Chinese Fishing Boat Captain Arrested By Japanese, Reactions

Chinese fishing boat captain arrested after collision with Japanese coast guard.

Chinese fishing boat captain arrested after collision with Japanese coast guard.

From NetEase:

Chinese fishing boat captain may be sentenced by Japan

Summary: September 7th, a Chinese fishing boat and Japanese Coast Guard patrol boats collided in the waters near Diaoyu Islands. On the 8th, the Japanese side took legal action against the Chinese fishing boat captain on grounds of obstructing official business. According to Japanese punishment regulations for obstruction of official business, the fishing boat captain Zhan Qixiong may be fined up to 500,000 yen or imprisoned up to 3 years. After Zhan Qixiong’s grandmother learned of the news, she had a heart attack, passing away on the afternoon of the 8th.

Diagram of the collision between a Chinese fishing boat and Japanese coast guard in Diaoyu waters.

Chinese fishing boat docked with Japanese coast guard in Okinawa.

Chinese fishing boat docked with Japanese coast guard in Okinawa.

Chinese fishing boat docked with Japanese coast guard in Okinawa.

There are over 23,000 comments right now on NetEase alone.

Comments from NetEase:


Isn’t it our territory? Being imprisoned three years by little Japan on our own territory? Why don’t our warships go out and arrest a few to imprison thirty years?


I think I might as well go buy a warship myself and go fuck little Japan.


I was in the military for 15 years, so as long as it is fighting little Japan, I don’t need [to be paid] one cent from the country and will even bring 500,000 with me back to the military, while donating my body. Just watch how I’m going to teach these little Japanese bastards a lesson.


Pro-Japanese children, where are you guys now? Boycott Japanese goods, curse those lowlifes who buy Japanese goods to an early death.


Capture that patrol boat’s captain and imprison him for 10,000 years!


I personally declare war on Japan. All of Japan’s assets in China, including their bullshit lives, will be subject to attacks within my power.


Japan has always been a country that refuses to abide by the law/know its place, it has never been honest before…


Our national humiliation can never be forgotten. As an ordinary common person, all I can do is be angry and boycott Japanese goods; if there is a war, as a reserve officer, I will not hesitate!


All you need to be a [Chinese] foreign minister is know how to say three things [this netizen is commenting that China’s foreign minister always says the same things but does nothing]; With regards to this incident, I am filled with regret. I am going to watch how this situation unfolds, and hope that similar things will not happen again.


Everyone is just complaining. That the Diaoyu Islands are not in reality under our country’s control is simply our country’s weakness and this is very complicated. Yet, our netizens really curse Japan endlessly to vent!!! So continue then, because this kind of incident will constantly happen in the future, and we will always have mood swings!!!


Chinese people are great. Looking back on history, Chinese people have killed many more Chinese people than Japanese people have. At the time, there were also more puppet soldiers [of the puppet government] than Japanese soldiers. Chinese people, yosh! Hahahaha…


Foreign ministry!!! You should be giving Japan a time limit to release [the fishing boat captain]!!!! Don’t protest!!!! What use is protesting???? You are the government! Not students!!!!!! Students protest!!! You as the government have military force!!!! A time limit for release!!! And compensation for our fishermen’s losses!!!! Otherwise! We will take the initiative to escalate the incident!!!! Warships attack! War!!!!


Everyone know this: In the short term, forget about the fishing crew being arrested, even if the fishing boat were attacked and sunk, China and Japan will not go to war, who would dare to! If there is war, think of all the property developers that would rebel/be up in arms! All the people living in luxury residences howling in protest! Ordinary common people, don’t get excited, you guys are all just like me, at most just letting out the things we want to say, and what more, you can’t say anything too extreme, otherwise just as the [fishing] boat captain enters Japan’s detention center/jail, you may be entering China’s detention center/jail.

Chinese fishing boat docked with Japanese coast guard in Okinawa.

English-language news reports from CCTV and NHK on YouTube:

Improving China-Japan relations. chinaSMACK personals.


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