Chinese Flock to Japan During Tomb Sweeping Holiday

Chinese Flock to Japan During Tomb Sweeping Holiday

It’s currently the best time to see cherry blossoms in Japan, and apparently over 50% the visitors to the parks with cherry trees are foreigners, an increase from the 40% last year. What’s more, most of them are Chinese. Nearly all of the business and luxury hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka have been fully booked. Reportedly, the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai reached a new record for visas issued in March: over 146,000 visas. The most upvoted Chinese netizen comment questions going to Japan for the Tomb Sweeping holiday, where one is supposed to honor their ancestors.

Source: Netease

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  • guest

    Fine, I’ll translate something.

    Passion Times Webstation 熱血時報網站

    Told to stop breaking off branches, Chinese tourists in Japan’s crooked argument 被勸勿折枝 遊日中國賞花客歪理還拖

    (Ueno Park 上野公園)

    A flower admirer in Japan expresses, normatively Mainland tourists appreciating the beauty of Japan should be a good thing, but their behaviour causes narrowed eyes, he points out that some have pulled cherry blossom branches closer to their faces for photographs, worries that it could break branches.


    Local media arrive on scene in the park to observe, definitively saw childrenn being carried by their parents, who pulled branches to their faces, for their friends to help photograph, local reporters discovered this pack of tourists spoke Chinese, but when asked if they were from China, all of them left in a hurry.


    A Chinese tour group operator from Hong Kong expresses: 「Tour group has 30 minutes to tour the wild park, Mainland tourist often quarrel with Japanese people. Some Chinese tourists for photographs, actually wore shoes to step on blue carpet, to the point of almost having an accident. When I discover a middle-aged woman breaking off a branch to take with her, she actually argued back 『Japan also has bonsai so no problem』. I lectured to them on the bus the rules and etiquette of flower-viewing, but everyone was preoccupied with talking, basically nobody was listening. 」 As for another flower appreciation tour site Sumida Park, the volunteering special greeters for flower-viewing tourists has a huge headache too, they point out that Mainland tourists’ selfie-sticks are always hitting people, or they shake branches for photographs, causing petals to fall, causing annoyance. Volunteers said they caution them in Japanese, and the tourist replied in Chinese.

    有來自香港的中國旅行團導遊就表示:「旅行團有三十分鐘時間參觀上野公園,陸客經常與日本人紛爭。有中國遊客為了影相,竟穿著鞋子踏上藍色地毯上,甚至差點發生意外。當我發現有中年女子折斷樹枝拿走時,她竟然反罵『日本也有盆栽所以沒問題』。我在巴士跟他們講解賞花的規則和操守,但大家卻掛著談話,根本沒有人聽入耳。」 至於另一個賞花勝地隅田公園,專門迎接賞花客的義工也大感頭痛,他們指陸客的自拍神棍經常撞到人,又或是為了影相而搖動樹枝,令花瓣散落,叫人困擾。義工稱他們試過用日本語勸告他們,但卻被中文問候。

    – 熱血時報網站連結

    – Copyright © 2015

    (End excerpt from Passion Times plus my translation..I have no idea what the blue carpet thing was about)

    • guest

      Comments from Hong Kong (?) netizens:

      Angela: 正垃圾民族!應該返回屬於他們的井。在井内做甚麼都可以,不該外遊!{Garbage culture! Should return to the well that belong to them. Inside the well you can do anything you want, don’t tour outside!}

      Chow: 整個邊境賞花公園,用假花比佢地盡情蹂躪,當然要收入場費,仲要強迫購物…… {Establish a border-side flower-appreciation park, using fake flowers for them to ruin to their heart’s content, with an admission price of course, and then forced shopping too…}

      Stephy: 伟大的中国人有文學修養, 知道乜嘢叫做「花開堪折直須折,莫待無花空折枝。」日本仔識條鐵咩… Right? {Majestic Chinese have cultured breeding, understand what is 「Must break branch when flower blooms, don’t wait till there are no flowers to break branch」Japs don’t understand these…Right?} Note: that expression with the literal words ‘break branch’, refers to not waiting till the flowers (good things) are gone before going out to harvest them.

      Fob: 差在未話, “老娘花這麼多錢來看你地這該死的櫻花, 拿一兩枝回去做紀念也不算過份! 花兒嘛, 反正也是會凋謝的, 讓我拿回去跟朋友一齊看更好!”
      {Only lack that they didn’t say “This old woman spent this much money to view your damn Cherry Blossoms. Bringing a branch or two back for souvenir shouldn’t be too much! Flowers, since they would wither anyways, then let me bring back to view with friends it’s better!}

      Horara: 蚛蟈人是要狠狠地打!{Pest People must be viciously beaten}
      Note: 虫 is the prefix meaning pest/insect/worm. Culturally speaking, in Hong Kong, to call someone that is the worst thing you can call them. Dogs are adored in Urban Hong Kong as pets and police dogs, but due to the humidity, the habit of eating five times a day, and the density – there is a cockroach problem so cockroach and other pest 虫 is the bane of HK, and calling someone that in HK is about the equal of calling someone a dog in China. Cockroaches and other pests are routinely killed so it’s a really awful thing to call someone unless they have individually earned that label.

      …keep in mind that Passion Times is a political newspaper established in response to the very real trouble caused by excess tourism and illegal parallel trading since Chinese was allowed multi-entry-visa entrance into Hong Kong – so the netizen comments are going to be unfriendly… I was born in Hong Kong and I think entry from Mainland need to be /reduced/ (it’s a small island with with small expensive real estate) for the benefit of locals and visitors – but I disagree with calling Mainlanders locusts or garbage – hey, my grandfather was a mainlander who literally swam to Hong Kong!

      I think the problem with Mainlanders is that, in addition to the government….Mainlanders are still relatively new to the urban thing. In a rural world with rural things, maybe you can do whatever you want – be loud, there is no one to hear you for miles! Toss fruit peels and paper wraps wherever you go – those are bio-degradable and there should be more land than people to compost it right? Problem is, now Mainland is full of people living closely together – you gotta learn to behave like Hong Kongers have learned or you’ll trash the place and kill each other. Rules and custom exist for a reason – my mom wouldn’t let me climb trees when I was a kid in Hong Kong, she said “You can’t, there are more people than trees – if everyone climb on the trees the trees will die!”. I was allowed to pick dandelions and other flowers on park /lawns/ though, not the planters, but lawns where people walk and sit.

      • helsic

        thanks for sharing this article! when I read that Chinese tourist flock to Japan I immediately thought about this kind of behavior. I’m not surprised, most Chinese people think their surroundings belong to them. I can understand that in China people believe they can do whatever they want in the street or parks because of the communism idea of everything belongs to the people, but HEY! they’re in Japan! they should be aware of follow the rules of other countries when overseas!

    • ClausRasmussen


      >> but when asked if they were from China, all of them left in a hurry


    • Rose

      Thanks for the translation. The blue carpet is probably referring to picnic blankets/tarps. In Japan, you need to take off your shoes before you step on the picnic blankets, just like you should when you go into a house.

  • crimsonarmor

    Hahahaha, so much for boycotting Japan, I hate japanese blah blah blah. I guess the fresh fish, clean rice, anime, japanese porn and saki in the strip clubs are too irresitable to some people.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    I’ll go and start my own China blog, with blackjack and hookers…

  • Jahar

    I suppose visiting a clean, beautiful, civilized place is as good a way as any to honor your ancestors. Beats the hell out of burning fake, or real money.

  • WannabeXenophile

    I would love to see the cherry blossoms! Alas, I left it too late.

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