Chinese Girl Falls Off Building After Dinner With Teachers

A photo of Liu Xiao'ao she took with her cell phone by herself.

From NetEase:

Girl Taken to Dinner by Teachers Falls to Death From Building, School Says Reporters Looking for Trouble

Summary: October 27, Qingdao university freshman girl Liu Xiao’ao along with 5 other schoolmates were asked out to “have dinner” by 6 college teachers. Afterwards, she mysteriously fell off the building from a 4th floor restroom and died. This reporter got in contact with the Party committee secretary of the school involved, but when he heard that this reporter wanted an interview, he scolded this reporter: “Why the hell do you report this for? Don’t go looking for trouble!” This reporter investigated and discovered that Liu Xiao’ao isn’t the only one who died from this school within the past year.


September 1 of this year, family had just helped her move into this college, but how could they have known that this could be their final farewell. Liu Xiao’ao’s father told the reporters, that on the night of October 27, Liu Xiao’ao and 5 other schoolmates were asked out by 6 of the college teachers to have dinner, and without knowing what they had done to his daughter, at 10:34 in the night, Xiao’ao tragically fell from the window of a hotel/restaurant’s 4th floor restroom and died instantly at the scene.

That day also happened to be the college’s anniversary.

From Qingdao’s local media reports, this reporter saw that the media reported that Liu Xiao’ao and the others had drunk more than 40 bottles of beer. However, Liu Xiao’ao’s father rejects the local media reports and believes the local media has been misled by the Qingdao Qiu Shi College.


Liu Xiao’ao’s uncle told reporters: “The kid was so beautiful, and she is just at the age where she’s filled with fantasies and innocence. She had just been accepted by the Flight Attending major and was full of dreams about her future, the child couldn’t possibly have wanted to commit suicide!”

Towards the death of his beloved daughter, Liu Xiao’ao’s father told reporters: “My child came to college to learn. In the middle of the night, who told you teachers to take out my child to ‘have dinner’? Most importantly, did those teachers make her drink alcohol? If they did, a girl, who doesn’t have much experience in society, what was their motive for having her drink so much alcohol? If she didn’t drink, then how did a sober person simply fall from the building? Was it because they did something to my child while they were having dinner? Did my child flee and fall to her death, or did someone intentionally push her down? …These questions all require explanations from Qiu Shi College!”

“It wasn’t until the second day after my child’s death did the college notify us to come. Why didn’t they notify us immediately after something happened to my child, why delay for a day before notifying us? What did they do during this one day’s gap? Today is already our 8th day here, and the school authorities keep hiding from us refusing to see us, concealing the truth and shifting responsibility.” Liu’s father said, “Qingdao Qiu Shi College treats life as worthless, already killing one just less than two months since the semester began, who knows how many more families will lose their beloved daughters and sons like us if the college continues to operate? We dare not to imagine, but through our lesson in blood, we will try to persuade other people to open their eyes, and see clearly the true colors of ‘Qingdao Qiu Shi College’. We’ll seek justice for our beloved daughter at all costs!”

Qingdao Qiu Shi College campus and buildings.

Qingdao Qiu Shi College campus and buildings.

November 6, this reporter managed to reach Xu Jianzhong, the Party committee secretary of Qiu Shi College in charge of dealing with this incident, but unexpectedly, the moment this school leader heard that this reporter wanted to interview, he angrily rebuked: “You little business paper reporter, instead of reporting business activities, what the hell are you doing reporting this for? What’s it to do with you? Are you a police newspaper?! Don’t look for trouble!” and before this reporter could reply, this secretary hung up the phone.

Liu Xiao’ao’s father told this reporter: “After what happened to my child, our entire family was devastated, feeling as if the sky had fallen. As soon as we arrived at Qiu Shi College from our hometown Zibo, we found many suspicious things: Students who saw us treated us like the plague and couldn’t get away from us fast enough; The school had already long before we had arrived taken measures to seal off the college, block information, spread rumors, and conceal the truth. What more, they had largely promoted in the local media and amongst the students that my daughter had gotten drunk by herself and had an accident.”

“What was even more unimaginable to us was that Lin Xibao, the college dean, kept using various excuses to avoid meeting with us until 6 days later when he reluctantly spoke to us on the phone, only for him to not only not say a single word of condolence but instead accuse us of physically and verbally abusing teachers. We haven’t even seen those teachers and don’t even know what they look like, so how could we have physically and verbally abused them?” Liu Xiao’ao’s father told this reporter, “Even if my child had an accident while drunk, why did the teachers at school let a female student drink that much alcohol? What were these teachers trying to do? What kind of school morality is this? How are they setting an example as teachers?! I truly regret sending my child to this school.”

During the interview, a teacher from another private college told this reporter: “To be honest, Qiu Shi College is actually just a business under the pretense of providing education and educating students. As long as it can make money, they’ll do anything, dare to promise anything, dare to open any major, and even if they don’t have the qualifications/credentials, they’ll still open popular majors. The school principal is just a businessman.”

And another insider told this reporter: “Actually the Flight Attending major of Qiu Shi College is just a scam, and graduates of this major won’t be hired by any airline companies to be stewardesses whatsoever. It is only because Qiu Shi College is not far from Qingdao Liuting International Airport that they came up with a ‘Flight Attending’ major when in reality it is just a scam.”

Qingdao Qiu Shi College campus and buildings.

Qingdao Qiu Shi College campus and buildings.

The first death, 2011 September 3, reported by Dazhong Wang, July 28, at 7:30am, 28-year-old female teacher Song of Qingdao Qiu Shi College was found naked floating in the campus pool. Through an autopsy, it was discovered that Song had been sexually violated before death, that she had been raped and murdered.

The second death, 2011 November 25, reported by’s Chengshi Xinbao, in the morning of November 24, a Qingdao Qiu Shi College student cadre from Shanxi Province jumped off a building, dying instantly at the scene. During interviews, reporters learned that the deceased was normally very well-behaved and never had any conflicts with fellow schoolmates, so students speculated that this suicide jumping must’ve been due to some other reasons.

The third death, is Liu Xiao’ao who was taken out by teachers to “have dinner”.

Before these, Qiu Shi College also had other incidents of student deaths.

Qingdao Qiu Shi College forces teachers to recruit new students or face being dismissed

A young man who claims to be an undergraduate of Qiu Shi College warned this reporter: “The school is covering up the truth, and it’s more sinister and vicious than merely murder. All day long, they just think about how to recruit new students, how to cheat people, how to con more money.”


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Two legal experts told this reporter that in places with a lot of people, some accidents are inevitable, but there shouldn’t be any continuous deaths, so the school must have problems with their management. As for the death of Liu Xiao’ao, apart from the school being responsible for mismanagement or inadequate supervision, the teachers and students who had dinner with Liu Xiao’ao together should be held responsible. who asked her or made her to drink beer at dinner? She fell from the 4th floor window, there must be something wrong with the hotel’s facilities, the hotel should also be responsible.

Comments from NetEase:

网易上海市闸北区手机网友 ip:218.81.*.*:

6 teachers with 6 students? Having dinner? If I were the parent I’d burn the school to the ground!

网易广东省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Reporter comrades, please restore the truth to this incident, so the deceased may rest in peace. I believe you can.

lrctri [网易北京市丰台区手机网友]:

The truth must be restored! Reporters, please!!!

国产龙王 [网易北京市网友]:

Qiu Shi College… it’s already not the first nor the second time a student has died from falling off a building there.

网易广东省佛山市手机网友 ip:112.96.*.*:

A youth gone too soon, forced to die by evil sex offenders.

liuhongtang1 [网易山东省淄博市网友]:

One possibility is, the kid was raped, couldn’t deal with it, jumped off the building.
The second possibility is, the kid was about to be raped, couldn’t escape, jumped off the building.
The third possibility is, all the other kids had succumbed, this kid hadn’t, and regardless of whether or not she was raped, they all had to be silenced.
The school’s influence is too strong, or else they wouldn’t lie so openly and brazenly, with so many dead, and nothing has happened to them. These bastards. The police are no fucking better either.

润泽乾坤 [网易山东省青岛市网友]: (responding to above)

You need to be careful.

128755808 [网易黑龙江省大庆市手机网友]: (responding to above)

Be careful your mother’s cunt!

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 六斤他爹:

Since the investigation yielded no result, whoever took my daughter out to eat is whoever I’ll kill and that will be my result. This is a suggestion to the deceased student’s parents, to be adopted when there is no hope left.

腾讯营口市网友 笑对人生:

That a school like this is still open and running, it means the upper leaders [officials] are all eating shit [good for nothing]. Who knows how much money they’ve taken in bribes. It isn’t as if the restroom was built on a window ledge, so if there weren’t any special circumstances, only a fool would believe that the kid could fall from it. If this gang of murderers aren’t severely punished, is there still any law?

腾讯网友 ≈天屎下凡≈:

Worse than beasts, how can they be fit to be teachers? The school principal is also a bastard, investigate strictly!

腾讯驻马店市网友 773580041:

The 6 scumbags are definitely not ordinary employees [teachers]! They could very well be the school principal, deans, directors and the like!!! If you don’t get revenge for this wrong, you would be unworthy of being a father!!!

腾讯福州市网友 灵的世界:

??? So obvious that there are problems? Will we have to wait until the State Council is involved before we can truly know the truth? Or are there other problems? I just want to know what happened, and whether or not this school has problems!

腾讯网友 Lyl:

The school must have connections. So many dead yet the school hasn’t been shut down? Those poor students~

腾讯网友 自由自在:

How can the school still be open and running after so many people have dead there? And especially after they all died so strangely? Why? Too many whys… Kneeling for the truth!!!

腾讯网友 吹尽黄沙始到:

A victim of unspoken rules… This is no mystery… the people’s eyes are wide open.

腾讯网友 永远永远:

I’m watching this, and I hope this post won’t simply be buried.

腾讯石家庄市网友 心如止水:

Has forensic results come out? The experts’ comments are inappropriate. The cause of death should first be determined by the police.

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  • wafflestomp

    sofa cking lame

    • lonetrey / Dan

      You’re doing it wrong.

    • nanaharabr19655ie

      not funny

  • I have a serious question. How can you make money with a college? Is the fee that high, that you could earn good money with it?

    I just remember when I traveled through China and gave some speeches in different colleges, the higher ups all were rich as hell. Every college built their own stadium, we had totally expensive dinner and the higher ups drove Audi, BMW or Porsche Cars. I always wondered, how can they even earn that much money with just normal education.
    And I noticed, that a lot of Chinese are totally materialistic. The higher-ups laughed their asses off their “stupid” students. They talked about which expensive car to buy next during dinner. When I asked, why they built stadium, they just answered “We have enough money and we need to show how good our college is. Even if we wouldnt use it fully, we just wanna have it!”


    Besides that. Really sad to read such story. If I would be a parent and then do not even get any information by the responsible parties, I would be enraged. Why wont the police do anything? An autopsy cant take that long. She already died at the end of October. Bribery? Or what?

    • themig

      government subsidised most likely. due to local politician influence. the only colleges that should be subsideised are ones in science and engineering or socialist philosophy

    • that’s sounds about right

    • linette lee

      of course they are laughing. All the “higher up” people are the same people stealing money from china people. Look at the china officials. Majority of them are fifthly rich stealing money inside the gov’t. They drive expensive cars. The whole world know they steal money and that is why they are rich. The whole world are laughing at these “higher up” people behind their back calling them thieves. They are just thieves.

      A china chinese guy told me his family are some china official somewhere in some town in china (His family has money). I was thinking to myself…oh boy…so he came from a family of thieves. I almost dated him. Thank god I didn’t.

      • Reminds me, earlier this year i was invited by a police officer to a dinner with “his friends” The police guy was perfectly nice and well mannered but his friends…what a bunch of arrogant pricks, the women just as much as the men…showing off their wealth, talking about what kinda crap they were going to buy next that kind of boring talk. One of these dickheads was so proud to tell me he was the boss of one of the world’s top companies (they all are N°1 aren’t they :p ) making light bulbs…it told him “it’s light bulbs sir” I know it’s in my best interest to work on my network…but i just can’t help it..i just don’t like dickheads! :p

      • As a Chinese, I strongly agree with your insightful point. In fact, the guy you aforementioned may not be a vicious guy you know, he was born in that family and he could’t choose. In my country merchants always collude with the officials, sometimes it’s really hard to distinguish them.

    • anon

      You can definitely make money with schools. Just like you can with religion.

      There’s a reason why there are degree mills and schools in the west rushing to get Chinese foreign students paying higher tuitions. Some to make up budget shortfalls. Others just for the easy money selling a “western” education and degree to kids and parents who value it.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    This kind of bullshit response from the school staff pisses me off. If they had nothing to hide, they shouldn’t be treating the parents of a dead student like this.

    Their actions makes me extremely suspicious. It’s not just unprofessional, it’s also as if they’re trying to cover their own ass. Like their own safety is more important the death of a freshman school girl.

    • Germandude

      You might be able cover up the truth, but you are unable to stop people questioning. That actually also applies for every cover-up the government is doing. The truth is out there.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I only hope they have a large enough impact to displace the ones responsible.

    • radbab

      > Like their own safety is more important the death of a freshman school girl
      You’re new to China, right? ;)

      • lonetrey / Dan

        No, I get your point, and that this has happened before. I’m just saying.

        Look, someone has to say it, right? :(

  • where is the news?

    got another one for you. 浙江嘉兴一40岁主妇四年给王恋情人汇款140余万。 chinese housewife gives online lover over a four year period 140+wan

    • Jahar

      I gotta get me one of those

  • where is the news?

    did you guys get the disgusting article about the wuhan car show using little kids in swimwear as models? it’s all over webo it’s under “武汉车展比基尼女童家长:真想抽死自己“ and others.

    • themig

      i saw that japanese otakus are drooling over it

    • jon775

      Wow, those girls are hot! I mean just look at those legs!

      • 平凡人

        Too many sick people in China.

      • mr.wiener

        I think I’n going to be ill.

      • Jahar

        Man, you can’t even joke about that shit.

      • linette lee


      • Kilkenny

        I’ll pick you up early
        by the school gate at 3.30
        I’ll take you down Soho
        be ready to go-go

        • speaking about getting picked up…do you know it’s very common in China that girls from dance schools or other schools famous for pretty girls get picked up by old fuckers after classes? Right next to my uni in beijing was the Beijing dance school filled with hot chicks (lucky me). I was suspicious that the men picking up girls at the gate weren’t their dads…this was confirmed by one of the students.
          Girls with no money and desires for expensive goods + men with low sex drive…probably sounds like a deal for these girls

          • Kilkenny

            Frankly speaking this are just a few rhymes from a Tiger Lillies’ song. Just recalled looking at the photo.

          • Nick in Beijing

            No shit.I am attending university here in Beijing now, just started my first term for my second degree. When people ask which uni I attend I tell them the name, and they automatically reply with “oh the ‘chicken’ university”.

            I never understood why they always said that till I noted all the hot young things walking around, and how often they are getting out of the back seat of expensive black cars on the arms of middle aged men. Disgusting people, the girls and the men (all of whom without doubt have wives and a kid).

            Pathetic bunch of idiots.

      • DavidisDawei

        A car show promoted this and no one objected? Time to set up the road side execution stations (including the child’s parents) for allowing this. Exhibit #1 – how fu@#ed up people are formed.

        • mr.wiener

          Agreed, but no worse than those sick bastards in the states who enter their kids in those creepy beauty pagants. Shades of poor Jo-Beth Ramsey

          • DavidisDawei

            Hey Wiener,

            That is exactly who I thought of when I saw that photo –
            What are these people thinking?

            – That was a sad story for everyone involved, but maybe they brought that tragedy upon themselves with those actions.

            I met a woman in Shenzhen last month who has a gorgeous daughter. This girl is 10 years old and the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen with Long dark hair and dressed just like the mother in tight clothes and tall boots. I saw them a couple times near where I was staying and noted her daughter never went to school. I asked her about this and She told me she is raising/teaching her daughter to be the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive. She discourages education and wants her daughter focused on being thin and beautiful because that is what will ensure she has a happy life with a rich husband. The Mother is 30, alone with the daughter and doesn’t want the same for the daughter.

            I suspect this won’t to lead to a happy life for her daughter, but maybe it will?

          • Kilkenny

            Everyone have their own criterias for happiness. Anyway, woman alone could never raise a girl properly. Even worse for a son.

    • vincent

      Yeah I read it on sankakucomplex, I think the organizers are despicable but I believe the parents of these kids are even more so, I mean which parent would allow their little girls be to eye candy for pervs? Fucking ludicrous.

    • [email protected]

      Oh, man, I just checked that out. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!! My god, that is a Pedophiles dream come true! Just what the hell is wrong with these people???

  • Yangzhou Fried Rice

    My favorite Chinese comment

    “6 teachers with 6 students? Having dinner? If I were the parent I’d burn the school to the ground!”

    Can you imagine this happening in a western country? College teachers taking students out to a restaurant and drinking a massive amount of alcohol.and then one of the students mysteriously dying? Then the school accusing the media of trying to start trouble? This is so absurd it’s almost funny.

    • 扬延照

      Actually when I taught at a university in the US after the last class of the semester I’d take all the students out to a local bar and buy the first round.

      I had some of the best teacher evaluations in the whole college.

      • Sure! But this situation is different…6 on 6? it’s like a date….weird. It’s not just like having a laugh with your students in a bar. Inviting them in a private restaurant room( i would assume it happened that way)away from curious eyes is a little bit different.

        • bert

          Yeah, 6 on 6 is a bit weird. If I go out with students it is usually myself and two girls.

    • jon775

      Well, obviously this wouldn’t happen in a western country. Not the teachers taking out the students, that could happen. But, the police would be all over the case and the school would probably be shut down in a week or so and the principle would probably be arrested for how he handled the situation.

    • when i was studying at Minzu in Beijing(now known as the “university for Nationalies” urgh! )i met a Chinese girl in 1st year of masters…i later learn that she had being having sex with a teacher since 1st year of bachelors…The teacher made her “his assistant” so he could shag her in his office. and you know how some girls have trouble saying no in China especially when the guy in question has some power over them..she never wanted to get in the details but i assume she kinda felt she had to do it. I can tell you this: even though she’s still live happy, a part of her mind is definitly fucked up now.
      Oh yeah, this reminds me: a girl also jumped from a rooftop at Minzu that year i was studying there (the girls dorm was more or less 10th floors high) When i came back to the Uni the day that happened there were no police cars, ambulances, nothing…but i could tell something was wrong because students looked agitated and talking about something so i asked around and learned what happened..if i didn’t ask i would have fuc*king went along with my day without ever knowing. I thought about this a few times after that year…even though i never knew the girl…just the thought that i must have walked by her or maybe noticed her a few times that year makes me feel weird…

    • Germandude

      If you are a German teacher, taking out a female student for dinner you will be in front of court quicker than you can ask the waitress to bring you the food menu.

      It’s somehow absurd however. When I was 13 years old, we had sports classes and a girl had an epilepsy attack and the sports teacher did not directly help because he was afraid of entering the girls changing room. He quickly got a female teacher to jump in…


    They probably trying to drug the girls and have sex with them while the girls are eating.
    This is very uncommon situatiation to have dinner with teachers at night. Maybe the girl was desperate to jump from whatever exits she finds to escape from being raped from drug.

    • Jahar

      This isn’t uncommon at all. They took the girls out to dinner because they want to bang em. Chinese(especially girls) are like children in college, and they have trouble resisting authority. No need for drugs, just a couple of bottles of beer and an A+ will do it. Not for one girl though, it seems.

    • the ace of books

      “have sex with them while the girls are eating”

      A dreadfully awkward situation any way you look at it.

      • Dr. Barefoot

        depends of what you’re into

  • Kate

    Well what do the other girls that were thrre say about the whole situation? If something bad happened to her and them, surely they should be the first ones interviewed/helped?

    I dunno: theory—maybe she and the other group of girls went on dates with the professors, they all drank a lot and then while playing around, she loses blance and falls out a window. Or maybe something more sinister….

    • Stu

      That assumes that some kind of investigation will take place, and that won’t happen unless/until enough online outrage builds up.

    • Kukuku

      Money will shut their traps.

    • the ace of books

      Logic would dictate speaking to the other girls. Connections, however, and an unfortunately valid fear for their grades and their futures, are going to make sure those girls never spill beans.

  • 3ayo

    This college just reeks of suspicion, and not just regarding the death of this young lady or the others. Is it even accredited? I find it odd how a professor’s job is dependent on recruiting new students. It’s also quite questionable considering an outsider from another private university, and a current undergrad, revealed the college is a scam. This is why parents and prospective students need to do background research on universities/colleges before applying. Talk to alumni, browse the web for information, visit the campus, etc.

    Unless the local authorities take action I don’t see perpetrators ever being brought to justice. I hope she wasn’t their only child. :/

    • This kind of college is for the lowest test scorers last ditch chance to attend college so I think most parents are just relieved that their kid got accepted to make a serious investigation of the school beforehand.

    • the ace of books

      I hope she wasn’t their only child.

      In China? Snowball’s chance of her not being the only child. :(

  • Anon992

    Should be October 27 not November 27

  • the ace of books

    Here, is no one mentioning she fell out of a bathroom window? Seriously, not just a restaurant window, but the friggin bathroom, man.

    And what about the other students? What were they all going to dinner for/about?

    And hell on the drinking – I know me some freshies here, and they cannot even down two bottles, much less forty. Was at a bar once with one I knew (well, he was a sophomore then, but still), and to my five shots he drank one beer, then said his fingertips were tingly. I ask: you get a good-sized guy half-tipsy on one beer and how the hell can you expect a teeny little freshman girl (or even six of ’em) to drink fuckin 40?

    In conclusion: this shit is mighty suspicious. I’m thinking autopsy here, and possibly some po-po whose salaries haven’t been greased. Don’t know if that’ll ever friggin happen, but that’s what needs to happen here.

    • Germandude

      So true. During my studies in NL we were drinking quite a lot. The Chinese guys could not drink more than 2 bottles of beer which is not a problem per se, but when a huge party lifted off and the guys “got into the mood” they often took a 3rd beer or a shot and then it was game over. When I was out with my Chinese friends, me and a Dutch guy both made sure that at least we didn’t drink “1 over the top” and we accompanied the Chinese home. The guys cause they often couldn’t walk anymore and the girls because they were often offended even during daylight by Moroccons.

      Nothing easier to trick than a Chinese girl in the age between 15-25 under the influence. And before anybody asks: no, I never did it.

    • hess

      i dont even think the hulk is able to drink 40 beers

      • I seen my dad drink more than 40 beers but it took him all day since we were in Mexico and it was hotter than 700 Hells and he sweat’em out without even getting drunk. Actually, I have very few memories where he wasn’t holding a beer. It was his superpower, I think.

        • 83749872

          That “superpower” is called alcoholism.

          • Nah. He just liked beer alot and he lived in the desert. If he wanted to get drunk(which he did on occasion) he’d have a good stiff drink. I know you were trying to take a shot but I’m sticking with “he had extraordinary ability to down alot of beers without getting drunk”.

          • 83749872

            If I’m taking a shot at you then it’s also at myself, since most people in my family are alcoholics. People tend to build up a tolerance to whatever drug they take frequently. Alcohol is no different – alcoholics can build up an extraordinary tolerance to it over time, especially in their preferred drink. It’s not something to be admired. The naivety of youth causes us to recall things more favorably than they were.

          • Maybe you’re right :(

          • 83749872

            I’d at least consider it a possibility. If alcoholism or addictive personalities run in your family, be careful that you don’t become a 40-beer-guy yourself. I generally try to moderate my intake of things like drugs/alcohol/sex/etc because I know I’m genetically predisposed to become an addict. It’s probably related to dopamine production…

          • mr.wiener

            If you do the hard stuff all the time then beer would have little [visible] effect on you. The Russians for example consider beer to be a soft drink.

    • anberi

      The group of 12 consumed 40

  • 平凡人

    Sounds more like some prostitution syndicate to me. They make money through high entry fees and also selling so call “graduates”.

  • taikongren

    Hey guys, you and the Chinese netzeins are all reacting incorrectly. None of us knows anything about what happened. Nothing. You and the Netzeins are all jumping on this like it was a satanic cult.

    Here is what I know and what I can infer from the article:
    1. A girl died from a fall during or after a dinner with teachers. To assume that the other teachers had responsibility is ridiculous You don’t know what happened. To say that the students should not have been outside with the teachers is belittling the students. Student groups often do things on their own and with teachers. We just don’t know what that was about.

    2. A newspaper reported that 40 beers were consumed. The reporter didn’t talk with any teacher or student for this article. Its not confirmed.

    3. How difficult would it have been to contact one of the teachers or other students to ask what happened? There are 11 potential witnesses, yet this “reporter” met none. I, a 老外 who is not a reporter, could probably have meet with several if I put my mind to it. The reporter didn’t go to the restaurant to take pictures of the bathroom window either. Could the girl have been taking a secret smoke in the restroom and tripped out of a stupidly-designed unsafe window? We have no idea.

    4.The school officials / representatives handled this poorly and tried to cover it up. Although this is just shitty… does anyone expect anything different from a Chinese organization concerned about “face?”

    Note I’m not defending anyone here. But I do believe that the pursuit of news and the pursuit of justice should be based on documented evidence.

    • Stu

      This is true, but without a proper investigation, what chance is there of any evidence turning up? Sadly I don’t think a proper investigation can happen unless there there is a great deal of public attention. And, in fact, that’s what a lot of the netizen comments are saying. They want an investigation, and they know they can’t trust many of the people who would carry it out.

    • So….you don’t find anything suspicious about this whole incident? That maybe the reporter had no choice but to put the pieces together on his own because nobody would talk to him? That the school dean doesn’t seem to have any inclination to get to the bottom of this? That the school should be get a pass because that’s how Chinese companies work? That the father doesn’t deserve to have his questions answered? That a credible witness claimed the college is a fraud? It’s fairly easy to entertain some suspicions.
      Back when I was teaching English, I taught 300 Flight Attendents for 3 years. Friday afternoons and Monday mornings was a parking lot of black Audis, Mercedes, Lexus, etc picking up and dropping off the girls. A few of them were actually their fathers. Most were not. I had a private student on the side, a super-rich businessman who called me one afternoon and wanted to invite me to dinner since he was in the area and could I bring some of my flight attendent students? Ok…it seemed harmless enough so I invited some students all which declined because they had to prepare for the school sports competition the next day which I knew to be true and not just an excuse. When the rich guy arrived he had a whole carload of his rich buddies who were all really indignant that the laowai that apparently had been designated to be their personal pimp didn’t come through and took off. I never heard from the guy again. I can say with certainty that flight attendents and flight attendent students are pretty much the object of choice for Chinese sugar daddies.

      • Jahar

        i don’t think he’s saying there’s nothing suspicious, but there are pretty big holes in the story. How long after the dinner was it? was it even in the same building? Did the way the body land imply a jump, fall, or push(police can figure that shit out).
        We also know how reliable suspicious family members are. “Little miss princess would never do anything wrong…”

        This reporting is extremely unethical. This schools rep is horribly tarnished now. Even if they were not at fault. Like a girl calling rape to get attention.

        • I understand that, Jahar. I’m just reading between the lines and using my personal experience with these kind of girls(and schools) that I need to agree more with “stu”. To me it just seems the reporter is trying to bring attention to the case within the parameters without flat-out accusing. If there’s a reasonable explanation why sweep the incident under the rug? And there’s a possiblity daddy might not like what he learns about his daughter. But I’d want to know the truth anyway, if it was my daughter. I don’t know if you followed the Jerry Sandusky case in the USA(Penn State) but if the administration had been a little more diligent a long time ago it wouldn’t have brought down the whole university.

          • Jahar

            I agree that it looks suspicious as hell, but suspicious doesn’t mean guilty. We are all from nations of laws, right? They/we should be pushing for a proper investigation.

        • vincent

          I agree with little wolf, if the school has nothing to hide then they shouldn’t have handled the situation in this way, it can only be say they put oil on the fire.

    • Germandude

      Dude, if there was nothing to hide, the school would cooperate. Think of it.

    • hess

      “Could the girl have been taking a secret smoke in the restroom and tripped out of a stupidly-designed unsafe window? We have no idea.”
      Have you been to China? You can smoke in pretty much every restaurant.

    • taikongren

      I will reply to all those who have replied to me:

      To Little Wolf:

      The whole thing is suspicious. Doesn’t mean that we should react with certainty to the account as written here which has lots of holes.

      “That maybe the reporter had no choice but to put the pieces together on his own because nobody would talk to him?”
      Eleven witnesses from the school, plus restaurant staff. 5 of them students who, as Chinese students often have, a guanxi network. It would not be hard to get info. Not hard at all.

      “That the school dean doesn’t seem to have any inclination to get to the bottom of this?”

      (to Vincent and Germandude too) This is standard MO for Chinese organizations. It’s shitty, but in-itself, does not add to suspicion of foul-play in regards to this girl. … there can be all sorts of other things hidden; this is how Chinese enterprises tend to react. They don’t know any better. They don’t know how to behave better.

      “That a credible witness claimed the college is a fraud?”
      That also describes probably the majority of colleges in China.

      As for your story about the student flight attendants… I believe you. I know of stories much worse… You’re talking about girls looking for sugar daddies and the scuz who prey on the students. There is extortion, rape, and other shit that happens to poor -girls in some schools far worse than what you are talking about.

      To Hess:
      “Have you been to China? You can smoke in pretty much every restaurant.”

      Yes… but these are college girls in a second-tier city, not adults. Its not unreasonable to think she would smoke secretly. But I was just offering a hypothetical reason…

      To Stu:
      Yes a proper investigation would be great. AS well as proper investigations into many many things. But it seems that the netzeins were jumping to conclusions. And it seems the “reporter” didn’t really do a good job with this story. I do wonder what the newspaper article he mentioned said though.

      • anon

        Good effort playing devils advocate. Its good that someone considered what you did. Not saying there isn’t reasonable suspicion but rule of law is rule of law and not the court of public opinion.

        • Bite the fucking rag. Nobody is holding court here, just think it should be investigated…you know…by the real law. Chinese rule of law? yeah…ok . But wow, it’s so admirable and awesome how open-minded you are to not rush to judgement so quickly, unlike us fucking neanderthals that never considered that sometimes there might be a reasonable explanation for things. Good thing you’re here to remind us, every fucking time.

  • A Lu

    Like a story by Kafka. Oh wait, just a normal day in China

  • Adikit

    One of my professor got 2 year probation and one year suspension from instructing for saying “If you wear a dress during exams, there’s a chance you’ll receive a better grade” or something in the line of context to the whole class. Some random girl filed sexual harassment. China needs to start taking this shit seriously. America on the other hand takes things a little too serious.

    • the ace of books

      “If you wear a dress during exams, there’s a chance you’ll receive a better grade”

      I don’t know about 3 years, but that sure is a creepy thing to say to your students, no matter how old you or they are.

      • Nick in Beijing

        I believe it’s called a joke.

        • Yesway

          Creepy, whatever you call it.

  • Jeff

    The first school I worked at in Quanzhou, Fujian had an incident where a student fell from the top floor of a dorm and died. The school immediately told all the students that the girl fell while standing on a chair hanging her clothes to dry. Those that knew her told the truth – she broke up with her boyfriend and he tossed her off the balcony. No charges were ever brought on the student and he continued his education at the school. And of course found a new girlfriend.

    China can be so pathetic at times.

    • zappa frank

      pathetic? i don’t think pathetic fit, i think that this is criminal connivance

  • Kukuku

    Obvious pimp gig is obvious. Teachers spotted some sexy girls, isolated them in a restaurant and had them drink beer. After a while teachers tell students to give them head or whatever and one girl flees (before or after) into the bathroom and jumps down the window to escape or to kill herself because of shame.

    • Yeah human instinct for anyone is always to make a run for the bathroom. when you can’t get through the front door. or you know it’s gonna be blocked. she was probably abused then ran to escape. and chose to get out through the window no matter what. instead of facing them alive and being used again. 6 on 6 is too obvious. the faculty obviously is avoiding an interview. because all interview questions will lead to asking the names of each 6 teachers who invited them out. and if the public finds out they are all male teachers, the school will be questioed hard and the whole school will be exposed. There’s NO WAY Female teachers would want to have dinner with female students at night. All female adults have their own children to go home to Duh!. The school is obviously covering up not to admit any of the names. or it could be the head of the schools themselves involved so the other staff recognizes the importance of covering it up. As for the secretary who told the reporter that he should only report “business”? Duh! that secretary isn’t even EDUCATED enough to know exactly what the job of reporters are. The job or business of a reporter is to ask questions regarding any incident. That what their Business is All About. OBVIOUSLY The secretary who answered the phone probably didn’t even finish highschool.

  • Anon

    The teachers were almost certainly temporary employees….

    • anon

      Haha not sure if that would go over better than what they’re doing here.

  • [email protected]

    Raped and then murdered. Seems the likeliest conclusion to jump to.

    Oh and she was around 18 or 19 years of age and yet her family member said “she is just at the age where she’s filled with fantasies and innocence”. Grow the fuck up Chinese people. She was not 9 years old. Describe her as an adult. “Filled with promise, hopes and potential. Fantasies and Innocence, yeah, like a puppy. Fools.

  • Miki

    Not telling the father his daughter was dead for two goddamn days? Beastly is right! There is other reason for that than to cover up something deeply unsavory.

  • where is the news?

    got another one. hope chinasmack is working on it. english is “international student (chinese) charged, bail raised to 2 million in near fatal crash. it’s all over weibo under 中国留学生在美飙车伤人。 KIRO7 seattle said the woman driving in the other car died. the chinese 19year old didn’t even have a license.

  • Guest

    The best was to determine if a struggle took place is to check the victims fingernails for DNA of the teacher. If the teachers DNA is found under her fingernail then it means she scratched him in a struggle before being thrown off. Then again maybe he raped her and she threw herself off.

  • shit story

    Journalist please make pressure and investigate for the world know the truth, this school will be haunted. RIP little children, god bless you

  • jeffli

    Could be date rape drug?

  • MrT

    Got drunk fell out the window, drunk is 2 bottles for Chinese girl unable to control limb movement.
    No compensation coming so spin a story up to get some dollar to STFU.
    Call me Holmes.

    • the ace of books

      H. H. Holmes, maybe…

  • me

    Who cares. Life is cheap here This organization is a criminal enterprise. A totally shady business like all of these private colleges in China. This isn’t a story about teachers taking out students. They were salesmen taking out customers. That is how the reporters should be describing the situation. The story is bullshit. Journalism in China is bullshit. Pretending to care when someone dies here is bullshit.

    We shouldn’t act as though we care about the plight of the Chinese people. We should just laugh at them and ridicule them for being so retarded. Hopefully there will be some kind of civil war and they will start murdering each other on a larger scale again. Its been way too long since that has happened. About 60 years. Too long.

    • Germandude

      You sir, lack substance in your head.

  • Jennster

    is ti just me, the girl in the photo looks like a chinese boy

    • mr.wiener

      Looks fairly girly to me. Do you really think she looks like a boy?

  • Jennster

    the girl in the photo looks like a chinese boy O_o

  • paneraman

    let me guess… it’s gotta have something connected to sex/rape, alcohol, and government connections. And every single day, the people all claim “Yeah! Diaoyu Isles are part of china! We’ll attack you, japan!” when they can’t even maintain their own corruptious regime.

  • Uh…. has anyone talked to the other 5 students to figure out what the hell is going on at that school? This seems about as bad as this kind of situation can be.

  • Ngai2014

    burn the school down!!! It’s a damn shame to see people with power abusing it. Castrate them all!!!

  • yoyo

    If im the parents,i will blackmail every teacher that join the dinner,kidnap them,torture them to half death and throw therir bodies at river.that i will be satisfied enough

  • truth be known

    just burn it anyway how stupid do people have to be to see that this was something darks that went wrong and the college is trying to bury it as with many schools here in china if they can hide itr as fast as possible then nobody would ever know the truth

  • truth be known

    only the stupid among us would say oh ok there is nothing wrong here

  • Dexter Fan

    This is the main reason why I wish that Dexter was real…

  • xiaohouzi

    It’s not surprising… Shandong is one really backward place full of uneducated and heartless people who don’t give a damn about human rights. Let us shame these people until from embarrassment, they get a real education and change their ways.

  • kodi

    Students often have dinner with teachers….. This activity is common in
    Chinese schools. However, students dying as a result of dinner or alcohol related accidents during dinner is not normal in the least. If authorities were at all capable of conducting an unbiased investigation of this incident and give her family closure that would be nice.

  • kodi

    btw college goers are usually adults and can fuck and have dinner with whoever they want. I know that’s how it was in the states anyway. I banged two of my female professors in school. That’s not to say that the girls teachers in the above situation were trying to bang them. Its a sad situation to say the least because there are people trying to cover up the truth of the matter.

  • Spam Musubi

    This girl should of never died. I would of gladly take her place to fall down the building.She reminds me a lot of my ex-girlfriend in 8th grade. Oh yeah BTW, I’m Japanese not Chinese. Don’t worry I’m Japanese-American.Born and raised a Hawaiian local.

  • Spam Musubi

    She does really remind me of my ex-girlfriend. They’re both Chinese,she somewhat resembles her, somewhat gullible, always with spirit. I think I should get back with my ex.

  • Sounds to me like the parents fell victim to the college scam and lost their daughter for it. Most colleges if not all are just a businesses not guaranteed at all to get graduates a better job. Parents spend tons of money putting them into debt most colleges will promise anything fro enrollment. The more enrolled makes them look better, so they can sucker more into enrollment. I think the daughter was fleeing some potential sex crime in her drunken state. Sounds like she wasn’t even a drinker but must have fell victim to peer pressure. Being sober enough to see what was about to happen she ran into the restroom where in a attempt to escape and hide she accidentally fell to her death. The school needs shutting down and the parents of all victims deserve justice. R.I.P all the young victims of the world college scam.

  • curl of the burl

    A good Chinese friend of mine once said, the party has 3 goals : 1. Get as rich as possible, 2. Hold power at all costs, 3. Screw as many girls as possible. That scared the f’ing sh*t out of me.

  • disqus_r6yjjeFzMv

    the teachers obviously raped the girl and then threw her body out the window to make it look like a suicide, same as what happens in FOXCONN. china’s people need to take back their country, china belongs to its people not its government and princes

    • El Puma R.

      Yeah but Just like (and maybe worse than) anyone else, Chinese people are mentally fucked up in all levels of their society so this “investigation” not going any further is also product of weak parents and weak students not wanting to go public against a 3rd class university.

  • persianOUTKAST

    UPDATE …
    one tutor (teacher?) got fired, & the rest were “disciplined.”
    the parents also got some money from the school & restaurant.

  • If a woman teacher is found naked and dead floating in the campus pool, or anywhere near the school’s premises. and had been sexually raped and murdered. IT IS OBVIOUS. THEY ARE ONLY RECRUITING STUDENTS TO RAPE THEM. IT IS NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND. IT’S SIMPLE. 6 teachers, 6 students? Dinner? What the HELL FOR? but for 6 teachers to violate 6 students. the initial human instinct is to run to the bathroom when you can’t get through the front door. I Say EVERY PARENT SHOULD Throw some gasoline and burn the entire school down together. and take your children back. If the college is a scam, why not take it down? it’s pointless to have it anyway. It is too obvious what inviting a student in the campus means here. Even without serving alcohol. No teacher should ever suggest the word dinner to any student. Teachers should go to jail for even the thought of that. These are somebody else’s children. They are NOT your children for you to invite them out!. Hotel? of all places? Even a person with little education already knows anything dealing with a hotel – and what the motivations of the teachers are. Nobody chooses to have dinner in a hotel unless they have other plans afterwards. the faculty (fake faculty. not even worth calling faculty.) should be out of jobs. one little girl already shows the truth of what will happen to all students in the campus. I think every parent should act now. if even an adult (teacher) could be found dead in the pool. just imagine all the little children boys and girls floating dead in the pool.

  • In my hometown, teacher and student don’t go together….they only go out as a big group for class activities only…I don’t understand why would such school even exist in China…Trash

  • Nana Osaki

    What happened to not going out with strangers.

    If I was invited a dinner with that many people, I’d suspect something suspicious and not go.

  • Marcus

    A similar thing happened in wall street English qingdao. A member of the work force died of a heart attack, probably due to strenuous long mind churning hours and they are trying to cover it up. Never saying too much. They also do whatever they can to make a quick buck. They will lie, over promise and convince vulnerable people to buy a contract. Be careful of these types of organization. Do some proper research.. In Finland and other parts of Europe, we would never have this kind of issue. The government should be observing these kinds of schools and their credibility. As a father too i can feel the pain of her family, it was an unfortunate incident and I hope they find the cause if her death.

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