Chinese Gays Profess Their Love On Stage At Beijing Concert

Two Chinese homosexuals profess their love on stage at the Beijing Chuan Zi Concert.

Two Chinese homosexuals profess their love on stage at the Beijing Chuan Zi Concert.

The above video received nearly 900k views in 2 days on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku. It features two young homosexual men professing their love for each other on stage in front of a noisy crowd at the Beijing Chuan Zi Concert at the Tango Starlight. Chuan Zi is the bearded musician in the red t-shirt (also pictured below), who became famous after appearing with his “singing” dog on last season’s China’s Got Talent.

Chuan Zi, Chinese "folk" singer, with his dog.

Comments from Youku:


I was there. To be honest, I was really surprised/shocked.


Hope there can even more people who can openly support them. Don’t be too prejudiced. Love has no boundaries. Even though I am not a homosexual, I express my best wishes to them from within my heart. Friends who oppose homosexuals can go watch Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet. Again, wish them a good result.


So romantic. 赞


Exciting my ass. I detest gays. There’s a couple around me too, everyday I have to look at them, disgusts me to death, makes me want to vomit~


Hearing the words of the people around(?) the person filming, I understand just how brave they were.


Fuck, isn’t this guy that Ma Lishan?!!!!!!!

[Ma Lishan is a Chinese internet celebrity known for his “special” looks and girly behavior. His Sina Weibo, Sina blog, & MOKO profile.]


The guy screaming wildly next to the person filming, is like a girl. Was it so exciting as to [scream] like a girl?


Ma Lishan, him hyping [getting publicity for] himself? Or real?


Indicates that the important thing does not lie in homosexuals but rather in Ma Lishan shamelessly using a homosexual publicity stunt to get fame.


The important thing is not on the stage but below the stage {When Ma Lishan goes on stage [Wah! A man]} {After the two finish hugging [Fuck, homosexuals, fuck]} {When Ma Lishan says “I want love, I want marriage” [Two men, fuck]} – – What can I say. 无语


Was it such a big deal as to shout like this?


At first I thought that guy was really quite okay [not bad], and then what got on stage was… Immediately I felt…ugh…


I don’t actually care about the issue of whether or not it is a publicity stunt, I only dislike the judgements being made there. Why look at them through colored [prejudiced] lenses? This isn’t a laughing matter.


Those who don’t like homosexuals, please don’t just comment as you please, okay? It’s just deep love.
Since you don’t like it, then please just ignore/avoid the topic, don’t watch it and then curse people, God knows the pain in their hearts of not being tolerated by secular society, do you know? You don’t know, because you have never been spurned by the world before, been despised by the world’s people before, and why? Because of prejudice.
Remember that every man before meeting the man he likes believed he liked women, that every woman before meeting the woman she likes believed she likes men.
So even if you feel disgust, don’t take it out to hurt others, watch what you say, avoid embarrassing yourself. Do you know what is understanding, what is self-awareness?!!
There can be praise and belittling in anything, but certain things are not for outsiders to recklessly comment on. This is other people’s freedom, they aren’t disturbing you, unless you yourself seek it. In the future, why not just stay farther away, right? Is it necessary to slander/defame them?!

Some of Ma Lishan’s photos:

Ma Lishan.
Ma Lishan.Ma Lishan.

Men who believe they like women. Women who believe they like men. Personals @ chinasMACK.


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