Chinese Encouraged To Emigrate To Defeat Foreigners

Nationalism and Racism, the Making of a Fabricated Story

A recent post titled “My British wife and I had 10 children! All for the resurgence of the Chinese nation! (family photos included)” have been spreading around the Chinese online community. The post and the attached photo purportedly described the life of an Overseas Chinese, who along with his British wife raised 10 children for the sake of the Chinese nation. The author named “海外再造中华” rallied against the “white people” dominating the world and criticized the “One Child Policy” in restricting Chinese population growth, while advocating that the only way out for the Chinese people is to emigrate and settle across the globe.

In actuality, the photos posted were taken from this Daily Mail article concerning the story of Jay Wong and Rachael Savory, a couple who had to put off marriage time and time again due to having so many children. Thus, the Chinese article was a blatant alteration of the original story and photos to further the author’s own views. Some of the author’s opinions reflected racist views akin to the Lebensraum Policy of Nazi Germany, but most can probably be interpreted as satire against the demographic problems and policies in China. Not surprisingly, some of his posts were subsequently harmonized but many still remain.

From NetEase:

My British wife and I had 10 children! All for the resurgence of the Chinese nation! (family photos included)

I am an overseas Chinese, graduated college during the 80’s, found a job in a foreign trade company and traveled to dozens of countries in Africa and Latin America. Obtained my master’s in France in 1993, afterwards married and had children here. Grew up in the foothills of Lushan [Hunan?], studied amidst the beauty of Yanyuan, Aiwan Pavilion, Nameless Lake, and Boya Tower [PKU?], all of which I treasure in my heart. So often do I dream of returning to Yanyuan, dream of returning to that ideal time! My age and life story encompass more than the typical fenqing, yet persistently I still think of the future and destiny of the Chinese race.

I want to talk about something that is a hundred times more important than the unification of Taiwan: emigration abroad, the One child Policy, and the remaking of the Chinese nation.

Those who have been outside the country know that the world since the 17th century had been dominated by white people. 30% of the world composed of Whites of European ancestry directly controls 60% of the world’s land: Europe, all of Russia, all of America, all of Australia, parts of Africa. Also, through the use of European languages (English, French, and Russian) and Christian beliefs, [they] indirectly control 20% of the world: large parts of Africa, parts of the Middle East, parts of Central Asia, and parts of East Asia.

Whites “discovered” America, Australia, and Siberia in the 17th century. The local natives did not want their passport visas, so they killed 90% of the native people, and then constructed “democratic” nations! But now when Chinese people want to go abroad they need passport visas, or else they would be “illegal” immigrants! So Chinese people have no choice but to go through the One Child Policy at home! What sorrow!

I am not a racist, and not a radical chauvinist, but the Western treatment of Chinese is too brutal!

The road to the rise of the Chinese nation in the future must involve emigration of people abroad!


Liberals, everyday you talk about how the system of governance is bad, and then you should emigrate! Go to the country you love!
Leftists, stop saying you speak for the poor and weak, go find ways to let the unemployed and farmers emigrate!
Rightists, stop talking about competition and survival of the fittest, go compete abroad!
Henan people, you are good at having kids, stop having them at home, and go abroad!
Hunan people, you are good at politics, stop playing at home, go play foreigners!
Dongbei people, you are good at picking fights, stop fighting at home, and go fight laowais!
Hong Kong/Guangdong people, you are good at taking mistresses, stop taking them at home, go abroad and take laowais!
Sichuan/Guangxi people, you are good at fighting, stop fighting at home, and go fight laowais!
Taiwan people, you want to declare independence, stop bickering at home, go abroad and declare independence!

Chinese people, stop internal divisions, we must all step out into the world, for the future of our people; must have the world view, to emigrate abroad!

Rebuild the Chinese nation is our duty! We will definitely defeat the foreigner’s civilization and rebuilt the Great China!

— An Overseas Chinese near the Seine River in Paris

Comments on NetEase:


Kao, lou zhu you are so niu bi.
You are definitely my idol.


LZ‘s logic is ludicrous, and surprise me is that so many netizens support you. This is the biggest joke on earth, how do you suppose it will revive China???
If all the men in China are like you then the Chinese nation is over!!!

It appears that lou zhu is a man, if you take the opposite view, if it was a girl who had 10 children with a laowai do you think so many netizens will support this???

You are the male immigrant, wife is a foreigner, children are foreign citizens growing up abroad, and I don’t think these kids will have any feeling for China after they grow up! Instead, it is China giving the genes of its best men to laowai to raise more advantageous future generations, ultimately increasing the possibility of them coming to oppress China in the future in doing so.

The revival of China and the Chinese man having kids with laowai are two completely unrelated things. That said, I feel sorry for your wife (since this post is just to show off, I don’t see you marrying your wife out of love, you’re just using her and it disgust me). At the same time I feel sorry for Chinese men who have this type of views!


Don’t have any environmental awareness, the earth already has so many people, yet you still keep having kids, the destruction of the planet is because of people like you.


Give me one girl and I can create a whole race of people!


Just another SB


Niu, we can’t even have two [kids]!

Comments on Tianya:


LZ good thing you are in England, if you are in China you be fined until you are dead.


SF! [sofa?]I find it hard to accept LZ‘s reasoning and realistic aims.


Lou zhu is so strong, one more and you’ll have a football team.


What LZ said actually makes a lot of sense!
Cultural Harmony is the Chinese nation’s eternal ambition.
Even Jackie Chan said Shanghainese women need to marry more foreigners, in order to assimilate more westerners.


Why don’t mixed blood children have Asian traits? LZ‘s genes are not as strong as your wife!
Although I think I saw these pictures somewhere else.


Your wife is so pitiful…have to spend 90 month with a big belly…

Rebuild the Chinese nation. Rebuild the Great China. chinaSMACK personals.


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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