Chinese ‘FHM’ (男人装) Magazine Controversial But Popular


FHM, originally published as For Him Magazine, is an international monthly men’s lifestyle magazine. The magazine is printed on high quality glossy paper and the photography is of high technical quality.


The Chinese edition of FHM has been published since May 2004 by Trends Magazines in Beijing. The magazine is named 男人装 [nan2 ren2 zhuang1] in mainland China, and 男人帮 [nan2 ren2 bang1] in Taiwan. Despite constant controversy, Nan Ren Zhuang remains very popular with certain type of readers.


Some translated Chinese netizen comments from a Beijing Youth Daily news article about Nan Ren Zhuan reprinted on NetEase:


If China were to become [sexually] open/liberal, the porn/sex industry would surpass Japan within one year.




There was a well-known website’s deputy director. When he was asked about his future career plans, he half-jokingly said: “I just want to be a photographer for Nan Ren Zhuang. If it cannot be realized, being an intern of Nan Ren Zhuang works for me as well.”



If you want to see sexy girls’ bodies, you should not look on paper media. There are tons of them on eMule.


The director of our website booked one year’s Nan Ren Zhuang. When we are not busy, we always steal a few looks. Of course, we only look at the beautiful girls, and don’t even look at the remaining 90% of content.


The more you repress/suppress [your desires/impulses], the stronger they become. Sad.



This magazine is also very hot in my university. If our dorm room only buys one magazine, each roommate only pays 5 kuai.


Males these days are so stressed. With the CPI so high, housing prices rising every day, and stock prices falling every day, there are very few things that are happy and yet they are not allowed to have a magazine, to enjoy some simple joys?


The models of Nan Ren Zhuang are really zan [赞,means very good]. Their faces may not necessarily be good, but their bodies are chao zan [超赞,means super beautiful and hot]. Now matter how they are PS, these kind of bodies put all women to shame, and make all guys excited. After the garbage tomboy trend of Super Girls [a very popular talent show among Chinese females, which is similar to American Idol], the appearance of Nan Ren Zhuang is undoubtedly a shot a life-saving shot of cardiac stimulant for all male comrade’s sense of aesthetic beauty!!!



I always want to buy this magazine, but they are always sold out…Depressed…


很黄很暴力 [A very famous catchphrase from Edison Chen’s sex photo scandal in 2008.]


Embarrassingly, I am a girl, but seeing the photos of this magazine makes me excited.



Boring. These pictures, when compared to Great Teacher Edison Chen’s work, simply cannot be looked at. Ever since I saw Teacher Chen’s work, I felt this world was too uninteresting. If something does not surpass Teacher Chen’s work, I’m not even willing to open my eyes anymore.


Reminder, those who are working in the sex industry always say China is conservative. This is all because they are motivated by money!


Actually it’s no big deal. Just treat it as art.


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