Chinese Fishermen Kidnapped for Ransom by North Koreans

The owner of one of the fishing boats seized by North Koreans.

One of three Chinese fishing boats that were seized and its crew kidnapped for ransom by unknown North Koreans.

From NetEase:

Media claims unknown North Korean men have sized Chinese sailors

Media has reported that three Chinese fishing boats were seized while catching fish in Chinese territorial waters, with a total of 29 Chinese sailors being kidnapped. The other party demanded the Chinese boat owner to transfer a total of 1.2 million yuan RMB before they would release the boats. May 16th, a Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson said the Chinese government has already noted the relevant reports and the Chinese government is currently verifying the situation as well as maintaining close communications with the North Korean government.

The ransom note for the 3 Chinese fishing boats and 29 sailors.A list of the 29 sailors with their names, ID numbers, and hometowns.

Above, the ransom note and list of 29 sailors with their names, ID numbers, and hometowns:

Comments from NetEase:

芙小小love [网易吉林省四平市网友]:

Haha~ Following the Imperialist Philippines, Imperialist Vietnam, Imperialist South Korea, Imperialist Japan, now comes Imperialist North Korea~

Listenup0 [网易河北省邢台市网友]:

Last place place begins to bully the second from the last.


Sigh, anyone is able to bully [us, China]! [I’m] Filled with resentment.

wangfeireal [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

Little brother slaps big brother!!!

警告你艹你沒资格代表我 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Kim III must be so poor he’s gone crazy, using fishermen as hostages.

adtu4 [网易天津市网友]:

Didn’t you fucking close the comments? [NetEase has a history of not allowing comments on articles about North Korea.]


NND, if [China] doesn’t stand up for itself, it won’t have a single friend at all.

尤文图斯足球俱乐部 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

I bet South Korean bangzi are behind this, framing others, trying to drive a wedge [between China and North Korea] is a tactic those American dogs often use.


They even dare bully our grand magnificent country now.

liujh163 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

The comments are unexpectedly not closed. Looks like there’s a lot behind this matter.

Location where the three Chinese fishing boats were seized by unknown North Koreans.

From NetEase:

North Korean Kidnappers: Chinese hostages will be killed if ransom is not paid today

May 8th, while fishing in Chinese territorial waters, three Chinese fishing boats were seized by unknown North Korean men, with a total of 29 Chinese sailors being detained. On the 15th, the owner of the boats said the other party is demanding a 900,000 yuan RMB ransom to release the boats. On the 16th, the boats’ owner, a Mr. Zhang, indicated that the kidnapper told him through the telephone, “If the ransom is not received by the 17th, the hostages will be killed.”

Sun Caihui, the owner of Liaodanyu 23979, one of the three fishing boats that were seized.
Sun Caihui, the owner of Liaodanyu 23979, one of the three fishing boats that were seized.

Comments from NetEase:


They’re already threatening to kill people and [the Chinese government] is still “verifying”!!!!!


How come the comments are closed this time?


Something that happened on the 8th and only now reported. What more, it was the Singaporean media that first reported it before the domestic mainland Chinese media knew about it, and this is called “transparent”?!

yf631540 [网易湖北省孝感市网友]:

“A Chinese scholar that asked to remain anonymous told Global Times: There are more maritime conflicts between China and North Korea than China and South Korea. As the China and South Korea media are both relatively transparent, the two countries handle such matters relatively faster due to domestic pressure, but the China and North Korean relationship is relatively special. North Koreans have previously even beaten Chinese sailors to death, and the frequency and nature of the conflicts are more severe than between China and South Korea.”

cqbls [网易北京市网友]:

Look, this is the kind of respect the citizens of a major power get. Where have you seen a major power’s citizens allowing small countries to kidnap their people every day. If this continues, even our citizens’ right to exist may no longer be ensured. How will the government face the our country’s people then?

lujieqiren [网易广西桂林市网友]:

The problem with South Korea hasn’t even been solved and fucking North Korea comes and joins the party.


Seriously protest, strongly denounce! [This comment is mocking what many Chinese netizens feel is the standard response but inaction of the Chinese government in international incidents.]

拴住 [网易奥地利网友]:

We can talk about this now? The position of WY [NetEase] is clear. [NetEase articles involving North Korea have often not allowed comments, so this netizen is suggesting that NetEase allowing discussion this time means something. Quite a few comments were simple Chinese netizens marking the time, seemingly waiting to see how long the comments section would remain open.]

管子垂下蛋洒一地 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Their families better go collect money and handle this themselves.

13314877 [网易加拿大网友]:

Both North and South Koreas are nothing good.


China in this day and should take action when action is needed and stop using the words “maintaining close communications”. Human life is beyond value, think about the Chinese sailors.

勇敢大汉 [网易山东省枣庄市网友]:

How could there be North Korean gun boats in Chinese territorial waters?
I’m confused.


China, my beloved China, can you stand up for yourselves for once? Can you let us citizens also be proud for a moment? Stand up for once, even North Korea dares to bully us now, and we still won’t stand up for ourselves???

真正的爱0o0 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

A country that protects the interests of the regime will always be much more frightening than a country that protects the interests of the country.
I wish our compatriots well, thank you author.

lb69087 [网易北京市网友]:

Why is it always our country’s [boats, sailors] being seized!?


China continues to provide North Korea 700 million yuan in material aid.


The Philippines problem hasn’t even been resolved and now North Korea is bullying us.


China’s ordinary common people are frequently being bullied by these kind of small countries, truly a sad state of affairs.


1.2 million? Looks like North Korea is truly poor, kidnapping 29 people and 3 boats but only asking for 1.2 million? Hope there is at least one conscientious Chinese village cadre, hurry and transfer the money to solve this problem and save 29 of our compatriots.

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