Chinese Encouraged To Emigrate To Defeat Foreigners

Nationalism and Racism, the Making of a Fabricated Story

A recent post titled “My British wife and I had 10 children! All for the resurgence of the Chinese nation! (family photos included)” have been spreading around the Chinese online community. The post and the attached photo purportedly described the life of an Overseas Chinese, who along with his British wife raised 10 children for the sake of the Chinese nation. The author named “海外再造中华” rallied against the “white people” dominating the world and criticized the “One Child Policy” in restricting Chinese population growth, while advocating that the only way out for the Chinese people is to emigrate and settle across the globe.

In actuality, the photos posted were taken from this Daily Mail article concerning the story of Jay Wong and Rachael Savory, a couple who had to put off marriage time and time again due to having so many children. Thus, the Chinese article was a blatant alteration of the original story and photos to further the author’s own views. Some of the author’s opinions reflected racist views akin to the Lebensraum Policy of Nazi Germany, but most can probably be interpreted as satire against the demographic problems and policies in China. Not surprisingly, some of his posts were subsequently harmonized but many still remain.

From NetEase:

My British wife and I had 10 children! All for the resurgence of the Chinese nation! (family photos included)

I am an overseas Chinese, graduated college during the 80’s, found a job in a foreign trade company and traveled to dozens of countries in Africa and Latin America. Obtained my master’s in France in 1993, afterwards married and had children here. Grew up in the foothills of Lushan [Hunan?], studied amidst the beauty of Yanyuan, Aiwan Pavilion, Nameless Lake, and Boya Tower [PKU?], all of which I treasure in my heart. So often do I dream of returning to Yanyuan, dream of returning to that ideal time! My age and life story encompass more than the typical fenqing, yet persistently I still think of the future and destiny of the Chinese race.

I want to talk about something that is a hundred times more important than the unification of Taiwan: emigration abroad, the One child Policy, and the remaking of the Chinese nation.

Those who have been outside the country know that the world since the 17th century had been dominated by white people. 30% of the world composed of Whites of European ancestry directly controls 60% of the world’s land: Europe, all of Russia, all of America, all of Australia, parts of Africa. Also, through the use of European languages (English, French, and Russian) and Christian beliefs, [they] indirectly control 20% of the world: large parts of Africa, parts of the Middle East, parts of Central Asia, and parts of East Asia.

Whites “discovered” America, Australia, and Siberia in the 17th century. The local natives did not want their passport visas, so they killed 90% of the native people, and then constructed “democratic” nations! But now when Chinese people want to go abroad they need passport visas, or else they would be “illegal” immigrants! So Chinese people have no choice but to go through the One Child Policy at home! What sorrow!

I am not a racist, and not a radical chauvinist, but the Western treatment of Chinese is too brutal!

The road to the rise of the Chinese nation in the future must involve emigration of people abroad!


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Liberals, everyday you talk about how the system of governance is bad, and then you should emigrate! Go to the country you love!
Leftists, stop saying you speak for the poor and weak, go find ways to let the unemployed and farmers emigrate!
Rightists, stop talking about competition and survival of the fittest, go compete abroad!
Henan people, you are good at having kids, stop having them at home, and go abroad!
Hunan people, you are good at politics, stop playing at home, go play foreigners!
Dongbei people, you are good at picking fights, stop fighting at home, and go fight laowais!
Hong Kong/Guangdong people, you are good at taking mistresses, stop taking them at home, go abroad and take laowais!
Sichuan/Guangxi people, you are good at fighting, stop fighting at home, and go fight laowais!
Taiwan people, you want to declare independence, stop bickering at home, go abroad and declare independence!

Chinese people, stop internal divisions, we must all step out into the world, for the future of our people; must have the world view, to emigrate abroad!

Rebuild the Chinese nation is our duty! We will definitely defeat the foreigner’s civilization and rebuilt the Great China!

— An Overseas Chinese near the Seine River in Paris

Comments on NetEase:


Kao, lou zhu you are so niu bi.
You are definitely my idol.


LZ‘s logic is ludicrous, and surprise me is that so many netizens support you. This is the biggest joke on earth, how do you suppose it will revive China???
If all the men in China are like you then the Chinese nation is over!!!

It appears that lou zhu is a man, if you take the opposite view, if it was a girl who had 10 children with a laowai do you think so many netizens will support this???

You are the male immigrant, wife is a foreigner, children are foreign citizens growing up abroad, and I don’t think these kids will have any feeling for China after they grow up! Instead, it is China giving the genes of its best men to laowai to raise more advantageous future generations, ultimately increasing the possibility of them coming to oppress China in the future in doing so.

The revival of China and the Chinese man having kids with laowai are two completely unrelated things. That said, I feel sorry for your wife (since this post is just to show off, I don’t see you marrying your wife out of love, you’re just using her and it disgust me). At the same time I feel sorry for Chinese men who have this type of views!


Don’t have any environmental awareness, the earth already has so many people, yet you still keep having kids, the destruction of the planet is because of people like you.


Give me one girl and I can create a whole race of people!


Just another SB


Niu, we can’t even have two [kids]!

Comments on Tianya:

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LZ good thing you are in England, if you are in China you be fined until you are dead.


SF! [sofa?]I find it hard to accept LZ‘s reasoning and realistic aims.


Lou zhu is so strong, one more and you’ll have a football team.


What LZ said actually makes a lot of sense!
Cultural Harmony is the Chinese nation’s eternal ambition.
Even Jackie Chan said Shanghainese women need to marry more foreigners, in order to assimilate more westerners.


Why don’t mixed blood children have Asian traits? LZ‘s genes are not as strong as your wife!
Although I think I saw these pictures somewhere else.


Your wife is so pitiful…have to spend 90 month with a big belly…

Rebuild the Chinese nation. Rebuild the Great China. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • carl

    It’s sad how racist people can be.

    Not to mention how bad people’s logic can be.

    If the rolls were reversed (Chinese girl British guy) everyone would be outraged.

    • FYIADragoon

      Its because men can’t be golddiggers.

      • carl

        I know several.

        For Your Information, If an average man doesn’t mind a little baggage (divorced with a kid) they can dig just as well as any woman around.

        I personally know two teachers that married very rich women in China. They didn’t mind taking care of a kid all the sudden. Now they’re like house husbands, and they love it.

      • Evalinsapple

        Oh yes they can. Just look at Senator Kerry for example.

    • gordon

      ur reasoning and logic is incredible:

      how can u know Every one will get outraged if it is a Chiense woman married to a British guy?

      In fact, it’s much much more common Chinese women marry Foreigners…We Chinese are well accustomed to it.


      It’s sad how racist people can be.

      Not to mention how bad people’s logic can be.

      If the rolls were reversed (Chinese girl British guy) everyone would be outraged.

      end of quote.

      • Kai

        You’re right. Not literally everyone, but it is arguable that a lot of Chinese men and Chinese male netizens would be outraged, just like a lot of men of other ethnicities and races, especially those belonging to poorer, less-developed societies, tend to feel bitter when a member of the dominant white-civilization is with one of “their” women.

        That said, I think the whole male-female dichotomy present in the comments (including the original Chinese comments, hello.lisa being the example) is a bit interesting, showing how people reacted to the photo. If you read the original post’s text, I don’t think there’s any specific mention of encouraging only Chinese MEN. It seems to encourage Chinese people in GENERAL to emigrate. It’s just that the photo and text represents the poster as male.

        That said, I have a hard time imagining Chinese women encouraging other Chinese to go forth and rebuild the Chinese nation through reproduction.

  • Even if this guy’s story was real, if these kids grew up in a Western country, went to schools that spoke a European language and were generally immersed in Western culture, they’d be white for all intents and purposes. Men like Mr Wong won’t make Europe any more Chinese than the Huns and the Avars made it Mongolian. Go to Sydney or LA, most locally born Chinese, even full blooded Chinese can’t speak Chinese for shit.

    • Dohz

      get the fuck out of here nigger

      • Foreign

        you racist piece of cunt

        • Jean

          who aer you referring to?

          • Foreign

            I was referring to this “Dohz” guy

        • Tins of sardines

          piece of cunt??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

          What a hoot.

    • Mike

      are you black? i bet 100% of black people usa don’t even know what their native language sound like, and they carry their slave owner’s last name. pretty pathetic if you ask me.

      • darkandlovelykissedbythe

        No Mike,
        There are many, many, educated, intelligent, articulate Black people in America…and they know who their father’s are.

      • Xiamei

        Well well, can’t get any where cussing the white man…so you turn to the race that everyone has trampled on for centuries, so you can feel better about yourselves.

        Stop using your precious kuaizi/chopsticks to eat the white man’s SHIT and kissing his ASS and get a life!

      • Dat Ankle

        Who do you think is to blame for that?

    • jose

      Err, the Huns were not Mongolian, they were a mix of Caucasian and Turkic tribes. Some of them may have been Mongoloid, but not enough to change the racial make up of Europe.

      • Tins of sardines

        Mongoloid or mongolian?

  • Dest

    I think I see the new Jon & Kate.

    • whichone

      +12? oh man, I liked this comment better when it was just +8…so I voted down :0

  • foretop hand

    Not Dr Swifts ” A Modest Proposal”, but it
    did make me laugh.

  • Bitter Expat

    Oh wow, that is fucking ridiculous. We live in a 21st century world and there’s no need for such racist, xenophobic and jingoistic bullshit.

    I think China still has a lot to learn when it comes to equality and treating people of different ethnic backgrounds with respect.

    I wish Mr Wong and his family all the best.

    • X.C.

      Woah, I’m sure that isn’t the mentality of all Chinese people. There’s good and bad people. Of the 1.4ish billion people, there’s bound to be the despicable and admirable.

      • Righteous American

        Think there will be a post on ChinaSMACK about the Brit whom the Chinese shot in the head today?

        • SLX

          doesn’t sound like something the webmaster is interested in, see how there are no human death incidents here?

          • Yeah I guess the burning Chengdu bus post, and the guy on the motorcycle getting crushed beneath a truck post dont really count in that respect.

          • Kai

            You guys must be new:

            British Drug Smuggler’s Death Sentence, Netizen Reactions

            Frankly, there’s not much new to that story other than him finally getting executed. The arguments are still largely the same on both sides.

          • SLX

            lol I tend to have a bad memory for bad things. Now I remember all those incidents on this site, the Evo car accident and bus fire, etc.

        • Promo

          Good point there…ofcourse they wouldn’t put it up. Let’s wait and see.. F…king Hypocrites.

          • LOLZ

            Let me see here, apparently Rightous American, Promo, and Milkfiddle are too stupid/lazy to use search engines before posting their political drivel. So what else is new?

        • milkfiddle

          yes come on Fauna!

          however none of the Chinese people I know know anything about this. They don’t need to know what their Gov does I suppose.

          • ken

            What are you talking about? The story has been in the news on CCTV and other local tv stations. Apparently, the Chinese people you know are not very well informed like yourself

        • milkfiddle

          yes come on Fauna!

          however none of the Chinese people I know know anything about this. They don’t need to know what their Gov does I suppose.

          • SLX, if there is enough interest in the topic we’ll do a translation of it.

        • mike

          it lethal injection idiot, read the news correctly before you make your self look stupid.

    • FYIADragoon

      Here’s a fun fact to remember too though, racism is double-edged. Foreigner worship is just as bad as xenophobia. People need to maintain a balance. I know it isn’t easy. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

    • Dest

      Uh huh. You need to get out more. Please don’t pretend there’s no racism and xenophobism in the rest of world, including Europe and America. Let’s be real here. There’s a staggering number of white supremacist groups and hate crimes in the USA. This just proves that China and the Western world are more similar than they know.

      • Somethin Somethin

        Hold on “staggering”? There are a shit ton of highly publicized groups in the US and Europe. I wrote several papers on the subject so I had to do a ton of research (specifically Neo-Nazism in the world post-Cold War to the late 90’s). These groups represent a hardcore group who feel no need to hide their racism. However their numbers tend to be extremely small and isolated. As for hate crimes, what is truly a “hate crime” of the Mathew Shepard variety is quite debateable.
        Hate groups are easy to track and study like white elephants they tend to stick out. What should be the concern of people is really an acceptance in popular discourse of the discrimination and degradation of other races and ethnic groups. A Chinese person publishing an article on Lebansbraun and garnering a ton of public support(this is not an example) is much more scary than six fatass rednecks drinking beer in the woods wearing camo’s and talking about a monkey in the white house.

  • NuwayFollowMeeeeeeInsteeed

    this is stupid. Heyey.

  • ungentrified

    Like Pusan Playa said, if this ever happened all you would get are literal “banana” republics.

  • SLX

    Half bloods are awful to have…. especially when they are half euro or western.

    The kids will most likely turn out to be dumb asses, Ive seen many weird looking faces, it gets more obvious as they grow older.

    I wouldn’t mind having fun in the bedroom with one of them.(of course someone good looking, unlike her)
    But when it comes to making offsprings I’d stick with my own Asian gene pool.

    • Promo

      U’re just a jealous SOAB….u know those girls wouldn’t even want u. U must have a very low self esteem. F&^k Face!

    • Foreign

      I bet you can even dry hump a foreign :D how sad

      • Foreign

        correction: can’t

  • dim mak

    China has always “expanded” like this. Send a ton of people into some nearby region, overwhelm/marginalize the locals, intermarry, then claim land as our own. It’s like a non-violent form of conquest. I don’t think it’s necessary today though, we’re already the largest ethnic group. The author claiming that whites make up 30% of the world’s population is just plain wrong.

    I’d probably marry another Chinese. Something about miscegenation really pisses people off, even you white folk with all your political correctness can’t deny that you feel something when you see an interracial couple. It’s the the same with everyone, Asians are just more honest about it.

    But what difference does it make? “White” countries have such tolerant immigration policies that there’s no way they’d stay “white” for much longer. 100, 200 years? It’d be nothing but brown people and East Asians left.

    • Marx

      I’m having a hard time finding any sort of coherent point from this rambling nonsense you posted here.

      Nothing of what you said is founded in any sort of logical or reasonable basis.

      • Kai

        I agree his comment was a bit taunting (“whities, your days are numbered anyway!”) but how do you reckon that none of what he said is founded in any logical or reasonable basis?

        Conquest through interbreeding? True. It’s not always pre-meditated “conquest” either. Sometimes it’s just what happens when a tribe expands and interbreeds with neighboring tribes.

        White folks still harboring deep-seated misgivings about interracial relationships despite public political correctness? Also true. Not of everyone, but of many, definitely.

        Many “white” countries having tolerant immigration policies? Arguable true too. This issue is particularly big in Europe, where a lot of the more nationalistic/racist locals feel resentment towards the influx of “brown” immigrants who they fear reproduce at higher rates than themselves.

        These are all logical and reasonable. But yeah, he comment was worded in a way that might worry some white people.

  • Peye

    I guess we better get ready ,if this logic prevails it will be standing room only in the near future.

  • G.


  • UnclePu

    This happens in areas with poor TV signal.

  • ken

    Wow, the assimilation process that the Chinese have been using in Xinjiang and Tibet to suppress minorities is now being turned into a global strategy. In the next millennium, China will rule the world if we do not take the yellow fear seriously

    • mocci

      look,in your logic, Chinese doesn’t do this assimilation-suppression thing more than you white people. there are hybrids of white and black, white and brown, white and yellow….everywhere all over the world but you hardly see any hybrids of yellow with other colors, and that is a simple and straight evidence to show how you white people oppressed the whole world with your annoying self-center-ism

  • Ranger_Lost_in_Mordor

    From now on , I decide to quit masturbating and save all my tadpoles to conqure the whole world, starting from America. So where is my Americunt? :)

  • new chinese farmer

    im embarrassed at this overseas chinese.i do not understand why china has such an idiot.use an offensive chinese words to him,”you are a sha b(stupid cunt)!!”there are many people here in china object one child policy,including me,all we know that that policy severely violates the basic human rights.but not like you,an insane guy,we have a clear mind.ive been always said,”china is china,west is west.”we should learn from each other,but we china cant lose our own racial characters.the west has an advantaged technology we should learn from,but we should not learn their social etiquette(we have a complete social cultures of our own).obviously,this chinese man has a great proud that he has been abroad,and he thought he is the smartest man in the planet.poooh…genuine chinese look down on you such a shit!(中国人严重鄙视你!)

    • milkfiddle

      Cultural ettiquette?

      Keep on gobbing, my friend!

  • gdf

    He’s got a big family, nice wife and works hard to support them. Chinese people are crabs in a bucket. One gets out and the rest try to pull him down.

    • Alan

      It’s the tall poppy syndrome. Don’t stand out from the crowd, don’t be an individual, don’t be outspoken! Just follow the herd off the edge baby, mei ban fa!

  • akbar lo

    Chinese trolls are truly epic… even reaching overseas to the Americans.

  • Ray

    The comment about how the wife’s gotta be from Newcastle? WTF??? For anyone who’s lived in England, Essex girls are the REAL sluts, I’ve never heard of anything about Newcastle girls????????

    And interracial girls are so hot, I don’t get why people are ragging on the kids, they will grow up to be beautiful!

    If you don’t believe me about interracial girls go to Brazil! @_@

    • akbar lo

      what a racist comment.

  • beowulf

    The comments here show a lot about the fears of western people.

    • LOLZ

      Don’t worry, it’s unlikely that that the Chinese internet trolls’ level of insecure will ever match that of the White folks who used to lynch blacks for sleeping with fellow white womenz.

      • mr destructo

        just a reminder to the “men” (lolz) of China: Lou Jing’s momma prefers the larginess of superior dark sausageseses. (use Popeye voice)

        • LOLZ

          Yeah yeah. Size is certainly an important thing, but if that’s the only thing someone/race/culture can be proud of then it’s kinda sad. It’s also too bad that in Asia (and most of the world, unfortunately) money comes way before size of penii. Hence the hottest asian womenz you see are usually with fat dorky asian men with glasses in their porsches and bimmers.

          • Evalinsapple

            Secretly wondering where you fit into this picture.

          • LOLZ

            “Secretly wondering where you fit into this picture.”

            Hey, I am just doing my part to take the troll baits so that others would not have to.

  • Logic

    Not to burst anyone’s dreams. But anyone wonder why some of the girls have blond hair? Or doesn’t anyone do simple biology these days.

    Only hypothesis comes to mind that doesn’t dispose of this as nonsense, is he is eating someone else’s leftovers. Some dream.

    • bleah

      Mendelian inheritance is too simplified.

    • Um, or they got highlights put in their hair, just like their momma? Or did you think she was a natural blond? :-)


    hi I AM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HEY BUNCH OF LAOWAIS, want to see something impossible?
    try to get a chinese green card or long-term residence permit and you will DIE TRYING.

    • Who the hell would want to live “long-term” in China?


        well if you are from one of the fucked up countries in africa residing long-term in china would be like the mexcicans going to the USA.

    • milkfiddle

      Good Question! How do you do this?

      There are millions of Chinese in England, they seem to prefer it there, I prefer China myself. If I loved my “motherland” so much I would stay there.

      One thing though the UK gov will never execute a mentally Chinese so maybe it is safer there.

      • Marx

        You live a much better life in China than those who emigrated from there to England. You had a choice to visit China and lead a privileged lifestyle, while those leaving China are probably escaping poverty, poor education, bad water, etc…

        The comparison is hardly comparable. I can’t stand people who are willingly unaware of white privilege.

        • milkfiddle

          the ones who leave China tend to be rich!

          • thd

            The “D” Visa is the closest hey have.

  • dim mak

    1000 replies, I guarantee it.

  • IC

    This post will attract people from stormfront. White pride needs to be defended verbally.

    • LOLZ

      That would be good actually, because then some other Chinese bloggers can just take the racist quotes from the whities and then translate them into Chinese and post them somewhere. You will get thousands of “WTF these whities are such racists” type of messages. Instant traffic!

  • Hongjian

    Hahaha. I lol at all these butthurt laowai comments. Mister fengqing hit a nerve?

    Fact is: What he’s saying is a realistic and viable global strategy, and already in motion, even without the CCP actively supporting it.

    Your solution: Deport and gas us all to death, Arbeit macht frei-style, or just prepare for assimilation.

    • hahahahha

      It’s like chinese are becoming a litle bit nazi or is my impression?

      • Hongjian

        No. Chinese are becomig more like the jews actually.

        Its the western fearmongering underclass, who are becoming a little bit nazi.

        Unterschicht is always cool.

        • hahahahha

          Assimilation… u said so!

          Maybe ur getting crazy?

          Even can not remember yout own words my dangerous friend!

          U know crazy people or country must be contained?

          Assimilation to whom?

          are u wearing traditional chinese clothes or western clothes my ignorant friend? ;-)

          • Master C

            Theres the Hanfu Movement countering that btw.

        • Mike Fish

          Who thinks the Chinese are an underclass… or maybe underdog is a better phrase… but who actually thinks that?

      • Anon

        Well… I did see someone say unironically that Chinese need 生存的空间 in Africa a while ago. The phrase struck me as a bit familiar, and a quick wiki search found that it is indeed “lebensraum.”

      • LOLZ

        Goodwin’s law wins again, thanx ya ‘tard.

    • dim mak

      Or they could just implement immigration quotas like Asian countries do sans liberal whinery about intolerance. Oops, too late, I’m already here.

  • 痴人说梦

    That poor China man with his little prick is not f*cking a white woman; he’s screwing mother Earth and all if her children! That said, nationalism and patriotism are the sure signs of human ignorance – ultimately, there will be one human race on earth IF she manages to survive our brutal rape and we survive our self-extinction! 不是每一个中国人都是愚么昧的。

  • IC

    This site obviously attract white underclass. Check this out.

    70% whites with no college education and low income.

    • LOLZ

      LOL I bet most of them are Engrish/Enga-lish teachers. The only requirement for that job in China is that you are white.

      • SLX

        No! you left something out. They got to have hairy face like a monkey or gorilla.

        • thd

          monkeys and gorillas have hairless faces

    • Kai

      I dare you to explain how Quantcast gathers its statistical and demographic data. It’s amazing how readily some people accept numbers without considering the even glaringly obvious methodological black boxes.

      But I wouldn’t be surprised that an English website with salacious content wouldn’t capture the attention of a healthy majority of English readers: white underclass.

      • LOLZ
        • Kai

          Yes, I know how Quantcast measures its data, I’m asking IC to explain how he is so certain about Quantcast metrics spporting his conclusion. This is more about web geekery than about chinaSMACK though, and it’s about the black box of demographic data collection.

          Some examples, from your own link:

          When it comes to Quantcast’s demographic figures, it is important to note first of all that all such data is based solely on data inputs from the USA.

          Is chinaSMACK’s audience all from the US? If it isn’t, how reliable is Quantcast’s DEMOGRAPHIC data for those accessing chinaSMACK from outside of the US?

, in comparison, has like 85% (I think that’s what it claimed) of its readership in the US, mostly immigrant Chinese. That’s why H-1B news items are like 1/3 of its news headlines.

          It goes back to census level visibility of the internet, more panels, and profiling, and means and medians, and a bunch of other high-falutin’, greek-letter writin’, snore inducin’ math. One specific way Quantcast develops audience profiles is that they track back IP addresses to postcodes, and tally this information against Census data to establish key demographic benchmarks.

          Here’s the black box. Demographic data is derived indirectly. There are correlations in this method, yes, but the confounding factos and margin of errors are huge, huge compared to say actual individual polling.

          My point is that Quantcast isn’t a reliable source for demographic data with websites that have audience profiles beyond the US, just like Compete isn’t a good website for even traffic data for websites with audiences beyond the US. Always take it with a grain of salt, and be very careful when trying to use it to advance an argument, like IC did.

          • LOLZ

            The exact details of how Demographics data are analyzed by the internet market research firms are proprietary, so I doubt it that you will be able to find anyone or whitepapers which will explain the process.

            But it’s easy to guess some of the approaches which people can take to gather this info. The article which I linked mentioned something about inserting cookies which tracks where people go to buy stuff online. The larger internet stores all pay consulting firms and survey companies routinely to gather customer demographic data. These consulting/survey firms then sell the data to other customers/marketers. My guess is that by tracking where users go to shopping and then figuring out the average income of these who shop at these sites, you can then statistically estimate the networth, age, income etc. of web users.

            This approach does make it difficult to estimate the demographics of international visitors. However, China does command the largest internet presence in the world and is the hot spot for internet market research today. So I would not be that surprised if services like Quantcast do contain some relevant, if not limited info on Chinese users.

            But at the end of the day, would you not agree that the numbers provided by Quantcast look to be in the ball park? By looking at the content and quality of messages posted here, it’s pretty easy to conclude this website caters to mostly young expats or people with Chinese ancestry. Personally I would guess that most people here are either college students with no income, engrish teachers with low income, or low level technicians who are stationed in China shor term. amirite?

          • Kai

            LOLZ, as a web geek, I too can make educated guesses as to how they obtain their data, but my point remains, right? The demographic data is derived indirectly and there are huge confounding factors and margins of error, not to mention that, quite simply, IC is using data Quantcast explicitly says is limited to US audiences to generalize the worldwide audience of chinaSMACK. He also uses it to prop up an inappropriate comparison with

            But at the end of the day, would you not agree that the numbers provided by Quantcast look to be in the ball park?

            That depends on my subjective preconceptions of what a “white underclass” looks like. I’m just not interested in speculating or criticizing it beyond vocally expressing how much stupidity does indeed dominate most of the comments here.

            Personally I would guess that most people here are either college students with no income, engrish teachers with low income, or low level technicians who are stationed in China shor term. amirite?

            You’re free to speculate. I try to discuss the points people bring up and argue, and try to avoid falling into the trap of discussing how a person’s background, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. predisposes them to making or arguing those points. There’s enough “oh, you would say that because your X” on here as it is.

  • IC

    Real Asian site attracts Asians like this highly educated upper middle class.

  • Ming

    This thread has the potential to beat the lou jing oriental angel thread.

    The amount of insecure white people on this site, I am waiting for 1k + comments on this. ^^

    • Hongjian

      nah. its just natural for any race to feel insecure when male alien folks are invading your Lebensraum, taking away your wifes and procreating by spreading their alien genes in your genepool.

      In the world of the animals, this would be a reason to kill the intruder.

      this insecurity is nothing wrong about, since it just shows how animal-like humans still are in reality, despite their all-hailed social and philosophical achievements of ‘tolerance’, ‘democracy’ and ‘openness’.
      When someone is threatened in this very natural and basic area of life, noone will feel secure.

      • idle

        “In the world of the animals, this would be a reason to kill the intruder.”

        No. Animals don’t really distinguish one another by genotype. The hostility you mention occurs only on an individual basis – e.g. A lion will kill the cubs within a pride if there isn’t another lion leading the pride and mated to the lionesses. It doesn’t care about the “race” of the other Lion, it only sees potential competitors with its own genetic progeny, and that’s still on a theoretical evolutionary level.

        Actual animals just do what comes naturally to them, and I those instincts don’t include special treatment of other members of its species based on superficial differences in hair colour or facial structure.

  • Jay K

    is the social welfare system in england for that matter that good? is this guy twisting the lyrics of certain pro commie songs to benefit his social welfare benefits of having the old hussy pop kids that will probably star in a Japanese AV movie like ms Maria Ozawa (by the way, smoking hot!)

    i can see this guy now humming instead of 社会主义好,社会主义好! to something like this “社会福利好,社会福利好“!

  • I predict (and hope) that someday the world will be one mixed race. Interacial babies are the most beautiful, and the world will become filled with more and more beautiful people as the races get mixed together.
    Get out there and mix it up people!

  • Foreign

    First of all… how can a chinese think they can marry a foreign and then create an “insurection” PFFFFFFF, please…
    Secondly, only open minded chinese who are not brainwashed by the gov. can marry foreigns :D

    • Hongjian

      You are thinking too primitive and too direct bro. how typical for a laowei who is unknown to the refined methods of a cultivied civilisation.

      there’s no need for a ‘insurection’, when the chinese culture and the chinese way of thinking speads within a foreign country and overtakes everything, from economy to politics.

      secondly, I’ve never understood the concept of ‘brainwashing by the ccp’… if you know ccp propaganda, you will notice how stupid, low quality, bad and cliche it’s made. noone who has a brain would be able to get ‘brainwashed’ by this stupid shit.

      • hahahahha


        U insulted dark skin (60% of world pop)
        Now white people

        U ll need leonidas and his 299 very soon if u keep going like this…

        Look for peace not for assimilation or (better) revenge! ;-)

        otherwise 88992829292 Leonidas’s tel number! ;-)

      • Foreign

        Then most chinese don’t have a brain

      • hahahahha

        We could consider even to take ur all land…

        Ops.. sorry! It is almost all destroyed by u…

        Ok peace man! U stay there we stay at our home!

        Peace and love and enjoy ur superiority and civilization!

        In a few year when u will need desperately for superio and more civilizated water just give us a call…


        ps: for clean air either! ;-)

        • LOLZ

          This guy’s post is really lol worthy. Why the hell does a person who doesn’t know Chinese and barely knows English even bother to post on a board mostly populated by Engrish teachers living in China?

          • hahahahha

            HSK 9 my friend! what bout u?

      • Kai


        I’ve never understood the concept of ‘brainwashing by the ccp’… if you know ccp propaganda, you will notice how stupid, low quality, bad and cliche it’s made. noone who has a brain would be able to get ‘brainwashed’ by this stupid shit.

        You’re a hoot but you’re not stupid, that much I know, which is why I have to ask if you seriously “never understood” the concept of “brainwashing by the CCP”. Don’t forget, there are a lot of stupid people in this world, far more than smart ones. It is the stupid majority that makes certain members of the intelligent minority dangerous.

        • Mike Fish


          Just because he can spout historical facts and come up with a less than conventional point of view doesn’t mean Hongjian is intelligent. He belongs to the extra special dangerously stupid minority. Read his comment below. I hope you’ll stop being nice to him.

  • Jay K

    hongjian, trust me theres quite a few who are into it and buy into it, they usually are members of the youth league or are currently in power and chasing women whose name is haizao

  • Professor Sillypants

    I’d like to see DNA tests.

  • Chinese men are brave strong and have big dicks , they are smart as well developers of great company come from china like BMW Apple, Lenovo ops that is from IBM hmmmmmm name 1 chinese international brand that is not shit ? Just one chinese men is so clever Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm No 1 hahahahahahaha

  • Mike

    i love this post!

  • Isn’t this satire? Look at the age of the parents. How could they have had all these kids themselves? Good wind-up, though.

    • Chen

      It is possible, considering that the parent married young.

  • Chen

    See, I told you all, Chinese are damn racist.

    “Rebuild the Chinese nation is our duty! We will definitely defeat the foreigner’s civilization and rebuilt the Great China!”

    Ya right, good luck dude.

  • 已经病入膏肓了

    In many parts of Southern California, Northern California, Melbourne, and Toronto, Chinese have pretty much “defeated the laowais”. You can see even more evidence of this if you just walk onto the campus of UCLA or UCBerkeley.

    We may or may not have ties to the ccp or mafia. Most of us lead normal lives like white people and participate in the local politics or elections. Chopsticks are used on a daily basis when we eat everything from noodles to french fries. At home-中文英文都可以啊。 We date white, black, latino, Filipino, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese or Japanese women and make mixed race kids with the people we love.

    The kid that made up this story is actually pretty creative. Like most 愤青, he just has to cut down on playing so much WOW and start doing some exercise. Spending some quality time with some real friends or family would be good too. The same thing goes for a lot of you that are possibly reading my post.

  • GermanChinese

    Ah, it’s too late for the Chinese to assimilate Europe into Chinese culture.

    What was the Name of that Drug Dealer, that “British” guy? Akmal Shaikh? Yeah, sounds very British/European.

    So, (Western) Europe is already part of the Islamic World. Just look at a Kindergarten in Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf or elsewhere.

    • dim mak

      Nothing wrong with that. Islam is the light.

  • I hope the article on NetEase was satire.
    The Wong family in the real Daily Mail article seems both committed and pleasant (though I think they need work on their planning skills).

    When my wife and I married 30 years ago, black/white marriages were still a big thing in the US. (Such marriages only became legal in the south in 1975) We gave a lot of thought to the cultural and ethnic identities of our children. We realized we could not control how the world saw them or treated them; all we had control over was how we loved them and how we raised them. With a strong enough foundation, they could face anything. We are proud of all three of our children and they face the world with confidence.
    From what I can see of the expressions and body language of the Wong children, I think Mr. & Mrs. Wong are doing and excellent job of instilling the same confidence in their children.
    I wish them well.

  • J

    10 kids and they all look like shit . . .

  • Morry

    Interesting story, however, wouldn’t Liu Xiaobo’s sentencing of 11 years for Charter 08 be more relevant than a non-conspiracy?


    • Kai

      chinaSMACK has a general aversion to highly political topics, probably as a precaution against getting caught in the sights of government censors, or because Fauna genuinely finds them boring as she’s said before.

      • Morry

        That’s true. What does freedom of speech have to do with a website like ChinaSmack, really.

        * Note: some sarcasm added

        • Kai

          You’re being insensitive to the challenges and considerations a Chinese national like Fauna faces in even running this website. Neither Fauna nor any Chinese national owe it to you to be martyrs for your (AND my) values.

      • bleah

        Fauna genuinely finds them boring

        Yep, politics and history are sooooo boring that it is not even worth being discussed in the comment section here, am I right?

        • Kai

          I don’t personally find politics and history to be boring. I’m just pointing out that Fauna has previously, at times, stated that she finds politics to be boring. That’s her opinion and that helps explain what you may or may not expect on chinaSMACK, her website.

          That said, there are actually tons of political and historical posts here by her contributors and herself. I think she just avoids highly sensitive political topics that the CCP government might actually go out of their way to censor and “harmonize”.

          Morry’s comment expressed what I interpreted as his belief that chinaSMACK should post about Liu Xiaobo instead of this “non-conspiracy”. I’m merely explaining why I personally wouldn’t expect chinaSMACK to do that based on what I know about chinaSMACK.

    • bleah

      BTW, there was an Anticharta made to the Charta 77 as a reaction, where is the one from the CCP?

  • The funny thing is people now think that most interracial marriages are Western Man and Chinese Woman. This is the case today in China and in the UK. But the couple in the story is more typical of earlier generations. Most interracial marriages in the UK in the past where between Chinese Men and Western women (I can’t say British, because many of the women were Irish). This was the case up until the late 1970s.

    • Though I can not speak to Chinese interracial marriages world wide, in US society about 67% of interracial marriages of all types are combination of non-white husband & white wife.

      • LOLZ

        According to US census, Asian wives is the most popular choice amongst white males by far if they decide to go for another race. “Other race” which is made up of non-Asians/Blacks is the most popular choice amongst white females. My guess is that “other races” is made up of mostly hispanics, many of whom consider themselves to be white. In any case, the ratio between AF/WM combo and AM/WF combo is roughly 3:1 today in the US.

        • Thanks for the link.
          I’m sure this is of little interest to most readers here, but when my wife and I married black/white unions were about 3/4 black man/white woman and only 1/4 white man/black woman, or a 3:1 ratio. Now, according the Wikipedia article you linked to, the ratio is about 2:1. (I tend to take Wiki data with a grain of salt.)
          I find it interesting that the census data lists Hispanics as white. Living here in the south, I can tell you white folk don’t consider Hispanics of any hue to be white (I know places Antonio Banderas wouldn’t be served lunch).
          In our experience black women tend to be hostile towards black men who have married white women: they contend that the black man was only collecting a white wife as a trophy. I have no idea how accurate that perception is, but it is fairly widespread in the black community.
          I wonder how prevalent the “trophy” assumption is in other ethnic groups?

          • LOLZ

            I personally find it odd the way people view wikipedia. Sure some of the items on it are posted by trolls, I used to do that myself. But then data are usually referenced and if you don’t believe something just click on the original reference yourself.

            That said, I do notice that BW can be very bitchy when talking about their fellow brothers marrying WM. However I am not sure if this is directed towards BM rather than the WW. When reading the discussion about Tiger Woods recently, the BWs (from their pics, anyway) tend to be extremely critical of Wood’s wife, calling her a gold digger, etc, rather than bashing Tiger for his consistent interest in white blonds.

          • Kai

            LOLZ, I agree. I think a lot of women are more prone to blame other women than men. I’m generalizing here, but I find other women to be the biggest enemy in many women’s eyes. I should throw in some superficial allusion to evolution or something here. LoL…

        • dim mak

          It’s all irrelevant. Doesn’t matter which race the man or woman is from, children will always be 50/50. The primal instinct of “protecting our women” became pointless when we stopped practicing polygamy.

          • LOLZ

            Huh? But doesn’t the fact that you, an Asian American male (if that is true), is not that appealing to the members of the opposite sex as a whole in America is at least somewhat troubling? This has nothing to do with “protecting ur womenz” but rather something to do with “how can we Asian males improve our image so we can be more attractive to everybody”.

            The first step of course, is to admit that there is a problem.

          • dim mak

            Maybe if someone spends their days looking at the world through the internet, they would build up such an insecure mindset. It’s not so “troubling” when you’ve gone out into the world, made friends with people of all races, and have had several girlfriends.

  • Dima

    I’ll tell my Chinese wife about this article right after I’m done with her.

  • lili

    ..anyone notice how the two oldest kids are nooooot mixed?? just a thought

    • Mother’s color, father’s features. Happens all the time.
      (Though I do not pretend to be able to tell from the photographs, the fact that both daughters and their mother have the same sort of highlights leads me to suspect the blonde is not completely natural.)

    • LOLZ

      Take a look at the pic of Tiger Wood’s kid.

      I am perty sure he IS the father.

  • Mike Fish

    This is what you get when a Mormon gets busy with a Catholic.

  • gump27

    I mean how do you do ?

  • I live in Canada, and there are more Chinese people in my city than there are white people. Although a large majority of store signs are in Chinese, they don’t seem to be trying to take over the same way the East Indians are doing here. The EIs are building huge temples all over, building schools for only their kind, and won’t allow marriage outside of their community. I’m not the least bit predjudice against any race, I’m predjudice against attitude, and I don’t like the EIs attitude one bit.

    • whichone

      I don’t think anyone who lives in these ghettos with intentions to take over anyone else, these things are just cultural safe harbors for immigrants. Years ago people in the U.S. worried about Irish immigrants taking over the culture landscape of the country, then it was Eastern Europeans, as immigration patterns shift, so do people’s natural fear for the firmness of one’s cultural identity. I don’t know much about Canada but although the ghettos will remain to newer generation of immigrants, studies show that most immigrant families become acculturated by the third or even the second generation. In the end, no one group will take over Canada rather they will add dimensions to existing Canadian identity.

    • LOLZ

      You should speak to the people who used to frequent the “little italy” area in New York City. The Chinese takeover there is almost complete, with most of the Italian stores replaced by the Chinese ones :)

      But then, what is wrong with people trying to preserve their own culture when immigrating to foreign lands? It’s the only the EIs who are building temples/schools over for only their kind and keeping in the marriages; the Jewish, Muslim, Tibetan, Mexician groups all do the same.

      The irony of course is the fact that Chinese are actually very accommodating when it comes to other races/cultures comparing to most other race/cultures, but are being called racists/bigots and xenophobic anyway.

      • Mike Fish


        Of course there are idiots who could call any Chinese person a racist or bigot but I’m pretty certain that the reaction here of calling out Chinese racists and bigots is for the perceieved racist bigoted tone of the article, whether it’s satire or not. It’s not just random. The fact is in the West the popular notion is that most Chinese are generally extremely flexible, aoccomodating, and very effective at assimilating compared to most groups. Few groups have major conflicts with Chinese immigrants. So, hearing that there is a vocal seemingly bigoted minority of Chinese netizens shocks some sheltered Westerners.

  • Bai Ren

    In Canada we had a minister of parliament rant about the “Asian invasion” a few years back. She was declared a racist and had to publicly apologize etc. This may or may not have been an important aspect of my habitus (ref Bourdieu 1984) but I married a sweet girl from Harbin, and our kids are gona be both Han and mutt white. Go read Arthur C Clarke’s 3001, this ‘metis’ification of the world is gona spread. Lets go out and create the new elasticities of the world

  • Relative Truth

    Sorry if this idea was posted already, but I was too lazy to read through all the posts…

    Anyways, it occurs to me that if you reverse the goal of the post, that is, weakening the nation of China instead of strengthening it, there would be a lot of good arguments to support that view as well.

    It’s just pedantic in the end.