Chinese Gas Prices Compared To America By Angry Netizen


From Mop:

China’s Development and Reform Commission bullshitting China’s gas prices, saying–” international oil prices have greatly increased”?_____”brought in line with international”,…but American gasoline prices are said to be only 3+ yuan after converting to RMB, and before bridge toll/fees, highway toll/fees, our gasoline prices are already over 2+ yuan! Already 65%!!

–Let us use facts to prove this.

The average American gasoline prices as seen on the internet today:


The above is States Average Gas Prices is “United States average gasoline prices”.

For example: Wyoming state 1.753, Wyoming (unit should be USD/gallon?)

If we use the foreign exchange rate I just checked: 1 USD = 6.8311 yuan RMB

And 1 gallon = 3.785 liters

Conversion (U.S.) price: ?

1.753 USD * 6.8311 / 3.785 liters = 3.16 yuan RMB / liter (American gasoline price)

According to what netizens have said today, Yichang’s 93 octane gasoline is approximately 5.20 yuan/liter??

Yichang (it is said that Beijing, etc. are even higher) gasoline prices compared to Wyoming state is higher by %
(5.2-3.16) / 3.16 * 100% = 2.04/3.16 * 100% = 65%! ! ! !

Our gasoline prices per liter is 2.04 yuan higher than the United States, exceeding 65%!!!

And they do not have grade one, grade two road fees, bridge fees, highway fees…

And their average wages are perhaps 10 times our average wages…

— Do not think that oil is only used for driving, because oil cannot be separated from the lives of the ordinary common people. For example: plastics, chemical fibers…Ceramics (made with diesel oil), building materials…travel fares…logistics costs…

What is the significance of this 65%? Everyday the entire country must use gasoline, but multiply every liter by 2.04 yuan, is that not an astronomical figure?

Where does this astronomical 65% go???



Comments from NetEase:


Brother, why are you still like a fenqing? You need to learn to get used to it. It has been some time already.

I am not like you, I am not angry, working hard to earn money, and then emigrate. Hehe, this is what smart people do. Lu Xun said it before, calling people names and threatening absolutely is not fighting, so I am not angry, I do not grumble, I do not yell at the Development and Reform Commission, peacefully accepting, and then telling myself what I should be doing.


Because the Chinese petrochemical and Chinese oil are state-owned monopolies, so who can do anything about that??


Others are already on the international track, and we are just bringing ourselves in line with international standards, so there is a portion of access fees!


Since our country believes the ordinary common people have already prospered to the level of the citizens of developed countries, the government levies taxes even higher than those of developed countries, and wants to bring us in line with international standards/practice. If so, then I suggest our government also acknowledge what a responsible government should be responsible for:
Please bring China’s welfare in line with developed country standards/practices, okay?


It is because China’s official business uses cars too much and needs to make up for this shortfall, and they can only do so by increasing prices and taking advantage of the ordinary common people.


How can a capitalist society be higher? I do not believe it, we are a socialist society.


My next car, if I still have the courage to buy a car, will definitely be a Japanese car! Why should I continue to support so-called national companies? Letting them drink our blood?! Your features I believe the masses have already seen clearly! Starting from the 25th onward, I have already stopped refusing Japanese products, nor will I mind what France says or does not say, those things are already too far removed from my life! If I have some spare cash, I will do my best to invest it outside of the country. I can only do things my own way, because what I give and what I receive in this environment is not fair.


When China can be like America and beat up a countries like Iraq until they cannot fight back, then oil prices will be lower than America’s.


You think our country has not taken oil from here and there???
We exempt this debt and that debt???
Why do you think this happens???
Chinese oil companies are now also getting oil in Iraq.

Forget it
This is not the reason/excuse
Even if all of the world’s oil were in our country
Our country’s oil prices would also be very high.

Because this is Chinese characteristics.


Us Chinese owners are so miserable.


Thinking of that niu phrase on the BBS:
Whenever there is something that cannot be understood,
just remember that you are in China and you will understand.


I really want to yell at you guys, international oil prices? Were it not for you bunch of SBs wantonly using oil when oil prices were low, would it have increased this much? You bunch of near-sighted SBs!


Comments from Mop:


If you have the ability, earn foreigners’ money!!!
Idling around with nothing to do calculating the money in the ordinary common people’s pockets!!!


No way, I have been this patriotic for nothing? Our motherland is glorious, our society is harmonious, our citizens have character and are elegant, and the ordinary common people are masters of their own country. Public servants serve the citizens. It cannot be how you say it is! I refuse to believe it!!!


Raising prices happens over one night.

Lowering prices happens over one month.


I just do not see why the price of oil increases this quickly but does not decrease in the same way??? I just remembered that international oil prices fell a few months ago, with each barrel costing 140 USD falling and falling until it broke 40 USD, yet domestic oil prices remained unchanged, one moment pretending to be deaf and dumb, the other moment using specious arguments in every way, stubbornly refusing to reduce prices to the end. Only in the end under widespread condemnation did they reluctantly, angrily, sacrificially lowered prices by less than 20% while international oil prices dropped over 70%. If the international oil prices slightly rebound, domestic oil prices immediately strongly rebound, as if they were especially impatiently waiting for this excuse. The efficiency of the thievery leaves people flabbergasted! The international oil prices only rose that little bit, yet what reason do you have for so suddenly increasing this much?! The ordinary common people truly have no place to reason! We can only sigh! Sigh! Businessmen’s hearts are so black!


Our country right now still cannot compare with America. For our country to get some oil deals is not easy.


Lou zhu~ let us make a bet~ within 3 days~ your post-topic will inevitably be harmonized~


After seeing LZ‘s post-topic, truly nothing is left to be said, either you go to America, or you slowly enjoy the delight of being raped.


Lou zhu, are you stupid? America’s oil comes from depending on their troops and over ten aircraft carriers to steal it from around the world, did you think they were the world’s strongest for no reason?
What I do not understand is why idiots these days all like to compare with America. You can go look at Europe’s oil prices and then come here to talk.


When they are spending 4 trillion, they obviously need to find a way to get it back.

You think the Communist Party are idiots.

Thinking too idealistically…


Internet spy,
How come you do not mention that England is 90 PENCE a litre, about 10 kuai RMB?



Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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