Chinese Girl Engulfed in Flames at Yiwu Barbeque Restaurant

A female Chinese diner is engulfed in flames after being doused with ignited flammable alcohol in a barbecue restaurant in Yiwu, China.

A female Chinese diner is engulfed in flames after being doused with ignited flammable alcohol in a barbecue restaurant in Yiwu, China.

From Youku:

Female University Student in Yiwu Has Whole Body Burnt While Eating Self-Service Barbeque

Living in Yiwu Heyetang, Young Qian is 20 years old this year, and was to start her second year in college with the start of the new school year. Young Qian met her school friend Young Qing from Yiwu Suxi, the two of them preparing to return to Wenzhou together for school.

Yesterday noon, Young Qian and Young Qing met in Suxi where the two of them decided to go eat barbeque before taking the bus to go back to school.

The two decided on a self-service barbeque restaurant in Suxi. After the two of them got the food they liked and returned to their table, Young Qing felt the fire for the barbeque wasn’t strong enough, and so called the waitress to make it bigger.

Young Qing watched the waitress bring over a bottle of liquid alcohol, and then pour it into the barbeque grill that still had a flicker of flame left. Young Qing says he thought it was odd but did not manage to stop her in time, with the flame instantly leaping up.

At this moment, the bottle of alcohol in the waitress’s hands also caught on fire. Because of panicking, she immediately throw the bottle, and that happened to [spill alcohol] on Young Qian.

Young Qian was immediately engulfed in flames. When another customer saw someone on fire, he immediately took off his clothes and came to extinguish the fire. Although the fire very quickly went out, Young Qian’s entire body had already been scorched black.

Young Qing was a little better. After catching on fire, he immediately took off his clothes but because the fire was too strong, his face and neck still had burns.

Waitress Young Shan’s right hand was also lightly burnt.

The three were immediately taken to Yiwu Fuyuan Hospital. Young Qing’s head and neck suffered second-degree burns but was not in any life-threatening danger. After being bandaged, Young Qing was transferred to an ordinary ward. Because her injures were severe, Young Qian was immediately transferred to the better equipped Yiwu Central Hospital. Yesterday afternoon, she was again transferred to a hospital in Hangzhou.

18-year-old Young Shan is from Guizhou and had come to Yiwu to work just last year. What more, she has only been working at this barbecue restaurant for a month. Young Shan says: “In the past, the boss had me follow an older employee to learn, but today that employee had the day off, so it was my first time serving customers on my own. I never thought this kind of thing would happen.”

With regards to her mistake, Young Shan is extremely worried, constantly asking doctors if she will be going to jail. At present, Yiwu police have already gotten involved.

Comments from Youku:

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That bottle of alcohol became a flamethrower.


The alcohol vapors ignited, and the bottle flew away. There are problems/errors with the description.


If only military education and training could teach us some safety skills, like how to protect ourselves at times like these. Also, that guy must’ve shit his pants…he ran so far away.


So sad, must be disfigured now.


Real-life Final Destination.


Her boyfriend ran away and disappeared… so tragic.


Are there still barbeque restaurants using alcohol [instead of gas grills]?


Simply too frightening. This waitress needs to take responsibility. This restaurant needs to take responsibility.


No common sense.


Is there anyone who can tell us in a more professional manner just what exactly we should do when encountering this kind of situation???

狂流ing (responding to above)

What to do? Extinguish the fire.


Not being educated is truly, truly very frightening. The [waitress] ignorantly for her convenience poured directly. Sigh. 18 years old and already out in the world working. I bet she hasn’t had more than a few chemistry classes…


The waitress’s skill at fleeing is comparatively proficient.


Women are all retarded.


A girl’s life is ruined.

From NetEase:

Girl Burned While Eating Barbeque, Waitress Accidentally Spilled Alcohol on Her

Yesterday afternoon at 1:35pm, three young men and women who were burnt in an accident were urgently taken to the Yiwu City Fuyuan Hospital Emergency Room. Among them, two were college students, while the other was a barbeque restaurant waitress.

As it is understood, the relatively lightly injured female wait staff Young Shan is 18 years old this year, from Guizhou; the relatively more severely injured young woman Young Qian is 20 years old this year, lives at Yiwu Heyetang, and is entering her second year of university; while the other young man Young Qing is also 20 years old this year, lives at Yiwu Suxi, and is a classmate of Xiao Qian also studying at a university in Wenzhou.

Three people burnt in barbeque restaurant

“Seeing how primary and secondary school student have already begun school, we wanted to go out and have fun one more time, never expecting an accident to happen.” After emergency care by doctors, with gauze wrapped around his head and neck, Young Qing was transferred to an ordinary patient room for continued observation. The diagnosis doctors gave him is: second degree burns on the head and neck, but not life-threatening.

Young Qing says him and Young Qian were entering their second year of college once school starts this year, and on the eve of school starting, he had planned to meet up with Young Qian and go to the Suxi “Happy Days” self-service barbeque restaurant to “relax”, and discuss about how the two of them were going to go back to school.

Yesterday noon, the two met up and came to Suxi where they both ordered the dishes they each liked at the barbeque restaurant. After barbequing for a while, Young Qing felt the fire was too small, that it was taking too long to barbeque, so he had the waitress increase the heat [make the fire bigger]. When he saw the waitress bring over a bottle of liquid alcohol and directly pour it onto the barbeque grill that still had an obvious open flame, Young Qing wanted to stop her but before he could, the flame suddenly rushed up. Panicking, the waitress threw the flaming bottle in her hand but happened to throw it onto Young Qian’s where the flame instantly enveloping her.

Upon seeing what happened, several customers nearby rushed to use clothes to extinguish the flames, but the fire nonetheless had scorched Young Qian’s entire body. Young Qing, who had been sitting across from her, because of the spurt of flame, had his head and neck also burnt.

According to doctors, waitress Young Shan’s injuries were the lightest, with only her right hand and both knees lightly burned, and could be discharged after having them wrapped.

She may never go to school again

“This get-together has made it impossible for the two to start school on time, and Young Qian especially is very unlikely to ever go to college again” said a Fuyuan Hospital Emergency Room doctor. Young Qian’s entire body is already stiff and her life is in danger at any moment. After one round of emergency treatment, Young Qian was again transferred to Yiwu City Central Hospital. Because of her critical injuries, Young Qian was then transferred to a hospital in Hangzhou.

“Our school starts next Tuesday. We had agreed to go back to school together after Mid-Autumn Festival, but now we can’t go back…” Xiao Qing said with tears in his eyes.

“With the consequences this severe, will I go to jail?” a nervous Young Shan repeatedly asked of medical personnel in the emergency room. As it is understood, 18-year-old Young Shan had only been working at the “Happy Days” self-service barbeque restaurant for less than a month.

Comments from NetEase:

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zhxy9804 zhxy9804 [网易山东省临沂市网友]:

Heavens, this restaurant could shut down and it’d still couldn’t be forgiven.

网i易小编的姐夫 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

I am your mother [this is said in a “my god” tone], to actually use alcohol, this restaurant owner is a stupid cunt!!!


In the United States, a single major accident can change history: 1911 March 25, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. 146 male and female workers died, with most of them being 16 to 23-year-old young women, the youngest just 14 years old. This was also the worst workplace disaster in New York until the 2011 9/11 incident. At the time, management had locked all the doors to the stairwells and exits to prevent workers from going outside to smoke during shift changes, so many female workers were unable to escape the building as it burned. This fire prompted the United States legislation on sweatshops, requiring improved factory safety standards, and was later written into American secondary school textbooks, becoming a part of modern American values: life is more valuable than wealth.

82 years later on 1993 November 19, a similar fire happened at the Shenzhen Kuiyong town Zhili Toy Factory. 87 female workers were unable to escape because the doors were locked and windows sealed, engulfed in flames. Many years later and after years of arduous efforts, some Hong Kong public welfare organizations finally won hundreds of thousands of USD in compensation from the Italian OEM company, but to this day they can’t get a list of the victims and their family’s contact information because of local noncooperation.

一个人的孤单孤单 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

How can this waitress be so ignorant?

天地不仁自生自灭 [网易福建省南平市网友]:

This is the reason why waitresses also need at least a junior high school education. Those without education must not become wait staff.

天一的天天下第一的一 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Hehe, aren’t they supposed to be using solid alcohol? Why are they still using liquid alcohol?

江左闲人啊 [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

Sigh, the guy uses clothes to try patting out the fire but ends up making the fire worse!
He should’ve used the clothes to cover the girl’s face, and press her to the ground. I bet that way her face could’ve been saved!

武小狼 [网易江西省新余市网友]:

Ended up barbecuing themselves!!

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Mike

    stop drop and roll, something taught to children everywhere in the US, unfortunately this same type of education is lacking in China, who knows what would have happened if she had done that instead of sitting there engulfed in flames.

    • Rick in China

      I thought about that immediately too. However, she was covered in alcohol or gasoline or whatever that was — rolling on a carpet or something may have helped, but not sure how much a tile floor could have done to snuff out her entire upper body covered in flames.. really needed to be covered all at once. It all happened in a few seconds, anyways.. she would have been badly burned regardless.

  • b duck

    wet clothes or bed sheet, and this girl should roll in ground if possiblle in sand or wet mud.
    also nowadays most clothes made in polyester, the burning point is too high more dangerous than cotton.

    • donscarletti

      Wet clothes, bed sheet, sand and mud?

      I’m not sure what sort of restaurants do you eat at, but the ones I’ve eaten at have none of those.

      • Rick in China

        You forget. This is the country where a driver’s test question goes something like:

        If you come upon an accident scene where a person’s intestines are out of their body, you should:
        a) push them back in and call 110
        b) do nothing
        c) cover them with a jar or bowl and call 110
        d) give them a blanket

        I can’t remember all the other answers, but the correct answer is cover the exposed intestines with a jar or bowl. I know I always drive with jars and bowls in my car just incase of this sort of situation, don’t know about you!

        • donscarletti

          Oh yes, brings back memories!

          Can you tell me whether the line that separates the emergency vehicle lane from the rightmost lane is a:
          a) an indication line

          b) a demarcation line
          c) a direction line
          d) a guide line

          How far must you put your indication triangle behind your car on a highway during rain?
          a) 150m
          b) 100m
          c) 200m
          d) 50m

          What is the maximum age for holding a drivers license in China?

          • Rick in China

            I never read the books, just gave it a shot once. Failed, like friend who took it with me got a 67. Have been driving in China since 2006 or so, though… police in Chengdu are still really chill, speak some local dialect and they always just give the ol’ “make sure you get it soon, ask your company to help you” or something and a farewell.

            That’ll probably all change soon though.

          • donscarletti

            You can get “revision aids” (i.e. all the questions and answers) on the Internet. It’s what everyone does and what everyone is _really_ expected to do.

            1000 questions, you will be given 100 and need to get 90 of them right. Just cram the night before and you’ll be right. I got 90 and not a point wasted!

          • MonkeyMouth

            ya, its changing. my buddy got his scooter confiscated after he got caught driving on the upper deck of er huan lu. couldn’t ‘lao wai’ his way out of it.

          • Dr Sun

            sucks to have no guanxi

        • E) Run them over again

          • MonkeyMouth

            F) engage iPhone camera, and enjoy the drama unfolding

        • Spoiler Alert

          I always keep a bowl of dumplings in my car, because you never know when you might need to throw it at a bus driver.

    • hehehehh

      if only the restaurant had some table cloths, but it might not be possible in a bbq restaurant..

  • Kevin

    Only one thing to do now. Sue the guy who helped her.

  • Amused

    Be ready to protect yourself from morons at all times. They breed like rabbits, and with all the safety padding the modern world has received, they don’t die off in childhood anymore…

    • AbC

      In western countries, most of these morons tend to kill themselves during the first few years of driving (prob taking a few innocents with them too). In China… majority of these morons can’t afford cars.

      • MonkeyMouth

        whats your excuse for the morons who CAN afford cars? ;)

        • AbC

          You mean the ones in China?
          They learn to only hit pedestrians and have their rich mommies and daddies pay the medical/legal bills. The even wealthier ones don’t have to do anything at all as the local police will blame the pedestrians for getting in their way.

          • MonkeyMouth

            sounds like a fair assessment…

        • Dr Sun

          you mean like Teddy Kennedy ?

    • Amen Brother – License to have a baby not required in most countries.
      They come out little animals and a lot of them grow up to be ignorant animals (thanks to their useless or absent parents)

      • Dr Sun


        “They come out little animals”
        and you say that you are a highly educated person a teacher.
        Tell me its not true

    • Raymond

      It’s not justified to call the waitress a moron. She probably was following the exact same procedures that her boss taught her… What comes to mind is, where is the fire extinguisher???

  • Amused

    I don’t think “stop drop and roll” is really going to save you from a fucktard with a Molotov either… Poor girl just drew a really bad hand. I like how her bf and the waitress just ran off like a couple of girls and leave her to cook too. That’s real class right there. Tried to stop the waitress my ass. And then in the hospital the waitress shows exactly how much she cares by going,”Am I going to jail, Am I going to jail?” not “Is she going to be ok, Tell me she’ll live”.

    • AbC

      I think her bf was the one that took his shirt off and ran back to try to put the flame out (Like what Rick said). I could be wrong if it happens to be another guy wearing similar clothes with a similar haircut (not uncommon in China). But there was clearly no one else in the restaurant at the time from the camera view.
      If it is the bf… Then understandably he can be forgiven to run aimlessly for several seconds while he was on fire himself.

      • Amused

        I’ve had my hair set on fire before(long hair, an idiot and a burn barrel involved). I can honestly say it took me less than 2 secs to put the fire out and start clubbing the jackass who set me on fire with a shovel handle. Now I was nowhere near as engulfed as this poor girl, but I was worse off than the bf=did lose a good two feet plus of hair. He could have helped faster. I guess you can argue shock and all, but he did run in a girlish fashion as well :D Side note, where was the fire extinguisher?

        • AbC

          I’m not so sure if your loss of 2 feet of hair is ‘worse off’ than the bf in this article… The report mentioned he was also taken to the hospital by the ambulance and treated for second degree burns…

          A fire extinguisher in a self serve BBQ restaurant using liquid alcohol as flame agent? Don’t be ridiculous, that’d be a waste of money. (/sarcasm off). Besides, it’d be probably filled with the wrong content to be of any use.

          • Amused

            He’s a poon. Yeah I lost two feet of hair. And burned the fuck out of both arms, my shoulders, my ears and my neck. I was lucky enough to whip the fire back from my face instead of forward so I didn’t burn much on the face, just lost all my eyelashes/brows etc… I figured the burns go without saying what with the two feet of hair. Two feet of hair is two feet of fuel. Hair burns like flash paper. Don’t believe me, try lighting one strand sometime.

          • Yes!

            >>>Besides, it’d be probably filled with the wrong content to be of any use<<<

            LOL. Because it's China.

        • Disney English


          • Amused

            Personally I think he should have used his penis…

          • Me


        • KamikaziPilot

          I can’t believe you’re comparing losing some hair (which you wouldn’t feel the burning) with what happened to these people. I tell you again it was an EXPLOSION, anybody would run off from pure instinct. At least he had the consciousness to come back to try to put out the fire.

        • Teacher in China

          You had your hair lit on fire, buddy had like his face and neck on fire – there’s a difference.

          • Rick in China

            I think it’s less, even, about the damage or area on fire, but more-so the incident that created it. It all happened so fast, the difference in my mind would be mostly around the initial ignition which basically created a flamethrower out of the bottle, and exploded a gigantic flame across the entire table engulfing both him/his girlfriend, him to a lesser extent. Seeing your entire table and girlfriend burst into flame and this waitress shock’n’run off would put anyone into panic mode, having your *face and neck* on fire is second to that shock in my opinion…which is why he runs before he attempts to put it out. Either way, it’s fucking crazy, the whole event…….fucking bottle of gasoline or whatever, jesus christ.

          • Teacher in China

            Yeah it’s fucking ridiculous. I wonder how much he could even see though? It looks like he had a face full of fire; that, plus as you said the explosion and circumstances, would cause anyone to lose their shit. Except, of course, Amused, because he’s apparently an action hero…

          • Amused

            Yes I am!

          • MonkeyMouth

            ya…the fire probably got in his eyes, so of course he ran. we would all do this to an extent. but i dont think he was the guy who came and slapped his shirt at the girl and fanned the flames.

        • vincent_t

          Worse off than the bf? Unless it was pubic hair in your case. if not, nah, I see more man in that bf than you.

          • AbC

            Two feet of pubic hair? Fuck man… That’d be some sort of world record.
            “You don’t mess with the Amused Zohan”

    • KamikaziPilot

      It was basically an explosion, almost anyone, yourself included would have run off immediately. At least the guy came back an tried to extinguish the flames. So they didn’t run off “like a couple of girls”, they ran off like two normal human beings would. I agree with your assessment of the waitress although I’m pretty sure that’s a normal human reaction, although we might not all articulate it that way and we only have a few, probably select, quotes from her. We might not be getting the entire story

  • mr.wiener

    …this just hurt to look at… no words , a life is ruined.

  • AbC

    As ignorant as the waitress may be (complete idiot really), ultimate responsibility must lie with the restaurant owner/manager.
    Another instance of ‘Profit > Safety’ in China. It’d be interesting to see what responsive measures the local safety authorities will come up with this time.

    • Amused

      You should try owning a restaurant in China man. Words really can’t do justice to the quality of employees that walk through the door looking for a job.

      • Anark1

        Do you expect a waitress to have a degree in hospitality?

        • Teacher in China

          I think I’d settle for a degree in not burning people to death.

      • Rick in China

        When restaurants pay workers like 1-2k RMB a month, they should expect to end up with people worth 1-2k RMB a month..

      • xiaode

        do you know how you easily could improve the standards in most (all) chinese restaurants…? very easy!
        fire 50% of your employees and pay the other (better) half double… tell them they only have this job if they are hard working and don´t fuck sth. up…

  • Rick in China

    The reporting seems wrong – it wasn’t some diner who saw her on fire that came and saved her, it was her boyfriend or whoever it was – the guy in blue pants who was also lit on fire – you can see him run around the separator and take his shirt off then run back to put out the flames. It seems he did that within 10 seconds or so of being lit on fire himself, it’s not entirely unreasonable.. I mean, who has been lit on fire and can react under that sort of circumstance to put someone else out within less than 10 seconds, and claim to have done so? I haven’t.

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah the one Chinese commenter saying how the guy ran away…fuck, dude, he was ON FIRE.

      • Dude

        Totally agree man. Some fcking moronic comments from the Chinese side. Anybody would’ve done the same. Can’t blame him.

  • SimpsonsGoldenAge

    That was hilarious but also sad

  • Wololoo

    I would be worried to get a broken fire exstinguisher, because you cannot test it, till the emergency.

    • Rick in China

      Huh? There are general rules to fire extinguisher maintenance, you don’t need to actually _use_ it to determine if it is almost certainly going to work as intended or not. Least of which is the pressure gauge that most come with, or checking tamper seals/pin state/etc. It’s not that difficult.

      • Yes!

        But you’re talking about China, mate. One can’t even be sure if the brand new made-in-China extinguisher bought from the specialist supplier will work, with or without pressure gauge or tamper seals. It’s almost as good as not buying one.

        • Rick in China

          I like to joke in a similar fashion, but in practice, find it’s not nearly as bad as that..

        • vincent_t

          It does work, so don’t repeat what my ex coworker did. He had the same doubt as you, and thought that a quick squeeze on the handle won’t hurt. Ended up his office was filled with powder, got a damn serious warning letter from HR.

  • KamikaziPilot

    Why do they use alcohol instead of gas? Because it’s cheaper? The fumes alone are highly flammable, why trust an 18 year old kid to handle such things.

    • Jahar

      Why trust anyone to be spraying anything on a fire right in front of people’s faces?

    • MonkeyMouth

      i’ve never heard of this method before this….ya…its weeeeeeiiiiiiiird

  • must touch brain

    The idea of scorching meat at my table with an open flame never sat well with me. Perhaps it’s not such a good idea. Maybe diners should also be required to kill their meal first as well but then i’m sure that would shut down most restaurants. No one wants to look at their food in the eyes before killing it.

  • Burn

    Such a terrible thing … I wish her to live a long and happy life!
    I always say that sooner or later we all get hurt in China. The incompetence is at times utterly shocking. Education is the key, but the downside is that educated people will question the leadership …

    • Yes!

      >>but the downside is that educated people will question the leadership<<

      Bingo! And that's why they'e not investing in education or more schools around the country or calibrating their school curriculum to the needs of their community in a modern globalised society.

      • Rick in China

        “And that’s why they’e not investing in education or more schools around the country or calibrating their school curriculum”


        China is building TONS of new schools all over the place. I don’t know where you live – but in Chengdu – there are so many new big great looking schools, and many of them have ‘experimental’ programs to try new ways of teaching. Not sure where you get your information, but from what is happening in Chengdu at least, it’s incorrect about this…

  • vincent_t

    I am wondering, is it acceptable to bbq meat with alcohol, for safety and health consideration? And how you bbq with alcohol after all, it burns like bunsen burner isn’t it?

  • SongYii

    “Is there anyone who can tell us in a more professional manner just what exactly we should do when encountering this kind of situation???”

    Stop, drop, in roll. Vividly remember learning this in pre-school, age 4. How fuckin’ hard is that to teach?

    *Note: Do NOT fan the flames by wildly flailing at the victim with a towel, this could make the fire more difficult to extinguish.

    • Rick in China

      Flailing, no – but smothering, yes.. it requires more courage than whipping her, perhaps, but using material to suffocate the flame would be ideal..

      • SongYii

        Well, he always said he wanted a hot girlfriend. :-D :-(

        • Rick in China

          I suppose, eventually, the flame in all relationships eventually burns out..

          • MonkeyMouth

            yes, and fiery romances dont always end well

          • SongYii

            ‘whos that fucked up looking girl you were talking to?’ ‘oh, her? just an old flame.’

            i deserve to go to Hell.

    • Irvin

      Stop drop and roll is useless when you have accelerant on your body like alcohol or gasoline.

      • SongYii

        less effective is not the same as useless. fire needs oxygen, no matter the accelerant. rolling reduces the oxygen available to the flames.

  • MeiDaxia

    Just an editorial note for translators: Since when did the translation of 小__ become “Young _____” instead of Ms. or Mr.? Sure, Mr. is a little awkward for the men, but completely accurate for the women. Young ______ is just confusing.

    • Kai

      “小” was never “Mr.” or “Ms”. In the past, cS has translated it as either “Xiao” or “Little”. Mr. is far more analogous to 先生 and Ms. would be 女士 or even 小姐.

      小 is the other half of 老. The former for people younger than you or younger people in general while the latter is for people older than you or older people in general. Translating these prefixes as “young” and “old” would therefore best convey the dichotomy.

  • Yes!

    >>After that, all of them should sue that damn laoban<<

    This is China, mate. Laoban's probably connected to some guan and/or law enforcement.

  • Amused

    You volunteering her some sympathy dick? Cuz honestly, I’m thinking as bad as she was burned, finding a love life is going to be tough… Life ain’t just money.

  • trademind

    thats one reason more to be a fucking vegetarian

    • Rick in China

      Absolutely, because nobody puts vegetables on these exact same apparatuses. Everyone only eats their vegetables boiled or raw!

      • MonkeyMouth


      • trademind

        right, cause BBQ restaurants are definitely the first choice of every decent vegetarian.

  • Burn

    In my experience people here are not selfish, but just scared … always scared …

  • MonkeyMouth

    ” Today’s safety class is entitled ‘what to do in case you catch fire’. we will be demonstrating the age old safety procedure called ‘stop, drop and kick”

  • MonkeyMouth

    remember a few years back Wal-Mart got dinged for locking their service doors so the staff in the back couldnt go out for a smoke, etc?

  • MonkeyMouth

    upon further viewing, yes, it is indeed the bf that runs back. you can just glimpse him for a split second removing his shirt behind the barrier

  • Charles

    I think stop drop and roll would have helped… but how much isn’t clear. A fire extinguisher is the solution – the restaurant is required by Chinese law to have one… did they? Did they know how to use it? How did this video end?

  • I think its also the restaurants fault for not training her better. Apparently, the girl working there has only been working there for a month, and was the only one working there. Her lack of experience and training probably led to this issue.

    Ultimately, I believe the restaurant should be the one to pay compensation.

  • must touch brain

    You mad beast.

  • must touch brain

    You mad beast. You know animals always run from danger. Just like you, they don’t want to be killed and eaten. Rabbits are especially peaceful and shy. Rather good traits in the age of the macho, wise-ass, warring caveman types.

  • SonofSpermcube

    Alcohol. Not quite as nasty as oil, but yeah.

  • Jessica

    No one seems to know “Stop, Drop, and Roll” The poor girl doesn’t know what to do to try and put out the flames herself. And none of the comments above note Stop, drop, and roll. No common sense or education in China sometimes….

  • Dr Sun

    why would anybody want to drive in China , cars are outrageously expensive, liability and insurance and the price of petrol is a joke. Taxis, metros, buses, trains or even a e-bike are much better.

    It must be a macho thing, I guess, a kind of dick extension this desire .

  • Dr Sun

    its not just a restaurant problem, schools, hospitals,universities, govt offices.. etc.. etc.. all have expired extinguishers and there fire exits chain locked a nightmare in the making.
    private apts with window bars, a fire fighters worst dream.
    btw powder will not extinguish petrol or most chemical fire, you need foam for that.

    Stop,drop and roll,is the biggest joke ever, try it next time your on fire.

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