Chinese Flight Attendant Claims Military Official Beat Her

A China Southern stewardess documents the injuries she suffered in a fight with a passenger.

China Southern stewardess clothes ripped from fight with passenger who happens to be a Chinese military official.

From NetEase:

Guangzhou Yuexiu district military political commissar accused of beating female flight attendant 2012 August 30th report. On August 29th, a violent attack on a flight attendant by a passenger occurred on Southern China flight CZ3874 (Hefei-Guangzhou). According to reports, the victim and the assailant have been taken to the airport police station for investigation. According to the microblog post by Caijing reporter Li Weiao [see below], the attacker is Guangzhou Yuexiu district standing committee member and military political commissar Fang Daguo.

China Southern stewardess clothes ripped from fight with passenger Yang Daguo, a Chinese military political commisar.China Southern stewardess clothes ripped from fight with passenger Yang Daguo, a Chinese military political commisar.

The following is a blog post that includes description of what happened by the flight attendant…

From a Yang Shao’s Sina blog:

When can the situation of flight attendants being assaulted end?

There were two passengers calling me, asking me to put their luggage on the overhead bin. There were two suitcases and several smaller items. Because at the time there were still some passengers who had not yet been seated, and these passengers’ luggage was piled in the aisle blocking it and the plane was waiting for the passengers to be seated in order to take over, I asked them to wait a moment and if they could first hold onto their luggage for a moment so the passengers behind them could pass and then I would help them. At this time, this husband and wife pair of passengers suddenly became very upset and angrily demanded that the on-board video equipment in the overhead compartment of row 55 be removed so they can put their luggage. I again explained to them that this on-board video equipment could not be removed. However, they wouldn’t listen. Suddenly, this male passenger lifted up his bag and hit my shoulder, immediately leaving a red mark. I immediately asked why he hit me. He said because I’m not helping him stow away his luggage, that I wouldn’t remove the video equipment. I again explained that this on-board video equipment can’t be moved. The husband and wife immediately pointed at me and began yelling at me, saying I’m delicate [dainty, unwilling to expend due effort], saying I’m a porcelain doll that can’t be touched [for fear of breaking, getting hurt]. Then the flight crew chief came and tried to mediate with the passengers. At the time, my arm was already bruising, and feeling wronged, I decided I would report this to the police. I took out my mobile phone and photographed my injured arms and the video equipment on the overhead bin that cannot be moved. After photographing and returning to the service area, the male of the two passengers charged at me and said I was photographing him whereupon I said I was photographing the video equipment on the overhead compartment. He charged into the service area and began grabbing and hitting me and even pulling at my clothes. And he even grabbed my mobile phone, leaving my body with bruises and red welts. My clothes were also ripped open. The flight crew chief finally managed to pull him away, and he was still continuously hurling insults. His wife even pointed at me and shouted: You’re nothing but a flight attendant! I know your boss!

China Southern stewardess clothes ripped from fight with passenger Yang Daguo, a Chinese military political commisar.China Southern stewardess clothes ripped from fight with passenger Yang Daguo, a Chinese military political commisar.

This post received nearly 10k comments spanning 200 pages (at time of translation)…

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Are you a man or not? Are you a solider or not? And you still need a girl to help you put away your luggage?


People who “know people” are simply arrogant. Even if I get fired I would hit back. Also, they should add some big manly men as flight attendants. I’ve seen them before on domestic Air Canada flights. There’s nothing bad about it.


A big man hitting a little girl, and even ripping the little girl’s clothes, and you’re a National People’s Congress representative? Just who the fuck are you representing?


The military hitting the ordinary common people is wrong. A man hitting a woman is wrong compounded upon wrong.


Violence is indeed shameful…but when will the situation of countless delayed flights finally end…?


The assaulter should be considered a dangerous person and added to the black list of all the airlines.


Stay strong and don’t settle, everyone supports you guys!


What about the husband and wife’s side of the story?


That close with the [airline’s] boss? And still sitting in row 55?


If the power of China’s public officials are not restricted, this kind of thing will continue happening.

Chinese military political commissar Yang Daguo.

From NetEase:

Guangzhou Yuexiu district standing committee member beats stewardess, says he knows the airline company’s leadership

Southern Daily report. Last night, a Southern China airlines air hostess informed this paper that she was beaten and insulted by a man on the Hefei to Guangzhou Southern China flight CZ3874 flight, resulting in bruises upon her arm, scratches on her neck and body, and her clothes being ripped. Not only this, when the plane landed in Guangzhou, this man threatened the flight crew saying he knows the leader/boss of Southern China airlines, and that he’s a National People’s Congress representative. This Southern Daily reporter arrived at the scene this morning at 1am, where the female flight attendant involved had already reported the matter to the police and both parties are still at the Huadu District North District police station recording their statements. At past 2am in the morning, the stewardess went to the hospital accompanied by a close friend to inspect her injuries.

According to the air hostess involved, based on the questions asked by the police, it was learned that the perpetrator’s name is Fang Daguo, a member of the Guangzhou Yuexiu district standing committee. The flight crew chief says Fang had hit and insulted the flight attendant after getting angry because he wanted to move a fixed airplane equipment to accommodate his luggage and had been refused.

The female flight attendant involved says incidents of airplane passengers making a scene and hitting people happen frequently, and she plans to use legal channels to defend the rights of both herself and all flight attendants.

From Sina Weibo:

@李微敖: Guangzhou Yuexiu standing committee member and military political commissar Fang Daguo beats female flight attendant. Information from Air China stewardess @花Money买毛豆 and others including @庄子慎之 and @杨大正: August 29th, on flight CA3874 from Hefei to Guangzhou, Guangzhou Yuexiu district standing committee member and military political commissar Fang Daguo, owing to a baggage stowage problem and without saying a word, directly used his luggage to violently beat female flight attendant @花Money买毛豆, and even called a military vehicle over after landing to threaten the flight attendant.

Chinese military political commissar Yang Daguo.

Caijing journalist Li Weiao’s microblog post was forwarded over 130k times and attracted over 40k comments and reactions spanning over 2000 pages on the popular Sina Weibo microblogging service…

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Comments from Sina Weibo:


Take down this evil tyrant! You think you’re so important just because you have power, overthrow him!


Just going to repost/forward, not going to comment.


Air drop him onto the Diaoyu Islands, equipped with one piece of baggage.


For an active member of the military, especially an active military official like this, to beat up a female flight attendant on an airplane is indeed very despicable! However, given his status as an active duty member of the military, it will be very difficult for this female flight attendant to uphold her rights.


Forget it, firing him would be letting him off too lightly, better sentence him to the Diaoyu Islands!


Now this is what I call a good cadre of the Party, a model for China’s military! To have the courage and boldness to treat the people with such vileness, how could the Party not have him in an important position?


We need Batman.


The flight crew chief should just directly throw this kind of person out of the plane.


This kind of human scum, let’s see how our Party is going to deal with this. Following.


If war happens with the Japanese, I wonder what he’ll be like at that time. Will he throw his baggage like a bomb? Grass mud horse garbage!


Fucking government! Bastard government officials!


Government officials always claim they are servants of the people, which sounds nice but in reality is not so. Look at their behavior, would servants beat up their masters like this? In theory they are public servants, but in reality they are the masters.


Drag out Fang Daguo’s mother, slap her twice across the face, and it’ll be even.


It’s hard to hold those in the military accountable, but we can make him famous, and let even more people see his ugly face!

[Note: Members of the Chinese military enjoy certain privileges and are exempt from certain civil laws and prosecution.]

From NetEase:

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Guangzhou Yuexiu district denies military political commissar beat air hostess report. The other day, “Yuexiu District standing committee member and military political commissar Yang Daguo beats female flight attendant” spread on the internet. After preliminary investigations, at 4:50pm on the afternoon of August 28th, Fang Daguo and his family of three were on Southern China flight CZ3874 flying from Hefei to Guangzhou. Because they had boarded late, an argument occurred with the stewardess over the stowing of luggage where his family member and the air hostess engaged in some pushing and pulling but Fang Daguo did not hit the female flight attendant.

After the flight landed, both parents went to the airport police station for investigation and mediation. Fang Daguo and his family members proactively expressed apologies to the other party. Additionally, it is understood that no such situation where a “military vehicle threatened the stewardess” that night. At present, both parents have already reached a settlement.

See also: “Political Commissar versus China Southern air stewardess” (ESWN)

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • kw

    arrogant official…

    • jeffli

      should have tasered the hooligan, then neuter him and give him a big shot of oestrogen!

  • Young Man

    If there is a God-

    Please, please Big Guy- let one of these rich Chinese pigs try this shit on a plane in America, where they have armed Air Marshalls. I know that they button this garbage down abroad because they know it won’t wash but please let them forget for a moment where they are and that they can’t treat people outside of China like excrement.

    Let it happen so that they can finally get what they so richly deserve.


    • Harland

      What, to get shot by air marshals? Nah, that’s not going to happen, moron.

      If it did actually happen, it would instantly turn into an “oppress us Chinese” moment just like all the others. This sort of shit gets foreigners beaten up all over China whenever it happens.

      Collective responsibility: not only Occupy Wall Street considers it justified.

      • Young Man

        A government official/PLA officer gets shot in America and average Johnny Chinese will want to give the gunman a medal.

        Oh, I’m sure the government media will try to make a big deal of it but it won’t wash with ordinary people- they hate their government and they hate their army deep down.

        You should get to know Chinese people better, “moron”.

        • Young Man

          Sorry, should have added a “:)” to that- I’m not angry really.

  • Slob

    Sofa HNNGGGGg

  • Scott

    As Pumpkin said, “Air drop him onto the Diaoyu Islands, equipped with one piece of baggage” (把他空投到钓鱼岛,装备行李箱一个).

    • Patrick

      I know that one was perfect. Followed with we need batman. And people complain about Chinese humor (or lack of).

  • mr. wiener

    The question is what did all the other passengers do whilst this was happening? Sit round with their thumbs up their arses and brains in neutral? Where they, or her colleges afraid to come forward because the man was in uniform?
    I’d like more info otherwise I’d have some serious doubts about this one.

    • Harland

      Rule 1 of living in China: “Don’t get involved.” This goes double for anything wearing a uniform, and triple if you’re a foreigner. Just don’t do it. It will not end well for you.

      • Young Man

        If a foreigner had got involved he would have calmed the hell down ‘cos he’d realise the whole thing was getting above his pay grade to keep quiet in the media.

        Plus: Chinese people who travel on planes do not form flash-mobs- that’s left to the shirtless, toothless labourers and the office-workers who earn less than 1000 Yuan a month.

        • anon

          I think there was an African guy who had a seat right by the couple that later came out and told the media that the couple reeked of alcohol (confirming what others had said earlier). He didn’t get involved. Hard to say if his involvement, or that of any foreigner, would’ve calmed the couple down. Could’ve just made them even more indignant. Like all people, some people rein it in when they realize others are watching. Others just get more angry out of embarrassment.

    • Mr Wiener If this is real it doesn’t represent Chinese people by race. As a control to the experiment, if it happened on a Singapore Airlines plane, decent Chinese people would have the perpetrator pinned down, pummelled, and ready to be dealt with at the next airport. If the story is true, China seems to have gone backwards rather than forwards in many respects.

      • Patrick

        Sometimes China moves backwards, it’s a habit.

        • fredf

          One step forward, two steps back. One step forward, two steps back.
          One step forward, two steps back…….

      • Average Zhou

        Richard North, Im surprised by your comment. I say that because I have seen your comments before and I think youve been around awhile – tell me when have you EVER seen Chinese people (at ANY level of society) proactively interfere with any violent confrontation or assault (and ESPECIALLY when the perpetrator is in the uniform that they are taught to fearfully respect and obey)? The ONLY time I have seen the mob react to come come to someone’s defense is when the perpetrator (or more often “perceived perpetrator” is a foreigner because then they get all hyped up with the nationalist “we oppressed Chinese vs. the world” sentiment and they lash out, grateful to have a common enemy. When a Chinese beats a woman in public, robs someone, pick pockets on a bus in plain view of other people, the reaction is almost without exception, to ignore it. I have seen it so many times and in so many situations I have lost count.

        • Average Zhou I guess I was focusing on Chinese diaspora too much. Whether an upskirt escalator peeping-tom, pickpocket or molester…HK and SG Chinese are often “on-the-ball” and will gladly “shop” a mainlander. Your comments are excellent observations, nicely summarised for us on the periphery. Appreciate it dude.

          • Average Zhou

            yeah i know what u mean about HK chinese being on the ball. two different worlds. Well, its not a racial thing obviously – its a societal issue. we all know that. grow a white kid up in east LA and he will definitely wind up a gangbanger, grow up a latino or black kid up in beverly hills and he will be a socialite cokehead douche just like the white kids. haha

  • Jeremy

    Last time, I was taking my flight back to Paris from Shanghai and there was a fight between two Chinese people. One claimed he is an well-known official and that no one can fight with him. He said ” You know who I am ? You know? I can give you problems if you want! You dare talk with me?”

    Actually, the origin of the fight begin when one of the passenger bump into him.. because the man had taken a lot of space in his seat (his legs was on the walking line right to the washroom).

    I think this kind of case is quite common in China. Some people have too much confidence, I think. Recently, China government have launched the “Happy Guangdong” concept. But, China’ll have a lot of things to solve in order to make a happy environment in China. This kind of people just care about their position and their interest, instead of Chinese people and even China govt interest. Today, in China, a few officials just spend too much time to maintain their own Guanxi and to find business opportunities for themself but not enough on society issues. That’s why there are so much problems now in China and it explains why there is a big gap between rich and poor in China.
    China’s govt have to pick up and train its officials from specialized schools, opened to everybody as in Western countries. Additionally to PPC values, Ethics, Reliability, Responsability and basic knowledge in economy and management have to be promoted in this kind of school. It’s a pity that today a lot of people in China are greedy and only hide behind excuses in order to avoid concrete actions to solve Chinese social issues. It’s really a pity for China and It’ll have some reforms for 2013.

    • linette

      jeremy, almost all of gov’t officials are family that were peasants. Uneducated peasants. Gov’t officials positions are pass down to family only members. Not by qualification like education or experience. That is why so many china officials are low quality people in power fxcking up China. They are fifthly rich, powerful, corrupted, and uneducated. Look at those mainlanders that go to HK and buying up all the million dollars properties with the money they stole from China taxpayers. It’s a very common game played by native HK people in HK. “Identify the mainlanders”

    • Patrick

      It’s a wonder some people don’t have fun with it though. If it were me and a Chinese guy was pulling some shit like that I’d turn and anounce to the fellow traveler’s “Hey everyone it’s Li Gang”, then duck for cover. Most people are full of shit here, from self important want-to-be administrators to self important act-like-they were really were important foreigners back home. Both do it to get laid the majority of the time, and somehow manage to do it.

  • bert

    Promotions in the Chinese military are based on payoffs not duty or service.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Ah, they can scream and yell at those arrogant officials (who can go away with rape, murder and violent attacks like in this article) all they want, but in the end nothing will change. These “news” only encourage like minded individuals to use violence freely. Hit others in public, because nobody will intervene. Laugh when reading about it in the papers.

  • Harland

    I must say, maybe I’ve been here too long but that is one sexy lower leg shot there. Va-va-voom.

    Why doesn’t China have stewardess porn like Japan does? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Average Zhou

      I used to teach these girls at China Southern. 4 groups of 30 gals each, cycling thru every 2 weeks or so. Lord that was a good job. They were sweethearts too, for the most part. And I may have made a little stewardess porn on occasion;).

    • 404namenotfound

      “sexy lower leg shot”? wanna borrow my granddad’s glasses?

  • andywattbulb

    Send in tankman!

    • Winter B4 Spring

      And do what? Stop a tank in the plane?…

  • Jeff

    was the stewardess hot?

    • Winter B4 Spring

      i dont know o.O

      • Winter B4 Spring

        But i think she was pissed off though.

    • Efe the foreigner

      yeah, somehow the level of how much i care about this is deeply affected by the level of her hotness. otherwise just hunger games that official on diaoyu with some japs.

      • Winter B4 Spring

        ok. but i still don’t know if she is hot. cant see the face in the photos =.=

  • Young Man

    Is this article still on the Chinasmack homepage?

    Everytime I go there it’s gone.

    Oooooooohh! Harmonized!

  • Winter B4 Spring

    LOL to these comments:

    “Drag out Fang Daguo’s mother, slap her twice across the face, and it’ll be even.”

    “Fucking government! Bastard government officials!”

    “We need Batman.”

  • markus

    What the hell, if he did that before take off he should have been kicked off the plane!

    why was he allowed to stay on the plane!?!?!

    • Kukuku

      Because China.

      • Efe the foreigner

        this is the answer to many of my recent problems….. sigh. because china….

  • linette

    ……….His wife even pointed at me and shouted: You’re nothing but a flight attendant! I know your boss!…………

    If I see this on plane I will tell that fxcking bitch wife to shut up cause I am calling the police and video taping her. She is going on facebook. Which boss do you know that get you out of trouble with the law. I can careless if she is the whore of China president.

    • Cooljackal

      Can you have someone video tape you doing all of this? That would be fun to watch!

      • Kukuku

        Inception: We need to go deeper!

        • anon

          Haha, nice one.

  • Getrealson

    “That close with the [airline’s] boss? And still sitting in row 55?”


    This statement is a perfect example of Chinese lateral thinking. I love it. Whilst most people are commenting emotionally, this guy takes an analytical approach. Good on you mate! I like people who think outside the box.

    • Average Zhou

      haha, my favorite as well. as i used to work for China Southern i DO actually know their boss, and let me tell u, they are some corrupt mofos in that company. my boss there was a mid level office manager, probably making about 10-12K RMB a month, and driving an E class Mercedes. Haha, they have so much grey income its not even funny. mostly from the flight attendants (and flight attendant “hopefuls'”) familys bribing them to get an interview. They need to win their damn hometown beauty pageant, then suck a bunch of old officials off, then still pay like 100,000 RMB to maybe get a job. And the job is – a glorified waitress who works 60 hours a week for 3000 RMB/month. Nice.

  • The Enlightened One


    What a well disciplined solider. China shouldn’t worry about its enemies when it has soldiers like this…

    A well-trained soldier would NEVER think of causing trouble on a plane in Canada/U.K./U.S.A and Australia. AND then go on to beat and berate the flight attendant!? What kind of insecure scum is this?!

    They may do some crazy things during a war or in battle but on a civilian flight, and IN UNIFORM?! I would know because I was one.

    Wow, China fix yourself.

    • The Enlightened One

      Not only that… but did they allow him to continue his flight?

      If I were a passenger on that plane and the dude was acting retarded. I am sure the civilized people would demand he be taken off the plane for fear of safety. Do you want to be boxed in but a bunch of crazy freaks 50 000 feet in the air?

      I thought not. Grow some backbone.

      • In any a-to-b flight, the “status” of a person in terms of job is irrelevant. Everyone is a PASSENGER! This story must be a fraud. Whether in 1st, biz or cattle class, after 911 any perpetration like this is usually greeted by all aircrew rounding on the idiot. China has 1 million+ military staff. This makes any military fool even less important. Regardless of rank.

        • opinionator

          ahh 911, that old chestnut.
          It used to be famous for being a fine automobile and still is to some, those that is who don’t subscribe to the bullshit dished out since then.
          Every village in every country has its idiot and China because of its size/population has lots of villages, its a numbers thing not a Chinese thing. You could put this “story” in any country, I don’t see why it is deemed important to publish because it’s China, it appears to be just another excuse to point the finger at someone else so that we can ignore the shortcomings of our own countries or maybe that is the whole point of chinasmack?

          • Dude excellent point. Fortunately David Hasselhoff has been sober for five years plus, or else we’d hear of planes affected by people breaking into the cockpit and pissing over the onboard computer or something like that.

            But yeah, I’ll admit there are all races/nationalities of folks including Kiwis who get impounded at Singapore Changi through the “S.T.U.V.” of onboard misbehaviour SMOKING – TANTRUMS – URINATION – VIOLENCE)

          • B*tches, Leave

            Gerard Depardieu reference?

          • mr. wiener

            Ah needed to peese! Why could ze stewardess not ‘elp me to peese?

          • El Puma R.

            Meh… Chinese people with power. When are they gonna learn? I hope his daughter or granddaughter gets a job as an air hostess.

          • OK Devil’s Advocate. CS is DEFINTELY there to ignore shortcomings of other countries. Hell I was told to wait 24 hours to board a plane once because I was too drunk. I am proud of this, and I have not repeated it once. Trust me, British Police are swift.

          • anon

            Well, chinaSMACK aims to translate what is popular on the Chinese internet and since this became popular, it was translated. How did you make the leap to the whole point of chinaSMACK being to ignore the shortcomings of our own countries? Sounds awfully egotistical that a Chinese person created a website specifically for foreigners to forget the news that becomes popular in their own countries? So when a Chinese person reads about Alec Baldwin getting thrown out of a flight for refusing to put down his Words for Friends, was it so the Chinese could ignore the shortcomings of their own country?

    • kodi

      99% of China’s enemies are already living within China.

  • Irvin

    Nothing to see here folks, just another day in china.

  • markx

    Things ARE changing – once you’d have never heard a word of this, the girl would have known her place and not said a word. Brave kid, good on her.

    This guy may not get what he deserves, but next time he will think a little more carefully before airing his arrogant sense of self entitlement and self importance.

    • Getrealson

      Yeah, good point. All his mates will think twice too.

    • The Enlightened One

      Damn right, the future is in the youth. China will change but it will just take a while.


        Hi Guys,

        I also find the youth (I have known) in China to be very different in many ways. Not only are they eating better and getting bigger and stronger, but they are exposed to external forces that will impact how they choose to live their lives and what they view as acceptable. I find many of them extremely curious about life outside of China.

        On the other side, many of them are still deeply devoted to living their lives according to their parents’ wishes and turn “nationalistic” when defensive (“this is the Chinese way”).

        But everything today is about Money. Instead of “Have a Nice Day”, they wish you “Make lots of money”. I try to tell them that money isn’t everything, but they chuckle and tell me “That is because you are Rich”.

        When I meet people in Shenzhen or Shanghai, almost everyone is from someplace else. They tell you they are there to make lots of money, but would rather be home.

        As I travel through China, I have wondered if many of the WTF moments are because many Chinese do not have a foundation in religion. The absence of this permits so many of these issues/problems. The core tenet of many religions is “Treat others as you would like to be treated” or something similar. I have seen so many things in China that are just wrong, but accepted as OK in China as long as you aren’t caught.

        I am not a bible pounding pundit (I would not call myself religious), but believe exposure to religious teachings helps to form/create a conscience that allows people to help determine right and wrong AND makes it harder to simply walk by without offering assistance or getting involved.

        I am not saying religion is a panacea. There are plenty of “religious” people outside of China who are awful human beings.


        • mr. wiener

          I really hope they don’t get into Christianity in a big way. The last time that happened someone got the bright idea they were JC’s little bro and it killed 30 million people.
          I’d settle for some good old fashion Confusionism , with maybe a few revisionist notes on civic duty and giving way in traffic :)
          Good post Dave, you are sounding less like a professional talking head these days, which makes a nice change.

          • bert

            I think you mean some type of mutated Christianity, which wouldn’t be Christianity. The foundational truth of Christianity is hard to have a problem with, unless you just hate it for the sake of hating and being a hip ‘I hate Christianity’ westerner.
            Good old fashion ‘Confusionism’ could be the the reason China has the problems it has.

          • mr. wiener

            What version of Christianity is not a mutated version of the original? I have no problem with Christians, sorry if you got that impression, provided they’re not too preachy.
            Old fashion Confusionism being the root cause of Chinese problems you think? It hasn’t helped them out of the crap in many cases I’ll admit, but I think the old fashion version of this [pre cultural revolution] is now as rare as rocking house poo in China except of course for the residual left overs of over reliance on family and ganxi, They timidness of questioning officialdom and driving like dickheads.

          • mr. wiener

            [rocking horse poo-sorry, typo]

        • linette

          religious teachings helps to form/create a conscience that allows people to help determine right and wrong AND makes it harder to simply walk by without offering assistance or getting involved……..

          I find that to be very true. China is lacking exactly that.

          • Getrealson

            Chinese are already self-deluded enough! every thing they do they take to a self deluded extreme(nationalism, quest for wealth, nepotism) Religion is like marijuana! seems harmless enough until it steps up to the next level. I think a religious China would be a scary thought. Look at that those Tai Chi freaks in the last post. How about a good dose of empathy and courtesy.

          • Efe the foreigner

            so athiests have no moral compass? some of the most “christian (as defined by their morality and social compassion)” are athiests. this goes much deeper than religion, and btw fuck religion.

          • Efe the foreigner

            so atheists have no moral compass? some of the most “christian (as defined by their morality and social compassion)” are atheists. this goes much deeper than religion, and btw fuck religion.

          • markx

            David, you may have a point there. I’ve fond myself thinking along similar lines.

            My pet theory is that the atheists raised in a religious (and I tend to think christian) background perhaps turn out the best of all.

            Influenced by the ‘turn the other cheek, ‘treat others as you’d like to be treated’, ‘he is is without sin cast the first stone’ and all that….

            Whilst not being burdened by all the baggage that goes with being truly religious.

            (Of course, some choose to be a bit selective re the messages they heed , or heed not… ‘Thou shall not covert thy neighbor’s wife’…..)

          • aggie
  • jeffli

    Spoilt brat peasant from the army.

  • elizabeth

    “…says he knows the airline company’s leadership…”

    It’s stressful being a leader in China because you have to ‘clean up’ the mess from offenses and crimes of people you (may hardly) know.

    • linette

      It’s stressful being a leader in China because……..

      yeah ….and everybody is using your name to commit crime. lol.

    • 1. This guy has now apologized.
      2. I am not surprised.
      3. This is excellent news.
      4. He should be allowed to move on with his life.
      5. He should offer a payment to the air hostess.

  • bomber

    While it wouldn;t surprise me if the situation unfolded as reported, at the time we have no corroborating evidenor airline fideo ce from other passengers, to verify the claims made by the stewardess. And seriously, a few scratches and a torn shirt doesn’t make it an assault. I;d like to see more evidence.

    That being said, fuck the military and their arrogance. I’ve nearly been run down a dozen times by those white license-plate sporting faggots. And after they nearly kill me they always have the audacity to give me the “sneer” face. Bitches.

    • bomber

      I fucking hate typing on this computer.

      have no corroborating evidenor airline fideo ce from other passengers –> have no corroborating evidence from other airline passengers or airline-released video to verify the claims made by the stewardess.

      • Carlito Johnny Briganti

        if that was a foreigner, the other passengers would have jumped him, thank god he wasnt.

        • The Enlightened One

          If he was, they would of beat him like he was Rodney King.

          • Jahar

            If he was, he wouldn’t have been doing this.

          • anon

            Right, like the guy who put his feet up another person’s seat and was a massive cock about it when confronted? And wasn’t beaten up for it either?

            Let’s at least try to be the enlightened foreigners we think ourselves to be and not make this a “Chinese vs. non-Chinese” thing. There are enough unruly morons everywhere for us to avoid this immature mentality.

          • The Enlightened One

            anon, you really need to calm down. Stop being so politically correct and some opinion.

            You are like the guy that confronts both ends for the sake of debating constantly.

            Obviously, I wasn’t being overall serious. But beating on a CHINESE FEMALE as opposed to putting your feet on a seat are VERY different. The dude that slapped a Chinese female had a Lynch mob after him. I bet if most of them had SEEN him do it they would have become a lot more physical, and you know it!

          • anon

            So it seems my suggestion that you live up to your own screen name made you uncomfortable. I have an opinion. It’s just different from yours.

          • The Enlightened One

            There you go again, trying to get into a debate about something off topic because you know I am right.

            Comparing an obnoxious guy putting his feet on a chair to a guy beating women in public is totally different. The reaction of the crowd will be strongly different. Do you still live in the dark?

            Another point, remember the foreigner that actually HIT the mobile phone of some Chinese female in the subway (another story on ChinaSMACK)? They didn’t just stand around and do nothing did they? They began hitting him and attacking him.

            You have been ENLIGHTENED.

    • Misiooo

      I had verbal with one of these several years ago nearby Longemont in Shanghai. Veteran myself after a few I calmed myself down and came back to the cab. In different circumstances I swear I’d slit throat of this little piece of shit behind the wheel. Faces of my girlfriend and driver back in my cab – priceless! Literary frozen.

      • bomber

        Its such a stunning contrast between Western militaries (at least the US) . American soldiers, and veterans especially, are known for keeping a relativly low profrile. Humility and anonymity are the words I would generally use to describe US military personell. And further, if they were off base in uniform, or in a military vehicle, you’d bet they’d keep their noses clean. Otherwise they’d have to face both the civilian criminal court and the UCMJ.

        • El Puma R.

          Otherwise they’d have to face both the civilian criminal court and the UCMJ.

          The law systems we have aren’t a bunch of saints either. I call lawyers the biggest evil in the west, but at least we have a judicial system. Not China bro.

          And as far as I know, in our countries, if you get in trouble due to your own douchebagness and drop someone’s name, that someone will call you asking you why the fuck did you get him involved in a mess he has nothing to do with. Next time don’t even bother mentioning him. haha. But then again, we’re in China, douchebags cover each other up. However, it’s funny how easy they’ll drop a name or start calling their friends each and every time they get in trouble… “HOLD ON, don’t punch me, I got no balls! give me a minute while I call my friends”

          True Story: Three years ago I left a club here in Changchun and two rich-looking guys tried to fight me. They started cursing at me and I answered, as soon as one got close to me, I slapped in his face so fucking hard he couldn’t believe that was a real slap in the face. So I kept my guard , waiting for him to come fight me, he stood up and put his hand in his pocket, like looking for something.. I though it was a knife and I backed up a little bit but no… it was his phone, he was trying to reach his friends. So I charged against them and they fled. I was confused… I was ready to fight! so I took a cab and left before their friends arrived. Taxi Driver asked me what was I laughing about… I didn’t dare to answer, just said 没事没事! haha

          • Misiooo

            Wife of my Mexican friends got hit by a reckless car by the same hotel entrance I’ve mentioned before (Longemont Shanghai). Car was black Mercedes, white plates. She is local nobody. He’s tough guy however, in his late 50s. He slapped car’s hood with his hand and started screaming at the driver. Again, this is entrance to the five star hotel in Shanghai. At this very moment from two black Santanas waiting right behind the Mercedes few Chinamen emerged and surrounded the couple. Fight started. Hotel security acted relatively well, separating sides, securing perimeter and calling cops. What happened later was mysterious. Cops refused to talk to my friend AT ALL and after quick chat to the other side (Mercedes’ passenger), left quickly. My friend and his wife went to see medic. When he came back the guest from black Mercedes and his entourage had all checked out from the hotel and disappeared. Later one of the security guards told him this guest was someone related to city major. They room (my friend’s) has been upgraded, but they left Shanghai on the following day.

          • anon

            White plates suggest military official. The details of your story are a little unclear. Did the military Benz hit your friend’s wife as she was walking or as she was sitting in another car? Was the guy yelling at his own driver or your friend’s wife’s driver?

            The cops may not have been able to do anything about the official given the military’s special privileges in China and ducked answering to your friend and his wife. It may very well have been that the only thing your friend could’ve done was try to take some identifying photos and go to the media with it. The cops will likely say their hands are tied but enough public/media pressure could get the military authorities to try making the matter right. In this sort of case, it all depends on how much you want to push it but its always hard going after people who have more power than you and especially in another country where you’re unfamiliar with the laws.

          • anon

            One more thing, “Chinaman” is derogatory so please avoid using that term.

          • markx

            Technical correction:

            We have now decided the words “Chinamen” and “chinaman” are derogatory, therefore they are considered derogatory.

            Please choose another term.

            Late, we will decide that the newly chosen term is derogatory.

            At that point, you will be requested to please choose a further new term.

            Yes. This WILL go on forever.

          • Misiooo

            Love your comment, Markx.

          • anon


            When you know the history of the term’s usage and when there are more conventional terms available (Chinese), there is little point to insist upon using a term that is considered derogatory and inflammatory. Politely asking that you be sensitive to others, including the people who run this website, is not a ploy to prevent you from having a word to refer to Chinese people.

          • fabulous


            I felt that someone said something to which I needed to say something as a reply but the initial comment was vague and didn’t really need to be commented on. Because anybody who has spent time in China already understands and anyone who hasn’t is completely unprepared to understand the article itself I shouldn’t waste my time explaining the situation. Imagine trying to explain somebody’s story to them like the last five minutes of a police procedural.

            Instead I decided to explain to the other people on the internet that a word can have meaning to both the person who says it and the person who hears it. And to illustrate this I posted a link to wikipedia; a website which can be one person’s evidence and another person’s hairy joke.

  • patko

    I don’t know chinese people that well but from following alot of media news and history. It seems that chinese people are very nervous and very easily emotionally “explode” with anger. I think this is because there is no other outlet for emotions perhaps. And so instead of having a seeping effect of bad feelings by expressing them more in daily lilfe. They explode as soon as an opportunity arises where they think they can justifiably be over emotional.

    I mean that woman that burned down her bosses, thats what im talking about. Its not normal behaviour for us westeners because we are on a more equal footing even in a employer employee situation we have rights. But chinese are stepped on constantly be officials and bosses untill they can’t handle it anymore. And they step back ;) (in a big way).

    China should definitly be analysed by psychologists and historians alike to form an image of the collective psyche.

    • linette

      patko, you don’t understand the China gov’t system that’s way. It’s not because the people are easily emotionally “explode” with anger.

    • anon

      Women burning down their bosses isn’t normal behavior for the Chinese either, no more than disgruntled employees in the West going postal.

      I think you need to moderate your Chinese news and media diet, and get to know Chinese people better.

  • donscarletti

    He’s a Military Political Commissar.

    Well, I’m not going to praise Hitler and I am not justifying any violatations of the Geneva convention. That said, if any of you lot were Fuehrer and was looking to send some orders to the eastern front, don’t say it wouldn’t have crossed your mind. The bitchy Soviet prosecutor at Nuremberg was bound to be upset, but think of the poor Soviet PoWs if they had to listen to that bullshit on top of the German’s mistreatment.

    Oh, and another thing. If an MP/Congressman breaks the law, you would expect them to slink away quietly before being recognised. What is it with these guys actually pointing out their status to a bunch of folks that otherwise would not have given a shit.

    • It beats me too… I guess it was because it was an internal flight and this deranged imbecile was hammered on that shitty best-selling PRC spirit that they drink in lieu of JD or Johnny Walker. I guess this is what chinaSMACK’s here for. I’m in my forties and have never heard of “pulling rank” when the aircrew are boss, and even 1st and biz class punters are passenger subordinates. BTW like a lot of expats I’m ex-military yet have no interest whatsoever in non-NATO rankings, so civilian aircrew certainly won’t give a shit. If the story is true, the aircrew need commending for putting up with such a dickwad passenger.

    • donscarletti

      Woops, I looked at the Chinese. 武装部长 is not a Military Political Commissar. If you just go by the name of the department, could be translated to Military Commissary (an officer that supplies food and materiel other than weapons/ammunition to the army) but that is not what he is either.

      武装部 as I understand it is a civilian department that manages China’s militia forces (called National Guard/Territorial Army/Army Reserve in various nations) on a regional basis. As I understand it, this is a nothing department and he is a nothing guy with a pointless job doing fuck all. He is not a PLA officer or anything like it.

      A Political Commissar is a historical Soviet political officer who is tasked to keep the military officers from doing ideologically incorrect things. The Soviet Union mostly abolished Political Commissars in 1942, when they decided they actually wanted to win WWII rather than fucking around.

      • Brett Hunan

        Right, I’m not sure I remember correctly but I think that the local 武装部 is responsible for it’s area’s university military training. They are considered in active service but are basically contractors.

        The department doesn’t have much authority but they seem to be pretty important to the PLA. They do the day-to-day “bitchwork” like setting up propoganda banners about revolutionary martyrs and the like.

  • White Guy in America

    Yea, if you did that in America, even if you were an American General, you would be jumped and tasered by TSA Security while being removed from the plane and questioned by the FBI. Though you would probably first would be beat up by the Stewardess coworkers or the other passengers before TSA could get to the situation.
    Point is don’t ever do anything in an American airport, no matter who you are.

  • womo

    They should’ve kicked him and his wife off the airplane. Violent people are a risk to not only the crew but the other passengers as well. Also it probably serves them right to be delayed if they’re going to violently attack someone on the plane before takeoff :P

  • He isn’t a military officer, is just a political hack in a PLA uniform.

  • 平凡人

    Impatient, arrogant, self-centred and snobbish – growing in numbers.
    I am amazed but not amused at the way people in China behave just because they are somebody or they know somebody.
    Intelligent people will not disclose who they know but would use that person as their trump card to get out of sticky situations when needed. Obviously not many intelligent people around here.

  • Big Ben

    The violence against women in China is getting worse. How can society accept this type of abuse? Why didn’t the other passengers try and stop this attack? Come on people this is JOKE:((((
    Many Chinese people tell me that China is a harmonious place and society. This might be one of the best jokes I’ve ever heard.
    This case makes me sick because we all know that this guy (Fang Daguo) will only get a slap on the wrist. I’m sure there are many similar cases that aren’t reported because they don’t want their great leaders to lose face….

    • Average Zhou

      ya know, it would be harder to make violence on women here if they had more self respect (as this young lady apparently does – and i salute her for it). but i have so far intervened in at least 3 incidents where a man was physically abusing a woman in public (i only intervene when the violence level reaches what i determine to be unacceptable by my own personal standard, as i have been here awhile my tolerance is, by neccessity, rather high and i have walked on by many a smaller scuffle without so much as a sideways glance – point is i only jump in when i think its neccessary), and in every case the woman who was having her arm twisted and yanked, hair pulled, being dragged or slapped, screamed hysterically and attempted to defend her husband/boyfriend from me, shrieking madly and calling as much attention as possible to the scene. Now it looks like a bad foreigner attacking an innocent Chinese man and his lady and the mob gets hostile toward me and I need to get out quick. That is the same scenario, replayed every single time. Chauvinist, male dominated society teaches women that they have no self worth, they are literally less important and lower forms of life than their male partner, and they more often than not comply with that idea. Shit would never go down like that back in “Western”.

      • Kim Lee

        But if you think about it, if the guy is beating her like that in the street, then a “western” causes some face loss to the guy…that woman beater isn’t going to take a swing at you, he is going to go home and beat her even harder.

        • Average Zhou

          yes, sadly this always occurred to me afterwards. i am sure he took out his rage, impotence and frustrations on her later. but yet they accept it (women here in general) so who is more to blame? a hapless foreigner trying to help in good concience? or the robot women who submit and comply to their men’s abuse?

          • Fraser

            I always believe in never blaming the victim. There are plenty of women the world over who are abused. Perhaps it is more so here, but it is not their fault. They are brainwashed, and forced to submit to it. I think any decent human being would intervene when they see a man hitting a woman in the street, especially here because calling the police will do nothing.

          • Big Ben

            China does not have laws that protect women from violet attacks. The current laws are really weak and don’t do enough to protect victims. China will never become an international leader until they change these laws. I don’t expect any major changes in the near future. The current leaders only care about the economy. Money is more important in the eyes of most locals…

      • El Puma R.

        You’re 100% right.

        Last year I was having dinner with my gf’s family and one of her aunts told her she should find “a chinese boyfriend with more money than this laowai” Stupid old bitch underestimated my language skills, so I replied : “she’s not a cow you can sell, stop treating her like that”. The rest of the dinner was carried out very quietly, no one dared to talk back to me. I don’t blame women so easily, but it’s here in China that most women have a tremendous lack of self respect and an absolute ignorance of the importance of their role in society. I think that’s why my gf’s dad likes me so much, because I really respect his daughter.

    • bert

      Just until about 60 years ago this country had the world biggest foot fetish.

      • While foot-binding is long gone, penis-binding is alive and kicking. When did you last try out the Okamoto brand of condom? Wow these condoms take some mounting! (However, when they’re on, they’re surprisingly comfortable)… :-)

        • mr. wiener

          Think “cock ring”.

        • El Puma R.

          Yesterday I tried. Both me and my gf were terribly disappointed… lol this is funny ’cause I’ve been trying to find the right time to talk about this.

          • markx

            Hang around Richard a bit more.

            Soon you will speak of nothing else.

        • anon

          Okamoto condoms are roughly the same size as the standard offerings of other manufacturers in both girth and length. They have larger offerings too if you think you’re particularly well-endowed. Okamoto however is known for being quite thin.

          • markx

            Fantasitc things.

            Last time I tried that brand I thought “Wow, this is really thin, I can’t really tell I’m wearing one!” … and the whole thing was very pleasurable and over a bit too soon.

            Then my girlfriend said something that best translates as “spillage!” …. Yep, the damn thing has split straight down the side and was screwed up around the base of my dick … truly had been nothing in the way!

    • starting

      for starters there are fewer women in China that could be part the problem
      also dont turn around or

  • david

    i would like to thank chinasmack.

    its hard to get info about what’s going on in the world of China and its business.
    most data we get has been filtered. we don’t get enough english based info at all!

    if in fact this man hit a woman who is just a worker trying to make a living, he is shit.
    sorry guys i love china but this is getting to be too much.

    it is shameful to always hear bad news about China this and China that.

    i know that not everyone here is a rampant money hungry zf but come on this is really stupid.

    talk about tension. im glad i live in my little secluded part of the zhong guo because if i had to deal with this kind of shit i would stomp on someone.

    i hope that guy gets what is coming to him. i believe in karma and of course his world is going to have all kinds of hurt.

    doesn’t he look like some kind of reject? and his wife was there next to him as it went down?

    someone please let us hear some good news please!!

    • Gontraf

      The worst that could happen to him is probably a move to another regiment so the PLA can say they have taken some sort of action if that story makes too much noise. He will retain his rank and pay, might even get a raise if he agrees to a move to Gansu province… The man is a political commissar, he is certainly well connected with people who share in the same culture of not giving a fuck.

      But it’s good news you asked for, and good news you shall have. Yesterday evening, not only did the CRH high speed train from Taiyuan to Beijingxi NOT collide with anything bigger than a flying insect, it also arrived almost a full minute early!

  • eddie9684

    human flesh search the bastard and 10 vs 1 him when found..

    gosh i sound like someone from the comments above.

    • Average Zhou

      dude – he was already found. human flesh search is a way of identifying someone in an online picture. he has already been identified to you by the article. his name is Fang DaGuo, he is a military official in Yuexiu District. go get him if u like.

  • Kukuku

    -Why do Chinese men disrespect and beat women?
    -Because they are frail and weak.
    -Okay, but what about the women?

    • linette

      lol….You got me there. I was laughing. You are so bad. ;)
      Do I need to remind you again not all Cmen beat women and frail and weak.

      • Kukuku

        I lift weights in a gym and obv some Chinese guys are there so I guess a few out of a million may not be frail and fragile, but most are.

        BTW: Apparently noise = power in a gym here. :(

        • Cooljackal

          Hey Kukuku, do the Chinese guys smoke in the weights area at your gym too? Because I have seen some serious tubs of lard do two reps with a 5lb dumbbell on a bench, without a shirt so the sweat leaves a nice shiny patch, then throw the weights on the ground while making an (what can only be described as) orgasm sound and light up a cigarette.

          • Kukuku

            They smoke in the locker room so it smells extra bad. Also, they leave their towels and dirty clothes in the lockers and as far as I can see never bring them home to wash them. Some people here have an absolutely horrible stench following them. I could train with my eyes closed and know they are within a 20 feet radius from me.

            Another thing I noticed (hilarious) are the guys doing curls and swinging their waist back and forth to help them get the bar up. They look like they’re fucking air.

          • The Enlightened One

            Same experience with me. They stare, smoke, act like total gay-lords in the locker room. In the weight area, they are usually lazy and mainly go there to waste time or check out the female trainers… except the odd few. I never take showers at the gym because they act too homo for me.

            They normally only lift light weight but grunt like they are pounding out 100 lbs. dumbells (which most gyms in China don’t have cause the men are too weak to even lift them).

          • Kukuku

            Oh shit TEO, I was going to talk about the showers but it skipped my mind:

            They keep insisting on me taking a shower after my training. I NEVER did take a shower at the gym, always at home. The gay vibe is strong with them. Can’t imagine the stares I’d get.

            Also they won’t shower sometimes… they will go to the pool downstairs for a swim and to “clean up”. Disgusting. My coworker “trains” there and she asked me why I don’t swim. I told her we should play 3 guesses on this one.

          • Cooljackal

            Haha, so it’s the same everywhere! One of my gym buddies was challenged by six chinese guys to arm wrestle. This gym didn’t have any truly muscular guys. Of course when they started arm wrestling, those guys wouldn’t keep their elbows on the bench and try to use their own body weight to push my buddy’s hand back. That was pretty funny.

            Also, some of the trainers seem to give really bad lifting advice (even when you want to be left alone). Like, arching your back when doing bench presses :O!!!

            Yeah, I really wanted to shower after the gym because of the humidity but that weird lockeroom behavior gets to me too. Especially when you are in front of the mirror and a naked dude walks over right next to you, puts one leg on the counter literally 6 inches from you and starts blow drying his junk.

          • Cooljackal

            I have found one gym here though where it feels like you are at a semi-normal gym. The guys and girls are actually dressed for the gym, they are actually exercising. The gym open the doors and turns the fan on for proper circulation! The guys at the weight area are super cut and muscular. People aren’t really staring at you because they are busy with their workout. The only problem is that the price for this gym is fairly expensive even by american standards. It’s also 4-5 times more expensive than any other gym in the city.

          • Kukuku

            Speaking of dumbells, I do raises for my shoulders with a 60kg dbl in each hand. One time a guy was laughing at me for “only being able to lift my shoulders”, which is the fucking point of the exercise in the first place. Told him to try and he ended up dislocating his shoulder.

            As far as I know I’m the only one doing real parallel barbell squats here too. Everyone here uses the assisted bench instead. I only do 110kg atm but, hey, work in progress and all. Anyways, another bunch of wankers looked at me and thought it’d be as easy as doing it on the assisted machine so when I left , the toothpick guys did not bother to take off weights and one of them faceplanted with the bar on his shoulders. Good thing I used 20kg plates that time (they are bigger, thus safer if you do fall head first) else we would have had a guy with a snapped neck. Funny though is that they blamed ME for what happened. Someone told me the guys said I made it look too easy.

          • Kukuku

            @Cooljackal: Same here for bad advice, although the help was sometimes really helpful. I still don’t understand why the trainer here thinks the bar should NOT touch your chest when you bench. As far as I know if it doesn’t touch (or very close) then you’re cheating yourself.

          • linette

            You guys sound like in good shape. I like athletic looking men in their sporty outfits. ;)

          • Cooljackal

            About the bench press, I have heard it both ways. Recently, someone told me that lowering the bar all the way to your chest causes your shoulders and muscles to extend past their normal range. That would lead to potentially arching in your back and joint damage in the long run. So, what they said was you should take it down to where your muscles naturally stop (if you were doing it without weights) and concentrate more on the 2 sec down 3 sec up form without the bar touching your chest. Apparently it gives the same amount of stress to your muscles as touching the bar to your chest.

          • Kukuku

            @linette: if it can make you feel better, I’ll take you up on this and let you touch my body if that’s what you want. I expect the same from you in return. At least, if you are cute. Sorry, I’m picky like that. ;p

            @Cooljackal: Maybe you’re right, but as far as I’m concerned I’ll stick with my method for now as I still have gains now and touching my chest lets me know I did the movement fully.

            Also: Extremely annoyed because my gym’s equipment is never aligned with the tiles on the ceiling. It’s disorienting when benching.

          • I’ve been going to the same gym since my first week in China more than 10 years ago. It’s not fancy. Rusty iron and duct tape everywhere. The first few years were rough and the scene of the majority of my physical altercations in China. But the gym owner likes me as the token laowai among the members that are mostly cops(there is a police station nearby) and military and behaviour has changed alot there. It is more of a serious bodybuilding gym and there are few females except a couple of female bodybuilders. It’s not a Bally’s 24 Hour Fitness clone and there’s no Zumba or Kickbox Aerobics classes. Most of the members have been going there longer than me and most have followed my lead and re-rack their weights, wipe down the benches, etc. Smoking is not allowed and is strictly enforced even though owner himself smokes.(There is a smoking room) While I was in USA a coupla weeks ago, I worked out at the Gold’s Gym in Redondo Beach and it was really plush and nice with alot of great machines and hot girls in spandex. But I was happy to get back to my dubious Hangzhou gym, though I’ve seen more than my share of squealers lifting 30 pounds, skinny guys with a little tiny apple of a bicep staring at themselves in the mirror for hours and a community shower of guys fiddling with their foreskins in broad view of everybody else and all the other bizarre behaviors those of us foreigners that workout are forced to reckon with.

          • linette

            okay kukuku, how old are you again? I hope you are not like those 50 something yr old dude hitting on me at the bar during happy hour after work with their polo shirt button down and their flashy watch. hahaha…
            Let me see your gravatar. You can touch me if you post it. lol.

          • Kukuku

            I’ve been going to this gym for almost 8 months now and I always go early when they open so I always end up seeing the same people usually. I like my routine and I don’t need a better gym actually. We have plenty of free weights so that’s good for me. Wish they would repair their treadmills though. I figure it’s going to be an inconvenience when I switch to cutting in 2 months.

            Btw: I trained with an ex-bodybuilder (won medals and all) about 5 years ago and I was about to (hate to admit it) take steroids as I wanted to be a big bodybuilder and do shows and stuff. (Un?)fortunately, I had a muscle tear in my right arm and had to quit entirely. Started again at the beginning of the year this year. I think I’ll just go clean and work hard for years.

          • Kukuku

            @linette: I guess I’ll have a picture taken eventually. Still, no I’m not 50, more like 27.

          • linette

            kukuku, if I touch you I will turn into a cougar. Not a good idea.

          • Kukuku

            Fine by me,but don’t fuss when I put you on a collar and leash and start training you.

          • Beijinger

            As a tennis coach, I have always been taught that letting the bar go to your chest puts unnecessary strain on your shoulders. I have a pretty big chest from doing them without the full range of motion. I work out at Hosa…decent price and equipment, though the staring gets frustrating.

          • The Enlightened One

            I am enjoy challenging myself.

            Honestly, working out is boring unless I am breaking records. I went to my local gym and maxed all the machines and even the ones that you can only put free weights on.

            Okay I didn’t max the benchpress, but getting there lol.

            The leg press machine maxed out at 700 lbs.
            The shoulder press machine maxed out at something like 450 lbs.

            Yes, I did these and yes I did them for 10 reps… not just one… “I CAN DOOO IT”… while you buddies lift it for you.

            In China, I noticed the machines can only hold half of what they can in the west. This pisses me off!

          • The Enlightened One

            I got a funny gym story.

            I was doing dips… with a little bit of weight cause my triceps were sore from some other exercise. But this machine the weight is under you, so the less you put the harder because you lift more of you body weight.

            So anyways, I was done and some guy behind me (Chinese) wanted to use it. He jumps on and starts doing it and is like… “this is too heavy for me!”. So he puts the weight lower and then starts one dip, can’t get back up and falls off the machine onto the floor… smacking his face onto some girl’s foot. The machine makes a huge smashing sound, everyone is like WTF. The girl looks and him and kicks him off her foot (don’t want no girl man I guess).

          • Getrealson

            The thing I find annoying in my gym is the amount of people sitting on machine/weights not doing anything. Every time I take a 2 minute break between sets some dickhead jumps on and wants to try and lift what I lift. That’s cool but they stay there for 5 minutes then call their friends over to try and it completely fucks up my momentum. I have just started to tell them to get lost or leave my towel on there.

            Oh yeah, I need two towels. One for my face and one for the machine. They don’t wipe the bench so when I put my towel down it wipes up their filth.

            Alot of this is to blame on the instructors. They are just wallflowers! Same as banks, shops and fast food outlets. When someone cuts in line they should just refuse to serve themow many times I’ve been to KFC or similar, waiting patiently for a few minutes then some CUNT just walks to the front of the line, throws his money on the counter and barks his order. The fucking clerk just serves them! Or you get the older women who are more sly and they sneak in or push their brat children in as if looking at the menu boards then just order. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!

          • The Enlightened One

            I can stand that either when someone tries to hop on the machine you are using. Now, the guys don’t even try to lift what I lift… they can’t even budge it. It visually overwhelms them lol.

          • jeffli

            ++++++a community shower of guys fiddling with their foreskins in broad view of everybody else and all the other bizarre behaviors those of us foreigners that workout are forced to reckon with.+++++++

            Hmmmmmm maybe there really is a shortage of gals in this country……How Butch!

            If somebody starts “fiddling their foreskin” in front of me I’ll whip them in the nuts with a wet towel!
            haha I thats a real “China Smack” a wet towel smack in the “gooly ging gangs” or on their “wee wee bob”

      • El Puma R.

        my chinese friends don’t hit girls, but they can’t carry a crate of beer for more than 100 meters. My chinese students have so much trouble moving a 10L water tank to the 2nd floor. Malnourished and weak, definitely. They used to make fun of me being chubby, and I used to make fun of their over sized heads and their insignificant bodies. We’re past that now. Lol It’s good to have Chinese friends to talk to in a harmonious way.

        Let’s remember these are all people that live within the cities. In the countryside of china it is more likely to find strong men who can actually do physical work.

        Of course, not many foreign girls feel attracted to chinese boys. The reasons are quite obvious.

  • Back when I was a “foreign teacher” I worked 3 years at an airline training school where each semester I taught 300 airline stewardess trainees. This was not as fun as it sounds. Most of those girls were from rich families and figured they could always get by on their looks and didn’t try very hard which is sad because only about 15-20 of those girls actually would ever become flight attendants and their career is fairly short here.(There are way more girls that want these jobs than there are positions available) They get laid off or moved to a desk job when they turn 30. I felt kind of sorry for them since alot of them confided in me they didn’t really want to be there, it was the parents idea and they would have chose something else. Every coupla weeks, they would have to get dolled up in their uniforms and spend hours putting their hair up and doing their make-up to walk in front of a few airline recruiters. These reviews just lasted a few minutes and you could definitly see there was some red envelopes being passed somewhere. The few girls that would get picked were almost never the prettiest or the brightest. Friday afternoons, the front of the school was a parking lot with a giant fleet of black Audis full of sugar daddies picking them up and dropping them off Monday mornings with new clothes, mobile phones and LV bags.
    A few weeks back, I flew from Lanzhou to Shanghai on a China East flight staffed by a bunch of these lovelies that had very little control over the passengers. The usual shouting into the phones even when they were supposed to be power-off and rush to the overhead bins for their bags as soon as the wheels touched the tarmac. 1 day later, I flew to LA on United Air and the first thing I noticed was the attendants were all over 40 and all absolute brutes that did not tolerate a shred of shit from the passengers. It was the most satisfying flight I had experienced in along time. Look, I like lovely stewardesses as much as the next guy but I’ll take those old hags over the pretty ones anytime, especially on long flights. (Throw all the rotten fruit at me that you want. You know I’m right)

    Asian airline with the hottest stewardesses: Korean Air (no contest)

    • linette

      You mean you rather have those old women from American Airline? Most of them are really nice and lovely. Very organize and helpful I agree. But the mean ones are really mean and take no crap. :)

      So I guess these are not for you. My brother and his friends would disagree. lol.

      • Couldn’t open that link , linette :(

        Actually, those ladies on United were very polite and pleasant and the flight was uneventful as it seemed their mere presence was enough to intimidate the zhonguotongs to behave. It almost seems as they were chosen specifically to be the crew for Chinese flights. I guess you can’t have it both ways. You’ll have to choose skinny lovely young girls that don’t really give a shit or the brutes that aren’t much to look at but have plenty of experience dealing with problem passengers. I’ll take the latter since I always just take a handful of valiums and sleep all the way and hardly ever interact with the stewardesses until they grab my drool-soaked shirt and shake me awake when the plane lands and all the other passengers have already left. (It’s the only way to fly)

        • Average Zhou

          Little Wolf – were you teaching at Tianjin Min Hang Xue Yuan by any chance? Sounds very much like my own professional experience, everything you said about the students, right down to the fleet of Audis with waiting sugar daddies. Haha, perhaps an stewardess exchang eprogram to mix things up a bit? Best of both worlds.

          • No…. it is in Hangzhou.
            They even had a full scale interior model of an airliner for doing flight simulations where we conducted classes sometimes. It was a fun experience but I wouldn’t want to make a career of it.

          • Average Zhou

            we had that as well. however my school a;so has a bunch of actual airplanes including 2 flyable airliners just for training. i stopped working in that industry after i became disgusted with the shady dealings and corruption. i have to say i miss it a lot though. you couldnt ask for better looking students.

      • jeffli

        could be worse –
        QANTAS: – gay, male, over 40

        Best I’ve had Shanghai to France on Air France Business class! late twenties to mid thirties beauties! growl!

        • El Puma R.

          TAM (Brazilian airline) the friendliest service I’ve ever had. Lufthansa (Germany), friendly and confident. As soon as the plane touched the tarmac in Frankfurt, all (ALL) the chinese people stood up reaching for their bags, and this 2m stewardess made them sit down (shouting in german in a very hitler fashion, reminded me of Chaplin in “the great dictator”). I heard no objections. I was so happy, and I feel such a joy everytime I see chinese people being chastised in public when they go abroad.

          China southern /Air China: Bad service, bad food, the stewardesses don’t even smile and they’re a little rude and definitely not happy to assist or help.

          Air Canada: Very friendly but the service leaves much to desire.

          British Airways: not good looking, not so friendly, but very helpful.

          • Unless I have zero choice, I never fly Chinese Airlines period.

            I pay more money just to avoid the hassle of being trapped on an airplane for 15 hours with some old bastard walking up and down the aisle the entire time or people being loud and obnoxious.

            Cathy Pacific is always a pleasure minus all the Chinaman on the flight, Virgin USA to Europe is good, Asiana awesome!, and Japanese airlines are always sweet.

    • Jahar

      I agree about Korean Air. All slammin. JAL is pretty good too. China southern blows.

  • Poltergeist

    Ok, test question 1:

    Put an uneducated farmer into a uniform and you’ll get?

    • Kukuku

      A Chinese?

    • Average Zhou

      the 711 security guard? with knee high combat boots, olive fatigues, a mismatched buttoned up khaki uniform shirt and a purple beret with a feather in it. or a crossing guard, a bao an sitting on a corner, i dunno because everyone wears a fucking thrown together surplus uniform here.

    • jeffli

      a dickhead.
      pure and simple

    • jeffli

      another thing that annoys me…
      those manbitches that dress in army camo fatigues to look tough. they have never been in any armed force, unruly and undisciplined,piss themselves at the sound of a firecracker.
      Is it the China answer to skinheads?
      I dunno. but I see them bullying people and all I can think of is giving them a punch in the nose.

      I do have respect for real disciplined soldiers and officers.

      Uniformed bullies belting women or children? ptoo! I spit and piss on their ancestors graves!
      around the world I hate those smarmy weasel fkrs!
      the prick in the above story is probably currently kissing ass offering high grade maotai spirits to his superiors.
      “hao hao hao” “gheeeeheee” I say “rasberries!”

      • markx

        Nah – re the camou uniforms? Really common amongst all the farm workers I see … I asked them why … answer: ‘It is the cheapest!’

        • Shit, I’ve worn army pants my whole life cuz they’re comfy and you could get them for like…….1 dollar at any military surplus store and I was in construction most of my life before China. Then fucking Backstreet Boys and such started wearing them and they became chic’ and shot up to 50 dollars a pair. In Hawaii, there was/(is) a shop that had 30 color combos of camoflauge pants. Who the fuck wears purple and pink army pants? I still wear army pants alot. I can care less if Chinese think I’m a peasant.

          Goddamn boy bands.

          • mr. wiener

            Pink and purple camos are good for hiding out out in the botanical gardens or a flower show. I personally prefer the tiger stripe camos worn by the Taiwanese marines.

          • Yeah….I guess they could have a few uses. They can butch them up by calling them “scarlet and salmon”. I never seen tiger stripe camos, but it sounds cool.

          • OK wiener, I just googled them and I already got some of those. I just didn’t know they were called “tiger stripe”. DOH!

  • Violence against women by Chinese men in public places is really an endemic problem here. Usually, in my opinion, it is displayed with a smug air of superiority on the part of the small dicked male involved. And there is usually a dumb ass woman in the spewing self-righteous BS from the sidelines to boot. No wonder Chinese society is becoming seen as an uncivilized mass of ignorant farmers.

    Latest abuse video here:
    Father Attacks Nurses After They Improperly Give IV Drip To Son

  • the real thing


    • Boris

      The real thing?
      -sounds like you’d be better off swallowing downers.
      And I’d wager your wife would own him.

  • Fraser

    I know a Chinese girl who is 24, got married to some guy when she was 23 and has serious marital issues. I tried making friends with her only to be told “sorry my husband doesn’t like me speaking to you”. Later on I spoke to her about it and it turns our her husband gets extremely jealous and angry if he sees her even talking to another man. I work in a university, and she is an MSc student, so has a desk in the kind of open plan office area for research students. She said if she even helps a guy in there to move books, it will piss her husband off.

    I tried to explain to her that this is a really serious issue, but she said “no, it’s just a small problem, don’t worry about me”. Then she tells me “he’s a really traditional man”. I told her that my colleagues (who laughed when I told them about it), think he’s not very confident, and she asked how she can make it better.

    I basically told her that this is a major problem for any relationship, let alone a marriage, but no, she won’t listen to me. The sad thing is, she’s a really out going, friendly girl, and she actually believes the bullshit excuses. Like he’ll tell her “it’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust them”. She can’t see through that lie, if he trusts her the only way another man gets to fuck her is by raping her (logically).

    This seems to be the crazy mentality that a lot of Chinese women have. You can’t go on a date with them because they think that means you want to have a serious relationship. You can’t be their gf’s, because they think you want to marry them. If they do get married their husbands treat them like their personal property.

    This girl that I know, her husband is clearly a control freak. But yet she won’t leave him, or divorce him, even though she told me his behaviour makes her deeply unhappy. That just seems to be the way it is, Chinese women are treated second class, their husbands treat them like their property, and nobody else gives a shit about them. Hardly surprising in a country where a couple will have an abortion if they find out their child-to-be is a girl.

    • starting
    • Young Man

      Anyway so she went home and told her husband what the foreigners in the office thought and he beat the living shit out of her with a lead pipe and you never saw her at work again.


      • Fraser

        I’m the only foreigner in my department. But one time she was in the corridor, and I was walking towards her (to use the toilet), her husband was walking behind me. She just got this look of fear on her face, then turned around walked into the ladies toilet. It’s really sad to see it.

    • BigJ

      I see this with all race of men. Not just chinese. Although I do notice this in china more. I do see chicks here with busted up faces all the time.Usually older chicks.

  • Edward Kalamon
  • M.N

    She(flight attendant) has been harmonized by the military officer and police men.

    • M.N

      (air hostess)

  • The Enlightened One

    I normally let the dumbell/barbell touch my chest while doing presses but I hear if you stop it just before it touches it may work the muscles better because they don’t have that split moment of rest and constant tension.

    Also, if you put the weights too low, it works more of your triceps and shoulders.

    I think the best way is to stop like an inch before your chest but I am too used to my method now.

    @Kukuku, Cookjackal and LittleWolf – Just wondering what is your weight/height now and what is your goal?

    • The Enlightened One

      Oopps, meant as reply to a post above.

    • TEO: I’m 5’9″ (5’10 in my cowboy boots) 175 lbs. I don’t have any weightlifting goals and don’t consider myself a bodybuilder. I just lift because it makes me feel good. I have been in 2 national competitions(bronzed and oiled up, black speedo) because the owner of my gym urged me to join and I thought it would be a fun experience though I knew I didn’t stand a chance in hell of winning. Do you think they’re going to let a foreigner win and walk away with 60,000rmb? (First prize) I’m not narcissistic enough to win those kind of competitions and frankly, I felt shy and embarrassed the whole time but I’m glad for the experience anyway.

      • The Enlightened One

        Little Wolf,

        I thought you were heavier. Your pictures make you look around 200 lbs. and you’re wearing black (charity photos). Must be your shape or something.

        Never tried a competition, makes me feel weird.

        • TEO: Well…..I wear black alot(RAIDERS FAN) cuz I like to, not because it’s supposedly “slimming” and even at the heaviest in my life was 180. I have some photos from the competitions on my Facebook page. I’m happy to “friend” you but you’ll need to e-mail me to get my real name or click on the link of my avatar.

    • Kukuku

      176cm, 78kg (bulking). I don’t have any goal I’ll stop at. My goal is to become as muscular and lean as possible and to keep going for as long as my body permits. Since I started again, it has become my sport and my lifestlyle. I don’t want to get into bodybuilding shows and comps, but you never know. I eat 6 whole eggs, 4-6 cups of protein, 4 chicken breasts, 400g of oatmeal, 500g of brown rice and drink a liter of skim milk a day, every day. I do have 2 cheat meals per week when I bulk and only one per month when I cut.

      I’ll gain about 1-2kg more in the next 2 months then get into a 3 months cut. I expect to lose about 1kg during that time, taking into account my previous experiences doing so.

      Btw: No, I do not starve myself. It enrages me when girls here do it and tell me “it works”. I’ll just drop most of my glucids and up the proteins a but to compensate.

      • Kukuku

        **I expect to lose 1kg/week during that time**

        lolol ;p

      • The Enlightened One

        I make premeals,

        I have 5-6 meals a deal with snacks. 3-4 being meals premade in contains, usually chicken, vegetables and rice/noodles. One is a protein shake and in the morning, a bowl of oatmeal with cutup fruits (I hate oatmeal by itself).

        I cook (yes, I cook!) for about an hour and it lasts 2-3 days. Try to drink only water and sometimes sport drinks (although they aren’t very good for you).

        I am in a cutting phase, last clocked in at 230 pounds, now trying to tone it down to 220 lbs. And bulk again the winter. Got to get those abs before my vacation in October!

        • Kukuku

          I prepare my meals the day before. Takes me an hour or so every time.

          I just hate it when the Chinese here tell me I don’t eat right and should have more noodles. Usually it’s the fat fucks and the skinny she-men who have more to tell me about the way I eat and train.

          “You shouldn’t train so hard.”
          “Drinking cold water during training will kill you.”
          “You’re eating too much food, especially meat. Meat makes you fat.”

          Then I ask: Why are you so fat/skinny? Then they always have aan excuse like: you foreigners have so much money and time you can look much better than we do.

          I tried to help my coworker lose weight (as in, lose fat), but she can’t follow my instructions and won’t do even basic weights. I tried to get her on the legpress and she can’t push a single 10kg plate more than 10 times. Then she told me I prob can only twice as much anyways. I showed her how I push 200kg. I get the feeling I could do 260kg, but we don’t have enough 20kg plates and the smaller ones won’t fit because the bars are too short for the amount of smaller plates I’d need.

          • The Enlightened One

            LoL, I get the same thing and same problems.

            They are like… “you eat too much chicken… not good for you”. If they are friends and over at my place… then I go to my room and grab one of my 100 lbs. dumbells and say… “I eat this much so I can lift that… now you try…”, of course they can’t. But they will also still try to make some excuse like… “but you will die quicker than me!” or something like “so it is no use lifting this much weight!”…

            It’s like they refuse to take your advise not matter what, because they are the all-knowing 5000 year old civilization.

            Got the same problems with the plates too…

          • Kukuku

            Oh and the motherfucking legpress. I don’t like it much as I prefer squats, but I do squats first then legpress to make sure I hit my quads as much as possible.

            The legpress machine at my gym is dangerous. NOT because the machine itself is dangerous (although in China you can never be too sure things won’t breakdown), but because the other people using it are incompetent:

            -Weights all on a single side
            -Locking/Stopping mechanism not properly set so that instead of being firmly stopped, the edge of the part you push with your feet that would normally rest in the middle of the lock/stop “fingers” now rest ON THE FUCKING EDGE OF SAID FINGERS! A mere breeze could send the whole thing slamming down, potentially breaking legs of people sitting there or even killing them. I asked a friend to write a “don’t be a fucking idiot” sign with said points in Chinese. I’ll stick it to the machine next time I go.

          • Kukuku
          • The Enlightened One


            What the hell is that moron doing?

            He is going to pull a muscle badly or kill the guy next to him when the weights slide off and the other side sling shots and whacks that poor kid in the head.

            That’s just horrible.

          • Brett Hunan

            Wow, this is the guy version of a Nanny Hiccups, linette, and eattot thread. Boy power!

          • The Enlightened One

            Yeah but at least it is on something productive. Come on Brett, you don’t work out?

            You never know when you might be lynch mobbed.

          • Brett Hunan

            Haha I hit the gym 4 times a week, but I had to stop bulking up January 2011 because the worst thing imaginable happened! I couldnt fit into my suits anymore… Anyways, I have some funny stories about the weight room as well but itll have to wait until next time.

          • The Enlightened One

            No you don’t have to wait until next time.

            That’s what procrastinators say… that’s why you haven’t been back to the gym since January 2011! The time is now!

          • Brett Hunan

            You’re right about me being a procrastinator, but I go now 4 times a week… Just have to be careful about putting on mass. I’m 6’4 and 196lbs. Been that way for 7 months. No matter how much I cut I cant lose the handlebars.

    • mr. wiener

      187 cm, 89kgs, running and weight lifting everyday now. I just want to look good for halloween, I’m going as Khal Drogo. Will change my avatar when it’s done.

      • The Enlightened One

        Looks like our goal timeline is about the same. One year for Halloween, I went as superman and picked up a Chinese/Vietnamese guy over my head.. he was like 130 lbs. He and his friends loved it and took a picture lol.

  • Liu Yang

    This is happening two weeks after the Japanese stuck a finger into our eyes on the Diaoyu Island.The people who are supposed to fight back turn into wolves when they have to do with women.From chengguans to these types of morally bankrupt inviduals,the Chinese nations is really a laughinf stock in the eyes of the rest of the world.A soldier is supposed to show restraint and act only when necessary.the simple fact of following the woman into the service area and inflicting physical punishment on her is intolerable.This spirit of revenge that we hold so dearly is now serving as a two-edged sword.We turn against each other,but when circumstances demand our resolve,we always retract into our sheslls.Shame on our men,for bringing making our daughters and mothers to cry in public!

    • moop

      news flash, the islands arent yours and never will be in your life time. quit crying over some rocks your ancestors fucked fish on or cowered in during the occassional storm and fix the real problems in your society/country, some of which you have mentioned.
      “This spirit of revenge that we hold so dearly is now serving as a two-edged sword”
      the chinese people’s idea of justice is revenge plain and simple. its a simplistic and childish mindset. unable to move forward only focusing on past wrongs whether perceived or real. there can be no rule of law in a country run by a single party that has absolutely no checks on its power.
      “A soldier is supposed to show restraint and act only when necessary”
      you expect “soldiers” who buy their way into the military and position to act ethically? i think not

    • Bo Xilai For Emperor

      The Emperor Bo commands you to bring the hottest looking sister or cousin from your lowly household to my palace, or else I’ll drop you on Diaoyu Island strapped with an atomic dud.

  • Bo Xilai For Emperor

    Oh yeah, the great military might of the PLA hard at work protecting the sovereignty and the continual abuse of the ordinary citizens. Great stuff indeed, from my knowledge, aren’t political commissars just a whole bunch of mouthpieces to handle the CCP’s dicks?

  • fightclub

    Another day, another embarrassing Chinese character moment. What else is new?

  • kodi

    That’s exactly what happens when you staff your government and distribute power in a country by means of the “brother network”, “Guanxi” and, backdoor payoffs. You end up having these poorly educated people with connections embarrassing the country and pissing on common people.

    • kodi

      I guess the proper thing to say here is 没办法

  • Shocked

    Unfriggingbelievable!!!!! :( First, I read about Chinese citizens attacking and yes killing Chinese doctors! :0 Now, I read that it’s common for Chinese airline stewardesses to be attacked!! What’s going to be next? Chinese people flipping out at KFC or McDonalds or a Chinese restaurant,etc??
    As for the military government idiot attacking and hurting the poor young lady, shame on him!!!!!!!!!! :( Yes, he should have been dropped from the airplane!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure that there would have been a round of applause!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s one thing to stand up to a government.

  • Rick Gigahertz

    Yet ANOTHER out of control Party wanker!



      Well may we say serve the people! Such scoundrels would have been shot by the Palujing (8th Route Army)!

      But only if the report is genuine and not just CIA generated destabilising jobs…

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  • Khen Yeo