Chinese Fishermen Kidnapped for Ransom by North Koreans

The owner of one of the fishing boats seized by North Koreans.

One of three Chinese fishing boats that were seized and its crew kidnapped for ransom by unknown North Koreans.

From NetEase:

Media claims unknown North Korean men have sized Chinese sailors

Media has reported that three Chinese fishing boats were seized while catching fish in Chinese territorial waters, with a total of 29 Chinese sailors being kidnapped. The other party demanded the Chinese boat owner to transfer a total of 1.2 million yuan RMB before they would release the boats. May 16th, a Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson said the Chinese government has already noted the relevant reports and the Chinese government is currently verifying the situation as well as maintaining close communications with the North Korean government.

The ransom note for the 3 Chinese fishing boats and 29 sailors.A list of the 29 sailors with their names, ID numbers, and hometowns.

Above, the ransom note and list of 29 sailors with their names, ID numbers, and hometowns:

Comments from NetEase:

芙小小love [网易吉林省四平市网友]:

Haha~ Following the Imperialist Philippines, Imperialist Vietnam, Imperialist South Korea, Imperialist Japan, now comes Imperialist North Korea~

Listenup0 [网易河北省邢台市网友]:

Last place place begins to bully the second from the last.


Sigh, anyone is able to bully [us, China]! [I’m] Filled with resentment.

wangfeireal [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

Little brother slaps big brother!!!

警告你艹你沒资格代表我 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Kim III must be so poor he’s gone crazy, using fishermen as hostages.

adtu4 [网易天津市网友]:

Didn’t you fucking close the comments? [NetEase has a history of not allowing comments on articles about North Korea.]


NND, if [China] doesn’t stand up for itself, it won’t have a single friend at all.

尤文图斯足球俱乐部 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

I bet South Korean bangzi are behind this, framing others, trying to drive a wedge [between China and North Korea] is a tactic those American dogs often use.


They even dare bully our grand magnificent country now.

liujh163 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

The comments are unexpectedly not closed. Looks like there’s a lot behind this matter.

Location where the three Chinese fishing boats were seized by unknown North Koreans.

From NetEase:

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North Korean Kidnappers: Chinese hostages will be killed if ransom is not paid today

May 8th, while fishing in Chinese territorial waters, three Chinese fishing boats were seized by unknown North Korean men, with a total of 29 Chinese sailors being detained. On the 15th, the owner of the boats said the other party is demanding a 900,000 yuan RMB ransom to release the boats. On the 16th, the boats’ owner, a Mr. Zhang, indicated that the kidnapper told him through the telephone, “If the ransom is not received by the 17th, the hostages will be killed.”

Sun Caihui, the owner of Liaodanyu 23979, one of the three fishing boats that were seized.
Sun Caihui, the owner of Liaodanyu 23979, one of the three fishing boats that were seized.

Comments from NetEase:


They’re already threatening to kill people and [the Chinese government] is still “verifying”!!!!!


How come the comments are closed this time?


Something that happened on the 8th and only now reported. What more, it was the Singaporean media that first reported it before the domestic mainland Chinese media knew about it, and this is called “transparent”?!

yf631540 [网易湖北省孝感市网友]:

“A Chinese scholar that asked to remain anonymous told Global Times: There are more maritime conflicts between China and North Korea than China and South Korea. As the China and South Korea media are both relatively transparent, the two countries handle such matters relatively faster due to domestic pressure, but the China and North Korean relationship is relatively special. North Koreans have previously even beaten Chinese sailors to death, and the frequency and nature of the conflicts are more severe than between China and South Korea.”

cqbls [网易北京市网友]:

Look, this is the kind of respect the citizens of a major power get. Where have you seen a major power’s citizens allowing small countries to kidnap their people every day. If this continues, even our citizens’ right to exist may no longer be ensured. How will the government face the our country’s people then?

lujieqiren [网易广西桂林市网友]:

The problem with South Korea hasn’t even been solved and fucking North Korea comes and joins the party.


Seriously protest, strongly denounce! [This comment is mocking what many Chinese netizens feel is the standard response but inaction of the Chinese government in international incidents.]

拴住 [网易奥地利网友]:

We can talk about this now? The position of WY [NetEase] is clear. [NetEase articles involving North Korea have often not allowed comments, so this netizen is suggesting that NetEase allowing discussion this time means something. Quite a few comments were simple Chinese netizens marking the time, seemingly waiting to see how long the comments section would remain open.]

管子垂下蛋洒一地 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Their families better go collect money and handle this themselves.

13314877 [网易加拿大网友]:

Both North and South Koreas are nothing good.


China in this day and should take action when action is needed and stop using the words “maintaining close communications”. Human life is beyond value, think about the Chinese sailors.

勇敢大汉 [网易山东省枣庄市网友]:

How could there be North Korean gun boats in Chinese territorial waters?
I’m confused.


China, my beloved China, can you stand up for yourselves for once? Can you let us citizens also be proud for a moment? Stand up for once, even North Korea dares to bully us now, and we still won’t stand up for ourselves???

真正的爱0o0 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

A country that protects the interests of the regime will always be much more frightening than a country that protects the interests of the country.
I wish our compatriots well, thank you author.

lb69087 [网易北京市网友]:

Why is it always our country’s [boats, sailors] being seized!?


China continues to provide North Korea 700 million yuan in material aid.


The Philippines problem hasn’t even been resolved and now North Korea is bullying us.


China’s ordinary common people are frequently being bullied by these kind of small countries, truly a sad state of affairs.


1.2 million? Looks like North Korea is truly poor, kidnapping 29 people and 3 boats but only asking for 1.2 million? Hope there is at least one conscientious Chinese village cadre, hurry and transfer the money to solve this problem and save 29 of our compatriots.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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    on my sofa, fishing

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      实拍老外火车上脚抬到大姐头上 用中文骂人

      Chinasmack hot material. Put this on, gonna get another 900 comments.

      • Erskin

        when CHinasmack? or Any link?

      • donscarletti

        You’re kidding me, foot on the headrest, next it will be head on the footrest. Truly a scandal of international proportions.

      • kaka

        The guy was mealy following the the notion of “Ru Xiang Sui Su”**.

        In the same way, having been shown the correct response by this lady, I now know what to do next time I see a local doing something anti-social… should be fun!

        At least the guy had a funny “come-back”… worth watching the video…

        ** often mis-translated simply as “When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do” – Ru Xiang Sui Su is more like “When you enter another’s village you should adhere to their customs”…

        • Matt smith

          Isn’t that what “When in Rome…” means?

          • Stu

            Yes, but don’t tell Kaka.

          • kaka

            Not really – the general concept of “when in Rome…” is based on going to different countries and following the native customs and habits that may be fundamentally different to your own.

            “Ru Xiang Sui Su” is purely domestic in its conception and centres around following regional or ethnic variations of under-lyingly homogeneous cultural traits within the greater Chinese society.

            In that way, the concept would not apply to a Chinese person travelling or residing overseas. I think that marks a subtle, yet important, difference in how the two phrases should be understood.

            That is how it has been explained to me on several occasions when I noted that the absence of the Chinese word for Rome suggesting it was not a literal translation.

            Then again, I may be wrong. If you ask a reasonably educated and cultured Chinese person over the age of 65 if making a noise whilst eating noodles is good manners by showing that you are enjoying them – they will say that it’s bullshit, ask anyone under the age of 40, they will hold the opposite view – until that is you ask them what their grandparents opinion was, at which point they change their mind….

            It’s all a matter of one’s own chosen perception and understanding at the end of the day….

          • donscarletti

            Chinese generally like to pretend that China is culturally homogeneous when it suits them. Chinese for example would never learn to speak a local dialect when moving to the south or east for example. The only thing Chinese respect is national borders, and even then only enough to learn the language.

            Slurping noodles is simply tolerated, not considered good manners per se, the rationale behind it is that air enters the mouth, cooling the noodles. Educated and cultured people under 40 do not do it either, it just comes under the category of stuff vulgar scum do that can not be helped along with excessive throat clearing, eating with mouth open, spitting, etc.

            And apart from the whole “星期日” = “Sunday” thing, you’re not going to get many direct parallels. “入乡随俗” is close enough to “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” for it to be simply written as such in a Chinese/English dictionary, expecting to see “意大利罗马” in the quote to draw a parallel turns you into a disingenuous, pedantic wanker that nobody is going to particularly enjoy talking to.

          • kaka

            thanks donscarletti for your insight.

            it is up to oneself how much one chooses to fully understand the ultimate intended meaning of a common phrase from another language. I merely corrected myself, having myself used a phrase that I knew to be commonly misunderstood. if it is easier to gain a semi-understanding from drawing on a more linguistically familiar phrase to oneself, then that is fine – but as is clear – my correction of the phrase was to MY OWN USE of it. I was not referring to anyone else’s use of the phrase.

            you make a similar point, although i fear unwittingly, when you referred to my comment about slurping noodles. It does, as you say, “comes under the category of stuff vulgar scum do that can not be helped along with excessive throat clearing, eating with mouth open, spitting, etc”. The point being is that as a foreigner in China, when you comment that this is a tad vulgar, they will use the “it’s Chinese culture” card in their defence. You’d therefore think that knowing that reasoning is bullshit may be useful.

            however, as is usual for certain posters on this site, your eagerness to spew vitriol outweighs any rational comment. You comment that “expecting to see “意大利罗马” in the quote to draw a parallel turns you into a disingenuous, pedantic wanker…”

            clearly, this was my own reasoning for my decision to attempt to find out if the phrase was inter-changeable between the two languages. i am perplexed as to how this makes me a “disingenuous, pedantic wanker”? You are saying that I am disingenuous because I wanted to better understand the people of the country I have chosen to live and work in? You are saying I am pedantic because I chose to correct MY OWN comment / observation?

            As you say, there are plenty of examples of “foreigners” that nobody particularly enjoy talking to here in China – it is relative – often to ones chosen peer group – for example I don’t enjoy talking to foreigners who constantly moan about certain social concepts here in China, the most common being mianzi or face, when their complaints are based upon the notion that it is not reciprocated – based on the misconception that mianzi means respect – when it is based on the Confucian concept of shame and hierarchy. Maybe if they actually bothered to learn about it, rather than bitching about it all day – they could find ways to allow themselves to integrate better.

            so i guess I’d rather be a pedantic disingenuous wanker that just another laowai living in a country that no one asked me to come to and no one is forcing me to stay in and constantly finding fault with the native population largely because I made no attempt to understand how they function in the society around them.

          • donscarletti

            “so i guess I’d rather be a pedantic disingenuous wanker that just another laowai living in a country that no one asked me to come to and no one is forcing me to stay in and constantly finding fault with the native population largely because I made no attempt to understand how they function in the society around them.”

            Nobody offered you the choice between one or the other. Refrain from both and we’ll get along fine.

          • kaka

            i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree donscarletti – the basic premise it that is is not an offered choice, but a chosen one. if choosing to do so means “we don’t get on”, then that’s a consequence I guess I’ll just have to find some way of living with – as I do fully appreciate that other people having to find ways of conforming with your various outlooks is an essential factor in your choice of acquaintances.

            i just happen to think that by acquiring certain cultural understandings in China makes life so much easier, and helps you in both social and business situations – and isn’t the premise of Chinasmack, although often a sentiment not deeply held by it’s contributors, to give insight in to certain information and the native reaction to it, for the benefit of those would not normally readily have access to it? thus I am still at a loss as to how me clarifying a statement that i had made myself is so irritating to you… then again, maybe i do…

        • how is it wrongly translated? I dont think anyone is saying it literally means ‘when in rome…’ they are just transferring one chengyu into an english version which already exists. So yes 入乡随俗 DOES mean “When in Rome, do as the Romans.”

          Some people on this forum get really boring with their self arse kicking know it all nonsense.

          • kaka

            explained above.

            maybe just maybe ascribing a western saying directly to a Chinese one is counter productive….

            one might think its worth the effort to try to understand at a deeper level the concepts that underpin Chinese society, rather than choosing a more convenient but ultimately misleading western equivalent. or at the very least ask the fucking question…

            maybe then we might begin to understand and respect each other a bit more…

            just a thought, hey….

  • Brett Hunan

    Theyve gotta make money somehow….

    BTW where are these Chinese Territorial waters?

    • Cool Matt

      Chinese territorial waters seem to be wherever the conflict with another country happens.

      • Somethin Somethin

        Made me think of that joke

        If we lose one of the engines on the plane how far will the other one take us?

        All the way to scene of the crash.

  • cc

    The area they were caught in looks more like Korean water to me, what’s with the Chinese declaring every bloody coastline as there own??

    • kaka

      It’s quite simple cc, for a long time the forefathers of the great Chinese people did not know of other peoples or foreign lands. China was the world and the world was China.

      Therefore, everything in the world is part of China, and thus belongs to it.

      Just because it turns out that there happens to be other peoples and other lands, with their crazy notions of Maritime Law, doesn’t change the undeniable historical fact that, as I think I’ve explained quite clearly above, the Chinese once considered China to be the world and that everything in the world belonged to China.

      This maybe be difficult for you to understand at first, but once you are able to appreciate that this is your own weakness, probably due to the fact that your own nation does not have 5000 years of history, you should begin to comprehend.

      To make it easy for you, try to think of it like this:

      China is the World and the World is China.
      Is part of the world?
      If yes, then must be part of China.

      Simple really.

      • cc

        Go and boil your bottom you silly bugger.

      • goodjob

        It seems you really understand the history of China

      • Capt. WED

        Really? Then what is up with the oft cited blah blah “China closed it’s door to the world” blah blah. You are going to argue during that same time they were also taking over the world? That’s sound logic kaka, very apt name btw.

        While this and plus other nationalistic self-interest “behaviors” is really bad, it’s is par for the course. Other nations have acted in their own self interest–equivalent kinds of behaviors. If you want to argue that CHina does it more so and is worse than others: be my guest. But your post is just same ol’ same ol’, totally KAKA bullshit. LMAO.

        • kaka

          When did “context” become unimportant to the comprehension of English?

          poster (cc) makes inane comment about “what’s with the Chinese declaring every bloody coastline as there own?”

          next poster (kaka) writes piss-take generalization of spurious Chinese pretext for their territorial claims – thus highlighting the general nature of such claims by nations throughout history – in an attempt at suggesting that the original posters comment is “trying to find the answer, without really considering what the question should be”.

          Is it a requirement on Chinasmack to draw a map or provide Cliff Notes for all posters who seem to have no concept of the nuances of presentation in the English language?

          The only person who should be offended is CC. It’s obviously not meant to be historical, so what goodjob finds disagreeable is a mystery, and Capt WED points are generally in agreement with the underlying point of what I wrote – so he is offended because he is unable to digest English language in a figurative way – or just likes being offended?

          I mean, what the f*ck? It’s not like any of the above commentators are non-native speakers of English. How difficult is it to understand that English is rarely literal, and ones understanding should largely be driven by context. I guess it is much easier to be directly offensive and use dismissive language than it is to take the time and effort to understand the various presentational forms of your own language.

          • cc

            Why should i be offended? I found your reply quite amusing.

      • Capt. WED

        BTW you mean Law of the Sea right?

        Also if we’re going to allow “the past” into argument then China is simply continuing a long tradition of “I gotaaaaa powwwwwaaaaa ” that simply says “FUCK YOU BITCH”. Simple really. If we allow historical examples that is. Simple really.


        • kaka

          Oh what fun…

          Firstly, although what I have written is not “direct” or “literal” – if you pay attention to the Chinese reasoning (or pretext) behind their position on this issue – namely historical, ethnic, and cultural, you will see, although a bit glib and facetious, what I wrote is a more than accurate layman’s summary. Unless you’ve seen different press conferences and official statements than I have? Capt WED is right to suggest history does not really have anything to do with the current situation, and that it is about power – but if you care to take an interest in the government rationale, then their claim is based on history, ethnicity, and culture – which is a pretext, but it is a pretext they have chosen to use – which is generally the meaning behind my original post. But then, isn’t that what powerful countries do when they want to claim areas high in natural resources – invent a pretext?

          Secondly, to “goodjob” – again, it’s not meant to be taken literally – and so it is not meant to refer accurately to Chinese history. Why do some seem to take everything literally – when such a notion is not inherent in the English speaking world.

          It is meant merely, quite clearly, to facetiously outline the Chinese pretext behind their current series of territorial claims. I have no problem if you think it does not – but your issue is based on your predilection for taking everything in its literal meaning – however obvious it is that that is not meant to be the understanding of the reader.

          Sometimes, Chinasmack is like attending a dinner party with a group of Americans, with one having to constantly explain sarcasm, satire, and figurative uses of English.

          Thirdly, Capt Wed, you site three issues that vex you:

          1) China closed it’s door to the world – i offered no conclusions, opinions or comparisons in what I wrote, nor did i refer to that issue at all, directly or indirectly.

          2) You suggest that I will go on to argue “during that same time they were also taking over the world” – again i offered no conclusions, opinions or comparisons in what I wrote, nor is there anything to suggest that this would be my next point.

          3) You go on to suggest that my point is “to argue that CHina does it more so and is worse than others” – again – i offered no comparison or moral judgement in what I wrote.

          I would suggest that you are projecting you own arguments on to an unrelated point. If I denounce you for things you did not write, but I thought you may think them and may write them in the future, or to be honest I just take meaning from what you write to suit my own agenda – does that make my offence illogical or logical, let alone relevant?

          Also, Maritime Law does effectively mean Law of the Sea – with Maritime meaning Sea, and Law meaning Law. So I do not quite understand your reservation Capt WED or the need to be so pedantic. I suppose I could have said “UNCLOS”, or “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea”, or “Law of the Sea Convention”, or the “Law of the Sea Treaty”. I could have said that if in fact I was merely referring to the UNCLOS Treaty. Perhaps I should have been clearer, now knowing it would prove so irksome to you.

          I was in fact referring to Maritime Law and the international conventions that make up Maritime Law – of which the UNCLOS Treaty is just one. You may refer to if you are still having difficulty comprehending the difference. (Is this where I should put the reciprocal “LMAO”? Is it reciprocal, I mean, yours was because you found my name funny, mine is because you tried to point out a perceived error on my part, but only served to show that… blah blah blah… you know the rest…)

          Personally, I have no problem with a regional power exerting its authority over its weaker neighbouring states on the pretext of ethnicity, history, culture, race, or religion in order to gain natural resources, wealth, and living space for its people. It is at the basis of the concept of human “Will”. The British did it, the Russians did it, the Japanese did it, the Germans did it, and the Americans do it – the sole lesson of history, if history teaches us anything, it is that we never learn from history.

          I do however find issue with the notion, because it is a bit disingenuous, that just because other people once did it, modern day humans any less culpable for the consequences of their decision to do the same. Either you think it is right, wrong, or you don’t care – all are acceptable – but if your premise is that it is okay because past generations did it – then again, that is illogical.

          So, why should I mind if the Chinese do it? I do not defend it, I do not promote it – at best I find it vaguely amusing. Amusing, because history gives us plenty of examples of totalitarian regimes, spurious territorial claims, appeasement, and the devastation that eventually occurs – and if that is the End Game of this current series of disputes then, as a German once said on the balcony of his Bavarian retreat, “So be it”. I do think, though, that it is my right to find the whole thing stupefyingly comical and worthy of derision.

          Please feel free to reply… but please limit yourself to what I said, not what you thought I said, or what I didn’t say but that best fits the point you’d like to make. Note also that I kept it as literal as possible this time, making such a task easier for certain members of the English speaking peoples….

          • anon

            I’m going to damn you in the eyes of some here by saying I like your style.

          • moop

            haha, because it is a super long post or because you agree with the content?

          • Brett Hunan

            “the sole lesson of history, if history teaches us anything, it is that we never learn from history”

            Found that bit rather amusing myself.

            kaka, your alright. It took me 2 reads over to figure out what you wrote on the Ferrari story…. I get you now.

          • Alejandro

            Kaka, you are awesome. As a spanish, I can tell you that history repeats. If you ever study spanish history you will find out how we have a civil war or coup de etat every 50 years! (we are on the verge of a new change of regime now!)
            So what you said, even I am not agree with you finding it comical, are all true.
            Thanks for your post

  • mr. wiener

    It might be nice if they posted a map showing where Chinese territorial waters ended and North Korean waters began. The map above showed them closer to NK than China. All these territorial disputes might be a bit clearer to netizins if they did. The Chinese/Philippine dispute for example ,when viewed from a perspective of vicinity to the Chinese coast, looks ridiculously far away.

    • whichone

      I think a line dividing shared body of water is a little different than land territory, guam is pretty far from continential U.S., but that doesn’t mean U.S. claim is somehow weakened right/

      • zayu

        Guam is not “a shared body of water”.

        • whichone

          I wasn’t clear, I was referring to the island dispute between China and Phillipines.

          • Ruaraidh

            The ‘islands’ in that dispute are little more than exposed sandbanks and reefs. In order to qualify for extending a nations maritime territory an island has to be able to support long term human habitation.

            For example UK can claim Ascension and the waters around it regardless of distance because it is habitable, but cannot use Rockall to expand its EEZ because Rockall is uninhabitable.

    • Alejandro

      the fishermen do as they please and then China use them as a pretext to “attack” their neighbours! it’s not that hard to understant!

  • Castro

    Wasn’t this the act of some random group of bandits (pirates)?

    The responses from the Chinese posted here make it seem like it was an act of the DPRK. I think the report should takes steps to clarify, as best as they can, exactly who the perpetrators are.

    I just can’t imagine that this act would be sanctioned by Pyongyang.

    • Maybe . . . but days were that nothing happened in North Korea without the say-so of the Kims. Yeah, these could be random bandits, and maybe not even North Koreans, but unless officialdom has got a lot weaker recently, if they were North Koreans, then they are in some way involved with officials.

      Hell, distinguishing between the last Kim’s styles (drug dealling, counterfeiting, trafficking, arms dealling, WMD-proliferation) and those of your average comic-book criminal mastermind is a pretty difficult task. Maybe the new Kim wants to dabble in a bit of high-seas piracy as well?

    • Nyancat

      Yeah they call themselves the Pyongyang Plunderers.

    • Anon

      When have Chinese netizens in general ever been able to distinguish between the actions of individuals and a state? After Australian Stern Hu was jailed in China, a Chinese family was murdered in Australia… and people were actually saying it was Aussie retribution!

      • mr. wiener

        Yes of course we killed that Chinese family. We had to show the PRC that we were not going to be bullied!

      • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

        Stern Hu travelled to china on his Chinese passport. and the Chinese family was killed by a Chinese national who was a chef and illegally in Australia.

        Chinese are always the victims of international bullies.

        • Jennster

          Search Chinese students assaulted on Australia Sydney train during April this year. And yes they are whiteys in case ur wondering.

          • Alan

            I heard they were immigrants from the Sudan or somalia or somewhere.

            Show me a link that says they were white australians, and I will concede.

          • anon

            Really? Show me a link where it says they were immigrants from Sudan or Somalia or somewhere. I haven’t seen such a thing in the reports of the incident. None of the reports I’ve read indicated they what race the perpetrators were, just that racism may have been involved, that they continued to beat on them after the mugging, and that the Australian bystanders didn’t do anything to intervene or help.

          • Jennster

            Regarding that incident, the police already jailed these two Wollongong kids. U can check their facebook and even find their names if u search into more news articles. Some teenage girls wre involved. And yes all bogan whitey kids.

          • mr. wiener

            Nice to see they got nabbed.
            Seriously though, bogans assault everyone, it’s what they do. The fact that the assaultees were asian was probable just sauce to their meat and seen as easy targets to boot [bad pun]. I’m saddened that no one stepped in to help them, but don’t you think that you’re being a little blinkered about this?
            Australia has racists and racist problems, no denying it , but I think painting every whitey as racist because of this is racist act [how’s that for Koala Banana logic?].
            What I mean to say is get over it and stop playing the victim.

          • Chinggis was here

            Jennster, you really are tiresome and your posts are wasting space as you seem to have nothing insightful, humorous or interesting to say: It must be all those generations of slopping pigs that have affected your genes and your cognitive ability to think critically.

            In a research paper written by Satyanshu Mukerjee available on the Australian Institute of Criminology, the statistics show that in Victoria the percentage of violent crime committed in Victoria in 96-97 by those born in Australia was 13.9%. While violent crimes committed in Victoria by those born in China was 17.8%.

            Here’s the link:

            Also on that website in 2011 a report titled Crimes Against International Students:2005-2009 stated that:

            “Indian and other international students are no more likely than Australian reference populations to be the victim of assault or other theft—in fact, it was found that international students were often less likely to be the victim of these crimes.”

            Here’s the link to that report:

            I presume you know how to use a link on that “whitey” invented computer you love drooling over.

            Here’s a link to that disgusting gang attack on an Indian student by non-‘whiteys’ in Australia:


            Quote Jennster: “Facts are facts”

            The problem is that whenever an attack happens in Australia the reaction of fuck stains like you is to blame ‘whiteys’ and It’s more than disingenuous to accuse only one colour of being racist. There’s no question that attacks are committed by ‘whiteys and along with that, attacks are also committed by ‘Lebs’, Tongans and by the above stats, Chinese too.

            Now ‘fuck off’ your racist little troll, but before you do, and since your parents left China because they obviously wanted a better life, something you seem unable to comprehend. Just remember you are worth a lot of cash your Uncle Wu and the ancestral pig slopping yards in Jiangsu could undergo a major refit when he pimps you into an arranged marriage.

            No hard feelings.

          • jennster

            mr weiner, those bogans called those international students “asian dogs’ and ‘asian pussys’ while attacking them LOL. try again.

            chinggis is here, my mums stays in china for more than she stays in china. we (me and mum) were encouraged by dad to come to australia somehow and regreted it. our family were much richer than my dads background. no hard feeling bogan.

          • Chinggis was here

            Yeah, no hard feelings Jennster. Your dad had a lot of courage to leave his home and everything he was familiar with and take a chance on another country.

            I think you should appreciate the opportunities that are available where you are and take responsibility for your own life. One of the advantages of living in Australia is that you are not judged by your family history but your own ability.

            As for your mum, well, Chinese women are always complaining about something. It’s when they go quiet there’s a problem. :)

            I’ve only been back there once this century and never realised bogans used the word ‘dog’ it sounded more Leb, Islander or Aboriginal to me. Anyhow, I’m happy to be corrected. Skinheads were more of a problem when I younger. I guess they either died out or started wearing the Australian flag as a headscarf or Batman cape. I’m actually on your side regarding those dickheads, Jennster.

            Anyhow, you seem a tad young to be posting here; maybe the China Daily forums would suit you better. Plenty of fenqing your age on there yelling ‘jiayu’and blaming laowais for China’s problems while giving each other nationalistic reach arounds while repeating ‘I love China’: You’d be right at home.

          • mr. wiener

            Did you actually read my post or are you too busy justifying you attitude to your adopted country? I DON”T doubt the bogan wankers were racist and I said as much already.I wasn’t trying to prove it wasn’t a racist attack. It happens and it sux. I hate that racist ignorant underbelly of Oz society
            Are you stupid or just selective in your reading?
            What I also hate is you tarring everyone white in Oz with the same brush.
            …..Ahh why do I bother? If you argue with a fool they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

  • “NND, if [China] doesn’t stand up for itself, it won’t have a single friend at all.”

    Guy somehow misses the problem that China essentially has no allies worth speaking of anyway – even Burma has split the party.

    “Haha~ Following the Imperialist Philippines, Imperialist Vietnam, Imperialist South Korea, Imperialist Japan, now comes Imperialist North Korea”

    Strange how all these countries are ‘imperialist’ in their relations with one very large multi-ethnic dictatorship.

    • Chunghwa

      >Strange how all these countries are ‘imperialist’ in their relations with one very large multi-ethnic dictatorship.

      “I don’t understand sarcasm” – foarp

    • Jennster

      They have better reputation around the world compared to the USA. If they want, they can just ally with some anti USA south American country to crush USA. Most of usas allies have no choice but to help USA on its imperialistic foreign policies, with most in Europe showing more disdain for ur country than for china. Facts are facts.

      • Matt smith

        I believe the list you’re talking about was in regards to the common person, not people from governments around the world. And just because the USA is not so popular in the world doesn’t mean that other governments have some secret desire to crush them, most of them just wish they would change their laws to make things better for THEIR country and countrymen.

      • Little Wolf

        Facts that you just pulled out of yer ass don’t count.

        • Jennster

          USA is the third most hated country in the world by ordinary peoples votes according to 2011 bbc world poll. The govt has to side with yanks because yanks force them to and they are in security agreements.

          How does it feel btw, to have obtained someone’s presence, but not their heart. Tee hee.

          • mr. wiener

            I’m getting one of my visions again [shouldn’t have eaten that mouldy rye bread].
            I’m seeing crowds of raggedy arsed, non ethnically white people holding up signs saying ” death to China, the new great Satan” and ” Come back USA, all is forgiven” ;)

          • jennster

            it was on par with usa in 2008, improved in the last few yrs somehow. yes deproved. dunno why :)

          • jennster

            in other words, how does it feel getting hated even when ur western civilisation is waning, while china got more liked the more it got stronger?

            u need to think deep :)

          • moop

            western civilization is waning? china was built by foreign investment,mostly western. weiners right, if china ever does become number one, and i dont think it will, people around the world will be begging for the us to come back and take thier place

          • donscarletti

            Well, look at it this way. Who outside of China watches Chinese TV shows, Chinese movies, plays Chinese computer games, reads books translated from Chinese, etc.

            Then again, who of the anti US crowd doesn’t deliberately inundate themselves with a fistful of American culture at every chance they are given.

            As a card carrying member of the international “Fuck America” movement myself, I assure you that no-matter how deplorable the US foreign policy is, the only reason they get away with that crap is because they are a hell of a lot better than the other evil empires on offer.

            When America fucks you up the arse, it generally will send you flowers the next day. It never uses enough lube, but at least does not have HIV. This is why, while the American sphere of influence remains at least partially credible, you will find people continuing to choose to stay under it despite their vitriol.

          • jennster

            i do know they have an imperialistic parasitic culture as well, not just their foreign policy (but thank god the chinese blocks most of it). but it still a lot hated in the world, not just by middle easteners.

            regarding their culture, isnt it the same for britain before they waned. same will happen to the usa like every empire on earth.

            peace :)

          • donscarletti

            But Britain was not the world’s third most populous and geographically expansive country at its peak.

            And regarding the waning sphere of British influence, what language are you addressing me in?

          • mr. wiener

            I still say you’ve got it backwards Jennster. The US is waining, but they’ve still got enough of a high tech edge [no matter how much stuff has been pinched by the Chinese] to keep them ahead of the game finacially and militarily for the next few decades. Talent will flock to China as that’s where the money is, but they [the Chinese] have stuck precious little of their capital into their own speculative high tech research[Proportional to other countries] and it takes decades before you see any return on that.
            Soft power [as mentioned above] is not just building nice roads for third world countries you have an interest in. It is also the export of your culture, music, fashions to other countries. I can’t see the middle east switching to mahjong and listening to mando pop anytime in the near future. The inaccesabilty of chinese culture to other countries , [like the Chinese language] because of its specialist and study intensive nature means that Chinese will be culturally isolated within its own cultural bubble.

            Peace love and mung beans.

        • jennster

          why ask when u know it? :)

          facts don’t lie. you can wish though :)

  • Jeff

    What the real story is: “Chinese fishing boats illegally fishing in North Korean waters. Boats seized and crew arrested. Fine is 1.2 million rmb”

  • waihang

    I guess they don’t have any food recently spending everything on their new ICBM program so got to come up with a feigned reason so they could confisctae the fish..

    • 404 name not found

      ^ rofl

  • Nyancat

    With friends like this who needs enemies…

  • MAX


  • Chris

    중국 어선 어획량 = 조선인민군해군 식량

    • whichone

      I can not understand your thick accent.

      • MAX

        use google translation

      • anon


    • Brett Hunan

      Lol I think they just need the money from the boats and hostages….. You know, KJI really loved Chinese snow shrimp and KJU may just have the same taste as dad. Why not make lemonade from this sour situation?…

    • donscarletti

      You talk like one of them! Give him back you little rascal.

  • Shanghairen

    We must fire the North Koreans!

  • FYIADragoon

    Hopefully they kill all of them. Goddamn Chinese fishermen don’t know their place, always fishing in waters that aren’t theirs.

    • mr. wiener

      Unlikely that they would kill them. They are much more valuable alive.

    • whichone

      Right, fishermen should die because they…fished, I’m overwhelmed by your humanity.

  • Orthodox

    Something about pet alligators…

  • glenn

    these chinese always compalins of getting kidnapped, getting harassed..etc.. but they are always found on other people’s waters..

    one incident is when one chinese killed a south korean soldier who boarded their ship fo r inspection when they weer caught in korean waters..

    sometimes they create these dramatic stories to gather sympathy and over look their mistakes.. though i think NK people must have collaborated with chinese people too…

    • mankouzanghua

      So are you saying they deserve it because of what other Chinese people did?

      Or the story contains lies about where they were kidnapped?

      Or the story is totally made up to “gather sympathy and over look mistakes”?

      OR most likely… the point of your comment is simply that CHINESE SUCK? Clarification requested.

      • zayu

        glenn’s post is actually quite clear, but of course the answer is also hinted at in the letter to the Chinese police posted above, 5th paragraph. “If my boats crossed the border, North Korea has to solve this via diplomatic channels [and has no right to detain the offenders]”.

        So the answer to your question is: not in “Chinese territorial waters” and not “kidnapped”.

        • mankouzanghua

          Your post does clear up glenn’s comment for me. In addition to his insinuating that the sailors were in NK waters, it seems he also was doubting whether the extortion was really happening or was just cooked up. I didn’t realize his point had multiple prongs, and hence the confusion. Thanks for that.

          Still, I do hesitate to trust or sympathize with the party in a dispute who is threatening lives to extort money.

      • glenn

        no they don’t deserve it.. I love peace… but it is a fact that Chinese fishermen gets caught a lot lately in other Asian territorial waters..

        They might have been kidnapped but the article states that there might be Chinese nationals involved as well.. and voiced my response that it might have zest of truth in it…

        And yes, Chinese fishermen always tell their own version of the story like they were being detained or harassed while legally fishing or trying to take a refuge in a storm on some other countries island.. not mentioning the fact they were fishing on other countries’ territories.. worst they are fishing for endangered species which are being protected by those countries..

        the list goes on.. but i leave the rest of the facts for you to research on..

        PS when you read stories like this.. you might want to check how china publishes it.. and how the other parties write about it too.. ^^

    • linette


      Are you a freakish Korean Nationalist and suffered the “blame everything on the Japanese and Chinese” syndrome like the rest of your countrymen? Why is that South Korea the whole nation is infested with these freakish Korean Nationalists. This is what they teach Korean kids in school right. A typical one aren’t you. Always making excuses blaming the China Chinese and Japanese on everything even though the Koreans are obviously in as much fault.

      Those conflicts between the China fishermen and South Koreans have been going on for years. The South Koreans coast guard killed the China fishermen back in 2010 and also another incident sunk ship drowned fishermen. The South Koreans guards are known for their violent and aggressive behavior. A government trained armed officials violently treating civilian fishermen.

      If a gov’t officials catch civilians doing something illegal, fine them. Fine them 100 of thousands dollars. Not kill them.

      • glenn


        I’m starting to think that you are stalking me.. hehehe and that you belong to the type of netizens that tend to over react and not read objectively.. ^^

        and so im gonna say it again.. Im not korean… and I was very objective on what I said in my comment… it’s based on what i read in the media of both south korea, china, and whatever country’s news I can get my hands on..

        “If a gov’t officials catch civilians doing something illegal, fine them. Fine them 100 of thousands dollars. Not kill them.”
        – It was the Chinese who killed the SK Coast Guard who boarded their ship.. try too search it in the web…

        • linette


          I just think that you are a racist troll making tons of racist remarks against Chinese whenever the story involved both Chinese and Koreans, or even when the story has nothing to do with race. Your behavior is very similar to those freakish Korean Nationalist. It’s very hard for anyone to believe you are not Korean. Look at all the other responses you received from other people here from your racist remarks.
          Your poor thing. Maybe you just don’t have a brain.

          • mr. wiener

            That’s the Pot calling the Kettle: “Sooty arse”. I’ve read some of your comments on Koreabang.

          • linette

            mr. wiener

            You shouldn’t have read them. It’s nothing good about your Korean friends.

          • glenn

            honestly… i think you are an anti-Korean… ^^ and obviously i would be talking about Koreans and Chinese because they are the only ones involved in the story here..

            and it would be better if your comment doesn’t have to start nor contain any words that directly attacks the person giving out a comment/an opinion… but rather giving your own view/perspective on the matter…

            “Look at all the other responses you received from other people here from your racist remarks….”

            -> some of them were aimed at you.. ^^

            “Your poor thing. Maybe you just don’t have a brain…”
            -> yeah, i don’t have a brain.. i dont want to have a brain that works like yours…

          • mr. wiener

            Some homespun advice for you here [unwanted I know] and I’m going to use the “C” word too.
            Where ever I go I meet three kinds of people: Good cunts, Bad cunts and some people are just plain cunts.
            Every country.

      • glenn


        I’m starting to think that you are stalking me.. hehehe and that you belong to the type of netizens that tend to over react and not read objectively.. ^^

        and so im gonna say it again.. Im not korean… and I was very objective on what I said in my comment… it’s based on what i read in the media of both south korea, china, and whatever country’s news I can get my hands on..

        “If a gov’t officials catch civilians doing something illegal, fine them. Fine them 100 of thousands dollars. Not kill them.”
        – It was the Chinese who killed the SK Coast Guard who boarded their ship.. try to search it in the web…

  • Super Ball 90000

    Chinese media once again proving the amazing grasp they have upon Chinese citizens. North Korea, belligerent as they may be, has absolutely no reason to flagrantly invade, and then kidnap Chinese fisherman. Even for the domesticated Chinese, such is a clear act of war.

    Now, let’s assume the Chinese fisherman were simply doing what they always do: being benign to the concept of national waters. They’ve been busted by the South Koreans, the Japanese, and even the Phillipines to name a few. This time, it was NK.

    The Chinese media is doing only what they can do. To misdirect possible outrage that would otherwise be directed at the government, toward NK. It isn’t only believable (using their volubilty as the main cogwheel in the plan) Makes it not only believable on its surface, also keeps the Chinese populace angry at people other than their own government!

  • dim mak

    Awww they’re just hungry

    Nothing a cruise missile from a Lanzhou class wouldn’t fix

  • Alex L

    Look like short North Korea is punching it’s taller brother in the balls.

    • donscarletti

      Yeah, but the taller one needs to be cool to make friends and get laid. The short one is so out of contention for either he can act however stupidly he wants.

  • korea21

    nice one north korea pick a fight with big brother

  • zayu

    His point is pretty obvious, no? Neither “kidnapped” nor “in Chinese territorial waters”. Even their letter to the Chinese police states the that they might “accidentally” (as if) have crossed into North Korean waters.

    • zayu

      Wrong place. Just ignore this post.

  • 安健

    Today, I am done with undergraduate.

  • Ted

    Chinese territorial waters = anywhere there is fish or oil

  • Wu

    I was just thining something…

    What if Chinese fishermen are using a GPS system that paints the water they are in as Chinese, “the official Chinese map” if you will… That would put them in another country’s waters all the time without even knowing it.

    It would explain why they seem to blindly go into areas where the might be killed ( like North Korean waters ). I would think that fishermen know which Korea is more likely to killl, beat or just fine them.

    It could also explain why that CHinese fisherman stabbed the South Koreans Coast Guard last year, he might have thought he was going to die anyway…

    • dim mak

      That wasn’t what happened

      The fishing boats had set up a sort of cordon of linked ships and were using spikes attached to the sides to deter the coast guard from approaching. It was not an intentional stabbing. But yeah, there’s probably Chinese fishermen all over the place.

    • bert

      Chinese fishermen are no different than Chinese Ferrari drivers in Singapore. Laws?Rules?Regulations? What are those? It is the exact same mentality. Borders, barriers, rules and regulations are meant to be ignored by Chinese. Know law know order, no law no order.

  • trent turner

    So typical, I thought China was tougher than that, to just sit and take it. To bad for the sailors, i am sure they are in tough conditions

  • Michael
    • eattot

      who your?

    • mr. wiener

      What does EEZ mean? Why do so many of them overlap? have they not been agreed apon?

      • BeijingRafl

        It means Exclusive Economic Zone.

        • moop

          mr weiner is a pretty intelligent guy, i am pretty sure he was being tongue in cheek

          • mr. wiener

            Actually I’m pretty dum,[sorry moop] but at least I’ll admit to it.[
            An EEZ is agreed apon , or just claimed? It’s in international water I’m thinking, so that anyonre can navigate through there, but the mineral and biological wealth of the area is claimed by that country , correct?
            I’m not just here to preach, I’m here to learn.
            BTW thanks for the answer Rafl from Beijingrrr.

    • donscarletti

      And that is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Xiongmao

    Well, that’s what you get when you support 3 generations of ruthless dictators. You’ve made your bed China, now don’t come whining because there are bumps in it.

  • Pong Lenis

    Problem is that according to China their sea boarders go up the San Francisco Bay and according to Chinese maps other countries have no sea territory at all.

    • Xiongmao

      Yup, that’s about sums it up. Also southwards, Chinese territorial water reach to somewhere between Australia and New Zealand.

  • Vincent

    To be honest, i LOLed a lot at chinese people complaining and whinning about being bullied: am i dreaming or is this a joke?!
    they keep on trying to steal territories from their neighboors asian countries lol China is like the biggest bully.
    Maybe this will help the chinese people to open their eyes about what’s really going on in North Korea, and to get away from the propaganda of their government who shamelessly support North Korea dictator for its own selfish greed.

    • mr. wiener

      Playing the victim , whilst being the victimizer. China is crap at it because nobody believes them. The Israelis also also fail to get much help from this tactic except with influential members of the Jewish diaspora, so it is enough. The Serbs were good at it until the breakup of Yugoslavia [I threw that one in to smoke out CB].
      Let the flames begin.

      • Chinggis was here

        Yeah, you’re on your own there. :)

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  • typingfromwork

    Comparing this to “bullying” is like saying that a 5 year old child having a strop at an adult is bullying.

    This is North Korea having a tantrum. Beijing will just have a few strong words with Pyongyang, threaten to withdraw aid and they’ll be back in no time at all. This may also be a response by the North Koreans to the way that Beijing has been pressuring them not to conduct another nuclear test. I guess that is looking even less likely to happen now.

    I do not like the self loathing attitude of these Chinese netizens. Whenever something bad happens it’s all doom and gloom, “we are shit”, “we are bullied”, etc. Grow a fucking spine.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Yeah, have them “grow a spine” and start having mass calls for the beginning of world war 3 so that China can reclaim any territory, objects, or other claims that have supposedly been pilfered from them at any point in human history. There are already some people calling for war, just for the sake of having a war to show the rest of the world where their place really should be.

      I say those netizens should grow a spine to reinforce their behavior towards their own government and society before attempting to grow a back bone in it’s dealings with foreign countries.

      Self loathing comes from seeing the pure shit that many people perceive their home lives to be and feel they can do nothing about it.

      • dim mak

        Typical western nonsense. Domestic and foreign interests occur simultaneously. You don’t need to wait until you have a perfect government before dealing with foreigners. If we did no country would have a strong foreign policy.

        • GodsHammer

          Perfect sense to me. Nice post.

  • Ace

    Unrelated to the story, but related to this site, and I’m still curious. My renren has a little “hot statuses” tab thing that tells me this:





    And then, obvs, a bunch of outraged statuses discussing it. Now, I know the first incident was reported here on CSMACK, and the second somebody upthread posted a link to. What about that third, though? It only happened today — where? when? any more info? anyone? Bueller?

    • mr. wiener

      Did you just post an inteligent thread? Damn! I’m impressed!
      Really I’m not trolling you here. I’m happy and grateful you have chosen a higher path. Please don’t let this be the last, for real. [hits self over heart twice] keep it up.
      *sniff* I’m so happy!!

      • Ace

        Oh, was there another Ace here earlier? Dang, maybe I should change my screenname – I’ve lurked here for a year or so but only just got up the chutzpah to post. So if you mean someone troll-flavored, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not them!

        Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome! I’m happy to know that you consider my post intelligent! There’s not many as can say they done Mr Weiner proud. :D

        • the ace of books

          Here, I’m gonna be the ace of books, just so’s not to confuse people. Wheeeeeeee

  • One day the Chinese will notice that when they are -0,001% fewer communist, North Korea will see China as a friend of the USA, thus might be provoked and destroyed. Communists are in pact with satan. Be sure of that. And search for “apparition of Virgin Maria in Portugal”, also search for it with the final as Rwanda, and also search for “Virgin of Guadalupe” and “Jesus in Rwanda.” Then you will have the whole timeline that describes God’s perceptions (He is against it) on communism. Then you all will understand that if God is against communism it is because it does the job of satan because communism and all the revolutionary items (narcoterror, abortion, homosexualism, corruption, prostitution, guerrillas) are things that satan wants for the destruction of a creation of God: the humankind.

    • dim mak

      wat is this i dont even

  • KongMingQin

    That’s sad if its really true, but I bet the NK govt is not involved,thats probably a single case of piracy =[ in the other hand that may be lies forged by political enemies of China, to demoralize and weaken the alliance NK+China has :/
    We just dont know yet

  • korea21

    bad north korea go to your room now and think of what you did!

  • Cleo

    The Philippine problem is DEFINITELY an Allied effort to protect the region.

    Japan has sent 10 ships manned by Japanese even though this is not in their region as well as sending 2 “whaling” ships to America’s Pacific Northwest while their German friends have Sea Shephard Paul Watson in their custody.

    So if North Korea and China are on high alert in the North, you’d better believe that it has to do with Japan.

    Ten Japanese “patrol” ships to the South China Sea and two Japanese “whaling” ships headed for the American Northwest Pacific coast.

  • UncleSamsBest

    So much blaming each country, when it is likely criminals. This is not a plot by South Korea, so many uninformed and paranoid. This was motivated by money because North Koreans are broke.

  • Dr SUN

    I’m guessing Chinese fisherman have two reasons to fish in disputed, or others waters.
    1. They’ve overfished their own waters.

    2. They are being encouraged to.

  • steve

    all the chinese goverment has to do is make 1 call to NK and tell them return these people now or we will turn off the power / electric ???? 75% off the electric NK ues come from CHINA ????

  • Adrian

    Wow if this is true North Korea must be crazy!!! China is the only powerful friend they have… mind you I really don’t think anyone can Bully China… People do silly things and when you have power you need to use it carefully..

  • Rajesh

    North Korea is gone be screwed badly one day.