Chinese Gamer Seeks Revenge Against Wife For Selling Account

The back of a man wearing headphones at a computer.

The back of a man wearing headphones at a computer.

From Mop:

How should I take revenge upon you! My “good wife” who secretly sold 5 years of my hard work

Today I went crazy! Ever since I got married, I’ve always believed I can be considered a good man/husband. While I may not respond to her “request for the stars” by “giving her the moon”, I’ve basically settled down [taken marriage and husband role seriously]. If my wife were to point to east, I would never head west! MLGB, and so today I find out that my wife unbelievably took my account for a game I have played for 5 years and sold it!!! Fuck, 5 whole years of my hard work [time and effort]!! Those who have not played online games before may not understand just how significant 5 years is for a gamer!!!

After dinner, after my wife told me, I’ve sat in the den until now, [my heart/mind] in a mess!! However, one thing is for certain, I must take revenge upon her, but specifically how I have not yet figured out. “Naked photos! Infidelity!” divorce or something else!!! Ahhh…I don’t know what to do, everyone help me think!

Comments from Mop:


Females from 4-years-old to 40-years-old are all the same!!! [meaning women unreasonably cause trouble]

I’ve caught the live broadcast, setting down my stool ready to hear the story! [anxiously awaiting updates]


Women these days~ Can men not have any hobbies/interests at all?


Lou zhu is such a niu person, even able to think of posting his own wife’s photos for everyone to enjoy…


So tragic!! For a seasoned gaming fan, this kind of blow is huge.


Could it be that Lou zhu played games so much that he didn’t touch his wife over the past 5 years, so in a moment of anger, the wife…


This is a role model for us women. It is all for your own good. Lou zhu, you are so “blessed”! Heehee


Naked photos, naked photos! Lou zhu hurry and release them!!


Sigh~ Lou zhu, calm down, once it has already happened there is no turning back! Even if you get a divorce, or post your wife’s naked photos, you still won’t be able to get back your game account.


Get revenge! You must get revenge. Lou zhu, I suggest you also take something she loves and sell it!! Then it will be even!! Ho ho!


Everyone guess, just how long lou zhu will be sleeping on the sofa.


One week! I bet lou zhu will break first. Men, you guys know what I’m talking about~ Haha —_—!


Lou zhu‘s temper is very big. I am a female gamer. Will my husband be like your wife? I’m really scared.


Actually, there is a a way to both play games and spend time with your wife, that being: Have her play with you (if circumstances allow)… Although women may not necessarily like games, as long as it is spending time with her husband, she may very well play.


Hahahahaha, lou zhu, you are so funny, as big as you are, still acting like a child. Switch to playing DOTA, it’s quite good for training gaming skills.


Lou zhu, in the future, go to the United Nations to raise this kind of problem. Mop can’t do anything about such a large matter.


This brother is niubi! Choosing a video game over a wife!

最后一个党项人: (the original poster)

Seeing this many people’s support, I’m very thankful. Last night I spent an entire night thinking, and now I’ve calmed down a bit, though my anger hasn’t fully dissipated, and I must get back at her good! But first let me share the details of the situation:

Last weekend [June 18-19] I went out with my wife both days, to eat, walk around, go shopping, and even went to the amusement park. I had no choice, my wife wanted to go since June 1st, saying she wanted to celebrate something she hasn’t experienced in a long time, Children’s Day. However, first, there was no time. Second, that day the amusement park was full of little children, and upon seeing photos on the news, we gave up this idea. Then, three nights ago, my wife playfully pleaded with me to spend a weekend taking her out and make up for Children’s Day.

I had no choice, so I said okay, and borrowed a friend’s car to drive to Floraland [an amusement park in Chengdu, China] for a day. It has to be said that post-80s generation men are truly pitiable. Ever since I’ve established relations with my wife up to now 4 years later, Valentine’s Day requires giving gifts, White Valentine’s Day requires giving gifts, 520 [May 20th “Internet Valentine’s Day” in China, 520 wu er ling sounds a little like wo ai ni (I love you, in Chinese)] requires giving gifts, and now even 61 [June 1st Children’s Day] also requires giving gifts!!! Having to buy a house to get married, and take care of 4 elderly people and 1 child in the future, post-80s generation men are simply beasts of burden~~~

I spent my energy going out with my wife those two days, and being tired from the day, I also didn’t have the desire to turn on the computer and play after returning home at night. Then, with my wife’s acting skills being so good, not revealing anything at all, I was completely in the dark until last night after dinner when my wife suddenly told me that I no longer have to play “Meng Huan” [a Chinese MMORPG based on the Journey to the West story] anymore, that she took the opportunity in the morning when I was washing my face to sell the account I had spent 5 years building on 5173 [a Chinese ecommerce website]. I immediately jumped up from the sofa, turned on the computer, and sure enough saw my account listed on 5173, showing that the transaction was successful! Fuuuck! At that very moment, I nearly cried…

I’ll leave it at that for now, Monday meetings, I’ll come back and update after its over. This matter has been a very big blow to me, with there being several questionable points: First, we’re not short of money right now, so why did my wife sell my account! Second, she knows this account is my favorite, so what reason did she have for selling it. Third, why did she have to sell it over these past two days [the weekend], even intentionally making it so that I had no time to play and then selling it?


Fuck. Personally I think this is no longer an online computer game account problem…

Today, she’s capable of selling your game account…tomorrow, she’ll likewise be capable of doing other things behind your back…

This kind of woman deserves a smacking…TMD

Women truly are such hassles…

Every person has their own hobby/interests…what right does she have to do this kind of thing without your permission, it is too disrespectful.

To put it a little harshly, [this is evidence that she] doesn’t have any proper upbringing…

If you don’t beat her, you’d be too soft. Let her know what a man is…

Loving you and cherishing you is one thing. But this doesn’t mean one doesn’t have a temper.


Strongly recommend the lou zhu publicize the naked photos.


This kind of wife…hard to serve/live with.


I want to ask how old you are that you’re still playing games?


What game would make the lou zhu spend 5 years? What game would make his wife be so hateful?

What do you think? How would you respond to or resolve this kind of situation?

If you are curious, the original poster later posted saying he would post one of his wife’s dirty photos once the discussion reached 2000 replies. He declared this on the 481st comment. Two days later, the 2000th comment was reached. Right now, five days later, the discussion has reached the 91st page with over 9000 comments.

When your husband spends more time with his computer game… Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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