Chinese Fans of Korean TV Dramas Mostly Have Low Education

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From Sina:

Korean Research Claims Chinese Viewers of Korean TV Dramas/Shows Are Mostly Low-Income

According to a Korean media report, a recent research report shows that among Chinese viewers, those who love watching Korean television series are mostly low education and low income groups.

A research team led by Seoul National University Media Informatics Department professor Jiang Mingqiu (transliteration) has recently published a paper titled “A Guide to Chinese Television Audiences’ Television Consumption Tastes/Patterns”. According to this thesis, the higher the education and income a Chinese viewer has, the more he/she loves to watch American and Japanese TV shows, while the lower the education and income a Chinese viewer has, the more he/she prefers to watch TV series produced by Korea and Chinese Taiwan.

According to the paper, viewers with high education and high income prefer “rational and light-hearted” TV shows, therefore, they mostly prefer American TV shows. Whereas the reason why viewers with low education and low income prefer Korean TV shows is because the logic of some Korean TV series is bad, you don’t have to use your brain when watching them, and can simply “let off steam/release emotions”.

Comments from Sina (1 & 2):

鲍尔吉-原野 [辽宁沈阳]:

And Vietnamese and North Koreans with even lower incomes are watching Chinese TV shows.

空桑黯 [山西太原]:

It seems that the professor from Seoul National University is a clear-thinking person, and knows that the TV series produced by his own country are only suitable for people with low incomes and low education.

手机用户 [广东湛江]:

Then people who love watching Japanese AV should have the education level of professors?! Jerking off diaosi can’t help but be happy secretly~

手机用户 [山西太原]:

Well said, those who watch and broadcast Korean TV series are mostly retards.

鳖趣 [广东广州]:

I strongly oppose watching Korean TV series. Every time I see someone watching Korean TV series I would customarily go and take a piss in the bathroom.

似我心96 [四川内江]:

泪 They [Korean TV dramas] indeed don’t require you to use your brain.

陋室庸愚 [香港]:

Professor Jiang Mingqiu probably hates Psy for being too talented. Korea’s Plastic Surgery Chamber of Commerce, Film & TV Association, as well as the Chinese Godly Anti-Japanese TV Series Writers and Directors Group should strongly protest against Professor Jiang.

丧尸豆丁妹 [上海]:

So happy for having a high IQ.

陋室庸愚 [香港]:

Some people in Korea think China is still very poor, and some people in China also think the men and women in Korea are all super handsome and beautiful. Both are adorable [naive] people!

jun000586 [江苏盐城]:

I don’t watch any kind of TV series, I only enjoy watching Xinwen Liaobo.

手机用户 [四川成都]:

According to my knowledge, those who watch Korean TV series are mostly women who have nothing better to do.

手机用户 [甘肃兰州]:

That is because Korean TV series are all very long, requiring people with a lot of free time to watch them, whereas high-income people, in order to ensure stability in their incomes, must manage their connections at all times, planning for each second to come, and simply don’t have the time to watch [Korean TV shows]. Highly-educated people actually spend their time reading English-language literature and watching undubbed American movies, considering themselves to be very sensible and good at wielding the law and intelligence. The behavior of some characters and some plots in Korean TV series are stupid and unreasonable to them. Actually, the reason so many people love watching Korean TV series is because the inner world [thoughts and feelings] of the characters in Korean TV series are portrayed really meticulously, very well, allowing viewers to to relate and identify with the characters. Meanwhile, it also shows [why] Korean TV series have such huge audiences. High income should refer to those who are making at least millions of yuan in annual salaries, [while] high education should refer to those who have PhD degrees.


The Korean scholar is wrong. People with low income and low education usually like to watch Mango TV’s self-made TV series. 浮云

手机用户 [陕西西安]:

Very correct.

手机用户 [天津]:

Basically accurate. I seldom watch Korean TV series, the storylines are like the strips of cloth used for foot-binding, both long and stinky, but [actually] only takes one sentence to explain the whole thing. In Korean TV series, people’s lives are extravagant and debauched fully of handsome men and beautiful women, precisely what lazy young people these days like. Whereas in reality, Korea is not like that.

手机用户 [浙江杭州]:

American TV series attract both men and women, but Korean TV series are mostly for women.

Ayyygirls [内蒙古赤峰]:

Can you not expose [the truth]?!

杨乐YUE [北京海淀]:

OK, the people who watch Korean TV series are mostly younger in age, so of course most of them are going to be students, and are they going to have money [incomes]? And would rich people watch idol dramas? 哼

手机用户 [广东广州]:

Based on what I know, most people who like watching Korean TV dramas are indeed old aunties with low education!

小明的高档生活 [江苏无锡]:

People who research this kind of pointless theory are probably nao can.

Do you watch Korean TV drama series?


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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