Chinese Female Mayor in Jilin Dismissed, Expelled from Party

Han Yingxin

Han Yingxin

From NetEase & Phoenix Online:

Jilin’s “Most Ruthless Demolition Female Major” Is Double Expelled, Once Claimed She Had “The Sword of The State”

Beijing Morning Post report —- Jilin province Shulan city’s former Municipal Committee Member and Deputy Mayor Han Yingxin was confirmed as having been expelled from [Communist] Party membership and her official position yesterday, the crimes in which she is suspected suspected of being involved in having already been handed over to judicial authorities. In 2011, Han Yingxin had become the focus of media attention due to people in her jurisdiction whose homes were demolished to be relocated appealing to central authorities.

Through investigation, Han Yingxin was found to have exploited her position and power for the benefit of others, accepting large bribes. Her behavior has severely violated discipline/rules. Information made public shows, during her term as Deputy Mayor, Han Yingxin was in charge of Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, and Municipal Auditing Bureau, as well as assisting the Major in managing important departments such as the Municipal Government Office, the Ministry of Housing and Rural-Urban Development, City Management Bureau, Municipal Slumb Redevelopment Management Office, and Municipal Government Purchasing Center.

Public reports say Han Yingxin has previously said, “I know nothing about the Demolition and Relocation Law, and don’t handle things according to the Demolition and Relocation Law”, “I have the ‘sword of the state’ [the backing of the government, arbitrary powers due to position], go ahead and sue me, I’m not afraid”, and such comments, becoming known as “the most beautiful and ruthless demolition female mayor”. In 2011, Han Yingxin became an even more infamous public figure. That year, Shulan city resident Xu Guiqin went to central authorities petitioning for redress because his storefront had been demolished without cause, and was received/heard personally by the then Prime Minister Wen Jiabao himself.








Comments from NetEase:


The key question is who fucked her into the position of Deputy Major?

月巴贝戎001 [网易吉林省通化市网友]:

What I’m more concerned about is whether the men behind her have done anything illegal, and whether or not they’ll be brought to justice.

wygbzg [网易山西省太原市网友]:

Shrews as government officials is almost the same as hooligan thugs who know kung fu, behaving like wolves with a the heart of hungry tigers [vicious tyrants]. Who knows how many good ordinary common people they have harmed! With so many in high position being such lascivious and shameless people, how can this country be peaceful, how can the ordinary common people live in peace? If this is not defeated, where is justice?

为呀为 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

She doesn’t look old, and yet she’s able to get into such a position, and hat more, the departments she is in charge of are all those where it is easy to get money!!! Fuck!!!


Pull out the carrot and bring out the mud. Let’s see how much mud can be brought out!

Comments from Phoenix Online:


Best investigate the group of men behind her. Successful women [women in power] have many “godfathers” [sugar daddies] behind them.


It’s important to [find out] who promoted this woman!


How did she become a mayor? Slept her way to the top, right?


From the petitioning in 2011 to the end of 2013, it has been a very long wait! And now we’ve seen the result. Good.


Where is your “sword of the state” now? Are you going to show it now?


First investigate which government leaders have adulterous relations with.


Only double expulsion? Nothing is more poisonous than a women’s heart! They should investigate which corrupt officials plucked her up [into her position of power]! Without him, would she still have been so arrogant?


She must be the mistress of the province’s government leader.


The central government must diligently investigate who is her behind-the-scenes patron/benefactor. Just what kind of tiger it is? [The central government] must give the people of the nation an explanation [satisfactory handling].


One government official falls each day… So fierce [referring to recent government anti-corruption efforts].


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