Chinese Female Bodyguards Training on Beach in Swimsuits

Chinese female bodyguards training in swimsuits on a beach in Hainan, China.

From Tiexue:

Devil day extreme training, Chinese female bodyguards special training camp

2012 January 8th, Hainan Sanya. Female bodyguards from Tianjiao Special Bodyguards/Safety Consultants Limited during their “devil day” training. This is the company’s first public female bodyguard training session. Tianjiao Special Bodyguards currently has 20 female bodyguards, the majority of them being university graduates. The girls need to undertake 8-10 months of professional training to master enough defense and protection skills in order to provide better service to clients.

Chinese female bodyguards training on a beach in Sanya, Hainan of China.

The instructor showed no mercy to the female bodyguards.

A row of young Chinese women gathered on a beach in Sanya, Hainan of China to train as female bodyguards.

The pretty female bodyguards assembled on the beach in Hainan.

Tianjiao Special Bodyguard Company will send the members of this squad of female bodyguards with the best performance to the Israeli International Security Academy to undergo even more professional skills training.

Chinese female bodyguards in training running cross country on a Hainan beach in China.

The instructor overseeing the female bodyguards running cross-country.

Chinese female bodyguards in training running cross country on a Hainan beach in China.

The female bodyguards running cross-country.

Chinese female bodyguards on their knees training on a beach in China.

The female bodyguards train crawling on their knees.

Chinese girls in swimsuits training to be professional female bodyguards.

The female bodyguards in human ladder training.

Training to become professional female bodyguards, a young Chinese woman walks on the abdomens of her fellow trainees.

A female team member stepping on another teammate’s abdomen.

Chinese female bodyguard trainees holding their breath under water.

The instructor supervising breath holding training.

A training instructor splashes water on a female bodyguard trainee.

The instructor punishing a female team member who couldn’t carry on by splashing water on her.

A row of Chinese female bodyguards carrying a log during training on a beach.

The female bodyguards carrying a log.

A row of Chinese female bodyguards carrying a log in the water during training on a beach.

Carrying a log in the water.

From Mop:

Exposed: It is said this is the training camp for China’s beautiful female bodyguards

In recent years, there has been increasing demand for the female bodyguards profession in China, and the training for female bodyguards has also become a topic of attention for netizens. Through a female bodyguard training camp, this reporter discovered that the those who participated in this screening and training were exceptionally outstanding girls who were top students who majored in finance, law, public relations, etc., and what more, each and everyone of these girls were pretty.

Chinese female bodyguards training in swimsuits on a beach in Hainan, China.

According to an insider: The clients for female bodyguards are very special, all belonging to business and show business high society circles, so the bodyguards must be really up to snuff both inside and out, with being both physically and mentally capable the ultimate goal.

A group of Chinese female bodyguards training on a beach in Hainan, China.

In recent years, there has been increasing demand for the female bodyguards profession in China. Many female business-owners and female celebrities prefer a female safety assistant and female safety driver to serve as their aides.

Chinese female bodyguards training in swimsuits on a beach in Hainan, China.

Furthermore, in recent years, even more professionals are pursuing their dream careers–bodyguards, sports trainers, military veterans all like challenging work, and the bodyguard occupation satisfies their occupational aspirations.

Chinese female bodyguards training in swimsuits on a beach in Hainan, China.

According to statistics from the relevant departments, the demand for female bodyguards in China over the next 5 years will reach as high as 600,000 people. In the face of such a large figure, more and more young females have joined beautiful bodyguards teams.

Chinese female bodyguards training in swimsuits on a beach in Hainan, China.

Comments from Tiexue:

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Publicity stunt + putting on a show. Those who work as bodyguards are all very low-key, very cautious, very calm. They wouldn’t be that ostentatious. This is just escort/prostitute training. Those who work as escorts and want to have impressive bed kung fu must first have “dick training” [the original Chinese is a pun on “basic training”]. First they have to train physically, and giggle and laugh while training, maintaining their smile. Even if they’re hit by the trainer or forced to kneel, it is all for training their psychological character, so that in the future when they are servicing clients, they can be yelled at without talking back and able to smile when being hit by clients… So in conclusion, these are prostitutes in training…


I only have two words to say: Bull shit!


They could train in t-shirts and capris, why do they have to be dressed like this. It’s too much for everyone to handle.


Feels like they’re putting on a show. Looking at their movements and poses, it doesn’t look like they’re active/sporty women.


Is there actually training where they have to dress like this? Fuck.


The more I look at it, the more I think they’re all in a beauty contest.


I’ve noticed something interesting, they’re all voluptuous/curvaceous. Looks like they’re all for satisfying male clients, as “bodyguards”.


Is there actually training like that? Even real female body guards of the same ability cannot defeat a male bodyguard, much less fake ones. Women only have one purpose. Having women be bodyguards, fuck, then why are men still needed?


Prostitutes are prostitutes, bullshit bodyguards, whose eyeballs are they trying to deceive?


Fuck, having to dress like this even for training? I bet those who get the position in the end will have to wear even less!


When I saw the photo of of her butt raised, brother [referring to self] shamelessly became hard.


These are bodyguards?? If you’re a rich person, would you choose this kind of bodyguard? You’ll be lucky if you don’t end up having to protect her.

What do you think?

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Chinese female bodyguards training on a beach in Hainan, China.

Chinese female bodyguards in swimsuits training on a beach in Hainan, China.

Chinese female bodyguards in swimsuits training on a beach in Hainan, China.

Chinese female bodyguards in swimsuits training on a beach in Hainan, China.

Beautiful female bodyguards. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • Anny

    First. These girls look like they’re having fun…

  • Li Qin Kê

    If my lazy loafer of a son wants to join me on the sofa, he better bear gifts.

  • jiayi


    • Li Qin Kê

      No gift, no sofa. Get lost scumbag.

      • jiayi

        STFU Li Qin Ke nobody even likes you OR your pissy sofa.

        I’m just here for some titties.

        • mr. weiner

          Always nice to see boobs. Looks more like one of those daft Japanese games shows than “bodyguard training”. What other dark arts do they teach them, ping pong balls?

          • Li Qin Kê

            No money, no honey. Get lost scumbag.

          • mr. weiner

            Some[few] might find you mildly amusing I don’t. Give me an honest opinion on the posts or disappear shit-for-brains.

          • jiayi

            Apart from my big donkey dick, I don’t see what they’re gonna be protecting since they’re all probably under 160cm. I just wish there was a video so I could witness the full on jiggle. Very soft, supple, natural, 100% Chinese mantou. I approve.

    • jiayi


  • Rod

    “…in order to provide better service to clients”

    I think this is the key phrase here. As one of the Chinese commenters said, it looks purely promotional. They’re not fooling anyone.

  • jeffli

    thats what I like to see a bunch ‘o bitches gettin’ some basic training….. I ‘m still not convinced though -where are the battle scars and rippling muscles?

  • Fabian

    What a bullshit. It is obvious that none of these girls will ever be able to defeat a man in a combat. This is either made up for the media or they are being trained for becoming models.

    • Justin

      I Agree.

      The last comment says it all:


      “These are bodyguards?? If you’re a rich person, would you choose this kind of bodyguard? You’ll be lucky if you don’t end up having to protect her.”

      • typingfromwork

        “Protection” should definitely be on your mind when talking to these girls.

        • Dave in Macau

          No way, I’m barebacking these hotties!

          • Misia

            “Protection from what, ze Germans?”

    • johnny basic

      As long as it’s only Chinese men they need to fight, they should be fine.

    • tom

      kadaffi did and look where it got him

  • Choonage

    How can this be confused with bodyguard training? Even Ghaddafi’s female guards were butch, which none of these girls are.

  • Khiscage

    One thing that’s missing is that in all military-style training, uniform swim suits would be issued.

    • I dunno; this would fit in with the midriff bearing body armor that female space marines all wear.

  • Barry Halls

    LMAO – Laughed so hard I cried. Total BS. Thank you Fauna for a good laugh.

  • Silent Observer

    Body Guard Training??

    You gotta be kidding me right…All women body guards look hot as hell, with nice asses and big tits? Remember that woman in the Beijing Olympics who won the weightlifting women’s world championship? She was ugly as f–k and cocked diesel…that’s a body guard. These “beaches” ain’t nothing but prostitutes in training. Anything to get a buck huh.

  • coala banana

    i can’t believe that i would one day agree with chinese netizen reaction:-)

    My first thought was, what kind of BS is that now ? What kind of dumb ass PR ?

    after i read:

    “Through a female bodyguard training camp, this reporter discovered that the those who participated in this screening and training were exceptionally outstanding girls who were top students who majored in finance, law, public relations, etc., and what more, each and everyone of these girls were pretty…”

    top students and majors my ass. Hire a bunch of hookers and ktv-girls for a fake ass photo shoot to hainan as a PR stunt, in hope that many dumb ass girls which see this crap will jump on the train and pay money to get such a promising training in hope for a future job as a bodyguard.

    I must give chinese credit, they never fail to amaze me in the obvious ways they try to cheat their fellow countrymen.

    When a country like china opens more and more private sectors, one can witness the same crap and BS to make money with western countries have been through 30 years ago. Same shit, just another country and people, with a 30 years delay, its amazing that such things still work, even i doubt it, not even chinese are so dumb to not look through this crap. On the other side a nation with millions of unemployed young girls, if a few hundred of them see that as some sort of opportunity out of their own naivety, and have some money to invest for the job opportunity promising training, then it could work, ;-)

    • coala banana

      btw, i hate chinese style swim dresses. They should wear real swim dresses and not this ugly skirts style ones. Or wear a fuckin bikini.

      I truly wish chinese would have more style and taste for clothes. Its kinda this ugly chain smoking and nose drilling long pinky nail bastards which go to HK and buy themselves just an original Boss polo shirt and still keep on wearing their cheap ass ugly black fake leather shoes. Its a disgrace !

      • donscarletti

        It blows the mind. Try to go to a shoe shop in China and get some black trainers without a fluorescent green or metallic gold stripes on it.

        • coala banana

          right, its not just clothes, most of them seem obsessed with all kind of shiny things. Some of their clothes wouldn’t even look so bad when they would just tone it down a bit with the shiny stuff. Its ridiculous. Everywhere shiny, even it looks cheap, falls apart and is hard to maintain, they still put a high chrome finish and glittering stuff on every piece of shit cloth, furniture and decoration. Women wearing high heels but don’t even know how to walk in them, but as long as it makes them look taller and shoes have some glitter on its cool and sexy in their opinion. Rich chinese man buying rolex watches in HK but have a mouth full with rotten teeth and wearing a pair of 58 RMB shoes. Japanese and Korean females are lightyears ahead of chinese females when it comes to style, appearance, education and public behavior.

          • mr. weiner

            You can still spot the mainland tourists in Taiwan easily by the way they dress even before you get close enought to hear the accents or see them spitting.
            One of my good Taiwanese mates told me imagine opening your front door one day and a gorilla is standing outside and as soon as he sees you he says “brother!”.
            And I’m not claiming that Taiwanese or myself are in any way harbingers of style.

          • White Phosphorus

            i spent 3 yrs in china and i have to agree with you on this one. the mainlanders have a way of cheapening a luxury brand. like u said, wearing a real rolex watch then opening their rotted brown mouth…
            normally, people who buy from luxury brands know the history and background behind the company and its products. they then determine whether it is worth the buy. the mainlanders on the other hand, buy whatever has a logo on it, flash around luxury goods along with their 58rmb fake leather shoes, cheapening even what we considered a good quality luxury product. they go into LV buying up all the cheap canvas handbags and wear them around hong kong while digging up their nostrils for gold. sorry for the rant but its really what i saw and really how i feel.

          • donscarletti

            Essentially, in China, a Rolex is better than a Patek Philippe because when you try to talk investment with a Shanxi coal boss, he’s not going to know what PP is or be impressed in the slightest. This is because PP doesn’t want to be associated with Shanxi coal bosses in faux leather loafers and couldn’t give a damn about telling them about PP’s range of US$150K timepieces.

            China’s an amazing country like that. I quite like watches, when I leave, I will certainly buy one of those beautiful Tianjin Seagull tourbillon watches with “China Made” proudly on the dial as a memento. Right now, I will continue wearing my current timepiece, which is maybe the fifth or so cheapest model from a well known Swiss firm famous for making expensive watches. Nobody classy wears a Chinese watch you see.

          • donscarletti

            @White Phosphorus

            For someone named after incendiary ammunition, your posts have not been particularly inflammatory.

          • The Dude

            @ White phosphorous

            I think what you really mind is that you feel it then undervalues your own brand name products that you have purchased.

            Why on earth should anyone have to know the history of a brand in order to purchase it? Ridiculous.

            Good luck to them is what I say. Almost all brand name products are hype and no real value. Snobbery, pure snobbery.

            I think you personally need to take a snob check. Something wrong with 58 quai shoes is there darlin’?

      • E Puff

        why do you care what chinese girls are wearing? Does it affect you in some way?

        • mr. weiner

          I think CB cares about the way Chinese girls dress because….he is a guy and whilst it is nice to see women in revealing clothes, a woman in a damn fine bikini is a woman in DAMN fine bikini.
          Also he is European and snob.

          • E Puff

            oh then he should say he is aroused by women wearing bikinis rather than act as though the women’s swimwear presents some type of social or world problem. lol i don’t think he’s a snob at all (or if he could justify any snobbish behavior). some of his comments have been too idiotic to have come from a person with a modicum of social breeding.

        • donscarletti

          Simple enough to answer. If they’re well presented they’re better to oggle. Coala banana likes oggling hot chicks.

        • coala banana

          i care, cause i have regular sex with them and still want to have sex on a regular basis, and this skirt style swim suites makes then unattractive in my eyes. A chick should have at least some sort of dressing style. As beautiful as some are, when they dress like grandmothers from the 60s, their chance to have the pleasure of sexual intercourse with me drop significantly when they wear this ridiculous costumes. Thats why i care !

          • E Puff


          • coala banana

            yes, i like when they call me that. In fact when chinese say it, it sounds more like: “piggy, piggy !”

            I would prefer just a plain rude “PIG!”, sounds more masculine in my humble opinion. Piggy, sounds like a small cute piglet, like in the movie “Babe”, you know, and thats not what i want to be !

            Same goes for “lunchy”, “sleepy” and “fucky”, cute, yeah i know, but it takes all the juice out of it, if you know what i mean :-)

          • donscarletti

            If you really had regular sex, you would realise that clothing is traditionally removed before the act.

            See, that’s just one of those little technical details that they leave out of the sex-ed textbooks so you can tell whether someone is bluffing in an interview.

  • front for prostitution man.

  • sm120

    LOL. Why do bodyguard training sessions involve walking on top of each other and crawling around the beach in bikinis?

    For some reason this reminds me of the HK movie Naked Weapon.

  • Song of the Article

    I Have Nothing
    -Whitney Houston

    this is the the from the movie the Bodyguard

    and this is my wumao

    • The Shadow Knows

      If you’re going with The Bodyguard soundtrack, “Queen of the Night” would work better for this post, IMO.

  • diverdude

    I guess they haven’t heard… Q’daffyduck came down with a terminal case of lead poisoning. He’s holding off on hiring female body guards for the next, oh, say, forever years… :-)

    That said they can practice carrying my log any day ! but be forewarned ladies, it’s a bit heavy !

  • Adjutant

    This wouldn’t be unusual if it wasn’t for the swimsuits.

  • Jess

    Why do they carry the log in the water? Wouldn’t it float, so they could just push it along?

  • E Puff

    maybe they are call girls (escorts) who must train so that they are able to fight off men who become to aggressive or abusive? It could happen. As for the guys who said that the women don’t look like they can fight or protect, being a woman doesn’t mean you can’t fight or protect. I’m 5’4 (162.56) in height and my ex-husband was a tall 6’5 (195.58) muscular man. He tried to hit me once, we had a fight and I won – he never tried that again. I have three sons who are all bigger than me, and yet they obey the rules of the house because they are afraid of me. So a woman can be attractive, tough, and kind. If an American black woman can protect herself and others, so to can a woman in China.

    • mr. weiner

      Cultural maybe. Chinese women are used to “Eating bitterness” [though they have long memories], but every sensible person knows you do not mess with an American black woman.

      • E Puff

        lol that is true. But often, we bark just loud enough to scare people off. Some people are tough, some are not. Depends on the person. So many call American Black women “ride or die chicks” because, they love with all of their hearts and if they are with their man and he is in a fight, they won’t cower in a corner, they’ll fight side by side with him lol it’s really funny. But in the end, we’re still women who have our share of tears too. Never underestimate a woman. The girls in the pictures above look fragile and men have more physical power… but, they also have so many vulnerabilities. I think with good training, the women could be good bodyguards. Why would those two army guys in the picture waste their time on them otherwise?

        • coala banana

          damn, not even the chinese netizens believe that this is real, even they call it BS, and that means something. Looking at the pics, what makes you think that this is real ?

          “Why would those two army guys in the picture waste their time on them otherwise?”

          :-))) you must be the only one here who believes this story, or you are kinda unique in your naivety. You beat your 2meter tall husband in a fight, but on the other side you believe this BS story about chinese bodyguards ?

          • E Puff

            CB, they give me no reason not to believe it. Like, what is to be gained from this photo op? Money or netizen ridicule? Attention? For what purpose?

          • coala banana


            “they give me no reason not to believe it”

            well, there are tons of pictures and a whole text and description which give all more then enough reasons NOT to believe it.

            You already gave yourself some possible answers…”Money or netizen ridicule? Attention? “…and the list could go on an on….

            speaking again about different intentions, the key word is: different !

            you have an intention, the people which run this site have another one, the people which made the article have another one, and the ones which try to fool people with this fake ass PR stunt have again a different intention…..

            and finally you are beginning to understand…someone likes to make money, someone else like to make money out of the guy who wants to make money, some posters here just like to look down on chinese, some are racist, some caring and open minded, same take it wayyy took serious, others want to show how clever they are, some virtually live on this forum threaten and use name calling other members, and others just want to have some fun and enjoy the show….

            So yes, I think everyone is well served by executing his own intentions. The ironic thing is that the people which started this all, like this fake ” bodyguard school” will most likely not be able to get anything out of their intentions. While we are not part of any deal, we at least get some entertainment for free…

          • Guangjoe

            E Puff ,

            It’s a front for prostitution. Very clear. Ever heard of free advertisement?

            Everything is a show in thins country. If you haven’t realized that yet then you haven’t been living here long enough…

          • E Puff

            i don’t believe it’s a front for a prostitution ring. for me, it’s a little too easy to believe. i don’t believe it’s a bodyguard group either and that the author of this post is wrong. Because all of the girls are chubby, I am assuming they want to lose some weight. I have a personal trainer who played professional football in the U.S and he puts me through intense rigorous workouts (minus stepping on my stomach) every session. To me, a bunch of girls with a bit of fat around the tummy may want to lose weight. If they were truly body guards, i doubt they would want to broadcast their services in this manner.

          • coala banana

            “i don’t believe it’s a front for a prostitution ring. for me, it’s a little too easy to believe.”

            :-))), yeah, but you believe in god ! believing in an invisible man in the sky, who follows all your steps and who you have sex with and how, seem and easier thing to believe in ? Believing in the burning bush, the talking snake, joan in the whale, jesus walking on water, coming back from the death, is of course much easier to believe in since the evidence is overwhelming and everything makes a lot of sense ?

            BUT, to look through something like this BS story where the evidence is right in front of you, presented in a very obvious and blunt way, doesn’t make sense ?

            When you religious jesus folks start to talk about common sense and try an attempt to look at things rational, really scares the hell out of me !

            Puffy, you are a black african american, believing in god, and beating your 2meter tall husband in a fight, get real girl. Go back to the basics and get this idiotic things out of your head !

      • Misia

        American black women? Sure they might be badder than your average Euro girl, but on a world level they just fall short. Arab women are undisputably the hardest fighters out there, comparing them to others is like comparing black men’s dicks to the rest of the world’s. And the thing is, fighting is just one of their many areas of excellence: empathy, maturity, politeness, strenght, humbleness, pride, earnestness, modesty, style… Trust me, do yourself a favor: talk to more Arab women, they make everyone else (not just girls, people in general) look like one-dimensional, half-assed and full of nothing. You just can’t teach all the intangibles they have. Just talk to them and you will understand.

  • marsvin

    “Many female business-owners and female celebrities prefer a female safety assistant and female safety driver to serve as their aides.”

    Haha yeah that’s what these girls are getting “trained” for I’m sure :D

    • E Puff

      no wait — think about it. A group of people are walking, female celebrity at the center. A crazy fan rushes out a nd tries to grab her… all of a sudden, a steel baton cracks out, pops him on the head. Oops! No one noticed the pretty Chinese lady with the microphone in her ear. Oh, wait, he’s on the ground and she just stomped him on the balls. It could happen lol

  • typingfromwork

    Saw this a few days ago on a news portal- Chinasmack, you do not dissapoint.

    I loled heartily then as I do now. Shamless and crass promotion. I dare say though it probably worked on a few middle aged managers.

  • White Phosphorus

    Honestly, they look like a bunch of looney tunes that just escaped the psychiatric ward especially with their sloppy wardrobe choice and improper expressions and behaviours unlike that of well-trained and disciplined bodyguards like we would have imagine. China has fell down on so many levels….

    • Tengu

      My favorite part was the best will be going to “Israeli International Security Academy.”

      Every Israeli woman over 18 spends 2 years in the IDF and every one of their ass. Not one of these girls has a bit of muscle tone, they’ve never been near a gym?

      They couldn’t get them uniforms? No uniform, no discipline, no unity. This is total bullshit.

      • Just John

        Hey Tengu, you’re alive!
        I thought maybe you went motorboating for just a little to long and was asphyxiated.

        • Tengu

          J.J. – Barely alive…just need to repair the scorching, singes, scar up a little and I’m good.

          How hangeth the hammer?

          “Amacord” by Fellini, great scene in there. I believe Hooots used it for his thesis; “Illustrating The Affects of Nonconsensual Motorboating.”

          • mr. weiner

            Nice to have you back Tengu, have misesd you Falstaffian wit.

    • GJ

      One could only wonder what would happen if China makes the slow transition to a complete democracy… (If that isn’t happening already).

  • Pathoth

    there are obvious “deterrent” (big ugly musclemen) bodyguards and there are discreet ones. the need for female bodyguards is real, as many offenders would not expect a female secretary to attack or pull out a gun.
    all of which has no relation to swimsuits

    • GJ

      Agreed. The swimsuits, IMHO, are a PR stunt to get more trainees… if they are trainees and not hired models.

    • typingfromwork

      Now I have seen a few pieces discuss the rise of female body guards in China ( Apparently with more women in top places they actually want some discrete woman fighter to protect them instead of a burly big man. It makes sense and you can see this as a positive for female rights in China.

      This PR stunt, however, is just for people to ogle at online. The actual training of these female body guards is as brutal and difficult as any other. Looking at the way some of these girls wince in the photos I would say they are putting it on. But female body guards are a real phenomenon in China and may catch up elsewhere.

      • Tengu

        Female bodyguards and “drivers” are everywhere. China’s not on the cutting edge. Needing a body guard is a “new phenomenon” in China, not in Central America, South America, parts of Europe and the FSU.

        Corsicans were kidnapping businessmen and their families for ransom years ago. The “blue ants” were still pedaling bicycles then.

        BTW – You don’t just pick some girl/guy and train them to be a bodyguard…doesn’t happen. 99.9% of them have police or military backgrounds…you want a known entity with clearance, not some nimrod who hasn’t been tested or shot at already.

        Go to a nightclub in Odessa, a high end part of Rio, Mexico City or Moscow if you want to see bodyguards and how they actually work.

        Discrete my ass, if they want “discrete” it’s for show only. You want a wall around you if you actually need bodyguards.

        • Pathoth

          I guess you didnt understand what I meant by discreet. true VIPs will have both types: the obvious deterrent/musclewall to scare away idiots and take a bullet, and then the discreet agents who look like just another pedestrian while watching for incoming threats.

          • Tengu

            You’re not talking about a “discrete bodyguard”…you’re talking about “spotters”. Typically, bodyguards rotate those tasks.

            If you’re talking about having “spotters” you’re way beyond VIP and into other territory, because you’re now into crowd control with “spotters”.

            Want to see how it’s done “discretely”, look at the US Secret Service, they all look like they just graduated from Yale and they’re from Anywhere, USA.

            Italy, Israel, FSU, Mexico, Rio, Colombia and other places have no use for “discretion.”

            “Discretion” is a luxury.

        • DRaY

          I know chicks who have trained to be cops and military and could kick men’s asses… these girls haha… If they attacked me together it would be a huge joke… I would wager a real bet that no girl that looks like this can kick my ass. Not one piece of toned muscle on any of these girls ….. Chinese scam… promo video of something… no way this is real training.

  • RichinBeijing

    I want one.

  • Coyote88

    Lovely girls, especially the one stepping on the other girl’s stomachs but bodyguards? Seems dubious.

  • DRaY

    Chinese Female bodyguard? Isn’t that an Oxymoron? LMFAO….
    This has to be a joke.. Why are they smiling, and why are they in bikinis? They will send these girls to Israel for further training? ..LoL… this isn’t real. … Unless they are training to seduce their client’s attacker, these girls wont stand a chance.
    I love China…. my life would be so boring without these types of articles… Thank you China Smack for making Monday Morning worth waking up to!!!!

  • Capt. WED

    Thanks for ruining my mental image of Hongjian in training.

  • GJ

    I think this is a giant PR stunt.

    Yes, there is a market for female bodyguards. However, I would not be surprised if some of these “bodyguards” become “body-gradificationists” on assignment…

    I think a male customer would go, “Well, I already paid them for their service. Might as well go for ‘second base’.”


  • Jeffli

    I think there’s quite a few that are “Shagadelic”!
    I’d do ’em! errr. employ them

    One can see this is state of the art trainning for a tactical response towards threats of hazardous nature.

    Ok boys!
    give me the biitch wolley ball now!
    ta very muchly Mua Mua……..byeee!

  • Rick in China

    Stupid. Absolutely just a publicity stunt.

    • liz

      totally stupid thy could not work like prostitutes so they try different approach … Chinese female, are so cheep and so primitive can,t eat properly cant walk properly dress them sell so cheep oh my god they are so confused…

      • coala banana

        you are right, most dress bad and have no taste for style whats or ever and have no clue how to walk in high heels, BUT i wouldn’t go so far to generalize them as primitive.

        If you call a group of people primitive, then we have to define the word primitive, or make a comparison. Lets take primitives in the US as a comparison , like trailer trash sluts, crack whores, redneck bitches. Looking at it from this angle, makes chinese “primitives” kinda desirable and educated, don’t you think ?

        Chinese men might lack hygiene, I give you that, but even the poorest chinese women shower before she goes to bed and have decent hand and foot nails. When you look at some US trash, then it makes you wanna puke out !

  • {facepalm} Please tell me this was part of some parody skit or comedy show on Pearl TV or another Hong Kong station? Because I cannot believe that folks actually shell out money for this sort of ‘protection’.

    • The video camera wrapped up in a protective plastic bag seems to give the best proof that this is just a TV show/movie.

      Don’t know why everyone is so outraged. This could be training for a xiaosan contest for all we know. Can’t we all just simply agree that nothing on teh Chinese internets is real?

      • Tengu

        You mean some stuff on the Interwebs isn’t true?

        Say it ain’t so…

  • moop

    this is certainly fake, but think about it: there isnt much difference in size or musculature of the average chinese man and the average chinese woman. they are both frail, thin, small, and weak

  • mankouzanghua

    finally! a bodyguard who can… hold her breath?

  • bscalled

    i need protection

  • UkExPaT

    It looks like those training instructors were having a field day!

    I’m wondering if they have anymore vacancies for instructor positions left :)

  • UkExPaT

    These trainees should take lessons from the most famous of all Chinese female bodyguards, Wendi Deng!

  • E Puff

    one more thing I’m noticing about the comments from western men is that they are so driven by fleshly desire it’s annoying. All they think about is SEX SEX SEX and that’s not wrong or terrible but they think about sex too much and with different women. It’s so off-putting and such a turn off. most of them only come to this web site to oogle and leer , and to make disgusting sexual comments about chinese women. This is why I will not date an american man. they all repulse me I do whatever I can to ignore them and it looks like some of the euro guys are the same way. Seriously, grow up. who cares about your horny pencil dicks except you? They ridicule chinese men or make emasculating jokes about them, but at least chinese men are oriented toward marriage and responsibility.

    • UkExPaT

      Just relax! You have to let some of use get it out of our system.

    • UkExPaT

      Also, I suggest you look up ‘Tongue in cheek’

    • coala banana

      yeah, but at least chinese men are oriented toward marriage and responsibility.:-))

      and they are also the biggest haters of black people on the planet ! you don’t know much about china, do you ? They fucking hate black people. When you think that some whites hate blacks, then china will give you a whole new definition what hating black people mean.
      Aren’t you black too :-))

      • E Puff

        Your point? I don’t doubt that there’s racist people of every race.

        • Capt. WED

          I have to admit Chinese people are pretty ignorant. But you can’t really expect a lot of PCness from them tho because racial PCness is alien to them, China is don’t have a rich experience of multiculturalism (in recent memory). But who are we talking about when we say Chinese people? Are we talking about the migrant workers? The locals? Young people? Educated people? Middle Class? Lower Class? THe Elite?

          I WILL however say the younger generation have more exposure to other cultures but ignorance still exists.

          (Not that I’m not ignorant myself in a lot of things.)

          • E Puff

            I dont get emotional about racism. It’s just a person’s disturbed opinion that has nothing to do with reality.

          • Pathoth

            there are many different ethnic minorities in china, those of which are not the majority “han” chinese deal with a greater deal of racism. the uyghur and t ibet peoples are prime examples.

    • marsvin

      If you’re basing your opinion on Western men on internet comments you’re probably going to get the wrong opinion. Only the dregs hang out here ;)

      I do agree it’s annoying at times though.

      • E Puff

        I agree that the dregs mostly hang out online. It’s annoying, for sure and I found some of the comments annoying, from a female perspective. I don’t know any white men who act or speak that way about women off line, and nearly all the guys I know are genuinely good people. But it also makes me wonder, who are all the ones going online to say stupid things?

    • Just John


      Look it up.

      • Just John

        Sorry, you might also need to throw Korn after typing A.D.I.D.A.S.

    • Misia

      “one more thing I’m noticing about the comments from western men is that they are so driven by fleshly desire it’s annoying. All they think about is SEX SEX SEX and that’s not wrong or terrible…”

      …except that yes, it is. Definitely agree with you.

      • mr. weiner

        A web page full of mature sophisticated cool guys, not discussing sex? I suppose it could happen.
        Look boss, de plane, de plane!
        Welcome to Fantasy Island.

      • Just John

        And you honestly do not think Chinese men think about sex just as much?
        1.5 Billion people, most populous country in the world?

        Maybe you do not understand Chinese men as well as you though…

        • E Puff

          Do Chinese men think about sex? DUH! All men think about sex. But western men obsess and talk about it nonstop. It’s sooooo annoying! You could show them a picture of a puddle of mud, and they’ll figure out a way to see something sexual. One young man (the only men who ever approach me are in their 20s), had the audacity to say, that if women want to have a boyfriend nowdays, she has to have sex on the first night. I told him, I don’t need or want a boyfriend. It’s only a matter of time before women wise up and realize how much you all have benefitted. Most of the men who post here are just preying on Chinese women and their appearance, waiting to see the next flash of boobs or short skirt lol

          • Just John

            Well of course you see this, look at the topic at hand. But you make a very astounding hyperbole in taking comments here and applying them to “all” in any way.

            In this you are being completely intellectually dishonest. For one, the comments here do not reflect the feelings of an entire gender, because this does not I’m fact have all cross sections of the gender. Second, you are stating that all we talk about is sex, when you fail to include a comprehensive selection of topics.

            Please go to the train accident stories and find me a single comment of a sexual nature. Bet you can’t, because the topic does not have women running around in skimpy outfits, supposedly “training”. You are fill of sit because you are saying this broad brush behavior exists in all situations instead of placing it in proper context.

            Now go somewhere else because your high horse hyperbole is so full of crap that I can smell the shit from here.

          • Pathoth

            if a foreign guy wants to screw around everyday in china, its easy- a powerful corrupting force.
            ofc, this comment also makes me think you are looking in the wrong place for a “good man”.
            lastly, the very fact you even bring up a subject shows you are interested in it.

          • deniz


    • donscarletti

      “but at least chinese men are oriented toward marriage and responsibility”

      Chinese dudes have WAY more game than most posters here give them credit for. I want to meet the brother who told you that, then buy him a beer as he tells me all the details of what he got in return. That’s just a classic, that really is.

      • Bunny99

        agree – it is not difficult to find Chinese men who are on the look out for a girl to “conquer” and then dump

        and if a girl lets one of these guys do even the smallest favor for her (like lend her a pen) he expects sex in return.

        Then they all want to marry a virgin (usually the same one)!

        Chinese men are the same as western men – they get what they can get

  • Spanky

    No weapons training? No Shaolin Gong Fu? No boxing? Looks useless to me. I bet any of the office ladies in my local Chinese gym could beat the shit out of any one of them. Then they’d do that ridiculous V hand gesture.

  • lxpatterson

    Didn’t Khadafi have a cadre of female bodyguards? Wasn’t he shot and killed, his body desecrated and sodomized?

    No thanks.

    Educated rich mainlanders (if there is such a thing) would do better to hire an ex-NFL lineman with a career prematurely ended by a knee injury. Barriers? Terrible systemic Chinese racism!

  • TomTuttleFromTacoma

    this would be more believable if they were training in high heels.

    • Pathoth

      believable as an escort service?

  • Foreign Devil

    chinese female and “bodyguard” don’t even go together. If I needed a body guard he’d better be male, very big and preferably black. You want your guard to be very visible and obvious. That is the point. To DETER would be problem makers.

    Looks like one of those dumb “boot camp” fitness training schools to me. Except I would be really surprised to see it in China. Chinese girls consider a muscular physique to be ugly. To them beauty is staying indoors on your ass and preserving your lily white skin tone.

  • harry

    Just hope these girls don’t share the same fate as Gadaffi’s girlie protectors having assumed some plum posting in dictatorland.
    Check their graphic fate out here on ChinaSmack, all gang-raped, tortured and shot. Hideous!

    • coala banana

      don’t worry, after this shoot they went right back to their old jobs as hookers and ktv-girls.

      This bodyguard company will go bankrupt right after a few hundred naive girls sign in and pay money for the training to become bodyguards. Just another day in china, where people with a dumb ass idea try to make money out of even dumber people which believe this crap…thats part of capitalism ! Chinese might not be very creative, but you don’t have to be creative when you deal with naive people, they believe it cause they want to believe it, even its for some just for the sake of their own entertainment.

    • Capt. WED

      I thought it’s been confirmed those were fakes.

  • wgh

    Recent years there has been increasing demand for female “bodyguards”. I already know.

  • ZlsetrdX

    I still wonder what the f*** any of those exercises has to do with any bodyguard’s task.

  • Coyote88

    I just noticed that in the photo where the one girl is stepping on the other girl’s stomachs, each girl on the ground is covering her vagina with her hands lol.

  • all bullshit,,just another way to sell chinese pussy for higher price,,,,,just saying BULLSHIT

  • mindful utterance

    Pretty girls who can kick gluteus maximus? How could this get any better? Where can I sign up to participate? :-)

    • deniz

      you feminist retard cant you read the comments by people these are hookers in training do u wanna be a prostitute

  • swatdowg


  • MadeInChina

    girls have to physically fit to spread their legs…and that’s a fact

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