Chinese Families Encountering Jealousy With Rise of 2-Child Homes

Chinese Families Encountering Jealousy With Rise of 2-Child Homes

With the change in government policy allowing Chinese to have a 2nd child, many are wondering how to break the news to their 1st child. Many parents are encountering problems when their first child doesn’t want another child in the family, with many first children wanting the family’s attention all to themselves. In one recent instance, a 13-year-old boy ran away from home when he heard that his mother was pregnant. One highly rated netizen comment said “Spoiled rotten! Spank them a few times and there won’t be any more problems.”
Source: Netease

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  • Dannisi

    1 simple word can solve all these children problems: ‘NO’

  • Bman

    I think here the onus is on the parents to explain to their child how having a sibling is a good thing, and there will be enough love for both. Children can’t be expected to understand this alone. Adults are supposed to be the educators.

    • mr.wiener

      …Also, don’t present it as if they have any choice in the matter. You don’t negotiate with a child.

  • Foreign Devil

    I’m on the kids side. I had a ton of siblings and it sucked. . had to work my ass off to put myself through school . . never had any breaks. . any bit of money had to be split 5 ways. Only the rich should have more than one child because they can give each child everything they need.

    • David

      I disagree. We had 8 kids in my family. I wore a lot of hand-me-downs but I also learned to take care of myself. I never expected anything from my parents except food and shelter. All of my siblings grew up to self-sufficient. Also, even though we fought as kids, it is nice as adults..

  • DD Bear!

    even one kid i do not want !
    anyway i do not pay for kid or make money for kid. who wants kid, who covers it!

    • James

      I totally agree with you! I don’t want you to have kids either.

      • DD Bear!

        none your business at all!

  • the warden

    To me it seems that the ‘lack of manners’ problem in China has its roots in the fact that so many kids here are jaw-droppingly spoilt and never taught to behave. Maybe having a sibling could teach them and their parents learn that the world isn’t all about them! This could be a new beginning for Chinese etiquette!

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