildings in mainland China are state of the art, and use top quality components
      and do not age as badly as surrounding buildings.

  • POS

    Considering all the abuse foreign embassies in China suffer (particularly the US and Japan) at the hands of Sanlu drinking fenqing bots this actually gives me a warm and fuzzy lol.

  • Numonly

    May be just a Chinese tourist.

    • Godzirra

      Or some fucking Japanese thugs.

      • Mighty曹

        It was Ding Jinhao, the kid who defaced the Egyptian relic.

      • Probably some Chinese who hate the Chinese Cuntish Party…

  • Mighty曹

    “In order to ensure the safety and security of the embassy, construction workers and building materials were transported directly from China to Washington D.C..”

    LOL! Let’s hope there won’t be an earthquake in DC. Or they condemned it 拆 knowing the building is about to collapse after 5 years of completion.

    *Ok I know the reason for ‘safety and security’ thinking the construction of US and Russian embassies during the Cold War.

    • Haha I saw that
      They’re so good at jokes. That was a joke, right?

      • Mighty曹

        I’m SURE they were joking but I take that as an insult. haha….

    • maja

      About this “the construction workers were transported”, could some native speaker tell how it sounds? construction workers are not goods… but maybe that’s a common expression in English.
      I know the original chinese is different, it’s just about English.

      • Mighty曹

        “construction workers were imported” would make them sound as ‘goods’.

  • DG


  • Reila90

    Reverse nationalism in China is like Liberalism in USA. It is equally stupid.
    What is worse, they spread like virus.

    • POS

      Now go drink your Sanlu and get back to posting CCP talking points parrot, erhm I mean “patriot”.

      • Reila90

        I’m nowhere near patriot actually. Not like i’m born there. It’s amusing how quickly you judge people. I think my point is spot on. What these people did is merely a reactionary. Not a solution.
        Are you Chinese?

        • maja

          that’s reactionary? but that’s the whole point…

          • Reila90

            Vandalism solve the problem? i think not.

          • Karze

            That what Chinese government does on people in China.

          • Reila90

            I know what you mean. But what these people did, certainly not going to solve the problem. And that’s the point.

    • mr.wiener

      I would argue that nationalism is more of a disease and a modern one at that.

      • Reila90

        I agree that nationalism is like a different form of ‘religion’. Tho there’s a thing called national and it is exist. You need to have a clear thought to solve your government’s illness. Not simply reactionary or pure emotion like those vandalist.


      • Religious fanaticism and nationalism, which I would describe as patriotic fanaticism(?), are mental illnesses and should be treated as such.

      • Nationalism used to be a good thing. Now like you said, acts more like a hindrance than a national pride.

    • cb4242

      As usual. you always get it so wrong. How do you equate the two and how is liberalism in the sense of freedom is equal to nationalism as in China’s case?

  • JayJay

    I suppose the five cents gang will be spraying “eminent domain” at US Embassy in Beijing or “Compulsory Purchase Order” at the British Embassy tomorrow.

  • stevelaudig

    The architectural design of the embassy has all the charm of a prison. like most gigantic governmental constructions. Mussolini Modern, Brutalist Modern, Adolphism in stone.

    • i think the stone roof symbolizes CCP officials’ hard heads.

  • BiggJ

    So because someone spray paints “demolish” the most logical explanation is someone protesting against forced demolition in china? And why put it on the American embassy if that were the case? Most likely all it is someone who just don’t like America for whatever reason or was denied a visa or something. That’s just America trying to make china look bad.

    And the CCTV cameras….. Well good luck with that. ” We are looking for a male(possibly female) Chinese person between 5-5’7 with short dark hair and tan colored skin wearing clothes with misspelled English words all over them, driving an E-bike. If you have any further information please contact the American embassy.”……later that day 300,000,000 people in for questioning.

    • donscarletti

      Chinese embassy in Washington DC, did you even see the flag it was flying or read the title?

      • BiggJ

        Shit I read the title wrong lol. I was thinking the US embassy in china. Disregard everything I said.

        • Mighty曹

          Bigg, lay off the pipe. Don’t be smoking too much of that shit.

  • Washington Bullets

    This…. This gives me all teh lulz…

  • Mighty曹

    Damn floating officials are already there inspecting.

    • POS

      Seriously those guys are everywhere, taxpayer money at work there!

      • Mighty曹

        There were going to be at SFO to inspect the crash but realized it would be inappropriate.

    • filabusta

      Ahahahahaha fantastic!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      The guy on the right: hey babe, wanna be my mistress #5?

      • Mighty曹

        Woman: “Ok, if you can make my husband disappear. That’s him behind me”.

    • unknown

      4 guys standing doing nothing while a woman is working? What a shame!

      • Mighty曹

        Standing with hands behind back.

  • wha–

    meanwhile in the US:
    Almost no one can read the character, and no one really cares.

  • Dr Sun

    After Zimmerman’s acquittal today, graffiti is going to least of the USA’s problems,

    • So far, it’s been pretty tame.

      • Dr Sun

        wait until this weekend

        • I watched a lot of the initial protests on TV, which are generally the more violent ones because of sudden anger and emotions that you haven’t been able to calm down from. It was just full of a bunch of middle class black people with a few white hipsters in v-necks spread about. Lead by your typical girl with dreads and a megaphone. It was really boring.

          Then we get down to what a lot of people reported as the “carnival-like” nature of the whole thing:

          There will be protests and whatnot, and a few violent people, but this won’t be anything remotely similar to the 92 LA riots.

          • Dr Sun

            There’s still a middle class in America ?

            I thought there was the unemployed destitute on food stamps, wefare and in poverty, the working class struggling to pay the mortgage on the house they could never really afford and the stinking rich, that was it.

          • I know that’s a popular idea going around, but no, you thought wrong. There’s still a middle class. It’s not as big as it use to be, but still very much there. Business isn’t sucking for everyone.

          • Dr Sun

            I know Halliburton’s on a roll

          • I think you keep trying to make some kind of sniveling statement about the US or some kind of conspiracy, but it’s not really working in this case. I was going to more point out something like, say, my step-dad’s flatbed trucking business and how it hasn’t really suffered, and certainly isn’t now. You know, an actual middle-class type of business (he’s not running a multi-billion dollar corporation, for example).

  • Californiaz

    US is turning into a multikult wasteland

    • Germandude

      Hm. Your name made me think that you are from California. If so, you might have noticed, that it’s a very multicultural state. And you know what? If you exclude Los Angeles, it’s the greatest state of the US because of its diversity.

      • Californiaz

        >Exclude Los Angeles
        >Count the rest of the state

        1)Cost of illegals per state, google it
        2)Los Angeles is the diversity king of America
        3)Why are we excluding LA for no reason? Thought diversity was good.

        • Germandude

          I am excluding Los Angeles because it must be the most awful city any developed nation ever created. A chessboard of roads, no city center (when asking for it, I was sent to a Wal Mart with Burger King, KFC and such close-by) and a pretty disgusting corelation of poverty and decadence close to another. LA has no soul.

          Great cities are San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, Boston and Las Vegas (for obvious reasons).

          Oh and yes, having one of the most diverse populations in the world is advantageous.

          • I spent one whole day in LA. I’m not a big city person, so LA got lucky. I went to Universal Studios, which was a lot better than I expected (it was rad) and saw a lady standing on the sidewalk next to her previously really nice car which had completely taken out one of those massive traffic light poles (even more rad). Then I hurried out of there (completely forgetting to go look at the Hollywood sign for whatever reason) and then found myself in the public bathroom floor grease filth that is San Francisco.

          • Germandude

            What is there not to like about SF? It’s the 2nd prettiest city I’ve seen in the US, just behind Boston.

          • San Francisco was decent enough. Pretty photogenic. The people operating public transportation (and riding it) were pretty friendly, but I have limited experience with that so maybe I was lucky. I just felt like everything was covered in a layer of filth and grease haha

            I’m a huge fan of small cities…with a lot of trees…preferably on or surrounded by mountains.

          • Germandude

            I am also not the big city fan, but I enjoy them once in a while. Best places in US for sight-seeing imho, in that order:
            Zion Canyon
            Bryce Canyon
            Florida (beaches, Key West is nice)

            I have never been to the south and Texas unfortunately. New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas are places I would have loved to travel to. But honestly, if it’s not for a business trip, I am never going to the US again.

          • Texas cities are pretty boring. Maybe great places to work in and live, but I can’t imagine what a tourist would find nice about them. Corpus Christi is pretty good. San Antonio has a nice little area around the Alamo and the River Walk. Austin, however, should be at the top of your places to visit in Texas. As for Louisiana…well yeah definitely do visit New Orleans one day. It’s an incredible amount of gritty fun. I’m a huge fan of nature though, so I prefer northwest Arkansas. Fayetteville (where I have been living for a while) is such a nice place.

            I’ve never been past Mississippi to Florida. I’ve mostly just visited the Southwest and lower Midwest, and the West Coast. I wish I could win the lottery…I would buy an RV on the first day and spend a few years just driving around the US and Canada.

          • crosspatch

            I would recommend the Tabasco factory and a bayou tour in the Lafayette area.

          • Denver feels left out. Despite the many forest fires, the national forest here is purrrty. Maroon bells are gorgeous. Just fyi.

          • The first time I drove through the Southwest and up through California, the intention was to cruise through Wyoming and Colorado, taking in the sights on the way back home. I was pretty excited about it. It was January of 2012, when the weather was being strangely mild. I woke up in Cheyenne to several inches of snow with a ton of it coming down and the winds picking up. So, my time in Colorado was spend getting through it with a snow storm chasing me. It was one of the coolest (ha! great pun) weather events I’ve ever seen. with the clear sky in front of me and the wind kicking up snow in the distance behind me and to my left…I wanted so bad to stop and snap a photo, but seriously I was just barely in front of this storm and having to concentrate on the wind not blowing me off the interstate! I really hope to make it out to Colorado soon, but to see it without snow the first visit would be like coming to Texas and not seeing a horse.

          • Mighty曹

            Thank you, Deutschman! San Fran consistently rank among the top cities in various categories, nationally and internationally. The best thing I like is its compactness. 10 mins to work, 10 mins to downtown, 5 mins to the beach, 20 mins to SFO. Museums, zoo, golf courses, parks, symphony, world class restaurants, etc, all within a mere 47 square mile boundary.

          • Germandude

            Lived 15 mins (on foot) away from SFSU where I studied one semester. Not the best neighborhoods, but had some pretty funny Mexicans as neighbors.

            My classmates said that I should not walk down the road during darkness, because my neighborhood was too dangerous. One night, I had to walk back and passed by the neighbors garage, where smoke came out and loud Mexican hip hop was played. When passing by, a dude comes by and said: “You the funny guy with the European accent, where from?”. “I am frromm Jurmany” (thinking that they gonna shoot me now, cause of what I’ve been told…). “Oh, Germany? We got some mexican beer, do you like bbq?”. I was sure I am gonna die now, but damn, the food was good and the guys were awesome.

            I liked what you described about SF: the whole world, compressed into one small city. Plus, I went to Palo Alto (spelling? too lazy to check now) and also Oakland, to finally watch an NBA game live. Eventhough it was the warriors, I saw them playing against Sactown and Houston. Noice!

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha…. that’s funny. But yeah, one time on the way to a restaurant we walked past this house that had a portable fire place going in the front lawn. We glanced at the garage and saw a bar set up. This Mexican dude walks out, sees us looking admiringly at his set up, and invites us to join him for a beer. Pretty cool.

            I live in the Sunset (SFSU is at the sound edge of Sunset). Did you hang out at Stonestown? haha…

          • Germandude

            That’s the shopping mall with Macy’s on the right of the parking lot and Mc Donald’s on the left (both on ground floor) right? Like 5 minutes walk from SFSU.

            Why would I hang out at a shopping mall? To push little kids out of the shopping trolleys?

          • Mighty曹

            There was a Borders bookstore (right betweenMcDonald’s and Nordstrom) where SFSU students hangout at the coffee concession area. You can help yourself to any books in the store and sit through it with a cup of coffee. Lots of girls to meet too.

          • when you take in account of those hills …its not a short walk -,-. i ate at achinese restuarant near the university and boy was it pricy and mediocre! I think the chinatown is kind of small which is why I like NYC chinatown. Go NY!!

          • Mighty曹

            I’m glad it’s small. Other than being a tourist attraction here’s really no reason for it to be any bigger. I can’t tell you how much I hate driving through there. I’m constantly yelling, “This ain’t no Disneyland!!” at tourists walking or standing in the middle of the street and taking pictures, etc.

          • Mighty曹

            Whisk, I resent that! As with any major cities San Fran’s got its gritty filthy parts too. You must have set foot in one of the sections of town. Next time you visit I’ll tell you the ‘avoid’ parts of the city.

          • Haha all three of my visits to San Francisco were rushed. The first was a 10 hour layover that was mostly just a BBQ party in a friend’s yard. The second was a half day visit with a friend who wasn’t much for sight-seeing (which was weird, because it was his idea to go on a road trip to these amazing places), and the third was a day and a half, but it was freezing cold rain all day. My entire part of our group plan on that last one was just “let’s go to ZY chinese restaurant and eat tudousi haha

            Pay for my entire trip there and show me around to all the good places (and pay for all of that too).

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha… all paid expense? Can’t complain about that! So I guess you didn’t have time at all for any photo shooting. If you spend a week you’ll find some awesome shooting spots.

            Tip: The best Chinese food is outside of Chinatown.

          • Mighty曹

            You know a city has problems when you see barbed wires on the freeway signs. I only see that in LA.

        • I saw this article and remembered this argument and the idea that LA is the “diversity king of America”:

          Sorry chump, it’s good ol’ Houston, Texas.

  • Californiaz

    >Public opinion in most countries are not in favor of immigration

    >Norway has begun to self-segregate pupils based on ethnicity to avoid ethnic conflict even with just a tiny bit of diversity

    >Increases in diversity correlate with problems worldwide, and the downsides of diversity effect everyone, it’s a universal human problem:

    >Increased diversity correlates sharply with decreased community spirit, decreased altruism, depressed social capital, less ethical behaviour, more crime, fear, isolation and depression:

    >Diversity experiments in Germany end in disaster

    >Denmark saved billions by restricting immigration:

    >Swedish politician speaks on camera about immigration issues and expresses different views when secretly filmed.

    >Paul Weston, chairman of Britain’s counter-Jihad party ‘Liberty GB’ speaks about the Woolwich murder, Islam and the state of Britain today.

    New York Times distorting the truth about crime and race:

    • Cool list of broken URLs

      • Haha, yeah. But the first one works. I have never seen such a misleading and negatively worded immigration survey in my life. Sounds like it was written by a fascist. The last link works too, a book review. All the negative consequences he “discovered” are mainstays of Chinese “civilization”. The way I read it is, “diversity makes everyone act like “The Ugly Chinaman” Bo Yang wrote about.

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  • Karze

    I don’t see this kind of protest more often overseas at the Embassy. Chinese officials can’t use violence to cow down freedom from violence, speech and congregation.

  • Senth

    The Chinese Embassy should be at least closed until the Chinese Govt starts free elections and does something about the sever corruption in China.

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