Chinese Girl Falls Off Building After Dinner With Teachers

Chinese university schoolgirl Liu Xiao'ao died under questionable circumstances following a dinner with teachers from the Qiu Shi College in Qingdao, China.

A photo of Liu Xiao'ao she took with her cell phone by herself.

From NetEase:

Girl Taken to Dinner by Teachers Falls to Death From Building, School Says Reporters Looking for Trouble

Summary: October 27, Qingdao university freshman girl Liu Xiao’ao along with 5 other schoolmates were asked out to “have dinner” by 6 college teachers. Afterwards, she mysteriously fell off the building from a 4th floor restroom and died. This reporter got in contact with the Party committee secretary of the school involved, but when he heard that this reporter wanted an interview, he scolded this reporter: “Why the hell do you report this for? Don’t go looking for trouble!” This reporter investigated and discovered that Liu Xiao’ao isn’t the only one who died from this school within the past year.


September 1 of this year, family had just helped her move into this college, but how could they have known that this could be their final farewell. Liu Xiao’ao’s father told the reporters, that on the night of October 27, Liu Xiao’ao and 5 other schoolmates were asked out by 6 of the college teachers to have dinner, and without knowing what they had done to his daughter, at 10:34 in the night, Xiao’ao tragically fell from the window of a hotel/restaurant’s 4th floor restroom and died instantly at the scene.

That day also happened to be the college’s anniversary.

From Qingdao’s local media reports, this reporter saw that the media reported that Liu Xiao’ao and the others had drunk more than 40 bottles of beer. However, Liu Xiao’ao’s father rejects the local media reports and believes the local media has been misled by the Qingdao Qiu Shi College.


Liu Xiao’ao’s uncle told reporters: “The kid was so beautiful, and she is just at the age where she’s filled with fantasies and innocence. She had just been accepted by the Flight Attending major and was full of dreams about her future, the child couldn’t possibly have wanted to commit suicide!”

Towards the death of his beloved daughter, Liu Xiao’ao’s father told reporters: “My child came to college to learn. In the middle of the night, who told you teachers to take out my child to ‘have dinner’? Most importantly, did those teachers make her drink alcohol? If they did, a girl, who doesn’t have much experience in society, what was their motive for having her drink so much alcohol? If she didn’t drink, then how did a sober person simply fall from the building? Was it because they did something to my child while they were having dinner? Did my child flee and fall to her death, or did someone intentionally push her down? …These questions all require explanations from Qiu Shi College!”

“It wasn’t until the second day after my child’s death did the college notify us to come. Why didn’t they notify us immediately after something happened to my child, why delay for a day before notifying us? What did they do during this one day’s gap? Today is already our 8th day here, and the school authorities keep hiding from us refusing to see us, concealing the truth and shifting responsibility.” Liu’s father said, “Qingdao Qiu Shi College treats life as worthless, already killing one just less than two months since the semester began, who knows how many more families will lose their beloved daughters and sons like us if the college continues to operate? We dare not to imagine, but through our lesson in blood, we will try to persuade other people to open their eyes, and see clearly the true colors of ‘Qingdao Qiu Shi College’. We’ll seek justice for our beloved daughter at all costs!”

Qingdao Qiu Shi College campus and buildings.
Qingdao Qiu Shi College campus and buildings.

November 6, this reporter managed to reach Xu Jianzhong, the Party committee secretary of Qiu Shi College in charge of dealing with this incident, but unexpectedly, the moment this school leader heard that this reporter wanted to interview, he angrily rebuked: “You little business paper reporter, instead of reporting business activities, what the hell are you doing reporting this for? What’s it to do with you? Are you a police newspaper?! Don’t look for trouble!” and before this reporter could reply, this secretary hung up the phone.

Liu Xiao’ao’s father told this reporter: “After what happened to my child, our entire family was devastated, feeling as if the sky had fallen. As soon as we arrived at Qiu Shi College from our hometown Zibo, we found many suspicious things: Students who saw us treated us like the plague and couldn’t get away from us fast enough; The school had already long before we had arrived taken measures to seal off the college, block information, spread rumors, and conceal the truth. What more, they had largely promoted in the local media and amongst the students that my daughter had gotten drunk by herself and had an accident.”

“What was even more unimaginable to us was that Lin Xibao, the college dean, kept using various excuses to avoid meeting with us until 6 days later when he reluctantly spoke to us on the phone, only for him to not only not say a single word of condolence but instead accuse us of physically and verbally abusing teachers. We haven’t even seen those teachers and don’t even know what they look like, so how could we have physically and verbally abused them?” Liu Xiao’ao’s father told this reporter, “Even if my child had an accident while drunk, why did the teachers at school let a female student drink that much alcohol? What were these teachers trying to do? What kind of school morality is this? How are they setting an example as teachers?! I truly regret sending my child to this school.”

During the interview, a teacher from another private college told this reporter: “To be honest, Qiu Shi College is actually just a business under the pretense of providing education and educating students. As long as it can make money, they’ll do anything, dare to promise anything, dare to open any major, and even if they don’t have the qualifications/credentials, they’ll still open popular majors. The school principal is just a businessman.”

And another insider told this reporter: “Actually the Flight Attending major of Qiu Shi College is just a scam, and graduates of this major won’t be hired by any airline companies to be stewardesses whatsoever. It is only because Qiu Shi College is not far from Qingdao Liuting International Airport that they came up with a ‘Flight Attending’ major when in reality it is just a scam.”

Qingdao Qiu Shi College campus and buildings.
Qingdao Qiu Shi College campus and buildings.

The first death, 2011 September 3, reported by Dazhong Wang, July 28, at 7:30am, 28-year-old female teacher Song of Qingdao Qiu Shi College was found naked floating in the campus pool. Through an autopsy, it was discovered that Song had been sexually violated before death, that she had been raped and murdered.

The second death, 2011 November 25, reported by’s Chengshi Xinbao, in the morning of November 24, a Qingdao Qiu Shi College student cadre from Shanxi Province jumped off a building, dying instantly at the scene. During interviews, reporters learned that the deceased was normally very well-behaved and never had any conflicts with fellow schoolmates, so students speculated that this suicide jumping must’ve been due to some other reasons.

The third death, is Liu Xiao’ao who was taken out by teachers to “have dinner”.

Before these, Qiu Shi College also had other incidents of student deaths.

Qingdao Qiu Shi College forces teachers to recruit new students or face being dismissed

A young man who claims to be an undergraduate of Qiu Shi College warned this reporter: “The school is covering up the truth, and it’s more sinister and vicious than merely murder. All day long, they just think about how to recruit new students, how to cheat people, how to con more money.”


Two legal experts told this reporter that in places with a lot of people, some accidents are inevitable, but there shouldn’t be any continuous deaths, so the school must have problems with their management. As for the death of Liu Xiao’ao, apart from the school being responsible for mismanagement or inadequate supervision, the teachers and students who had dinner with Liu Xiao’ao together should be held responsible. who asked her or made her to drink beer at dinner? She fell from the 4th floor window, there must be something wrong with the hotel’s facilities, the hotel should also be responsible.

Comments from NetEase:

网易上海市闸北区手机网友 ip:218.81.*.*:

6 teachers with 6 students? Having dinner? If I were the parent I’d burn the school to the ground!

网易广东省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Reporter comrades, please restore the truth to this incident, so the deceased may rest in peace. I believe you can.

lrctri [网易北京市丰台区手机网友]:

The truth must be restored! Reporters, please!!!

国产龙王 [网易北京市网友]:

Qiu Shi College… it’s already not the first nor the second time a student has died from falling off a building there.

网易广东省佛山市手机网友 ip:112.96.*.*:

A youth gone too soon, forced to die by evil sex offenders.

liuhongtang1 [网易山东省淄博市网友]:

One possibility is, the kid was raped, couldn’t deal with it, jumped off the building.
The second possibility is, the kid was about to be raped, couldn’t escape, jumped off the building.
The third possibility is, all the other kids had succumbed, this kid hadn’t, and regardless of whether or not she was raped, they all had to be silenced.
The school’s influence is too strong, or else they wouldn’t lie so openly and brazenly, with so many dead, and nothing has happened to them. These bastards. The police are no fucking better either.

润泽乾坤 [网易山东省青岛市网友]: (responding to above)

You need to be careful.

128755808 [网易黑龙江省大庆市手机网友]: (responding to above)

Be careful your mother’s cunt!

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 六斤他爹:

Since the investigation yielded no result, whoever took my daughter out to eat is whoever I’ll kill and that will be my result. This is a suggestion to the deceased student’s parents, to be adopted when there is no hope left.

腾讯营口市网友 笑对人生:

That a school like this is still open and running, it means the upper leaders [officials] are all eating shit [good for nothing]. Who knows how much money they’ve taken in bribes. It isn’t as if the restroom was built on a window ledge, so if there weren’t any special circumstances, only a fool would believe that the kid could fall from it. If this gang of murderers aren’t severely punished, is there still any law?

腾讯网友 ≈天屎下凡≈:

Worse than beasts, how can they be fit to be teachers? The school principal is also a bastard, investigate strictly!

腾讯驻马店市网友 773580041:

The 6 scumbags are definitely not ordinary employees [teachers]! They could very well be the school principal, deans, directors and the like!!! If you don’t get revenge for this wrong, you would be unworthy of being a father!!!

腾讯福州市网友 灵的世界:

??? So obvious that there are problems? Will we have to wait until the State Council is involved before we can truly know the truth? Or are there other problems? I just want to know what happened, and whether or not this school has problems!

腾讯网友 Lyl:

The school must have connections. So many dead yet the school hasn’t been shut down? Those poor students~

腾讯网友 自由自在:

How can the school still be open and running after so many people have dead there? And especially after they all died so strangely? Why? Too many whys… Kneeling for the truth!!!

腾讯网友 吹尽黄沙始到:

A victim of unspoken rules… This is no mystery… the people’s eyes are wide open.

腾讯网友 永远永远:

I’m watching this, and I hope this post won’t simply be buried.

腾讯石家庄市网友 心如止水:

Has forensic results come out? The experts’ comments are inappropriate. The cause of death should first be determined by the police.


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