Chinese Freshman Girl Demands ‘Apple 3-Piece Set’ for College

"If you don't buy me these, just let me lose face!"

"If you don't buy me these, just let me lose face!"

From Sina Weibo:

Freshman Wants Apple Three-Piece Set for College, Her Claim that Inability to Buy Will Embarrass Her Leaves Her Mother in Tears

Since the middle of August, freshmen have been arriving at universities one after another for registration. Quite a few of them have been acquiring “equipment” for their upcoming college life. At a store in Beijing Zhongguancun, this scene occurred: A girl insisted on buying an iPhone4s, iPad3, and Macbook “Apple 3-Piece Set”, and they had to be with high configuration/specifications. The girl said, “if you don’t buy me these, just go ahead and let me lose face in college”. Her mother was in tears because she couldn’t afford them.

Freshmen forces parents to buy her Apple 3-piece set, what do you think?

Apple three-piece suit isn't everything.
“An ‘Apple Three-Piece Set’ isn’t everything. Students, don’t compare unrealistically with others.”

Comments from Sina Weibo:


If you can, go get a scholarship and buy them yourself. You think just because you made it to college that you’re so impressive? Colleges students are everywhere these days, don’t need you to be another one. Is Apple that great? Can competing with others [in terms of material possessions] feed you? To be a decent person, one needs to know how to be content. You don’t have the ability so you go force your parents [to buy things] you can’t afford, who the hell do you think you are? If you can, use your own salary to go buy it and then go show off and I guarantee you’ll be 10x more impressive than everyone else. But with someone like you, it’s obvious that your parents will not be able to rely on you in the future [as a filial child]. I’m so angry~~


It’d be fine if kids like this don’t go to college, otherwise she’ll just lose even more face in the future. Just go ahead and cut her off financially, and let her make her own living!


Alert! Don’t let your future kids grow up to be like this: In front of an Apple store, a girl made a fuss demanding to buy an Apple 3-piece set costing over 20,000 yuan. This girl was on the eve of going off to college, and specifically came today to buy digital products, but her mother couldn’t afford it, and crouched down in a corner by the wall, sobbing with her head down. “If you don’t buy me these, just go ahead and let me lose face in college.” After saying this, the girl turned around and walked away, leaving her mother behind. (Southern Metropolis Daily)


My dream: Apple Three-Piece Set. 爱你爱你


Your parents have worked so many years to raise you and now that you’re finally going to college, you want an Apple three-piece set?! This girl is either a retard or rotten at heart.


Recently I heard about the “Apple three-piece set” news. What is wrong with kids these days? Does going to college require this kind of equipment? Sigh.


Suddenly saw a highlight [interesting thing] on the Internet~~ What is this about buying an Apple three-piece set~? It’d be better to spend money getting some plastic surgery~ Maybe you’ll end up getting a tall, handsome, and rich guy as your boyfriend~ Then an Apple three-piece set will be nothing~~~~~


“A boss will always be a boss. Even if he uses a hundred yuan worth cell phone, no one dare to disrespect him. An employee will always be an employee. Even with an Apple three-piece suit, he still he has to bow to his boss.” — Truly well said. College students with ability should still work hard on their studies.


Bad quality of [Chinese] education!!奥特曼


Being a prostitute would be a nice choice.


Good girl, has potential. Keep growing like this, a shit-making machine of the Chinese nation.


I’ve said the same thing, if my child dares ask me for an Apple three-piece set in the future, I’ll just smack them right then and there!


That piece of news about the fool that wants to buy an Apple three-piece set has made its way here… Tsk, tsk, tsk~ Talk about embarrassing yourself throughout the entire world~ It’s said that Taiwan often only reports this kind of mainland news==


If I say this, will someone pia [smack] me? When I went to college, I used my father’s 2-year-old laptop. At the time, he had suggested buying an Apple laptop for me. I was afraid people would think I was a rich second generation (in fact, I really am a rich second generation) and rob me~ So I never thought of buying an Apple laptop for college~ Even now you don’t see me dying from loss of face. I really want to ask that girl: “Is Apple your biological mother?” 酷酷酷


I don’t have a single one of these three things and I’m still living happily. When you don’t need external material things to upgrade or show your identity or status, these things all become fu yun. Face is something one must earn, not something given by your parents.


Lousy Apple, is it more important than family? If Jobs’ soul is in heaven, he too would despise a SB like you. Grandpa Jobs used “Apple” as his brand, “Apple” is not a symbol for showing off, but an idea that pushes people to be creative. If other students bought Maseratis, would this girl follow suit?


(Post-90s generation) to sell kidneys or sell their bodies, this is the question!

[There have been reports of Chinese youth selling their kidneys or prostituting themselves to buy Apple products like the iPad.]


Today’s parents are too frightened, and kids too SB… [therefore they] both deserve to be unhappy.


Many fellow countrymen’s values have become terribly twisted. What can that three to five thousand RMB prove? Do you think we still live in the old society? 20 years ago was good, even a beeper was a valuable thing.


All have fallen to into the schemes/trap of businessmen.


Apple three-piece set, who invented this [term]?


— If you want to blame, blame society; If you want to blame, blame the national education system; If you want to blame, blame family planning; If you want to blame, blame Steve Jobs…


God, if you have this much money, why not go take a trip to England…


Disgraceful, you’ve already lost face before you even enter the college!


Don’t blame the new college student asking her parents for an Apple three-piece set too much! Most of the fault lies with the parents themselves and overall social environment. Young parents should remember this lesson, the overall social environment can’t be changed, but you can create a more better smaller sub-environment for your children!


This is all because she wasn’t properly raised/educated ever since she was little, so in the end the parents are still to blame.

What do you think?


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