Chinese Fans of Korean TV Dramas Mostly Have Low Education

Korean TV series.

Korean TV series poster.

From Sina:

Korean Research Claims Chinese Viewers of Korean TV Dramas/Shows Are Mostly Low-Income

According to a Korean media report, a recent research report shows that among Chinese viewers, those who love watching Korean television series are mostly low education and low income groups.

A research team led by Seoul National University Media Informatics Department professor Jiang Mingqiu (transliteration) has recently published a paper titled “A Guide to Chinese Television Audiences’ Television Consumption Tastes/Patterns”. According to this thesis, the higher the education and income a Chinese viewer has, the more he/she loves to watch American and Japanese TV shows, while the lower the education and income a Chinese viewer has, the more he/she prefers to watch TV series produced by Korea and Chinese Taiwan.

According to the paper, viewers with high education and high income prefer “rational and light-hearted” TV shows, therefore, they mostly prefer American TV shows. Whereas the reason why viewers with low education and low income prefer Korean TV shows is because the logic of some Korean TV series is bad, you don’t have to use your brain when watching them, and can simply “let off steam/release emotions”.

Comments from Sina (1 & 2):

鲍尔吉-原野 [辽宁沈阳]:

And Vietnamese and North Koreans with even lower incomes are watching Chinese TV shows.

空桑黯 [山西太原]:

It seems that the professor from Seoul National University is a clear-thinking person, and knows that the TV series produced by his own country are only suitable for people with low incomes and low education.

手机用户 [广东湛江]:

Then people who love watching Japanese AV should have the education level of professors?! Jerking off diaosi can’t help but be happy secretly~

手机用户 [山西太原]:

Well said, those who watch and broadcast Korean TV series are mostly retards.

鳖趣 [广东广州]:

I strongly oppose watching Korean TV series. Every time I see someone watching Korean TV series I would customarily go and take a piss in the bathroom.

似我心96 [四川内江]:

泪 They [Korean TV dramas] indeed don’t require you to use your brain.

陋室庸愚 [香港]:

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Professor Jiang Mingqiu probably hates Psy for being too talented. Korea’s Plastic Surgery Chamber of Commerce, Film & TV Association, as well as the Chinese Godly Anti-Japanese TV Series Writers and Directors Group should strongly protest against Professor Jiang.

丧尸豆丁妹 [上海]:

So happy for having a high IQ.

陋室庸愚 [香港]:

Some people in Korea think China is still very poor, and some people in China also think the men and women in Korea are all super handsome and beautiful. Both are adorable [naive] people!

jun000586 [江苏盐城]:

I don’t watch any kind of TV series, I only enjoy watching Xinwen Liaobo.

手机用户 [四川成都]:

According to my knowledge, those who watch Korean TV series are mostly women who have nothing better to do.

手机用户 [甘肃兰州]:

That is because Korean TV series are all very long, requiring people with a lot of free time to watch them, whereas high-income people, in order to ensure stability in their incomes, must manage their connections at all times, planning for each second to come, and simply don’t have the time to watch [Korean TV shows]. Highly-educated people actually spend their time reading English-language literature and watching undubbed American movies, considering themselves to be very sensible and good at wielding the law and intelligence. The behavior of some characters and some plots in Korean TV series are stupid and unreasonable to them. Actually, the reason so many people love watching Korean TV series is because the inner world [thoughts and feelings] of the characters in Korean TV series are portrayed really meticulously, very well, allowing viewers to to relate and identify with the characters. Meanwhile, it also shows [why] Korean TV series have such huge audiences. High income should refer to those who are making at least millions of yuan in annual salaries, [while] high education should refer to those who have PhD degrees.


The Korean scholar is wrong. People with low income and low education usually like to watch Mango TV’s self-made TV series. 浮云

手机用户 [陕西西安]:

Very correct.

手机用户 [天津]:

Basically accurate. I seldom watch Korean TV series, the storylines are like the strips of cloth used for foot-binding, both long and stinky, but [actually] only takes one sentence to explain the whole thing. In Korean TV series, people’s lives are extravagant and debauched fully of handsome men and beautiful women, precisely what lazy young people these days like. Whereas in reality, Korea is not like that.

手机用户 [浙江杭州]:

American TV series attract both men and women, but Korean TV series are mostly for women.

Ayyygirls [内蒙古赤峰]:

Can you not expose [the truth]?!

杨乐YUE [北京海淀]:

OK, the people who watch Korean TV series are mostly younger in age, so of course most of them are going to be students, and are they going to have money [incomes]? And would rich people watch idol dramas? 哼

手机用户 [广东广州]:

Based on what I know, most people who like watching Korean TV dramas are indeed old aunties with low education!

小明的高档生活 [江苏无锡]:

People who research this kind of pointless theory are probably nao can.

Do you watch Korean TV drama series?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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      You should’ve written something that’s relevant to this news story instead of showing everyone that you watch Korean TV Dramas.

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      Pop up into our office. We have great career opportunities waiting for you! Our Chinese staff is always late.

  • Cervello

    Yes, the majority of people in the world have a low income.

    • Animal

      Makes sense since poor scum are the ones reproducing the most.

    • Mighty曹

      I would imagine the majority to be living below the poverty line.

      • Like the majority that watches reality TV.

        • Li Tianyi

          And the majority that becomes English teachers in China

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            hahaha… damn.

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            And the minority that rape hostesses.

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            Now that is just a cheap and tawdry troll, grow up.

          • Claude

            Ahh, the self-hating Chinese. I’ve seen this phenomenon before. This has more to do with your inferiority complex than your disdain for English teachers.

            You see white people in your f*cked-up country and you assume they’re losers because… why would they come to this mess? China’s corrupt mismanaged and using it’s infrastructure could kill you. These people have to be losers, not that they might have an interest in a 5000 year old culture and its language. You’re projecting your own feeling of inadequacy on the humble English teacher. Something you need to come to terms with.

            This reminds me of a conversation I had with an older gentleman while he was out walking his dog. He told me that China is a series of ‘dynasties’ that are really a series of ‘Extremes from ‘hi to low’. These extremes or this high wont be any different than that the previous low’s and we should enjoy it while it last beause the real estate bubble will burst and we’ll be in ‘hard times again’. He had no delusions about his nation and he wasn’t blaming anyone but his own nation. He showed a great deal of humility, a very thoughtful and enjoyable conversation. Li Tianyi, you can learn a lot from these older wiser people. Go spent some time with them.

          • Li Tizzany BIOTCHES

            First of all let me start with the customary shut the fuck up you worthless ESL teacher. And second of all this has nothing to do with a fake 5000 year history or conversations with old homosexuals about dynastic succession. However it does have everything to do with losers like you who post stupid bullshit like you know everything just because you’ve been to China. Talked to one old pervert walking his dog and now you know the whole fucking score eh? Shut the fuck up and go back to preparing your classes so that you’ll have time tonight to hit up the KTV joints. YOU better enjoy it while it lasts before your visa expires or you get deported not because we’re in some retarded fucking “high point” but because your worthless ass can’t make the same money or chase the same girls back in your worthless hometown of Bumfuck, Michigan, U.S.A,

          • today

            although I quite agree with your comment on inferiority complex there is no need to called China ‘fucked up’ if the rest of the world, at least presently, is equally, if not more fucked up than china. ps I thought that was a joke, and also most English teachers in china are actually chinese

          • Claude

            I apologize if I offended but I was trying to put my self into the head of a Chinese person lashing out at a foreigner or English teacher in this case. You didn’t get to read Li’s reply to my post. The moderator removed it. He wasn’t joking, he’s one nasty bigot.

            Personally I like China even with all it’s faults.

            Doesn’t half the worlds population live on three dollars a day or less? I’d say that’s a pretty low income.

          • Aleister Crowley

            By that case english teachers in china are well off, not much to grumble about, I know a graduate who only gets 2,000 rmb a month in Shenzhen….AND her parents expect her to send money home, yep, single gals get punished hard!!!

          • donscarletti

            The kind of Chinese who make these comments don’t tend to write English that well if at all, they usually can’t even speak proper mandarin. If you run into someone here making comments in well structured English, they are probably not who you think they are.

          • mr.wiener

            He’s the same guy who’s been coming back for a few weeks now. He’s not Chinese.

          • Aleister Crowley

            the real slim shady?

    • Li Tianyi

      especially ESL teachers

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        Saw your mom at pre-trial conference, she is hot.

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          Yeah I bet you think she’s hot after all the KTV girls who’ve gotten your money and not given you none, and the female teachers at your school who are ugly and easy, my mom looks pretty good by now.

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            You’re not the same Li Tianyi troll as before because you use punctuation and write far more.

          • Li Tizzany BIOTCHES

            You’re pretty cool

          • Cervello

            I’m just a taxi driver who drove your mom that day.

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        wrong body!!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    This only proves how stupid these Korean shows are.

    • biggj

      Or how smart they are to market to the over a billion chinese low income people. I’ll take 10 cents from 100 poor people then 1$ from 1 rich person.

      • 1. Appeal to the lowest common denominator. 2. insert stupid themes and propaganda. 3.???+ sheeples eating it up. 4. Reap benefit $$

        okay…I’m not good at this.

  • biggj

    I tried to watch some Asian shows I just can’t do it. I find them all stupid. It not the language, it’s just the whole show in general. Last time I was in china a friend of mine was right into a Thailand show. One of them never ending kind of love story things. The acting is so shitty. It’s almost unbearable. Like I think Asians think good acting is just a woman crying uncontrollably or a man throwing a temper tantrum. It’s kind of funny really. That seems to be what happens through 3/4 of the show.

    American’s have the best shows hands down. The U.K has a few good ones. And Canada well not so good. I normally never watch Canadain tv shows but I did just finish one I thought was good. It’s called “Continuum” It’s pretty good. I was surprised. If you’re into Sci-fi it’s worth a watch. I’m looking for a new tv series to watch. Anyone have any suggestions? Or to be fair any good asian ones? I’ll give them a try again, I like action/sci fi stuff like that.

    • Animal

      You need to stop rambling, it makes you out to be a country bumpkin who lacks coherence and a college education.

      As for the quality of asian shows, how can you judge them when you cannot speak the language at all?

      • mr.wiener

        Soapies are bad in any culture. As to the understanding of them, they are like a Hindi movie: intended to be easy to understand whether you speak the language or not.The Korean soapies are easy to spot compared to Taiwanese , Hong Kong or Thai.
        They seem to spend most of the story smacking the shite out of each other.

        • linette lee

          The japanese and korea dramas they are always crying crying and crying..and the korea stars they all look the same you can’t tell who’s who. Even the extras in the background look the same as the leading stars. I guess the same surgeon. lol…hahaha….

          • Mighty曹

            With long and slow zooming in of the crying face.

        • Nefarious Laowei

          Yer right, soaps are bad in any culture. Its funny, back in the US on the local spanish broadcast TV channel they show mainland Chinese soap operas dubbed into spanish with english subtitles. Same thoughtless crap as US soaps.

      • biggj


      • biggj

        What? Are you saying that Asian TV are anywhere near as good as American? Not soaps, I’m talking Tv series. Soaps are bullshit everywhere.

    • markus peg

      I like mixed UK/USA shows such as those HBO usually fund.

      I have no idea what your into but here’s a list of shows for you.
      tho not all new you may not have seen them..

      Game of Thrones
      The Shadow Line
      Sherlock BBC version (USA version is good as well tho it doesn’t feel like Sherlock, you can watch both)
      The hustle
      [maybe] Utopia


      Time between dog and wolf [1st episode is slow but after that its awesome]


      -i cant think from the top of my head, maybe ill reply again another time-

      • Germandude

        What about Dexter and Homeland? Both good shows imho.

        • Kai

          Homeland got annoying for me personally in the second season. Dexter is a bit uneven sometimes but I love it. Pretty stoked season 8 came out early. Still really perturbed by Quinn’s emaciation.

          • Germandude

            I only saw season 1 and the first 2 episodes of Homeland so far and I found it pretty interesting and thrilling.
            Dexter is good but again, I only watched up to season 4 and some episodes so far. Lacking time for watching all stuff. Soon it’s holidays though ;-)

    • Yup Continuum is one of the better sci-fi since American Sci-fi turned into Sy-fy.

      Started “Defiance”…but it hasn’t been super grabbing. Try it.

      • biggj

        Yeah “falling skies” was alright too. Not great but I watched it all though. I wish they would come out with more post apocalyptic kind of shows.

        • linette lee

          Just some random movies pop up in my head right now that I like.

          The constant gardener.
          hotel rwanda
          Inglourious basterds.

          Some really really old ones are really awesome and just classic and the best.
          Interview with the vampire.

          I never liked ET and had to keep fasting forward because it was very boring. I think I am the only person on this planet couldn’t finish watching ET. Sorry Spielberg. But I do love love love all indiana jones movies. And I don’t get the whole twilight saga thing. No interest at all. I love love love Star wars especially the last one revenge of the sith. I love all Matrix due to keanu Reeve but I did fast forward a bit on scenes without keanu. hehehe. :)

          These are few came to my mind right now.

        • Walking dead?

  • linette lee

    Majority of chinese, japanese, and korea dramas are low budget just like American dramas. Some Hollywood movies and Chinese movies are the best with really good directing and high budget. Most chinese prefer hollywood and Chinese films.

    • markus peg

      Korea has invested a lot into its pop and TV industry to boost international interest in Korea. So i would say its not on par with Hollywood but nor are most of them “low” budget (in regards to money anyway).

      • linette lee

        I am sure korea has some nice high budget films or dramas too. But korea film industry is still no where near the chinese film industry and never near hollywood. Korea rely on youtube to spread and youtube is free. They translate their dramas and songs and everything into english, chinese, spanish, thai, vietnamese, and all the other south east countries languages. They target south east asian countries audience heavily and some poor spanish countries like peru because those countries don’t have their own big entertainment industry like the usa and chinese. Chinese, USA, and japan don’t use youtube to market their dramas or songs and translate them into every language.

        • markus peg

          I think i read that China is the second largest movie producer but most of it is domestic and not international. Currently Hong Kong’s movies are more international than mainland.

          The USA has the biggest budget for both films and TV shows (in general). But money doesn’t always mean the best. Low budgets force out of the box thinking which can sometimes produce amazing results.

          My point was many Korean shows do have quite a fair budget, not low nor as much as the US.

          • death_by_ivory

            Some historical dramas are pretty high budget.

        • biggj

          Personally I think mainland makes the worse movies. I would say in Asia it goes 1-Japan 2- HK 3-Korea 4 Mainland. Japan and HK I would have to say would be a tie. But Ill give to Japan because they have some good anime movies. HK has so many great movies. Some of my favorites of all time come from HK. The only big movies mainland makes are the hidden dragon kind of movies with chinese flying like birds and doing kung fu.

          And Tv shows….well china pretty much has 3 mains themes. They have their Qing, Ling, Bing dynasty shows that take place 1000 years ago. Then they have the 100’s of WW2 VS Japan shows. Then they have their new age rich chinese falling in love and having a girl cry every 5 minutes and Iphone going off every 2 minutes.. Thats like 90% of all chinese shows right there.

          • linette lee

            ……..well china pretty much has 3 mains themes. their Qing, Ling, Bing dynasty………have the 100’s of WW2 VS Japan

            hahaha…you are funny.

          • linette lee


            金庸 is one of the most famous chinese novel writer. The chinese love his ancient novels and all those characters he created in his ancient chinese novels. So you will forever see many of his novels made into tv dramas.

            and many others


          • biggj

            Yep,my wife is big fan of his. She watches a lot of them same style shows as that. She doesn’t watch a lot of chinese shows but she does watch the 1000 year ago love story shows. She watches them or Funshion. Actually I like Funshion. They have a lot of English movies that are not so common. It’s a nice mix. Like a lot B movies. And the quality is usually pretty good.

          • death_by_ivory

            I love historical dramas too. Queen Seondeok and now Im watching Jewel in the Palace.
            Lol I learned to keep down fever with parsley because of that series.I was already worth just for that,my husband is highly allergic to certain medications.

          • biggj

            I don’t know if you should be taking medical advice from a chinese TV show that takes place 1000 years ago. lol You will have tiger penises drying out in you kitchen soon. haha

          • death_by_ivory

            lol lol,noooo.I did research after I saw it.And given the allergies I thought it worth a try.We ended up in emergency room because of cough medications,parsley saved us from 1000 dls bills.For cough mix honey,ginger and lemon juice.I only give that to my daughter to her doctor’s dismay and it works every time.

          • biggj

            hmm, not bad. So parsley will bring down a fever? If I would have known that I would have been eating it instead of leaving it on plate at the restaurant. I guess it can be used for more than a garnish. lol When I was kid I use to get ear aches all the time. And my mom would take the hair dryer and shoot it in my ear for about 10 mins and it go away. Pretty good home remedy . lol

          • death_by_ivory

            It was probably swimmer’s ear and the drops of water would cause bad infection later on. Your mom was smart to dry it out.I put garlic in my daughter’s ear.Worked.Of course if it wouldnt after 1-2 days I would give her antibiotics. Parsley,oregano has all health benefits and improves blood circulation.I make tea with it,not just like that chew on it.

          • death_by_ivory

            Legend of the Condor Heroes or something like that.Still waiting for Netflix to have it.

        • MAC

          Hahaha the Korean film industry beats the living fuck out of the Chinese film industry. Probably even if you include Hong Kong since the mainland killed that.

  • Lol Wuttttttt?

  • linette lee

    “American TV series attract both men and women, but Korean TV series are mostly for women.”

    This is true also. Chinese like american tv series. The ones that like korea japanese tv dramas are mostly chinese house wives and silly teenage girls.

  • Noir12

    There are so many things questionable about this paper. Firstly, how do you accurately sample 1.4 billion people? Or even objectively categorize XYZ’s media as banal or intelligent? And what about the productions from the People’s Republic?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he published this “controversial paper” just to pad his credentials. I haven’t read it, of course, but when a paper teases “your love of a nation’s media probably means you’re an impoverished dunce or a paragon of excellence,” I can’t contain my skepticism.

    • Li Tianyi

      yeah whatever. You can’t contain the fact that you watch korean dramas either. what a retard.

  • markus peg

    Low income but can afford a computer, the internet and even the time to waste on Korean shows that last HOURS!…
    Has anyone tried to watch a Korean drama? 1000s of episodes with the story dragged out for as long as they can..

    However, despite the huge amounts of love drama poop Korea also has some gems. for one great example: “Time between dog and wolf” that’s a great Drama.

    • linette lee

      Is it really good?

      I watched this Hk TV drama series because of all the fire scenes. The newest one came out two three years ago. The Hk pyrotechnics team is not too bad but still not as good as hollywood.

      • Vien Huynh

        I like the old 90 wuxia in HK more :D

      • I stop watching HK dramas for one reason, I grew up. I am sick of all those horrible actors with bad chinese accents. the only reason they got hire is probably due to their good looks, speaks english, and whatever nonsense. Have you seen the latest Ip Man? the actors are ateocious aside from the pretty set. The movie you shown above looks like it has a lot of actors in the trade a long time so okay.. but the recent casts of either the same group of actors or some taiwanese trying so hard not to butcher cantonese. F those talenless actors.

        • linette lee

          hk TV dramas suck just like those japan and korea. Don’t watch those garbage.

  • linette lee

    ……..The Korean scholar is wrong. People with low income and low education usually like to watch Mango TV’s self-made TV series….

    hahahaha…lol…. They make self made TV with some cheap cell phone. lol….. and post it on chinese internet.

  • death_by_ivory

    I think SK movies are much better than most Hollywood movies.Not the soap operas per se,movies,before you all jump at my throat.
    I did enjoy Padam,padam the main actor was funny and cute. And the Sign is good shows too (not a soap,NCIS style).

    • Repatriated

      Nothing wrong with your personal opinion, but it seems that the majority of the world disagrees with you. How many “blockbuster” movies out of SK do you think most people can name? I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but I could give you a list of 100’s out of hollywood. As an example, name ANY SK movie that more people know about than say “The Lord of the Ring” series of movies…

      • death_by_ivory

        You are right,but I have to say it is their loss.

        Oldboy is luckily popular,I dont know about the Spike Lee remake.

        • biggj

          Yeah man, Oldboy was bad ass, Yeah the new remake is going to have Samual L Jackson it..Might be alright. Also another good SK movie is called ” The chaser” It’s pretty good. But yeah oldboy…pretty fucked up at the end though…

          • death_by_ivory

            “I saw the devil” was even scarier. SK movies are worth exploring.If someone thinks the Avengers and the Transformers are the best America can make, I feel that is very sad.

          • biggj

            Yep, I saw the devil was a good movie. Pretty nasty nasty at parts. Yeah Avengers and Transformers and movies like that are ok, But not the best America does by far. i don’t even find they are that great.Though they are just international money makers. All the money they make from merchandise is crazy. Although when it comes to special effects, America rocks it hard. Lately though America has not brought out really good movies. Like this year I have not seen many.

          • death_by_ivory

            I agree.Special effects are great but if all the movie is just that, then where is the heart and soul of the movie?

          • biggj

            I watch a movie recently that people where saying was so wonderful and beautiful and blah blah. So i watched and thought it was slowest, most pointless movie I ever saw in my life. It’s called “Only god forgives” I read the preview on the movie and sounded good. But pretty much you have Ryan Gosling looking blankly into oblivion for minutes at time lol. The back grounds where nice, but the acting pace of the story where just not good. Sometimes people think just because the movie looks artsy it’s a great movie…I have to be at least entertained in the process.

          • biggj

            One of my fav artsy movies is called ” the Fall” It’s pretty good. I was entrained the whole way though.{That’s what she said lol} but it’s not bad. it’s worth checking out.


          • death_by_ivory

            I will do so.Thanks.

    • Mighty曹

      I’m addicted to Korean movies but some are just over-dramatic and some have too many twists in the endings. It gets bored after a while.

      • death_by_ivory

        What I like about them is that the ones I saw has no happy ending. I hate chick flix or syrupy crap. There is absolutely no point of watching blockbuster movies because I already know the knight in shining armor will save the day.
        U dont like twists?Then dont watch this Korean movie.I dont remember the title but in the end the girl with a cop happens to be the guy who was in love with the cop from before.Sad ending?Oh you bet.

        • Mighty曹

          I like twisted plots. Just not when it is overkilled.

          Example of overdramatic: “The Tube”. About a bomb onboard a subway train. The operator, whose girlfriend happens to be on that train, must choose to switch the tracks to direct the train to a dead end where it can explode with minimal damage. (I think that’s how it was but….)

          So now comes the long and dramatic moment filled with a sad music score and the actors in tears, etc. as the guy says, “Give me the command to switch …” as the train approaches the spot where the tacks would split.

          I was like, “WTF?? They’ve already decided to switch the tracks so why didn’t they just switch the damn tracks? But now everyone in the control room is kept in suspense as the train speeds toward the junction where the tracks split”.

          • death_by_ivory

            No,no I didnt mean stuff like that.We have the option if after 10 minutes dont like turn off the Netflix.I feel sorry for people who pay for cable or worst go to movie theaters.

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha… sometimes it takes me less than one minute to delete it. Mostly if the subtitle is offscreen. But sometimes the opening scene sets the tone and I have to be in the right mood to continue after 1-2 minutes.

          • death_by_ivory

            I couldnt find your other comment now. Crunchyroll houses many many movies and series now.Japanese,Chinese,Korean whatever.I admit I like historical sword everybody dead in the end series,that is why I loaded the CR app.

  • death_by_ivory

    Good movies to check out:

    The Man from Nowhere

    Sunny (for girls)

    Hwang Jin Yi

    A Yaksa (very violent series)

    Castaway on the Moon

    if you watch these,you might change your mind about Korean movies!

    • Mighty曹

      The Vengeance Trilogy (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance; Oldboy; Sympathy for Lady Vengeance)

      *Castaway On the Moon is very entertaining.

      • death_by_ivory

        It is in my queue already.I watching the Sign now,no time for others.

        Castaway on the Moon was the first movie I saw from SK.Put me in the path.

        • Mighty曹

          The guy in Castaway is in lots of other good ones. Check them.

          • death_by_ivory

            Yes, he is. Even though he is not considered a cutie by any standards,Im still in love with him.Then again I even love Song Kang-Ho.

          • Mighty曹

            I’m a big fan of Song Kang-Ho and Choi Min-Sik movies. I’ll have to give the edge to Song Kang-Ho for his range of varieties from comedy to drama. He was even good in The Host as a dumb bumbling half-wit.

          • death_by_ivory

            Just Netflixed it.Good, adding it to my queue.

          • Mighty曹

            Two thumbs up! I won’t spoil it for you.

      • Jen_in_NY

        Ooo I love Castaway on the Moon!

        • Mighty曹

          I’m mixed about the ending. I was hoping for a really happy or a very tragic ending.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Somehow I knew what the netizens were gonna say before the page finished loading. And I was so spot on that I’m now depressed.

    • Li Tizzany BIOTCHES

      Just smoke that e-cigarette you bought from the Chinese infomercial, it’ll be ok.

  • Zen

    They should do the K-pop as well.

  • Mighty曹

    Hahahah… that makes me feel good for having never watched any Korean TV Dramas. However, I’m a avid fan of Korean movies. I hope the scholars don’t find that as ‘low educated’.

    • death_by_ivory

      Me 2.Slowly Im running out of them.;-(

      • Mighty曹

        I’ve seen mostly through Netflix streaming and DVD’s. Some rare ones I bought as bootlegs in Asia.

        • death_by_ivory

          Crunchyroll as some good ones too.It is free on a Roku box.

          • Mighty曹

            Crunchyroll is mostly ‘anime’s, right?

    • Hulu exposed me to some….awful awful stuff. backed out after 3 episodes.. I’m super guilty of watching lots of crap.

      • Mighty曹

        Me too. But I enjoyed it.

        • Man I had too much troll cookies and fail to curb my asshole…now I’m gonna be constipated and in a teeny weeny bit of reget.

          • Mighty曹

            Thanks for mental image to start my morning.


      Aachi and Ssispak. Hilarious movie.

  • XFeng

    Well, then this only proves one thing. There are tons of low educated Chinese in China. Look how much they love to illegally download, rip off the DVD’s, ape their K-drama stars, and then translate Korean videos into subtitled Chinese. And Chinese can’t get enough of them, even after the Chinese government cut down drastically on broadcasting K-dramas on the prime time channels. Now that’s sad.

    • Ryo

      I’m really not so sure about the “piracy”of movies and TV shows in China any more. A lot of the shows aren’t aired here. Lots of paid sites like Hulu and Netflex are blocked in China (can get around with VPN but are still pretty much frowned upon). How else can Chinese people enjoy these shows? Is it really hurting anyone if they weren’t even available for purchase in the first place?

      As for movies, yes, still a lot of pirating going on but if you’ve ever been to a theater here on opening night for big movies, they are pretty much packed to the front row. Hell, even IMAX is becoming a big hit here. The people that are pirating are the ones that really can’t afford to go to the theaters.

      I’m not sure about sites like PPTV though. They do have a lot of movies and shows pretty much on demand. The more popular ones need to be paid a few RMB to watch but it’s not expensive at all. So I think they might have some kind of deal with the studios, maybe…

      • Germandude

        “The people that are pirating are the ones that really can’t afford to go to the theaters”

        The people pirating are the ones that can’t be arsed paying to watch a movie in a cinema full of retards, busy with their phones, getting up every 5 minutes and a smell that suggests the place hasn’t been cleaned for the last 6 months.
        I prefer watching at home with my wife, having a 50′ TV, a nice couch, a good sound system and any movie starting as soon as my Pizza arrives. And my phone is in silent mode during that time. Can’t beat that.

        • biggj

          Yeah I hear ya. I go to theater more for a date/night out rather to actually watch the movie. Unless it’s a movie I really want to see and don’t want to watch some shitty cam version of it. Which there has not been a lot lately I want to see. You got to get yourself a projector man. If you have a good space for it it’s 100x better then a tv. I have a nice Tv in living room but it’s pretty much only used for watching News channels will i’m doing things up stairs. Get yourself a $5000+ projector and if can designate one room in your house for it. It’s like your own movie theater. It’s good for using it as your laptop monitor or for games. If you got the money and space, it’s worth looking into.

          • Germandude

            Here in China, I don’t have the space. Back in Germany, I am considering it. However, the projectors I have seen at some of my friends’ places were, while stunning on the size of the picture, lacking the crisp in the graphics. The picture seemed to be dull, like in the movie “The thin red line”, the jungle wasn’t as green as it’s supposed to be. If you know what I mean.

            Sound system is also important. Buying a Teufel concept is the way to go for me. I need the boom in the bass.

          • biggj

            Depends on the projector. You can get full Hd projectors for kind of cheap. And they look alright,Like ones at best buy or walmart are not great. But I know what you mean by the color. If it’s not bright enough it’s dulls the color down.You can spend 30K on a projector or 1K. I’m not going to buy a 30 thousand dollar protector. I happy with mine and I paid 7500 for mine. It’s not liquid plasma or anything. It’s just as good as a 108p Hd TV, if not better Even with the lights on.

  • Jing

    My Chinese wife watches English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese speaking shows because those are the 4 languages she can speak fluently and to top it off she isn’t poor (Although I admit Korean dramas are just terrible!). Also this study is bollocks really.

    • chinese dramas are just as bad, creating that false sense of dating expectarions, and childish behaviour in 20 something adults.

    • Li Tianyi

      This study is spot on! Especially about your wife!

  • chucky3176

    I don’t know if this story is even true or not, but my red flags go up immediately when the Chinese news articles (this has been reported from Global Times to South China Morning Post) says “Korean professor at such and such university claims…” Chinese media have done this a lot in the past, and they’ve all been mostly rumors started for whatever reasons.

    Jiang Mingqiu would roughly translates back to Korean name, Kang Min-Kyu. So we can easily check to see if there is really a Korean professor named Kang Min-Kyu at SNU., and then check if he did write this paper. But based on past Chinese media claims of “Korean professors” (most of them have been fakes in the past), I am skeptical. But I’m willing to admit I’m wrong, if anyone can point to me a direct Korean source, not a Chinese media source.

    Here’s an old 2010 article at China Hush that puts all the past rumors on Koreans, into perspective.

    National sentiment controlled by rumors

    • linette lee

      wHAT?? chucky is acting crazy again. He thinks the whole world is after the koreans. He and his chinese and japanese conspiracy theories. hahahha lol……

      Super junior is that group with that chinese kid Henry in it right? Henry was just on Hong kong TV performed his songs playing violin and singing chinese. He writes his own songs and he is part of a korea boy group he said. What a talented kid. What is he doing in south korea? hahah lol. What happen? No talent musicians in korea now they have to hire Chinese? lol hahah…

      • chucky3176

        I don’t even know the names of the people who are in Super Junior, nor do I care. Obviously you do. All I know is that you can’t refute any of the past fake articles that the Chinese media have come up with. Again, I repost:

        Can you deny any of this?

        I repeat, if anyone can come up with the real Korean news source that says this supposed professor at SNU said this, then I’ll admit I am wrong. But until then, based on past behavior of Chinese media and their internet crowd, I am skeptical that this is even real. It’s like the boy who cried wolf too many times.

        • linette lee

          what … I heard korean claimed Jesus is Korean. That’s what the koreans told me. lol..hahhaa..

          • chucky3176

            Well here’s the thing. We all know that claim was another fabrication. But to address your lame attempt with a serious response:

            Both, Chinese and Japanese who have fallen for it and who have tried to spread hate using that, come from two societies that have very few minimal Christian religion (as both Japan and China prescribe to Shinto and Maoism/personality cult). Now I’m not a Christian nor am I religious. But I do fully understand the religious symbolism that the Korean artist who drew those pictures (Jesus in Korean clothing) attempted to relay in his artistic work. His point was to relay the thought that Jesus as God, and God as Jesus loves everyone – he (Jesus, God, Holy Spirit) loves Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Americans, Africans, Muslims. And that to human eyes, he can be Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American, African, and Arabic, as well as Jewish – or any race/nationality/ethnicity for that matter. But at the same time, he is none of those, simply because he is God. It’s not the ethnic background of Jesus/God matters here. It is his message of love.

            So this goes back to what I said about China and Japan where the message of Christianity is little understood. Without the experience with Christianity, it’s only natural for Chinese and Japanese to not be able to understand the true meaning of that artwork by that Korean artist who I think did an excellent job of relaying his message about Jesus – even though I am non-religious and don’t prescribe to Christianity. But at least I understood what he was trying to say.

          • Hmm thanks for the explaination. What of the Bible that said Jesus came from Jeruselum?

          • donscarletti

            Which bible says that Jesus comes from Jerusalem?

            Do they still call him Jesus of Nazareth at all in that one or have they edited it out?

          • Sillian

            You can find artworks of Jesus depicted as Chinese, Indian, African…etc. That’s just one art genre. I don’t think linette lee is seriously ignorant of that or maybe she is.

          • linette lee

            seriously ignorant of that or….maybe she is……

            I am not ignorant. Are you ignorant? ;)

          • Germandude

            Don’t forget that religion is for the poor and uneducated. To keep them calm and busy discussing and smashing each others heads on topics that nobody should really care about.

          • linette lee

            You don’t need to dissuade others just because you don’t believe.

          • Germandude

            You can argue against evolution as much as you want, it ain’t changing facts. Also, check out where religion is on the decline and where it’s spreading.
            The more educated and wealthy people are, the less they believe in religion because they figured it’s all bollocks to keep the poor calm and science proves Adam & Eve being a hoax.
            Now if you want to believe in religion, that’s fine with me as long as you don’t try to convince anybody else. Religions cause wars and are great money-makers.

            No need for me to dissuade others from believing in god or Jesus Christ. Education is doing that all by itself.

          • Washington Bullets

            You. I like your points.

            Europe sent all their religious crazies to America where they populate the desolate lower half and central parts of the country, far from the coasts, so as not to scare off any potential newcomers.

          • terriblemovie

            linette lee

            I don’t think any Chinese person has the right to accuse Koreans of stealing Jesus.

            You as a Chinese national must have forgotten about Hong Xiuquan(1814-1864) who once had a vision that Jesus Christ was not only Chinese but also his older brother. He amassed millions of delusional followers who thought he was a god. He then waged holy civil war in China, resulting in the deaths of 20 million Chinese.

            Let me repeat: some Chinese guy claimed he was the son of god and that Jesus was his older brother. He was responsible for the Taiping rebellion which led to 20 million dead Chinese.


            Yet you have the gall to accuse Koreans of stealing Jesus Christ over some picture? LOL LOL LOL(so funny, it requires 3 LOL’s). Their are plenty of Chinese pictures depicting Christ as Chinese. In fact every euro-centric picture of blond haired-blue eyed-pale skinned Jesus is just as inaccurate.

          • linette lee

            You don’t realize it’s a trolling statement I put out there do you?

            May I ask why are you so silly? Chinese like to joke around how Japanese and Korean steal our culture and all that. That stuff about jesus and confucius we are just teasing the koreans because they love to bxtch about everything. Like how we tease how Japanese kill themselves with a samurai sword over everything.

          • nitrostat

            damn… u troll hard don’t you ?

          • linette lee

            hahhaah..I even troll about jesus now I will be punished.

            Are you Chinese?

          • nitrostat

            nope.. american… u ?

          • Washington Bullets

            ermagerd, people need to see the book of mormon

          • Refractions_of_Error

            The book of moron?

          • ikoihil

            I used to have a friend who was so naïve that she’d believe anything anyone would tell her, as well. Maybe people should not take everything they hear as 100% true?

          • jixiang

            I don’t believe that. I know Koreans can be naive and ignorant, and that some Korean protestants believe that the Catholics killed Jesus…. but surely they can’t be that bad.

      • RothschildIsMoney

        You make no sense.

      • SeanHannity

        Typical Chinese, folks.

    • Mighty曹

      If true, my ancestor Cao Cao is Korean!

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        ah your famous ancestor Fuck Fuck :p

        • Mighty曹

          Yup. Thant makes me Mighty Fuck.

    • justmega

      Chucky & Linette should marry and have super moron children. What a blessing that would be to the world. Get a room!

    • doesnoonethink

      In regards to chucky’s post…where is the actual study? Or does Sina really make this up?

  • nqk123

    watched a few, thought it was good. watched a few more, thought it was rerun. a few more later, thought it was stupid. I enjoy movies more, less time consuming

  • Marcus Muller

    Well its kinda like how income murricans like to watch the kardashians/honey boo boo/house wives of _____ (literally dozens of choices to fill in the blank) or one of the many preacher/churchy series. I’ve been known to indulge myself in watching honey boo boo eating her sketti. Hopein now dat dun make me IQ no lowerin! A DOLLAR MAKES ME HOLLAR!

    • I saw a scene about the preachers. Don’t they realize that it embarrases the church community in soooo many ways? Dumbasses preaching to more dumbasses.

      • Marcus Muller

        If the economy gets any worse I’ll become a murrican preacher. Desperate times people will “pray” more and I’ll be the one driving a Benz from their “prayers”. The lord works in mysterious ways..

  • Li Tianyi

    Hey this makes sense. After I got done pounding that bitch that night, she wanted me to come back later to watch korean fucking tv dramas and cuddle. But I bet half of your wives or girlfriends are on about the same level. Usually stupid motherfuckers end up being in serious relationships with dumb bitches and as it goes so far, I’d say the lowest IQ’s in the western world end up being English teachers in China and commenting on a worthless self-promoting website like Chinasmack about how bad the country that has given them a job is, and how many fucks they give about making a difference and changing things and then at the end of the day the most they do is post comments on Chinasmack. What a bunch of worthless motherfuckers who complain about how fucked up a country is and then go to live and work there because there’s easy pussy and they can get a job there? Now that’s some fucking low, worthless, no good, follow your emotions IQ if you ask me. Fucking scumbag motherfuckers.

    • Pot calling the kettle black.

    • Jen_in_NY

      I keep scanning this for signs of deliberate irony…. scanning…. scanning…. nope, I don’t think so.

      • Li Tizzany BIOTCHES

        deliberate irony? scanning? Hey that 美国根白金infomercial is on your satellite tv, you better wake your boyfriend up so he can order it. So much for your opinion as finding a quality woman on ChinaSmack is like finding good samaritans in Zhengzhou.

    • Mighty曹

      Why so angry? I want to hear the entertaining stories.

    • guest

      THe report doesn’t say all viewers are poor/poorly educated, but as someone who makes about 850000 yuan a year ans eatches tons of korean dramas, I find this report both ridiculous and extremely insulting . sure I might not be super rich but at least I am university educated and make enough to support myself. It’s probably silly to even get insulted by this article/take it seriously but couldn’t help it!! Sorry for the rant…

      • guest


      • Li Tizzany BIOTCHES

        *TUH* Whatever! 850000 a year? that’s it? You act like it’s even WORTH mentioning. university educated? HA! you probably get scammed weekly by Henan farmers. Don’t EVEN THINK you can get on these boards and proclaim you’re competent enough to watch Korean dramas and actually ever amount to being more than just a mark for circus scammers from Henan

        • guest

          I did say I’m not super rich. I didn’t bring up my income to say I make a lot, but to make the point that this viewer is not extremely poor either. I’ve never been to henan and never met a henn farmer either…but you definitely seem to have a grudge/unfait preconceptions against henan people

        • guest

          **unfair preconceptions
          Although you seem to have missed the point of the study. The professor was saying the opposite – that you don’t have to have qualifications in order to watch kprean dramas

        • Lord_Helmet

          Why do you hate Henan so much? I Went there recently, it was not bad.

    • Germandude

      No rhymes. Can’t think of any beat that fits your wall of text. This ain’t no hip-hop worthy lyric. So, unfortunately, your career still needs to wait a bit.

  • dconn

    Propaganda at its finest

  • Jen_in_NY

    It’s strange that people are commenting on “how long” K-dramas are as some kind of negative, when really a lot of popular American series just go on and on and on for way longer than the typical K-drama of 16-to-26 episodes. I mean, there have been way more episodes of Mad Men, for example, over 6+ seasons. With a K-drama, at least you know there is an end in sight.

    Plus, at least in my house, anything and everything we watch on TV is on-demand (whether Tivo, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) so the whole “hours and hours of time wasted devoted to a show” argument doesn’t really make a lot of sense, because no one is forcing anyone to binge watch anything, are they? Are the people complaining claiming that they don’t watch television or in other ways entertain themselves on their own schedules?

    But whatever…

    I absolutely love some K-dramas, and some aren’t that good–just like everything else in life. My favorites are Chuno and Secret Garden. (FWIW, I’m working on my second Master’s degree and my husband and I are both professional people with good incomes.)

    • Obviously this article is ridonkulous but it doesn’t change the general view of some really horrible dramas out there. Just because you point out your higher education doesn’t mean a thing. P.S. Mad Men is a well directed, acted and scripted show. How could you compare the length of it to some girly show typical shy girl falls in love with guy them to Mad Men which is at least more adult theme than some princess idea of how women fantasize their relationships? I don’t care if you are a book smart manchild. You just sound crappy even buying into a stupid article’s reasoning. Go back to your books and MS to feel better about your insecurity of whatever.

      • Jen_in_NY

        Perhaps you should stick to posting cat pictures on your tumblr and leave the reasoned argument to the adults?

        • So what’s your point little girl? I don’t ride around in my kitty pictures and feel all mighty. LOL. such insecure little asian girl…

          • Mighty曹

            Hey I see my name! Jen is Asian?

          • Dude! I don’t know, but I think she needs more cute and cuddly since she sound so hateful lol. Probably another angsty libreal arts master degree girl.

          • Jen_in_NY

            Amazing–It’s like you’ve peeked inside my soul!

          • Ooooo you peeked at my tumblr …now I feel praised by a MASTERS Degree PrOfEsSiOnAl. <3

          • Jen_in_NY

            Somewhere a kitten just fell asleep in a teacup! Don’t you need to rush off and take a picture of it?

          • Mighty曹

            hahaha…stop, you two!

          • Jen_in_NY

            You’re right. Truce. Let’s all be friends.

          • Mighty曹

            hahaha…you two, stop!

          • Jen_in_NY

            No, I’m not Asian–I don’t know where he got that from…

        • death_by_ivory

          Lol if anyone can suffer thru Mad Men or Lost they deserve it.2 episodes I managed.

    • Mighty曹

      You’ve got a husband??? You’re breaking my heart, Jen. :(

      • Jen_in_NY

        If you’re being sarcastic: :(
        If you’re just being cute: :)

        • Mighty曹

          I’m being serious. :o

    • PixelPulse

      I think its because of the way they pace things out in k-dramas. Itll take people forever to figure something out so it just feels like the shows been going on for more then 20 episodes. At least thats how I feel.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Who the hell wants to watch half gay pretty boys on TV? Oh, sorry, 80% of the people who commented before me.

  • terriblemovie

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. The majority of Korean dramas that are shipped to China are romance/chick flick that are targeted towards teenagers and house wives. Whereas the US ships high production adult shows like game of throne. That isn’t to say the US has an overall better tv industry than Korea or vice versa. Korea produces high quality stuff as well (but they arn’t targeted towards little girls).

    I’m pretty sure China would bitch just as much Americans do if they shipped day time soap operas or reality shows like honey boo boo and auction wars.

    • chucky3176

      Holy mighty, I agree with this woman for the first time ever.

      Most of the K-dramas are written by Korean women writers. They are directed toward house wives and teen girls. They’re the romance/fairy tale/rags to riches fantasies that are created in millions of women’s day dreams. They have their specific target audience in mind, and it ain’t 35 year old men. The themes are all the same, why? Because that’s what sells to women who day dreams about the love affair with handsome men with cash. They aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. Because they are designed to be an escape from reality, a fantasy escape from day to day grind.

      • chucky3176

        In other words, junk food sells. Is that really a surprise?

      • terriblemovie

        What makes you think i’m a woman?

  • Guest

    “That is because Korean TV series are all very long”

    they’re not though, most are around 9-16 episodes at most

    • tonkotsu


  • mukanis

    I’m Chinese. I have a masters degree. I watch Korean dramas. This is awkward.

    • Cauffiel

      Even House watched monster truck shows. But then, he was fictional….

    • Irvin

      Proves that even retards can get masters degree in china.

      • mukanis

        I’m sorry. I don’t live in China.

        • Charles

          LOL – what was your major?

          • mukanis

            I took masters in economics elsewhere.

            P.S. I’m sorry to disappoint Irvin.

          • Washington Bullets

            *phew* so long as it wasn’t gender studies or an english major.

  • #propagandadepartment#

    most people in any country are low income. Which means i could say…”More people who are low income brush their teeth” ,and it would be true

    • biggj

      Don’t brush their teeth would be true lol.

  • Cauffiel

    Chinese ____ __ ______ __ ______ mostly have low education. Any need to fill in the blanks?

  • KoreanNoMore

    >Chinese fans of Korean TV dramas mostly have low education/income

    Just like Western fans of K-Shit.

  • Irvin

    The professor got it right!

    Who in their right mind could enjoy those slow, melodramatic shit! It’s painful just knowing people actually watch it. It’s even worst than anti japanese movies made by the chinese.

  • Kevin Yu

    As someone who watches taiwan, korean and japanese dramas, I dont really see how there is a difference between the taiwanese dramas and korean dramas.

    The japanese have some different “style”, but korean and taiwanese dramas are like 90% the same. Its crying, fighting, some misunderstandings, some unrealistic love-portrayal, someone dies and all these things. Besides that almost nothing happens in these 45 minute-episodes.

    • Charles

      You are a “man” and you watch this stuff… what kind of man are you? How dare you!!!

  • Truthisking

    Korean dramas are the true embodiment of the superficial and make-believe society Korea wants the world to believe they are. It’s sad to say the least that they just can’t be happy with their natural looks and have to revert to the widely accepted practice of plastic surgery.

  • PixelPulse

    Some shows are good, some are bad just like any other tv show from any other country/genre. Trying to knocking down people who enjoy them just makes you come off as a loser with too much time on your hands.

    • Charles

      LOL – I challenge you to tell me one Korean drama that is a “good” show… it is all complete drivel… at least all the ones that I have seen are.

      • PixelPulse

        Not everybody is going to like even the best of shows, the Korean dramas I like might never interest you. Its your own problem if you dont like any of them and your own problem if you never do. Im not gonna come at you with a dumb ass comment about how none of them catches your eye so dont try to come at me for liking them.

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    I could have saved this research team some time and money if they had just asked me. It’s common knowledge that TV shows like these are for the low educated all over the world. TV novella… American soaps…

  • elizabeth

    There is little credibility in the Sina version of report. There is no guarantee that the ‘facts’ were most likely cherry-picked, taken out of context or the meanings are simply lost in translation. Those simplistic conclusions highlighted in the report serve more to stir up cross-border bickering between the Chinese and Koreans rather than to enlighten its readers.

  • aasdf

    I love k-dramas because they use hot/attractive actors and actresses, the Korean language doesn’t grate on my ears, and good korean dramas tend to have better quality comedy/humor that i can understand. plus i get the feeling that koreans are more westernized than chinese so i can relate to it better. i’m an ABC btw. i don’t understand anything but english.

  • Wololoo

    My girlfriend is also watching this, is speaking quite good korean from it already and works as an engineer in Germany with a annual salary of 400.000 RMB (around 34.000 RMB per month).

    Lesson learned: Never generalize a statistic.

  • Mateusz82

    Really? You mean there’s not much brainpower required to watch overly emotional Korean pretty boys cry, or some vapid airhead giggles?

    Next you’ll tell me a PhD isn’t required to stare at shiny objects.

  • Fleura May

    guess this professor never checked country that produce most billionaires

  • Ding

    I wish a similar study would be done on the viewers of Fei Cheng Wu Rao.

  • Dconn

    Whats the income level and education level of those Koreans who watch Chinese dramas?

    • Arendelle

      I’ve seen a guy who attends Hanyang University (that’s roughly 5th most desired college in south korea) enjoy watching Chinese historical movies/dramas. But I’m not sure about the levels of the others though. It may vary just like any kind of normal groups.

  • A Japanese

    Both the former and the present Prime Minister’s wives are fans of K drama in Japan. Are they in low class?

  • shiranu

    I watch korean movies and dramas, and although I don’t have a master degree of anything, I know the way and like the water I adjust and adapt in lifelong slavery to my senses.

    By the most popular definition of “rich” I’m poor, but maybe having nothing is enough wealth to me. And the greatest lesson I’ve been taught, is to forget everything I’ve learned. To think less and feel more.

  • Pathoth

    people who watch TV have low education…!

  • Shu

    I enjoy japanese, korean and american dramas, which category do i belong to? Not chinese drama though, i have to agree in my opinion that those are awfully boring to watch.
    i like how religion is getting involved again in the comments.

  • bang2tang

    Samaritan Girl (& any Kim Ki Duk’s works).
    I like this movie for depicting life of young girl who selling their body to ahjussi. Underage prostitution.