Chinese Female Mayor in Jilin Dismissed, Expelled from Party

Han Yingxin

Han Yingxin

From NetEase & Phoenix Online:

Jilin’s “Most Ruthless Demolition Female Major” Is Double Expelled, Once Claimed She Had “The Sword of The State”

Beijing Morning Post report —- Jilin province Shulan city’s former Municipal Committee Member and Deputy Mayor Han Yingxin was confirmed as having been expelled from [Communist] Party membership and her official position yesterday, the crimes in which she is suspected suspected of being involved in having already been handed over to judicial authorities. In 2011, Han Yingxin had become the focus of media attention due to people in her jurisdiction whose homes were demolished to be relocated appealing to central authorities.

Through investigation, Han Yingxin was found to have exploited her position and power for the benefit of others, accepting large bribes. Her behavior has severely violated discipline/rules. Information made public shows, during her term as Deputy Mayor, Han Yingxin was in charge of Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, and Municipal Auditing Bureau, as well as assisting the Major in managing important departments such as the Municipal Government Office, the Ministry of Housing and Rural-Urban Development, City Management Bureau, Municipal Slumb Redevelopment Management Office, and Municipal Government Purchasing Center.

Public reports say Han Yingxin has previously said, “I know nothing about the Demolition and Relocation Law, and don’t handle things according to the Demolition and Relocation Law”, “I have the ‘sword of the state’ [the backing of the government, arbitrary powers due to position], go ahead and sue me, I’m not afraid”, and such comments, becoming known as “the most beautiful and ruthless demolition female mayor”. In 2011, Han Yingxin became an even more infamous public figure. That year, Shulan city resident Xu Guiqin went to central authorities petitioning for redress because his storefront had been demolished without cause, and was received/heard personally by the then Prime Minister Wen Jiabao himself.





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Comments from NetEase:


The key question is who fucked her into the position of Deputy Major?

月巴贝戎001 [网易吉林省通化市网友]:

What I’m more concerned about is whether the men behind her have done anything illegal, and whether or not they’ll be brought to justice.

wygbzg [网易山西省太原市网友]:

Shrews as government officials is almost the same as hooligan thugs who know kung fu, behaving like wolves with a the heart of hungry tigers [vicious tyrants]. Who knows how many good ordinary common people they have harmed! With so many in high position being such lascivious and shameless people, how can this country be peaceful, how can the ordinary common people live in peace? If this is not defeated, where is justice?

为呀为 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

She doesn’t look old, and yet she’s able to get into such a position, and hat more, the departments she is in charge of are all those where it is easy to get money!!! Fuck!!!


Pull out the carrot and bring out the mud. Let’s see how much mud can be brought out!

Comments from Phoenix Online:


Best investigate the group of men behind her. Successful women [women in power] have many “godfathers” [sugar daddies] behind them.


It’s important to [find out] who promoted this woman!


How did she become a mayor? Slept her way to the top, right?


From the petitioning in 2011 to the end of 2013, it has been a very long wait! And now we’ve seen the result. Good.


Where is your “sword of the state” now? Are you going to show it now?


First investigate which government leaders have adulterous relations with.


Only double expulsion? Nothing is more poisonous than a women’s heart! They should investigate which corrupt officials plucked her up [into her position of power]! Without him, would she still have been so arrogant?


She must be the mistress of the province’s government leader.


The central government must diligently investigate who is her behind-the-scenes patron/benefactor. Just what kind of tiger it is? [The central government] must give the people of the nation an explanation [satisfactory handling].


One government official falls each day… So fierce [referring to recent government anti-corruption efforts].

  • bujiebuke

    It’s just not easy being an evil succubus tyrant these days, damn you government reform!

    • mr.wiener

      She could have gotten away with it if she’d been a Canadian on crack.

      • bujiebuke

        It frightens me to think that Rob Ford, the crack smoking loose cannon, might actually be a better leader than most of the hooligans who are in power in China. Despite his personal shortcomings, he does actually get things done in a positive way for Toronto.

        • Elijah

          I saw a t-shirt in the Rideau Centre here with Rob Ford on it saying” Too Fat For Crack”. Almost bought it haha.

          As for his actual job as mayor, his record is fairly good. Too bad he’s just terrible on camera… And the crack, that’s bad too m’kay?

          • David

            How DOES he stay fat while smoking the crack? I mean I don’t know any crackheads personally but I knew lots of people who did cocaine in the 70’s and 80’s (not me) and they were all rail thin (again not me).

          • Elijah

            Timbits, poutine and Kraft Dinner, closely guarded secret to surviving Canadian winters.

            Unless you want to hibernate, in which case, there are some ‘herbal’ remedies…

      • the ace of books

        Only in one of her drunken stupors.

  • loki

    I have to say, its starting to look like someone actually gives a damn about corruption. If they keep it up for (lets say) 10years. China might just be something to be proud of. (THATS A BIG “IF”)

    • mr.wiener

      Hmmm….I’d be tempted to say it’s a case of killing the rooster. The party seems to like grey bureaucratic non-entities in power. High fliers and chicks make great sacrificial lambs.

      • the ace of books

        Pretty much this. The more juicy the headlines, the better the lamb they make. I’m wondering in this one: while this woman gets ousted, who’s the one who doesn’t?

    • don mario

      don’t be fooled. they are just making a big effort to make it LOOK like they care about corruption.

      thats my guess anyway.

    • Wodowsan

      Whenever a new regime enters they talk about getting rid of corruption. It actually means getting rid of those with their hands in the cookie jar to replace them with your own cronies’ hands in the cookie jar.

  • chandlerpatrick

    Love the Chinese comments. Actually, she was mis-quoted. She really said “I have the meat sword of the state in my snatch, it’s what gives me my power”

    • Elijah

      Why is she immediately reduced to nothing more than a hole for a phallic object to be placed in?

      Your comment is sexist. Argue about her faults, not her gender.

      • chandlerpatrick

        HA! My comment was satire, in reference to her comment, threatening with the “Sword of the State”… Which one could argue, is a “fault”, and something an official should not say…
        You’ve obviously missed the not-so-subtle reference, or you did not read the entire article…

        • Elijah

          No, I got the reference, but found it forced into sexualism by the simple fact that she was a female official.

          Would you make a sexual joke if was a woman? Not to mention you’re basically saying that the only power she has is because there’s a penis inside her, meaning that she’s powerless without it. That’s just as sexist as the chinese comments.

  • Terrik

    While she’s probably not the best official—just wow, look at those comments–Chinese misogyny at its finest.

  • mr.wiener


  • Alas, to fight the devil one must be the devil

    • the ace of books

      Well, you’ve certainly found your Nietzche in this discussion.

  • What she deserves is not double expulsion, but rather DOUBLE PENETRATION SON

    • Elijah

      Would you make the same joke about a man who faces a double expulsion?

  • bprichard

    She should have been canned simply for wearing an Adidas tracksuit in an official capacity.

    • masonman

      China adapted Russia’s politics, why not adapt Russia’s clothing styles as well?

  • Kai

    LOL, I’m so glad the first comment on this post also noticed the glaring misogyny of so many of the comments..

  • donscarletti

    And only the most naive of westerners would dismiss this as a possibility.

    • the ace of books

      Everything is a possibility, but to focus on sex as the only way a powerful woman can advance herself is neither logical nor realistic, and also bespeaks a closed and limiting mindset. And when that mindset is perpetuated, you get a closed and limiting society. Toward all genders.

      • donscarletti

        The obvious rebuttal is asking whether the society was already so closed and limited that the only possible way she could have got to her position is through sex.

        There is a common belief amongst many Chinese that most actresses get where they are through sexual relations (潜规则), it only stands to reason that these perceptions may also be applied to officials. The interesting fact is though, while you may attribute this to misogynistic men, the people I hear discussing this the most is women. Chinese television targeted toward female viewers also emphasise this, by showing the heroine using only her wits and hard work to get ahead, while the bad women use sex to their advantage.

        Furthermore, I have heard some talented and attractive Chinese women express to me that they would not become a government official, despite passing the test, because they foresee that would be put into situations where their advancement would be contingent on fucking some dude and not their own abilities. Now you can say that this is a narrow and cynical assumption all you like, but if this is the commonly held view, then you can bet that practice follows perception. In other words, if you know that everyone expects that this is how things work, why wouldn’t you try to pressure your subordinate for sex?

        So, society perceives there to be an undercurrent of such things going on and there probably is. This woman is apparently a morally bankrupt piece of shit, evinced by her public statements, supported by the results of her administration’s actions and confirmed by official government investigation. The cognitive leap in saying that this woman, with all her public moral flaws probably has some private ones as well is not particularly gratuitous.

        • the ace of books

          You’ve got good arguements here, and I don’t disagree with the fact that this is how people think, or that this is some of how the world works.

          My problem is with the fact that this perception/idea is so widespread that it’s considered the only conceivable way of a woman gaining power. Now, I don’t disagree with you that sexual relations play a part in guanxi – some people do consider sex as a part of the, ah, office economics, as it were. But when it’s put about or widely thought that women have more than money to barter, that sex is always on the table (haha?), then that’s a self-perpetuating perception.

          And it’s a damaging one. It lends a moral low to women that men can’t fall to (unless it comes out that they’re gay, in which case they’re screwed all to hell). And limiting that sort of moral vilification to one gender is going to skew a society.

          TL;DR: I agree with you on the outcomes of this sort of thinking while being very much against it.

      • Though I think you haven’t put in consideration that those in power have exactly that kind of mindset. Successful self-made righteous and respectable millionaire women exist mostly in the most developed countries in the west, and nowhere else. Take my country’s president for instance, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, she increased her patrimony in 1500% in 10 years only… government claims her as a “successful lawyer” when in reality no one can prove whether she ever graduated or not. It’s most likely that she hasn’t and all we can prove is she made her fortune through other people’s disgrace.

        My point is, if those in power were honest, asexual, modest, selfless and truthful then the world would be a much better place.

        As for women what I can say is that in China feminism doesn’t work. like we say in my country, neither it cuts nor spikes.

  • David S.

    When you pose for a picture at the office, don’t pretend to be working by putting your pen to the very first page of a folder, even if that was the page you were actually working on. It just looks really unauthentic.

  • the ace of books

    Thank you for making this comment before I had to.

  • the ace of books

    3/10, troll harder. (Or actually: please don’t.)

  • the ace of books

    The misogyny of the Chinese comments has been noted above, by other cS commenters, but I’mna bring the conclusions a step further:

    China can make all the noise it wants about being gender-equal, but unless its people stop jumping to she-slept-her-way-to-the-top as a conclusion, I’m going to be calling BS all the way. Seriously: I know that, to some extent, most Western societies make these sorts of assumptions too, and sure, for a woman in power in modern times, it’s expectable. But when a majority of the comments in a thread

    1) point immediately to sex as the only way she could’ve gotten power
    2) belittle her for being a woman, or
    3) ignore her role in the proceedings entirely in order to get to “the men behind her” – as though she couldn’t’ve been capable of doing this

    then yeah, no, you can’t call your ass gender-equal for nothin’.

    This is all aside of the fact of what this woman has done. I do not doubt she’s a corrupt asshole. But anyone can be a corrupt asshole – it just requires the ability to be a lickspittle to higher-ups and a nose-in-the-air to lower-downs, and the bloody-mindedness necessary to climb up the ladder while stepping on someone else’s fingertips. And none of this behavior is limited by country – you’ll find people anywhere doing this.

    So here’s a proposition: China: instead of limiting “bad women” to a sexually-charged category (titillating even in its shamefulness), how about you open it to all morally-lacking humans? Trust me: it’s possible!

    • Wololoo

      I think you forget here, we are talking about China. First using your body for your own advantage is sen as normal (Ernai or young women marrying old mens). Second you cannot become such a position in China without the right network and bribery. A women, other than a man, can give other things to higher officials than money at this point.

      • the ace of books

        A women, other than a man, can give other things to higher officials than money at this point.

        See, thing about this comment: I think you meant “sex”, right? What I might add, though, is: “blackmail material”. It is much easier to blackmail the one who’s actually having the sex done to them than it is to blackmail the one doing it (because let’s face it: China? a socially-acceptable woman being allowed to take the active role? looool).

        Networks and bribery are all very well, but I’d not doubt blackmail is more powerful and liquid than either.

    • David

      I remember long ago having an argument with one of my European history professors about the equality of treatment of women at the onset of the Russian revolution. She was going on and on about how women were no longer subject to the sexual stereotyping and exploitation of the Tsarist regime and were given positions of equality among the revolutionaries. I brought one of my Russian history books to class which showed pictures of Russian women during the revolution being tied to plows and used to pull carts in the place of horses and oxen (because these animals were mostly killed by the peasant revolutionaries once they were liberated from their owners by force and men were considered too important to do this sort of menial labor that only needed a strong back not a strong mind). I asked her if this was the sort of equality that the women enjoyed. I remember her learned and intelligent retort to this day “Shut Up!”

      I agree with you that the Chinese government likes to pretend that women are given equal treatment as men (after all that is one of the positive points of the socialist/communist system) but the comments clearly show that a majority of people who commented here (who supposedly represent the educated in China since they are on the internet not planting rice) do not see women as equal at all.

      • Kai

        Internet penetration is to the point where saying someone is educated enough to go online no longer really means they can be considered an “educated person” in the colloquial sense (which is more like “enlightened person”).

        I’m not sure the Chinese government pretends that women are given equal treatment. I think they know that’s not true but they do promote that the basic ideology of communism demands equality in this regard. When the CCP came to power, I would say women did in fact have their station in life improved in many aspects, where they could in fact rise to the top. What I’m saying is that there were legitimate efforts but it is indeed safe to say that such gender equality efforts were not consistent everywhere, may have declined, and remain resisted by many men.

        I imagine your professor was referring to the better efforts and initial successes by true ideological revolutionaries. This happened in China too. The problem is that not everyone was a true idealogical idealist or revolutionary, and so you had women pulling plows and sons still being preferred over daughters.

        One day women are going to simultaneously poison us all right after they’ve cracked sustainable human asexual reproduction.

        Alright, off to New Year’s celebrations. Happy New Year’s everyone.

        • mr.wiener

          Happy new year. Here’s to women on top!

    • Irvin

      Gender equality is different in china. In the west women want equal opportunities with the men, they want to do want the men does.

      In china the women just want the freedom to do what chinese women do, and when they have that they consider it equal. You see, china is a very traditional society that hold tight to parent believes.

      And I’m talking about the thoughts deep down in their hearts not just if they went clubbing or eat western. They could go bungee jumping, drink coffee instead of tea and eat Mcdonals for lunch everyday, but deep down they still want a son instead of a daughter and a husband with house and car just like their parents before them.

      So in a way you’re right, there’s no gender equality in the eyes of the westerners. But the society as a whole both men and women accept this way of life.

      • the ace of books

        the thoughts deep down in their hearts […] deep down they still want a son instead of a daughter and a husband with house and car just like their parents before them.

        Cultural conditioning. Everyone grows up with the values of the society around them growing into them, like vines. And when they’re grown, it’s awful hard to pull those vines out, or to distinguish them from the person.

        I don’t disagree that it’s different from the west, but that’s because many Western countries have traditions either accepting of change, or less deeply conservative. See: the women in parts of China with more globalisation.

        Finally: dealing with a society you’re in day-to-day doesn’t mean you necessarily accept every facet of it. But that’s a whole nother barrel of fish :D

        • Irvin

          My point is: you can’t use western eyes to view equality in china. Most women here WANTS inequality from men such as expecting men taking care of them, opening doors for them and paying for their shopping spreed.

          Equality is a perspective and different people have different perspective, “you show me yours I’ll show you mine” is a type of equality, “I show you mine you show me da money” is another.

          • the ace of books

            I both agree and disagree. This: “you can’t use western eyes to view equality in china” I am wholly in agreement with, but this: “Most women here WANTS inequality from men” I disagree with, but this: “expecting men taking care of them, opening doors for them and paying for their shopping spreed.” I return to agreeing with, but only because that’s what society has touted as The Thing To Expect nowadays.

            I think the bottom line is: we both agree that equality/inequality in China is a far different phenomenon than it is in the West, and one can’t use Western ideas to judge Chinese women. Sound about right?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    If the woman you are referring to is 55 and ugly, you may be right… but look at her… perhaps you need glasses?

  • Wodowsan

    Had anyone else in China noted, beside myself, that female Party members seem to be usually very attractive? I do not think I ever met an ugly female Party member after living in China for nearly four years.

    • donscarletti

      The ones I know tend to be trim and well presented with good posture and bearing. Beyond that I’ve encountered both pretty and plain ones and certainly no “kinda slutty looking” ones. You don’t have to sleep your way into the party if that’s what you’re thinking, the party really does not confer enough benefits to warrant that.

      • Wodowsan

        I know many that join the Party just because of the benefits. Many have told me they do not believe in Communism, but joined the Party only to make the right connections and to enhance their careers.
        I am not suggesting these women sleep their way into the party, but since you may not join the Party without being sponsored by someone in the party. It seems they are only interested in attractive women, not unattractive to join their membership. I did not say slutty looking, I said very attractive, more than plain looking or average looking in appearance. Let us not forget that China is a nation where appearance is important. Employers require headshots on resumes and will even say they do not want to hire people over a certain age.

  • yantao

    I simple ask: so what ?
    We should feel pity for her and treat her as a victim of male chauvinism now ?
    Please, stop spreading this backward, XX century old-fashioned feminist prejudice. She is corrupted, arrogant, demoralized creature who destroyed lifes of many. She deserve to be punish.
    In the US, some of female criminals (including murderers),
    have escaped justice using that kind of “always man’s fault” agruments.
    Don’t make that world’s precedence.

    • David S.

      She should be despised for her actual crimes, not subjected to slander and abuse because of her sex. Just because she’s scum doesn’t mean she’s fair game.

      • Irvin

        Don’t be naive, she fucked her way to the top.

        • it works that way in China and in most countries of the world, show me your cash or take your pants off, which one do you prefer? lol

  • Cauffiel

    Oh, come on, women use sex to get things ALL THE TIME. DUH.

    • the ace of books

      …he says trollingly.

      • Cauffiel

        What? You must be joking.

        The feminist movement has trained all of you to be offended by ideas that actually hold a lot of water. Sex is used to get power and status almost as much as money is.

        And if thats enough, its China we’re talking about… of course many women sleep their way to the top. China leadership is full of beta males who give away their power for sex.


  • Beautiful?

    • mr.wiener

      For “beautiful” read “not ugly enough to stop a clock”.

    • One for all

      I’d tap that

      • mr.wiener

        hmm….. If I got to second base I’d count all my fingers afterwards if I were you.

        • One for all

          I’d still tap that

        • the ace of books

          ♫ ♬ ♪ Vagina dentata! What a wonderful phrase! Vagina dentata! Ain’t no passing craze! ♪♫ ♬

    • Irvin

      With enough beer, sure.

  • mr.wiener

    I’m sorry I didn’t approve your comments immediately. I was too busy counting my pay for working as a mod here……hang on, I don’t get paid.
    Look nimrod your comment was post 6-7 hours ago. So local time would have made that 1-2am. I was sleeping , so f*cking sue me or get off my back.

    • David

      They let you sleep? Geeez, we need to talk to Flora about the over indulgence for moderators. Don’t I remember you saying you got to sleep just last week? Next thing you know you will want to be eating everyday. Or I suppose he could simply verify his account and then post when he wants like the rest of us.

      • Dr Sun

        I agree David, moderators sleeping..unacceptable.
        At the 10 million rmb they get paid a year, no sleep required

  • One for all

    She let all the power get to her head and refused to be a good little Chinese woman and open her legs/mouth for some higher-ups.

    Now that she’s jobless, she will have to…unless she managed to siphon away enough money to last her the rest of her natural life.

  • David

    I was telling my friend that I always laugh when I see a Chinese official investigated or arrested for corruption. The question you have to ask is not who did she screw to get her job but who did she NOT screw (or who did she piss off) to lose it. Obviously she did not share enough of her massive bribes with the right people.

  • Zappa Frank

    I don’t know how to say this, but hemmm… in Italy is exactly the same.. the moment we see a beauty in a position of political power we also assume, like Chinese, that she used sex to get that position. The problem is that most of time we were right. It is up to how much you know your people, so since the prime minister was Berlusconi (a perverted) if you see a beautiful minister (mara carfagna), that before worked as model, obviously you think that sex is involved. What I mean is, we should not think to know China better than Chinese, of course may be just envy, misogyny and so on no doubt, but may be also that they know some sides of china we don’t…

    • the ace of books

      they know some sides of china we don’t

      Ehn, these kinds of perceptions are all over the world. You’ve just proved it with Italy. I know it happens in Hungary and America. Most of the rest of the West has some of the same. They’re not necessarily true perceptions, but they’re bandied about and become self-perpetuating.

      • ” It is not power that makes men corrupt, it is corrupt men who seek power” Someone said that I know, but I can’t remember who it was

  • Cameron

    Surely corruption is the primary requirement of a Chinese politician? In reality she was surely fired for being not sufficiently corrupt or for being sufficiently corrupt, but feathering the wrong nests. A dictatorship is by its nature founded on corruption and favours. Half its energy and resources is devoted to damage limitation, be it from within or outside.

  • yantao

    Yeah, of course becasue woman never use their sexuality and never try to keep their sex privileages.
    You insulting man, using sexist derogatory words, becasue sombody poited out the truth.
    And yes, I have heard about prejudice, cause feminist prejudice we can hear all the time.

    • fr hy

      at the bottom where feminists belong

  • scanner

    west west west west west.

  • mr.wiener

    Apology accepted…..New year hugs?

  • fr hy
    • mr.wiener


    • David

      Do you get all your information about America from T.V. shows? Is there something about Black men having sex with White women that upsets you? How about the Asian women who have sex with Black or White men? Welcome to the 21st Century, where women actually chose who they sleep with, not just the loser who got her drunk.

  • mr.wiener

    Apart from showing your preference for crappy soap operas, what does this prove?

  • Dr Sun

    another one bites the dust. I don’t know how many of you that post on this site, actually live in China ?( very few I suspect ) but this is very common story in China nowdays

  • mei mei

    so naive

    • Dr Sun

      @ meimei, I dont believe Rick in china has ever lived in china

      • mei mei

        agree. it’s not like chinese woman are not good, it’s just how the social work here. anyway i hope it change in future

  • Cauffiel

    Democracy has succeeded in East Asia, but as long as the “…. with Chinese characteristics” mantra appends Western practices adopted in China, a mantra which we all know really means “…. with elitist privileges still in place so we can fuck you whenever it suits us,” Chinese are not going to shed the ridiculous traditions and civil policies that are keeping them behind the developed world.

    Let’s try it:

    “Democracy with elitist privileges still in place so we can fuck you whenever it suits us.”

    “International trade with elitist privileges still in place so we can fuck you whenever it suits us.”

    “Free market capitalism with elitist privileges still in place so we can fuck you whenever it suits us.”

    I think that works pretty well.

  • Dr Sun

    really ? your that naive , im shocked

  • Dr Sun

    you really live in china Rick, I doubt it

  • Mark

    lol trying to impress women on chinasmack…outstanding

    • Rick in China

      Obvious projection. I fail to understand why you’d even spend time making a comment with no basis – those who comment stalk already know I’m happily married and actually, just had a beautiful baby girl 3 weeks ago. I’ll leave it at that.

      • Mark

        Congrats on the baby girl. I do not comment stalk. Either you are white knighting or you know so little about china it is embarrassing. Neither are something to be proud of. Wish you well in your future family!